Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Tranformational Figure in City Politics ?

   It's important to acknowledge and embrace the changes in today's electorate and our nation. While we may want to cling to the politics of the past and the sort Ozzie and Harriet world we grew up in, there is a time to throw off the shackles of convention and conformity.
    Putting lipstick on a pig is never easy, but in view of last Tuesday maybe its time to take a second look at just who I am.


Anonymous said...

Okay, you are officially brain washed. Out of 118 million votes cast, Romney got 3 million fewer than the Paris Hilton president.

There are no Paris Hilton's on the horizon. So unless Obama runs a third term (not likely but not ruling that out)then next time 'round it is back to normal.

The statistics show that a lot of old white people stayed home on voting day and a lot of people that did not graduate high school but happen to have a similar skin color, showed up and voted 99% for Obama.

You have to wonder who these 1 or higher percent racists are that voted against Obama? Were they KKK living subversively in the hood or were they self loathing African Americans?

Come up with a candidate that isn't too rich or that can drink a beer with you or bet on sports and things will even out.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

Change for the better was a fact of life from the beginning for everyone in my family tree:

Mayor welcome to the club, our Country is steadily evolving towards a society of inclusion, versus exclusion and perhaps it was always so but just less visible. Two of my ancestors came across a wide sea on the Mayflower.

My heritage includes the founder of the Rhode Island Colony and Gen. Nathaniel Greene. I am a 12th generation Rhode Islander, and part of a family tree that included change from the beginning? I share a common ancestor with the President of the United States, who is my Cousin 11 times removed.

Now Mr. Mayor there's a lot of change in that family tree. All for the good and I'm sure as I attempt to change with the Country today I’ll keep my balance, that’s what we have done in my family from the very beginning, and will continue doing through these exciting times.

Short excerpt from our family history:
My niece Jackie wrote “Flynn and Oliver family. Here's your daily dose of fun family history. President Obama's mother's name was Stanley Ann Dunham. (Seriously her 1st name was Stanley.) Her family goes back to John Dunham who settled in the Plymouth Colony in 1632. And guess what? So does our family. That makes Grandma and Uncle Bill 10th cousins with the presidents mother. Mike Flynn and John Flynn you are 11th cousins with Barack Obama, and Heather Cappuccio, Joseph Flynn, and Gregory Flynn we're 11th cousins, once removed the Prez. Ian Baker and Zachary Baker you are 11th cousins twice removed with the President. Maybe we can invite him over for Thanksgiving Dinner?”
There’s a ton more but just shared to get point across that change has been happening and will continue to do so even on a family level as well as nationally. Mayor Graham have a great day.

Mike Flynn ‘Middle Class Mike’

Anonymous said...

Great - who are you?

Anonymous said...

...and then again, Mr Mayor, maybe not....

Anonymous said...

We already knew you were both related because you both recieve checks from the government.

Anonymous said...

Figured this out a long time ago, Mayor,you will be running against Bill Owens next time around.No prob's with that,as long as you don't forget where you came from..