Back When There Was News on the Front Page

Back When There Was News on the Front Page
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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Jenna Jameson Excited For A Mitt Romney Win......Madam Also Joins GOP

     Legendary adult film star Jenna Jameson has endorsed Mitt Romney. Ms. Jameson says when you are rich you want a Republican in office.
     Ms. Jameson is well to do with a too long to list here string of movies to her credit.
     In other Republican news, Roger Stone announced today former madam Kristin Davis has re-registered into the GOP from her upper east side address.
    Roger says Ms. Davis may be seeking the Republican mayoral nomination next year in a run against the "nanny state." The recent super soda debate is the most recent example.
     Without a billionaire self funder like Mayor Bloomberg, the GOP will likely lose to the Democratic nominee, who likely will be City Council Speaker Christine Quinn.
     However, New York City's public financing of campaigns can be a money maker for even losing candidates.
       With Jenna and Kristin, the GOP is proving it has a big tent after all.
Jenna Jameson Excited For A Mitt Romney Win | New York Daily News


Anonymous said...

WGARA ,and that is the kindest thing I can say

Anonymous said...

She hasnt been the same since Tito Beat her up.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mr Mayor, for keeping us abreast of the crucial political events.

NY21inMD said...

I think Jenna should speak at the Republican Convention.

Anonymous said...

You are right! With all of this fresh cash coming in, the GOP is it's way back! They should win virtually every election! Then again, they might blow a few, but they won't choke on the big ones!

Anonymous said...

Two questions: Are they bringing in fresh cash to the campaign or flesh cash? Where these friends of Matt during his NYC hedge fund days?

Anonymous said...

This only confirms what we've all known for years. Democrats work under women's desks. Republicans own the desks. The hottest women want a Republican. Wimpy men pander to the soccer moms.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Matt Doheny will give her his own 'personal' welcome to the party.

Anonymous said...

Yes, of course mayor, “a big tent” for a circus maybe.

But seriously, this endorsement makes perfect sense, when one considers she and Mitt made their money the same way -- by screwing people.

One thing is certain, she “didn’t build it on her own…” she had help, a LOT of help!

Jenna Jameson: "When you're rich, you want a Republican in office..."

Well, she got that part right anyways… It gives a whole new meaning to “trickle down.”

Max Volume said...

Funny how folks criticize a "professional fornicator" yet they're quite happy to subscribe to the politics of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

Anonymous said...

Why shouldn't Jenna speak at the GOP convention. Hilary spoke at the Donkey convention. She and her husband have a history of having fun on the side, then lying about it. At least Jenna is honest.

Anonymous said...

An "interviewer" spent all that time in a "gentleman's" club yet only got two quotes for us? And we don't see what context they were said in.

And she is also quoted as saying in 2008 that democrats are better for the porn industry?

It is not clear if she genuinely supports Mitt or if she was being snarky, or if she was quoted out of context. But it is a safe bet that the "reporter" was trying to be snarky.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they should have endorsed one time GOP front runners Newt or Herman. They both have $$$, and share her morals.

Anonymous said...

Maybe, just maybe she is taking a shot at Romney with this endorsement. Think about it, by saying "when you're rich, you want a Republican in office...” she’s asserting that the party caters to the very wealthy (which of course, it does), which reminds the middle class that the Republicans don't really care about you (which of course, they don’t).

Second, she's a porn star giving an endorsement to a Mormon conservative who has made some laughable promises in the past to stamp out porn, etc.

Not exactly the kind of character endorsement he really wants or needs.

Hmm… is Ms. Jameson the witty one here after all?

Anonymous said...

That's right danny, the republicans cater to the wealthy. Because they want to keep tax rates for the wealthy at 59% plus another 43% when they die for the death tax. (That is some catering there Danny boy).

Of course, when you consider Danny and the donkeys want to take even more from the wealthy for his tax free pensions, then it is catering in comparison.

Anonymous said...

Don't give me credit for the 5:40 post, Dannie. That's another of your fans. He's exactly right by the way.