Saturday, September 17, 2011

Eleanor Mondale: A life of no regret or fear |

What a shame that we learn the daughter of a well liked former Vice President has died of cancer at age 51. Eleanor Mondale was well known to all of us and was lost after a six year battle with the disease.
Regrets to the family.
Eleanor Mondale: A life of no regret or fear

Patti Hopes Her Glow is Bestowed on Her Friend the Mayor

Ogdensburg Mayor Bill Nelson broke ground this week on a new pedestrian walkway to downtown. Senator Ritchie stood at his side....Still got to put that Knox Street issue to bed....Photo ops are OK and we all do them....But a nagging, problem like that could defeat Nelson.
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WDT: Theresa Dog Dies Saving His Master

Despite some of the bad press dogs have received in the wake of the mauling of a two year old boy, we should always remember canines are still "man's best friend."
In Theresa a dog died after alerting his owner to a house fire.
Dogs are your best friend..No disputing that.
Watertown Daily Times At Theresa, a dog died in fire after saving master.

Cheerleaders Forced To Cover Up In Class - Education News Story - WKMG Orlando

This is one of those weighty issues superintendents and school boards routinely weigh in on....Should cheerleaders be able to wear their stage costume in the classroom ?.......The district in one Florida town says's too distracting and doesn't meet the dress code....
Must be the school has had problems with provocative clothing and is trying to crack down....Maybe they should tone down the cheerleaders outfits...remember the days when a finely turned ankle was sufficient ?
Cheerleaders Forced To Cover Up In Class - Education News Story - WKMG Orlando

Strange Case of Willow the Cat Is Solved, to a Point -

Willow the calico cat who travelled from Colorado to Gotham may have flown to his new home after being "befriended" by a new owner...Sounds like kitty theft to me...
The feline was found in NYC this week and a microchip linked Willow to a Colorado family....There are still many holes in the story of this car on the move, but hopefully the well travelled pet will settle into a home and a more domestic life.
   The story must be important if the NY Times took time to cover it.
Strange Case of Willow the Cat Is Solved, to a Point -

Mayor Bloomberg predicts riots in the streets if economy doesn't create more jobs

Mayor Michael Bloomberg is certainly accomplished in the business world, so maybe he knows what he is talking about when he predicts rioting in the streets over the current economy and the nine percent plus unemployment......
People are uneasy, but its a long way to taking to the street in a country slathered in I-phones, mega televisions, and rampant consumerism.
Most people are still too comfy. However in some areas and among some demographics, there will be problems. High teen and minority unemployment will lead to more and more petty thefts as people with no money and time on their hands start to ask, "why do others have, and I don't"?
Shoplifting, burglary, and more drugs are just some of the small pathologies that one will see. To suggest there will be Cairo-style riots overstates the case, but yes there is a downside to current frustrations.
Mayor Bloomberg predicts riots in the streets if economy doesn't create more jobs

Tareq Salahi files for divorce -

Looks like the Salahis will not be crashing any more White House parties....Michaele has left hubby Tareq and he has filed for divorce...Another powerful DC couple is no more.
Tareq Salahi files for divorce -

Friday, September 16, 2011

Hillary Clinton enjoys higher marks than President Obama: poll -

She should get higher marks because she should have been the Democratic nominee in 2008.
Hillary Clinton enjoys higher marks than President Obama: poll -

Never Been Married....So I Don't Know the Importance of a Nice Refrigerator

    I just look at a refrigerator as a place to keep things cool...I have lots of refrigeration at the bar and as long as it works, I am happy...
    But for women a refrigerator is , I guess, a statement.  I stopped at Councilwoman Burn's house to get some addresses for lawn signs and she showed me her new jet black refrigerator from Lowes.....
    It was more than a device to cool food...It was a fashion statement...Like if Coach made a refrigerator in addition to handbags.
     I left amazed and headed over to Ray Canale's house to drop off a sign and then to Pete's for dinner.

Williamsburg's Nitehawk Cinema Gives You A Beer With Your Movie « CBS New York

Cocktails with your date ? The State Legislature has ok'd the serving of alcohol in theaters...its one of those laws passed and signed but not discovered until after it takes effect.
Williamsburg's Nitehawk Cinema Gives You A Beer With Your Movie « CBS New York

Looking at Ways to Conserve Still the Best First Move on Energy

       While the Obama administration's solar scandel bubbles up more and more, that does not mean there is not room for intelligent discussion not just on alternative energy, but also conserving energy.
      This week a free bit of consulting is being worked on for the City of Watertown by the New York State Energy Research and Development Agency.
      A set of recommendations on things like lighting, sealing up building envelopes and other measures will be presented to City Council.
      With older buildings, thats the first logical step in being energy responsible....Like last year, I installed replacement windows on my Pearl Street property....You do that kind of improvement before looking at exotic solutions where the payback exceeds the life of the device.
       And the best thing about the analysis by NYSERDA...It's at no charge to local taxpayers !

Sarah Palin is defended by 'lamestream media' - Molly Ball -

Even the MSM is starting to stick up for Sarah Palin, as the former AK governor continues to be the subject of shrill and inappropriate revelations designed to further "the public's right to know."
It's good to see some realization that the beating she and other public figures routinely take in pursuit of journalism has to have boundaries. The NY Times is to be commended for panning the latest book on Palin by the guy who last year moved in next door to her to do some heavy duty....and creepy spying.
Sarah Palin is defended by 'lamestream media' - Molly Ball -

Brad Pitt says marriage to Jennifer Aniston was pathetic, gushes about life with Angelina Jolie -

Most guys would think being married to Jennifer Aniston was at least OK....but for long-time heart throb Brad Pitt..he is describing the marriage as "pathetic" and that his life with her was "uniteresting". Pitt moved on to Angelina Jolie who he gushes over in a Parade Magazine interview.
Not very classy to dish on Jen all these years later, especially at a moment when Aniston is dealing with her mom's stroke.
Jennifer Aniston is one of those "America's sweetheart" type of stars.....
Ripping her now will not make people think fondly of Pitt.
Brad Pitt says marriage to Jennifer Aniston was pathetic, gushes about life with Angelina Jolie -

WDT: Who owns Palmer Street on Watertown’s west side?

For years I have travelled Palmer Street extension...the bumpy private street connecting the city-owned Palmer Street with Wealtha Avenue. This street is also travelled by residents of Palmer Apartments. There are many new homes being built in the neighborhood and numberous school age kids waiting for busses and rides to school.
It's inconvenient, bumpy and a safety issue. City Council has finally embraced beginning the process of determining exactly who owns the land where the street is.
I understand a couple of neighbors are wary of the idea. It will take a while to work out the legalities, but in the end this should make for a safer, better trip through a growing and nice little piece of the city.
Watertown Daily Times Who owns Palmer Street on Watertown’s west side?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

WDT: Dog Fate in Air...As Are Regulations

The fate of the dog is not known from the mauling incident at the Farmer's update on the child either...
However, organizers of the event know a suit is coming and would like to be able to limit the presence of canines at such a crowded event....Perhaps an ordinance requiring a muzzle at such events where there is considerable public assembly.
One organizer told me tonight that people parade their dogs like showing off a new car and don't consider the consequences.
Surely the insurance industry will lay down the law, by refusing to issue coverage for events without sufficient controls.
Watertown Daily Times Dog’s fate in farmers market remains unknown

WDT; Cape Turnout High

Civic involvement is high in the Cape...So what's so bad about that ?
I know prominent Watertown people active in city politics who are registered to vote at their seasonal homes in Cape Vincent. That's not wrong, but it shows the intensity of opposition to wind mills.
Watertown Daily Times Cape Vincent turnout high

Primaries Lost in Abyss of Media Disdain for Third Parties

    I had several people ask me this week why the MSM did not report on the minor party primaries for Watertown City Judge......I can only think its the institutional bias against third parties. One former reporter told me once that he was barred from doing stories on third party candidates.
    I thought the Indy and Conservative primaries for judge were very important, in that the Renzi sweep by big margins not only gives him two lines on the ballot, but also momentum and a clear setback for his opponent.
    New York's system of fusion voting is as vexing to those not familiar as our city's non partisan system baffles the partisans.
    I know a lot of work went into the wins and important to that was a winning strategy....Just the kind of stuff political types like to write about and read about.

IDC Denies Redistricting Deal With Skelos

In Albany its all about redistricting....redrawing the boundaries to give one party or the other an advantage...For Republicans in the Senate some help may be needed as their one vote majority is tenuous...Enter the four independent Democrats who are slightly estranged from their party's leadership.....
The deletion of inmates from population counts and other factors could put the Dems back in charge of the Senate. The way the districts are drawn makes a difference and both sides know it...Look for this to be the only issue on people's minds in Albany for some time to come.
IDC Denies Redistricting Deal With Skelos

WDT: Race Turns Testy But I Have a Job to Do

After writing this paragraph I have to get dressed to attend an 8am JCC event at the Historical Society. Then its off to chair the monthly meeting of the Watertown Local Development Corporation...a little work at my business and then tonight its off to Henderson to make a presentation at the Chamber dinner.
Campaigns are about comparisons and its the red meat that gets attention...But in the end there is a job to do, and I know that.
Watertown Daily Times Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Missing 5 years, Colorado cat is found on Manhattan street

A cat named Willow was found on a Manhattan street and turned into a shelter. The micro chip inside ID'd the kitty as one reported missing five years ago in Colorado. How the cat travelled 1600 miles is unknown.
The cat will be reunited with its owners, and it seems technology has revealed an incredible tale.
Missing 5 years, Colorado cat is found on Manhattan street -

New York Times trashes Palin book ...and Rightly So

The latest book about Sarah Palin is from the guy who moved in next door to her for a few months and the revelation in the news is that Palin had a one night stand in 1987 with University of Michigan hoop star Glen Rice, who would later go to the NBA....
What makes it tittilating to the hate Palin crowd is that Mr. Rice is black and showing the college age Palin having sex with a black man will allow the left to paint her as a hypocrite, because the other narrative advanced in this book is that she is racist.....
Isn't it racist to out someone for a sexual relation with another race just for the purpose of shock and awe....?
And really, is a one night stand...or any stand by a college age single woman really something we need to know about ?
Even the liberal NY Times trashed the book which is called "Rogue".
This stuff is such trash and an affront to women, as we don't get to read the same about a male politician...
New York Times trashes Palin book - On Media -

No Clear Path from Assembly to Congress

Voters are not buying the moving on up argument of Assembly members who want to run for Congress. In NYX on Tuesday Assemblyman David Weprin lost a House seat race despite a huge registration advantage....He joins three other Assembly losers including our own DeDe Scozzafava who was considered a sure winner till those pesky voters decided otherwise.
New York special election loser David Weprin latest from state assembly - Reid J. Epstein -

'If You Love Me ... Help Me Pass This Bill,' Obama Tells North Carolina Crowd

President Narcissus says if we love him, we should help pass his jobs bill....That's a little creepy sounding to me, but I am sure some of you are all in, so get to work and show the love.
'If You Love Me ... Help Me Pass This Bill,' Obama Tells North Carolina Crowd -- VIDEO - Theresa Poulson -

Scarlett Johansson nude photo leak: Actress to contact FBI after having cell phone hacked

While I have no personal aversion to nude photos of Scarlett Johansson on the Web, I might suggest her outrage is misplaced. If you don't want the photos out there....don't pose for them....
These days, people are ruthless and brutal..Every scorned boyfriend seems willing to share his cell phone photos...They are jerks of course...but you have to be careful these days...
The consolation is that Scarlett is good looking and who is going to be outraged at her photos..
Scarlett Johansson nude photo leak: Actress to contact FBI after having cell phone hacked

Campaign Kicks Off in Earnest for Fifth Term

     A perfect fall day at the Farmers Market in downtown Watertown served as my backdrop for a kickoff of the campaign that will hopefully lead to my reelection in November.
      I outlined top agenda items for the next four years including dealing with "legacy" properties like Mercy Healthcare.  Also discussed was the need for managing the growth Watertown is enjoying and working on job creation measures in my new role on the Governor's Economic Council.
      I was presented with a YNN hat and even got asked a question about my weight loss...I reaffirmed my faith in the Pete's Diet.

WDT: Dems Hop on Challenger to Nelson in Maple City

In a widely expected move, Ogdensburg Democrats have informally endorsed independent mayoral candidate Jack McGrath, even though Mr. McGrath will not appear on the party's line on the ballot.
The challenger to Mayor Bill Nelson did not get into the race early enough to file partisan petitions and filed an independent line petition in August. Mr. McGrath is a former Johnson and Johnson executive and is expected to mount a major challenge to Mr. Nelson who won reelection by just five votes four years ago.
Watertown Daily Times Ogdensburg Democrats endorse independent McGrath for mayor

Syracuse Housing Authority bans alcohol in its parking lots before SU games |

Another drinking tradition bites the dust...Tailgaiting in parking lots prior to Syracuse University football games...The Syracuse Housing Authority, which is now charging $15 to park in its lots has banned alcohol over liability fears.
They should. Its public property and what is fine in your back yard is not on public property. Banning it will not eliminate the ability of revelers to party. They will just have to do it more on the down low and that likely will curb whatever egregious problems that led to the ban.
This is why we have licensed establishments...To channel drinking not done at home into a more stuctured environment.
Syracuse Housing Authority bans alcohol in its parking lots before SU games

Republican Bob Turner beats Democrat David Weprin to sieze Weiner's Congressional seat -

Republicans took a pair of special House elections Tuesday...One an easy win in Nevada...the other an upset in the NYC district once held by Chuck Schumer.
Bob Turner beat Democratic hack David Weprin in a race seen as a referendum on President Obama.
Republican Bob Turner beats Democrat David Weprin to sieze Weiner's Congressional seat -

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Renzi Sweeps...Gains Edge for November

    Eugene Renzi swept two minor party primaries in the race for Watertown City Judge. Mr. Renzi beat  Keith Caughlin 46-17 for the Independence line and 22-1 for the Conservative Party nod.
    Absentees are expected to further swell the margins.
     The twin wins are a boost for Republican Renzi and make Mr. Caughlin a long shot for the ten year term to replace retiring judge James Harberson.

Primary Results.....One Vote Matters

   I stopped at Midtown Tower to vote at 530 and the body count was one Conservative and seven Indy's.   Over at the League it was 11 Voters.....These minor party primaries offer the chance for a few people to have a big impact...
   Both parties are devoid of organization but they are a line on the ballot and the few who vote may determing the outcome of the City Judge race.
    Its interesting and the way to win is to corral a handful of people...Or get virgin voters to register in the party and then cast an absentee...Winning a minor party primary is an art I learned from the best...We will see what happens.


A good time will be had by all at Senator Ritchie's Senior Health Fair....That's why Patty is my new favorite Senator of all time...

Solyndra Debacle Latest Dig Against Subsidized Solar Panels

The case against government subsidized solar panels is made by the failure of Solyndra, a firm that had received over $500million in federal money, and now the fate of the money is in question and the company is bankrupt.
Critics say this is why the government should not be in the business of picking winners in the technology game.
While there is nothing wrong with keeping an open mind on emerging technologies, forcing the market is distorting choices made and some local governments are opting for unsightly solar schemes based on the promise of lower electric bills.
Unfortunately these systems are expensive, unsightly and even have raised the concerns of firefighters wary of the complicated wiring arrangements and the problems that causes.
Solyndra controversy escalates CAIVN

Kia and Jeep Lead the Charge in Local Auto Recovery

In a sign of a firming economy locally, car sales appear to have returned to levels seen before the 2008 recession. New car registrations for August in Jefferson County show the revamped Caprara stores leading the way with sales of Kia's topping the imports and a surge in Jeep and Dodge sales.
Kudos to all my friends at FX for leading the way in the recovery. :: Jefferson County Clerk :: New Vehicle Registrations

WDT: Crow Talk a Harbinger of Colder Days Ahead

The weather service says high temperatures by Thursday will be in the 50s....but if you need another sign of the winter to come, last night City Council pondered crow hazing...the annual effort to keep crows from getting too comfy roosting on city trees and buildings.
The pesky birds leave a mess and an array of efforts is used to keep them moving and thus less nettlesome to some property owners.
A private firm will handle the effort this year at a savings over previous USDA efforts. Many upstate communities have this problem.
City Council actually did more last night than flock management.
A discussion on economic development resulted in a list of assistance requests being forwarded to Governor Cuomo's North Country Economic Development Council.
Lawmakers also discussed revisions to the city code on fences after complaints from Haley Street residents.
Watertown Daily Times Crow hazing...

WDT: City Judge Primary Election Today...But Read on Before Heading to the Polls

Two minor parties comprising about one-twelfth of City voters will hold primary elections today for city judge....The Independence and Conservative Parties, neither of which have active local organizations, will decide between Keith Caughlin and Eugene Renzi...Mr. Caughlin is the Democrat nominee and Mr. Renzi, the Republican in the mini-preview of the November election.
So unless you are registered in one of these two parties, do not go to the polls....TV ads touting a primary are likely to result in many going to vote who will be turned away...If you do vote, remember, many of you have changed polling places....Those who voted at LeRay Apartments are now at the North Side League....Those who used to vote at the State Office Building are now at one of two southside churches.
The primaries will involve just a few dozen people, but the lines on the November ballot are sought after for their symbolic importance and ability to deliver a couple of extra percentage points.
The judge race is surprisingly hard fought with both candidates spending freely for the ten year term, which suddenly is more valuable after the State Legislature voted to raise the pay of judges.
Watertown Daily Times Voters will head to the polls today

9/11 Victim's Name Wrong on Memorial | NBC New York

Anyone named Jeffrey...or Jeffery....knows how often you get some mail with wrong spelling. That happened with a name on the 9/11 Memorial and now one of the panels will be remade. That's why it's easier to just say Jeff.
9/11 Victim's Name Wrong on Memorial NBC New York

Perry comes under fire at the CNN/Tea Party Debate -

I watched a good chunk of the debate last night in Tampa between the big eight candidates for the GOP Presidential nomination. Rick Perry held his own...Michelle Bachmann was aggressive...the also ran candidates did well, and Mitt Romney was well served by his knowledge of issues.
This debate changed nothing.
Perry comes under fire at the CNN/Tea Party Debate -

Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Night...Council Meeting

    I was at Pete's after the meeting and ran into Colin Burns who is in college but just starting an internship with Senator Chuck Schumer. His mother is very proud and should be....Young operatives are always so idealistic.
    Meanwhile at the Council meeting tonight, there was a discussion on the city's priorities for the new Economic Development Council....It's such a fast track process and its important the City be in the game as far as lobbying for its proposals.
    Council also discussed fence laws and decided on a private firm to do crow hazing.
     Council also agreed to demolish three city owned properties, including the home of the late Rose Ward. Remember when Lt. Governor Krupsak stayed there for a night...
     Not a real eventful Council meeting.....

Power of Prayer Brings People Together at City Hall

  A hundred or so including Councilwoman Burns and myself prayed together at City Hall today as part of the Knights of Columbus World Day of Peace ceremonies commemorating 9/11.
   Father Donald Robinson presided and Steve Petrillose led the group in a rousing rendition of "God Bless America".
    It feels good to get together with people in your community to reflect on such matters. While there was a nice crowd, it continues to amaze me the lack of interest in such affairs by community leaders...elected and not elected.
    It's like the many Veteran's Day observances I have been honored to attend, while others skip out. We need as leaders a rededication to what's important...and that means sharing as many moments as possible with the people who live here.

Pawlenty Endorses Romney - Hotline On Call

The guy who took up residence in Iowa and finished a distant third in the straw poll says he wants Mitt Romney as the GOP nominee for President. Former MN Governor Tim Pawlenty made the much awaited announcement this morning....Glad we finally know.
Pawlenty Endorses Romney - Hotline On Call

6 things to watch in Monday's debate -

Its back to Presidential politics tonight with another GOP debate...A second chance to judge newcomer Rick Perry and a chance to see if Michelle Bachmann can overcome the institutional bias the system seems to have for women candidates. It's also a chance to see if the Social Security as Ponzi scheme argument has legs.
Governor Perry gives what some see as an honest look at Social Security, while others say it's a tradition worth mending and not ending. It's also a third-rail issue.
The generations look at Social Security differently. Younger Americans see it as nothing all that secure, while those at or near collecting view it as a given.
These debates will make or break candidates, and again this week all eyes are on the Texas governor.
6 things to watch in Monday's debate - Maggie Haberman and Alexander Burns -

Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Team Wins ! JETS Best Cowboys on 50 Yard Field Goal

A Nick Folk field goal...a pick by Darrelle Revis and a 300+ yard night from Sanchez carried the JETS to a come from behind 27-24 win over the Dallas Cowboys....
America'a Team frittered away a near certain win with a goal line fumble and the late game interception.
It was a great way for New Yorkers to cap a solemn day of 9/11 observances.....
Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Jets - Recap - September 11, 2011 - ESPN

Remembering Gives Way to Sunday Sports

   Pulling the late night Saturday semi-final may have left her tired and Serena Wilson looked to be lacking the edge in her straight set US Open loss to Australian Samantha Stosur.
    Stosur on the other hand looked sharp enroute to her upset win and first ever Grand Slam title.
     Now tonight the focus shifts from Flushing to the Meadowlands for the JETS season opener against the alleged "America's Team", the Dallas Cowboys.
     I am thinking 28-10 or thereabouts....
     How about 27-24 !

Week 2 the Same as Week 1 for Two Local HS Teams

    Week one proved no fluke for two local high school teams. IHC followed up a lopsided win with a comfortable 32-0 victory over Altmar-Parish-Williamson.  Last week IHC coach Paul Alteri said the APW match was more problematic than the easily beaten Alex Bay which is undergoing a rebuilding of its program. Nonetheless IHC prevailed under the lights on Ives Street.
   That rebuilding in the Bay under legendary coach Steve Fisher has to continue as the Ghosts lost to Lowville 67-0 on Friday night. Rome wasn't built in a day and getting a program going in such a small school will take time.

On This 9/11 People Go About Their Business

        On this day so like the 9/11 of a decade ago I drove to see the Dunks at Iron Block where they were holding their Biketobefest. Lots of people and it goes on till 6PM.
        There was one bike stickered at$37,249....Wow..I remember the first house I ever bought in 1982 was on Arlington Street and it cost $20,000......

Ten Years Have Passed

Like all of you I still vividly remember where I was and what I was doing on that sunny September morning a decade ago when the unthinkable happened. I was at my business just watching television and sipping coffee...I couldn't believe my eyes and at first thought it an aviation accident like the 1947 striking of the Empire State Building....It soon became apparent how outrageous, grim and depressing the situation was.
For days we lived in a malaise of grief, but my first reactions were an uneasiness about what war would mean to a nation not accustomed to such things.
In any event, life moved on and today we pause to recognition the passing of a decade. No one could sustain the intensity of emotion of that morning, and while events were amplified by the coverage now available, life has to move on from this or any tragedy or loss. It's never easy and I think I can only take so much coverage today. I plan to watch the US Open and JETS opener in addition to this morning's 9/11 coverage.
Where were you and what were you doing that morning ten years ago ?. Feel free to comment.
State of Politics Blog

White Castle fan claims eatery needs to supersize its seats -

Ever go into a restaurant and the chairs or stools don't move...If that seating bothered me, I might be inclined to go soemwhere else, but for 64 year old and 290 lb Martin Kessman, the answer is litigation.
He is mad because the seating at his favorite restaurant....White Castle hamburger joints....does not provide room for his tummy. Mr. Kessman says this violates rights of fat people and is a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
No wonders judges wanted a raise...if they have to listen to this nonsense.
White Castle fan claims eatery needs to supersize its seats -

WDT: Jobs Panels to Visit Three NNY Communities

Governor Cuomo's North Country Regional Economic Development Council will be holding three public hearings to better explain just what the program is all about. One in Watertown will be September 19 at Jefferson Community College.
The panels are an effort to restructure the state's way of funding economic development efforts.
Regional plans must be completed by November and these Councils will review funding requests against the criteria and goals adopted. So far the Councils have created many questions about just what they are all about. There are ten councils across the state and the NNY one covers seven counties from Watertown to Plattsburgh.
This Monday night, I have asked our City Council be briefed on the workings of the new system, as we should be submitting our list of potential goals and projects for inclusion in the plan.
It is a complicated undertaking that has generated some skepticism, but with jobs and the economy always an issue, it is important to be involved.
Watertown Daily Times Economic development council to meet in Watertown