Tuesday, October 2, 2012

WDT: Seizure Law Rapped for What It Is....Wrong

    Times editor Perry White hits the nail on the head in his criticism of the County Legislature's ill-advised venture into expanded property seizure legislation as a knee-jerk response to the recent 'bath salts' issue....An issue officials now say has subsided after a crack down  performed under current law.
      Confiscation of property corrupts the system by placing a reward on enforcing certain laws.
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Anonymous said...

It corrupts the system by assuming guilty until proven Innocent.

It corrupts the system by making the punishment not fit the crime...especially if you have lent your car to someone and you are guilty of no crime at all.

It corrupts the system by giving gigantic leverage to prosecutors..."plead guilty and I will let your mom keep her car".

It corrupts the system by giving different punishments for the same crime. One guy has to give up his Mercedes and the other has to give up his Hyundai.