Saturday, April 9, 2011

Charlie Sheen Disappoints Fans At Radio City Music Hall « CBS New York

I would still pay to see the show...Everyone loves a train wreck...Maybe we can get Charlie to replace the SSO in July. A lot of people are just there for the fireworks anyway ! Charlie Sheen Disappoints Fans At Radio City Music Hall « CBS New York

Open for Business

    The federal government is open today....Following an agreement last night on a continuing resolution on funding.....The contentious debate was not about all that much money in the scheme of things and the final wording has not been drafted but let's assume its done...
   That puts the budget to bed until September 30 when the current fiscal year ends. Before then a huge debate will occur on that budget as well as on a proposed expansion of debt.
    Look for more fur to fly.

It's Saturday !

Got a press release from Assemblyman Ken Blankenbush office with a photo of him in a meat packing plant...He is wearing a hair net and white smock. In today's world of political self promotion of which I have been a part, I guess any photo is a good photo, although this one is not all that flattering. But if I was a headline writer I could use "Where's the Beef?". On other matters, City Council has several items on the docket for Monday's work session, including a discussion of emergency funding for CAPC, and a request for food bank assistance from the Watertown Urban Mission. There will be a presentation of a study done on job and wage classifications for City employees. and there will be further discussion on last week's presentation concerning changes to the HVAC systems at City Hall and the Flower Memorial Library. Council is getting ready for the April 18 presentation of a proposed City budget, and that same day is also the deadline for those applying for the soon to be vacant position of City Clerk. So far response has been good and Council will move quickly to review applications and take a closer look at the best candidates.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Night in the Big City

Tonight I went over to the Asian Fusion restaurant at the Top of the Square Building on Court Street...This is a real plus for Watertown...Gorgeous decor and great food combined with friends and attentive service make this a classy addition to Downtown. Its owned by the same folks who own the Hibachi on Arsenal Street....They have invested mightily in our City and deserve a chance for your dining dollar.... I also spent a good part of Friday night at Best Buy...I bought another laptop as the one I had kept crashing and had problems from all the blogging...They are supposed to have it ready by Saturday evening...Hope the blogger function works right. Went and saw my friend Kay Plante today to see when the good folks at Seaway Gardens are coming over for Spring cleanup at Fort Pearl.....Also had to ask her advice on cat issues and she got me in with her son, Dr. Plante for Monday AM. Then I went over to City Hall to show off the city patch and heard some...well not so great news...But we'll talk about that later.... Enjoy the warm temps this weekend !
At the New Asian Fusion...

WDT: Car Dealers Growing

Cars are important in this rural area and local dealerships are doing well now that the shakeout caused by the demise of Dealmaker and manufacturer closings of small dealerships is complete. Davidson's is building two new buildings and FX Caprara has been on a building spree as well. These businesses are important cogs in the local economy and the old school operators of these dealerships have survived tight times and hopefully will prosper and provide jobs for years to come. Watertown Daily Times DAVIDSON PLANNING TO GROW

Researchers: Politics is Hard Wired in Your Brain

This is a great relief...No longer should we pick on MCM or Danny or even me for my beliefs....It's all nature, not nurture...Researchers in London contend brain structure is a determiner of political ideology...In other words our political inclinations may be hard wired and we as individuals are just along for the ride. So when Middle Class Mike starts in on me again....I can just smile and say "he can't help it...he was born that way..." - Could Politics Be Hard-Wired? - Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ritchie Tells Prison Workers Her Dad Was a CO

With the Governor now deciding which prisons to close, Senator Patty Ritchie is frantically worrying that one or more of the six in her Senate district will close and that the economic impact will hurt politically. Yesterday she met with corrections officers from those facilities and told them her father was a CO and so she knows their situation. I don't think the politics of the issue hurts Ritchie. Everyone knows something has to be done and the Legislature authorized the Executive to make cuts somewhere. As for the CO's, they will bump to other facilities. It's tough to be a Senator and on the one hand talk about cutting spending and taxes and on the other hand having to argue in favor of facilities and programs you know may be part of the budget dilemma. But that's politics...People expect it. By the way, I got this story from the Senator's Facebook page..... Patty Ritchie (10)

WDT: BOCES Administration Costs Climb by 11%

One thing that jumped out at me in this article is that while the overall budget for the local BOCES was relatively static, the portion of the budget dedicated to administration jumped 11%. Watertown Daily Times BOCES teachers asked for pay hold

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Trump having an impact.......Vibrant birther discussion going on at Petes !

Obama: Shut Her Down !

For whatever it means, the federal shutdown looms....but in all reality no one would fold this early...This is budget brinksmanship and any deal will really be at the last minute... Meanwhile the rest of us try to sort out what a shutdown means...That one in 1995 couldn't have been too bad because I don't remember anything about it..... Obama vows to veto short-term bill - Washington Times

Red Sox drop to 0-6 with Yankees up next -

Conventional wisdom didn't predict this...The BOSOX off to an 0-6 start as they head home for Friday's home opener at Fenway against the hated NY Yankees.....Looks like a good weekend of baseball, and its barely April. Red Sox drop to 0-6 with Yankees up next -

Albany Drops Substance to Concentrate on Vegetables

Finally an inane fight over nothing that our Legislature can sink its teeth into...What will be the official state vegetable ? The onion or sweet corn....and is a pumpkin a vegetable ? Takes your mind off rent control and the tax cap. In Bid For Peace, Farm Bureau Holds Veggie Vote

Skelos vs. Koch, War Of Words Heats Up

Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos has allowed himself to be sucked into a war of words with an affable octengenarian who is generally well liked and respected....Skelos and Mayor Ed Koch are going back and forth over redistricting with Hizzoner saying the GOP reneged on election promises of reform and Skelos saying the non partisan panels skew against his party. On the ledger of charm I suspect the Mayor beats Senator Skelos......I am sure the Governor would rather have Koch fight this battle for him. Skelos vs. Koch, War Of Words Heats Up

WDT: Owens will be JCC's commencement speaker

Republicans hoping to oust Rep. Bill Owens better hurry...He is quickly burrowing into the political consciousness of the educational, medical, media and government chatterting classes and most of them vote. The selection of the one term Congressman is an interesting choice for Jefferson Community College as the County government is still purportedly Republican. Watertown Daily Times Owens will be JCC's commencement speaker

Lake Placid Steps Up to Pay for What They Want

As I have been saying, all the hand wringing and yelping about the small state aid cuts to schools does not mean there have to be any layoffs...A community can decide, through its duly elected school board, to raise the money locally to pay for what they want. While I am sure not everyone in Lake Placid agrees with the hike, its a case of local people making a decision. So many just want to take the easy way by arguing that downstate millionaires can be taxed and that will increase school aid and no one will ever have to make a difficult choice again. I don't think higher taxes are the way to go, but I respect the process in Lake Placid and wish some of the hand wringers who comment here would start advocating not just more spending but more taxing, as the two go hand in hand. Lake Placid avoids cuts; tax levy at 4 percent - News, Sports, Jobs, Saranac Lake region — Adirondack Daily Enterprise

Newzjunky - Neighbor Speaks Out Against Proposed Tattoo Parlor

I am not a fan of tattoos and generally think unless you are Popeye, they are a bad idea especially on young ladies. However they are a legal activity and a lot of people sure do want them. So another of those special use permits has cropped up before City Council for a tattoo parlor...This one is on State Street in a storefront that used to house one of those loud stereo shops....At least tattoos are silent except maybe a whimper from those who can't take a little pain in stride. It's a tough call to vote no on something just based on a personal aversion to the product, but when five people are asked to rule on such a matter, you never know what might happen. Newzjunky - Neighbor Speaks Out Against Proposed Tattoo Parlor

Are You Having Trouble Figuring Out If This Shutdown Means Anything

Should we be worried about the much ballyhooed federal government shutdown ? I don't know anyone who is...Most of the government will stay open and those furloughed will surely get paid, just late. So what is the downside ? I don't know if there is one, other than the sob stories about someone not getting a check will compel Congress to quickly fold and settle up. There are all sorts of arguments on all sides about how this budget dispute is only about large percentage cuts in a small portion of the budget and that real change has to come in the big programs so far off limits. Bottom line is a shutdown will not affect me personally, but I am sure there are those who will be affected and inconvenienced...... The political class in DC will take a hit, but nobody likes them anyway.

POTUS Squeezes Reverand Al into his Budget Dealings

While we all like to talk of one nation, and one people, the reality of politics is that the electorate is sliced into demographic and interest groups.....Anytime there is one of those groups willing to go 95% one way, that's a group you better pay attention to...That's because in that group turnout is key as for every 100 additional people who vote, you pick up 95..... That's why President Obama went to his roots and paid homage to the man the media suggests speaks for black Americans. A trip to NYC in the midst of the budget crisis was needed to shore up support from Reverand Al Sharpton. The Daily Politics New York Daily News

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

NYSUT Reads My Blog

Uh oh...people in high places are reading this humble blog....I got an email from the press czar of NYSUT telling me I was wrong to suggest the union was dissing Governor Cuomo by giving his ex wife an award just days after the end of a bitter budget fight that saw Mr. Cuomo and the education cabal hurling insults at one another. The guy's name is Carl Korn from NYSUT HQ in Albany.......

WDT: Andy Winks at Patty

Interpret this outreach as you please. Watertown Daily Times Cuomo tips hat to Ritchie

Times Conducting On Line Poll to vote on a poll for mayor.

3 times more parents are naming baby girls after former Alaska governor Sarah Palin's surname | Mail Online

People love their political icons...The name "Sarah" is showing a surge among newborns as is "Barack".........Of course, Sarah is popular enough anyway that no one would know what you did...But Barack...that's pretty obvious.... What will be interesting to follow are whether people choose the names of children of politicians...such as Sasha and Malia....Or Bristol, Piper or Willow... Willow Flynn...I can see Middle Class Mike doing that. Maybe there will be a lot of "Michelles" during a Bachmann administration. 3 times more parents are naming baby girls after former Alaska governor Sarah Palin's surname Mail Online

No Class: NYSUT To Honor Cuomo’s Ex-Wife

This is kind of tacky...The teachers union is trotting out Governor Cuomo's ex wife and presenting her the "Albert Shanker Award for Service". Kerry Kennedy went through a nasty divorce from Andy some years back and the Governor now lives with Food Network star Sandra Lee. The three daughters from the Kennedy marriage were seen during last year's campaign. Now, the New York State United Teachers, which has fought the Governor over education funding, is bringing his ex on stage in a clear swipe at Andrew..... I know...Ms. Kennedy is an accomplished public servant with a history of committment to education and our youth...That's the narrative from the left...I see it for what it is... Nasty NYSUT....just plain nasty. NYSUT To Honor Cuomo’s Ex-Wife

Double Duty Today

I will be filling in today on the Live at 5 program as host Glen Curry has a funeral to attend. So call in today at 5....755-1240 !

City Needs to Approach Concessions as a Business

Thanks to my collegue , Roxanne Burns, for speaking out on this issue. What I have suggested for this or any user of City facilities is that rental fees be paid up front or for frequent users be invoiced monthly with a requirement they be paid in 30 days. Non payment would result in non use. This is not the only instance of non payment. The former Watertown Revolution football team has not paid bills from two years ago as well. We need to review all customers at the facility. When a homeowner doesn't pay a water bill, the service is shut off...When a youngster rents skates they have to pay right then and there. The use of the Fairgrounds facilities is a privilege in that this taxpayer supported facility has value and the user fees help augment what is done there. The issue of concessions is not directly related to this but it is relevant. There is considerable revenue potential and it should either be done by the City or if done privately, be competitively bid. This is particularly true as it relates to the service of alcoholic beverages, as that should be done only by an indvidual or company duly licensed by the State of New York. Too often, and in many venues, whenever the term "not for profit" is injected, there is an abandonment of rules. For instance, food and beverage sales are subject to sales tax. That is tax collected from the buyers of product and is not obviated by tax exempt status for the seller. Sales tax submissions should be required to authenticate gross sales since a portion of franchise fees is 10% of those sales. Currently there is no authentication of sales, which can also be determined by an audit of product invoices. When you conduct business on public property a level of tranparency exists that wouldn't on private property. The use of third party licensees to sell alcohol is no more legal than an unlicensed motorist driving a car using my driver's license. I have come to feel, if properly managed, concessions can be a significant revenue source to support recreation programs and facilities. The recent takeover of the Arena concession stand by the City has resulted in upgrades so that now it meets Health Department rules, which it clearly did not before. There is still work to do on inventory control and record keeping. My point is these are business like functions going on and they should be handled as such. Now that Councilwoman Burns has shined a light on this, work must begin to do a better job as stewards of the facility. Watertown Daily Times City: Wizards owe $16,500 in back bills

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

We Want our Prisons and Our Inmates

Senator Patty Ritchie is among a group of GOP senators going to court over a 2010 law that orders prison inmates be counted as living in the community they were in while committing crimes and not in the prison where their butt was sitting on April 1 of the decennial year. The law was passed at the behest of then Senator and now AG Eric Schneiderman. Opponents say its just a scheme to shift legislative representation to NYC, which of course it is under the guise of protecting minority rights or whatever other reuse Mr. Schneiderman can think of. Its a shame the game has to be played this way, but its about getting a majority and not about where people really live. Republican senators sue DOCS, redistricting committee over 'prison-gerrymandering' law

Scott Pelley To Replace Katie Couric At CBS

What's left of the rusty dial crowd in NNY will now have to bid farewell to Katie Couric and welcome veteran reporter Scott Pelley as their evening news anchor. Ms. Couric is being cut adrift after a rocky reign in Walter's chair. Scott Pelley To Replace Katie Couric At CBS

Sandra Lee, Gubernatorial Girlfriend, to Sell Home Products Line -

Sandra Lee isn't letting her sort of First Lady status get in the way of making money...The Food Network star and author of 23 cook books has inked a deal with Sears to market a line of home products..... Ms. Lee is the girlfriend of Governor Andrew Cuomo and has had a successful career as a TV cook for some time... Sandra Lee, Gubernatorial Girlfriend, to Sell Home Products Line -

Just a Couple of Lightweights

My reelection story on Liz' blog brought out a couple of commentors...One is Mike Flynn (aka Middle Class Mike) who took his usual shots at me for not being a Democrat.... The other is a heroic, but anonymous poster who says I am an intellectual lightweight with little to show for 20 years in office...Shame on those voters....My consolation is that he refers to my colleague Jeff Smith as a lightweight too....In the poster's mind there is only one person suited to be Mayor. Speaking Of Re-election Bids…

Family Channels Grief Towards Good

The family of a man killed in a drunken driving accident near Chaumont will address Watertown High students on May 19.....The family of Robert Burkard will speak to students about the dangers of drinking and driving. A Chaumont area man has been convicted of being under the influence in the crash two years ago. The wrecked auto will also be on display in front of the school during prom week.

Bill would close “loophole” in state driving laws | Politics on the Hudson

In the continuing effort to pass laws named after deceased youngsters, we now may have Abbagail's law which would allow you to be charged with driving drunk even though you are not driving. It's called the closing of a "loophole". The bill would make liable the people supervising a young driver....The case prompting it is tragic and shows really poor judgment, but it also is clear that lawmakers love press release politics of naming bills after victims.... Bill would close “loophole” in state driving laws Politics on the Hudson

Better Informed But Still Cautious

Today the MSM asked me what I thought of the geo-thermal presentation at City Hall last night and whether I embraced the concept of buying that technology to heat City Hall and the Library. Aside from it being a lot to absorb in one session, its a big issue and deserves getting more than one opinion. The consultant Council hired to study the issue also does the engineering work to design systems, so while I do not begrudge anyone making a living, I also know we all are in the business of selling something. While their advice was interesting, I agree with the energy expert I had on the HOTLINE the other day who preached securing the building envelope before buying new HVAC systems. We likely have to look at that first step before consdering what kind of HVAC technology we want for the next hundred years.

Newzjunky - Butler: With Stricter Noise Ordinance, Next Step Is Enforcing It

The noise law proposed by Councilman Joe Butler Jr passed, but whether it does anything is an open question. It is an effort to crack down on loud car stereos but there are concerns about enforceability and whether there is really a problem. There are problems with property owner to property owner disputes over noise, but this local law is clearly aimed at automobiles on the move. An alternative version of the law was prepared at my request but that was not embraced by the Council. This new law was a signature project of Mr. Butler and I congratulate him on his success. A concurrent and more vexing problem is playing out on Casey Street with a group of neighbors upset over a car stereo shop they say is tormenting them with low frequency vibration. I am not sure the new law resolves that dispute. Newzjunky - Butler: With Stricter Noise Ordinance, Next Step Is Enforcing It

WDT: Is a Patty-Darrel Showdown Coming ?

My guess is there will be no real showdown tomorrow as Senate Ag Chair Senator Patty Ritchie meets the man she vanquished from the body last fall.. Former Senator Darrel Aubertine is facing a confirmation hearing for his new post as NYS Secretary of Agriculture. These two didn't like each other and Democrats still are smarting over the loss to a woman they claim is a cypher on the issues. My guess is Senator Ritchie and Mr. Aubertine have put this behind them.....Especially since Aubertine landed in a better job after the election. There is no need for a showdown. Watertown Daily Times TPI is in Albany for Aubertine-Ritchie showdown tomorrow

Cuomo wins on budget, but at what cost? - Politics - The Buffalo News

Members of the State Legislature are still wondering why they couldn't spend more money and tax New Yorkers more. Several walked away from the budget grumbling about Governor Cuomo's taxtics....But many of these lawmakers come from non competitive districts where your stand on spending doesn't matter because the people who live there don't even know who or what an Assemblyman is. Here in Watertown, our Senator and two Assembly members are local celebrities who people recognize and they get news coverage...For dozens of Members the office is lived in obscurity. For the 69 NYC Members, there is no downside to proposing higher taxes and more spending.... If Governor Cuomo annoyed these lawmakers, so what ? Cuomo wins on budget, but at what cost? - Politics - The Buffalo News

WDT: Let's Go Vote Today !

For those who just like to vote on something, there is a referendum today in the City school district on allowing Samaritan Medical Center to purchase a parcel of land east of Washington Street for use in a nursin home complex being built there. Education law requires the sale go to voters. An adjacent parcel of city owned land was sold to the hospital last night by City Council. Polling places are at Watertown High School and North Elementary. Watertown Daily Times Voters to rule on school land sale

Council Upset Over Past Due Bills At Fairgrounds

Under questioning from Councilwoman Roxanne Burns, it was revealed Monday night that the Watertown Wizards baseball team owed the city $32,ooo in charges for field use dating back to 2008. Half of that has been paid in the past couple of weeks. Another field user, the former Revolution football team owes $2500 from two years ago. Lawmakers wanted to know why no collection efforts have been made and called for new policies for deliquencies of this nature...Meanwhile water shutoff notices are now going out to those in arrears on those bills. Council also approved a noise law proposed by Councilman Joe Butler. While all five agreed on some sort of noise law, councilwoman Burns and I voted against the measure, fearing it was unconstitutional and unenforceable. A presentation on geo thermal heating was interesting but there was no decision made. A site plan for a 104 foot cell tower was approved. The City Clerk also told Council that ten people so far have applied for the Clerk job. Deadline for applications is April 18.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Speaking Of Re-election Bids…

While I don't like to use this blog to talk about my own political moves, I will yield to Liz Benjamin who posted today about my plans for 2011. Actually candidacies are not the real deal until the submission of petitions in July...But after a long winter, we need a good party ! Speaking Of Re-election Bids…

Car Sales Surge in Jefferson County

New vehicle registrations suggest the local economy is surging...March numbers show 435 new vehicles registered in Jefferson County last month compared to 233 just two years ago during the nadir of the recession.....Pre-recession numbers in 2007 were at 350.......Kia was the biggest mover in auto sales followed by Toyota....With the Honda dealer closed, the popular Japanese brand scored a goose egg locally. Watertown NY Breaking News Newzjunky ® Fort Drum Watertown New York Newz, News, Obituaries, Weather, Homes Apartments Auto North Country Thousand Islands Newspaper Lowville Carthage Ogdensburg

Let's Be Deliberate When Considering Systems as Expensive and Complex as Geo Thermal

With City Councilman Jeff Smith pushing a conversion of city buildings to a geo-thermal heat source, I have been reading up on the pros and cons of this new technology. There are people who will buy into so called "green energy" because they are true believers. However, previous excursions into alternative energy by government have been erratic as the costs and challenges of operation often negate perceived benefits, especially when retrofitting old buildings. Early generation solar panels have been discarded including at the Ogdensburg Housing Authority. Even now, that technology only prospers with heavy government subsidy. The use of heat naturally in the ground is called geo-thermal. The selling point is the energy is free. However the installation costs are high...not all locations work well...the maintenance is more complicated and the pumps use considerable electricity coming from carbon burning plants. A study being considered by City Council is not a ringing endorsement of geo thermal for City Hall and the Library. Payback periods in excess of 60 years suggest the claims of saving on energy costs are dubious. Also, the numbers assume a lot of work securing the building envelopes, again at significant cost. I talked to a local engineering firm owner today who said geo is over sold and that those pushing it are usually those selling it. One thing is for sure, there are as many professional opinions as there are professionals. That means any movement in this direction should be slow and deliberate...A head long rush into exotic technologies is not a wise move.

Treasurer Should Finish Term

At this point Nancy Brown should just finish out the term...The Jefferson County Treasurer keeps extending her quitting of the job on the grounds the Governor has not acted on appointment of a replacement. First of all, he really cannot appoint to a vacancy that is not there yet. Ms. Brown should leave the post if that's what she wants and let the process take care of itself. Besides a managed transition to a back-room-picked successor will only hurt that person's prospects in November. We are told the name will not be revealed as that person's current employment is threatened....Shouldn't that person have told their boss they were nominated for a gubernatorial appointment ? This is politics, not some executive session personnel matter........Once in office this person will one of only a handful of elected people who have a say in things....As Ms. Brown's allegations attest, there is a need for a treasurer who sees the office as answering to the people and not the county administration. The secrecy surrounding all of this is troubling. Jefferson County Treasurer Still Waiting On Cuomo WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for Watertown, NY North Country Politics

WDT: Green Energy System Purports Savings of the Green Over Decades and Centuries

Sometimes elections are about personalities and popularity and sometimes they are about issues...One issue that will likely be discussed a lot this year is a report to be presented tonight by a Syracuse firm that City Council hired to do a feasability study on buying new technologies to provide heating, cooling and ventilation systems for City owned buildings including City Hall, the Flower Memorial Library, The Fairgrounds Arena and the water and sewer plants. The first phase of the study will be presented tonight by representitives of Sack & Associates, although details were provided to the WDT over the weekend. Council last year appoved the hiring of Sack by a three to two vote. At issue is new, expensive and exotic so called "green" technologies that purport to reduce HVAC costs. Its called geothermal and it relies on drilling numerous wells in the City Hall parking lot to use the differential in ground temperature below the surface to provide heating and cooling through a complicated and expensive system. The proposal also involves sealing the envelope of a building like City Hall, perhaps by stripping all the white marble and replacing it with a hard foam material that looks like marble. The Sack report lists payback periods ranging from decades to centuries in length and there is a healthy debate about the practicality of these systems in older buildings. There is a need for caution before rushing headlong into expensive technologies in the hope of getting something for nothing. Watertown Daily Times City eyeing HVAC switch

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Backstage at the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra: Squeezed musicians, tired donors and a slow-building crisis |

Like most entities that fold their tent, the Syracuse Symphony was a long suffering institution in decline...hitting up big donors too often and suffering from a shrinking base of followers and concert goers. Now it's 50th season is over early and season ticket owners have tickets but no music and no refunds...The money is gone and the musicians are being laid off. This Post Standard story is an interesting window into the demise of the SSO, a group familiar to thousands in Watertown for their annual Independence Day concerts in Thompson Park... Backstage at the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra: Squeezed musicians, tired donors and a slow-building crisis

Old Gray Lady Opines Governor is a Mean Man

You would think an organization that has had fiscal woes like the NY Times would understand you cannot spend what you don't have. The Times has opined that the Governor's budget causes too much "pain" to those least able to afford it while letting the affluent off the hook.....The concern over the needy will not be heard by those in need as that is not the Times demographic. They preach to the elite and more importantly the wealthy elite. The Times core readership could stroke checks to the needy at any time...They choose not too. The media may still fancy itself comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable...But most of them are living in a parallel universe where the economic principles many of us live by don't apply. I am not rich and I support the Governor's efforts. I get tired of the MSM shading the budget issues with words like "pain", "dire","Draconian" and the like.... It's reality. Just like newspapers like the Times had to realize when they trimmed and trimmed in order to survive and didn't get taken to task by their own editorial boards. Gov. Cuomo’s Budget -

Tea Party leader making improvements » Local News » Press-Republican

The leader of several Tea Party groups in NNY is said to be making a recovery after an apparent aneurysm on the brain suffered last week. Mark Barie is recuperating in a Burlington hospital and a family spokesperson says a full recovery is expected. Tea Party leader making improvements » Local News » Press-Republican

City Sweepers Out...Geothermal Debated...Noise Law Too

The day you see the street sweeper out front is just about the best day of the year...Its a sure sign the winter is over and the dirt and grime of the long cold season is being cleaned up. Next step is when the crews from Seaway Gardens comes to clean the lot and get the planters ready. Tomorrow is a City Council meeting.....One interesting topic will be the release of findings on a study on geothermal heating and cooling of city buildings. I won't tip my hand here as the MSM has not seen the advance copy but it should be interesting as this is a key political as well as policy issue. The proposed noise law will also come to a vote, although different variations have also been privately discussed. A grant to DPAO for concert advertising and proposed monies for various social agencies are also likely to be discussed. Looming too is the proposed City budget, due to hit the street in two weeks.

Reba Fans Get a Preview Tonight Before Watertown Visit in July

Fans looking forward to July's Watertown concert by country music legend Reba McEntire can get a preview of her talent tonight at 8 on Channel 7 as Reba and Blake Shelton co-host the 46th Annual Country Music Awards. Reba is the headliner at a DPAO concert at the Duffy Fairgrounds this summer and is one of the most popular all-around country performers of all time.

WDT: Gillibrand Rips ICE Cops After Butterville Raid

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand says an alleged illegal alien shouldn't have to sit in a police patrol car with his dead father for hours on end....Senator Gillibrand says the tactics of so called ICE agents towards aliens is overdone. That may be Senator, but through skillful public relations these visiting workers have been dehumanized to the point, middle America doesn't care. As for the farmer at Butterville Farm in Henderson who was hassled by the jack-booted crowd...Well, that's the price you pay living in the Land of the Free. Fact is people clamor for law and order and for secure borders and we have put a passle of immigration cops on duty....One assumes they will round up some folks from time to time and send the appropriate message. What is ironic is that the Butterville farmers seem to be living the same life as those working there and all these agents storm in without any concept of who will do the scruffy work of tending to the cows while the government's dog and pony show plays out. Besides, when we give 'em a neat acronym like "ICE", shouldn't we expect 'em to be cold ? Watertown Daily Times ICE tactics spur debate