Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Fundraiser for the Rest of Us

Some events will never get publicity because of who holds them...Such is the case with Hospice fundraisers held at Iron Block Harley Davidson...Nonetheless I have been to two such events there this year...The latest was a Saturday night reception in the dealership museum.
I know when I held an event for the Zoo last year that raised $1100, the MSM wanted nothing to do with it...It's too bad there is such snobbery when it comes to doing something good...
Not everyone is part of a "major capital campaign" or gets pitched by the opinion makers for their check...
Kudos to Iron Block for trying to do some good even if their only recognition is on this humble blog.

Are You Ready For Some Lingerie Football ? Playoffs Tonight

Those left feeling empty with their team not making it to the Super Bowl can find some championship play this evening on MTV2....
Live from Jacksonville its the conference championships in the LFL....that's the Lingerie Football League.
The LA Temptations play the Chicago Bliss in the west....back east, it's the Tampa Breeze taking on the Philadelphia Passion....
Kickoff is at 6PM.....
Lingerie Football Playoffs In Jax Saturday - Sports News Story - WJXT Jacksonville

Fat Pensions Weigh Down Skelos Home County

Majority Leader Skelos need not look upstate to find reasons for fiscal woe...His home Nassau County is a good place to start since this past week the county lost control of its own fiscal management to a state watchdog.....
And who knows, Mr. Skelos may have gotten an X-ray at the Nassau Medical Center from radiologist Dr. Dvorah Balsam who is retired now on a public pension of $191,000 a year.
Rich pensions in poor Nassau County -

We Have a Charlie Sheen Size Addiction to the Narcotic of Government Jobs

Few areas are as fond of the notion of government as economic development as Jefferson County....Beneath all the yellow ribbons and "we support the troops" signs, is the knowledge that without government "investment", we would be as Spitzer called it, the Appalachia of the Northeast.
With that said, its hard for any of us who live here to publicly question the emerging orthodoxy in our society that you can't cut government because it will put people out of work.
More and more you here pining about you can't cut budgets because people will lose jobs. No kidding Sherlock...and thats why a poll this week showed 71% of New Yorkers love the Governor calling for cuts , but oppose the actual cuts....
The economist side of me knows the continued extraction of capital from the private sector is detrimental to real investment in ideas, people and the machinery of production.
But, I'd be among the first to enjoy seeing another brigade or two....or a big government agency be headquartered here....or just a mound of pork shoveled our way....It is for those in government the surefire and most controllable means of "economic development."
Grants, tax credits or just a flurry of earmarks....It all "creates" jobs....
And that brings me to my next point...The most frequent questions one gets are:
1. When is Watertown getting an Olive Garden ?
2. What are you doing to create jobs ?

The answers are "soon" and "I will lobby our legislators for more money."

Skelos: Some Upstate Counties Have Nothing Else

In a signal that prison closures will be a heavy lift for the GOP majority, Senate leader Dean Skelos says prisons are the only economic development there is in some upstate counties....Wow, that's a dire view of Upstate.
Mr. Skelos says cutting prisons must take economic impact into account, and that seems to make closing prisons difficult in rural areas. However small upstate facilities and ones where two facilities are in one spot may begin to look appealing.
The Governor has already, reportedly backed off on naming prisons in Tuesday's budget message.
State Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos: Prisons About Corrections AND Economic Development New York Daily News

NHL Star from NNY Looks to Hang Up Skates at Age 39

Long time NHL star and North Country native Craig Conroy is thought to be hanging up his skates at age 39, although for him the decision is proving to be difficult. Conroy is from Potsdam and is married to a Watertown woman (Jessica Costanzo of Pete's Restaurant fame). He has played in over 1000 games and has been by all accounts a competitive but classy addition to the league.
He should take pride in his career and enjoy retirement, perhaps considering a job in broadcasting.
Calgary Herald

Politics of Prisons Getting Awkward for New Governor

The notion that locking people up is not an upstate jobs program sounded good when the Governor uttered it in his State of the State Address, but the politics of prisons has reportedly forced Mr. Cuomo into a hasty retreat.
The NYT reports the Governor will steer clear of proposing closures in his budget message on Tuesday, instead leaving any cuts to be the subject of later negotiations with the Legislature.
This is an issue with a classic upstate/downstate split...Upstate counties have used prisons as economic anchors and downstate there is resentment local criminals are sent to an upstate Gulag away from families. Also there are three NYC prisons talked about for closure which run work release programs some think are important alternatives to incarceration.
So Tuesday's budget drama will be diminished if specific closures are not outlined.
In the closely divided Senate, one or two lawmakers will be able to leverage prison concerns, meaning a deal will be difficult but will certainly have to include downstate closures to make the "pain" saleable in upstate districts like the three Senate districts that touch parts of the North Country.
Interesting days ahead to be sure.
made a call to close some prisons

Friday, January 28, 2011

Lawmakers Outside Gigs Revealed

New York lawmakers often have second jobs and most are in law or real estate...Some 78 of the 212 Assembly members and Senators have no other job...
There are two lawmakers who list their other job as acting.
There is one who claims to be a lifeguard and another earns their living as a lottey winner.
New York Public Interest Research Group

Conservatives Owe Crazy Carl Big Time !

The NYS Conservative Party is meeting in Colonie this weekend and they owe Carl Paladino a prominent role...Despite his bumpy campaign, he saved the Conservative Party from extinction from drawing lots of votes to its line and giving Mike Long a lock on Line C for four years.
Mr. Paladino is an erratic candidate, but was the vessel for conservative values in 2010....
Mr. Long should give Crazy Carl a place at the podium !
Mark Steyn will be the featured speaker

Indiana Superintendent Gets NY Style Cashout

Newzjunky reports former Watertown Superintendent Warren Fargo is nearing the million mark...His $85K pension has been paid since 1999, and that doesn't include the fringes or the cost of the sign in front of the High School with his name on it.
Wayne superintendent's $1M retirement package creates storm The Indianapolis Star

Mayor Tries to Quash The Donalds Plan for Tavern on the Green

Tavern on the Green in New York's Central Park never reopened after the previous operators lost their franchise to another bidder...Then something must have gone awry and its now just a visitor's center...The Donald wants to open it as a restaurant and the Mayor says there are enough restaurants....
The Tavern is a landmark and while expensive, people go there as part of the tourist esperience...
I think a lot of this comes down to whether it will be unionized or not...Seems like most people don't want to pay the Ron McDougall rate for a hamburger.....
Mr. Trump should be allowed to restore the Tavern to a restaurant...And the Mayor shouldn't worry if there are too many eateries already.
Donald J. Trump’s plans to run Tavern on the Green

TV 7: Owens Will Co-Chair Northern Border Caucus

Everybody is loving Canada ! Rep. Bill Owens is forming a cross border caucus...last week Assemblywoman Russell hosted a tale of two cities conference in Kingston. I even have a Canadian flag flying over the pool table at Fort Pearl.
There are a lot of issues of mutual interest and sometimes a dialogue helps prevent stupid policies...Anyone helping improve relations gets a kudo.
Owens Will Co-Chair Northern Border Caucus WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for Watertown, NY North Country Politics

TV 7:: Tax Law Could Create Headaches For Small Business Owners

One of the more reviled aspects of Obamacare is a provision that has little to do with health care...It requires people like me to become IRS agents by issuing 1099 forms to any vendor I spend more than $600 with...
Who are the people who think this is a good idea...The people who really don't know what a 1099 is...that's who..The people who have never had to make a payroll and juggle the tax bill against the Grid bill until business picks up....
Now all the pols...even the Dems say this should be repealed...Well, why vote for it in the first place ?
Let's see 1099's for Grid, Verizon,Sam's Club, Renzi's, Doldo, Eagle, Missert, Southern Liquor, Empire Liquor,City of Watertown (water and sewer), my plow guy, Seaway Sales, Smith Restaurant and probably a bunch more...Now the liquor and beer companies already have to report what I buy from them...Now maybe I can report the same thing about them....
Feedback: Tax Law Could Create Headaches For Small Business Owners WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for Watertown, NY Local News

Cuomo Using Executive Mansion to Welcome Legislators -

Governor Cuomo is using an old techinique to get things done in the capital. He is entertaining legislators at the Victorian era Executive Mansion on Eagle Street.....The use of hospitality is juxtaposed to the dueling press conference techiniques of the modern era.
The Governor gets lawmakers on his a little history lesson about the house he spent his younger years in when his dad was Governor....Then he chats them up on budget effect softening them up for what they will find is tough news on Tuesday.
In the end, legislators will be hard pressed not to back the interests of their districts, but Mr. Cuomo's approach shows he knows how to use the trappings of the office...That's something the cold Eliot Spitzer...the detached George Pataki...and the bumbling David Paterson had trouble doing.
Andrew Cuomo enjoys a 71% approval rating in the Marist Poll released yesterday...He will need to use that political capital and every other technique at his disposal in the weeks ahead.
Cuomo Using Executive Mansion to Welcome Legislators -

Newzjunky - Rep. Owens Keeps Mum on Mercy, Says Long-Term Senior Care Is a 'Huge Issue'

In his campaigns for Congress, Rep. Bill Owens has been enthusiastically supported by senior health care and hospital officials from this area and Thursday they hosted him with a tour of the newly renovated Samaritan Medical Center. The show and tell was overshadowed by the fate Mercy Healthcare which is slated for closure in 2013. Mr. Owens did not address that issue but instead talked about long term care and ObamaCare legislation he supported in 2009.
Newzjunky - Rep. Owens Keeps Mum on Mercy, Says Long-Term Senior Care Is a 'Huge Issue'

Gov. Cuomo Eyeing Six or More Prisons..Three in the Big Apple

The interesting thing in this story is that there are state prisons in Manhattan....Two facing possible closure along with another one in the Bronx...All with high vacancy rates and in tight budget times tempting targets for closure...
The NY Post reports six or more state prisons may be slated for closure in the budget to be unveiled on Tuesday.
Governor Cuomo has already said prisons should not exist merely to employ people....Agreed, and any hopes of closing several upstate prisons will likely hinge on the fate of NYC prisons....You can bet the Mayor and the local Assembly members and Senators will be lobbying to keep those jobs, whether or not the facilities make sense.
The factors that will be looked at should include utilization and cost per inmate.
This will be an interesting week ahead.
Gov. Cuomo eyeing three state prisons in New York City for closure -

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sheen Doubles Down

Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen was off to the hospital today following a party with porn stars and a "suitcase" of cocaine....
Gotta love this "war on drugs" that says its ok for celebrities to partake while its no way Jose when poor folks use such drugs.....
Heading the "A" list with Charlie was adult film star Kacey Jordon... Never heard of her before today...but I am sure her DVDs are available at the High Life.
It's amazing that local stations that carry Sheen's show, will routinely bloviate on their newscasts about the evils of drugs.

TV 7: North Country War Chests Small

While Jude didn't report it, let me say for the record my treasurer tells me I have $1170 in the kitty, left over from the previous cycle...As for worrying about Senator Aubertine's war chest...No one in the MSM every worried about the GOP team over the years and where their money went...As for controls on it...Hey it was donated for use by the campaign...How its used doesn't need to be regulated....Where it comes from is to me the issue.
Any kind of analysis of last year's donors is an eye opener that the news hounds never really like to delve into. want to see some war chests, go to Long Island....and check out some of those 'Chairman's Accounts' the bosses use....
Few Limits on How Former Legislators Spend Remaining Campaign Funds WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for Watertown, NY North Country Politics

Blankenbush on the Budget

Assemblyman Ken Blankenbush says he was not one of those who visited the Governor's mansion to hear about the budget.
Mr. B. said the minority lawmakers were not invited.
In an exclusive interview this evening at Pete's, the Assemblyman told me he wants Governor Cuomo to put the hammer down.
"The Governor has been speaking in general terms of late, but he has been on target about cutting spending...Actually I like his idea about consolidating agencies in Albany," the Assemblyman opined.
"If he is going to cut prisons, then he ought to cut them across the state, not just north of the Thruway," he said.
Mr. Blankenbush goes back to the capital on Monday, in time for Mr. Cuomo's budget message on Tuesday.

WDT: Owens Warns of "Shared Pain"

Another North Country lawmaker is softening us up with talk of "pain". Congressman Bill Owens chose the local hospital to talk about pain. What better place ?
Just get it all over with...Let's see what this pain is all about.....Because if we can afford a couple of wars, a jet setting chief executive, federal salaries way into six digits....and spending $1.5 trillion ahead of revenue...that's not pain.
There's not enough demerol in the pantry at SMC to dull the pain needed to correct this mess.
Watertown Daily Times Owens warns of 'shared pain' to come

Winter is Winter Here...But Media Armegeddon Elsewhere

The last two winters, it seems the East Coast has gotten the worst of it compared to us. NYC and DC can go through the winter without much of anything, but there are lots of storms of late.....Of course it may just seem worse because the cable news nets are infatuated with weather stories...especially when all they have to do is walk outside to file their report.
We are used to dealing with the point where one HOTLINE caller tells me on clear days, state plows can be seen going back and forth on bare roads.....
Heck, we don't even have a permanent full time weather person on TV and yet we carry on.....
Remember when we were kids and you learned what the weather would be by waking up and looking out the window ?
Nowadays every weather event is a big production....Mayors are on the streets of major cities Twittering their observations....while other mayors like Mike Bloomberg are hoping for spring so their legacy isn't ruined by Mother Nature.
Buses halted, airports shut as new storm packs more than a foot of snow -

"Oh The Humanity"-Lawmakers Leave Mansion Aghast

We are being teed up for next Tuesday's budget debut....Addie Russell leaves breakfast at the mansion telling the MSM there are no "sacred cows," when we all know there are...And Senator Joe Griffo leaves the confab and says it will be "breathtakingly bad."
Wait a minute...This is a $150 B operation that may have to be cut by $10 B.....Even if that's true that's like a $150,000 family income going to $140K...Nobody likes a cut, but its still a good salary and hardly breathtakingly bad.
Let's take a deep breath here...There will be "non tax" revenue schemes like WIGS or a 10 cent bottle deposits. There will be some fiscal sleight of hand moves and enhanced enforcement of this and that. So there will be new money.....And what organization or system doesn't have 6% to be saved through better management and strategic cuts ?
I know in the context of a public sector budget, the public has to hear the fear-of-God speeches first, but I see this "crisis" as a great opportunity to achieve meaningful changes in the structure of government and delivery of programs....But Andrew has lawmakers running out of the mansion looking like the poor soul in Edvard Munch' famous painting "The Scream."
It's a hoot Andy...Keep it up.
Utica Daily News - Local and national news for Utica, The Mohawk Valley and Central New York. - Griffo warns budget cuts likely to sting

Dinner Held in Honor of Retiring Urban Mission Executive Director

A large crowd was at Trinity Church last night for a retirement dinner for Mary Morgan, who ran the Watertown Urban Mission and has been a long time worker for the disadvantaged.
I was pleased to present her with a City coin, the 100th presented for community service since we began the program.
Newzjunky - Dinner Held in Honor of Retiring Urban Mission Executive Director

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

TV 7 Launches Political Blog

Former WDT scribe and Notre Dame grad Jude Seymour debuted his political blog today....It's called North Country Politics.
Since Jude is now the Liz of Watertown, I have placed his link on my favorites list right below Ms. Benjamin.
WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for Watertown, NY North Country Politics

Bears Fan in Chief Has to Grovel to Cheeseheads at Wisconsin Photo Op

President Obama had to go to the Badger State today and utter his congratulations for the Packers for their 21-14NFC Championship win over his beloved Chicago Bears. Mr. Obama was in Wisconsin to visit factories as folo up to his State of the Union message last night.
The President had been swaggering last week about going to Dallas for the big game if the Bears won.
In Wis., Obama congratulates Green Bay on NFC win

State of the Union 2011: Obama says this is our 'Sputnik' moment

Sputnik was a humbling experience at the height of the Cold War when we were fearful of Communist hegemony enveloping our Ozzie and Harriet lifestyle. It was the prelude to going to the Moon....It's not the same as working up the courage to raise the retirement age to 70 or cut popular programs.
Sputnik is about as pertinent to today as blue suede shoes and Hula Hoops.
State of the Union 2011: Obama says this is our 'Sputnik' moment Mail Online

WDT: Pain is a Bagel to Some....To Me the Pain Threshold is Higher

Fruit and bagels were called an "austere" breakfast as lawmakers were summoned to the Executive Mansion to get softened up for the proposed budget...Assemblywoman Addie Russell chirped about the menu after attending the event she called positive and informative.
I have a sort of 'get it over with' view of this budget...."Pain" is such a relative term....To some, paying 5% of their health insurance premium is extraordinary pain...For others pain is seeing the business they worked to build crumble under New York's tax and regulatory climate.
Meanwhile, the State's competance was in view again today in the mail. I got a cigarette permit I paid for a year and a half ago...There is still a restraining order preventing the state from collecting the massive fee increases passed in 2009.....I paid them the last two cycles because I was not fully aware of the TRO. The state went on billing for and collecting the $1000 to $5000 fees instead of the old $100 fee. What a dope I am.
Anyway, how come the MSM doesn't report on these fee increases passed two years ago but still stayed...What's going on in the court and why can't government lawyers get this dismissed ? Or is the court concurring that the fee increases were gouging ?
For big chains who sell cigarettes, if two years of inflated fees are billed retroactively, it could be huge....And as I have said before...if the State is billing for a fee they lack the legal authority to collect...where's the Attorney General's office that last week was worried about the price of taxi rides from Syracuse Airport to Fort Drum ?
Watertown Daily Times Cuomo prepares Democrats for painful budget discussions

Sen. Kruger Wants To Ban Chatting On Cell Phones While Crossing StreetCBS New York

Wheewww! What a relief...I thought the Governor had successfully distracted our state lawmakers from their usual regimen to start talking about some kind of fiscal apocolypse Mr Cuomo says is looming...
Then I read a prominent long time senator from Brooklyn is proposing a new law to regulate people walking while on the phone or listening to an I-pod.
We all saw the lady fall into the fountain and I guess somebody in NYC got flattened while crossing the street listening to music.
So we need a new law....more tickets...more nanny state !
Senator Karl Kruger proves he has been there too long with this type of headline grabbing, but inane proposal.
He should contact Assemblyman Felix Ortiz for sponsorship in Assembly.
Sen. Kruger Wants To Ban Chatting On Cell Phones While Crossing StreetCBS New York

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Action On and In Court on this Tuesday Night

Drama on and in the court...Tonight Syracuse University endured a thoroughly humiliating 90-68 loss to unranked Seton Hall....And it happened in the Dome, the site of a loss to Villanova on Saturday.
In the Illinois Supreme Court today, the seven justices agreed to hear Rahm Emanuel's appeal of a lower court ruling tossing him from the Chicago mayoral ballot over a dispute on residency. Look for the court to reinstate Emanuel as the panel that sacked Rahm may have looked more at politics than the law according to our resident attorney....Larry from Prague.
And finally, a pair of cocktail waitresses want their day in court after being fired for not looking good enough to work in a NYC night spot....While I think club owners can set whatever mood they want, these two girls are gorgeous and are welcome to work anywhere in Watertown without fear of having their appearance questioned.
Boom Boom Room cocktail waitresses claim Standard canned them for lacking 'runway model' looks

Obama Speech Falls Flat...Just Nothing New to Say

President Obama spoke for over an hour and his most memorable line was a joke about smoked salmon....The State of the Union Speech fell flat as the orator President who soared in Tucson generally failed to deliver in front of Congress and the Nation.
The audience was not the distraction it usually is due to mixed seating between the parties and Mr. Obama did call for a less partisan approach....He did not accept the need for smaller and less expensive government. The deficit was passed over in favor of a pep talk on American exceptionalism...without calling it that...
The President did call for an end to earmarks and pledged to work with Congress on reforms...but not repeal...of his health care bill.
In keeping with the new mood, there was less partisan feel to the event and Mr. Obama was not confrontational, although he did signal a desire to eliminate the tax breaks for the wealthy that were extended in the recent lame duck session.
All in all , a speech too long.
Obama to Propose Extending Partial Freeze on Domestic Spending -

Study: Men Are Distracted by Attractive News Anchors

Researchers at the University of Indiana have discovered male television viewers are distracted by attractive female news readers. Hence, Jamie Colby and Megyn Kelly on FOX.
This is not a revelation by any means, but it should be a factor in TV 7's pending selection of a weather person...Or so I think.
Study: Men are distracted by attractive news anchors Poynter.

Man Axed for wearing Green Bay Packers Tie

A man was fired from his sales job at a Chicago Chevy dealership was fired yesterday for wearing a Packers tie to work and refusing to take it off when asked to by his manager. The dealership confirms the details of the event. The salesman says he was honoring his late grandmother who was a Green Bay fan....Management says the dealership has advertising ties to the Bears, who lost the NFC title game to the Pack on Sunday.
(As overbearing as management can be in this line of work, the salesman was wrong. Why alienate potential customers who are grieving over the Bears ?)
Man fired for wearing Green Bay Packers tie: Oak Lawn car salesman honors late grandmother, celebrates win and is fired - WGN

Tax Cap Debate Underway...But Governor's Plan Has Wide Support

Debate over the tax cap proposed by the Governor is already underway, with some saying its not a good idea because it will not reduce property taxes and could increase them...
The cap purports to limit property tax hikes to 2% or the rate of inflation whichever is less. The Cuomo cap also excludes from the calculations capital expenditures and legal settlements....These are potentially large loopholes.
Others favor what they are calling a circuit breaker approach, but the Governor has an impressive lineup of people and groups supporting the cap...
It may not be all its billed, but most people view it at least as a symbolic stab at New York's spending dilemma.
What's left out of the debate is that so many communities have off-loaded the expense of government on other revenue sources like sales tax. Therefore a discussion of property taxes is confusing as it manifests itself differently in different taxing jurisdictions.
Quid pro quo and a tax cap - Times Union

Nursery-school musical chairs ?

In Albany, the Senate yesterday was in a lather over seating arrangements with Democrats angry the new majority leader allowed four renegade Democrats to sit together.....Its a 'dis' to Minority Leader Sampson, they say...
Good grief.
Nursery-school musical chairs: Argument over seating arrangement breaks out in state Senate

President's Speech a Hit Before It's Given

President Barack Obama's State of the Union Address is already being praised before he has spoken...I was watching Morning Joe ,where the host is filling the void left by the departure of uber-liberal Keith Olbermann. Joe Scarborough has found a new MSNBC whipping boy in Rep.Michele Bachmann, who will deliver a Tea Party response to SOTU in addition to the traditional GOP response from Rep. Paul Ryan, a Wisconsin budget hawk.
I have always thought the response speeches are dumb...The President is the president and his message is Constitutionally required...Anything else always looks small by comparison.
Morning Joe spent much time mocking Bachmann and condemned her violence-oriented rhetoric. (She once said Americans should be armed and dangerous in their opposition to cap and trade).
Liberal lap dogs Andrea Mitchell and Eugene Robinson were there as the left's amen corner.
The speech will be soaring and transformational....That's the conclusion the media has come to without watching it. So why watch it ? And certainly there is no reason to watch the responses from Ryan and Bachmann.
The new narrative is that Mr. Obama is rising again in popularity and this speech will buttress that argument. It's all about optics and the sorry substance of our fiscal situation will be lost in talk of America investing in the jobs of the future, as if spending more will do anything...
For Barack Obama, a new effort to connect - Carol E. Lee -

WDT: Rally Behind Governor's Message

Perry underscores a point made here often when he says there has not been a peep of public protest over the closing of a long standing yogurt plant in North Lawrence while the closing of a prison in O-burg prompted trips to Albany, sign making and letter writing on the part of a host of people.
There is a connection to be made to Governor Cuomo's expected pain agenda to be unveiled next week, because if a prison in NNY is on the cutting block again, there will be disproportionate howling when in fact its the size of government and its cost that is sending cheese plants to other states.
"New York has no future as the tax capital of America," Mr. Cuomo has said....Very soon we will see how many people agree with him.
Watertown Daily Times Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York

Monday, January 24, 2011

A Senator's Message: Keep Hope Alive!

In the waning hours of my day of wearing a Steeler's jersey, I took time to read the essay on Jet-dom written by avid Gang Green face, State Senator Daniel Squadron of Brooklyn.
Senator Squadron epitomizes the long term frustration rooting for the team New Yorkers spurn....But this year, the JETS hung in there nearly to the end and the TV ratings showed America is warming to the hapless JETS...Record ratings for the last two playoff games.
After my wager, I made good on my deal and at midnight will remove Big Ben's jersey and return it to Shootie...And wait till the season starts again in September.
A senator's message: Keep hope alive! - Jets Blog - ESPN New York

Rahm Scrambles to Stay on Ballot After Appeals Court Boots Him

The question may be, who owns the Illinois Supreme Court ? Former White House Chief of Staff and ex-Congressman Rahm Emanuel is being tossed from the mayoral ballot by a three judge panel of appeals court judges.
They say he has not met the residency requirement to run for mayor......He says his job in DC was special and that service to his President precludes his lack of residency.
The city Board of Elections ruled in Emanuel's favor....But now...with ballots being printed...Mr Emaniel is asking the state's highest court to cut him some slack.
There is a lot of muscle on Rahm's side...not the least of which is the Presidency.
He clearly did not live in the Windy City as his house was rented out.....But it's hard to imagine the removal will hold.
Clout St: Emanuel asks Illinois Supreme Court for emergency stay

Draco....Was He Such a Bad Guy ?

Time to get to know the guy whose name will be evoked so often in the MSM during the coming budget debates.
Draco (lawgiver) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

OJ: SLC Officials Bracing For Worst Administrator Expects Cuts When Gov. Cuomo Releases Budget Proposal

While local officials "brace" for the impact of the Governor's budget, the rest of us echo a recent phrase from the sports world...."CAN'T WAIT !"
There will be a litany of news accounts prepping us for calamity...then stories confirming the worst and rallying us to the defense of government.
School superintendents will be blubbering on camera....Mayors wincing...County poobahs sighing....And the MSM will sing the chorus with a peppering of words like "dire" and "Draconian."
It's like they know who Draco was.
The Journal SLC Officials Bracing For Worst Administrator Expects Cuts When Gov. Cuomo Releases Budget Proposal

State Senate Minority Leader John Sampson Offers Up What He Didn't When He Was in Majority

Football season is over, so back to the state budget....Senate Democrats are busy pushing not just a property tax cap but also what they say is a moratorium on unfunded mandates.....That sounds good, but Senator Sampson's caucus is not in charge of anything and no specific legislation has been drafted.
There will be a lot of bloviating this spring as people not normally known for austerity find religion....Keep a hand on your wallet anyway....
The President's State of the Union Address tomorrow will set off the latest rhetorical volly in DC as Mr. Obama will talk about investing in jobs and the Republican's talk about deficits, but nobody really does anything....
Let's see how much of the President's Deficit Reduction Panel's findings are kicked to the curb....I bet a lot of them and with that any chance of controlling the deficit much less eliminating it.
I don't see a lot in Albany either...They will scramble for quick money with things like WIGS but will not take the tough steps like pension reform.
Some marginal improvements may occur...but if you are looking for "radical" change like the Governor said...don't look to Albany.
Maybe I am just in a cranky mood after the JETS loss.
State Senate Minority Leader John Sampson Channels Jimmy McMillan On Taxes New York Daily News

Trying to Be a Good Sport in Trying Times

Part of making a bet is honoring it...and rather than wager chicken wings or Hershey chocolate, I put my dignity on the line in my wager with Shootie's owner Steve Romig.
I promised to wear a number 7 Steelers jersey if my JETS lost the AFC Championship Game. The Steelers won the Sunday game 24-19 and Steve was at Fort Pearl shortly with the shirt he wanted me to wear.
This is Shootie's seventh Super Bowl for his beloved home state favorites...The JETS are vying with chronic losers like the Cubs for mediocrity....Its now been 42 years since Joe Namath led them to the big dance.
I will wear the Roethlisberger shirt at City Hall Petes for dinner and when I work tonight at Fort Pearl.
Next time I will just wager some chicken wings.

Brrrrrrr....That Was a Cold One !

Temperatures dropped like a stone overnight clocking in a -29 in Watertown and temperatures pushing 40 below in places like Theresa and Glenfield.
After a warm winter last year, this year is typical of winters we all know with these brief descents into frigid cold.
North Country residents rebounded quickly and were out this morning on their appointed rounds. And the turning point in on the horizon....The halfway point...better known as Groundhog Day on February 2.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Congrats to Steelers as JETS Rally But Fall a Little Short

We made it respectable with a strong second half, but the JETS season ended today with a 24-19 loss in Pittsburgh to the Steelers.
The JETS trailed by 24 late in the first half, but dominated the second half with the exception of a goal line stand by the Steelers that denied us a needed touchdown.
It was fun and some Steeler fans were here and all had a great time.
Congratulations to Shootie and the rivalry on Pearl Street was fun for all.
Its on to a Steeler-Packer Super Bowl and I am sure it will be a great game.

Steelers Dominate First Half

A lackluster first half for the JETS and it sure looks grim for Gang Green's propects of ending a 41 year Super Bowl absence.
We will see if Rex can regroup for the second half.

Bar Owner to Cook Bear....

A St. Paul Minnesota sports bar owner is roasting a bear to show his desire to see the Chicago Bears lose today's NFC Championship game....The state wouldn't allow him to serve the bear meat....probably not in keeping with the nation's desire for less rancor and more decorum.
Instead, customers are allowed to be photographed with the cooking bear and the meat will go to a private house party where the State of Minnesota has no jurisdiction over what you eat.
NFL Playoffs: Minnesota bar plans to roast bear for NFC Championship Game - ESPN Chicago

Let's Go Pets! Jet Fan Dyes Pooch Green for Big Day

Long Islands resident Debra Calleia took her Maltese to a pet salon for a dye job....Just one of the dedicated fans rooting for the JETS to make it to their second Super Bowl.
Fans of all stripes are grabbing their Terrible Towels...Cheese Heads...and Bear memorabilia for today's games.....
Have fun and be safe this afternoon and evening !
Let's Go Pets! Jets fan dies dog green -

Ryan and Sanchez Won't Make Me Wear That Shirt Tomorrow

Bitter cold is in the forecast, but this Sunday is a great day to gather with others to watch what should be a couple of great conference playoff games....My friend and neighbor Shootie (Steve Romig) stopped in last night to let me know he has a Steelers shirt for me to wear on Monday, should he win our friendly bet...I told him I would wear the jersey in my duties on Monday if the JETS lost in Heinz Field tonight.
It's a great time to gather with friends or make new friends.
While I obviously would like folks to watch the games on the three large hi-def screens at Fort Pearl, there are lots of small neighborhood spots to enjoy the game the way it used to be. The big raucous corporate bars may be in vogue, but the value, commaderie, and stool right near the screen you find in the neighborhood tavern is a bit of Americana would cherishing.
Shooties, Arties, BJ's, Colesante's, Seth's, Time Warp....Just a few of those old style neighborhood taverns where the Revolution was born and for over two centuries Americans have gathered to hoist a cold one and cheer their team on.
Ryan and Sanchez won't let Jets' journey end here -