Sunday, November 11, 2012

David Petraeus scandal: Then There Were Two...Second Paramour Led To FBI Probe

      My life selling the Devil's brew has allowed me to follow the ying and yang of many relationships, so the David Petraeus potboiler is certainly not unusual although the FBI probe and the international publicity don't come with most such cases.
      Man has affair with very attractive but whacked woman...second affair happens...first paramour writes threatening emails to second lover. Recipe for problems, especially when second woman goes to the FBI and the man in involved is a celebrity general and current director of the CIA.
    Nice touch.....Paula Broadwell sits in same row as Petraeus wife Holly during his confirmation hearings as CIA director.

David Petraeus scandal: Former CIA head apologizes for affair with biographer Paula Broadwell as FBI uncovers threatening emails | Mail Online


RonS said...

Does Paula Broadwell get fired or vilified in the media? Since there was no rape charges it's obvious that she put her 'knees past her ears!' It takes two to tango as they say, so give the babe the boot also. Or was it allher fault to begin with?

Anonymous said...

If women were taught to share at a young age, this would not be such a problem. Instead they are taught that "access to" means "free".

Four more years of our Mulsim president should help get more women on board with this lifestyle. We should embrace polygamy and be less tolerant of women showing their faces in public or having drivers licenses.