Saturday, June 30, 2012

On Heels of Primary Win, Doheny Weds.....Large Crowd Attends Gala Reception

      A sign on the boathouse declaring Republican Parking Only....and a few passes by a helicopter possibly doing opposition research were the only overt signs of the campaign mode just about everyone at the Doheny wedding is in....But for today it was a respite from the endless stumping as Mr. Doheny took a wife in a church ceremony in his native Alexandria Bay.

     Attorney Mary Reidy and Mr. Doheny said their 'I do's' and then marched their crowd with a bagpipe leading the way from St. Cyril's Church...past visiting bikers...and on to the Uncle Sam docks where chartered craft took some five hundred to the storybook island home Doheny has spent eight years having built.
    The visitors from 18 states and the District of Columbia milled around Shamrock Island, mingling, eating and drinking....It was a great day for the political class to hang out...I saw people I hadn't seen in ages.
    Later it was on to Caprice Island across a newly constructed span. More socializing and then dinner. The menu was standard buffet style fare with slabs of grilled chicken and pork tenderloin joined by some fairly standard salads and shredded carrots or asparagas. Dragging all the food and catering gear to the island must have been a pain.
Hors d' oeuvres served earlier were excellent and the beers available were Labatts Blue Light, Michelob Ultra and the groom's favorite, Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Wedding Cake....I Was Told This is an Important Photo to Take (Bottom Layer Not Lined Up With Next Layer)
     All in all it, aside from the setting, it was a pretty North Country type wedding, but I didn't stay to see if there was a garter retrieved...a bouquet thrown and God forbid a dollar dance...Splendid weather and solid logistics made everyone's trip to the Island smooth. One sad note along the way there was the now defunct Pine Tree Point Club now in a clearly deteriorating state.

     Lots of people were taking pictures, but clearly my presence made aides nervous, as the only other media present was a newspaper executive and a cable news reporter who was off duty. I'd be glad to send a couple photos to the paper or Newzjunky if they want them.
      Pictures from the Church were distributed by Mr. Doheny's staff and many guests posted their own photos on Facebook.
      No Liz Benjamin, perhaps showing NNY weddings can never really be "A" list affairs.  As fancy as this event seemed to some, it's standard fair for Saturday's in the Hamptons.
       As for the helicopter, I didn't see it, but Sheriff Burns says it looked like someone flying low for pictures. A couple people reported seeing boats off shore but I only found this suspicious craft with the camera disguised as a blond in a bikini.

      My point is there was nothing  out of the ordinary to photograph, although the NNY media may want to note that I noticed Assemblyman Blankenbush was on crutches, although he was in good spirits.
     So was Assemblyman Will Barclay seen peaking out from behind the centerpiece.
     For the record, I left the soire at 6:30, but enjoyed the day and the hospitality.
I did leave my gift in the car, so I will have to drop it off Monday with an operative.
Wedding Played Out as Hundreds of Bikers Flooded Bay
Some Cheered as Couple Passed By on Way to Boats
      The wedding will quickly yield to the rigors of a campaign for Congress, as the recent Supreme Court ruling has defined the race with Rep. Bill Owens to be all about Obama Care.
        While spurning wedding coverage over the weekend, one news outlet did report Mr. Doheny doing significant fund raising off the health care issue. 


Anonymous said...

I will reserve judgment until I read the coverage in the paper or see it on TV. You are a shill and I don't believe anything you report.

Anonymous said...

He'll feel the pain of the average working man.

Anonymous said...

Interesting event. My take-aways:
1. Matt owns a great set of islands
2. Matt's brother lives in Syracuse now (who knew!)
3. It was fun to be on the old boat again (I think it had been about 10 years since I took a spin on one)
4. Matt was in his element - I am not sure if he was excited about the fact that he was the focus of the attention of so many politically relevant people (and voters), the fact that the event offered the perfect opportunity for him to show off his islands or the fact that he was married but he was excited
5. It has been a while since I was served a beer in a can at a wedding, or anywhere other then my living room for that matter (probably Matt's way of showing he is "in touch" with the voters).
6. The weather cooperated (can you imagine the muddy mess if it had rained)
7. Free food. Free drinks.
I am glad I went.

Anonymous said...

This is NOT news...and should not be the only "new" article posted on Newzjunky all weekend.

Anonymous said...

The Jefferson county blogger JLL had a modest report and a couple nice pics. I had an opportunity to talk with JLL. A very politically astute gentleman who has a sense of community. But best of all he exudes confidence and optimism in Matt's election. He pointed to the St. Lawrence and said, "This is what Bill Owens doesn't know exists. The incredible potential of the Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River shoreline. Matt is an A-Bay river rat who now lives in Watertown and who is going to visit every four corner community in the new 21."

Anonymous said...

It was more crowded than i expected but still ok. How can you go wrong when you take a boat to a wedding! I thought the whole thing had an element of an outdoor German beer garden. You could see the balance he was trying to create between being a special event but not too showy. I think he succeeded. Like the Beverly Hillbillies in a way.

Anonymous said...

I don't trust Doheny. He's got too much in the "character" dept to answer for. Also, noticeably absent is any coverage of his marriage in the WDT. I doubt this is coincidental. Is the Doheny camp fearful it will raise comments and questions and draw attention to the DC grab ass fiasco and other alcohol related incidents they're trying so hard to bury?

Char said...

Congradulation's Mr. and Mrs. Doheny. Very nice looking couple. Hope you have a long faithfull glorious Marriage.
What? No picture's of your Home. I would love to see some. Please share. May God Bless your Marriage. Char

Anonymous said...

JLL characterizing Doheny as a river rat is a huge insult to the real folks. Real river rats don't buy islands and work on Wall St. Those are the profilers.

RWiley said...


I stand to differ.

As a kid, Matt worked on the docks for the boat line.

He has the credentials. There is no class system among river rats as you might like to profess.

A river rat never gets the river and the people out his blood. Some leave the river and return to a tent in the parks.

Some leave the river and come back to buy their own Islands.

Either way, all rats share the same love of the St. Lawrence. Be you rich or poor only the real rats understand.

Anonymous said...

Thanks 9:36 AM and 11:58 AM

I do not care about if he is married or divorced or fortune or his islands.
This is his private life and should be private.

So I wish him and his new wife all the best for their marriage.

What count for me is his character and attidude as a possible future congressman and for what he stands.

Also I hope that the working and average people of Jefferson county get it how the political class is connected together and who they really represent.

Dohenny will not represent the people of this district. Why should he even be interessted in a congress job, when he get so much more income as an investment banker.
Its not about the people, its about the lobby he will represent.

Anonymous said...

If the wedding had any real meaning other than a campaign event, he would have held it at another time or went about his personal business is a very private way.

A farce, the wedding and all.

Anonymous said...

Well said Mr. Wiley!

I was born at the hospital in ABay and went K thru 12 at ACS. Haven't lived there in decades but have a boat that we keep there and enjoy summer weekends on. Drawn by the beauty of the area and the feeling that it will always be home, I hope to be able to do this for years to come.

I've never met Doheny, I graduated from ACS long before him, but something is obvious to me. Here is a man who has had great success and could live anywhere in the world that he chooses. He chooses to be here, where his roots are. He has my respect and my vote.

Anonymous said...

Hey Wiley, do your imported voters from Rochester share you love of our River, or was that just something else you invented?

Most all connected kids worked on the boat lines for a time. It didn't mean they loved the river either. Grow up and quit with the BS.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea Ms Macaluso was so ......... pretty.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe that he will change a thing in politics. 97% of politicians lie, cheat, steal and pad their wallets and only look out for themselves. The other 3% came from the real working class with no collars jobs and incomes. The truth is which is he I say the 97% bracket. I wish them a great marriage.

The mayor of Watertown is a joke to the party he represents.

RWiley said...


Of course, they do, Jeff. That is why they come to Cape Vincent and other river and lake towns.

That is why they are willing to pay full taxes year around for a home used for only five to six months.

In Cape Vincent the number of resident taxpayers doubles in the summer and the seasonal pay nearly three quarters of the base and are more heavily assessed in the Lake and River districts. They pay the highest amount of tax and make it possible for our town and school to operate twelve months of the year.

Every American has the right to vote at any residence they live at for 30 days. Many of them choose to vote at the place they love the most. Like our Governor who chooses to vote at his girlfriend's house even though he lives at other places and owns other homes, as well.

Do you have that same objection to the Military who vote in Watertown?

Jeff Graham said...

I am no longer active in the Indy Party so I guess your statement doesn't mean a lot.

Anonymous said...

Your not active in the Indy Party because of Doheny wins you will get one of those gratuitous jobs you always complain about.

Anonymous said...

Comment at 4:23

You can chide Cape Vincent and it's recent political victory all you want with your spurious charge that voters from Rochester were imported to Cape Vincent. You have no concept of the 1963 voter act.

During the Summer of 2011 we learned that a group of citizens in Cape Vincent went door to door of every resident in Cape Vincent. The registration team was able to register over 300 voters and that number continues to climb. No one was imported. The registrants were already living in Cape Vincent and met legal voter requirements and rules of residency.

Every single registrant was cross checked and approved by the Jefferson County Board of Elections.

Who votes and who can't is not determined by your opinion, it is determined by the Voter Act of 1963 and protects every single American Citizen of age.

As for Cape Vincent, they proved that the democratic system works. That the citizens can matter. Because, as a result of that effort the Town of Cape Vincent was able to throw industrial wind lease corrupted officials, working for wind developers, out of office.

The success of the Cape Vincent story is the one that professional political strategists dream of pulling off in their careers. In Cape Vincent it was accomplished by brilliant interested citizens without professional help.

As for industrial wind siting, Russell, Blakenbush, Owens and Ritchie have all publicly stated that it should be the decision of the Town.

Cape Vincent has made that decision. Kudos to Mr. Wiley who shows no embarrassment for speaking out for his town above the anonymity that many of us prefer to use on very controversial issues. People who matter have listened.

It is no coincidence that In the last couple of years Cape Vincent has been on the schedule of nearly every politician on the State and Congressional level.

Matt Doheny, Kelly Green, Addie Russell, Patty Ritchie, Bill Owens, Chuck Schumer, etc. have recently visited Cape Vincent. Many of them more than once. Addie Russell just spent a whole day there promoting the small businesses in the Town.
Doheny has been there many times.

What goes in Cape Vincent could go the same in any small town in our political districts.

It is my understanding that Kirsten Gillibrand is visiting Cape Vincent this week.

We know about the Cape Vincent story and it now appears that Cape Vincent will be where the face-off in the battle of local rule vs. state rule will take place.

To many of us, voting and citizen expression is very important and Cape Vincent is representative of that importance.

Mr. Mayor thank you for allowing my opinion.

Anonymous said...

3:51 you said you haven't lived "there " in decades. How the hell are you going to vote for Doheny? Is he buying you an island to come 'home' to?

Anonymous said...

I hate rich people and I cannot afford an island, so I wish they would build windmills all over the riverfront.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure all those voters imported from Rochester will gladly take the tax break from the one, minor property they have in the Cape and give up their major write off in Rochester. That is what this is about. Voting is easy to switch. Now we will enjoy watching all your illegals try to switch back to make sure they get their biggest tax break. Wiley, all it will take is a couple of prosecutions and you and yours will look like the crooks you are.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure all the illegal tax dodgers from Rochester are just renters back home, eh Wiley? Sleazy operation you've got there in the Cape. And to think you would sacrifice the education of all those innocent children just to illegally swing an election. I'm so disappointed. But you have shown yourself to have a sliding scale sense of ethics.

Anonymous said...

It felt a whole lot more like a campaign event then a wedding. It seemed like it was all about Matt and politics and nothing else. It was an obviously happy event but also an oddly sad event at the same time. I think it would have been more about the couple if they had waited to have the wedding until after the election.

RWiley said...

Your charges of me illegally swaying an election are slanderous and spurious. Please be very careful with your rhetoric here.

Not one illegal Cape Vincent registration. Very few actually from Rochester and if you rent you are still allowed to vote at the home of your choice if you live there 30 days.

Let me help you understand how it all went down. Then, I will go away.

What you are referring to while falsely charging me is what the Cape Vincent Democrat chairman and the chair of the citizens for fair government did to people who registered to vote in Cape Vincent.

The Dem chair and others passed around the town a petition claiming there was voter fraud in Cape Vincent even though the Jefferson County Board of Elections has never found one case of fraud. They were claiming there had been voter fraud and abuse of STAR exemptions.

The Dem chair used a petition to get a wind lease conflicted member of the town board to propose a resolution that only people with a Cape Vincent address be allowed to vote at the polls. Or, they had to attach a copy of their driver license to the absentee ballot. If they couldn't do that , then if a local poll worker knew them, they could vote. And fortunately, many election workers were also wind lease holders and pro-wind.

Two wind lease conflicted board members and a relative of the Dem chair joined to pass the illegal voter proposition. The New York State Attorney General immediately declared that the proposition was illegal.

They were immediately forced to repeal but the two wind lease conflicted town board members voted no on the repeal.

The purpose of all this seemed to be to prevent certain voters from voting. But their pro wind resolution would have disenfranchised military, people who don't drive, and a large segment of the town where residents have Clayton, NY licenses.

Then, the Chairman of the Democrat Party and the newly formed concerned citizens of Cape Vincent wrote letters to the assessors of people owning property in other places yet registered to vote in the Cape.

The purpose of that was to get homeowner's STAR exemption removed and make them think twice about choosing their legal right to vote in Cape Vincent. Did they send letters to only those who they suspected would vote against them.

Because, many pro wind also own property in other places. This appeared to be an act of voter intimidation.

Also, an interesting twist was that the Democrat Chair "forgot to get the Dems on the ballot" in one of the most controversial election years ever. But that did not matter, the Dems already had their man on the newly formed Citizens for Fair Government Conservative ballot. It was formed by a Voter for Wind who managed to get the Conservative line of the weakened Jefferson County Conservative Party. There were three wind lease holders on the Conservative ballot. All three lost.

So, for anyone who wanted to show up at the Cape Democratic caucus with a candidate, their efforts were a waste of time because the Democratic party in Cape Vincent folded at the caucus and was never on the fall ballot.

It was a pro-wind vs anti wind struggle and anti wind lost.

Anonymous said..., I haven't lived "there" (as in ABay) in quite some time but I am still a full time resident inside the district so I get to vote.

If I wanted an island I would buy it myself. I wouldn't expect someone else to buy it for me, that's the other party.

Anonymous said...

The person making the comment about illegal activity by Mr. Wiley should take his complaint to the Jefferson County Board of Elections. But be careful.

As part of the team who registered voters in Cape Vincent, I can assure you that Mr. Wiley was not involved in the registration effort other than writing about it and publicizing it which last I heard is his constitutional right. But his reports are spot on about how it all occurred.

Anonymous said...

Hey 10:42 and 10:45

Here is another great political story from the Village of Cape Vincent.

Did you know that there are two active Mayors living in Watertown, NY?

One is Mayor Jeff Graham, Mayor of Watertown and the other is Tim Maloney, Mayor of the Village of Cape Vincent. Cape Vincent's Mayor resides with his family in Watertown and sends his children to Watertown Schools.

Now there is a case where Cape Vincent actually is being run from another city by someone who does not live there.

Where do you think the Cape Mayor votes? Do you think he pays tuition in Watertown and takes his tax breaks there or in Cape Vincent?

Trust me, Wiley does not have to make up the weird stories of what goes on with the pro-wind and the Democrat party in Cape Vincent. No one could make up that kind of stuff.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in Alexandria Bay and have known Matt my entire life. For those of you who think that he is only out to lobby instead of running for the people in the district you are completely wrong. If you knew anything about Matt's parents and the values they instilled in him you would realize that he left Wall Street to return to Northern New York to help the people because that is how he was raised. Do any of you in the Thousand Islands area (including Watertown) actually think that Bill Owens cares anything about what happens to any of you? He only cares about the people of the Adirondacks folks. That's a problem.

Anonymous said...

Not true! Owens cares about Taiwanese people too.

Anonymous said...

Did i just read RWiley warn someone for writing a slanderous comment? That is funny, pot calling kettle black much?

Anonymous said...

I read it too. 3:50.

It was on a particular matter that RWiley is absolutely correct about.
There is absolutely no proof or any charges lodged that there was or is any voter fraud going on in Cape Vincent. Many of us have followed the story. The Attorney General has an open investigation regarding certain CV officials and their conduct regarding industrial wind.

And, it is careless of anyone to make those charges when they are not true.

There was nothing illegal regarding the conduct of the people who registered to vote in CV. Numerous complaints have been lodged to the AG integrity bureau regarding wind corruption in Cape Vincent.

Instead of wasting your time laughing perhaps you need a little refresher in the voting laws.

Anonymous said...

The present New York State Commissioner of Agriculture is a Democrat and lives in Cape Vincent and has wind leases. He wrote this letter to the wind lease conflicted members of the Cape Town Board:

June 15, 2006

Cape Vincent Town Board Members
P.O. Box 680
Cape Vincent, NY 13618

Re: Abstaining from Voting on the Location of
wind Turbines in Cape Vincent.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

I regret that I was unable to attend the public hearing held on June 3rd. at which time the above referenced subject was discussed and I appreciate the opportunity to share my thought with you now.

Specifically, I would like to comment about the issue of whether a board member should abstain from voting on an issue. As elected representatives, we are responsible to make decisions for the benefit of our constituents and community. This project, which affects thousands of acres and dozens of property owners, has the potential to positively affect every resident. Whether through a reduced property tax rate or new economic opportunities, Messrs. Wood, and (2) Masons (three members with wind contracts) will certainly not be the sole beneficiaries should the project move forward.

While some may feel that these elected officials should abstain from voting on this matter-my belief is that they should not. If they are restrained from voting in this instance, then shouldn't the community decide now what the guiding principle will be for future abstention in different matters and with different representatives? i.e. voting on a tax rate that affects their personal property.

Healthy and positive discourse is mandatory in a democracy; however, governing by referendum is unwise. After careful reflection, I feel that it is ethically proper that in this case all board members should vote on the issue at hand. In fact, I believe it is their responsibility to do so.

Darrel J. Aubertine.

Anonymous said...

I love it when the threats come out. That must mean the accusations are hitting home. Here's the deal, Wiley. This isn't about illegal voting. You are free to import voters from anywhere you wish. Trouble is, they can only receive the tax breaks in ONE place. The problems will come when your little army of non-residents try to cheat on their taxes. I'm sure you wouldn't want that to happen. I'm sure swaying a local election would never be worth attempting to evade taxes. Don't play stupid. This is not about voting. This is about tax evasion. I'm with you all the way, Wiley, in hoping none of this nonsense causes anyone to attempt to break tax laws. The problem with not be with the board of elections, it will be with the IRS. Hypocrisy seems to run in groups. Many loved green energy and such until it came near them. Now most of these same people chant for paying your fair share. Let's hope you and your imported voters feel the same way about their taxes. Yeah right.

RWiley said...


Thank you for agreeing that this is not about illegal voting. The voting was legal.

It is about voter intimidation and disenfranchisement, and false claims. False claims such as assuming that citizens who register to vote in Cape Vincent will "try to cheat on their taxes.."

The Chair of the Cape Vincent Democrat Party and The organizer of the pro-wind citizens for Fair Government which ran the three wind lease conflict of interest town board candidates carried a petition around the community prior to the election:

It said this:

"It is our firm belief that unethical if not illegal voting methods were implemented which pre- determined the outcome of the local elections held in Cape Vincent, New York in 2009 and that those same methods are being utilized once again in order to manipulate the outcome of the upcoming November elections. Therefore, we the undersigned concerned residents of Cape Vincent, NY respectfully request that the Town Board of the Town of Cape Vincent, New York takes action to resolve this issue."

When they did it, they also gave false information to some citizens claiming that newly registered people were doing things like double dipping on their STAR and voting twice.

They then used the signatures to ask the board to pass a resolution for an illegal and unconstitutional voter resolution. Which they did. Which was immediately ruled illegal by the New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. He made that call while visiting Watertown.

But that petition and the illegal resolution was another nail in their coffin and they lost the election.

Now you have added a third dimension, claiming, "The problems will come when your little army of non-residents try to cheat on their taxes."

Cape Vincent has 2100 residents in the winter. It swells to over 8000 in the summer. Most of those summer residents have heads of the family that own homes here and pay their taxes for the entire year. The "little army" is growing despite attempts by the sore losers to make false claims of cheating and voter fraud.

Anonymous said...

Considering we have a tax cheat as head of the IRS, I doubt any of the imported voters at the Cape have anything to worry about. They can probably take exemptions on both properties and still be just fine. Its the little people who get in trouble with taxes.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Mr. Mayor,

One of your readers made the comment:

"Many loved green energy and such until it came near them."

Spot on!

And with very good reason.

Industrial wind destroys towns.

The people up in Cape Vincent had to endure secret sleazy deals followed by corruption of their government. Then the realization that their property values had tanked and mortgages were under water because of wind speculation and the sudden appearance of a wind farm across the water. A certified appraiser with an international reputation testified that home values of most of the Cape residents would lose "40% or more". People will not purchase a home exposed to wind farms and Cape Vincent will be totally consumed by a wind farm. Result? Only 4% of the Cape population will have a steam of revenue.

Now Bp a large foreign corporation is threatening to force themselves upon the community and use Article X to strip them of their local rule.

All this after the threat of wind has torn their community apart for a generation, now.

It was determined that 40% of the tax base value of Jefferson County lies along our lake and river shores. If we allow industrial wind to destroy that, all of Jefferson County will lose and economic jewel. We should not become an energy dump for the production of downstate power.

We have lots of park land on a windy high ridge above us. Perhaps Watertown should consider wind turbines up there. Then, many of us would learn and understand what industrial wind is really about.

Anonymous said...

Hey 10:30
The IRS don't care where you vote.

Anonymous said...

You can't get this kind of local political depth from
other news sources.

Anonymous said...

Many old timers in the Cape changed from
Dem to Republican because the Dem caucus
prevents a choice. Then the Dems crapped out
and didn't even get on.

Anonymous said...

Don't be stupid, 8:07. They care where you take your deductions. And Wiley's little army of imported voters will likely be watched carefully if they attempt to vote here then claim their primary residence is in Rochester. It will be fun to watch. Coming to a mailbox near you. If you live in Rochester but vote in Cape Vincent.

Do we detect a leeetle defensive 'tude going on here? If you're following the law, you have nothing to be afraid of. Don't we all love government enough to pay all the taxes we can? Especially you "green" types. And by the way, how are you enjoying the view of Wolfe Island lately? I could have sworn there were spinners of some sort right in front of your faces.

Anonymous said...

So, are you saying that the Pro wind Cape Democrat Chair, and the pro wind Chair of Citizens for Fair Government , is now going to call for an IRS investigation of every new voter registrant in Cape Vincent?

They have already sent letters to town assessors of people who registered to vote in the Cape.

Will the IRS investigation be launched on only the ones who they thought would oppose industrial wind.? What about the the ones who would vote for wind. Will they be investigated, too?

So you are saying you can have someone investigated by the IRS because they registered to vote and they might not vote your way?

Anonymous said...

I have read enough of this and want to inform you all.

A citizen should report any action or condition they feel prevented them or was intended to prevent them from voting including threats or intimidation that a voter would be investigated for tax fraud.

If those of you in Cape Vincent feel your vote is being threatened,

Just call the Civil Rights Division toll-free at (800) 253-3931, or contact them by mail at:

Chief, Voting Section
Civil Rights Division Room 7254 - NWB
Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W.
Washington, DC 20530

Tell them what is going on in Cape Vincent and put it in the hands of proper authorities rather than hashing it out on a blog.

After all, they did try to pass an illegal voter law and they did write letters to assessors and now 8:07 infers they might be blown into the IRS.

That is a sign of danger in your town.

Anonymous said...

Oh cute. I read through all of this and want to inform you all.

If you pay your taxes and don't try to cheat. You'll be very happy. You'll be a good citizen.

The rest of this is posturing. Vote in China if you wish. But as a patriotic American, we all hope no one would try to claim primary housing deductions in two places. And noting this is the same as reminding people to slow down in school zones, don't drink and drive, and wear your seat belts. The fact that SOME are taking this so personally makes me think perhaps there is a sign of danger in that town.

Anonymous said...

Wow...I was initially stunned to see that he doheny wedding led to 45 comments only to read that most of the comments have absolutely nothing to do with the wedding, but instead it just turned into a political string (and mostly a personal battle between 2 people not even mentioned in the original post). People have been stating that the wedding seemed too much like a campaign even the blog string on his wedding morphed into nothing more than a political event. The romance that was supposed to surround this wedding is getting harder and harder to find.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday America.
Where else can you have this much fun? The electoral system gives the edge to Good Samaritans like Dohenny who want to give up life as a Master of the Universe to move back to his roots and spend his precious time helping the downtrodden of the district. I bet Wiley, (Rick, that is), gets a position on Doh's staff if Doh wins.

Anonymous said...

This has been fun. Not funny mind you, but fun. Lots.

Tim Flietner

Be advised that the rumor is you can claim anything you want on your property and income tax returns. We don't care. You nice folks up in Cape Vincent and Rochester can enjoy the fruits of your game. Actually, me da Man were quite impressed. But we got bigger fist to fry. We just got the greatest screw job past the American people we could ever imagine and we will be partying for the next 9 weeks. Forget taxes. We're gonna call 'em all penalties. Wink wink.

RWiley said...

Bill Owens represents Washington in Washington.

All we ask of Matt Doheny is to represent the North Country in Washington.

Thanks for the plug, but I am retired.

Anonymous said...

You can take your deductions on your primary home and vote at your secondary home or any other residence where you spend 30 days.

Anonymous said...

Just don't try doing it with both, Rochester residents voting in Cape Vincent. Wiley would never want you to break the law. Nope. Not ever. Never. That's not the kind of green issue he's talking about. Hypocrisy has different categories. Keep 'em straight. Now next election cycle, when the Great and Anointed One is talking about green this and that, go fer it. Because he's always talking about somewhere else. Never, ever where people like us live. Sacrifice of any kind never made by Wiley and his Rochester friends.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the "Mayor" should pay more attention to the details of his own job rather than criticizing the special event to which he was an invited guest. His uninvited opinion lacks class as well as truth. Mr. Mayor, I might suggest that you leave the photography to the professionals, as you certainly are an amateur at best.
Best Wishes to the new couple.