Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cheery Atmosphere at Midtown Tower This Morning

       At about 9AM today I used the wonderful Election Day weather to walk to Midtown Tower to cast my vote. I was number 129 among the three EDs.
       Always good to see Katrina and Rosemary, my long time election inspectors for district 15-5.

        There was a nice gathering of residents watching the comings and goings. I did see a couple Owens signs planted outside, but that was the extent of politics are this polling spot for the neighborhoods along State Street.
        I voted about as you would expect, using the minor party lines where possible and casting one off the reservation vote for the Green for US Senate....Ms Long was very nice, but Senator Gillibrand is so far ahead, what the heck ?
        On the Presidential race, I was more practicle.


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CR said...

I ended out being the first to vote in 14-2. Most like the only one too. :)