Monday, June 11, 2012

WDT: Time to Grow Up, Man Up and Cut the Crap With Debates

    You know the easiest way to resolve this debate nonsense is for the MSM to step up....The local Public TV station has all the facilities and people. The commercial stations could help too....Put a 90 minute debate on and make the tape available via Time Warner and the Internet as well.
    Everyone who is interested could see it...Those who don't care can go camping in Wanakena.
    Television stations operate on public airwaves...When I was in the biz the buzz words were the "public interest, convenience and necessity." 
     I remember the live radio and TV debates as a youngster on local TV and radio.
     If Public TV had put a fraction of the effort into public affairs that they have put in to fishing over the years, they might better have earned the moniker "public". As for the commercial stations...they are looking at who is in the best position to spend on advertising in the fall.
     Bu I did appreciate being featured on WWNY's 'Blast from the Past" last week. I have gotten many comments, mostly on how good I used to look.
Watertown Daily Times | Doheny agrees to debate -- Greene '99 percent sure' she won't

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Anonymous said...

Grow up and man up? What does that have to do with anything?
This isn't a game for a trophy this is about an important election.
Anyone half a million dollars in debt over a bull crap degree (after toying around with other bull crap degrees) does not deserve to be debating anyone. Well maybe she deserves to debate Obama on who is more fiscally irresponsible him or her. But she certainly doesn't deserve to get her one a a million lottery ticket for the GOP primary.

In spite of that Doheny has taken the high road and agreed to debate her, thereby making her look legitimate even though she is a joke.