Sunday, June 17, 2012

WDT: So Called Debate Unlikely for Best of Reasons....No One Needs It

      There is still no GOP debate being held prior to the June 26 Congressional primary...For that matter, I haven't heard of one prior to the US Senate primary either UPDATE  THERE IS A SENATE DEBATE ON YNN Tonight at 7PM. Imagine that....a news organization holding a debate in their studio and airing it in prime time. What will they think of next ?
       At this late date there will not be one for Congress in NY21.
       This Times story mentions veteran newsman John Moore as a possible moderator. There could be no better choice for professionalism and fairness.
         However a debate...better called a joint appearance....offers only the chance to make a mistake and to elevate the status of the perceived loser in the race.
         The media is not interested in hosting it or covering it either.
          Even a simple interview show like this week's HOTLINE appearances by Matt Doheny and Kellie Greene carries more risks than rewards. While I am not there to play "gotcha", somebody could botch an answer, or say something intemperate.  Even then it only matters if the other media were to concur a mistake was made and consent to cover the issue.
        It would have to be a doozie of a mistake.  That's not likely.
        Those seeking a moment of clarity as a result of a debate likely are not voting anyway. Those who are have already decided, as the 10% or so of Republicans voting are the serious, engaged part of the party. Trust me, they have decided and only if it is the closest of races would nuances in turnout models even matter...
      So don't look for a debate.  There should be at least two or three live debates on Public TV held in the fall featuring the three or four candidates on the ballot. That's not likely to happen either.
Watertown Daily Times | Still no resolution on debate


Anonymous said...

Last I heard, Doheny accepted the debate and Greene did not because she thought the location was too remote.

Anonymous said...

Last I heard Greene challenged Doheny to a debate. He accepted and wanted it in remote location.