Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cuomo: I Can Work With Anyone...But Does He Pay a Price for Being Chummy ?

   Governor Cuomo is still saying he can work with whomever controls the State Senate, and that's really ticking off Democratic loyalists and "progressives" who put party and ideology first.
    Some feel the Governor's refusal to go to bat and lean on wobbly Dem newly electeds in the Senate to side with John Sampson is tantamount to disloyalty and a disqualifier in a run for the White House...
    So far Mr. Cuomo has been able to set his own rules and had the force of will to overcome traditional political rules.
    Or does he ?
Cuomo: I Can Work With Anyone


Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

“Governor Cuomo behind Senate Republican Coup”

Governor Cuomo is the force behind the Republican Senates Coup to maintain power, by buying the IDC’s allegiance in order to accomplish this end. The end result of which promises the IDC will gain huge power as brokers of future legislation enacted in the NY Senate. Governor Andrew Cuomo has once again attempted to avoid the central truth of this election and all elections really, that voters have a right to expect they get what they vote for when their candidates are elected into office. He has continued to make utterances about his ability to work with anyone and everyone. Fine Gov. Cuomo, how about getting the Democratic led Senate into place, which voters voted for and then working with them to pass your future legislative program.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo continues to leave the door open to run as a Republican in 2016, when he'll likely be unable to beat off Hillary Clinton in a Presidential primary. Beyond even that requirement - gaining the nomination of a Major Party even if it's the Republican Party - he hopes to still be attractive to his Democratic base and Independent voters in the General Presidential Election. The same Democrats who he is now selling out by standing on the sidelines, while Republicans maneuver to maintain control of the Senate body, with the help of the IDC promoting 'Coalition government for NYS; which the Governor states he can work with now just as well as a Democratic Senate. It's a disgrace and Cuomo's wrong, there will be a lot of mud sticking to him as a result of this political gamesmanship he’s engineering, but still attempting to avoid taking unwanted credit for in the State Senate.

Mike Flynn ‘Middle Class Mike’

Anonymous said...

MCM you are dead wrong on this pal, dead wrong.

The voters did not elect a Democratic controlled Senate and they did not go to the polls on election day to cast a ballot for a Democratic Controlled Senate. They cast a ballot for a person whom they thought would do the best job, not with the expectation of electing a majority.

The cumulative result of all of the elections would appear to give the Democrats control of the Senate. But you and I do not know these candidates nor their specific campaigns. Perhaps they ran on a platform that they would remain independent and open minded and not let party labels govern our state but rather ideas and thinking govern our state.

If the voters do not like who they elected after they see them in action then they have the chance to speak out 2 years from now and elect someone else.

As for the second half of your rant. WOW if you ever think Cuomo would run as a Republican you are all wet on that one. You just finished a national vote that was nearly 50-50 maybe just maybe Cuomo wants to broaden his base and appear moderate and appeal to the center instead of letting wings of parties wag the majority such as people like yourself on the left or tea party nuts on the right.

Novel idea someone level headed begins to govern by right and wrong instead of right and left.

Anonymous said...

Some interesting speculation. It would take a break up of the republican party for a Cuomo nomination to be possible and then he would have to compete against Jeb Bush for the establishment votes. Going after Hillary would be an easier task. A good showing could mean a Clinton/Cuomo ticket. A tough combination to beat.

For any of that to happen he needs the state senate to be controlled by rational people, not democrats

Anonymous said...

Cuomo 2.0 is UNELECTABLE at the national level for the top job under ANY scenario . he is a a weathervane and look whatjust happened to the weathervane in this past month. Aint gonna happen , Nasty Andy can't sell across the nation .

Idi Amin Duda said...

Sometimes you have to be careful what you buy. Just like when the rich of NYC elected Teddy R. to vice president to get him out of the picture. Then the nice president they had in their pocket got shoot. Ruined their day. We have a gov. who want's to do things. want's to be rememebered as a man who did his job. Good for him. Somtimes money doesn't buy you love my friends.

Anonymous said...

One big reason Obama got elected is that dumb people fell for his smooth talk. But Cuomo can barely talk. No way he can win a national race. No way he could get many votes in a republican primary.

Anonymous said...

History channel propaganda timed to influence the November 6th election. Mckinley was not in anyones pocket and a better President than any we've had in the last three decades. It was Roosevelts vigorous pursuit of policies initiated by McKinley that got Roosevelt's face on Mt. Rushmore.

Idi Amin Duda said...

Watch the History Channel. Mckinley was the rich mans friend. Roosevelt talked from day one about breaking up the big powers that were in NYC in the day. So they made sure Teddy was number two. Then a bullet changed it all. Teddy took much of the (I can do what I want because I am rich) down. It happens even today. Romney and his little bud were hand picked to help one kind of American. If you don't believe it, look at today's news headlines. Who is bitching the most?

Anonymous said...

I suggest you stop swallowing whole the revisionist history being offered up by the main stream media. McKinley was the first President of the progressive era. Roosevelt was the second. McKinley refused the financial support of the NY special interests in order to remain independent. His economic policies enabled us to become an industrial powerhouse. Those policies have now been abandoned and our industrial edge no longer exists

Idi Amin Duda said...

Hey history doesn't lie all that much. The rich of NYC supported him all the way and made sure Teddy was number two, no matter how you want to spin it. Hell Ted was a NYC dandy till he put some pepper in his image by paying for some pictures of him in western garbs.