Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bloomy and Andy...Global Warming Warriors Going on Three Weeks Now

    Governor Cuomo was greeting the President on Staten Island today as the latest storm-related dog and pony show was held.
      Just like Mayor Bloomberg before him, the Governor is busy blaming the bad weather on climate change, as if he is going to do something about it.
      President Obama gave a pep talk and pledged to stand with New Yorkers till everything is rebuilt.  Can we afford that ?
      Storms are the new funerals...Something you want to be seen at, but you can't do much for the center of attention.

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Anonymous said...

I remember when your city was contemplating forming its own electric service. Then the ice storm of '91 sent you all into the welcoming arms of NiMo for about two months...and I don't recall that the '98 version was managed by the city all that well either.

Anonymous said...

With the storms in this year's hurricane season "it is settled science" that weather is getting milder.

Anonymous said...

Just got back from a week in long island - not as bad as being reported.We go through this every couple of years with ice storms,floods other natural occurrences and the state emptying the Sacandaga during spring thaw.

Anonymous said...

Those two useless politicians are gay for each other...and Bloomberg wants in.

Anonymous said...

I believe the city already had its own electric and sold it to Nimo when they offered a bazillion dollars, guaranteed employment for the personnel that the city pretended they were "cutting" and threw in the hydro cash cow for the city to keep.

By the time ice storm 98 rolled around, the sale had long been made. And the city did a great job of getting parts of the city back on line, powered by their own hydro.

This utility spin off was the one time the city could claim they cut positions. But we know the city never did, they just sold the golden egg laying goose.