Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mitt's Glass Jaw On Display This Week in Georgia

Another group of GOP rank and file has given one time front runner Mitt Romney a cold shoulder...In Georgia, party activists held a straw poll and gave their top spot to native son Herman Cain...Rep. Ron Paul was a strong second, while Texas Governor Rick Perry was third....
As it was in Iowa, Mr. Romney was trailing far behind...
These are only snapshots, but the Romney bid seems too easily eclipsed by Mr. Perry's so far very vague campaign.
Georgia GOP votes for native son Herman Cain - Alexander Burns -

Is flashing your headlights illegal or a free speech issue?

Is it wrong to flash your headlights to warn oncoming motorists of a speed trap ? A 22 year old Florida woman didn't think so and got her ticket dismissed as there is no such law...Of course most people just plead out and pay a fine so the practive occurs thousands of times.
I see nothing wrong with it....It reminds motorists to slow down without subjecting them to expensive tickets that get more expensive each year. Denying the state it's booty should not be a crime and those who encourage motorists to slow down are doing a service.
headlight flash cop warning: Is flashing your headlights illegal or a free speech issue? -

Cuomo's law highlights a thicket of local government entities, eliminates almost none of them | Capital New York

The suburban Albany Village of Green Island has boundaries that are coterminous with the Town of Green Island...It is also coterminous with its own school district, has its own power authority and its own IDA. It has its own police and fire departments and a populous of under 3000.
It would seem a case for the consolidation Governor Cuomo and others have talked about to reduce the 10,000 plus taxing jurisdictions dotting and overlapping the state.
However, no such effort is afoot as everybody likes it the way it is, and Andrew Cuomo's village dissolution law has done little other than leave special use districts in place where villages used to be.
Maybe things are fine the way they are...but if not, the Governor needs a new plan to getting to where he wants to go.
Cuomo's law highlights a thicket of local government entities, eliminates almost none of them Capital New York

Small Businesses Will Suffer from Wrath of Irene

Small businesses often suffer the most during weather related calamities as martial law declarations leave them without customers on a weekend and potential storm damage can be devastating for entrepreneurs without deep pockets.
I remember during the last ice storm in 1998, county wide bans on travel left businesses in areas that still had power out of luck. Payckeck to paycheck employees were out of luck too.
While the MSM will talk about the big casinos closing down for the weekend, it will be the small retailers...the taffy stand....the gift shops...the diners and taverns..and countless others seeing their busy season cut short as they are separated from their customers.
Preparations and warnings will save lives, but livelihoods will suffer and the little guy will be at the head of the list.
The big winners will be tree removal firms.......When there is a tree on your roof, price is not a question.

Summer business is a wash for retailers as customers flee Hurricane Irene's danger

WDT: Pool Study Calls for Decisions on Faciities

A newly created Parks and Recreation Department will have a couple of key sets of decisions in the months to come. One involves the timing for repairs and improvements to the Arena already agreed to conceptually by City Council. Projects like roof replacement will pose logitical problems as the facility will not be useable for periods during whatever year the work is done.
A new study on pool conditions also begs for decisions. It's not just a question of what is done for repairs, but whether water-based recreation should be changed, perhaps replacing one traditional pool with a spray park and other activities.
Parks and recreation activities had been a part of the Public Works Department , which provided a greater pool of staff to accomplish things, but also may have subordinated the goal of recreation to other functions of DPW. A variety of internal problems prompted Council to reconstitute the department and restructure its oversight.
That reorganization is in process right now, with management hirings possible next month. In the meantime, traditional activities have continued, including the three pools, and the Department's interim boss John VanBrocklin will soon be readying for winter sports with the laying of ice at the Arena.
With reports now completed on the pools and the arena, more informed decisions can take place.
Watertown Daily Times Consultants suggest replacing Thompson Park pool, repairing two others

Lawyers Gripe About Judge Pay Raise

Lawyers who aspire to be judges must think they are on a par with school superintendents and hospital administrators...The proposed pay raise for judges, from $136k to $174k by 2013 is not enough for them.....
What do the rest of us do when we come across a job we don't think pays enough ? We don't take the job.....
$174K plus lucrative bennies, 14 year terms in office, and not having to hustle cases or chase ambulances is a good deal....Quit griping and take whats offered.
State Bar Association Calls Proposed Raises Inadequate After a 12-Year Freeze on Salaries of State Judges

George Pataki Not Running

That didn't last long. George Pataki has taken himself out of the race for the GOP Presidential nomination, even though most observers never felt he was in it......Observers familiar with the Pataki era in Albany suggest the trial balloon was more about promoting the former governor's political consulting business.
There are several candidates in the race or floating their name who also cannot win, but Pataki really had no chance.
George Pataki out of the 2012 running - Maggie Haberman -

Friday, August 26, 2011

Gore: Eat less meat to fight warming and other rants of the left

The shift to eating more meat and the unwillingness of us all to have organic gardens in on Al Gore's mind....He wants us to shape up as he jets around the globe with his "green" agenda....
Its like all this talk of wind mills and solar panels that make no sense other than to the true believers who worship at the altar of environmentalism.
I am interested in new technologies, but I feel at some point the market must prevail. Rich people like Al Gore can afford the luxury of tilting at windmills and solar panels...The rest of us struggle to buy some insulation and replacement windows to cut our consumption and our cost.
Gore: Eat less meat to fight warming - Robin Bravender -

One-Fifth of Mayor Disappears.....and Isn't Missed

     While the pace has slowed, I am still working on losing weight and this week reached 50lbs gone.  That's 20% less of me than when I started on my new eating regimen last November. While the pace has slowed, I plan on losing another 10 pounds and ending up at 190.
      I have tried to be reasonably active, but I usually was anyway...It all really comes down to eating less and eating less of certain things. No revelations there, but we all struggle with weight at times, so let me reveal the Pete's Restaurant Diet since I still go there several times a week for food, company and political deal making.
1.  Trade bread for broccoli...Don't even let the loaf come to your table.
2.   Eat at the bar where the emphasis is not on chowing down in a systematic manner.
3.   Lose the cakes, cookies, candies, Bailey's on the rocks, Cabrina's
      delicious desserts, and say goodby to the Hershey family.
4.   Only drink Jagermeister if someone else is buying, but keep drinking two merlots at
5.   No conventional breakfast other than a Special K energy bar or a granola bar from
     the Brew Ha Ha.
6.  No  2 AM trips to Nice 'n Easy for Eskimo Pies and vanilla wafers.
7.   Lose the potatoes, and make pasta an occasional item.
8.   Hamburgers or steak torpedoes are OK at Pete's but leave the top half of the bun.
9.   Weigh your self weekly at the same time. I use the old medical scale in Engineering
     at City Hall.
10. Before you buy a new belt, punch holes in the old one to see your progress. After
     five or six new holes, buy a new belt.

   With a couple months of walking ahead, I hope the final ten comes off and I can continue to make the Pete's Diet a lifestyle. I also want to thank Sandy at the radio station who was also losing weight and allowed me to compare notes with.
    And thanks for anyone who has offered a kind word...even Mom who told me the other day she didn't realize how fat I was.

Made for TV Event as Irene Rattles East Coast.

We are way on the edges of it all, but for millions of New Yorkers a long weekend ahead as Hurricane Irene meanders up the East Coast. Flooding likes the major woe, along with extended power outages.
Its a great weekend story for the cable networks will all the newspeople in their slickers being buffeted by the wind. They practice that in J-school these days...I never learned that at Mizzou...and also wasn't briefed in the walking standup. These kids have a lot more to learn to report the news these days.
The best part is that the media doesn't have to travel to the storm, as the foul weather is coming to them in NYC, arguably the media capital of the World.
Hurricane Irene path 2011: Thousands flee as 'nightmare scenario' predicted for Eastern seaboard Mail Online

WDT: Tavern security

In this editorial, the opiners suggest the use of ID scanners to identify tavern troublemakers would not fly here...I guess out west such technology is used to share data about nettlesome customers between bars.....That's done informally now but only if the owners know each other...
Licensed operators are under increasing heat to avoid "rowdy" bars and have resorted to metal detectors and pat-downs...even locally I hear...While bar code scanning for fighters may not come to NNY, its pretty bad when local clubs and concerts have to resort to pat downs of patrons.
With old style neighborhood taverns on the decline infavor of corporate bars and at-home drinking, there is less of the old "barred list" way of doing things. However, most places do draw the line with people known to cause problems.
The bigger problem these days are drugs, as they are so common a whole generation looks at many of them no differently than having a beer....Tavern owners always have to be alert as society has designated them as the "adult in the room."
Watertown Daily Times Tavern security

WDT: Carthage Board of Education holds meeting, doesn’t comment on validity of ethics concerns

Everyone can be replaced and despite comments from the union president, no departure of a superintendent is "devastating" to the children. However the sudden resignation of the superintendent in the troubled Carthage School District only a week before school starts is unusual. It comes with a school board member quitting too.
Wonder what happened ?
Watertown Daily Times Carthage Board of Education holds meeting, doesn’t comment on validity of ethics concerns

New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter and actress Minka Kelly break up: report -

This one was supposed to be the one...Actress Minka Kelly and future Hall of Famer Derek Jeter lasted three years but in the marriage derby this romance ended up a triple with Ms. Kelly out at the plate. She does join a pretty attractive list of girlfriends for the Yankee shortstop who just this year notched his 3000th hit...the first Yankee to ever do so.
Marriage rumors abounded last year, but now its an "amicable" breakup and Jeter moves on to see if the grass is really greener on the other side of the latest fence.
New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter and actress Minka Kelly break up: report -

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Former Cape Vincent Clerk Accused Of Stealing $50K From Town

But was she pro wind or anti wind....that's the question.
Former Cape Vincent Clerk Accused Of Stealing $50K From Town WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for Watertown, NY Local News

Rebel siege of Gadhafi forces leaves Tripoli sewers running red with blood -

Sewers running red with blood....Sligar has to be glad we don't have those problems.
World News: Rebel siege of Gadhafi forces leaves Tripoli sewers running red with blood -

Clock ticking on Sarah Palin entry into 2012 presidential race - Molly Ball -

Those of us who are in politics know the game is about more than just saying you want to run...Its about meeting ballot access requirements in 56 separate jurisdictions that select delegates to the Democratic and Republican national conventions.
Navigating that maze of petitioning and paying filing fees requires a full time staff of operatives and lawyers....Sarah Palin's lack of said people is the clearest evidence she is not running for the GOP Presidential nomination....Its that simple....
It's like our own City could wake up tomorrow in a cold sweat with the epiphany you want to be mayor....but its too late to get on the ballot, so in reality you get to wait till next time. (I understand there are write ins, but that seldom works.)
My guess is Palin is out....but you can't blame her for allowing the MSM to speculate.
Clock ticking on Sarah Palin entry into 2012 presidential race - Molly Ball -

WDT: Mystery Candidates Opines to His Hometown Paper

So the guy from Florida who wants to run for Congress against Bill Owens was in Watertown this week speaking to, among others, the WDT.
L. Jeffrey Stabins....I won't vote for anyone whose first name is a letter.....Insists he may contest the GOP nomination for whatever Congressional district we end up in.
I've heard this fellows name before and I hear his sister used to work for the City....Anyway, he will find it a long stretch to come from holding political office in the Sunshine State to running against likely GOP nominee Matt Doheny.
He is quirky.......or so the news accounts from Florida would have you believe....But on that I cut him can't believe everything in a clipping file...Trust me, I know.
Watertown Daily Times Stabins stops by

Dog mourns at casket of fallen Navy SEAL - TODAY Pets & Animals -

Truly a case of a picture being worth a thousand words.
Dog mourns at casket of fallen Navy SEAL - TODAY Pets & Animals -

WDT: Superintendent Resigns Under What Looks Like a Cloud

A six figure superintnendent at a previously troubled-at-the-top school district resigns, and all the public is being told is there are "ethics" conflicts between the superintendent and the Board of Education....
Tamp it down, cover it one needs a Paul Harvey one needs to hear the "rest of the story."
Watertown Daily Times Carthage schools superintendent resigns

Libyan rebels break into Gaddafi's secret underground tunnels | Mail Online

The hunt is on for Qaddafy and it includes a maze of tunnels and bunkers in and around Tripoli. Makes for interesting summer reading as this piece from the Mail Online shows.
Libyan rebels break into Gaddafi's secret underground tunnels Mail Online

Poll: 51% still blame George W. Bush for economy - Jennifer Epstein -

While 86% of Americans surveyed say the economy is in bad shape, a full 51% still blame President Bush for the woes...That may explain why the current President of nearly three years still blames Mr. Bush for a sagging economy.
I am not a believer that Presidents "run" the economy. There are many factors that affect an economy and so much is perception created by the media. However, it is what it is, and President Obama is appealing to the base by blaming Mr. Bush. As long as over half the people buy into it, its a winning electoral strategy.
Poll: 51% still blame George W. Bush for economy - Jennifer Epstein -

Michelle Obama accused of spending $10m in public money on vacations | Mail Online

When they got elected as the Nation's First Family, the Obama's began living the good life with five star hotels, massages and top shelf vodka. The current vacation at a pricey Martha's Vineyard resort is reportedly only the latest in wretched excess for the Obama's, especially Michelle who is said to be addicted to living large.
The Presidency is bigger than life and the trappings of office mean event a simple excursion is very, very costly. Also, many like their political royals to be living fairy tale lives.
Michelle Obama accused of spending $10m in public money on vacations Mail Online

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Former New York Gov. George Pataki tipped to enter 2012 presidential race this weekend -

With the President's approval rating at 38%, everybody is pondering a run at the GOP nomination...Former NY Governor George Pataki is now said to be ready to get in the hunt. Long shot is putting it mildly, but the three term guv may be angling for a number two slot.....
Texas Governor Rick Perry has shot to the top of the GOP polls without even sitting down for a TV interview...That may indicate how unsure the faithful are of any of the candidates.
I talked to a local GOP stalwart today who seemed resigned to a "Bob Dole" year in 2012 with somebody lying in front of the train. Given all the factors, I think Barack Obama's 7 point win in 2008 may erode to a two or three point win and a second term in which he is quickly relegated to lame duck status.
Former New York Gov. George Pataki tipped to enter 2012 presidential race this weekend -

The Great New York State Fair :: August 25 to September 5, 2011 :: Syracuse, NY

The New York State Fair opens tomorrow (Thursday) in Syracuse and Governor Cuomo will be on hand for the kickoff. It's a sign of summer waning and the back to school as the event is the precursor to Labor Day.
Its a pretty good time and there is lots to see, so if you have the time, scoot down to the 'cuse for an afternoon.
The Great New York State Fair :: August 25 to September 5, 2011 :: Syracuse, NY

Oh Yeah, Just Hop on a Flight from Florida

A man with roots in Watertown who lives in Florida says he wants to run for the NNY Congressional seat now held by Rep. Bill Owens...Jeff Stabins tells a Florida newspaper he is quitting his job on the Hernando County Commission to run for the GOP nomination for Congress in NNY.....
I don't see a lot of meat on this bone, but we will see what happens.
Businessman Matt Doneny is the expected Republican nominee.
Hernando commissioner to seek New York congressional seat - St. Petersburg Times

Pensions Just Got More Expensive For Local Governments

The media is catching up on the trend regarding pension costs...Last week it was teachers pensions in the news...This week its general municipal employees....The contribution rate for police and firemen is 25.8%.
That means a local government with a $100,000 a year police salary has to pay $25,800 into the retirement system. The Comptroller is crowing about how well managed the system is...Not exactly.
Oh, by the way the employee in the above example pays nothing into the fund.
Pensions Just Got More Expensive For Local Governments

Cuomo: Everyone Chill Out

The earthquake did shake the political world a little...Manhattan DA Cy Vance was already shaken by the DSK prosecution scandal and was holding a presser when the temblor hit. Governor Cuomo had to speak out and reassure New Yorkers that the aging Tappan Zee Bridge was OK....The Governor had been on a mystery vacation and he revealed his holiday is being spent on Long Island.
The biggest dilemma for the political class was a disruption of cell phone service in DC presumably due to heavy traffic...All those Blackberries and I-Phones out of service and no one able to chatter for a few moments....That's Hell on Earth for today's pols.
The quake, while not catastrophic, was the largest in the region in many decades.
Cuomo: Everyone Chill Out

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Early Primary Vote Cast for City Judge

   Did you know there are only 151 registered Conservatives in the City of Watertown ?
   Those who show up in the coming primary will decide who gets line C in the race for city judge between Eugene Renzi  and Keith Caughlin.
    Tonight one Conservative who is vacationing in Montana next month cast his ballot...He is my upstairs tenant. I went and picked up his absentee ballot today. He voted and it will be mailed in tomorrow.....One out of 151 is significant as I bet only 30 or 40 at best vote in the September 13 primary.

WDT: Jobless Rate Drops

If I was a President or a Governor, I would put out a press release claiming to have 'created' the jobs that sent our local unemployment rent falling. However I realize there are other factors that drive these numbers so I will be content to just be thankful things improved.
Watertown Daily Times Unemployment drops in the north country


An earthquake that causes no serious damage and is barely noticeable is enough to prompt panic in the cities of the Northeast....Like I said, I didn't notice it, but a city employee told me she noticed some shaking in her office on the southwest side of the building......
We all survived, and tomorrow its business as usual with a series of meetings for me and miscellaneous other activities.
The funniest part were the assurances there would be no tsumanis.....It was a land based squake...What did they think, that the Tidal Basin would overflow.

East Coast should be ready for aftershocks, official says – This Just In - Blogs

I didn't feel a thing.
East Coast should be ready for aftershocks, official says – This Just In - Blogs

Shootings at Football Game Between Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers Leave Three Hospitalized - ABC News

A couple shootings, a guy beat senseless in a rest room and a televised brawl in the stands provided all the entertainment we needed at this weekend's San Francisco-Oakland preseason game.
Watching the overweight, over boozed, and under educated fans was even more interesting as in the row behind them stood parents holding their toddlers in their arms transfixed by the sight.
Maybe its only noteworthy because there is video of it. An incident like this takes on a life of its own if there is video, but the fuss will raise the issue of how much is enough when it comes to alcohol consumption. Look for calls to cut off sales at halftime and ban tailgate parties.
Some will argue for "family friendly" events while others will say its a boisterous sport, not bible study.
Like it or not the owner of the venue is expected to provide a safe environment regardless of how stupid people choose to act. That liability is amplified by the duties of sellers of the devil's brew.
 Sociologists will call it "tribal" behavior as the fans are dressed in their respective colors like gang members.....but I have a JETS jersey and when I put it on I don't feel the need to act stupid.
Shootings at Football Game Between Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers Leave Three Hospitalized - ABC News

Monday, August 22, 2011

New York Jets' Flight Crew calendar shot by Woody Johnson's daughter Daisy, whose sister Jaime was the art director -

After a pre-season win yesterday against the Bengals, the NY JETS are readying for their season opener on September 11 against the Dallas Cowboys. After two trips to the AFC Championship Game in two years, the JETS are poised and so are their cheerleaders...called the Flight Crew. The daughter of team owner Woody Johnson did the shutterbugging for the Flight Crew calendar, making the team's efforts a family affair.
New York Jets' Flight Crew calendar shot by Woody Johnson's daughter Daisy, whose sister Jaime was the art director -

Hillary in ’12!

Maybe if enough Demcrats like Rep. Owens are cool to an Obama reelection it could lead to one of those Lyndon moments..."I will not seek, nor will I accept the nomination of my party for another term as your President."
For Lyndon Johnson it was the weight of Vietnam and an erosion of support in his own party, including the insurgent campaigns of Eugene McCarthy and Bobby Kennedy.
If so, Hillary might get that shot at the White House afterall.
Hillary in ’12! -

WDT: Owens Waffles on Bam Endorse

This is interesting....but in the end Rep. Bill Owens will be supporting President Obama because in a partisan system, you do that. You support the party that put you there....He won't go out of his way to campaign for Mr. Obama because its likely in NNY the President's narrow win won't hold up next time. Besides, NY's 29 electoral votes are not in doubt.
The reluctance to provide the usual perfunctory endorsement of the incumbent does show that in marginal districts, its every man for himself.
Rep. Owens did support key Obama legislation including the health reform bill now called "ObamaCare".
Mr. Owens was elected in 2009 and reelected in a narrow race in 2010...
He is likely to face Republican Matt Doheny in 2012. Mr. Doheny is for sure not endorsing the President.
Watertown Daily Times Rep. Owens declines to endorse Obama in 2012

WDT: Zoo Project Design Moving Along

Design work is proceeding on a quality of life project endorsed earlier this year by the entire City Council. The Thompson Park Aviary is being redesigned as classroom space needed by the Zoo, and the project will save the distinctive structure that had fallen into poor repair despite recent fundraising drives to preserve it. The Aviary building will be a great addition to an already charming zoo. The construction is expected to start next spring.
Watertown Daily Times Thompson Park Zoo’s aviary project probably on hold till next year

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Watertown Mayors Spread Good Will in Kingston at Fort Henry Spectacular

   As I dropped him off after our trip to Kingston,  former Mayor Tom Walker ask how I was going to write this up...He suggested saying it was a joint effort, and indeed it was as I was honored to follow up on the many efforts of Mayor Walker to promote a relationship between Watertown and Kingston.
    Both of us enjoyed tonights performance by the US Marine Corps Drum and Bugle Corps and Drill Team....The Marines joined the Fort Henry Guard for a stellar performance.  Heavy rains fell up till showtime and the clouds broke making for a pleasant evening in Kingston.
    Several other public officials were there from both sides of the border.
    A highlight for me was meeting the official Marine mascot, Chesty XIII, an English Bulldog, who dutifully posed for pictures.
    It was a great trip and great company.

Rebels Pour Into Central Tripoli Square -

Looks like the gig is up for Qaddafy, or however you want to spell it....The Libyan capital of Tripoli is said to have fallen to rebels and its unclear what happened to Qaddafy or who will run things in the morning...
Its a big city with people to be fed and structures to be run, so a lot can happen...
Things are changing quickly, so there's not much point in writing much more.
Rebels Pour Into Central Tripoli Square -

Here's A Little Insight from Someone Who Knows Third Party Politics

       A lot of times those who write about politics don't really understand the nuances of New York's third party "fusion voting."   In fact, a lot of people don't like to cover third parties as they are a nuisance. However, the extra line on the ballot is important to those who play the game, so let me offer my view as one who has seen it from the inside.     
       The deadline has passed for registering new voters who can vote in the September 13 primary, so I guess its OK to discuss a likely strategy among candidates for the Conservative and Independence Party nominations for Watertown City Judge.
     You see, these minor parties are more idealogical labels than they are legions of like-minded people organized for political influence. In fact, there is no semblence of party for the Indies as even the previous shell organization is gone...I suspect the Conservatives are similar, having faded a bit since the days Bob Relph ran the local party. Candidates like the labels of these two parties and sometimes shun the labels like "Working Families", "Green" or the former "Right to Life" parties.
     In judicial races, anyone can run in a primary for any line on the ballot. Thus both Eugene Renzi (Republican) and Keith Caughlin (Democrat) are in minor party primary fights next month.
     In addition to lobbying the handful of people who have voted in past judicial primaries, the candidates are surely identifying others registered in the parties whom they can take to dinner and drive to the polls.
    A third, often used strategy in these races is to seek out "virgin" voters. Those who are likely just turned 18 and never registered. If they were newly registered to vote in one of these parties prior to last week, they can vote in the primary.  So if I had been a candidate with an 18 year old son or daughter, I'd be making sure they and their friends are registered in these parties and rounded up to vote either in person or by absentee if they are in college.
     By leveraging a handful of people, one can affect a primary where turnout is measured in dozens of people and not hundreds or thousands.
     Its more a logistical game than it is the will of the people. 
     So, if you are a Conservative or Indy, and are invited to dinner soon, by all means take the meal and don't feel guilty about how bereft of principle the process is.
      I will be voting September 13, but am on a diet, so don't want the dinner.

WDT: War of 1812 on Minds of Sackets History Buffs

On a warm August night, the Village of Sackets Harbor looked charming last night as I met some friends there to check out the Hop Spot, a new eaterie featuring a variety of beers. The change in the village in the past thirty years, since I lived there briefly is astounding. Sackets has largely replaced other resort towns as the go-to place when you want to get out of town for dining in the summer.
Sackets is no doubt getting ready to celebrate its role in the War of 1812 which marks its bicentennial next year....Time flies..
Watertown Daily Times Marine history camp brings War of 1812 alive

Headed North...Kingston Trip Today

As part of a growing relationship between Watertown and Kingston, I will be headed to Old Fort Henry this evening for the joint drill between US Marines and members of the Fort Henry Guard. I am told it is quite an event and I hope the weather holds off. In just a year, we begin a look back at the War of 1812, at which time Fort Henry was the enclave for the British threat to our nation's northern tier.
I will give you a full report in the morning.
Fort Henry - What's New

Perry Seizing Bachmann Mantle as "Tea Party Favorite" and Darling of the Right

Rep. Michelle Bachmann got little bounce from her straw poll victory in Iowa and now Gov. Rick Perry is gathering steam as key donors and GOP insiders are said to be backing him and not her in the coming crucial Palmetto State primary (South Carolina).
Bachmann's dreams of being the conservative antagonist to Mitt Romney are fading as the three term Texas governor became an instant sensation.
The thing about a race like this is that candidates become the flavor of the week because there is no consensus choice yet....Look for key debates in September to tell the tale as those who are serious about a nominee will want a candidate who can go toe to toe in President Obama and who has national appeal.
It is possible Perry could finish strong in the Iowa caucus, pull a second or third double digit showing in NH and then roll to a win in SC.....That might set up a path to the nomination but he has a lot to prove on the national stage to win the general election.
Michele Bachmann battles Rick Perry’s shadow - Molly Ball -