Thursday, May 17, 2012

WDT: County Arena Plan a Bit Agressive

    In order not to be an affront to the local Community College, I voted for the $10,000 Watertown Trust contribution to a study on reuse of the Whispering Pines site on Coffeen Street.  The JCC Foundation is proposing a $60M multi-use facility for the site, and told county lawmakers they hope to start a college hockey team and house it there.
    I think there should be study of reuse of the Whispering Pines site...and I am a big fan of building dorms at the College. However, the marketplace determines things like arenas and you don't have to be a consultant to know when something is not affordable.
We would love to consider a college hockey team at the Fairgrounds Arena, and I am a fan of higher education, but I think what is proposed is a bridge too far.....
    I look forward to input into the process.
    Also today, my new friend City Council Jeff Smith and I spent time with Parks and Rec brass to discuss what could be done to host the Privateers Hockey Team. It was a productive session.

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Anonymous said...

Hey mayor how about we quit putting money into just concerts and paving streets and bus stops and put money into recreation and making it a family friendly place where people want to live before you and the council members drive this city into the ground, take a look at Kingston Ontario have you ever heard of an aquatic park or a large convention center, ice arena for multi use you guys need to open your eyes or get out of office. Or we can just keep dragging our feet and let the town of Watertown build a convention center and improve while we make river walks and cater to rafters cause they spend so much money here..

Anonymous said...

How about using the old 801 instead of bld. more unused housing, wasnt the housing on Coffeen St and N. Hycliff to be housing for students, College Heights was also thought to be student housing.

Anonymous said...

60m(illion) is a lot of temporary jobs but me thinks that there will be no property taxes earned for the county/city or schools on this venture... wadda you want to bet?

Anonymous said...

I wish I could get paid $40,000 to do the feasibility study! As nice as something as this is, it just is not practical. You are going to need trade shows, maybe a sports team, etc... to justify keeping a full time staff to run a facility this large. The population locally does not support a project of this size and if the Army downsizes, we may have a $60,000,000 cash cow sitting here with nothing in it. Good to see people looking to do projects here, this one looks like a bit much.

Anonymous said...

The mayor that is there, should change his slogan to "the mayor that is chicken to vote the way he feels".
Or else change the name from Watertown Trust to the Watertown untrustworthy.

Jeff Graham said...

you are right. I should have voted no, knowing it would pass.
My hope is that the study can be reshaped to explore other options for the property.
But if I had a re do, I would have voted no.

Anonymous said...

I was just teasing.
Ya gotta know when to go along to get along, both in politics and in life.

Too bad no one has filled the void for doing studies to find out if it is prudent to do a study.

rick aldrich said...

Maintenance and repair; how much use will it get; in the end , who will pay? All we ever hear about, is tax breaks, tax breaks, but nothing about long-range costs,and who will pay the bill. Remember how much the good deal 801's were to the taxpayers? Or how the government sent civilian employees to do the contractors work, when they didn't perform? I seriously doubt they ever re-imbursed the gov't. So Jeff, you are right, let the marketplace determine the direction, before anyone,including JCC ,wants to go "empire building".