Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mystery 'Topless Bowery Woman' pictured walking TOPLESS in New York | Mail Online

In the "Topfree 7" case years ago the Court of Appeals ruled that women have the same right to go topless in public as men, as long as it is not done in a salacious or commercial manner....(I guess its OK if men are commercial in showing their pecs)
So this woman is walking around Manhattan with no top...Imagine if that happened in Watertown...The media wouldn't know what to do since its great copy and great video but its also considered low-brow journalism in the hallowed halls.
Then there is the City.....yes, lots of billable hours for the Slye-man and the requisite outrage by those of us in office, followed by doing nothing.
No doubt about it....the last thing the North Country needs is a topless woman...And even if she was arrested, the Sheriff would ship her out to Broome County to do her time.
Mystery 'Topless Bowery Woman' pictured walking TOPLESS in New York Mail Online

When All Else Fails....Check In To Rehab !

Faced with leadership calls for his head, sexting Congressman Anthony Weiner today said he has checked into rehab to make himself a better person and a better husband....The man who has known no other occupation other than operative and elected official is desparately trying to hang on to his office, as his BA in poli-sci from Plattsburgh State and a reputation as a liar and a creep are not likely to yield him future employment or a continuation of his marriage to Hillary's "body woman" Huma Abedin.
This is really a case of a man with no where to least in his mind...He needs the adulation and thrill of the office...and frankly he needs the job.
With such strong calls from leadership of his party for him to go, I think this gambit may be too little , too late...
Whenever you get in trouble its standard lawyer advice to get you into rehab as its tougher to savage someone who has recognized his failings and is trying to repent...Weiner's late trip to rehab comes across as not very sincere.
Weiner Seeks ‘Treatment’, Asks For ‘Short Leave’ From House

Tavern on the Green food truck first in New York to get liquor permit -

Maybe Fireman Tom could get a liquor license for his popcorn truck often seen around Watertown....Food trucks servicing the area near NYC's Tavern on the Green are now allowed to sell alcohol under a trial program that puts a bar on wheels for the first time ever.
This is a departure from the policy in which an area of space is licensed. This could be a handy way to handle alcohol sales in certain venues, but for mass sale of the Devil's Brew, you can't beat the reefer trailor with taps on the side and a hundred kegs inside...
Tavern on the Green food truck first in New York to get liquor permit -

Pelosi and Other Top Dems Call on Weiner to Leave

This could be his last weekend as a Congressman...Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schulz have joined the chorus calling on Rep. Anthony Weiner to resign...Ms Pelosi was particularly cutting, suggesting Weiner is a sick man and "needs to get help."
Ms. Pelosi had been slow in calling for action against Weiner and as recently as yesterday seemed inclined to let him ride it out. Talk of Weiner tweeting a 17 year old Delaware girl was likely too much for the leadership to endure.
Top House Democrats Call On Weiner To Resign

Newzjunky -  Police: Woman Stabs Ex-Boyfriend Outside Her Pearl Street Home

A stabbing and I slept right through it...An 18 year old neighbor is charged with stabbing her ex boyfriend....That's what you do with ex's, don't you....Last week there was a ruckus too....
Zeppelin is a lousy watch dog...He just isn't motivated at age 15.
Newzjunky - Police: Woman Stabs Ex-Boyfriend Outside Her Pearl Street Home

Heritage Days a Boon for Downtown as Thousands Flock to Event

    The Jefferson County Historical Society is hosting Heritage Day today (Saturday) till 6PM...
   In addition to the displays in the Paddock Mansion on Washington Street, the celebration features a car show, entertainment, food, all sorts of displays from a knitting to a discussion on the history of yo-yo's by City Clerk and Historian Donna Dutton.
    The Historical Society is chaired by Roxanne Burns and today's event is a huge plus for downtown Watertown.
    Kudos to all who helped put it one. When I stopped by this morning a big crowd was gathering.

Today's Lesson...Don't Chat On Line With 17 Year Olds

You know its bad when the best you can say about your chats on line with a 17 year old is that 'nothing inappropriate' was said....The latest twist in the Weinergate affair is the admission Rep. Anthony Weiner chatted with a Delaware teen.....
I heard one report today that Presidents Obama and Clinton have both talked to Weiner and urged him to step aside...Meanwhile the scrutiny of his on-line life continues.....
The most accurate read on Weiner is that he won't quit because what else can he do in life ?
As a poli-sci grad from SUNY Plattsburgh, he has noother career to fall back on. Being a Congressman is all he has and its doubtful his well connected wife will continue standing by her man, if he is a nobody.
At first I didn't think he would survive....With the political class now busy looking for misspelled words in the Palin e-mails, Weiner may be able to hang least through 2012.
Anthony Weiner admits contact with girl, 17 - Maggie Haberman and Jonathan Allen -

PEF bares state talks - Times Union

One of the unions representing state workers has revealed the Governor's offer, apparently in an effort to induce rage about how chincy the offer is....Normally these union negotiations are held in secret until the final deal is reached.
I have no problem knowing what the Governor has offered and the PEF union may want to reveal their bargaining stance too.
 The Governor has threatened layoffs if new union deals are not reached soon.
PEF bares state talks - Times Union

New York Appellate Division court says juice bar's lap dances are taxable -

This hardly seems worth arguing in court, but the ruling has been made that erotic dancing is subject to sales tax....I assume we are talking about the admission to a club that features gyrating ladies performing...I guess artistic expression is normally exempt from the tax, but after careful consideration this judicial panel in Albany concluded a lap dance is not art..
A tax on lap dances may go a long way towards avoiding layoffs in the state work force slated for July.
New York Appellate Division court says juice bar's lap dances are taxable -

E-Mails Capture Palin’s Meteoric Rise -

So far, so good....The NY Times reports the Sarah Palin official emails so far contain no mistakes, but instead are an insight into the rapid rise from obscurity to stardom....However, it is requisite to make fun of her so I am sure that will be the order of the day in some quarters....
She sure does get a lot of publicity for someone not likely to run for President and by all accounts unlikely to win if he did.
E-Mails Capture Palin’s Meteoric Rise -

Friday, June 10, 2011

Agitated Coon Rips AG Over GasGate

Somebody must have awakened the Jefferson County GOP Chairman from his slumber....Chairman Don Coon issued a rare press release this week blasting Attorney General Eric Schneiderman for his "feigned" outrage over gas stations selling fuel at a discount if cash is paid...The AG says the "cash" sign was too small and that in essence credit card customers were the victim of a bait and switch.
Among those cited by the AG was Republican county leg candidate Anthony Doldo whose Bradley Street store was sent a nasty gram fromthe AG.

Sarah Palin emails provide no big bombshells - Molly Ball -

For someone with no chance to be President, the MSM sure is putting a lot of effort into reading thousands of official emails from Sarah Palin's two and half years as Governor of the 49th state....A misspelled word....poor syntax....a factual error....a flip comment....anything...they want just anything they can spin into a negative....
Today's release of the emails has yielded none of that....Mostly just the banality of governing.
The conventional wisdom crowd can't get enough of her...
Sarah Palin emails provide no big bombshells - Molly Ball -

Little support among state lawmakers for Gov. Cuomo's pension reform bill -

Why can't we just have a pension system that pays people a living wage regardless of whether it is actuarially sound ? I mean it....A "free s---" pension system with no requirements for employee contributions and the ability to game the system for outrageous benefits upon retirement at age 55.
Why can't we have something for nothing ? The nerve of this Governor to propose a 65 year old retirement and 6% contributions, with restrictions on jacking final year earnings. If I wanted to pay for my retirement, I would work in the private sector.
This plan won't pass and is likely just a starting point for negotiations....Oh, and by the way, can we nix the planned layoffs in July ? People might start to believe we are spending too much...when in fact we can never spend enough to suit me.
Little support among state lawmakers for Gov. Cuomo's pension reform bill -

Neighbors from the North Come Visit

        A continuation of cross border dialogue was held today at Fort Drum's bucolic Remington Pond as political and economic leaders from Kingston and Watertown gathered for the second session sponsored by Assemblywoman Addie Russell.
        Mayor Mark Garretsen and yours truly were there to hear presentations on Fort Drum, health care, border crossings, tourism and more.
       I chuckled when Kingston's senior attorney told me he had read our recreation audit on line, as his city's Recreation Department is struggling with a similar problem..Guess there is nothing new under the Sun.
       I was surprised TV 7 didn't cover it as Brian Ashley is a devout Canadian.....

Marist: Weiner Hangs On With Constituents – For Now

Even Liz couldn't resist a salacious headline....
Marist: Weiner Hangs On With Constituents – For Now


This is headline grabbing in the long tradition of attornies general in this and every state.......The high price of gas has left consumers looking for a bargain and some stations were offering a slightly lower price for cash sales. The reason is credit card purchases cost vendors a couple or three percent in "swipe fees".....Its part of the cost of business, so its always factored in the cost and at four dollars a gallon this results in perhaps ten or fifteen cents a gallon.
Gas station owners advertised that if you pay cash, they will sell at a lower price. On their signs they advertised that, as I recall seeing the signs. Now in comes AG Eric Schneiderman claiming "bait and switch." Armed with his posse of lawyers and a press release in hand, Mr. Schneiderman is warning gas stations to halt the practice.....
These days, everyone uses cards for the smallest of purchases. Why shouldn't those who pay cash realize a savings ?
Mr. Schneiderman also should remind consumers the larger benefactor from higher gas prices are governments at all levels because of the sales tax collected by these vendors. Maybe the writer of his press releases forgot to mention that.

Ohio restaurant referenced by Obama is closing - FOX19 News and Weather - Greater Cincinnati Area

Last week during a trip to Toledy, President Obama referenced a local eaterie he said benefited from the Stimulus plan...Days later New Chet's Restaurant went out of business after 70 years....
Ohio restaurant referenced by Obama is closing - FOX19 News and Weather - Greater Cincinnati Area

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Canadians Come to Fort Drum

   Kingston, Ontario Mayor Mark Garretsen leads a delegation of Canadians coming to Fort Drum's Remington Pond  Friday morning for a series of discussions of cross border issues.
    The pow wow hosted by Assemblywoman Addie Russell gets underway shortly after 9Am and is a follow up to a visit over the Winter to Kingston by Watertown area people.

Sarah Palin film to get nationwide release - Andy Barr -

I hope this film is at the new Salmon Run Mall Cinemas when they open this month....I know Middle Class Mike would rather see a Michael Moore flick....Actually I did go to one of his films once and enjoyed it...But that's because I am open minded....
For now, a good Palin film in 3D would be a great way to welcome the new screens to Watertown.
Sarah Palin film to get nationwide release - Andy Barr -

Ritchie Cites Women of Distinction

  In a week best known for men behaving badly, fifteen North Country Women were recognized this evening for their work in communities across Jefferson, St. Lawrence and Oswego Counties....
   The Women of Distinction were lauded by Senator Patty Ritchie who recognized Jefferson County Childrens Home Director Karen Richmond as the top woman for the year.
    The Senator herself might have been eligible having risen from County Clerk to State Senator.

Rep. Anthony Weiner Says He Is Staying in the House

Rep. Anthony Weiner says Hell no, he won't go...He is not resigning his seat despite calls for him to do so and a pending House probe into his "sexting" activities. A defiant Weiner seems content to tough it out, although his 2012 prospects are not so good.
Rep. Anthony Weiner says he has no plans to resign following sexting scandal -

Tribe Wins Stay In Tobacco Case

Don't give an inch....The State of NY doesn't play straight with its licensed vendors, so why do the Indians want to be a party to that system....
After collecting inflated license fees in defiance of a court order for two years, the state is taking its sweet time in returning the ill gotten gains....They will treat the Native Americans no better...
The Tribes need to stand firm against Schneiderman and Cuomo as they speak with forked tongues.
Tribe Wins Stay In Tobacco Case

No Need to Whisper....Here Is What I Am Up To

         I had a text....a text not a sext....from a GOP lawmaker saying there is a whisper I am helping a Democrat...That's what happens when you are nice to one in public and are seen by a GOP operative.....
      Actually, here is what I am doing in the way of petitions this year, which is less than in previous years due to the dissolution of the Jefferson County Independence Party....
      I am gathering petitions for my race for Mayor and am helping my friend Roxanne Burns get some....No other Council candidates ask me to help.
     I am also getting Indy signatures for Eugene Renzi for judge (a favor for former Miss NY) , as in a judicial race there is no out of party authorization needed.  I have gotten a modest 17 signatures so far as well as one signature on a Conservative petition for Mr. Renzi.  However, when I run into his opponent Keith Caughlin, I am cordial and will post stuff about his race on the blog as I did yesterday when I ran into him at the Farmers Market..
      I am not getting involved in the Indy judcial convention for Supreme Court, but personally I will vote for Merrill and McCluskey.
      As for the Countywide races, I am not doing any petitions for DA and Treasurer as without a county committee, I have no way to provide an out of party authorization....
     As for County Leg races, I am not involved.
      So now no one has to whisper.

WDT: Married to a Mannequin OK in Jefferson County

Now this is the type of story you talk about around the water cooler. A guy who claims he is married to a mannequin pushing his bride around NNY roads in a wheelchair. Meanwhile police and the social services crowd mobilize and conclude he is harmless.
Maybe if he and his "bride" got an electric wheelchair and weaved in an out of traffic, he could be deemed 'normal'. This fellow is doing something kind of creepy and maybe his plan to visit the Children's Home will get him there tonight when Senator Ritchie is hosting a soire to honor the agency's executive director....That would be interesting to meet a mannequin bride, and I am sure everyone else would like meeting her as well.
Watertown Daily Times Man pushing mannequin not a threat to others, officials say

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

WDT: Tier Six Proposed

Only a year after a Tier Five state pension plan was put in place to solve the fund's basic insolvency, along comes Tier Six.....Governor Cuomo is proposing the latest remake of the state's defined benefit plan...The retirement age would go to 65 and contribution levels would rise....
The problem with any defined benefit plan is not only the lack of political will to fund it properly, but also the natural tendency of participants to game the system. It would be better to offer a 401 style pension plan, but don't hold your breath waiting for it.
Don't hold your breath on Tier Six either....Lawmakers are getting ready to get out of Dodge for the summer.
Watertown Daily Times Cuomo announces Tier VI legislation

Penis photo Rep. Anthony Weiner sent to online gal pal emerges -

The Congressman's package was shown today when a blogger being interviewed on a radio show showed the shock jocks the photo of Rep. Anthony Weiner's erect penis. The image was picked up on a studio camera and is now on the web...
Penis photo Rep. Anthony Weiner sent to online gal pal emerges -

What a Jerk !

Weiner's wife Huma Abedin is pregnant: report -

Rain Gets in the Way of Politics Sometimes

   A night out interrupted by rain....I was over on Temple Street when the storm clouds gathered , so I scampered to the car and headed to dinnner...Went out after to get a couple of Indy sigs on Barben Avenue and then back to the Pearl for some work.

Analysis Shows Weiner Tweeted Late And With Young Women

Late night twittering with young women !
And by day bellicose rants on the House floor that cable news picks up....Round the clock ego boost for the Congressman from NY's 9th CD.
Analysis Shows Weiner Tweeted Late And With Young Women

WDT: No Higher Taxes in the Big County as Albany Readies Recess Flurry of Bills

St. Lawrence County is frantically trying to get permission from Albany to raise its sales tax from 7% to 8%, but it is not going to happen....It's not that lots of counties do not already charge the higher rate....Most due...
But no one , especially a local Senator wants to give anyone the chance to run spots accusing them of sponsoring the largest tax increase in NNY history....In terms of dollars, it would be.
That means the Big County will have to make tougher choices, which could benefit them in the long run but are politically difficult now.
Meanwhile, another debate is raging over the proposed tax cap. Local officials and public employee unions are busy telling Albany people don't want it....yet polls show people do want it...With only a week left in Albany's 2011 legislative session, expect a flurry of bills to be passed.
Many of those bills will contain provisions we will not learn about for months...
Watertown Daily Times County's sales tax will not increase

Weiner Roast Continues

While there is intense pressure from many for Rep. Anthony Weiner to just go away, an evening watching MSNBC will introduce you to a range of people who feel just the opposite....From those who argue his personal life is not relevent to those who like Mr. Weiner as a fighter for economic and social justice...
Democratic leaders want him gone and are not anxious to have the voters decide his fate next year.
Once the drip, drip, drip of information fades, Weiner will have to endure a House ethics probe that surely will begin the story anew.
Weiner must resign or the people of New York must kick him out -

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

WDT: Top Electeds Don't Make Sense

NNY's new dean of political blogging is not only more edgy than Jude but also willing to analyze top elected officials in a manner that is downright mocking and suggestive of duplicity or worse...
In this piece the WDT's Brian Amaral dissects the intellect and logic of our two Members of Assembly...In another piece he essentially rips GOP Congressional candidate Matt Doheny as a cypher on the issues....
Top electeds in the North Country have been used to kid gloves treatment from the local MSM, but that may be changing. (Although the Congressman's speeding ticket sparked little interest from the Times.)
Watertown Daily Times Logical contortions from your Assembly reps

Petitions Underway....Warm Night on the Streets

   I was out gathering signatures this evening on the west and south sides of the City and I ran into the two City Judge candidates....
   Eugene Renzi was near his Bugbee Drive home looking for Independence Party and Conservative Party signers...Keith Caughlin was on Paddock Street trolling for Conservatives....
   Both men are likely to seek minor party nominations through petitions and primaries.
    Petitions are work, but it is a way to connect with voters in a way you don't when in office day to day. I even saw Dan Francis at his Harris Drive home....He was in good spirits.

At First Blush NYC Voters Say Weiner Should Stay

A flash poll of NYC residents after the Weiner scandal erupted Monday shows 51% of Big Apple residents say he should stay in office...Three in ten say he should go....
While I do not believe he will be an effective representitive for the 9th CD, he is elected and can I suppose let the voters decide in 2012....
Problem for him is that the party that made him important doesn't want him to stay....Democratic leaders are scampering away from Mr. Weiner.
Anthony Weiner: Poll Finds Majority of New York Voters Think He Should Not Resign - The Note

The 2011 Campaign Starts in Earnest Today

     For the political class, today is the first day to circulate nominating petitions....In order to garner a spot on the ballot, a candidate must get the signatures of the requisite number of voters proscribed by law.
    For a party nomination, it is 5% of enrollment. In the City's non-partisan format the number is 3% of votes cast in the most recent gubernatorial race.
     Its a perfunctory task in many respects but it does serve the purpose of connecting candidates to voters.
     At the bank this AM I got my first signature from a former Congressional candidate I ran into.

This Weiner is Cooked

The amount of bad news continues to bubble up for Rep. Anthony Weiner, who now seems like he will never be able to hold on to his House seat. Adult film stars having "phone sex" and others being coached on cover ups are the tip of the iceberg.
One MSNBC wag said only in America can you have a sex scandal involving no sex, but that seems a rather "Clintonesque" rationalization......
Not only could the GOP win the Queen's seat next year, but the bad press could hurt Democrats overall prospects...Thats why he will be made to walk the plank.
Here And Now

Chris Matthews Blames the Mrs.

So if you are a progressive and you do what Anthony Weiner did, is it at least in part the fault of the wife you cheated on ? Chris Matthews seems to think so, or so he suggested on his MSNBC show today.
Matthews, who has a tingle up his leg for Barack Obama, seems to miss the point. Weiner's wife did not enable these actions...
RealClearPolitics - Video - Chris Matthews On Weiner's Wife: "Maybe She's Partly Responsible"

Monday, June 6, 2011

Bland Council Meeting Starts New Month

   City Council vote 3-2 to help out a lady on Bronson Street who needed a place to park her car.  Council granted a waiver to a law forbidding parking on the apron next to the road.
    Council also tabled a reworking of water rates and approved the latest beer sales deal for the Fairgrounds.

Should Pelosi Turn Up the Heat on Weiner to Step Aside ?

More women...more pictures....more apologies...The time is now for the minority leader to push Rep. Anthony Weiner aside and not wait till the next election.
Young woman set to reveal she exchanged pictures in new 'Weinergate' expose Mail Online

Rep. Anthony Weiner admits he sent women steamy texts and photos over the past few years, but says he won't resign -

He conducted on line affairs...sent lewd pictures...lied to his wife, the press, his staff, the leadership, his constituents....and he concocted a bogus tale about being hacked....He says there is a long list of people he has hurt including his wife who just found out this morning as more photos were cropping up...
But with all that, Rep. Anthony Weiner says he broke no law, did not violate his oath and will not resign...
I suspect the Democratic leadership will see it differently and I suspect he is shown the door...Certainly the already rabid news media will be all over him after the bizarre press conference in which Weiner said repeatedly he takes full responsibility but no consequences.
Mr. Weiner has been a front runner for the 2013 mayors race...I suspect that has changed.
Rep. Anthony Weiner admits he sent women steamy texts and photos over the past few years, but says he won't resign -

You know how Sarah Palin said Paul Revere warned the British? Well, he did. Now, who looks stupid? -

She was right...Paul Revere did also warn the British and all the Sarah Palin haters who smugly talked about seeing Russia from her house are faced with the staggering realization that they are the ones ignorant of history....More ignorant than the one woman they hate...
Anyway if the liberal LA Times sticks up for Ms. Palin the you know the liberal MSM was doing their usual pile on with Palin.
You know how Sarah Palin said Paul Revere warned the British? Well, he did. Now, who looks stupid? -

WDT: Edwards Case Debated

There is a lot of debate over the weekend about the indictment of former Senator John Edwards and whether there is a credible case against him that warrants the tremendous expense of pursuing campaign finance charges.
Mr. Edwards reputation and political career is beyond ruined after he cheated on his cancer stricken wife, fathered a love child, and spent money given to him to keep the affair quiet...
It's all the stuff of a self indulged hypocrite who almost became a heartbeat away from the White House in 2004.
However, experts say the fed's case may be hard to prove and is not clearly a crime.
My take on campaign donations is when I make them, its my money. If I don't like how its spent I won't donate again. The centarian named Bunny Mellon who gave Mr. Edwards much of the money in question could have found better ways to spend her money, but in the end it was her money.
Edwards is a creep, but this prosecution may not be worth it.
Watertown Daily Times Edwards on trial

WDT: Hammond Councilman Festers Over Newsletter

So in Hammond, the town supervisor puts out a newsletter....On the surface the action by Supervisor Ronald Bertram sounds like a great idea and then a town councilman criticises the plan because it was unilatterly done by the Supervisor.....
In towns, the Supervisor is king so he can do what he wants, but Mr. Bertram ruined the initiative by telling the WDT he would not reveal what the newletter cost...Surely he knows and you shouldn't have to pull teeth to get the information.
Promotion of the town's doings should be a line item in the town budget. If it's being paid for outside town finances, then it is a campaign piece...Maybe Big Wind is paying for it.
Watertown Daily Times Town newsletter draws councilman's ire

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Palin sticking by Revere story

The same MSM that never wanted to hear about the 57 states in the Union cannot get enough of the story attempting to discredit Sarah Palin's account of Paul Revere's ride.
Ms. Palin defended her position today that Revere also warned the British that they were not going to succeed in efforts to crush the insurgency now known as the American Revolution. Who care's ? She had a great trip and raised the BP of all the right people...
Palin sticking by Revere story -

Sunday Night

   I just heard Sunday was Councilwoman Roxanne Burns birthday....Happy Birthday !
    A bird told me the political center of NNY was Lake Placid today where Rep. Bill Owens and his GOP challenger Matt Doheny were wooing a gathering of Adirondack local government honchos.
     Guys, please...It's a big district, but keep the speed down driving home...The MSM won't give passes on that forever.
     Another City Council meeting tomorrow...Lots of end of fiscal year stuff and for the first time I am glad the City can help out the Urban Mission with its food bank. Council will also act on a Zoo lease and a long list of other resolutions.
     Tuesday is the first day to circulate nominating petitions for public office. So far the list of announced candidates is thin but we will see what happens.
     Don't be surprised to see a candidate at your door.
     The decline of Rep. Anthony Weiner was noted in the last election when an elderly GOP foe got 41%.....That's pretty good for a Republican in NYC...Now with WeinerGate in full flower, the same man smells blood in the water and plans to run again.
    I am going to be lost tomorrow morning without Jude's blog....

Exes dish on Anthony Weiner's sext appeal -

I always liked FOX News political analyst Kirsten Powers, but may have to rethink that now that I learn she is an ex of Rep. Anthony Weiner. The women who dated the Twittered Congressman are being outed by the MSM as a picture of playboy Weiner is painted.
He is described as a homely high schooler ignored by the ladies who went bonkers for the ladies once his station in life attracted them like flies to a rib roast.
Its got to be tough to be linked to this story as one of his past conquests...But when you date a Congressman, thats the risk you run.
Exes dish on Anthony Weiner's sext appeal -

WDT: Massena Teachers Draw Line in the Sand

Massena is a union town....or at least it used to be, so there is no reason for teachers at Massena Central to start down the slippery slope of concessions and givebacks just because the school board won't vote a tax increase...
Teachers have rejected a contract that would have meant miniscule contributions to the now fully paid for $18,400 a year health insurance plans. It was billed by the district as holding the line on taxes and avoiding the layoff of ten teachers.
Once you start paying 7% of the health premiums, then the district will want 10, 12, 15 , who knows ?
Let the district take the heat over layoffs...I am sure ten is a small percentage of the total workforce. After all, a lot more people than that lost their jobs when General Motors Central Foundry shut down...
Watertown Daily Times Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York

Punks Out on Saturday Night Provide Me With Morning Cleanup Detail

    Wow, I turned on Newzjunky about 9 this AM and read the blotter and noted a fight reported at Fort Pearl at 4:38 AM......Wow, I live here and I must have missed something as I closed the tavern at 2 AM and all was well....
    Whatever it was, it was not at Fort Pearl. It was people who pulled in the parking lot and used private property for their festivities. I found trash on the south edge of the parking lot along with some empty beer bottles (8 Bud Light and on Keystone can).  Since I separate and send back to the distributor, under NY's "bigger better bottle law", I will net 76 cents on the littering spree..
     Since nobody called me, I assume it ended up being no big deal, but it is disturbing when someone invades your property to conduct their nonsense, and of course I get written up as if it was my doing.

Teens take advantage of Denny's "All You Can Eat" Offer By Devouring 14,000 Calorie Pancake Meals

Should this kind of copious eating be encouraged giving the health implications ?...In fact, should "all you can eat" promotions be allowed in the same way we have banned "all you can drink" specials in bars.
Eating 14,000 calorie, butter and pancake laden meals, is about five times the "legal limit" for daily calorie intake and is clearly not a good thing to do.
With all the talk of childhood obesity, will it be long before "all you can eat" follows "all you can drink" into the lexicon of the socially unacceptable ?.
Dennys 0, hungry boys 1: Teens take advantage of chain's all you can eat scoffing 14,000 calories of pancakes EACH in one sitting Mail Online

WDT: Lewis Cuts Electeds Salaries on Verge of Election

On the verge of an election, Lewis County lawmakers are devalueing their countywide elected offices by lowering the salaries for the posts. They are doing it because they can and its politically popular and easy. Nothing else is being cut.
As we know, in the modern age most top administrative posts in government are not elected and the common rant is to decry the evils of the "politicians."
Its the politicians, through elections, that provide the accountability and link to those governed...Not all are perfect, but in a county there are few instances where the people get to express their will since the County Administrator is not elected and the Legislators are part time and elected by district.
The public should look at whether the elected individual is working hard and performing up to the expectations of the office. If they are not, any money spent on them is wasted.
Also the argument that an open seat race should result in a lower salary as if you are beginning a career complete with steps along the way, is not a valid argument. If Mitt Romney defeats President Obama, he doesn't go back to step one on the Presidential salary plan.
If its an austerity issue, all administrative salaries should have been cut. Only cutting the elected positions has a political ring to it.
Watertown Daily Times Sheriff, treasurer salaries to be cut