Wednesday, November 21, 2012

At A Political Tipping Point in New York: Senator Klein's Manifesto

        The first among equals in the Independent Democratic Caucus in the NYS Senate has offered up an op/ed that seems to pull back the blind on how Senator Jeffery Klein and his three cohorts will operate.
        Senator Klein, along with Diane Savino, David Carlucci and Dabid Valetsky for the caucus and they sound like they are going to pursue Democratic policies without giving the Democratic machine absolute control of the body.
Senator Jeffery Klein (r) and two of his IDC pals

        In forming the IDC these four have placed themselves at the fulcrum of state government, tipping the balance of power as they fit.
         It will be interesting to watch what happens although one thing is clear. A hike in the minimum wage will happen as Mr. Klein says his gang of four supports it and the GOP will not actively oppose it as they want the IDC to be with them on other issues.

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Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

“Can Gov. Cuomo’s Blind Ambition include becoming a Republican?”

The Governors latest political ploy manifests itself through his somewhat obvious political machinations to hold even greater sway in Albany, New York. Gov. Cuomo is attempting to take total control over the whole legislative process. The political maneuvers that would give IDC inordinate and disproportionate power within the Senate body in the name of political functionality are almost exclusively backed by Gov. Cuomo. I’m sorry ladies and gentleman, but having been born in NYC, I know a hijacking attempt when I see one. The Governor and his people are attempting to let the IDC drive the NYS Senate, without the political license bestowed by voters to do so, and Gov. Cuomo must be ‘Outed’ for advocating it even if he feels it serves his purposes to stay in the background.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been called a disciple of ‘Machiavellian’ thinking, and this is the latest and sadly the most important example of his tendency to hold all of us all in open intellectual contempt when practicing a political maneuver from Machiavelli’s handbook. The whole IDC council should be called what they are Gov. Cuomo's swing third party of Independents, who will be able to move in any and all directions Gov. Andrew Cuomo tells them to, when he tells them to while voting on important legislation.

Are we here in NYS encouraging other State Senate bodies, or our Congress to let a few elected officials act as a sort of third Party, holding some 'Independent Power' to act as King Makers within those elected bodies? Either on a Federal or State level, they might be able to break legislative log jams for a Gov. like Cuomo or a President Obama. In my opinion this is another way along with strategies like voter suppression to sabotage the will of the people. Voters who vote elected officials into office along Party lines, and want to see them act like Democrats or Republicans, when they do vote those elected officials into office are being denied their rights.

Why is Gov. Cuomo so openly indifferent to Party line politics? His actions seem be working counter to voters wishes and instead state to voters that you may express one wish via the ballot at election time, but your wishes are secondary to how I the elected Governor wants to in effect govern NYS. Instead let’s call it what it is, 'Gov. Cuomo's denuding of Voter’s power to elect officials who are accountable to them, and the undermining of the whole voting process in New York State. Gov. Cuomo actions suggest to me that he's quite capable of running for the Republican Party in the Presidential Election of 2016 if need be, and that must have something to do with Hillary Clinton currently having the inside track on the Democratic nomination.

When you deal with this modern day incarnation of ‘Machiavelli’ in Gov. Cuomo’s case, you’re forced to drill down and examine his deeper and darker motivations, because they’re the drivers of his unlimited political ambitions. Gov. Cuomo could easily do the unthinkable and in 2016 shock the political world and run for President as a Republican. His actions concerning the IDC recent ploys are a hint at his blind ambition. Those actions at their core are a telling essay on why Party loyalty means so little to Gov. Cuomo, because in the end our Governor may have to jump over to the Republican Party to run for President.

Mike Flynn ‘Middle Class Mike’

Anonymous said...

Mike, that is politics to have complete control

Anonymous said...

While I couldn't stomach to read past Mikey's opening sentence of pleonastic prolix, I do note that his ACORN operative poker face has turned to a tell recently.

What kind of unscrupulous person would attempt to join team Doheny and profess to be a Rockefeller republican, yet take issue with Cuomo over petty party partisan politics? A liar who is not what he says he is, to be sure.

Anonymous said...

FWIW IMHO ,e Cuomo 2.0 IS NOT electable on the national level . people are ONTO his game and he frankly will NOT play well with the new demographics .

His High Machiavellian behavior and tendency to be a my way or the highway type of authoritarian who is meaner than a junk yard dog will do him in with most people. He is yet another say one thing do another of weathervane politician

Anonymous said...

I believe it was Bill Clinton that called Andy Cuomo The Prince of Darkness. The most Ruthless President in my memory has just obtained a second term. I fear that Andy is quite suited to be his successor.

Anonymous said...

ANON 8:55 AM
MCM is a star in this town and you're obviously deranged with the worst case of jealousy present on this blog. Get a life. Go for it MCM and keep us informed, no one else will around here but you and the Mayor.