Friday, November 16, 2012

21 a Quarter Century Later....Nothing Changed

      On the blotter there are a couple of 21 year olds popped for giving drinks to a 20 year old at a party on Keyes Avenue.  The charge is unlawfully dealing with a child, which of course sounds so much worse than it is.
       Most such cases are adjourned in contemplation of dismissal which means they are dismissed and if nothing more happens in six months, that's it. By then, the 20 year old is 21 anyway and the same act is A-OK. Anyway, when I was that age none of this was a crime. I guess making it illegal didn't put a halt to the practice. Police Blotter


Anonymous said...

That is what these douchey kids vote for. They want to be on mommy and daddy's iNN-surance till they are thirty so they are obviously not old enough to drink. Raise the age to thirty.

What kind of a cop enforces that law anyway? I mean, I can see enforcing it on the third of the 14-17 year olds that drink every weekend. but on a 20 year old?

Anonymous said...

Unlawfully dealing with a child? Shouldn't that charge be on the two adults that consumed before they were 21?

Too bad they weren't just 13 year old girls looking to get abortions without parental consent. That would of been okay.