Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cain The Flavor of the Week in the GOP

I just don't think there is a consensus on who should oppose President Obama...Businessman Herman Cain won a big victory in the Florida Straw Poll, which was billed as an important step on the path to the GOP nomination. Mr Cain's 37% was greater than the combined showing of last week's front runner Rick Perry and last month's front runner Mitt Romney.
The former Godfather's Pizza boss has proven a popular figure but had been scoring at only 5% in polls.....The Cain surge surely represents wariness with Mr. Perry who is widely thought to have stumbled in Thursday's debate.
Looks like everyone will be a front runner for 15 minutes.
Cain wins an upset victory in Florida presidential straw poll - The Hill's Ballot Box

Latest Pageant News from the Judge Race

   Democrats have chosen a slate for Supreme Court Justices in the Fifth District....In includes Charles Merrell of Lowville...but also central New Yorkers Pat MacRae, Dave Magnarelli (son of the Assemblyman) and Tom Buckle. We may or may not see WFP and Indy conventions this weekend due to quorum issues, but its a certainty the Indy's would do the GOP field of McClusky, Gall, Young and the guy from Herkimer whose name I always forget.  Oh its Prescott just came to me...
      Still at issue are the two Conservatives who do not coincide with the GOP ticket...particularly Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney who may stay on the C line just to help ensure the defeat of Erin Gall, whom I understand Tenney dislikes... That comes from a usually reliable gadfly. (Such a move by Tenney would sour her relations with the GOP and hurt her reelection efforts next year, but insiders say she may not care what the party poobahs have to say.)
    It will all shake out this week when the parties file their lists and then everybody can start litigating that...

Let's Pass a Sensible Law on Dogs at Public Events

   Say what you want about new media vs old media, a dramatic above the fold photo on a newsstand still catches your eye. This morning the Times ran the before and after photos of the two year old boy mauled by a dog at the Farmer's Market, and building on previous electronic and Internet media depictions, this will surely provide the push for a sensible law on animals at events held on public property.
    Very simply any event permitted by the City for public assembly (fairs, festivals, concerts, etc) on public property should ban, or at least carry a requirement dogs and other similar animals be either muzzled or caged while within the confines of the event. This would allow the holder of the event to concurrently ban or restrict dogs with the certainty there is municipal backing.
    Signs could be posted and reasonable people would comply...Of course no one is going to hassle a service dog or the Yorkie tucked into someone's Louis Vuitton.
    The fact is the true regulator of behavior are insurance companies and getting events written will be tough unless the organizer can demonstrate there is a dog policy.
      This in no way restricts anyone's ability to walk their dog on the 98 miles of City streets....It merely says there is a time and place for everything and the recent mauling, along with pleas from the event organizers call for the passing of an ordinance.
      I know not all situations are the same and that anything can be challenged in court, but one need only look at the result of this sad event to know the right thing is to pass this law. I have been pondering the right way to address this based on discussions with all involved and this, to me, seems the best course of action.

Helium shortage puts a pinch on party balloons –

Oh the humanity !.......The safer lighter-than-air gas used to keep balloons floating is in short supply and getting more expensive. Even partying is getting more difficult.....
For me, getting balloons to float was a given for many years...maybe someday it won't be...unless we start using hydrogen which is more plentiful and more festive when ignited.
Helium shortage puts a pinch on party balloons –

WDT: More Intrigue in Scramble for Cushy Judge Posts

Four open Supreme Court seats and five political parties on the ballot make for an interesting matrix on the November ballot and today Democrats add to the confusion by holding a judicial convention. Meanwhile the fate of Republicans depends on the willingness of two Conservative Party nominees to step aside after not getting the GOP nod.
Add to that the possibility the Independence and Working Families parties will have conventions this weekend...They may not due to quorum issues.
It's all part of the winning the Lottery frenzy over getting these nominations which could lead to a 14 year term of office at $175,000 salary plus benefits...That's like being Governor but a lot less work.
Watertown Daily Times North country Democrats may have difficulty at judicial convention

Friday, September 23, 2011

Casey Anthony Ordered To Pay Additional $119K To OCSO - Orlando News Story - WKMG Orlando

The system doesn't like to lose...After the acquittal of Casey Anthony, the state began trying to get reimbursement for the cost of their investigation....Now that tab is over $200K...and if she paid it, I bet they would come up with more owed....
She was acquitted on the murder wrap and did her time on the lying charge...
This is just some kind of second bite at the apple, double jeopardy nonsense....
The state needs to move on...There are plenty of other criminals who need prosecuting.
Casey Anthony Ordered To Pay Additional $119K To OCSO - Orlando News Story - WKMG Orlando

Bristol Palin Bar Fight: 'You're a Homosexual, I Can Tell You Are'

So since when is it OK to tell a woman her mother is a "whore" ?......Its OK in today's political discourse, I guess...especially if the subject of your wrath is Sarah Palin....Good for Bristol she gave it back...but by invoking homosexuality, she opened the door for the left to take boarish behavior and make it an issue of discriminiation.
Bristol Palin Bar Fight: 'You're a Homosexual, I Can Tell You Are'

Urban Mission Honors Run/Walk Participants

    I stuck to just salad and skipped the delicious looking pizza from Cam's at a luncheon held today at the Urban Mission on Factory Street.  The occasion was to recognize participants in the recent Race for Recovery which held in Watertown.
   Members of the family of drunk driver victim Robert Burkard were there as were many others I know......
    Mission director Erika Flint made presentations and plans are underway for next year's event.

WDT: Mother of child attacked by dog files complaint

The clock is likely ticking on the dog that attacked two year old Indigo Mullin earlier this month at the Farmer's Market....The child's mother formally filed a dog complaint on Friday and that could lead to a court order euthanizing of the dog named "Breaker".
The child was badly mauled and the incident has led to a debate over whether people should bring dogs to events where so many small children and people are packed into a finite stretch of sidewalk.
Watertown Daily Times Mother of child attacked by dog files complaint

WDT: Man wins $250K from scratch ticket bought in Lowville

Mark Dicob may have scratched his Mega Millions ticket , but that's not how he won...Mega Millions is an on-line game in which you pick numbers and a drawing is held on television, much like Lotto. A scratch-off , or instant ticket, is the one where you scratch off to reveal numbers or prizes.
Watertown Daily Times Man wins $250K from scratch ticket bought in Lowville


Senator Patty Ritchie proved she is a good neighbor by delivering supplies and aid to the Schoharie Valley, which was ravaged by flooding earlier this month. The items were donated by people throughout the Senator's three county district.
Good for you Senator !

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday Evening Update

   I had a great time tonight at the Chamber Business After Hours which celebrated the 150th birthday of the Watertown Daily Times. It was a big crowd and gorgeous weather in the Victorian Garden behind the Historical Society...I presented John and Harold Johnson with a certificate noting their sesquicentennial and ran into a lot of great people....
     Earlier in the day I got more of the scoop on these Supreme Court candidates....With the heat on for two Conservative nominees to step aside, I learned that Erin Gall will never get one of the Conservative spots because the Oneida County chair hates her...The Indy's meet Sunday and while the deal was to do all four GOP nominees....that may not happen because angry delegates may stay home in order to deny a quorum.
     Also, the male candidates grumble about how an attractive female candidate like Gall can likely win just on optics...More than one of the guys noted she marches in parades in high heels as that makes more of an impression than your legal briefs.
    A few years ago a woman named Bernadette Romano won a race based on looking fine at every stop....I see nothing wrong with dressing for success and I think the guys doth protest too much.
     Once all the parties pick their candidates then everyone will look at ballot lineup as in a "vote for four" race, where your name appears on the ballot matters.

Film Crew Visits City Hall

     New York is not totally broke...Today a crew came to City Hall from the Governor's Regional Economic Development Councils to tape an interview of which a few seconds will be used Tuesday at a big pow wow in Albany. The camera man had nice gear and lighting and it was like a 60 Minutes segement...
     Also today, I am heading to the Chamber After Hours at the Historical Society. They are celebrating the 150th birthday of the Times.

High Stakes for Romney, Perry in Florida

Tonight is third GOP Presidential debate featuring frontrunners Mitt Romney and Rick Perry....Seven other candidates will try to break through before money woes threaten to swamp them.
Mr. Perry still has more to prove since he is less known...Last week's debate didn't provide a breakthrough for the Texas governor and he and Mr. Romney have been jousting the in media all week and trying to out do each other on Middle East policy towards Israel.
Tonights session in Florida will be interesting...and if Mr. Perry holds his own, the Romney campaign may be in a permanent second position as primary season approaches...
High Stakes for Romney, Perry in Florida - Beth Reinhard -

WDT: Dog Restrictions Gain Traction

After talking with a lot of people and watching the Farmer's Market, I agree with Councilwoman Burns that dogs should be banned, or at least muzzled, at the event. For those few hours every Wednesday there are too many people, especially small children packed into the two block area on Washington Street.
Organizers of the event and observers of that stretch of sidewalk agree. There have been other incidents besides the recent mauling of a two year old.
As a long time dog owner, I have learned there are places you bring your dog....and places you do not...
Watertown Daily Times Graham says dog ordinance could be wise choice

WDT: Ogdensburg city council upset at Woods separation agreement terms

The fuss at City Hall in Ogdensburg continues to bubble as the fired city planner is still on the payroll and details of a separation agreement appear to attempt to restrict what even elected city officials can say about Justin Woods....Meanwhile the city manager has admitted that Woods is not really working in his final weeks on the payroll.
It sounds like a deal cut to just get the guy out fast...It's done more often than you think, but the whole matter that led to Woods departure has become a news story of Watergate dimensions in the normally sleepy city.
Council members are on the spot as under the council/manager form of government the elected officials are above the manager on the flow chart but are not the chief executive officer. This has become a grueling election year issue and those running have been left twisting in the wind.
Watertown Daily Times Ogdensburg city council upset at Woods separation agreement terms

Troy Davis execution: Death penalty victim's last words to family were 'I'm innocent' | Mail Online

Watching coverage of an execution on cable TV is always a little creepy...especially when the witnesses are interviewed in excrutiating detail about the last words, the strapped to the gurney ambiance, and the shallow heaving of the chest giving way to death. There is a lot of controversy over this Troy Davis case in Georgia who was convicted of killing an off duty police officer.
The thing about capital punishment is that there are lots of other people who killed more but are punished less....
Troy Davis execution: Death penalty victim's last words to family were 'I'm innocent' Mail Online

The Rich are Getting Richer...You Betcha

The rich are doing just fine, thank you, according to a surbey in Forbes' Magazine....In New York City, Mayor Michael Bloomberg clocks in at $19.5 billion....That's only good for number two in Gotham behind businessman Dsvid Koch, who is worth $25 billion.
Bill Gates is tops in the nation at $55 billion followed by Warren Buffet, who tells the President he is not taxed enough.
I would say that anyone who feels they are too rich is allowed to just stroke a check to the government without any changes to the tax code.....
Businessman David Koch beats Mayor Michael Bloomberg to retain title as richest New Yorker on annual Forbes list -

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lawyers in the Hunt for Legal Nirvana...A 14 Year Term

   The heat is on in the GOP to convince two Republicans with the Conservative nod for Supreme Court Judge to step aside and allow the C line to go to a pair of Republican nominees.
    Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney and law clerk John Stone got the minor party nod in hopes of forcing the GOP to go their way...That didn't happen and now conventional wisdom is the pair must step aside or face permanent ostracism from the Party of Lincoln.
    Insiders say Tenney is erratic and may be seeking the Democratic line, but its expected Assembly Republican leader Brian Kolb will put the arm on her to get out and allow Michael Young and Prescott Klosner or Erin Gall  a shot at the C line.
    It's all lawyer intrigue to see who gets the cushy 14 year term....I enjoy watching the scramble.
     Mr. Young joined James McClusky in dropping off a sign at Fort Pearl....Still no pilgramage to Pearl Street from Charles Merrill or Erin Gall.

WDT: Man whose home became city nuisance dies at 88

I wouldn't call someone who passed a "nuisance" but this complex person named Mr. Moot certainly was a source of consternation for neighbors and City officials frustrated with his hoarder ways.
It is with sadness we note his passing as we now know his house full of stuff was the result of mental issues not often understood.....
May Mr. Moot rest in peace.
Watertown Daily Times Man whose home became city nuisance dies at 88

Poll finds Obama losing ground to Republicans - Political Currents -

Maybe having a picture of Sarah Palin on my office bookshelf is not so reviled after all...A new poll shows even the most picked on possible GOP candidate for President has pulled to within 5 points of President Obama...
Poll finds Obama losing ground to Republicans - Political Currents -

Don't Let a Lawn Sign Make You Behave Poorly

   I was putting up some lawn signs today...but one lesson I learned the first time I ran is not to use sign placement as a means to harass and harangue.
   In my first run a nice older couple on Emerson Street ask for a sign...I put one up and later ran into them at the diner...They sheepishly apologized that they had to take down the sign because an opposing candidate gave them a hard time. They were very embarrased but I told them no need to be.
    I was at Pete's tonight and heard a similar story from an old friend whose family members got grief (not from a candidate) because my sign was in their yard....
    Too much heat is put on people over signs...If they want one they will ask, but I have learned its not worth making someone feel awkward over...and certainly not worth giving someone grief over.

Bay Area Night Spots Seeing Plenty Of Realistic Fake IDs From China « CBS San Francisco

The Chinese are good at copying lots of things...including ID cards...Now bars are being challenged to spot the phony cards as this country continues its experiment with partial prohibition through a drinking age not adhered to....Sad thing is the ID being fake doesn't matter if the little darlin' gets served and then gets in trouble...
Maybe we need retina scans before getting a beer....
Bay Area Night Spots Seeing Plenty Of Realistic Fake IDs From China « CBS San Francisco

Newzjunky - Doheny Formally Files, Creating a Hot Race for 2012

Assuming redistricting ends up as expected, the North Country will see a rematch of the 2010 Congressional race...but this time without Doug Hoffman to rain on the GOP parade by running a third party bid that only succeeded in ensuring the election of Democrat Bill Owens.
Republican Matt Doheny has filed the paperwork to begin what most people assumed and that's a second faceoff with Rep. Owens who was first elected in a 2009 special election.
The North Country seat is a swing seat and both parties will fight hard so that means local television will have a little bit of a boost in 2012. For decades the North Country races were so one sided, a TV station couldn't make a decent buck off these races...In 2010 however, every state and federal office was fiercely contested, creating an air war of commercials.
Hopefully these candidates will realize the value of radio in their ad buys as well.
Newzjunky - Doheny Formally Files Paperwork to Challenge Rep. Bill Owens

Republicans Stick With Local Yokel Judges

The Republican Party stuck with the "gentleman's agreement" despite a decision earlier Tuesday by Conservatives not to follow that formula...The GOP stuck with candidates from Lewis, Jefferson, Herkimer and Oneida Counties.
The move by Conservatives was an attempt to influence the Republican judicial convention which picks candidates to run in the six-county Fifth Judicial District which includes Onondaga and Oswego in addition to the other four.
I suspect the two stray candidates nominated by the Conservatives will now decline and their spots will be filled by Republicans Erin Gall and Michael Young.
The Conservative move did nominate Democrat Charles Merrill meaning the Herkimer Republican is at a slight disadvantage....
Democrats meet Sunday to nominate their slate and so does the Independence Party.
Confused yet ? That's OK.....average voters are not supposed to understand how all this works...
Republicans nominate four regional candidates for state Supreme Court race

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rift Camp Hosts Pow Wow on Air Service

     Assemblywoman Addie Russell's adhoc group on US/Canada relations met today at the Rift Camp on Wellesley Island and took a detour into a discussion about how to make the debut of American Eagle Airlines in Watertown later this year a success.
    American is to offer jet service to Chicago and is the latest in a string of carriets to operate under the essential air service program.
    County officials are hoping the new carrier will do what others did not and are teaming with the Chamber of Commerce to market the kickoff.
    I met the nice lady who runs the Airport since the County takeover....
    The company and dinner were nice at the Rift Camp and thanks to Howard Kelly for organizing it. Every county resident should get at least one meal at the scenic site.

Conservatives Tap Merrill, McClusky

The Conservative Party has given Jefferson and Lewis County candidates for State Supreme Court Judge a boost...Democrat Charles Merrill and Republican James McClusky got the minor party nod early today. Law clerk John Stone and Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney got the other two nominations for the four seats open.
This is a boost for Merrill who has strong connections to Fifth District judge czar James Tormey. It also is a setback for Lowville attorney Michael Young.
For McClusky...the son of a former Jefferson County DA....this is a major boost as he has argued for a continuation of the "gentleman's agreement" where the parties agree to make sure small counties have a local judge.
The big spender in the race...Erin Gall of Oneida County also came up short...and Tenney's nod does not bode well for Gall at the GOP judicial convention later today. Ms. Tenney is the daughter of a former justice and is well connected politically.
Conservatives nominate 3 Republicans, 1 Democrat for state Supreme Court justice

WDT:Oversight Leaves Three Towns With Uncontested Races

Democrats in three local towns will have no candidates, because of the failure to file notice of a party caucus. Wilna, the Cape and Clayton still use the caucus system instead of petitions and primaries....
Caucuses are easily manipulated gatherings of people and this case didn't even happen due to the error.
Few people are interested in running for office, and even fewer understand the mechanics of ballot access and the like...The major parties are shadows of their former selves.
It may be time to end the caucus system in select communities, as most other have switched. In the meantime, there are some happy GOP candidates in three towns...They get a free pass.
Watertown Daily Times Dems won’t field candidates on ballots in Cape Vincent, Clayton and Wilna

Monday, September 19, 2011

WDT: Senators Want An Extra Seat

Right after they were appointed to a panel to find efficiencies in government , Senators Ritchie and Griffo said they favored expanding the State Senate by one seat as it would make it easier to redraw their district boundaries.
NNY districts would need more people added to them to make the lines fit....
Another advantage to 63 is no ties. Of course, you get that when you have 61 as well.
Watertown Daily Times With 63 districts, redistricting would be easier for Ritchie, Griffo

Zoo Director Lauds Plan....But Council Ponders Cost of Aviary Remake

    Thompson Park Zoo Director John Wright outlined an exciting vision for what the current Aviary could be if renovated into a classroom, exhibit, all-purpose room in the unique signature building located at the center of the Zoo.  Birthday parties, social events and corporate meetings would also happen in the new facility which would hold 60 or so people comfortably.
     It sounded like an exciting addition, but City Council will have to come to terms with the cost which will be twice what a thumbnail estimated showed last winter.
     Changing the building to allow public assembly would require bathrooms, sprinklers and a reconstruction costing in total a bit over $600K. 
      The Aviary was built thirty years ago and has been the subject of a fundraiser a few years back...Small efforts to find a use for it had resulted in calls for its demolition, but the new Zoo Czar seems to think the renovation plan has merit.
      At its Monday meeting, Council allowed an auto detailing shop on State Street to remain open but denied a controversial request to reopen a car lot on Arsenal Street that had angered neighbors years ago.

Cuomo Jobs Panel Meets in Watertown

     Governor Cuomo's Regional Economic Development  Council for NNY came to Watertown today to hold a public hearing....But before the public could comment, they had to find out just what these panels are and what they are doing.....
     Many mystified afficionados of government were at JCC's Sturtz Theater for the presentation led by Co-Chair, Dr. Tony Collins, who in his other life runs Clarkson University.....
     The ten councils around the state are drawing up development plans to be used in ranking applications for various grants.
      It's confusing and some fear another layer, but for now I'd like to see how it pans out. The regional plan is due out by mid November.
       The City of Watertown presented its list of high priority projects for consideration by the panel.

Union Printers...Not the Must They Used to Be

I remember when I first got into politics, one had to worry about having the union label...called the union bug....on literature and signs denoting it was printed in a union shop.
Unions don't hold the sway the way they used to and seldom do candidates care about the bug anymore...Neither do many unions who routinely endorse candidates without the union label.
With labor struggling to maintain membership and an growing antipathy in some quarters to them, fewer seem to be looking for the label or worrying about what they have to say.....
To tell you the truth I don't seek or disdain unions...I respect the collective bargaining process as something proscribed by law in New York State...
Coincidentally, my signs have a bug but my palm cards do not...In neither case was it by design...It's just what they sent me.  (But I do drive a car made in Toledo and I like it better than the previous vehicle made in Mexico)
Union Printers

Koch: God Placed Jews in Swing States for a Reason

Now Hizzoner is taking his anger over Obama policies towards Israel on a larger stage.
With his quip that God placed Jews in swing states for a reason, Mr. Koch says pro-Israel voters may be able to steal away seats like Florida and Pennsylvania, both critical to President Obama's reelection prospects.
Jews make up about 2% of the nation's populace, but are influential voting blocks in a handful of states.
State of Politics Blog

Obama Proposing $1.5 Trillion in New Taxes - Few Real Cuts

In typical Washington parlance there are cuts that are not cuts and no prospect of enactment anyway....President Obama delivered the specifics of his deficit plan...It includes taxes on the well to do and spending restraints but no major changes like moving the eligibilty age for Medicare.
There are $1.1 Trillion dollars in cuts resulting from scaling back the presence in is that a "cut"? Who says we should have planned to be there another ten years and that not do that is a cut ?
I am not all down on the President. Its impossible to balance the budget and conform to the political realities of a country addicted to government spending. Nobody in either party could take the heat over what needs to be done.
Come to think of it, a little more taxation of my buddy Dave Mance is a good idea...In fact he told me he is willing to be taxed more...just like Warren Buffett.
Obama Proposing $1.5 Trillion in New Taxes - George E. Condon Jr. -

WDT: Judicial Conclaves Convene Soon

The arcane and not well understand process of selecting State Supreme Court candidates begins tonight as the Conservatives hold their nominating convention at midnight. Its more a free dinner paid for by the candidates than a convention and the Conservatives want to big foot the GOP into upholding the so called "gentleman's agreement." That would allow smaller counties to retain a local justice...
A lots at stake for these candidates...The 14 year term higher salaries of $175K....full office overhead....and the love and admiration of the legal community......Like West's almost Heaven.
No word on the Indy convention which Dems have spurned because the convenor is under indictment...actually its because they didn't cut the deal properly. Once you get the "line" , nobody cares how you got it.....
I have met four candidates and like them all...McCluskey, Merrill, Young and the Gall lass from Oneida County....Seems a fair enough group to me....They must not feel the same about me as I have yet to see a lawn sign on Pearl Street.
Watertown Daily Times Conservatives will pick Supreme Court candidates

Silver, Skelos ready to OK casinos in New York State -

The bid for non-Indian casinos to be allowed in NY State now has the backing of legislative leaders and Governor Cuomo...That means an amndment to the state's constitution could make it out of Albany and to voter in a couple years....Amendments must be passed by successive sessions of the Legislature before voters get to weigh in....
Of course, its billed as an economic windfall for the state. If approved, it may hurt the Indian casinos....or it may help as the tribes could then end the illusion of soveriengty and sell out to, or partner with establish casino operators.
Maybe Alex Bay will some day get its casino after all.
Silver, Skelos ready to OK casinos in New York State -

Regional Council Holds Third and Final Public Hearing Tonight in Watertown

   If you are a policy wonk and want to get up to date on one of Governor Cuomo's new initiatives, pop over to JCC tonight at 6PM for the public hearing on what the North Country Regional Economic Development Council is up to.
   These councils are the newest way to channel the money the state spends on many economic development and other programs.
    The first part of the session will be an explanation of how it all works, and then the public hearing part takes place...

Alheimer's Walk Nets Over $35K

That Alzheimer's walk I told you about on Saturday raised over $35,000 for the charity from walkers attending the event at the Duffy Fairgrounds. Kudos to them. Its a great cause. Amy Hunt was the top individual fundraiser, and several families of sufferers of the disease also fielded teams of walkers.
Walk To End Alzheimer's Leaderboard: Watertown (9/17, Noon)

WDT: Indy Line Alone Will Not Produce a Rumble in Lewis County Politics

I like a contested race but Lewis County Sheriff candidate Devere Rumble is kidding himself if he thinks he can lose a GOP primary two to one and then take a minor party line to November against an opponent who now has the Republican, Democratic and Conservative party nods.
Michael Carponelli is in the driver's seat.
Mr. Rumble is a long time Sheriff's Department employee, and there was a time the 'let him move up, he's one of our own' sentiment would have prevailed.
Mr. Rumble tells the Times his people didn't get out in the primary.....Yes they did, there just were not enough of them. He also says he was the vicitm of rumors that he wants to eliminate the road patrol and that he doesn't like ATVs....The latter being the most serious affront to Lewis County culture.
Go ahead and finish out the run on the Indy line and do the best you can....Just don't put a lot of money into the effort.
The fact that a Lewis County Sheriff candidate can secure both major marty lines is a sign of diminished allegiances to parties, or it may be Mr. Carpinelli is a consensus candidate who transcends parties...
Watertown Daily Times Rumble to continue sheriff race despite primary loss

Sunday, September 18, 2011

WDT: Drinking Age a Porous Law, and More So All the Time

As one who enforces the 21 year old law on a daily basis, I know its like bailing out the Titanic with a bucket......Obviously a generation of young people circumvent this prohibition in a million ways....College presidents call for a lowering to 18 and senior police officials I know feel the same way, but cannot say so in public.
Its a classic case of whistleing past the graveyard.
I would say lower it to 18 again, and stop the practice of allowing alcohol to be served at events where teens are present. It will never happen as nobody in a position to vote on such a thing would dare risk the wrath of the advocacy groups and the duplicitous media.
However, the law does provide continued employment for those advocating for the unachievable.
Watertown Daily Times National campaign targets teen drinking

I Will Tell You Up Front...Find Another Avenue for Insults and Cheap Shots

         Let me explain an issue that continues to trouble some readers.
         I sometimes get comments about "censorsing" and how it makes me "corrupt".  Also, one person continues to rail against the mere existence of this blog.
         I am not the hippest person when it comes to technology, but it would seem use of alternative media is a good thing if done responsibly by public officials. It is a chance to communicate my views and observations and make readers aware of activities or events I am involved in.
       That may or may not be of interest to all, but its there.
        A blog is essentially a "house organ" for the person, campaign, business or whatever sets it up.
       While I enjoy dialogue, I am not different than any other editor of a publication. I routinely don't print things. Ever have a letter to the editor rejected or cut up...It happens.
        So here's the deal on this blog.
        I created it under my name...nothing anonymous....I generate my content and link to identified sources.  I have put the work in to build a modest audience of a few hundred souls....
       Having created my own product with my own resources on my own time,  I am not going to post gratuitously insulting or negative comments about me or anyone I happen to like....And if its really over the top, I won't print them about others who I may not be as fond of.
        As for having a blog, many seem to enjoy it and there are a couple for whom its existence is anathema. I don't know how its any different than Senator Ritchie using Facebook to promote her self, or our national leaders using social media in creative ways.
        So, please enjoy the blog for what it commentary...a little pop culture...and a window into the activties I have as mayor......
         I might add starting up a blog is's building the audience that takes time and effort.  While I am not crazy, wild on Facebook, I do appreciate that technology allows one to speak their mind.....And even if nobody reads it, seeing it in print is therapeutic.

WDT: Judge Harberson Slaps Down Parking Ban

Soon to retire City Judge James Harberson continues to prove he is an indepedent thinker and an advocate against unreasonable municiple prosecutions...This one is on so called front yard parking which occurs openly as long as no one complains...Then it becomes a capital crime.
I have long argued for a reasonable exclusion process for cases where extra parking can be made to fit. In most cases front yard parking is not desirable, but there are certain older neighborhoods where spaces can be squeezed in if done properly.
However, the courts are a cumbersome and expensive way to get justice, so your best bet is to hope nobody complains, or find a spot somewhere else. The issue is the result of a proliferation of cars and apartments not there a hundred years ago.
Watertown Daily Times Watertown judge dismisses front-yard parking citation as “unconstitutional”

Obama to propose millionaire's tax to cut deficit -

The President is about to propose his version of a millionaire's tax on the belief the GOP will find it more and more difficult to work to stave off a tax on the wealthy in an election year.
It's hard to argue nuances of the tax code because there are so many taxes...Many are aimed at lower to middle income earners like sin taxes, lotteries and sales tax. The top marginal rate on income is harder to figure because of all the exemptions and loopholes.
Anyway, it will be class warfare all over again....And since it won't affect me, there is the temptation to ignore the debate.
Obama to propose millionaire's tax to cut deficit -

New York Republicans can beat Kirsten Gillibrand--John Podhoretz -

I don't see this part because its hard to envision a Republican with the chops to beat Senator Kirsten Gillibrand....I know the GOP is giddy over winning NY-9, but Senator Gillibrand is more effective a candidate than when named by Governor Paterson....She has lost weight and appears well versed on the issues, even if her views are Obama-like in their liberalism.
In the Presidential year, Mr. Obama will carry NY and Senator Gillibrand with him......
New York Republicans can beat Kirsten Gillibrand--John Podhoretz -