Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cole: Join with Obama on quick deal - POLITICO.com

   Some Republicans like Oklahoma's Rep. Tom Cole are catching on...They lost the election but still have a decent base of power in the House and to keep arguing on behalf of the highest paid citizens is an argument going nowhere.
   Rep. Cole says the GOP should take the Obama proposal to keep current tax rates for 98% of Americans, then worry about the rest of the tax code later. It does nothing to cure the deficit, but holding fast to the Norquist pledge is increasingly not a position that carries the day.
    Let the Administration have their  way ?  Might be the best way to go as having no deal by January may not be the end of the World but it will happen in a loud media drumbeat....and the end result is the GOP will be seen as obstructionist.
Cole: Join with Obama on quick deal - Jonathan Allen - POLITICO.com


Anonymous said...

Let them be obstructionist, at least some of the takers will be kicking in a few bucks if all the rates are allowed to go up.

Anonymous said...

It is not the income we have to raise. It is the spending we have to stop.

Anonymous said...

After 16 trillion dollars in debt, billions given away to "Green" companies who are ALL gone including the money, what will the President do with the rest of our money? I worry that he is even qualified for the job!