Zephyr Gets Down with Dance Moves at Parade in Brooklyn

Zephyr Gets Down with Dance Moves at Parade in Brooklyn
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No Dancing, Governor Heads Parade on Route to Second Term

No Dancing, Governor Heads Parade on Route to Second Term
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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Reader Raps Me for Comments on Bath Salt Bust Up Guy

   The link is what I wrote...What follows is a comment e-mailed to me.
You are a complete disgrace and should be impeached if you do not have the integrity to resign, How in the world can you condone the felonious assault on a store clerk and the vandalism of a legal business? You are a disgusting excuse for a human being let alone a Mayor. So according to your thinking I should be able to bust up your office because I do not agree with you?? There is no excuse for breaking the law and for you to suggest there is is unconscionable. I hope the NYS Attorney General looks into your disgraceful behavior as I will be forwarding a complaint to them                 Joseph F Schuss 
   I stand by the statement. What the guy did is illegal, but he is a folk hero of sorts for busting up a head shop selling "bath salts."  Taking the law into his own hands was dangerous and not the way to deal with his rage.  However, the circumstances still make Mr. Avery a sympathetic person for many.
         Mayor Graham's View: No Way This Guy Gets Convicted


Anonymous said...

Your point? Believe you were trying to convince us there wasn't a drug problem in Watertown not that long ago.

Anonymous said...

I suspect you care less about the guy and his fate,given your usual laissez faire attitude towards illegal behavior,but do enjoy creating a buzz for your blog and the attention it garners.You applaud this guy for busting up a head shop,but in the past you have pooh poohed these establishments and drug use in general.Just to be accurate.

bob said...

My disagreement is founded upon the age figure "24"; not 4, not 14,
his "24" year-old.

Seems to me, like it or not,
Mr. "24" was an adult making his own decision uncoerced.

Anonymous said...

"Walking Tall" in Watertown.

You were and still are right on this one Mayor.

This guy is standing up and taking responsibility for his actions.

Anonymous said...

I understand the feelings of Mr Schuss. Trouble is, you didn't say what he is accusing you of saying. You didn't claim it was ok for someone to do what the father did or it was acceptable to break laws. What was noted and agreed with by many readers is the fact that the majority of us agree with the anger felt by this father. If a business sold drugs to your son or daughter Mr Schuss, and by doing so threatened his or her life, you might get yourself a crowbar and break a window or two yourself. Parents have reasons to get angry at times. Joe, did you ever make sure you treated your girlfriend right because she had a big guy for a father? I think we all did one time or another. Lighten up Mr Schuss. You are responding to a whole lotta stuff that didn't happen.

Goz said...

As a lifelong small business owner AND the father of a teenager... sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

J f Schuss is outta line and although I don't always agree with you Mayor, I am not a tattle-tale.

I AM for mob rule when it serves MY purpose, LOL !!!

Anonymous said...

We need more head shops selling drugs that are even more dangerous. It's not me using these drugs and its not my kids. The people that are using them need to be weeded out of the gene pool.

Make it out like these drug users are innocent victims taking their first step on the wild side. I highly doubt the worst this guys kid ever did was pot.

Idi Amin Duda said...

Schuss is out of line and needs to step back. You never said it was good or okay for the father to bust up the shop. You just stated what the rest of us know. A jury isn't going to hang the dude for going off the hook over his kid. He lost it. Hey if it's a defense for people who murder, it sure isn't to far out there for a dude who smashed up a scum-den.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes if you want to make a difference, you have to shake things up a little.

rick aldrich said...

Mr. Schuss ; You sir, need to look at the problem, running loose here in America. The guy busting up the place, yes he admitted to it; but what do you propose to do, to curb this growing menace,of these drugs, on other people. What if his son had died, what if someone else's child had died, (and they have.) As for you, the laws of humanity need to judge you.What if your child, died from this growing problem?

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm. Even the Mayor is protected by the First Amendment. So many looney tunes calling for your impeachment and accusing you of seeking votes from your constituents. I applaude your stance to stand behind your statement. Too bad some of these critics don't understand that you have the right to speak your mind. People truly are ignorant.

Anonymous said...

Again Mayor G. You only act and say things on your polical agenda. I suppose if the person working at the head shop took a gun out and blew Avery's head off. Youd be spouting off rhetoric about how small business's need to protect themselves. Your view are dimwitted to say the lease. Let the law do what it's suppose to do. Thankfully your views won't determine Avery's fate. Yet you still try to stir the pot and sway folks and try to taint the pool of public opinion. Maybe you should pay more attention to your bartenders clearly letting the local drunks over indulge. When one of them kills somebody, I can't wait for the angry relative to smash up your bar.

Anonymous said...

6:53 What if someone dies while using bath salts you ask? It's fairly simple. The family mourns, while society is better off.

You have no business lecturing anyone about humanity, it is the bath salt users that are lacking in humanity.

Idi Amin Duda said...

Users lacking in humanity?

Do you know one? I do. He is a dad and up till just a few weeks ago worked hard at his job. He was a rock hard 190 lbs and lived the American dream.

He f**ked up and bought some of the crap called Bath Salts. He used it. Now he is hooked on the crap. He has dropped to 110. He is living in his vechical. He isn't working. Is is ten feet from the grave. His sister stepped up and got him help. He isn't asking for a hand out and he sure is going to pull away from it all.

Just like any person who gets hooked on a product, now he needs time to get away from it. It happens to kings and pawns alike. The best of us fall and the worst of us do too. Don't judge till you end out there or know someone. It sucks..

Iv'e spent time in the mayor's bar. If there ever has been anyone pushed to the brink, well I have never seen it. Most people stop in for three to 5 and walk away. I don't believe I have ever seen anyone down and out on their ass there. Maybe again it is nothing you know about and just assume.

Ass Out Of Me And You.

rick aldrich said...

7:52 ; I will lecture you, If you had any balls, you would not hide as anon, period. You sound like the scum that that promotes these cancers in America. Perhaps you need to sample the drug, then tell us what we do not already know.

Anonymous said...

900 it is fine for the man to have his opinion,but his stance is wrong for a man that is supposed to be a leader of a major city,and someone that should be advocating the following of laws rather than giving em a wink and a nod..if you read the guy's thoughts,he was contemplating what he was going to do for hours,went in and did it,knowing it was wrong.Ignoring the law because it does not fit your needs at the moment is not permissible,it sounded like he was hoping the clerk would give him a reason to bash his brains in.That is not acceptable,and for the mayor to champion him now after he has many times taken shots at laws,alcohol and drug use,is not appropriate behavior for the leader of a major upstate city.Vigilantism is not to be condoned,at any time,especially by an official,personal responsibility is the issue here and the fact that police had plans already in effect to shut down the sales illustrates the errors by the father..

Stan said...

Mayor G's Neighborhood.
Since the Mayor is ok with Avery smashing up a business...here's how my fictional reality would be. My wife eating at Mcdonalds made her fat...I should go bust up the local McDonalds. The doctor couldn't cure the cancer my Mom had...I should bust up the hospital. Work stresses me out...bust up my boss. My tire gets a flat...bust up the dealership. My beer goes flat...bust up the Genessee Brewery. My kids act up...bust up the parents. Wait a minute...
Point is everyone wants to blame the other guy. People need to take responsibility for their own actions, whether it be addictions, poor judgement, or stupidity.
It's ok to crusade or take a stand, but we are all bound by the law. When Avery had his temper tantrum, he knew his son had used drugs. The smart thing for him would of been to beat his son with that bat or take to his noggin for not being a good father.

Anonymous said...

Yes Rick, I promote these cancers. Darwin at its finest.

Anonymous said...

Why defend this guy's business. He didn't build it anyway. The roads and bridges leading to it were built by others. The schools taught the kids to do bath salts. Main Stream Media told them how cool it was. Lighten up. Vote Donkey. Imagine the fun that awaits us.