Saturday, August 13, 2011

Michele Bachmann wins Ames Straw Poll, Tim Pawlenty gets third

The Ames Straw Vote is not necessarily a cross section of America....but it does represent a sampling of those concerned enough to show up...And as we all know, the World is run by those who show up.
So the victory by Michele Bachmann and the lackluster performance of the purported frontrunners and establishment candidates is at least somewhat significant...Consider also that second place finisher Ron Paul is not a real contender and few of his supporters would go for Romney and Huntsman in the end.
Ms. Bachmann is by no means on her way to the nomination, and she needs to beef up her debate performances and quit the spat with Tim Pawlenty, who finished a distant third.
Her win allows her to move on to the next level, which includes a debate in Florida next month and the Iowa caucuses in January.
Of course, none of this takes into account Texas Governor Rich Perry who entered the race today.
Michele Bachmann wins Ames Straw Poll, Tim Pawlenty gets third - Jonathan Martin -

Rollers Clean Up on Pearl Street

    A great afternoon with sunshine and warm temperatures as the Black River Rollers raised money for their team and passers-by on Pearl Street had a great time.
    These are nice ladies, most wives from Fort Drum. They take their sport seriously and worked hard washing cars....
     As you are not supposed to say in journalism. A good time was had by all !

Sarah Palin steals the spotlight at Iowa's state fair | Mail Online

Between Rick Perry's astute timing and Sarah Palin's str power the eight supposed candidates for the GOP Presidential nomination are getting upstaged on their big day....the Ames Straw Poll in Iowa....Ms. Palin was mobbed during a visit to the State Fair while the political class is focused on Governor Perry who is in SC today announcing his Presidential bid.
Its getting interesting.
Sarah Palin steals the spotlight at Iowa's state fair Mail Online

WDT: Cape Vincent voting law illegal, officials say

Its not surprise, election officials are quickly swatting down a Cape Vincent law purporting to require voters produce and ID with a Cape Address in order to vote...The goal is to halt the practice of summer residents registering to vote there in an effort to elect anti wind lawmakers.
The Cape has some wild politics going on and its fun to watch.
Watertown Daily Times Cape Vincent voting law illegal, officials say

Friday, August 12, 2011

Beer Sampling Nets Zoo Needed Funds

      This was a really pleasant social event tonight at the Zoo at Thompson Park as the Bears. Bobcats and Brews fundraiser was held...Local taverns and eateries were set up to sample the "devil's brew".
       The event was well run and the state made a bundle on the $36 permit required at each station. 
        Zoo volunteers served for the event as it was a fundraiser. Restaurants like Texas Road House and the Tilted Kilt served great food.
       I can't wait till the Aviary project gets started. Its in the design stage now. I am so glad Council opted to save the structure.

The Journal | Nelson to Face Challenge in Maple City

A restaurant owner and president of the local chamber of commerce is reportedly challenging Ogdensburg Mayor Bill Nelson, who it appeared would be unopposed....Instead Oscar's Restaurant owner Jack McGrath is running on an independent line, as the chance to be on a major party line has passed.
Mayor Nelson is running for a fourth term. He won a tight race four years ago, but seemed to have clear sailing this year....
Mayor not. Mr. McGrath is an OFA grad and a former executive with Johnson and Johnson.
The Journal McGrath Makes Mayoral Announcement

Next up for Mitt Romney is Rick Perry

He may not be everyone's warm and fuzzy but Mitt Romney is still king of the Gang if Eight....The group of GOP hopefuls debating in Iowa provided no breakthrough for the second and third tier candidates, with only Newt Gingrich delivering the rhetorical flair he is capable of.
Bachmann and Pawlenty were too enmeshed in each other, while other Morman in the race, Jon Huntsman, showed no flair...
That leaves the ninth man...Texas Governor Rick the likely biggest challenge to Mr. Romney.
Since most of us don't know a lot about him, we will have to do some quick learning.
Next up for Mitt Romney is Rick Perry - Jonathan Martin and Ben Smith -

White Haired Lady Bagged in Convenience Store Sting

   A law enforcement team of State Police and the Lewis County District Attorney's office has taken a 62 year old Lowville woman off the street and likely cost her a job as Shirlean Brown of Lowville was arrested following a convenience story sting operation on underage drinking.  While the press release features a mug shot of Ms. Brown, it does not identify which of eleven stores checked she was working at.
    The release says a team of BCI investogators were poised at each store waiting to pounce.

WDT: Zoo Brew Event Tonight

The Thompson Park Zoo hosts an event showcasing local beers this evening while raising some dollars for the facility.
Watertown Daily Times Zoo closing early today to prepare for beer event

Jefferson's Leaning Left: Town of Cape Vincent sets law that will require that you must show a drivers license with a Cape Vincent address before you can vote on election day.

The fight continues in Cape Vincent with the Town Board passing a law requiring the presentation of a driver's license with a Cape address be presented in order to vote. The reason is the apparent effort to fluff up the voter rolls with seasonal residents opposed to wind development.
Such a law will not stand as its contrary to state law and a town board cannot impose such restrictions. It is interesting to follow the Cape, where wind has created real interest in local government and most of the rest of the county, where there are no contests.
Jefferson's Leaning Left: Town of Cape Vincent sets law that will require that you must show a drivers license with a Cape Vincent address before you can vote on election day.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Newzjunky - Lynn Pietroski Named New Head of Chamber of Commerce

Congrats to Lynn Pietroski, who is the new chief at the Greater Watertown Chamber of Commerce. Ms. Pietroski was named today to replace Peter Whitmore......Currently she works at the Children's Home of Jefferson County and her appointment is a surprise. As a longtime Chamber member, I wish her well.
UPDATE: Everybody at Pete's speaks well of her. I think her father is Pete Esposito, a former broadcast sales person and Meadow Street resident. Very nice people.
Newzjunky - Lynn Pietroski Named New Head of Chamber of Commerce

Spokesman says Texas Gov. Rick Perry is running for president, announcement planned Saturday - The Washington Post

Texas Governor Rick Perry is proving his political acumen by leaking news of his Presidential bid hours before eight rivals debate in Iowa, and he plans his official announcement for Saturday while the same eight are vying to win the inconsequential but media intensive Ames Straw Poll.
Mr. Perry is unknown to most Americans, but as three term governor of the Nation's second largest state, he obviously has got something going for him. It will be interesting to hear more about him, and its amazing how clueless the MSM is about him...It's not like he is a one term governor of Alaska...The DC-based media may not know anything about him....but they know they hate him.
Spokesman says Texas Gov. Rick Perry is running for president, announcement planned Saturday - The Washington Post

Withholder in Chief -

The rapture....the tingle in the leg...the hope and change.....All memories now as even such stalwarts of the left as Maureen Dowd and Chris Matthews are openly saying things critical of President Barack Obama....Its mostly swipes at style and process and the belief he believes in little other than his own reelection.
When you can skip Krauthammer and company and turn to Maureen for your Obama bashing....that is morning in America.
Withholder in Chief -

Voters: More Women Pols Means Fewer Sex Scandals

A Quinnipiac Poll has reached the staggering conclusion that more women in politics would reduce the number of sex scandals such as those that engulfed three NY Members of Congress in the last year or so.
That assumes women are smart enough to stay off Craigslist with shirtless pictures of themselves...or engage in phone sex with strangers and ask their aides to tickle them...If its just good old "let's get a room" sex, people would accept that...Its just the guys have come across as creepy and philandering.
Voters: More Women Pols Means Fewer Sex Scandals

Drought-Stricken Texas Town to Recycle Toilet Water - TIME NewsFeed

Thank goodness we have a plentiful supply of water...One draught stricken Texas town is recycling the effluent from sewage treatment.....That's enough to make you drink bottled water for sure...but what about taking a shower ?
I will take our long winters any day over the heat wave nonsense down south....Seven weeks of 100 plus temperatures ? Not for me !

Drought-Stricken Texas Town to Recycle Toilet Water - TIME NewsFeed

Carey Rites Held Today

Governor Hugh Carey will be laid to rest today in services at St. Patrick's Cathedral and burial on Shelter Island. - The Times Herald-Record, serving New York"s Hudson Valley and the Catskills

WDT: Housing Initiatives Move Ahead

Housing proposals eligible for government assistance should provide the bridge needed to close a housing gap feared when all troops from Fort Drum return from deployment. Housing has also been a concern since the Fort is the major economic engine and if gaps exist, the Army may be reluctant to station troops here.
That's why a consortium of dollars was put together. Two projects in the Town of Watertown are of note as they utilize a new road built by the County already and utilize existing water and sewer capacity. The sites near Sam's Club also are near shopping and transportation hubs. There is reasonable proximity to schools and health care, as well as to Sackets Harbor and popular Lake Ontario recreation spots.
In any event, let's hope whatever happens, moves ahead as the local economy could use the construction jobs and the ability to house military related growth is the insulation we have enjoyed against the problems in the national economy.
Watertown Daily Times Four developers ask for housing money from Jefferson County agencies

Newzjunky - Councilwoman Burns Kicks Off Reelection Campaign

This piece by Newzjunky is good old fashioned straight-up journalism. There is an event and you cover what is said, and get sound bites from the actual speeches. No interpretive pieces or gotcha interviews. So often, its felt political events held by the campaign are not news, and you have to strive for some greater truth. Sometimes the truth is what happened.
Newzjunky - Councilwoman Burns Kicks Off Reelection Campaign

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sarah Palin to Iowa state fair

Let's see, the candidates seeking a breakthrough are in Ames for the straw poll...Rick Perry is in SC to announce his own run for the White House...Mitt is in the Mittness Protection Program.....and low and behold Sarah Palin gets a yearning to attend the Iowa State Fair this weekend with her bus...
Got to be where the action, or at least the cameras, are.
Sarah Palin to Iowa state fair - Alexander Burns -

Poll: Support for SSM Grows in Wake of Approval

Not that it matters because it already passed, but a Marist poll shows support for same sex marriage outpacing opposition 55-36. That means its likely done being an issue and all that talk of getting back at GOP senators next year will evaporate. To the best of my knowledge there has only been one SSM marriage at City Hall and we are the marriage leaders in the North Country.
NY1/YNN/Marist Poll: 55% NYers Like SSM Law

Burns Kicks Off Bid for Fourth Term

   It wasn't about party or platform...Just friends supporting one another and trying to do what's best for the City.
    County Leg Chair Carolyn Fitzpatrick and I introduced Councilwoman Roxanne Burns at her campaign kickoff at the Paddock Club. 
    Mrs. Burns cited lower taxes, a raised credit rating, decreased debt, a reorganized Recreation Department and a soon to be completed Downtown streetscape as accomplishments. She also cited our efforts to save the Aviary built by her father in law, former Mayor Karl Burns.
     There were lots of friends there and it was clearly the best hors d' ourvres so far this political season.
     While there is no opposing candidate on the ballot, Mrs. Burns says she still believes its important to campaign to stay grounded with the voters.

Chamber: Lisa Weber the New Athena

Hey, I like Lisa Weber and she has done a great job building her business...and I know I will be crucified for saying this, but why in 2011 do we still need a separate citizenship award just for women ?
There really is still a subtle glass ceiling...Hillary got dumped by the libs even though she was best qualified....Bachmann has the MSM talking about her figure and her headaches.....
Congratulations to Ms. Weber who is also serving with me on the Governor's regional economic council. I look forward to attending her presentation dinner.
Count me with those who want to see the day there are no longer women's auxilliaries and separate awards for the ladies.
But since we are not there yet....Congratulations !
Lisa Weber Named 2011 Athena Award Winner

Scribe: NNY Has Its Own Pedro ?

Strong stuff from the watchdogs. Former water regulating czar Glenn LaFave is being compared to deposed Bronx (but lived in Westchester) Senator Pedro Espada.....Actually I think Pedro had more panache and much more bling.
Watertown Daily Times What's the matter with the north country?

Lots of Wives Will Have Time on Their Hands

What do you do with that many wives ? Polygamist and pervert Warren Jeffs is now serving a life prison sentence, so we will see if his "heavenly sex" rituals continue behind bars....
Meanwhile photos show all his wives posing in a group like a high school graduation photo. Very weird. What it shows is there would be more ladies at Maggies on a Friday night if only those polygamists didn't keep so many women occupied.
Warren Jeffs trial: Warren Jeffs behind bars, a broken man as he begins life sentence for raping underage girls Mail Online

Gov. Cuomo better leader than President Obama according to poll -

Governor Cuomo continues to ride a wave of popularity, with a new poll giving him higher marks than President Obama....Of course, unlike the President, Mr. Cuomo doesn't go on TV everyday.
Gov. Cuomo better leader than President Obama according to poll -

Money Wars Yield Thin GOP Win in Turbulent Wisconsin

In another example of the crazy spending in local races, a key GOP State Senator in Wisconsin beat back a recall effort last night. Sen. Alberta Darling spent something like $8million plus on the race to defeat Sandy Pasch in a Milwaukee-based seat....Four of six GOP senators facing recall won, leaving the GOP clinging to a one seat majority.
Meanwhile unions and MSNBC went all out to rally people against the evil they see in Governor Scott Walker, who has taken on the unions in the Badger State.
Its amazing how much surrogate money is now spent on behalf of seemingly minor races.....This race became a metaphor for the national struggle between the parties.
Darling claims victory over Pasch in costly race - JSOnline

WDT: Big Time Pols Look Past This November

This year's election's are small potatoes compared to the mega-race brewing for Congress in the North Country next year. Robo-calls and TV ads are already underway as Repubican Matt Doheny readies for a rematch with Rep. Bill Owens. In 2010, Mr. Owens narrowly won reelection and the debat and deficit issues seem to be taking center stage in the early going.
While local candidates try to raise a few hundred or a few thousand dollars for their races, the Congressional race next year will be one of the Nation's most competitive with millions of dollars being spent.
You will have to be a serious, heavy duty political junky to enjoy 2012, as the debate will be brutal, ubiquitous and downright annoying.
Watertown Daily Times In north country congressional race, Republicans and Democrats already trading barbs

WDT: With no Foe, Roxy Campaigns Anyway

Unopposed doesn't mean not campaigning to Councilwoman Roxanne Burns, who holds a kickoff event tonight at the Paddock Arcade. The veteran lawmaker, along with Councilman Joe Butler Jr, gets a free pass as only two candidates filed for the two seats up this year.
While its possible a write in campaign could be launched, such an effort would be a long shot and with taxes down and the City's credit rating up, there are not a lot of issues. The flap at the Recreation Department is being addressed through a reorganization.
It wasn't too many years ago Mrs. Burns lost a Council seat with a dead last, fifth place finish, but she rose like a Phoenix only two years later to win back a seat.
Watertown Daily Times Burns kicks of re-election bid at Paddock Club tomorrow

UK RIOTS 2011: Manchester and Midlands burn but London is 'under control' | Mail Online

Kids are getting into the act in England as a fourth night of rioting plagues UK cities. Youths were seen breaking into stores and running off with cigarettes and liquor in the disturbing insurrection.
UK RIOTS 2011: Manchester and Midlands burn but London is 'under control' Mail Online

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Obama plan: Destroy Romney

When the issues are not going your way, its time to go negative...So says as it reports President Obama is planning an early scorched earth attack on likely GOP nominee Mitt Romney....Included in the assault is ridicule of how he looks in jeans as well as attacks on Romney's past business dealings.
Fueled by an expected billion dollar warchest, Mr. Obama likely knows what he needs to do to win.
Sounds like a harsh year ahead.
Obama plan: Destroy Romney - Ben Smith and Jonathan Martin -

People are Pissed

Flash mobs in Philly...rogue thugs at the Wisconsin State Fair...riots across England...around the globe people are mad as hell and rising up against...well against something...maybe not enough free stuff.....
UK riots 2011: London and Birmingham people forced to strip naked in the street Mail Online

Go-Go Dancers at Mayor's Ball ?....Betcha I Get the Blame

  Don't let the terminally unctuous among us find out, but I hear the Mayor's Ball this year will feature go-go dancers.  Its not of my doing, but an entertainer says the motif will be in the room where Fred and the Eds play...
    The Syracuse band Atlas will play the main ballroom.
     Who doesn't remember the go-go room at the Hotel Woodruff ?  I even know a Town of Watertown resident who danced there, and still looks great !

Simmons at City Hall

   I said say it to my face and for 90 minutes today Paul Simmons did just that...Mr. Simmons came to City Hall today and told me and Councilwoman Roxanne Burns his view of the year's events at Parks and Recreation.
    It was between us, but interesting to say the least.

Addie to the Rescue ? You Betcha !

Assemblyman Addie Russell has introduced legislation to separate the Hudson and Black Rivers....They already are geographically, but due to a crazy 1959 law, the two rivers are combined in a river regulating district that is now controversial as money is being transferred from north to south.....
Ms. Russell has seized on this local GOP issue and since she is in the majority in the Assembly, her help is needed.
Assemblyman Ken Blankenbush also favors a schism of the two agencies which share a six member board and a list of patronage employees.....
Addie Russell Press Releases: Assemblywoman Russell Introduces Legislation to separate regulating districts

River Board Votes Five to One to Give Our Money Away

      The Hudson-Black River Water Regulating District voted five to one today to "loan" three million dollars of funds from the Black River section to pay court ordered debts run up by the more free spending Hudson River operation.
       Since the City of Watertown contributes to the fund as part of regulating water for hydro plants, I spoke at the public hearing as did Assemblyman Ken Blankenbush , who did a really good job. 
       Board member Mike Astafan of Carthage, who is running for County Legislature, voted no....The other board members were spooked when their attorney said they could face prison time for contempt of court...Like that's going to happen...
        We hosted the meeting at City Hall.

Punks Deface Our Property

    Few things are as annoying as the defacing or destruction of other people's property and when its an historic treasure like the Flower Library, it really tees me up.
     When I was headed into City Hall this morning, I noticed our maintenance guys trying to clean "tagging" off the marble on the backside of the building. Recently they cleaned similar "art" off of City Hall.
    What a waste of their time, our money and not to mention the affront to others property.
     If anybody sees the little darlings who do this, call the police.

WDT: New Recreation Team to Tackle Roof and Other Arena Improvements

City Council left last nights meeting informally backing a series of improvements at the Fairgrounds Arena to coincide with the replacement of the facility roof, which will have to occur in the next three to four years. Intermittent leaking prompted repairs in 2000 but a recent analysis says current deterioration should be dealt with by replacement of the 37 year old roof.
Two things need to happen in the meantime. The new management team at the newly constituted Recreation Department needs to be on board to help devise the timetable for the work, as the project will impact the ability to host events for whatever period the roof is under construction.
On Tuesday the city's Civil Service Commission will act on approving new job descriptions for the positions and then they can be filled, hopefully by the end of September. Also plans and specs need to be drawn for the roof project, which I suggested should also include locker room, rest room and concession improvements as those are areas of frequent complaint when major events are held there.
Improving the multi-use facility is essential as it is such a highly utilized structure.
Meanwhile Council also learned NYS czar Anthony Casale has visited Fairgrounds facilities and will meet with Council soon to make recommendations on proper and prudent ways for sale of alcoholic beverages at these publicly owned facilities.
Watertown Daily Times Watertown City Council holds off replacing ice arena roof

Monday, August 8, 2011

Its Just a Blog...Don't Take It Too Seriously

   I get a chuckle when people write in and complain this blog is propagada for me and that photos and posts here are self serving.
   No kidding ?
   Of course they are. It's my blog. This is not and should not be your primary or secondary source for news. Its not fair and balanced.
   Its a hobby for me, since I enjoy writing and its a way for me to keep informed as I have to read a lot to keep up to date.  I do this in lieu of playing golf.
   Most of all, its a self promotion tool.  I use the blog to express my opinions and to tell constituents what I am up to, in hopes it helps me politically.
   Whatever audience there is results from my work product.
   And no, the comment section is not an open forum. While I post most comments, I am not allowing the blog to be a pin cushion for those wanting to zing me. Start your own blog for that...They are free of charge.
    This is a blog...nothing more.

Newsweek Michele Bachmann cover ‘sexist’ and in bad form? - BlogPost - The Washington Post

Is the MSM so worried about Rep. Michelle Bachmann they intentionally put a picture on Newsweek that makes her look crazy ? Yes, of course they are !
Of course, my old friend Dan is saying, 'well, she is crazy.'
Nothing scares the left more than a Tea Party zealot whom they cannot dismiss as "stupid" or "ill informed." She won't get the nomination, as there is still a lot of animus towards women in politics and the GOP is skittish over what happened in 2008.
She's a crazy b---- with really bad headaches....That's really the message Newsweek sends to its diminishing pool of readers...
Newsweek Michele Bachmann cover ‘sexist’ and in bad form? - BlogPost - The Washington Post

US Stocks: Dow Skids 600, Worst Day Since Credit Crisis - CNBC

Its three year's later and here we go again...A stock market slide and lots of finger pointing in the Nation's capital.....Its been a little too long to credibly blame President GW Bush, so now the talking points are that the Tea Party movement did it with all their talk about whether or not to raise the debt ceiling.
My fear is there will always be the rich...always the business, government and professional elite who do well. Then there will be the poor, and in between a growing class of downwardly mobile middle class watching their situation whither amidst worry and eroding wealth. Its not an American phenomenon, or the Republican-Democrat issue....Its the new World order.
Of course those fears will fade with a little free stuff from Uncle Sam....
US Stocks: Dow Skids 600, Worst Day Since Credit Crisis - CNBC

Council Tackles Variety of Issues at Mid Summer Work Session

There is not a lot of heavy duty, contentious matters on tonights Council agenda, with a discussion of the Arena and a look-see at outdoor skating on the agenda. A study on the ice arena roof has resulted in a recommendation to replace the covering, and at a meeting in June there was general consensus on the matter from city staff.
Cost is always an issue, but with Council embarked on a plan to better market and utilize the facility the roof and other improvements will be needed. As always, cost is a factor....Estimates for the roof range north of $1.5 million.
Council meets at 7pm this evening at City Hall.
Watertown City Council Work Session Agenda, Aug. 8, 2011

Cuomo takes to the virtual stump

In his first seven months, Governor Cuomo has managed his public image with a less means more approach to public appearances. Unlike many new governors, he is not all over the national talk shows and back in NY, he has been more circumspect in his dealings with traditional media.
The Governor is using social media and the Internet to reach people, a move critics say is "propaganda". In that move he is not unlike other politicians seeking to tell their story through a variety of means.
This can cause resentment among more traditional media, but so far the Governor's popularity is not suffering from his tactics....
Cuomo takes to the virtual stump - Capital Connection - The Buffalo News

WDT: Democrats Giving Burto a Cool Welcome and a Primary in His New Party

He only recently became a Democrat and now that he is, West Carthage Mayor Scott Burto is facing a primary challenge for the office he has held for eight years. A neighbor named Erica Leonard is challenging hizzoner.
There is no Republican running. Maybe the mayor should have stayed in that party as those who switch sometimes are not welcomed by the faithful in their new party.
Watertown Daily Times West Carthage mayor challenged for Democratic line

CapCon: Dissolution: A new law isn’t working

I have been following this village dissolution law as it is touted as a means to reduce the bloat and expense of the 10,000+ taxing jurisdictions in NY.
There is little evidence it is really doing much. While tiny villages like Altmar in Oswego County may pass into oblivion, there are few real savings and in the case of larger villages like Potsdam (also considering dissolution) there are real issues about cost shifting and whether the Town of Potsdam really wants the change. A second village (Norwood) in the township also poses an issue, as it should go to if Potsdam folds.
Retiring debt and creating special purpose districts for former village functions like street lighting and police could actually end up creating more layers.
The dissolution law does nothing to address the largest bit of management largesse and that are the school superintendents every five miles. In fact all the money spend on local village trustees and mayors pales when you have a system that allows an entire school district to exist for the purpose of graduating one (thats right, ONE) student a year.
The bold move a dozen years ago in consolidating (amalgamating, they call it) adjacent communities worked in Ontario, but when I recently suggested looking at that, a Cuomo Administration officials looked at me very puzzled. You'd think I was talking about Mozambique.
We have a long way to go and some villages can certainly be disbanded, but there is a lot more thought that needs to go in this if anything is to be accomplished...
Capitol Confidential » Dissolution: A new law isn’t working

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Governors Andrew Cuomo and Chris Christie unprepared for Port Authority tunnel, bridge and train hikes -

Despite talk of tax caps and no new taxes, commuters face some hefty increases to travel around NYC....The Port Authority has proposed a near doubling of tolls...Like in hiking the cost of going across the GW Bridge from $8 to $15.....Of course that's the scare proposal that will be reduced after the requisite outrage by lawmakers....
Of course, if lawmakers had not ceded authority for such things to the Authority, they could make the decisions themselves...But that's no fun.
Anyway the outrage brought Governors Cuomo and Christie together.
Governors Andrew Cuomo and Chris Christie unprepared for Port Authority tunnel, bridge and train hikes -

Memories and Praise Flow for Governor Hugh Carey

Many are remembering the state's 51st governor.....Hugh Carey who died today.
He is widely credited with managing the fiscal crisis of the 70s and closing down the infamous Willowbrook Hospital, a symbol for the abuse of the developmentally disabled and mentally ill.
The two term governor was flamboyant...I think I remember him jumping on his desk during a press conference and was not afraid of getting his Irish up.
In recent years Governor Cuomo has strayed from the Democratic Party on occasion and has remained an active figure.
And do you remember the tabloid frenzy about his second wife Evangeline Gouletas, who wed the Governor but forget to tell him she had several exes, one of which she was still married to ?. The Governor also made headlines for dyeing his hair and drinking a glass of toxic water from a Binghamton State Office Building to show the structure was safe.
Governor Carey is definately an old style politician and will be missed.
I met him in about 1982 while working at WWNY. There was an event at the Mansion I attended. It was one of those moments that cements your interest in politics and governing. I still remember meeting him.
UPDATE: In the NYT obit, Mr. Carey is said to have trained at Camp Drum while serving in a cavalry unit still using horses in 1939.
Hugh Carey, 92, Has Died (Updated)

WDT: Purple Heart Returned to Family and to Watertown

The efforts of a Vermont Guardsman and his mom has brought a Watertown family together and recognized a local WWII vet who died in France in 1944.
Capt. Zachariah Fike came across a Purple Heart Medal belonging to Pvt Corrado Piccoli, a 1942 graduate of Watertown High School. His mom bought it in an antique store and Capt. Fike pledged to return it to the Piccoli family and today in an emotional ceremony the Piccoli family made Capt Fike a member of their family and the medals were presented to the Italian American Civic Association for permanent display.
It was of those ceremonies I was glad to be part of along with Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army Tony Keating, who was keynote speaker.
Capt. Fike is a remarkable young man and soldier. It was a good day to enjoy being an American and a Watertown resident.
Watertown Daily Times The tale of a Purple Heart

Hugh Carey Dies at Age 92

Former Governor Hugh Carey has died at age 92. New York's feisty chief executive navigated the state through the financially turbulent 1970s, including the period of New York City's woes. I had the honor of meeting Governor Carey when I worked at TV. It was at the mansion in Albany. Condolences to his family.
Hugh Carey Dies New York Daily News

WDT: Citizen Asks Who Is That Man Behind the Curtain ?

I think Jim spells it Reagen, but to answer this letter writer, Jim Reagen is the former editor in chief at the Ogdensburg Journal. Like many in media, he took a job as a PR flack with a candidate or office holder. Senator Aubertine had a former reporter named Drew Mangione, and recently Jude Seymour left his reporting job to work for likely Congressional candidate Matt Doheny.
Of course, to become a flack, you have to overcome the natural skepticism and disdain for pols, but since you get to know them so well while covering them, that's not always that hard to do. Many times a job like Mr. Reagen's is a much safer harbor in today's troubled times in local media.
The danger is that so often the messenger becomes the message, and spin substitutes for substance. In the case of Senator Ritchie, the goal is to show someone who relates to average people and is engaged in the community of people she represents.  Simply that she is one of us as she travels the halls of Albany. That means lots of 'grip and grin', lots of standing in barns, marching in parades and tapping maple trees.
Getting ones ideas out there is always important to office holders and today's social media and the Internet provides many new avenues for communication. In my case, its a personal blog, but for bigger time pols an actual paid front person is possible.
I agree the filter that sometimes protects the boss also can get in the way. However, if you are being paid $50K a year, you sometimes feel the obligation to see that your name is in print.
Wtertown Daily Times Is Ritchie or Reagan our voice in Albany?

New Yorkers in need raise money online -

Opportunity is everywhere, whether you want to raise money for your own acts of altruism or raise bucks for a wheelchair for your crippled kitty. There are sights that facilitate all kinds of on line begging for causes of all kinds, and people give.
Its an interesting concept and a long way from bake sales and car washes.
New Yorkers in need raise money online -

For Community Organizers, Gaming the System an Art

Even though the Governor says he is taking a harder look at them, being an executive director of a "not-for-profit" can still be a great career field....I believe the official title is "community organizer."
In NYC, where the 50 city council members each make $116,500, the Post reports on one Brooklyn lawmaker who headed up a group looking out for Syrian Jews.....The six figure salary amounted to 65% of the groups total budget. The Sephardic Community Center lobbies on behalf of Syrian Jews on topics like funding for private schooling.
City Councilman David Greenfield made huge salary when he headed a Brooklyn nonprofit -

WDT: FAA Subsidies Stir Interesting Debate

The fuss over funding for the Federal Aviation Administration and the Essential Air Service program has its implications locally as EAS is what props up commuter service to places like those in NNY. In some places like Ely, NV it is reported air service is maintained for an average of one customer per day and the EAS subsidy results in thousands of dollars per ticket. The rationale is in a deregulated airline industry, smaller markets would not be able to have any air service. The other argument is the government cannot afford a program that saves people a one hour drive to a major airport not far away.
This is one of those issues that we end of fighting for, at the same time we want a balanced budget.
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