Saturday, September 10, 2011

Don't Forget...9/11 Is Also The Start of Football

Once you have done all your observing of what I am sure will be moving 9/11 ceremonies, you really have to get out and enjoy some football...And if you are a JETS fan, come on down to Fort Pearl Sunday evening to see Gang Green dismanted the Cowboys.
Large screens in Hi Def...Specials, including dollar Keystones....and a chance to enjoy what America is all about...Football and Beer enjoyed with friends in a tavern.
The 6 Best NYC Bars For Football Season « CBS New York

Dogs on People's Minds

     There were lots of dogs at the Fall Festival downtown...and several in the foot race sponsored by the Urban Mission.  One lady did stop me downtown and ask if dogs at public events could be muzzled...I will refer her to Councilwoman Burns...
     Meanwhile I got a phone call while at Dave's place from someone with a fence complaint.  All part of listening.

Great Weather and Great Times on a September Saturday in NNY

    Large crowds in excess of 5000 crowded downtown Watertown for the Downtown Business Associations Fall Festival .... Aided by perfect weather the well organized event featured vendors, crafters, food, entertainment and a large display of classic cars.
    I was able to pick the Mayor's Choice Award which I gave to Nick and Joann Reff of Watertown for their 1938 Studebaker Commander. There were so many great cars but the Reff's are new to collecting and its always good to get your first trophy. Their Studebaker was in very good shape and largely in stock condition.
     Many other awards were given out as roller derby and boxing club enthusiasts entertained the masses.
    Also today, I participated in the 5K walk put on by the Urban Mission and the Burkard Family to honor a family member killed in an alcohol related crash. I was clustered with the poltical operatives and electeds in the back of the field, but it was good exercise and fun.
     Also today, I scooted up to Tennis Island to stop in at Dave Mance's summer party for former staffers at the radio station.  Ted and Marie Ford were there dripping in liberalism. Dave reaffirmed his support of President Obama and we decided to talk about things other than politics. Ted did bring his specialty dish...Spicy meatballs he calls "Buffalo Balls."
      Then I had to scoot back to Fort Pearl to work the night shift and make a little cash after a busy day.

WDT: Local Businesses and Army Families to Experience Roller Coaster Over Two Years

I was at a meeting Thursday when the Army outlined deployment schedules that should give pause to local businesses and makes the issue of building housing even more vexing.
Everyone knows Fort Drum is an economic engine that has kept the ravages of the nation's recession away from the Watertown area. However under a tentative plan revealed to community leaders, some 83% of the soldiers will be gone for a six month period in the winter of 2013. Its the result of a new plan to deploy all three combat brigades at once...
In the coming months we will see just the opposite as during parts of 2012 all 19000+ soldiers will be here....
Those trying to coordinate the construction of housing to meet the peak periods were troubled as its the the up and down in population that hinders developers from making the massive investments in housing.
These deployment schedules are subject to change, but for a time there will be some lonely nights for many local retailers and the boom next year must be tempered by the knowledge of what happens a year later.
Watertown Daily Times Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York

First look at 9/11 memorial at Ground Zero -

We will all get a good look this weekend at the sight of the most shocking and horrible event one could witness....The memorial to 9/11 is unveiled at Ground Zero amid a weekend of retrospectives and remembering.
The twin pools with cascading waters and the names of 2977 victims etched in bronze looks impressive in photos and I am sure will be a focal point for all who still are shocked at what happened ten years ago.
First look at 9/11 memorial at Ground Zero -

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Case for Comity in a Campaign

   I saw the first lawn signs in the Mayor's race today...several were placed for my benefit on the way to Pete's...I get it....and I will have plenty of signs too...
    However as the linked essay says, there are limits as effective governing requires relationships that cannot be trashed in the name of getting elected...Especially when your foes will be there no matter what.
Graham For Mayor 2011

Tattoo Mania

And if your daughter comes home with a butt cap from Dr. could always be worse...
Weird News Photos NBC Miami

WDT: NNY Responders Help in Southern Tier

Five City firefighters are among a team from Jefferson County helping out in flood ravaged Broome County. The members of the Department's water rescue team are helping evacuate people from inundated neighborhoods in places like Johnson City, near Binghamton.
The scope of damage from recent storms to some parts of the state is staggering. It's good to know we have neighbors who care should we be in trouble.
Watertown Daily Times Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York

Siena: Turner Ahead 6 Pts. In NY-9

Republicans might finally win a special election thanks to Anthony Weiner's weiner. NY-9 is in play with Siena claming the GOP candidate is up by six...That would be quite the upset..The district held by the defrocked Weiner will likely disappear in redistricting..but in the short run the race is being seen as a referendum on President Obama...
Of course the Democrats nominated a hack who doesn't live in the district...Maybe that's a factor.
Siena: Turner Ahead 6 Pts. In NY-9

WDT: Public square to close for Watertown fall festival

Bad weather and disaster elsewhere is on our minds, but a great event is slated for Saturday in Watertown as Public Square welcomes fall with its annual festival. A great event to be sure.
Watertown Daily Times Public square to close for Watertown fall festival

Record flood in Binghamton leaves 'dire' situation |

What a mess ! Without any of the publicity of a hurricane, the remnants of a tropical storm named Lee swept through Pennsylvania and New York's Southern Tier leaving Binghamton in a dire situation and so many people flooded. So many New Yorkers have been ravaged by weather this summer and we certainly have to be thankful for the benign weather here.
Record flood in Binghamton leaves 'dire' situation

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bob Freeman Has Been Saying It for a Lifetime...Is Anyone Listening ?

I agree with the Times that last night's executive session was wrong under the law...and I had already said it was bad politics...
I have to chuckle about poor old Bob Freeman, the open meetings czar who always get's quoted when a journalist needs local officials whacked around for violating the law..Only thing is breaking the Open Meetings Law has no consequence other than a couple quotes from Mr Freeman...
There are lots of reasons the Open Meetings Law is violated...sometimes I think officials like to be in executive session just because it makes them feel like executives......there is also the obsession with secrecy for no real reason..there is a lot of that......of course the most common reason is to talk about things on the QT is to avoid embarassment....
It usually works...The vast majority of improper executive sessions are never challenged...
Watertown Daily Times Ogdensburg council executive session violated open meetings law

Noted Day Trader Teaches Course at Clarkson

Republican Congressional candidate Matt Doheny will get to hang out in the faculty lounge at Clarkson as he teaches a course on money....Nobody knows more about cash than Matt....
I always wanted to teach a class....maybe about the dark art of politics I learned in my years of association with the Independence Party....There's a lot about Albany your standard community college poly sci professor knows nothing about...There is probably no compelling need to soil young minds by telling them how the world really works...
Let them think its all about ideas, and vision, and a desire to serve the people. Some myths have to be kept in place to maintain an orderly society.
Watertown Daily Times Republican candidate Matt Doheny to teach at Clarkson University

Something to Look Forward To....I Guess

A 69 year old man in a wheel chair was attacked this week by a 22 year old woman claiming to be a vampire...She bit him and ripped flesh off.....
Female "Vampire" Busted In Bloody Biting Attack The Smoking Gun

Renzi Seeks Minor Party Nods in Tuesday Primary

        City Judge Candidate Eugene Renzi sat in a corner seat at BJs Tavern on Mill Street today strategizing on how to win the two minor party primaries so far overlooked by the MSM....
       A handful of Conservative and Independence Party registrants will head.......or in some cases be dragged to the polls on Tuesday for a primary that could decide the race between Republican Renzi and Democrat Keith Caughlin.
       A Renzi sweep effectively ends the race, while the same for Coughlin means its game on to November.
        In judicial races any candidate can run for any line, thus creating the scramble on Tuesday.

Red Hot Union Rhetoric Not For Me...But Some Like It

As the President prepares his jobs speech for tonight, remarks made in front of Mr. Obama on Monday continue to raise eyebrows...Teamster's head James Hoffa called the Tea Party "sons of bitches" and said a labor army needs "to take them out." The President thanked Mr. Hoffa for his comments.
Most people try to be civil and most labor leaders do as well. They are advocating a position so sometimes rhetoric is heated. Hoffa is Hoffa...Old style union guy to be sure.
I was asked this week to address a labor gathering in Gouverneur and declined...Not because I don't understand or recognize the rules of collection bargaining, but because my record on those issues is clear. I am respectful of the people and the process, although I agree with most municipal administrators on the need for changes to the Taylor Law in New York.
I have worked as a union member and supervised union employees as well as worked in the private sector and owned my own business. I have seen it from all sides and don't feel the need to seek endorsements...nor do I see a need to condemn working people for wanting the best deal they can get.
Orlando Sentinel Today's Buzz: Should Obama denounce Hoffa's Tea Party attack? - Orlando Sentinel

My Observation is Perry Did Pretty Well and Remains in Front

Mitt Romney was prepared and did a decent job....decent enough that the pundits who want an establishment GOP nominee could declare he won last night's debate....but having watched it, Texas Governor Rick Perry came across as condident and well spoken and I betcha his position as frontrunner to the nomination is enhanced.
Bachmann did well, but not well enought to break her slide from straw poll prominence. The others were entertaining but have no chance of winning or so it seems.
I just see Mitt as having a ceiling of support in the party and not enough to win a nomination. Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman made some good points and looks like running mate material as I don't think he has the horses to win the nomination.
There are three more debates this month.....but the primary season campaign is officially on and Perry looks like the man to beat...
GOP race: Rick Perry sailes through TV debate as Michele Bachmann comes up short Mail Online

WDT:Sen. Ritchie introduces bill requiring one president per SUNY campus

A continuing "food fight" over how many college presidents in the Big County has prompted legislation to reverse a SUNY move to combine top administration at Canton and Potsdam.
I say if those attending Canton want a separate $200K president in the faculty lounge, then add a few bucks to their tuition.
Watertown Daily Times Sen. Ritchie introduces bill requiring one president per SUNY campus

WDT: Repair Shop Permit Table While Work on Wording Continues

A reap what you sow moment ocurred Monday night for some City Council members who intemperately voted three years ago to sell an old gas station on State Street to one preferred person for $30K while other established businessmen sat in the audience offering $80K. Now the inability or unwillingness of the property owner to make desired improvements has the same Council members threatening a shut down of an auto detailing business now located there.
While not the Tim Horton's donut shot promised when lawmakers (me excluded) voted to sell the property, the detail shop is a viable business and yesterday, I worked on some language that hopefully will allow it to stay open. I am sure Council members do not want to see it close because the property owner will not pave the lot, as lawmakers want required.
Meanwhile the tenant owning the business says he is not able to make improvements to property he does not own.
Watertown Daily Times Watertown City Council takes no action on auto repair shop

Newzjunky - Mixed Reactions Over Future of Dogs at Farmers' Market

As often happens when a matter becomes the subject of discussion or controversy, many stories are coming forth about dogs at public events. It appears previous incidents at the Farmer's Market had prompted a ban on vendors bringing pets. That was imposed by the event organizers.
A dog mauling of a two year old boy last week sparked the conversation and City Councilwoman Roxanne Burns raised the ante by suggesting such events are not the place to bring their dog.
A long time animal expert close to the event told me it is indeed a concern because of the crowded nature of the event and that pets should indeed be left home.
I agree. No one wants to deny anyone the chance to enjoy their dog, but this is not the place.
Newzjunky - Mixed Reactions Over Future of Dogs at Farmers' Market

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

With Pay Raises Approved, Everybody Wants to be a Judge.

     The "gentlemen's agreement" may be as obsolete as the good old days when judges spent the noon hour getting soused at the "Club"......The agreement is that each of six counties in the Fifth Judicial District will get its own hometown judge...
     Town of Watertown Justice Jim McClusky is fighting to keep that tradition alive and tonight told supporters at the Black River Valley Club that Syracuse lawyers are trying to steal the Watertown seat so their cronies can have the fat salary jobs that go with it.
     Mr. McClusky is a good guy and comes from a family marinated in the law.. His dad was DA and his twin brother is a lawyer. He is among four lawyers running for four seats, including Erin Gall, Mike Young and a guy from Herkimer County, who I am so sorry  but I can't remember his name.
       Mr. Young got points recently for helping the City on locating a lawyer to advise us on alcohol concession issues...Ms. Gall is from Oneida County and is smart enough to put her face on her lawn signs...
       The event was hosted by Matt Doheny, and a good time was had by all.

Whack ! Motorist Rams Flower Statue Island....

   Only hours after City Council formally committed to the ongoing maintenance of the Governor Flower Statue downtown, an errant motorist driving a truck from the Burrville Cider Mill clipped the stone bollards ringing the work of art.
    The mid-day crash came less than a month after another similar daytime crash.
    A volunteer drive rehabilitated the statue and recreated the stone eagles back in 2002.
Funds from that effort ran out and the City Council, at my request,  formally endorsed the ongoing maintenance of the structure. Not a day too soon.

Griffo: Roll Dice On Casinos, Let Voters Decide

One of our two area senators is backing an amendment to the NYS Constitution to allow privately run casino gambling in the state....That's not any easy job even with the tacit support of the Governor.
Newspapers will oppose it....anti gambling groups.....churches (some)....and of course the Indians who now have the corner on the market.
An amendment must pass two sessions of the Legislature and then go to voters....It's a years long process.
Griffo: Roll Dice On Casinos, Let Voters Decide

One of Those Day in the Life Issues..Not Huge, but Worth Dealing With

     Councilwoman Macaluso raised an issue last night that's not huge and doesn't necessarily need a law...but needs some awareness, and that is the conduct of trick or treating on Halloween.
      Ms. Macaluso related incidents from last year where people 20 or so years old were out after 9pm seeking candy....That's kind of scary. I remember as a kid in the Chevy Chase when some punks rushed our front door and came in the living room and took all the candy.
     There is no need for people to be out after 8PM and Halloween trick or treating is not free candy night for teens and young adults. Its for kids, who should be out with parents.
     We are working on informing the public on the guidelines for a safe and fun Halloween, although stopping 20 year olds from mooching candy is hard to stop.....

McClusky Soire Tonight at BRVC (That's Black River Valley Club)

   Supreme Court candidate James McClusky gathers his thundering herd of supporters tonight in Watertown as he tries to keep a local person sitting in the Dulles State Office Building.
    McClusky is the Town of Watertown justice and son of the former DA who is seeking one of four open seats in the Fifth Judicial District, which covers six counties stretching to Syracuse and Utica.
    Justice McClusky is a solid choice and his election is something Jefferson County residents should work for.

Pelosi Decries Lack of GOP Response...and the Nonsense Goes On

The President is speaking on jobs Thursday night....and the GOP announces they are not doing an official response speech...That's good...We don't need more politically charged back and forth...
So what does minority leader and former Speaker Pelosi do ? She comes out blasting Republicans for refusing to respond...says not popping off in public only minutes after Mr. Obama's speech is disrespectful to the President.
We need fewer official responses and more discussion on the issue at hand. Those instant response speeches only feed the media need for confrontation. Sometimes saying nothing is better.
Mr. Obama will propose an extension of the payroll tax exemption and an extension of unemployment benefits. He will also propose long term tax hikes and more aid to public works projects as part of his jobs proposal. I say listen to the President and draw your own conclusion.
The incredible shrinking Obama - Glenn Thrush and Carrie Budoff Brown -

WDT: Aging Pooch Gets a Mention

As he approaches his 16th birthday in January, Zeppelin gets a shout out in this Times article on dogs at public events. Councilwoman Burns advanced the idea of dogs not being brought to public events after the mauling last week of a two year old at the Farmer's Market.
The WDT reports I have a dachsund that I have been seen in public with. I will stipulate to that, and I agree with Mrs Burns that dogs are great but sometimes are better off left home.
As for Zeppelin, he prefers a nap to appearing in public.
Watertown Daily Times Farmer’s market dog attack spurs Watertown City Council discussion

Maple City Executive Session a Political Faux Pas

It wasn't the advice I would have given....Calling a special meeting to address a current poltical controversy and then retreating to executive session...Not a good idea.
Whatever Mayor Bill Nelson and the Ogdensburg City Council members wanted to find out on the QT, they should have found out before last nights meeting to address a pesky mini-scandal about a house a family was allowed to live in rent-free during publicly funded rehabililtation.
The city planner has been shown the door after attacking the city manager and politically there is blood in the water as the mayor is apparently facing a sudden, stiff challenge by a candidate said to be running as an independent candidate for mayor.
Sometimes things do go wrong and sometimes mistakes happen. Hiding bad news in executive session isn't the answer. The problem surrounding the Knox Street home is not the problem, but efforts to "nuance" the affair is a problem.
There is no "investigation".....That's a media term. Surely people in the know, know what happened....If canning the planner is the solution chosen, then just say so and tell why. Executive sessions and non-disclosure agreements are the handiwork of the bureaucracy, and are not why people elect mayors and councillors.
Watertown Daily Times Ogdensburg residents shut out of City Council discussion on Knox Street affair

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Micks To Reopen ?

Word on the street is that Mick's on Factory Street is reopening on Friday after a run-in with the law......Thunder Dome will not open....Let's hope they tone it down a notch and stay in the hunt.
Micks Graphics (9)

Roxy: Leave Your Dogs at Home

   City Councilwoman Roxanne Burns echoed the feelings of many in saying its not fair to dogs or the public to bring canines to events with lots of people.
   Last week's attack on a two year old boy by an American Bull Terrier at the Watertown Farmer's Market has raised the issue of whether animals should be at such events where people are shoulder to shoulder and many children are present.
   Mrs. Burns used tonight's Council meeting to raise the issue but stopped short of saying there is a legislative solution.
   Actually, the regulator of such things will be the insurance industry which will make clear that dogs are not to be permitted parts of events like that. A trip to a high school football game last Friday also featured many dogs present in the crowd.
   Other observers at the Farmer's Market have commented on how many pooches were there amid the shoppers and bevy of kids from local day care centers.
    In the end its the insurance companies that will say whether dogs should be there...along with the NYS Health Department as food is served. Roxy raises a good point....
    It's not about villifying dogs or breeds...It's about that there is a time and a place for everything.

Too Many 10 Year Look-Backs Ahead

   Today another reporter from out of town called for an interview related to the tenth anniversary of 9/11.....The thrust of the questions is how has Watertown changed as a result of the attacks...
   Today's interview was from a public radio questioner who's narrative was that the event caused "exponential" growth that strained the communities social and physical infrastructure. When I told it that's not how it played out, she kept asking the same question over and over again.
    I think attitudes have changed...people are more jaded....but people still go to work...raise their kids...go camping...paint their house...get sick...get well...and all the other things people do.
   Most of the numerical growth of Drum happened before 9/11 and growth since then is being managed pretty well.
    Sometimes 10 year retrospectives require conclusions that don't coincide with the facts...leading me to the conclusion that news is sometimes fiction.

Wild hogs running loose in Upstate New York have officials considering boar hunt ban

Those feral hogs running wild through portions of upstate NY are getting more press, but so far no hog spotting in our area...that we know of.
The hogs seem confined to the Southern Tier and the Capital District. If you spot one, let us know.
Wild hogs running loose in Upstate New York have officials considering boar hunt ban

Dog Attack Prompts Calls for Keeping Dogs from Public Assemblies

      Councilwoman Roxanne Burns told me over the weekend she is so concerned over the dog attack of a two year old at the Farmer's Market, she is wondering if animals are appropriate at events with public assembly. Ms. Burns says the child and the dog are not at fault, but bad judgment may be as bringing animals and children together in a hectic and crowded setting creats a danger that is not necessary.
     I agree those holding events may want to consider not allowing animals. I doubt you could bring a dog to the midway at the Fair or a concert at the Arena, so why bring one to markets, sporting events or concerts like the annual one in Thompson Park.
     It's a good point. Of course the devil is always in the details, but at the very least, pets should probably be left home when headed to a site with many humans.

GOP Hoping Bam's Sliding Numbers Will Help Them Pull an Upset

Republicans are hoping to end a streak of bad luck in special elections with a possible win in the Anthony Weiner district in NYC....GOP candidate Bob Turner is being given a chance of defeating David Weprin in the CD 9, straddling Queens and Brooklyn.
Polls show the race neck and neck and thats a shocker in the traidtional Democratic district.
President Obama is looming large and has avoided appearances there as its thought the economy and his policies on Israel could actually hurt Mr. Weprin.
Times have changed from the days when hope and change swept the land. The President is having a GW Bush moment, unable to help local candidates.
Meanwhile a new NBC poll shows the President's approval rating continue to slide in advance of Thursday's speech on the economy.
The Post endorses Bob Turner for Congress--Editorial -

Soldiers Returning from Tour in War

Their year in the war in Afghanistan likely has forced them to grow up a lot, but on their return home they haven't grown up enough to have a beer with dad.
Yesterday a gentleman from Michigan stopped by Fort Pearl to whittle away some time waiting for his daughter's plane to land at Fort Drum after the 20 year old Grand Rapids woman completed her year as an MP in the war zone. We chatted about his daughter and his plans to take her to dinner this evening for a first in a while taste of civilization as we know it.
As long as that taste doesn't include a cocktail. Adult enough for some things, not for others.
A text message came and the plane had landed so dad headed to his reunion.
Watertown Daily Times The north country will see soldiers returning from Afghanistan this fall

Senate Line Shifts Likely....and That's The Plan

The reallocation of where inmates live doesn't mean they get out of jail...just that tens of thousands of them are no longer counted as living where they live for the purpose of drawing state legislative districts. Democrats hope the resulting shift of population will create the subtle shift needed to tip the political balance of power their way....
Its one of those ways the political class grabs power by means other than elections.
The Census purports to tell where people live on April 1 of the decennial year......The reallocation of inmate addresses is being contested in the courts, but districts have to be redrawn in time for petitioning next June.
Big line shift likely - Times Union

Monday, September 5, 2011

Graham For Mayor 2011 Debuts

With Labor Day wrapping up and a campaign ahead, I would direct your interest to . This site will deal exclusively with my campaign for reelection.
This will allow Mayor Graham's View to continue to discuss the variety of other national, local and pop culture issues that interest me and hopefully you too !
Graham for Mayor 2011 will feature brief issue-related essays as well as notices on what  campaign events are coming up.
As it has always been, my goal is to be accessible, whether that's in person or on the net.
So the cute animal photos will remain right here and the pure politics will be at Graham for Mayor 2011.

The Everready Veep

For a guy who runs on a battery, former Vice President Dick Cheney is all over television of late, plugging his new book....And the Veep is true to form in generating some controversy by dissing RINO icon, General Colin Powell....
Like old bulls now retired sniping at each other is supposed to mean something.
Mr. Cheney is a smart guy who made quite a career out of the DC world. Knowing he doesn't have a pulse gives me the willies and I can't stop thinking that fact contributes to his Darth Vader image he says he enjoys.
Cheney suggests he had less clout in 2nd term - POLITICO Live -

Lewis gone, but telethon brings in more than '10

No Jerry....shorter hours and more money raised...
The Muscular Dystrophy telethon on Channel 7 was an iconic part of my younger years with a lot of enthusiasm on Arcade Street as people really got into the event as people like Tony Malara and Danny Burgess anchored the hours and hours of holiday fundraising for "Jerry's Kids."
Stations were paid for the air time and there were a lot of people on overtime, so it was not all altruism, but still it was a sincere outpouring of emotion and generosity and a way for many people to be part of something bigger.
Over the years, the luster seemed to fade and now the Telethon has been shortened from 21.5 hours to just six hours. Mr. Lewis is "retired". Still the event raised over $60M last night.
There are so many fundraisers these days for every imaginable cause....Charities, individual illnesses, you name it. Just the other day someone I know texted me and ask if I would donate some bottles of liquor for a fundraiser for a sick person I didn't even know...(I don't donate liquor to anybody, even if they say it's for the children)
Needless to say, if in business, you had better get good at saying no. When I worked in the car business, the number of people lining up to see about donations and sponsors was staggering.
Like many, I give to things I want to give to and hope it does some good...Being Hectored (not Lee) into giving gets a little old.
Lewis gone, but telethon brings in more than '10

Troopers: Limousine passenger falls out on Thruway, killed by passing car

Sometimes drinking and being driven can get you killed...A reveler at the Turning Stone Resort near Utica was killed when he apparently "fell out" of an Indian-owned limousine bus traveling on the Thruway. The 29 year old man was said to be struck and killed by another motorist...Let's find a way to blame the motorist.
The probe that shoud be launched is how someone could fall out of a bus. Oh, its a sovereign bus...I'm sorry.
Troopers: Limousine passenger falls out on Thruway, killed by passing car NBC-WKTV News Channel 2 - Utica News, Weather, Sports - Local News

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Obama and Christie Tour Flooded Garden State

President Obama's first trip to flood ravaged areas left over from Irene brought him to New Jersey's third largest city of Passaic, were the river of the same name went wild last weekend.
The President pledged aid and the trip brough together the potential face off for 2012, as the GOP really wants Governor Chris Christie to run, although he says he is not interested.
Obama vows federal help for flood-ravaged NJ -

Cyclones Rule in Dome Game

Watertown's two high schools completed a sweep over the weekend...The Cyclones of Watertown High beat Ravene 36-14 in a non league game played at the Carrier Dome. On Friday, IHC had swamped Alex Bay 62-6. Now if the JETS beat Dallas next Sunday, it will be a good start to the season.
Watertown 36, Ravena 14 -

Salad Dressing Still a Mystery

I haven't spent a lot of time tossing and turning over it, but I guess there is still controversy (let's just say friendly disagreement) over the origins of one of our area's great marketing tools...Thousand Islands Dressing.
The caloric garnish to salads is thought to have its origins in the whole Boldt Castle story, but two Syracuse film makers are hoping to get a two hour documentary on the issue aired on PBS.
A mystery with flavor: Film-makers explore the origins of Thousand Island Dressing

WDT: Ten Years of War Has Kept NNY Soldiers Busy

With all the retrospectives being written on 9/11 ten years ago, it's worth noting the North Country has paid a high price with 278 of our neighbors at Fort Drum killed in action in the wars on terrorism. The Tenth Mountain Division was at the tip of the spear within hours after the World Trade Centers were leveled and has been fighting with valor and tenacity ever since.
9/11 changed America and it certainly has changed the lives of those who serve at our local post.
Watertown Daily Times jjj9/11 changed Fort Drum and the north country forever

"Eyewitness" Says 100 Saw Dog Attack

  A person who says he witnessed the dog attack offered this account...Since media accounts are sketchy, any information might be of interest.

To the ignorant person who believes that the 2 year old baby attacked the dog first- Actually I was there. I saw the mother of the baby ask if it would be ok for her son to pet the dog because many other children were petting him. The owner of the dog said that her dog was a big teddy bear and yes, it was fine. The baby merely pet the dog gently and the dog turned around and attacked him in the face. Maybe the dog wasn't a monster before this horrifying attack that at least 100 people witnessed. But now it is. Just like a murderer isn't a murderer until they make that first kill. That dog needs to be put down so this doesn't happen again!!