Saturday, July 9, 2011

Jeter Clubs HR for Hit #3000

Yankee great Derek Jeter became the first ever Yank to reach the coveted 3000 hit marker. He has been a steady performer who unlike others has not embarrassed the team or the game...
Today's events ensure a trip to Cooperstown, but for now there is a penant to win.
Derek Jeter 3,000: Yankees captain collects milestone hit with home run off Rays' David Price

Mance Caves....Lists Home With Realtor

Shapiro Award winner and all around nice guy Dave Mance has abandoned his career in real estate and listed his Thompson Boulevard property with a realtor.....Dave had tried to save the commission but now is listed with local broker and Library Board President Maxine Quigg.
Dave said he got a few inquiries on the lovely home nestled in a wooded lot near shopping, schools and the hospital.
  Hard to believe Dave sold for a living as he told me what he would really take, but in the interest of maintaining relations with the Library Board, my lips are sealed.
Property Details - Image Mate Online

Vendors at Farmers Markets free to cut cheese after State backs off regulation

The bureacracy is in full retreat as under pressure from someone (we think Senator Ritchie), the state has backed off and is allowing the cutting of cheese at farmer's markets...Guess it hasn't been allowed for 40 years unless the vendor had a food processing license which requires a building and a three-bay sink...
Am I the only one who think's issues like this are one of the reasons places like NY are so non-competitive ? It's a shame it takes a big fester from lawmakers to correct such a little problem like cutting cheese...Although look at the mess Canadians created for themselves on fishing.
Vendors at Farmers Markets free to cut cheese after State backs off regulation

WDT: Canadian Loosen Up a Little and Return that Ill Gotten Cash

In what had become an expanding international fester luring politicians of all stripes, the Canadian government has backed off a little on its insistence anglers check in at Canadian customs stations...Now the fishermen will be able to check in by cell phone, although it is still an inconvenience for already licensed anglers who are just dropping their line on the other side of the international border.
It is also reported the 22 year old forced to pay a thousand dollars who sparked this controversy will get his money back.
The dispute has threatened tourism along the border as well as fishing derbies.
Obviously, Ottawa is feeling some heat but its unclear how able the government will be to handle all the calls and its unclear how many people just casually fishing will know they have to do that. Also, how will enforcement agents in the field know if someone has called in.....
Sounds like there could still be problems.
Meanwhile fish continue to swim back and forth across the imaginary line totally unaware of the human flap playing out above them.
Watertown Daily Times Canada compromises on reporting law

Friday, July 8, 2011

Rice Letter to Clerks

Local clerks are being threatened with arrest if they refuse to grant marriage licenses to same sex couples...In Nassau County, the DA felt the need to grandstand due to a report of one town clerk in Oswego County who said she didn't know if she could bring herself to issue one..
Nobody is going to refuse anyone. Clerks know their jobs is carry out state law. A lot more stupid law is the one allowing girls as young as 14 to get married...That's a facilitation of statutory rape, but I bet DA Kathleen Rice doesn't see it that way.
Ms. Rice should worry about real crime in Nassau County. The SSM law will be carried out and clerks and those authorized to conduct services won't discriminate against anyone.
Rice Letter to Clerks Re Marriage Licenses-3

Stunning Jobs Report Complicates Debt Deal for Both Obama, GOP - Jim Tankersley -

Democrats say "austerity is killing the recovery." Only problem, there is no austerity going on....
Nonetheless, todays anemic June job numbers will hasten the call for more spending and more stimulus and even bigger deficits.....
There are expected to be calls for lower withholding taxes, even though the employee share of FICA is lower already for this year....Can Social Security be saved if the rate of contribution to the plan is reduced ?
The addiction the political class has to rhetoric about creating jobs will make it impossible for a deficit reduction deal. There are as many people as not who honestly believe higher deficits will provide the economic stimulus to allow the nation to grow out of its debt problem....Only problem is that has not happened so far.
Both parties are boxed in to their core positions and compromise is more difficult as unemployment rises.
Stunning Jobs Report Complicates Debt Deal for Both Obama, GOP - Jim Tankersley -

Duffy Joins His Boss for Victory Lap Around the State

    Lieutenant Governor Bob Duffy came to Watertown today to celebrate the Cuomo Admnistration's six month in office.   Local leaders attended the event at JCC.
    Ethics reform and same sex marriage are also things the Cuomo Administration has touted as accomplishments.
     The popularity of the new governor is evidenced by the bi parrtisan nature of these events with both Senator Ritchie and Assemblywoman Russell in attendance. Fort Drum officials were there, as were City representitives.

Paige Duke dropped as NASCAR's 'Sprint Cup Girl' after explicit online pictures

Another victim of a youthful indescretion posing for pictures and having the photos come back to haunt them later....Of course there is hypocrisy and duplicity in our views on nudity and sex....but that's the way it is and now the NASCAR girl loses her job due to six year old photos...
That's a good lesson to all those posting endless photos on of drunk people...stoned people....naked or nearly naked....That prospective employer will be checking out social networking five or ten years from now...And the result may be troubling for the once party people who now want that high paying corporate or government gig.
Paige Duke dropped as NASCAR's 'Sprint Cup Girl' after explicit online pictures Mail Online

Opinion: Progressives: Wise up on Social Sec

Social Security and Medicare are two of the "progressive" movements cornerstone programs, but the reality of mathematics threatens both....Now is the environment for making changes to allow the programs to continue, but the left is screaming to President Obama to do nothing in the current deficit talks that affects these programs.
The President has an opportunity to negotiate changes that could preserve the programs the his own base is so out of touch with dollars and sense, that may not happen. Last night on MSNBC, I watched Ed Schultz and others rant about the President abandoning the down trodden middle class and poor by even talking about entitlements.
We all love the status quo, but that is not working and something must be done. Let's hope this President has the courage to do so.
Opinion: Progressives: Wise up on Social Sec. - Jon Cowan and Jim Kessler -

WDT: Mayor to offer deal for Mercy

The future of the Mercy complex on Stone Street has always been complicated by the fact the properties are in limbo, with current deed holder MGMH not paying taxes and the owner of the tax sale certificate not paying either. While the process would eventually result in city ownership, anything that would speed that process up is a good thing. That is why I have proposed a more aggressive approach to acquiring title, so that efforts can be made to do something before Samaritan vacates the facility at some point when a new nursing home is built.
The best scenario would be to rebuild on site, but the title issues have made even talking about that impossible.
Meanwhile, Samaritan is looking for a new site for its new facility after the one they had designated turned up to have environmental issues. At my request, city staff has prepared a list of possible sites in the City to present to the hospital should they be willing to go that route.
Watertown Daily Times Mayor to offer deal for Mercy

Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Yorkers rush to adopt kitten thrown from car window on Verrazano Bridge -

Who would throw a cat out of a car window ? We will likely never know, but the cat should fare well, with many New Yorkers glad to adopt the tiny feline hurled out on to the Verrazano Narrows Bridge.
New Yorkers rush to adopt kitten thrown from car window on Verrazano Bridge -

Watch: Cape Vincent's Roxy Hotel Renewed | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Watertown, NY | Local News

I remember the old Roxy...with the small but cozy tap room....Hopefully the new Roxy in Cape Vincent can recreate the ambiance.
Watch: Cape Vincent's Roxy Hotel Renewed WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for Watertown, NY Local News

Finance Reports Due This Month...

Campaign finance reports for various candidates are due...From the Presidential race to Congress to state and local races...I know my treasurer tells me she has to file next week. In a local race the total amount raised likely won't equal the donations one downstate paving company will give to State Senate candidates...
Regardless, its always interesting to see who gave what to whom.
Watertown Daily Times Doheny's finance reports: Nothing to see here

DiNapoli: Former Pitcairn Supervisor Improperly Spent $35,622 of Town Money, 7/07/11

You know when you think about it....with so few people understanding or being interested in local politics, it really is pretty easy to play fast and loose in any one of many tiny towns and villages.....
As I have learned, audits only reveal so much and frankly you never really know what's going on.
Oh, as I am writing this, Town of Watertown Supervisor Joel Bartlett walked into Pete's......I better pipe down.
DiNapoli: Former Pitcairn Supervisor Improperly Spent $35,622 of Town Money, 7/07/11

Tim Pawlenty Watched Lady Gaga's Entire HBO Special and Liked It - Politics - The Atlantic Wire

The most bland of the GOP Presidential candidates says he likes Lady GaGa....Former MN Gov. Tim Pawlenty may need more than an affinity for GaGa to shed his stuffed shirt image...
Pawlenty did hedge his bets by calling her talented, but "a little weird."
Tim Pawlenty Watched Lady Gaga's Entire HBO Special and Liked It - Politics - The Atlantic Wire

Schumer the Latest to Wade in on FishGate

As FishGate escalates and even tournament fishermen are balking at angling in Canadian waters, Senator Charles Schumer is wading in to the murky waters along the US/Canada border in the St. Lawrence.
One incident where a young angler was shaken down for a grand and all of of sudden its the War of 1812 all over again....
Thursday: Schumer Seeks Border Fishing Compromise WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for Watertown, NY Local News

Update: Casey Anthony to be Freed Next Wednesday

Maybe another few days in jail will give her time to plan her next move, but the continued imprisonment of Casey Anthony on misdemeanor counts is clearly the system exctracting some punishment for what they feel is an unjust verdict......So is this proposal to bill her for police and court time...Come on, talk about double jeopardy.  Besides, what about the entertainment value for "reality America" and the big boost in ratings for Nancy Grace ? Surely they are worth something.
She likely did the killing, and the state failed to prove their case or at least failed to prove it was premeditated. The talking heads were wrong (although many now claim to have known all along the case would collapse.)
The system is what it is...its an arduous process that this time resulted in acquittal.. That pisses off all the former prosecutors populating the cable nets, but its time to move on.
Besides, she will do something in the future they can lock her up for.....On Casey, a parking ticket in five years will be treated as a capital crime. So they will have their second bite at the apple.
Orlando news, information, weather, hurricane coverage, sports, entertainment, restaurants, real estate, jobs, business, classifieds -

When Voting, You Can Look But Don't Talk About Looks

Is it wrong to say someone has "sex appeal" or that they are attractive ? Especially if they are...Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) is often cited for his days as a model. A supporter of Tim Pawlenty said Rep. Michelle Bachmann has "sex appeal". He apologized.
Of course the reason is that reducing someone to looks alone makes one appear less weighty on the issues.....But then politicians spend a lot of time on cosmetics...they call them "optics".
For Ms. Bachmann, an emphasis on looks is seen as an attempt to equate her with Gov. Sarah Palin, who polls suggest is not considered an intellectual heavyweight.
Women candidates often face of range of questions and biases not faced by men. Just ask Hillary.
TPaw backer apologizes for Michele Bachmann 'sex appeal' line - Maggie Haberman -

As Plastic Reigns, the Treasury Slows Its Printing Presses -

Government printing presses are slowing as less paper money is being made and credit card sales continue to explode in number even for the smallest of purchases.
No $10s were printed in the last year. Of course, the use of cards makes it easier to keep track of you, just in case you end up in a Casey Anthony type trial....That and cell phone and hard drive records are new mosaics of behavior for the CSI crowd.
As money becomes more just an electronic blip, it becomes less and less real. That's why no one minds a $1.4 trillion deficit...Its just a number.
As Plastic Reigns, the Treasury Slows Its Printing Presses -

Gov. Cuomo abruptly downsizes state tax office in Chicago as union cries foul

Governor Cuomo is cutting some state Chicago...Turns out some NYS workers had a cushy gig going for decades in the Windy City and Mr. Cuomo swooped in an said workers had the option of either moving to work at an office in NY or quit. The Illinois office supposedly facilitated audits of out of state firms that did business in NY.
Makes you wonder how many isolated enclaves exist where workers hang out doing a job that could be handled electronically in the modern age.
Meanwhile the Governor is taking a day off from his tax cap victory tour, while his LG, Bob Duffy is slated to visit Watertown tomorrow.
Gov. Cuomo abruptly downsizes state tax office in Chicago as union cries foul

No New Taxes vs Free Stuff....Battle Continues in Capitial Over Deficit

Talks of a "mini deal" or doing something to tide us over until after the 2012 elections suggest the budget talks in DC won't produce what many think is needed to turn the ship of debt around.
Both President Obama and Speaker Boehner are having trouble with their respective base constituencies, with Mr. Boehner running the risk of separating himself from his caucus if he gives in to requests for new taxes and meager cuts in spending.
Mr. Obama has similar problems with his party's core constituencies.
I think the deficit is almost non-solvable on the federal level, but I also know any deal will by necessity go down to the last possible minute.
Social Security Changes on the Table in Debt Talks - Major Garrett -

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Governor Cuomo has signed into law the 2% property tax cap...It came amidst howls of success from lawmakers like our own Sen. Patty Ritchie who joined the Governor for the signing.
Others remain critical with some saying it will crush local governments and school districts, while others say the cap is too porous.
Suffice to say it is at least symbolically important and the Governor says NY's days as the nation's tax capital are over...
Evidence of the Democratic Governor's popularity is seen by GOP Senators like Patty Ritchie posing with Mr. Cuomo.
This Friday, Lt. Governor Bob Duffy visits Watertown to tout the accomplichment of the recent session.

Caylee’s Law?

This didn't take long !
Caylee’s Law?

Pentagon Says It Will Comply with Court Order on 'Don't Ask'

Don't ask, don't tell is now gone and the Pentagon is done fighting the matter....This likely means the end for ferreting gays out of the service...The end of DADT comes in the same month as the advent of SSM in NY....That's a lot of progress for those advocating on behalf of the gay community...
Pentagon Says It Will Comply with Court Order on 'Don't Ask' - Michael Catalini -

MCM: Mayor to Blame for Expensive Beer

     My most vocal critic, Middle Class Mike (Michael Flynn) now says I am at fault for high beer prices at concerts.  Mike today said middle class people like to enjoy modestly priced entertainment and refreshment and he claims the $5 for 16 ounces is too high and that I should do something about it.
       Mike thinks the Mayor has powers far beyond those proscribed in the City Charter !

WDT: Samaritan Makes it Official...Nursing Home to Go Elsewhere

Samaritan Medical Center has officially announced what had been the scuttlebutt for some time...and that is they are abandoning plans to build a 288 unit assisted living facility off Washington Street and will instead possibly build on nearby property in the Town of Watertown owned by developer Michael Lundy.
Alleged wetlands are the culprit, as the land in question had many issues that made development more expensive and time consuming.
The property would be tax exempt, but the cost of water outside the City is higher as volume discounts availble in town do not apply outside.
The City has been hoping to identify other land available within the borders, but its difficult to find a suitable spot of the size required.
Meanwhile, I suggested to City Council last night we begin exploring ways to get title quicker to the Mercy properties as they will pose challenges once vacated.
Watertown Daily Times Wetlands scuttle Samaritan plan

Spitzer’s ‘In The Arena’ Axed

Reports are that Eliot Spitzer's CNN show is being axed......Being replaced by Anderson Cooper's AC360. Won't affect me as I didn't watch it..
Spitzer’s ‘In The Arena’ Axed

Casey Anthony: What Next ?

Casey Anthony should be released from prison for time served on the ''lieing to cops" convictions...She has done three years and normally such an offense, if prosecuted, would not result in that much time.
When released, she needs to move and start anew...There is no making up with her family...My goodness, her mom and dad walked out of the courtroom upon her acquittal. Sounds like they wanted her convicted and sent away.
Casey Anthony got a second chance and one hopes she changes her ways and doesn't end up like OJ Simpson, with whom she is often compared.
Casey Anthony verdict: Not-guilty mother to make a fortune from media interviews Mail Online

WDT: County to give more to JCC

I don't claim to know how much the County should spend on Jefferson Community College, but I do know the College is a big asset to Watertown and lawmakers did the right thing in continuing to support the facility. County voters approved opening a college some 50 years ago and I attended there some years ago before heading to Mizzou.
Watertown Daily Times County to give more to JCC

Newzjunky - Fire Chief Herman Buys City Home

Welcome Chief and thanks for keeping your word. City Fire Chief Dale Herman has reportedly bought a house in the City of Watertown on Green Street....Chief Herman had made the promise at the time of his appointment to the top smokeeater job.
City Council has felt it important that top officials be a part of the community they are overseeing and while not a legal requirement, the move is the right thing.
Newzjunky - Fire Chief Herman Buys City Home

Council Approves Two Tier Water Rates and Gives a Thumbs Up To Beer With Reba

   City Council approved  a two tier water rate system that will cut the bills of homeowners but still preserve a one-third volume discount for higher volume users. The new rate system also provides uniform charges outside the City.  The vote was three to two with Councilmen Smith and Butler voting no.
     Lawmakers also approved a franchise to allow beer sales at the Reba concert coming up but declined to approved another concert because there was no performer named.
     The recent stolen City vehicle at a concert was discussed. I called it a serious incident as it indicates overserving of patrons while one other Councilman said concerts are not church services and certain behavior is expected.
       Council also asked for more information on the proposed assisted living complex on Washington Street which appears to be in trouble over alleged wetlands affecting the ability to develop the site.
       The meeting got contentious when Councilwoman Burns raised questions about an incident at the Park pool involving alleged lewdness. Ms. Burns didn't like the administration's response to the incident.
     Councilman Butler raised concerns over lawn mowing firms leaving their signs on lawns and want signs at entrances to the Park noting that there is a golf club there.
     That's about it for Monday's gala meeting.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

PHD....RIP... Fort Pearl Handyman Dies at 68

A friend and contractor who did so much of the renovations over the years at my house and business on Pearl Street has passed after a battle with cancer.
Friends will gather here at Fort Pearl at Friday around noon following the graveside services Calcium. :: Newzjunky NNY death notices

Casey Anthony Attorney Calls Case 'Media Assassination' - Orlando News Story - WKMG Orlando

Let the recriminations and hand wringing begin....Another high profile court case thrust to world importance by a media anxious to fill time on the air with drama and talking heads...Defense attornies wasted no time assailing their legal brethren for their incessant specualtion and purported expertise on the case.
Hey I was wrong too, but respect the jury.....One thing that really soured me on the prosecution was their giggling and snickering during the defense closing arguments...They thought they were about to become rock stars....Instead they are goats.
Casey Anthony Attorney Calls Case 'Media Assassination' - Orlando News Story - WKMG Orlando

Albany Fireworks Of A Different Kind

Low grade fireworks like sparklers are on the verge of being legal in the state....Wow, we can celebrate (a little bit) the nation's birthday next year with the imprimitur of the State...and some tax revenue for them....
One of the many bills we never heard about because of our fixation on tax caps and SSM.....
Albany Fireworks Of A Different Kind

Casey Anthony Found Not Guilty Of 1st-Degree Murder - Orlando News Story - WKMG Orlando

Its OK to kill your kid in Orlando ? Some might conclude that after a stunning NOT GUILTY verdict in the Casey Anthony murder trial of her toddler daughter Caylee.
Most experts thought a conviction was in the wings due to a mountain of circumstantial evidence....However Ms. Anthony was only found guilty of lying to the police and likely will be sentenced to time served for that.....
The shocking verdict will be the talk around the water cooler for days to come.
Casey Anthony Found Not Guilty Of 1st-Degree Murder - Orlando News Story - WKMG Orlando

WDT: Arena Debate over Arena Gate

The issue of who is the ultimate supervisor of the City's Parks and Recreation Department dates back almost two decades when a combining with Public Works set off a simmering political rivalry that still exists...Its in part a personal feud and for years Council members have quietly backed one side or the other.
I think a reorganization is needed of a different sort and for different reasons. The Fairgrounds complex has evolved into a largely commercial operation with many big time events being held there. These are in many cases high dollar events which involve considerable City support to pull off. The range of events, and the need to pay for the work in support of commercial ventures requires facility management and someone overseeing the public's interest in a public facility. (I consider concerts commercial events as performers, lighting and sound people, promoters, beer sellers, and many more are doing what they do to generate profits, which I do not consider a dirty word.)
We have gotten to the point of worrying too much about whether tenant groups can make enough money on beer and worrying less about our core job which is to oversee public facilities in the public's interest...That means the people, voters and taxpayers of the City.
This became more evident to me earlier this year when I went down there to tour the newly renovated concession stand and the staffer who showed me around told me of the need for supervision of the nuts and bolts of concessions, and the related inventory and cash management issues...As it turns out this discussion for me was the canary in the coal mine as subsequent events revealed a series of issues we are now trying to sort out and still keep summer events on track.
I support the idea of direct reporting to City Hall, but the key to me is the establishment of a hierarchy at the Arena that has the skills to run what is not just hiring lifeguards and handing out kickballs. That is part of it and is important. There is a financial component that requires expertise not normally acquired in years in government.
As the debate plays out over the summer, my vision is not just settling an old score but making changes that position the facility for the growth that is occuring.

Watertown Daily Times City Recreation Department reorganization urged

Gillibrand Wants More Woman Running...At This Point Anyone Running Would Be Good

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand says she wants more women in politics and she has launched a campaign called 'off the sidelines' to do so...Women are in politics already. Real trailblazers include Margaret Chase Smith and Shirley Chisholm. Women who have reached further have been whacked around by a political and press hierarchy hostile to them. The late Geraldine Ferraro and former Gov. Sarah Palin know this well.
Hillary Clinton certainly was a trailblazer and should have had the 2008 Democratic Presidential nomination but Senator Gillibrand's party opted for a different sort of identity politics.
I don't know if Senator Gillibrand is supportive of all women getting into politics. I cannot imagine she thinks the boomlet for Rep. Michelle Bachmann is a good thing.
One of the best ways to change the role of women is to encourage and support their appointment to the positions that lead to seeking elective office. In my years I have appointed a range of women to various boards like a planning and the Flower Library. Many have made tremendous contribution to City government and we now have two of five City Council members who are women and two of four county legislators from the City are women as well.
Women are part of politics. At this point, Senator Gillibrand can serve women well by functioning as a role model. As for getting people "off the sidelines", the problem is deeper than gender.
Even men don't want anything to do with politics. Just look at the list of unopposed elected races locally.

Dorothea Noonan

Monday, July 4, 2011

Fans Reject Hot Dog Eating as "Sport"

   An on-line poll on ESPN today revealed over 80% of viewers do not feel "competitive eating" is a sport.   Of course the people watching the Nathans dog eating tourney were viewing ESPN which carried the contest...
    It looked like hard work and training was needed to chow down dozens of tube steaks...Therefore I think its a sport...sort of...
     I once ate 13 tacos at a Jack in the Box in Columbia, MO....Part of my athletic career at Mizzou.

Kannapolis to serve beer at summer concerts | Salisbury, NC - Salisbury Post

Then again, some communities are OK'ing Beer, but with strict guidelines.
Kannapolis to serve beer at summer concerts Salisbury, NC - Salisbury Post

Concert Drinking & Security Plagues Venues...No Beer at a U2 Concert

This is a different twist on the concert scene. Michigan State University is not allowing alcohol at the upcoming U2 concert and the band is paying for repairs to expected damage to the turf at Spartan Stadium caused by the staging. This is far different than in Watertown where a scramble is on all summer for beer pouring rights at concerts...Pouring that netted over $61,000 in beer sales at an event a week ago Friday.
A Google search on the topic reveals many venues are having trouble dealing with drinking and are cracking down on tailgate parties and underage drinking. In Watertown, tailgate soires were shut down.
A lot of it depends on the talent on stage and the demographics it attracts, but concerts are in some cases becoming problematic for venue managers.
Its certainly not all events or all people.
I am told you cannot hold a concert without alcohol, but at Michigan State they are and with one of the World's biggest acts. Go figure.
No alcohol, bags allowed at U2 concert Sunday at Spartan Stadium

Anthony Trial is Pervasive

   I felt a little guilty getting caught up in the Casey Anthony trial over the weekend, what with the wall to wall coverage of closing arguments...Soon I realized this is a national phenomenon.
    Everybody has an opinion and a pretty good knowledge of the testimony..Today I was chatting with a retired City employee and just to make chit-chat, I asked if he thought the jury would really opt for capital murder or a lesser charge...
   The trial follower quickly said he thought so, but he was worried about jurors four and five....Wow, he has been following the trial.
    It seems pretty conclusive she did it, but I understand the lack of conclusive CSI type evidence creates a window...
     Its got to be tough to be a juror for six or more weeks sequestered in a hotel...I wonder if they let you take whatever you need from the mini-bar in the room ?
     I say a verdict by Wednesday and I think she gets the full boat...I didn't think so until this weekend..Guess those closing arguments worked.

How New York state 'mandate relief' is no relief at all |

As I told you a couple of weeks back the only mandate relief I saw in the recently passed session in Albany was the repeal of Sec. 207-m, which required police chiefs get raises that in dollar amount was equal to the highest paid union member...Traditionally in Watertown that gave chiefs higher percentage raises than other management....Repealing it allows chief salaries to be set the same as other department heads.
The rest of what was peddled as relief was really not...This is not an area the Governor can claim much success in.
How New York state 'mandate relief' is no relief at all

Fox News politics Twitter account hacked, hoaxsters tweet Obama assassinated in Iowa

What kind of morons think this is funny ? Or was it done to FOX on purpose to discredit the conservative-leaning network ? Either way its way not funny and the people involved are complete idiots.
Fox News politics Twitter account hacked, hoaxsters tweet Obama assassinated in Iowa

Reading The Declaration Of Independence Aloud : NPR

235 years ago an insugent group of colonists pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to the cause of severing the ties to Britain and forming a new nation. The Declaration of Independence we celebrate today and the events of the years that followed leading to the Constitution in 1787 are among the most profound events in human history.
Take time to re-read the Declaration today so you can remember what it was all about....
Reading The Declaration Of Independence Aloud : NPR

Bubba Likes Huntsman the Best of GOP Hopefuls But Has Kind Words for Others

Former President Bill Clinton is a politician who knows his stuff and has weighed in on the GOP Presidential field, although he makes the perfunctory Democratic observation that President Obama will win a second term.
Mr. Clinton likes the former governors in the field, Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman, although he professes a greater fondness for Mr. Huntsman who he says is not a right wing idealogue and seems like a nice guy. Mr. Romney also receives kind words from the two term President, while the only other candidate to get a nod from Bubba is Michele Bachmann, who Mr. Clinton says is doing better than he thought and knows how to motivate the anti-government crowd.
As talking heads go, Mr. Clinton is one of the most reliable given his experience and success in politics. I agree with Bubba. Huntsman and Romney fight for the nomination with the newcomer advancing the theory he is more electable. Ms. Bachmann will run a strong race but is not going to be nominated due to concerns about electability and being too stridently right wing.
All this could change, but the message is that this is a three way race and all the others, including the most recent, Rep. Thaddeus McCotter of Michigan, are not going to get much traction.
What Bill Clinton thinks of GOP 2012ers - Mike Allen -

Republicans Might Accept ‘Mini’ Deal on Debt Ceiling, Senate’s Cornyn Says - Bloomberg

Having watched the federal deficity grow to present levels, I am skeptical any deal will be cut to actually address it...Yes we will hear statements about "cutting" spending by billions, maybe trillions of dollars. Like the last series of "cuts" we will find out later they are not real.
We either need a total overhaul of the way we live, or just keep going as is and let the marketplace right the ship through default, higher interest rates and hyperinflation. We have been so used to getting what we want with no apparent consequence, I cannot imagine the public or its elected leaders accepting major changes.
Just listen to the class warfare rhetoric. These are not people interested in change no matter how much we may hope. The "mini deal" until after the 2012 election is just more of same.
Republicans Might Accept ‘Mini’ Deal on Debt Ceiling, Senate’s Cornyn Says - Bloomberg

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Biker protesting helmet laws thrown from bike, killed -

Since when is breaking the law the way to protest ?...This poor man who was old enough to know better died of head injuries this weekend while participating in a protest of the motorcycle helmet law. He lost control and went over the handle bars while not wearing a helmet....I understand some people don't want to wear helmets, but this tragic incident doesn't help those who oppose the law...It only buttresses the argument for wearing them.
Biker protesting helmet laws thrown from bike, killed -

Buffalo News: Restaurants Reeling from Tax Audits

Government auditors are nothing new, but the Buffalo News reports those from Albany are getting more aggressive and going after restaurants and the like in an effort to garner more revenue.....Their tactics are mob-like because they can be...A bunch of Buffalo-area retailers are crying foul....
Well, maybe they are taking a little for themselves and giving the state not quite enough....
Its common place to understate sales, but that is now tougher due to the increasing use of credit cards and computerized register systems...I am sure the state likes having horror stories publicized as it encourages compliance.
However, most small businesses don't have the definitive paper trail to refute wild allegations, and these type of proceedings leave the little guy gasping for air as they cannot afford the defense.
Stings, audits, roadblocks, zero tolerance...they are all the new ways of collecting more and look for more of it in the future. I think its easier just to pay the sales and sin taxes, so you don't have to worry about harassment....But this Buffalo News story suggests even obeying the law may not innoculate you from an ever more greedy government.
Restaurants struggle with taxing times - Local Business - The Buffalo News

Handful Protest But Most Cheer Kate and Will on Trip to Canada

Princess Kate and her husband Will continue to wow Canadians, but on a trip to Montreal protestors were out..The usual stuff about royalty being parasites.....That's not the prevailing opinion as Kate's good will tour took her to a children's cancer ward and a culinary arts school.
Kate Middleton and Prince William's royal tour: Duchess of Cambridge reveals talent in kitchen Mail Online

WDT: Cave Look-See Nearing

I don't know if Geraldo will want to attend, but the opening later this summer of a portal to the caves under the City will be an event sure to spark interest.
Who hasn't mused about just what is in the much talked about passageways that some say connects much of the City in passageways long ago sealed up.
The western NY group heading the effort and City resident Doug Anderson are to be commended for pushing for permission to explore this mysterious part of Watertown's past.
Watertown Daily Times Cave explorers tackle Black River project