Saturday, September 3, 2011

Palin Rails Against 'Crony Capitalism' and 'Career Politicians' -

Taking aim at career politicians and corporate cronyism, Sarah Palin assailed both parties at a 40 minute populist rant delivered in a pouring rain in Iowa to about two thousand supporters....It was a different theme for Palin who seemed less anti Obama and as much about public disdain for the who dang bunch down there in DC. It was Ed Schultz meets Ron Paul rhetoric that solidified her role as an outlier to the GOP establishment.
Palin Rails Against 'Crony Capitalism' and 'Career Politicians' -

Palin Takes Up Tea Party Banner...But No Candidacy Yet

In case you missed today's Palin speech from Indianola , IA...Here is a transcript.
Kevin DuJan - Sarah Palin September 3rd Iowa Speech Hillbuzz Conservative Political Analysis, Action & Humor Kevin DuJan Editor

The Journal: Maple City Mayor Calls Special Council Meeting

The horse is out of the barn on this matter....The city planner has already been sent packing and the political damage is mounting for Mayor Nelson as he and City Council try to sort out the matter of a Knox Street home provided rent and tax free to a family until publicly funded renovations were complete.....
It's not that the incident is that bad, but its become a media cause celebre and a focal point for the Mayor's foes who hope to oust him this fall.
While pledging transparency, the Mayor is caught in the position of criticising the actions of the administration that he is perceived to be part of....
He should eschew all executive sessions, release the documents and convince the Council to take whatever other action is needed to put this matter behind them...A special meeting is a start....but he needs to resolve the matter quickly. Politically, there is blood in the water.
The Journal Mayor Calls Special Council Meeting

Dog News

-It's not often you hear of a rabies death, and the loss of this Fort Drum soldier is tragic and puzzling. The press release says the disease was contracted overseas...but offers no other details.
-I was chatting with newsman Moore this AM about the Farmer's Market dog bite case. John says he saw the dog yesterday at the owner's home and that it is large. John says he suspects the owners know the animals prospects are not good once the matter hits the courts. The pictures on TV have made the incident too difficult to ignore.
-I wouldn't have noticed this otherwise, but there were several people at the IHC game last night with dogs, including one very large growling one I saw on the way out. I am not saying anything bad about the people or their animals, but it makes you wonder whether dogs should be in such crowded public venues or just left at home.
-Recently a person with a pet snake tried to bring the reptile into Fort Pearl and the Burns lad was on duty. He rightly kicked the person and the snake out. People don't always want to enjoy other people's pets.
-I've had to do the same thing with a person who had a large lizard on his chest and would try to frighten people by walking up to them and opening his jacket.
10th Mountain News Releases and Advisories

Black unemployment rate: Highest since 1984

Now I don't like the statistical slicing and dicing of America by every conceivable demographic, but since race is always an issue, there is troubling news in unemployment numbers showing blacks at more than twice the rate of whites for unemployment...Its at the highest level since 1984.
At a time when Members of the Congressional Black Caucus openly accuse the Tea Party movement as wanting to lynch blacks, these numbers speak to a continued racial divide that stands in the way of solving problems like the deficit......There is a constituency for more spending and its based in the core constituencies of the Democratic Party....That means no meaningful debt reduction will occur and we will just have to take our chances on the spending spree.
The President will outline his plans Thursday, right before the Packers game.
Black unemployment rate: Highest since 1984 - Sep. 2, 2011

Owner Says Dog Involved In Attack Is No Monster

Our John Moore is on top of the dog bite story with pictures of the injured boy, the dog, and interviews with the parents and the dog owner.  This is a story driven by pictures and the ones of the stitched up child are compelling.
Owner Says Dog Involved In Attack Is No Monster 

Coach Leaves Legend Behind in Trip to Bay

Immaculate Heart Central's 62-6 thumping of Alexandria Bay Central was not only a tribute to coach Paul Alteri's Cavaliers, but also was noteworthy in how badly the Purple Ghosts fared after the much ballyhooed hiring of former General Brown coach Steve Fisher.
The game was 55-0 at the half, so no doubt IHC went easy in the second half. Alex Bay looked weak and was using a lot of players on both offense and defense.
We don't know what the Bay spent in order to build a football program, but Friday nights game surely was not a ratification of the district's decision.
Watertown IHC Football Team -

WDT: Gillibrand Hears Complaints and Suggestions on Border Crossings

Last night at dinner, I was talking with a man who had been headed to a fishing vacation with buddies in Canada, but said the heck with it after encountering long lines at Customs at the Alex Bay crossing. He was going to make a second stab at it today.
Difficulties, real or perceived, in getting in and out of Canada is heading up a list of concerns from those whose livelihood revolves around cross border trade and commerce.
Homeland security issues have ended the days of casual crossings. Now the requirements for passports and special licenses has changed that.
A proposal to allow military ID's to be used as suitable ID for crossing helps some, but not all. Another proposal is for a new border facility with more traffic lanes, but that has fallen to budget concerns.
I don't know if things were that much different in the day, but passage in and out of Canada is important as retail trade from the North has helped insulate our local economy from the recession.
    Clarkson President Tony Collins raised a good point....As head of the NNY Regional Economic Council, he noted that NNY is the only region upstate that stands to benefit greatly from its proximity to Canada. That is true, and something to consider as chatter continues on economic development issues.
Watertown Daily Times Sen. Gillibrand wants military ID to serve as passport alternative at U.S. land and water borders

Rick Perry strides past Prez in new poll: Voters prefer Texas gov. over Obama 44% to 41%

One national poll now gives Texas Governor Rick Perry a three point lead over President Obama in a national contest....The Rasmussen Poll shows Mr. Perry the only GOP hopeful sporting a lead over the incument. Polls are just polls, but its nonetheless significant how far an unknown, untested (on a national scale) candidate can rise to the top...
Of course he can fall quickly too, as his first joint appearance with his foes is next week at the Reagan Library.
Former Governor Sarah Palin gives a speech this weekend in Iowa, although I still don't see her running.
Rick Perry strides past Prez in new poll: Voters prefer Texas gov. over Obama 44% to 41%

Friday, September 2, 2011

WDT: Dog Story Gains Traction

The talk of the town....and thus the news people are talking the dog attack of a young boy Wednesday at the Farmer's Market...The decision by TV 7 to run graphic photos of the child's wounds elevated this story from a local paragraph to something much more...
The question now is who is to blame for the disfigurement of this toddler ?
Should the dog be put down ? How big will the lawsuit be ?
The photos of the stitched up face of the child could go national very quickly as dog attacks are news in any community.
Watertown Daily Times Woman ticketed in Watertown dog attack

Friday Night Lights

    Fall is here...I went to a football game, watching the IHC Cavaliers dismantle the Alex Bay Purple Ghosts...It was the much heralded debut for ex Brownville coach Steve Fisher...but the change of venue didn't work as the Cavs rolled up a 55-0 margin at halftime.
    It was a good crowd at IHC's new field....Coach Alteri says a tougher match comes next week against APW.
    Just a week till the JETS take the field against Dallas...

SUNY students make their voices heard - YNN, Your News Now

Why are students from St. Lawrence County going to the State Fair to harrangue the SUNY Chancellor over her plans to consolidate administrators at SUNY Potsdam and SUNY Canton. ?
It's not going to affect their lives and one of lifes lessons they need to learn is that there are no free lunches...or at least there will be fewer of them in the years to come.
I don't lose sleep at night over whether the Canton president has or doesn't have his $180 K job.....I do worry the cost of college will price those who need the education out of the market and that means efforts at economies are to be lauded.
SUNY students make their voices heard - YNN, Your News Now

Henderson Boy In Hospital Following Dog Attack

Some sad and very gruesome pictures on channel 7 today of the toddler bitten in the face by an American Bulldog at the farmer's market on Wednesday. Of course the people with the dog didn't have it licensed, and decribe the canine as a "big teddy bear."
The extent of the injuries look profound and life altering. Fortunately the photos didn't show any eye damage, but reports are bones were broken and there are dozens of stitches.
As I said before, this was not the place for the dog, on a leash or not. The child should not have been loose either, but things happen quickly so it's hard to judge...But you can bet the Heavy Hitters have already clipped the story and are making their contacts.
Today's reconstructive surgery will yield better results than when we were kids...but from what was on TV, it doesn't look good.
Henderson Boy In Hospital Following Dog Attack WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for Watertown, NY Local News

WDT: School Board Tries to Discipline Tenured Teacher

Who wouldn't love being suspended indefinately WITH pay ? Especially after you engaged in "unprofessional and highly inappropriate" behavior.
Watertown Daily Times Watertown school board claims it acted lawfully in disciplining teacher

In Libya, Does Anyone Just Go to Work in the Morning ?

Where's Moammar Khadafy ? The hunt is still on in Libya.
What I wonder is who is running things in this country of six million people ?..What I always wonder when this stuff goes on is who is running the day to day stuff...How do people eat..the sewage plants...the hospitals...all the mundane functions that a modern society has to keep going.
They say the regime has fallen but no one knows who is in charge...
The Daily Politics New York Daily News

WDT: Planner Walks the Plank

After an ugly outburst in which he called his boss a liar, Ogdensburg City Planner J. Justin Woods has walked the plank...His resignation appears forced as there was no way City Manager Art Sciorra could stay after that kind of blow up...It was all about a housing rehab project in which a family lived for free and grant funds were used to pay city property taxes, all without the knowledge of city lawmakers.
Everyone has apparently agreed to talk nice about moving on to other opportunities.
The kerfuffle was quickly becoming an election year issue as the city manager has his detractors in the Maple City. Its likely the manager will be an issue in the campaign as Mayor Bill Nelson seeks a fourth term against retired businessman Jack McGrath who is backed by city Democrats and popular former Mayor Dick Lockwood.
Watertown Daily Times Ogdensburg planner resigns effective Oct. 16

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dog Days.....

Dog bites happen...we all know that...But a setting as crowded as the Farmer's Market in downtown Watertown is hardly the place for a pooch...
Kids, adults, young and old all come together and jockey for position on the crowded sidewalks and this past Wednesday an American Bulldog was provoked into biting a youngster badly...
The best bet is to leave your dog at home unless it has a muzzle or is so small not to cause a problem.
Watertown Daily Times Toddler undergoes surgery after bulldog attack at Watertown farmers market

Gillibrand Responds to NNY Issues

        Senator Kirsten Gillibrand visited several NNY locations today including a roundtable discussion on cross-border issues hosted by the Capital Corridor,  a trade and tourism initiative of the Thousand Islands Bridge Authority....I was invited by Corridor Czar Howard Kelly.
      The discussion on border issues was interesting and the Senator looked very summer-like in her seersucker suit donned just days before the end of the summer fashion season.
       Balancing trade and tourism against border security has become a bigger issue of late and the discussion focused on difficulties in crossing the border.
       I saw some old friends and I don't think I had been in the TIBA Board Room since Abbie Hoffman held court there during the winter navigation debate.

Partisan fight leads Obama to move date of speech - Glenn Thrush and Jonathan Allen -

Stop already with the fighting over when the speech will be given...That should have been negotiated privately.
Besides we see the President on TV everyday...His hope and change, and his rapturous charisma have lost their punch...I would have watched the GOP debate on Wednesday and the Packers-Saints game on Thursday....
I will rely on the MSM to tell me what he said.
Partisan fight leads Obama to move date of speech - Glenn Thrush and Jonathan Allen -

WDT: Maple City Politics On Fire

A drumbeat of stories about apparent short cuts and maybe worse with monies used to rehabilitate a house in the City of Ogdensburg is bad news for Mayor Bill Nelson who is seeking reelection but is being challenged by a former corporate executive who is waging an independent campaign for mayor. A man named Jack McGrath is said to have been circulating independent petitions, and I assume they have been submitted.
"Probes launched" headlines and the tacit backing of the challenger by Democrats and a former popular mayor mean Mayor Nelson has to take action. His problems are exacerbated by a nasty public dispute between the city manager and the city planner who had publicly called the manager a liar.
Now those two staffers has signed a gag order, but that doesn't seem a good idea either.
Mayor Nelson is completing his third term and has been active in the New York Conference of Mayor and is due to take over as head of that orrganization next year....if he is reelected....
What looked to be a quiet political year in the Maple City may be heating up.
Watertown Daily Times Ogdensburg misused federal grant funds to pay itself taxes

Voters Approve Brownville Fire Department Merger | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Watertown, NY | Local News

While all the particulars are best known by the people who live there, the merger of two volunteer fire departments is hopefully a good move...One that will preserve affordable volunteer service in communities right next to each other...The Town of Brownville has three villages and I believe four fire departments within its borders...
Let's hope this small move yields benefits for the people there.
Voters Approve Brownville Fire Department Merger WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for Watertown, NY Local News

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Newest States are Safest

Want to avoid weather disasters ? Go to Alaska or Hawaii....The Nation's newest states have the lowest incidence of billion dollar damage storms over the past 30 years.....
In the lower 48, your best bets are Michigan and Maine.....Southern and Midwestern states with all those twisters are the worst bet.
How to avoid hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, flooding -

Bam's Speech Stirs Controversy

Oh boy...The White House is playing politics, asking (demanding) a speech to a joint session of Congress on the same evening Rick Perry debuts in a GOP debate on NBC.
The President wants to give his jobs speech...That's because everybody says he should be talking jobs, jobs, jobs.....Doesn't matter if we cannot afford what he is proposing....or even whether it will work...
You see, you have to be seen doing something, even though one of the Nation's problems is that people really thing the POTUS stands behind a curtain pulling the levers of the economy.
It's all an illusion and the speech he will give is largely nonsense...regrettably little more of substance will come from the NBC debate the same evening.
President Barack Obama’s

Media Hats

  I was over at Pete's and Councilwoman Burns stopped in to pick up dinner and she has a News 10 Now hat on.....
  Now, I am not a big hat wearer, but you'd think I'd get a hat too for all the times on the channel...I'd really like a Capital Tonight hat, if there is such a thing.
   Oh, on a side note, Senator Gillibrand is at the Bridge Authority tomorrow and I was invited. So, even though its outside my "jurisdiction", I am going to go. Hope that doesn't bother anyone.

Bank accounts: Get a fair shake, not a shake-down - Aug. 31, 2011

With the pending demise of HSBC in the region and for other reasons, I have considered looking at other banks....Not that I am dissatisfied with where I have been for 26 years, but its going to change...
Maybe they are all the same in the end...I am not a big enough despositor to matter much, but I think I will look around anyway.
Bank accounts: Get a fair shake, not a shake-down - Aug. 31, 2011

Hustler Club sued: Man claims bar got him so drunk he racked up bill totaling nearly $30,000

Some people have more dollars than sense....Like this man who is suiing Larry Flynt because he claims Larry's Hustler nightclub in NYC allowed him to run up a $28,000 bar tab.....The guy says he was too liquored up to conduct financial transactions.
Well, if he was clearly intoxicted they should not have continued to serve him, but who knows if that's true...There are lots of people who after spending too much, get buyer's remorse, and claim the easy excuse of being drunk at someone else's hand.
This lap dunce should be embarrassed at his actions and be happy he is well off enough to have a credit card with such a high limit.
Hustler Club sued: Man claims bar got him so drunk he racked up bill totaling nearly $30,000

Even in Liberal NYC, Being a Human Canvas Can Get You in Hot Water

Nudity still trumps art in our society as a 21 year old Kingston, NY woman was briefly arrested this week for posing as a human canvas for artist Andy Golub.
Zoe West was soon set free after cops arrested her. The colorful paint scheme would be OK for a fountain on Watertown's Lachenauer Plaza, but when you add human skin...well that's no longer art to some.
Of course if the police were to arrest everyone who is offensive looking or exposing more than is pleasing to the eye...well the streets would be empty.
When you are well past the age of even considering being a "human canvas", its hard to begrudge those who can still pull it off.
Artist's naked paint babe busted -

Storm Leaves Catskill Towns Little but Debris -

What a mess.
Storm Leaves Catskill Towns Little but Debris -

Storm was anything but a dud » Opinion » The Daily Star, Oneonta, NY

Small town America is now getting attention over the disasters caused by Hurrican Irene. Across inland portions of the Northeast are reeling over flooding, although initial reports about the minimal effects in big cities. Reporters standing on boardwalks being buffeted by winds is the stuff of hurricane coverage and it takes a while to get the rest of the story.
Governor Cuomo and Secretary Napolitano are touring upstate areas today.
As we learned during the 1998 ice storm a lot of suffering can occur away from the beaten path. Best wishes to all those struggling in the aftermath of Irene.
Storm was anything but a dud » Opinion » The Daily Star, Oneonta, NY - otsego county news, delaware county news, oneonta news, oneonta sports

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Services Set for Shooting Victim

Memorial services are slated for Friday for the 50 year old woman shot and killed by police Saturday at the Stewart's Shop on Washington Street. Laura Pettey must have been driven by who-knows-what when she brought a gun to the store and set up what is being called a "suicide by cop" incident....
Seems like she was a good person who took actions that will never be explained publicly Her demise surely has scarred the police officers involved and the young clerks at the store. It was a bad deal all around. One of those 'life sucks' moments.
May she rest in peace. :: Newzjunky NNY death notices

"Mayor's Tree" Healthy and Growing

   After a meeting with Tree Watertown today, planner Mike Lumbis and I walked out front of City Hall to check on a tree planted four years ago. It was the Crimson Red Maple dubbed the "Mayor's Tree"  after I donated it.
   The tree is healthy and has grown to about 12 feet in height...a similar tree planted in the 1990s has grown very large.
    It's nice to plant a tree and check on it from time to time.
    Four years ago I was joined by Mayor Tom Walker for the planting. Tom has been very active in Tree Watertown.

Doutreleau Painting on Sale

I have had an oil painting sitting around the house for some time...just one of those family things from a previous house that trickled down to me. While its an attractive piece signed by French artist Pierre Doutreleau, I never had much luck selling it at yard sales. Not a lot of art afficionados on Pearl Street I guess.
  After checking with an on-line appraiser I discovered the painting may have some modest value and my brother has posted it on ebay....We will see what develops, and if you want a nice painting for the living room, give me a call.

Niagara Falls Mayor Says Albany is Killing His City

The mayor of Niagara Falls says the state government in Albany is guilty of economic genocide in his community by draining so much money out of the Indian run casino while other business on the U.S. side watch their Canadian counterparts across the river prosper.
Mayor Paul Dyster says the Seneca run casino and the spigot of cash Albany has created for itself leaves the western NY city high and dry.
These are strong words to direct at Albany, but the Falls has always had a shabby image on our side. Remember the Love Canal ?
Proof positive that doling out casino rights to "sovereign" nations is not a panacea for local economic problems.
State, not Falls casino, seen as obstacle - Niagara Falls - The Buffalo News

Hurricane Katia Is Now Forming Over The Atlantic | National News - The BIG One - WTAM 1100

Another storm is forming that may...repeat, may....strike the east coast. The tropical depression that will become Hurrican Katia is way out in the central Atlantic and its impossible to say now where its headed....But experts say factors over the US may lead to more than the usual numbers of East Coast storms....
Look for more clarity on Katia by Labor Day
Hurricane Katia Is Now Forming Over The Atlantic National News - The BIG One - WTAM 1100

Monday, August 29, 2011

Cuomo: It Will Get Worse Before It Gets Better

Watertown City smoke-eaters are among those called to help out in flooding that has plagued upstate following the end game of Hurricane (Tropical Storm) Irene.
City firefighters expert in river rescue have been asked to report to Essex County to help with high water problems there. Hey, its all part of being part of the family of NY....Gotta help one another. It could be us next.
Cuomo: It Will Get Worse Before It Gets Better

WDT: Dem Leaders Take Sides in City Race ?

When the Times political scribe called me about a story on parties, that was totally understandable as any good reporter likely comes from an environment in which you are one side of the "aisle" or another....
Not so in Watertown, where since 1922 we have adhered to a form of government that's anathema to the parties and an anomaly to the political science crowd.
Watertown has its own election system where anyone can run and the candidates appear on the far right side of the ballot away from the party labels.....The petition requirements are unique in that they encourage running, and over the years I have learned the wisdom of governing in the people and not the party's interest.
Sometimes candidates attempt to make a defacto bond with a party leaders want to win a race more than they care about issues or agendas.
If anything, I have learned the value of building bridges to those in state and county office who do have to play the elephants vs donkeys game.
In the race I am in, I have some views traditionally linked to Dems while my fiscal views are more Republican. My opponent's views on green energy are decidely Al Gore...while his views on unions would leave Ron McDougall cringing.
In the end, its about getting the job done...

Watertown Daily Times In nonpartisan election, Watertown mayoral candidates get help from parties

Obama’s uncle arrested in Framingham on drunken driving charge -

So what if the President's uncle got a DWI ? Granted he did tell cops to "call the White House" but the 67 year old tippler is hardly a key figure in the Administration...But news is defined as what's interesting and as we know in NNY, DWI's are among the most sought after morsels of news.
Of course, when you look at the media's treatment of anyone related to Palin, maybe a dustup of 'Bams relatives is OK after all.
Obama’s uncle arrested in Framingham on drunken driving charge -

Notting Hill Carnival sees hundreds of thousands on the streets for Europe's biggest party | Mail Online

Looks like London has gotten over its desire to riot and its party time again....The World's largest outdoor festival in the West London neighborhood of Notting Hill attracted huge, mostly well behaved, crowds to the Rio style event......Maybe it was the costumes that took people's minds off looting and vandalism like what recently plagued the UK.....
Notting Hill Carnival sees hundreds of thousands on the streets for Europe's biggest party Mail Online

Next Clerk Begins Transition at City Hall

     The next City Clerk started her duties at City Hall today. Ann Saunders will become Clerk on January 1, following the retirement of Donna Dutton. Today Ms. Saunders began her duties as assistant clerk as training for the top job.
     Ms. Saunders is a Green Street resident and was chosen for the job from a field of 24 applicants reviewed earlier this summer by City Council.
     She will do a great job and everyone was all smiles at the always happy clerk's office this morning.

'You can't stop the flood:' Cleanup efforts begin after storm - Utica, NY - The Observer-Dispatch, Utica, New York

Irene may have been a category one storm, but it was much worse for many rural, upstate residents plagued by flooding. All the fuss was over Times Square, but it was the Mohawk Valley and inland New England that took a lot of water, even if the wind wasn't that bad.
Fortunately, all we got was a rainy Sunday.
'You can't stop the flood:' Cleanup efforts begin after storm - Utica, NY - The Observer-Dispatch, Utica, New York

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bumper Pool Makes a Modest Comeback

In another of those generational moments, I have been spending a lot of time of late explaining "bumper pool".
We just had the folks at Brenon's put a bumper pool game at Fort Pearl , in part because I didn't really have room for two full pool tables. Trouble is nobody has played the game in years.
Bumper was invented for small spaces like home use. What it lacks in area, it makes up in challenge as the banks and bumper shots are what keep you honest.
So if you have skills honed in the 60s and 70s, they can be put to use in beating a new generation too addicted to X-Boxes and not adept at the physical dexterity games we grew up on.
Bumper Pool Rules

New York Slogs Through Irene, as MSM Makes Every Puddle a Disaster

The worst is over as New York State survived the much talked about Hurricane Irene....For those who experienced flooding, its a pain in the butt to get things cleaned up...For those without power, a continuing inconvenience...Then there are those who lost income and hours on the job due to shutdowns ordered in the metropolitan area....
I don't want to minimize the loss for some, but the media coverage and live shots of standing water in a road were comical...Imagine if Julie Banderas showed up everytime Stateway Plaze flooded....Much of what was being hyperbolized by the talking heads looked pretty tame....
Come to think of it, Julie showing up at Stateway Plaza wouldn't be a bad thing...The coverage would be riveting.
New York Slogs Through Irene

North Side Couple Linked to Texas Relatives at Sunday Morning Wedding Ceremony

     With a little help from technology, the happy couple was on Mundy Street and the bridesmaids in Texas as the several dozen in person at a wedding I officiated were joined live on-line by relatives in the Lone Star State.
     This morning I was pleased to officiate a ceremony that wed Randy VanEpps and Carrie Stephens of West Main Street. There were lots of people I knew there and I enjoyed the moment.  I am still so old school, the notion of connecting the wedding party via Skype is a surprise to me, but its a great way to bridge the distances in our lives.
    Under NY law, mayors are permitted to do ceremonies in the municipality they are elected in, although most local civil services are done by the city clerk.

Newzjunky - Woman Killed at Convenience Store on Washington Street in Watertown

A fifty year old Dexter woman was shot dead Saturday night in a showdown with police after she apparently tried to rob at gunpoint a Stewart's convenience store on Washington Street. The woman was described as a regular patron of the store and staff there were open for business but rattled on Sunday morning.
A window shattered by six rounds fired by police was replaced this morning and State Police investigating the disturbing incident said the threat posed by the woman warranted the response.  A police statement Sunday suggested there were prior mental health issues and the incident may have been a "suicide by cop" episode.
The perp was not the typical demographic, so it will be interesting to learn more as the investigation continues.
While still realtively infrequent, recent bank robberies and other incidents are making retailers rethink security issues as more people seem willing to turn to crime for their financial needs.
No one could remember an instance of police shooting a perp locally, dating back to the Stuart Moss shooting near Dexter in the 1980s. While a rare thing, such a shooting is a tragedy and certainly a difficult moment for the officers who had to make a quick, profound and justified decision.
Newzjunky - Woman Killed at Convenience Store on Washington Street in Watertown