Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Albany Democrats, in disarray  - NY Daily News

   In the long term the demographics of NY State likely favor Democrats controlling the State Senate, but for the next two years that's not likely true. Increasingly, it seems the party's experience three years ago with the "four amigos" has left too many sensible people rooting aganst John Sampson and company to take over the upper house again.
    Even Governor Cuomo has quietly done all he can to make sure his own party is not in charge, and he is taking heat from the left for not putting party over the people of New York.
Democratic Leader Senator John Sampson Hopes to Overcome Image Problem

     While Pedro Espada and company are gone, and its true the GOP majority really stands for little other than a block against far-left policies, it is best if Dean Skelos remain as majority leader.
      As for the Governor, he will take some carping for not standing with Democrats, but he benefits by being seen as being able to transcend party for the greater good.
       In the capital your very being is defined by the box checked on a voter registration form. That's now how real people see the world and Mr. Cuomo is playing this wisely.
Albany Democrats, in disarray  - NY Daily News


Anonymous said...

I disagree mayor if Cuomo has national aspirations he will be placing Democratic support in jeopardy as a guy playing on the fence and one who is indecisive and let's others carry his water ...........not the stuff of great expectations .

Cuomo 2.0 is just a player who PLAYS , not a leader who leads !

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

This is the most serious strategic error Gov. Cuomo could possibly make for his political future concerning re-election and then pursuing an expected run for the Presidency. Hillary Clinton will likely run and at that point this Gov. is going to need all the friends he can muster and he's making a real blunder if he feels they'll be Republicans.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

Mikey, it was Republicans that elected our current Muslim sleeper cell president to a second term. Stupid republican women to be more precise. Free no co-pay birth control and gay marriage were more important than our country. That and open boarders for all races as long as they are Latino.

Cuomo is not even close to being the pied piper that Barack is. Don't think that Cuomo could be elected nationally if he followed his own heart or his party.