Saturday, December 24, 2011

Couple of Legends Pass Through Airport

      1960s Rock legend David Crosby and comedian Dan Akroyd were said to have been among the many travelers using the new service at Watertown Airport....The pair were spotted at the facility near Dexter on Monday.  They were likely traveling to Kingston Ontario where Akroyd grew up and used to operate a club there.
      American Eagle now runs non stop service to and from Chicago.

Bam to Barbara: 'I'm Lazy'

Now he tells us....President Obama has confided in Barbara Walters that he is a little bit lazy and he blames it on the beach laden upbringing in the Aloha State.....At least he didn't blame it on George W.Bush.
The President also says he has no pet peeves about his wife Michelle, and that's a good thing since she ordered the family holiday to be in Hawaii while Mr. Obama was content to lounge around at Camp David.
President Obama Admits To Barbara Walters: Deep Down ‘There’s A Laziness In Me’ Mediaite

Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry Come Up Short in VA

Getting on the ballot is a pain in the neck, but doing whatever is required does show you can accomplish simple tasks and follow directions. It proves a certain organizational skill one might want in a job like, say, President of the United States.
So, when only Ron Paul and Mitt Romney were able to meet the petition requirements for the VA presidential primary...well, that makes the others in the race look a little weak...especially to the operatives and insiders who understand how the system works.
Seems there was a little scrutiny of the petitions and the usual cutting corners didn't work.
It's looking harder and harder to see how Mitt Romney is stopped, especially by a field of candidates unable to meet ballot access requirements.
Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry will not be on Virginia ballot for GOP primary - NY Daily News

Should churches close on Sunday for Christmas?

Churches closed on Sunday ?'s a holiday and some churches are opting to shut their doors so parishoners can spend time with their families....Christmas falls on Sunday this year, so Catholics get a two-fer, but some denominations are taking the holiday off.....
Hospitals, police and fire departments, convenience stores, select gin mills and many media outlets are still open on Christmas.
Should churches close on Sunday for Christmas?

WDT: Chipotle Mexican Grill eying Arsenal Street plaza

Corporate restaurants, bars and stores continue to show interest in the City's burgeoning western border. Now it's a Chipotle Mexican Grill reportedly looking at the Donegan property where a Five Guys burger joint is due to open soon.
The amount of development in this area is staggering and its the antithesis of the locally owned neighborhood businesses, but it seems to be what many people want. It also makes Exit 45 a destination for regional shoppers and visitors.
We will see where it all goes from here, but if more housing is built on outer Arsenal Street, there may be more sprawl to the west.
Watertown Daily Times Chipotle Mexican Grill eying Arsenal Street plaza

Newzjunky: LeRay Street Market Opens

Over the years it's been a interesting transition from the neighborhood the supermarket and now to a combination of large grocery stores augmented by neighborhood "convenience" stores. People who live in neighborhoods like LeRay Street on the north side of Watertown now have a little more convenience with the opening of a locally owned market at the former Giovanni's Restaurant.
Businessman Mark Bonner, who owns a similar market on Franklin Street has opened the new store and is open for business. It's not a corporate store and Mr. Bonner pledges to be responsive to his customers needs in the areas of selection and price.
The new market is open from 6AM to 11PM.
LeRay Street Market Opens

Friday, December 23, 2011

WDT: McGrath Out....B-Bush a Cinch for Second Term

Assemblyman Ken Blankenbush won reelection today when the only person who remotely could have beat him in 2012 dropped out of contention.....Brian McGrath is the Lowville native and high speed lawyer who ran a spirited but unsuccessful campaing in 2010 for the open seat in the 122nd District.
It's a GOP leaning district and Blankenbush has been popular and attentive to constituents....
His only dilemma could be redistricting, but I doubt they will burden Addie Russell with running against him and will likely leave him alone....What else do you do with all that Republican real estate ?
Mr. McGrath can make more as a NYC lawyer or as a gubernatorial appointee....
Watertown Daily Times McGrath won't run in '12

Diaz Criticizes Unmarried Fornicators Like Cuomo and Bloomberg | New York Daily News

A quirky Democratic state senator has again broken with the mores of his party....this time Senator Ruben Diaz called unmarried but living with women lawmakers like Governor Cuomo and Mayor Bloomberg...well he called them "fornicators".
I don't have any rub with the Governor and Sandra Lee and their arrangement, but when you think about it, it does fly in the face of those who promote family man images. Of course, the argument to the contrary is you don't need the imprimatur of the state or church to call yourself a family. I subscribe to the latter.
Betcha Senator Diaz doesn't like his own City Council President and those two Navy lasses in the news yesterday....that would have been too much for Mr. Diaz.
It's tough to be righteous these days, because there are too many nice people you have to give a pass to. Chill out Senator.
Diaz Criticizes Unmarried Fornicators Like Cuomo and Bloomberg New York Daily News

New Roads Connect to JB Wise Lot

   The roads connecting to the revamped JB Wise Parking Lot opened today. The barricades were removed at 1:30 this afternoon and I drove down the entrance off Public Square.
   Improving access to the lot was a priority of the project.

Crow Horn...Three Dollar Solution ?

   While shopping at Seaway Sales this AM I noticed a box of hand-pump air horns suitable for annoying people at parties, but also according to store clerks very effective at moving crows.
    I was told they use the plastic horn to effectively shoo the crows away and it works....
    While a three dollar solution isn't what we in government are all about, I would recommend trying one of these first to see if it is effective in your case. There is no program to buy one for you, but I know lawmakers who would propose the legislation.
    It's less expensive than propane cannons, which would be my next step if the crows were bugging me.

Occupy Albany Encampment Ends in Discord | WXXI News

Albany city officials showed their Christmas spirit by giving the heave-ho to Ocuupation Albany protestors from a city park.....A scuffle and some pepper spray resulted from the expulsion,. Municipal officials have been cracking down on the messy and nettlesome urban campers who are protesting the concentration of wealth in 1% of the population.
No one ever really tried to occupy Watertown so we never had to kick anybody out of anywhere.
Occupy Albany Encampment Ends in Discord WXXI News

Helping Out Urban Mission

North Country Democrats have gathered up everyday bathroom products and donated them to the Watertown Urban Mission to help out during the Christmas season....The Mission is one of those charities I see at work everyday as its located on Factory Street and I can see people coming and going as I drive by.
Kudos to the Dems and as we struggle with knowing just what is the best way to help people in need, put the Mission on the list of charities that make a difference for good.
THE NORTH COUNTRY DEMOCRAT: Jefferson County Democrats Give Back

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Did Bo Return From Hawaii for Obama’s Photo Op?

In the image conscious world of national politics, even the family dog has to do what's necessary and it appears the President's pooch was flown back from vacation in Hawaii to take part in a photo op at a PetSmart store....President Obama was playing the role of the geographic bachelor President out shopping with his faithful dog while Republicans flirted with a tax hike for 160 million Americans.....
The Portuguese Water Dog had been in the Aloha State, according to observers but was put on a plane home to help his master.
Did Bo Return From Hawaii for Obama’s Photo Op? The Blog on Obama: White House Dossier

House Republicans Agree To Payroll Deal - Major Garrett -

House Republicans have caved for Christmas and agreed to pass a two month extension of the payroll tax holiday that was due to expire in 8 days....Under mounting media pressure the GOP quickly folded its cards by getting some language promising this and that....
House Republicans Agree To Payroll Deal - Major Garrett -

Club Members Back Doldo in Widely Attended Annual Meeting

   Congrats to Mego Doldo on his election as President of the Italian American Civic Association on Bellew Avenue.....The Club is a treasure as its one of a handful of such organizations to still prosper.

Jim Sensenbrenner sorry for 'big butt' quip - Mackenzie Weinger -

A fat Congressman is making fun of the First Lady's "big butt." What an idiot...Mrs. Obama should send Rep. Sensenbrenner a Sir-Mix-a-Lot CD.
Jim Sensenbrenner sorry for 'big butt' quip - Mackenzie Weinger -

The Journal: Gouverneur.....As the Village Turns

Felony counts of drug possession and forgery....misdeameanor counts of petit larceny and criminal trespass....All in the past for newly minted Gouverneur Mayor Christopher Miller......
Inquiring minds didn't want to know and he got elected anyway...The more salient question is 'does he have a blog ?' The rest isn't "relevant".
Hizzoner cannot sign checks as he cannot be bonded so the former mayor was hired as a part time part to write checks.
But Dorothy Vorce doesn't want to work too hard...
"It isn't going to come as cheap as this old girl or as willing," she said. "I can't please everybody."
Pretty spicy talk....Must have the folks at the Jumbo all abuzz.
The Journal Gouverneur Mayor Pledges Improvement

Cards Tell You a Lot

        Today in the mail I got a Christmas card from Matt Doheny...It has red white and blue ornaments and state's "Merry Christmas".
         Obviously Matt is not a participant in the 'war on Christmas' chronicled on FOX, although a little more faith based imagery would have been appreciated.
        Now the White House Christmas card is very nice and says "may your holidays shine with the light of the season."  That sounds a little secular humanist but the picture of Bo the dog in front of the fireplace is delightful. Bo looked a lot happier than the Romney pooch on the roof of a car.
          Governor Cuomo's card says "Season's Greetings", which is understandable as Mr. Cuomo was marinated in the identity politics of NYC for many years.
          I did get a nice card from the President of the Library Board, who not only affirmed her religion by saying "Merry Christmas" but also included a business card for her realty firm......A faith based traditionalist who understands our capitalist underpinnings.....
          I liked my card from Mom the best...not only for the sentiments but also there was a check inside.
          Merry Christmas (and all other adjacent holidays) to you all !

Sciorra Purged from Website

The website for the City of Ogdensburg has been scrubbed clean of reference to former City Manager Art Sciorra. In the photo section there are still some images that include him, but otherwise acting manager Phil Cosmo is the man in charge in the Maple City.
Ogdensburg, NY - Official Website - City Manager

The Journal | Sciorra's Five Days Begin

I am missing something in the story of Monday's Ogdensburg City Council resolution to fire City Manager Art Sciorra......Reports are the resolution was not made available til Wednesday because it was being prepared by the law firm advising Council on how to fire Sciorra and skate out on severance pay.
How could a resolution be passed if it wasn't written yet ?
What was being voted on ?
I wasn't there and there may be a logical explanation, but if there was no prepared resolution visible when the vote ocurred, I would suggest what was passed is suspect.
Even if you put issues of fairness aside, the meter is running on the cost of firing-for-cause versus the fixed cost of paying severance.....Again I don't know the specifics but it would be a good comparison to make.....especially since sustaining the firing is not a sure thing.
The Journal Sciorra's Five Days Begin

TV 7: Search Resumes for Recreation Czar

A search has begun anew for top brass at the newly created Parks and Recreation Department and in the meantime retired Superintendent John VanBrocklin has stayed on to keep the department running smoothly.
Finding candidates with the combination of business and personnel skills has proved difficult and the controversy over past operations makes the posts both challenging but also risky. One of the two positions requires scoring in the top three on a civil service test to be given in early February. The top post does not require a test.
The job has become more than just overseeing fields, pools and ice. In fact those functions are handled well by staff. The issues of dealing with users of the facilities, contracts, alcohol sales, handling of money, concessions and more represent the challenge and the need for a skill set of both business and life experience. The first go around didn't pan out despite some good applicants.
The job listing will be placed next week in hopes of reviewing a list of applicants by February.
Watertown To Start New Search For Parks & Rec Leader WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for Watertown, NY Local News

What Happened ?

    Did anyone hear the vote from the Italian American Civic Association last night ?....Observers say they have never seen such interest in a vote for officers.
     Apparently its a running dispute over how the kitchen is operated that sparked the interest. The new Tuesday-Thursday lunch program has been successful but there have also been changes that have upset long time members.

Bah Humbuggers ?...NNY Saying No to Bing's White Christmas

         By a better than two to one margin, our modest cadre of readers can live without snow on Christmas and be just as happy avoiding the work, hassle and expense of a White Christmas.
        Despite the song and the tradition and all the images of snow covered landscapes, folks seem pretty happy with the mild weather now stretching into winter.
         Current forecasts call for a green holiday.

Romney on Slow But Sure in Path to Nomination

There seem to be as many polls as there are people likely to vote in the Iowa caucuses, but it's becoming clear the Mitt Romney strategy of plodding along as others come and go from the spotlight is working. Mr. Romney will likely be either first or second in the Hawkeye State and his only real challenger is Ron Paul, who has a limited appeal and is an unlikely nominee.
Assuming a straight up Romney-Obama contest in 2012, I still think the President takes it by four points.
2012 Iowa Republican Caucus - Rasmussen Reports™

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Nobody Asked and Nobody Told....New Way of Service Life Not Newt's World

Newt told a gay man today he would be better served voting for Barack Obama....Good thing the former Speaker didn't see two female sailors at Hampton Roads kissing in uniform after being reunited after one served time at sea.
Apparently the lesbian couple won a drawing to be the first couple to smooch upon being reunited.....
This is not a world where the Newtster feels comfortable...
Lesbian couple's first kiss at homecoming a first for Navy, too

WDT: Political Stuff Big and Small

I haven't even raised my right hand and already we get to speculate about 2012 stuff.....There is no down time in politics...
Failed 2010 Comptroller candidate Harry Wilson might run against Senator Gillibrand.....He won't win...She's not Chuck Schumer in terms of attentiveness and personal warmth, but she has gotten slick enough to win a full six year term against whomever the GOP burps up against her.
As for our own politics......We have added City Clerk designee Ann Saunders to the swearing in list for New Year's Day at the Library....It's not often we welcome a new clerk at the same time the elected are sworn in...We look forward to her joining us.
There is another political event tonight the MSM might miss....A spirited race for President of the Italian American Civic Association is being held this evening and candidates are actually calling people to urge them to attend....I always thought these things were perfunctory, but I guess this is a hot race between two great guys....Nick Darling and Mego Doldo.....
I see the MSM got a nice picture of the back of Roxanne Burns head while she was being arraigned....That's a Pulitzer Prize for sure.
Watertown Daily Times Harry Wilson stokes Senate speculation on CNBC

PR: Plattsburgh man to run for Congress

It's easy to say you are running for Congress and for the MSM to report as such...but actually running in an eleven county district where the price of admission is three to four million dollars....not likely...
This fellow in Plattsburgh doesn't realize how hard it is to get petitions and then to have them challenged by $400 an hour election law lawyers....
The field is set for 2012 and its a rematch of Rep. Owens and Mr. Doheny...this time without Doug Hoffman.
Someone running on symbolic grounds to raise issues might better circulate independent line petitions and get into the debates that way.....
Plattsburgh man to run for Congress » NEW TODAY... » Press-Republican

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like.....Columbus Day ?

I'll betcha we haven't had even an inch of snow in Watertown this year and normal snow spots across upstate are reporting the same....It's not unheard of to have a green Christmas.....they used to print a list of green and white December 25's in the paper as I recall....That was years ago...
It looks like a green holiday this year and you know what....It doesn't bother me...So far I have spent zero dollars on plowing and normally by this time the tab would be up to three or four hundred bucks for sure.
I am sorry for being selfish and not thinking of the children sledding or the snowmobilers speeding....but I am feeling a little lazy and really like not having to deal my friends at TV 7 like to say....the "white stuff."
Christmas snow not always a sure thing - News - The Buffalo News

Another One of Those Made for Florists Holidays Coming Up

   More Christmas preparations were evident this morning at Grays Flowers on State Street. I was there to deliver some scratch off tickets for arrangements and saw the many delivery people getting ready to deliver rows of neatly arranged displays.
   One thing about Grays is that even though the boss was sleeping in today, you can always get waited on. Sunday morning I remembered I needed something delivered the next morning and I texted Scott the information and it got done...
    Makes me feel guilty about the artificial poinsettias I have at the bar...But not too guilty. 

Newzjunky: Watertown City School District Approves COR Development PILOT

Under intense political pressure to say yes, the City School District did say yes to a PILOT deal for some three hundred housing units on Outer Arsenal Street. Two members voted no.
Watertown City School District Approves COR Development PILOT

Get Your Quick Books Updated...Tax Rate to Return to 6.2%

The FICA rate will go back up to 6.2% on the first of the year and the inaction of the House GOP means the one year tax holiday will expire on schedule. That means employers have to start withholding a little more in a week.
It's what you all had been paying your adult life, but once you get used to paying less, the reinstatement is seen as a tax hike....That's how Democrats are playing this and House Republicans are being excoriated by their own 'amen corner', the Wall Street Journal.
The House refused to pass a Senate-passed two month extension of the tax cut.
Fact is, it can never be restored, as it will always be seen as a tax hike......Of course reducing revenue to Social Security may not seem a good idea either, but these days anything that involves tax cuts, the middle class and 'working families' is hard to fight in the court of public opinion.
Congress packs up, with no resolution to payroll tax cut -

WDT: Sciorra Fight Enters New Phase But Not Over

'Pay me."
That's what Ogdensburg City Manager Art Sciorra says he wants and he is willing to go to court to get there....He likely will be successful or at least reach a settlement of some kind.
City Council's firing of Sciorra on Monday is for cause and list several charges which will be tough and expensive to sustain. Council is trying to avoid paying severance to Mr. Sciorra....While Council may want to make a change, it's more of a stretch to prove willful negligence and misdeeds.
Fact is, they should pay him as that's what is in his contract and the open ended arrangement allows no easy way out by allowing the term to run out. I am surprised the Maple City allows for a perpetual contract as it ties the hands of future Councils by forcing change to be a choice between firing for cause and paying a politically unpopular severance.
This may also be a time for the Maple City to take a look at its system of government as it hasn't worked well of late.
UPDATE-The resolution passed Monday to fire Sciorra is being withheld from public view according to the JOURNAL.....If the City Council doesn't understand the law on access and open government, do they have an attorney who does ?
Watertown Daily Times Ogdensburg manager responds to firing

WDT: Council Says 'Not So Fast' to Reorganization

City Council is saying 'halt' to a proposed restructuring of the water department. The plan would eliminate the department even though the City Charter says there will be such a department and the City Code delineates the existence of a water superintendent.
The plan stems from a budget proposal last spring to replace longtime superintendent Gary Pilon with a renamed position of utilities superintendent who would also ride herd over the sewage and hydroelectric plants.
The rub is this new position would no longer be a department head and would instead report to the city engineer and City Council thinks that's a change requiring Council action. Putting the additional functions under the renamed superintendent seems to make some sense, but the elimination of the Water Department is a bridge too far for lawmakers still frustrated at not completing a restructuring of Parks and Recreation.
That matter is in some respects back to the drawing board as the superintendent position will be readvertised and a second program manager position is waiting for a February civil service exam.
On the matter of the Water Department, Council has set a work session to decide the matter.
Watertown Daily Times Proposed Water Department restructuring upsets Watertown council members

Gingrich Fading Fast

The Gingrich boomlet seems over.....after having everyone gang up on him with pointed attack ads, former Speaker Newt Gingrich is fading fast in the GOP Presidential race.....and that means the establishment candidate....Mitt Romney will likely to the nominee after all....Of course there is time to see that change again, but despite the ups and downs of the race, it has been Romney who was most consistent. It' hard to imagine Mr. Romney losing the nomination unless a previously unannounced candidate gets in....But even that would require Mr. Romney to stumble....
Romney steadiness as Gingrich slides in polls -

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Do You Have to Be Virile to Read VIRILE ?

Seems our friend Amy Hunt...Watertown featured in a modeling contest in "VIRILE" magazine....Now there's one I never heard of....But go ahead and cast a vote for her.
One on One with the Alluring Amy Elizabeth VIRILE

Hanukkah Begins as North Country Readies for Festive Week

    Today is the first night of Hanukkah and  best wishes to our Jewish readers.  This should be a joyous and festive week ahead for us all, but remember to be safe and sensible as you celebrate the Holidays.
    The weather points to a green Christmas but as we like to say..,,you never know with the weather up here.

Ritchie Dons Her Red Suit for Christmas

On top of that "tax cut" to hard working add toys from Senator Santa !...... Patty Ritchie is collecting toys at her district offices, and you would have to be one jaded SOB to question that.
So good for you Senator.....Now for Christmas I'd like the new 4-S I-phone and a gift certificate to Pete's.

Mayor Invited to Legislator's Office Party

        My Assemblywoman invited me  to her office Christmas party today....well actually it was Ted who invited me...but it was a lovely affair in Addie Russell's second floor office at the Dulles State Office Building.
        Lots of great food.
        I hope they keep me in Addie's district so I can attend next year's party.
        In addition to Ted, there were lots of other people there.  I had to leave to do the HOTLINE, but the spread of food was liberal to say the least.

Newzjunky: Site Plan Approved for Shelter

City Council backed the site plan for a proposed $800,000 women's shelter on a long-vacant lot on Breen Avenue.....The move was not without controversy as some neighbors continue to object to the proposal on grounds of safety and neighborhood encroachment.
In the end it came down to a property rights issue, and since the land is zoned for what is proposed, all Council had to consider was the site plan.
I think when done the project will blend into the neighborhood, and I am sure the Women's Center management will do all they can to make sure that's the case.
Neighbors had been upset in recent years over the county placing certain persons in a nearby hotel and feared the same would happen at the shelter.
Council also debated a plan to eliminate the position of water superintendent and fold the department under the city engineer. Councilman Smith and I opposed the plan.
Lawmakers also took time to honor retiring City Clerk Donna Dutton and held an executive session.
Site Plan Unanimously Approved for Victims Shelter on Breen Avenue

WDT: IDA Makes Their Case to County on PILOTS

Payment in lieu of tax agreements have been debated as long as I can remember and that's back to the days when Gordon Cerow and Ken Steblen ran the local IDA.....It's only natural, as no one likes taxes and most think property taxes are in some measure unfair to begin with..... People look at their own assessment and that of their neighbors and grumble....So when somebody gets to skate completely...well, no one should be surprised at the skepticism.
With New York's decidely hostile tax environment, abatement has been a tool to make certain projects tolerable to the money people....
Like most things in life, PILOTS can be appropriate in some cases and largesse in others.
That's because there is a difference between providing affordable housing to soldiers and just tilting at windmills.
In any event, we should accept the notion that such matters will generate discourse because they involve public dollars. Those in possession of the magic potions to abate taxes will always have to be ready to defend their actions.
Such was the case last night at the County Legislature when IDA officials tried to justify their latest housing PILOTS.
I understand the argument both ways and tend to think taking action to get housing to occur is worth the risk. However, there will always be debate over these matters and the current 99% versus the 1% drama underscores that.
Watertown Daily Times Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York

Monday, December 19, 2011

WDT: Sciorra Sacked

The Ogdensburg City Council has voted to fire City Manager Art Sciorra for cause....meaning the manager is out the door but its game on to sustain the charges and deny the manager severance pay.
Nonetheless the Maple City's long nightmate is over.
Watertown Daily Times Ogdensburg Council votes to fire city manager

The Omnipresent Senator from New York

Senator Chuck Schumer has completed visits to all of New York's 62 counties this year.....And its the 13th year he has done that....
That explains why he gets reelected and while some might chide him for the annual stunt, its actually a way to keep grounded with the lives of all New Yorkers...He may not see everything and everybody, but Mr.Schumer does visit enough towns and cities, big and small, to have a pretty good idea what the state is all about.
I know his staff is tasked with coming up with reasons for all the visits and they always come through.
Good thing he doesn't represent Iowa...with 99 counties.
Senator Charles E. Schumer

A look inside Bernie Fine's home, a hangout for boys |

While SU fans bask in their team's number one ranking, this Post Standard piece is a good primer on why defrocked assistant coach Bernie Fine is better off in retirement and why the school and team officials should think long and hard about what is acceptable behavior.
It's just plain creepy the way Fine ran a hangout for teenage boys back in the 80s. There is something wrong with it all, even if it doesn't result in charges.
A look inside Bernie Fine's home, a hangout for boys

WDT: Ogdensburg receives bill for outside attorneys

Even a broken clock is right twice a day, and Ogdensburg's Nick Vaugh is 100% right on criticising the hiring of a law firm to decide whether to release a report on Knox Street. It should have been released the day it became available.
Tonight, the Ogdensburg City Council meets in special session to determine the future of City Manager Art Sciorra who has been under fire for months and hasn't even spoken to some lawmakers outside of Council meetings over that period of time.
Watertown Daily Times Ogdensburg receives bill for outside attorneys

Business Owners: Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

The lack of snow and the coming green Christmas does pit person against person. Many of us appreciate the milder heating bills and the hassle and money saved on plowing in both the public and private sector. Of course there are those who depend on snow for recreation and their income...For them, its hovering between disappointment and disaster.
This week's temperatues look to be on the mild side, but I am sure winter will get here at some point.
Business Owners: Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow! WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for Watertown, NY Local News

Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Sucky Day on the Gridiron

   Just a horrible day of football as the JETS were were the Giants...That means the Christmas Eve JETS-Giants showdown doesn't mean as much....but I will still be watching.
   The Pats beat the no more Tebowing....
    All in all a bad day.

I Feel Like Cindy Adams or Walter Winchell When I Write About These Soires.

      This evening's best Christmas party in Watertown was at Matt Doheny's Paddock Street home....As you walk in, former scribe and current press flack Jude Seymour was the doorman and the catering was by Savory Cafe....Lots of people there and I showed up in my JETS jersey which I quickly shed when Gang Green fell behind 28-0.
     It was a great time and Santa showed up to endorse the likely GOP Congressional candidate....That was a shocker as Santa stands for free s---, while Matt is a staunch free market conservative.
     Also there was Ogdensburg Mayor Bill Nelson and his daughter Alaina.......Hizzoner filled me in on what is to happen tomorrow night...but I took a vow of silence at the off-the-record event.
    I also ran into Senator Joe Griffo and his wife....Senator Ritchie was not there, leading me to speculate Watertown will end up in a district with Rome.
     Had to leave for dinner with a friend at Pete's....

WDT: Come to City Hall Monday to Wish Donna Dutton Well

Monday is a day of celebration as well as a chance to be melancholy at City Hall as we honor the 29 years of service of retiring City Clerk Donna Dutton.
As one of the two people who work directly for the City Council, I will have more to say tomorrow, but let it suffice here to say Ms. Dutton has been a diligent and faithful worker and friend to many Councils and Mayors.
My regret in seeing her leave is balanced by the presence of the new clerk, Ann Saunders, who is already proving to be an able successor.
Those who would like to wish Ms. Dutton the best in retirement may visit her at City Hall on Monday or attend the Monday evening meeting where she will be honored as well.
Watertown Daily Times Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York

WDT: Ogdensburg mayor calls for vote

In the Maple City, City Council members finally will be going on the record on the matter of terminating the City Manager, Art Sciorra.....After months of rather public denouncement of his performance, the matter will be put to a vote Monday by Mayor Bill Nelson, who recently was reelected to a fourth term.
Efforts to dismiss the manager for cause and thus avoid paying severance are proving divisive and legally expensive. It's not clear there is cause, but Council certainly has a right to make a change for whatever reason. In that case they are required by contract to compensate the departing manager.
I would think the votes are there or the Mayor wouldn't call the meeting, but events to the north have surprised and confounded all year.
Watertown Daily Times Ogdensburg mayor calls for vote

WDT: Judge Selection on Track

Now that the deadline has passed for submission of letters of interest in the part time City Judge position, I will begin a review of the applicants. In talking with Judges Tormey, Renzi, Harberson and others, I think I have a good feel for the position and since it is for a six year term, I was told to take time to think it through before submitting a name to Council for their consent.
Under current state law, the City of Watertown is entitled to one full-time and one part-time judge. The full-time position was filled last month by the election of Eugene Renzi to replace the retiring James Harberson. Judge Renzi has been in the part-time position since 2002, when he was recommended by Mayor Joseph Butler.
Watertown Daily Times Mayor hopes to appoint part-time judge in January

Iowa Is Home for Christmas for These Candidate in GOP Scrum

If you like campaigns and elections and talking heads, its an extra present under the tree this Christmas as the campaign in the Hawkeye State goes thermonuclear in advance of the January 3rd, first-in-the-nation caucus.
Michele Bachmann is on a 99 county travel blitz....the big money candidates like Perry, Romney, Gingrich and Paul are all over the state's three major television markets. Rick Santorum is trying to outdo everyone else on being the family man conservative.
Momentum appears to be with Ron Paul and perhaps Bachmann as some caucus-goers seek to make a statement about the field of candidates which has no clear front runner.
Make your picks for win,place and show as they say only the top three get a ticket to the next stop on the trail, which is New Hampshire. (I think they all stay in through the first four and with proportional allocation of delegates up until April 1, everybody may stay in till the hammer falls in the spring.)
That would be the Romney game plan, as his 20% totals don't give him a win in a one on one.
On tour, Bachmann stands ground, slams Paul, Perry - James Hohmann -