Sunday, November 18, 2012

Black Friday a Hearty Perennial for News Talkers

    There are lots of angles the erstwhile news person can take on "Black Friday,"  even though this annual shopping coverage is quite scripted.
    There is the mission creep into Thursday night. There is the hoped-for berserk shoppers. The dopes camping out in the cold to buy video game they don't need. The questions to mall managers about 'how's business ?'. 
     This really is one of those stories where you could run last year's video on this Friday's TV7 news and no one would know the difference unless it was by a reporter no longer threre. That's why this Friday they should have a John Moore or a Cindy Habeeb cover it, so that next year you can run it again.
Syracuse retailers, shoppers get ready for Black Friday and the launch of the holiday shopping season |


Anonymous said...

Next Fridays top story will be a toss up between Black Friday shoppers trampling each other or Isreal and Hammas throwing rockets at each other.

Anonymous said...

This is what the takers voted for. They got a holiday from SS so they could buy more cheep Chinese shit at Wally world that they don't need. It keeps DANC landfill in business.

Anonymous said...

Thanks giving is a holiday for families and this should include families of retail workers.
Good deals could also be offered on other days, but they like the shopping sheeple to believe its special to shop on black friday.

I say let this be a real holiday and have all stores except mabye foodstores closed on black friday.

Iam with @2:12 PM on thia subject.

It looks like only specific people go shopping on early friday morning and stand in lines for hours and then fight for a deal.

How pathetic.

I stay as far away as I can from stores on this kind of "national" shoppoing craziness.

RonS said...

I refuse to give my flu shot a road test by hanging out with all the sneaky folks in the stores! My Mom once said they should close all the stores a week before Christmas and let's see how much 'Christmas spirit' they have! Some of the people spending all that money complain that they are broke because of the economy but are willing to get further in debt this time of year.