Sunday, June 24, 2012

Slow Pace of Summer Punctuated by Occasional Bits of Excitement

   The week ahead is a rather quiet one at City Hall, as City Manager John Krol counts down the days till he returns to retired bliss on the St. Lawrence.  Most everything that needed to be done has been wrapped up and Mr. Krol's last role will be July 5th when he meets with the incoming manager and introduces her to department heads in advance of her starting the job on July 16.  Sharon Addison also does an e-board meeting across the street that day and I will chat with her as well.
    This week, I have an important Watertown Trust meeting on Wednesday as we scurry to resolve some issues created by those who bill by the hour.
    Other than that, its a week to dabble in politics...The GOP Congressional primary on Tuesday likely results in a Matt Doheny win and his team is said to be confident but worried the margin won't be awesome enough...It's OK...NNY media has no panel of talking heads to set expectations and judge results against them...Well, I do that, but what do I know ?   63-37 and turnout of 16,000.
    Then to cap the week the bigger than life Doheny wedding in Alex Bay and its environs.   I haven't been to a wedding in decades short of walking by the Clerk's office when one is going on.
     This is one of those weddings where who is there matters and the optics are important......After seeing that someone can be dispatched to a restaurant to spy on someone, I figure this will be of interest to the same people.  A long lens in a boat reminiscent of Jackie and Ari on their honeymoon island.
      Other than that, my life revolves around selling enough product to pay for paving repairs to Fort Pear and a new awning.
       Welcome summer of 2012.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mayor,your place always looks great. Don`t throw away that old awning.Give it to Shooties to cover up that twenty year old broken concrete and steps that lead to the entrance of that dump.Do the city code officers look the other way when they drive by that place?I would be afraid of breaking an arm or leg when entering that place.Long overdue to spruce that place up!I am not the only one that has noticed how Shooties is in disrepair,and needs attention.It is too bad all business owners don`t take pride in their places like yourself.