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Friday, October 5, 2012

WDT: Fish On !

   As a frequent user of words, I like to poke the pit bull once in a while and trespassing on a word now the property of a particular group...well, you can't do that.
    What's interesting is that use of the word "gay" in the slang sense as a synonym for awkward or lame generates a media demand for retraction and then a media story about media outrage....
     That reminds me of the tail wagging the dog....but don't worry, I didn't touch the tar baby.
Watertown Daily Times | Graham revises 'gay' post


Anonymous said...

I wonder if they would call you out if you used the word "macho"? Probably not, as the holier than thou crowd has selective outrage and is niggardly in defending whites or heterosexuals.

Anonymous said...

Remember when Denny's used to be called Sambo's?

Anonymous said...

Context is the ultimate victim of 'Political Correctness' and oversensitivities. In fact, you could say context has been *crippled* (another verbal no-no these days).