Friday, November 23, 2012

Birthers at Pier One ? Hey, I am an American !

       On my way to Pete's I stopped at Pier One to check out some seat cushions on sale and ended up buying a couple of candles...I know they are pricey but they smell good there.  They have some great Christmas decorations too and attentive staff apparently very used to waiting on Canadians.
      At the check out, the perky young lady who was trying to sell me a $59 wreath I liked but couldn't pull the trigger on, was also asking me my phone number.
      I don't know why, but I am of a generation where if a pretty girl asks for your number, you reflexively give it to her...4-8-6-0-8-7-9   I chirped.
      Then she looked at me...well known (I thought) mayor of Watertown.... and she said 'is your area code 6-1-3 ?'
      No, I confessed, I am just a local with the less prestigious code of 3-1-5.
       It was clear to me the stretch of outer Arsenal Street had been occupied by a foreign army of shoppers.
        I am now back at Pete's where no one would think I had a Kingston area code.

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