Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dentist upset over Pulaski decision to end fluoride in water : News : CNYcentral.com

   Wow, we are still debating flouride in the drinking water...Some things are never resolved. Meanwhile I am told the issue will come to Watertown as a HOTLINE caller says anti flouride activists will attende the next Council meeting.
Dentist upset over Pulaski decision to end fluoride in water : News : CNYcentral.com


Anonymous said...

I just wanted everyone to know that I have set up a non-profit to raise money for the Amish families who are still without power since hurricane Sandy.

Anonymous said...

It is worth to read the posts to this article of CNYcentral.com

They have very good links why fluoride is not doing for what it is marketed for and why it should never be put in Drinking water.

A Canton professor was also cited in the Watertown Daily times in an article a while ago with the dangerous of fluoride.

It is used as ratpoison to and in Trinkwater and should never be swallowed, it can cause Brain and Nerv damage for special in little children and unborn babies.

It is not allowed in Europe to put fluoride in Drinking water, but you can buy toothpaste with fluoride, but that is your decision, its not forced on you in the water.

Aren't the teeth of Europaen Children and People different or whorse of then the teeth of american children?
I don't think so!!!

I applaude Pulaski for this decision. Iam seriously considering to move to Pulaski.

Good drinking water is our most precious good.

Bye the way their is another big scare coming to our ground water- fracking with all this chemicals.

Anonymous said...

heyyy..aint amish non power anyhoo?I smell a scammm..oh well can't be all bad,where do you go to donate?

Anonymous said...

LOL that made my day. Thanks You 10:54