Saturday, January 22, 2011

YNN: AFC title game stirs friendly rivalry between bars

Sunday's rivalry between Steeler haven, Shooties Tavern, and JETS home, Fort Pearl was featured today on YNN....Thanks to Time Warner for the shout out. Click to the story to see the video.....
AFC title game stirs friendly rivalry between bars - YNN, Your News Now

Cuomo’s JETS Bet

Governor Cuomo and PA Governor Tom Corbett have placed their perfunctory wagers on tomorrow's AFC Championship game between the Steelers and JETS. Each is pledging to send the other a basket of their state's indigenous products. Governor Corbett would send Hershey's chocolate &Philly cheese steaks...
Should the unthinkable happen, Andy would send New York's top products....debt and dysfunction.
Cuomo’s Jets Bet

Cuomo Administration: Don't Feed Bears

I don't know what's worse...a state that feels they have to tell us this or a populace that needs to be told....
In any event, in the interest of safety for you all we pass on the State's warning this week about feeding Black Bears.
DEC To New Yorkers: Don’t Feed The Black Bears Politics on the Hudson

Cats Sitting With Dogs...Gillibrand and Schumer Chuck Partisan Seating

Our US Senators are heeding the call to spurn the long standing, but somewhat juvenile partisan seating during the State of the Union Address.
Senator Gillibrand will pair her seating with South Dakota's John Thune....While Senator Schumer will sit with Oklahoma's Tom Coburn.
Tradition is the parties sit together and cheer while the other party does not and vice-versa.
Minor bit of symbolism...but good for them.
Capitol Confidential » Musical chairs: Gillibrand and Schumer nab seats with Republicans

Keith Olbermann out at MSNBC

A gaping void in the lives of libs this weekend as liberal Joan of Arc, Keith Olbermann was sent packing by the Peacock Network.
Last night's surprise announcement ended the eight years of the MSNBC evening centerpiece "Countdown".
It looks like Olbermann was canned, although the network's statement was typical "we wish him well" boilerplate.
Olbermann used to work as a sports reporter and anchor at ESPN before quitting to get into politics.
Keith Olbermann out at MSNBC -

Newzjunky:- Russell, Graham Work to Strengthen North Country-Ontario Ties

Here is Newzjunky coverage of the trip to Kingston.
Newzjunky - Russell, Graham Work to Strengthen North Country-Ontario Ties

CKWS: Coverage of Kingston Trip

Thanks to our friends at CKWS for covering the joint meeting yesterday between people from Watertown and Kingston discussing promoting cross border travel and commerce.
Meanwhile the WDT reports today that traffic over the Thousand Islands Bridge is at a four year high,likely an indication of shopper traffic.
Recent sales tax data also seems to buttress the notion that Canadian shoppers are taking advantage of better exchange rates.
CKWS Television Station - Kingston Ontario

Friday, January 21, 2011

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Mayors Bloomberg and Ravenstahl are getting in the swing of Sunday's big showdown between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New York JETS.
I wore my Revis jersey out tonight and got a good response...Only saw one Steeler fan...
Its going to be colder than cold this weekend, so what better thing to do than come to Fort Pearl for the game !
Are You Ready For Some Football?

Great Time in Kingston, Reestablishing Bonds Between Both Sides of the Border

Business and community leaders from Watertown and Kingston, Ontario held a productive visit today to explore ways the two communities can work together to promote each other's attractions.
Kingston Mayor Mark Garretsen and Assemblywoman Addie Russell hosted the gathering that included lunch and a view of the history that binds us.
In particular it was agreed to establish a presence at each city's farmer's market, as well as work for joint commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812.
Kingston is a vibrant city of 117,000 people and home to Queen's University and the Royal Military College. The historic city was once the nation's capital and its historic City Hall is itself a tourist attraction.
Watertown and the Thousand Islands are popular destinations for many Canadians, particular shoppers taking advantage of favorable exchange rates on currency.
Many ideas were exchanged. In particular ways to assure the public border crossing is not a onerous as some fear in the post 9/11 era. Travelers now need a passport, enhanced drivers license or special border crossing card....They are available with little hassle, but many still do not have them.
A similar meeting in Watertown is planned for later this year.

‘Short-Term Pain’ For ‘Long-Term Gain’

Do you think he is just kidding ? Just saying we are in dire shape fiscally just to get our attention.....Governor Cuomo was in Poughkeepsie yesterday giving Mid-Hudson New Yorkers "The Speech".
The Governor also is not commenting on reports he plans to propose the laying off of up to 15,000 state workers.
While there is outrage in the MSM over layoffs, believe it or not there are many people who look at reports of these cuts and say "good."
These are the people who own or work in small business and whose outlook is not skewed by being married to a teacher. They probably voted for Crazy Carl and don't get quoted in the the news media.
These are people who have gotten used to dealing with the "pain" of doing business in the nation's Tax Mecca.
They are decent, compassionate people who certainly don't wish ill will on anyone, but they have seen their own ranks decimated and can't work up the requisite crocodile tears over an overhaul of state government.
New York's business owners have felt their ears perk up as Andrew Cuomo talks tough...But so far its talk and we will see what the real agenda is in a couple of weeks. Governor Cuomo has asked the state to reserve judgement on his plan until its released.
We should provide him that courtesy.
‘Short-Term Pain’ For ‘Long-Term Gain’

WDT: New Army Brass Welcomed.

Fort Drum's new commanders made lots of friends this week by appearing at various community events including a reception sponsored by the local AUSA chapter. Brigadier General Harry Miller is commanding the post while the bulk of the 10th Mountain Division and Major General James Terry is deployed.
Col. Noel Nicolle is the new garrison commander.
Gen Miller is a Pittsburgh native and a big Steelers fan, but he was warmly received anyway.
Watertown Daily Times New Fort Drum commanders welcomed

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Oh Canada...Get Out the Passport and Head North

Am looking forward to a long overdue visit to Kingston, Ontario on Friday...A roundtable discussion on trade organized in part by our Assemblywoman Addie Russell will bring lots of people over the border to participate.
We are so close to Canada, yet in our day to day dealings we are remote...It will be good to underscore the importance we have to each other and the appreciation we have for all the visitors to NNY by our "neighbors to the North."

Obama Birth: Hawaii Gov. Says Proof of President's Birth Certificate Exists But Hasn't Produced the Document - ABC News

He is the President...duly elected in a competitive process in which everyone could participate....Those opposed to President Obama or those seeking to make him a one-termer need to get over this birther stuff...Its too easily used by the Obama camp to generate sympathy for him...
Beat him on the merits and quit thinking he will be tossed on a technicality...
Just for the record.....a certified copy of my birth certificate from Santa Clara County, CA is in my desk at City Hall and anyone wishing to examine it is welcome to stop by.
As for Mr. Obama, I accept his legitimacy based on his election....The time to make that case was in 2008...Not now.
Obama Birth: Hawaii Gov. Says Proof of President's Birth Certificate Exists But Hasn't Produced the Document - ABC News
Went to AUSA reception and then to Petes where I had dinner with Mike and Jackie Schell....

Obama; If the Bears Win, I Am There (at the Super Bowl)

I know his poll numbers are up, so I shouldn't say this....The President's self indulgence was on display yesterday when he declared that if the Chicago Bears win the NFC Championship Game on Sunday, he...the President of the United States.....will go to Dallas for the Super Bowl.
It would be the first such visit and maybe its a guy thing but there is a tremendous cost to such a trip and it places Mr. Obama front and center in the nation's premier sports event.
Presidents have already pushed their way in the door with "news" interviews they grant to the network covering the game. This year FOX' Bill O'Reilly does the honors of a softball interview.
Mr. Obama is a guy who enjoys sports...He should not big foot his way into the game just because his hometown team is playing.....For his sake, let's hope the Packers win on Sunday for the right to play the JETS.
Obama: President Obama says he'd join Bears at Super Bowl -

State Conservative Party's Michael Long praises Gov. Cuomo's fiscal agenda

The Left may have reason to worry if people like Conservative Party chair Mike Long and his resurgent party begin a push to back the policies of Governor Andrew Cuomo....The party that moved back to Line C by backing Carl Paladino for Governor is readying a push in support of Cuomo's expected austerity measures.
What will the state's other growing minor party do ? The far left Working Families Party, which grudgingly endorsed Cuomo in order to survive, may be on the sidelines for the coming debate.
One flash point for Cuomo and Long will be marriage equality, but that issue will likely be subordinate to fiscal matters for the time being.
State Conservative Party's Michael Long praises Gov. Cuomo's fiscal agenda

Cuomo Considers Cutting Up to 15,000 State Jobs -

The number of jobs under the Executive Branch has declined by over 40,000 over the past eleven years...So what's the problem ? Well, Governor Cuomo reportedly wants to whach 15,000 jobs this year.....The reason the decline of the past decade is not a decline is what the NYT calls "the state's tangled web of public authorities". These operate outside the Governor's direct supervision and may finally start to be scrutinized.
Cuts in the number of employees in government will be blasted by some in a time of private sector job contraction, but it's that very growth in the public sector that is the reason the private sector has struggled.
Let's see what this Governor wants to do.....
Cuomo Considers Cutting Up to 15,000 State Jobs -

General Brown Grad Rejected for Super Bowl Ad

Brownville lass and adult film star Savanna Samson will not appear in a Super Bowl commercial....A Seattle newspaper reports a company called has had its spots featuring one of our own has been rejected as too racy. is a company that facilitates extra marital affairs.
Samson had graduated from her film career to running her own wine company. While promoting adultery is not the best thing to be hawking during the Super Bowl, Ms. Samson could certainly be a great spokesperson for wine in supermarkets.
Here's the Super Bowl commercial Fox won't let you see

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

TV 7 Says Goodbye to Rick DeFranco...We Wonder What's Ahead

Praise was lavished on a really nice guy in broadcasting...TV 7 weathercaster Rick DeFranco gave his final look at the weather today before heading off to "pursue his dreams" in Montana. Word is he met a lady on a cruise and is moving there to be with her. Great for him...he's a good guy and deserves whatever good life can bring.
Our little poll here shows people would like a fresh out-of-market face to do the weather in the years to come. It will be interesting to see what happens.
Saying Farwell to Rick DeFranco WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for Watertown, NY Local News

Pearl Street Challenge as Shootie Names His Stakes

In a meeting chronicled by YNN, Steve Romig (Shootie) and I met at his Pearl Street tavern to set the stakes for Sunday's AFC Championship Game.
If the JETS Win, He flies the green banner on his bar for a week...If the Steelers win, I have to wear a Pittsburgh jersey to City Hall on Monday....I assume he is supplying it as I sure don't have one sitting around.
High stakes, especially for me, but I am confident I will be wearing a dress shirt and tie on Monday night as Gang Green will win...I say it will be big..31-13.
Shootie is a PA native and a longtime Steeler fan. I have been cheering for the JETS for years.
Sunday night its the showdown on Pearl Street...So skip the usual sports bars and take sides on our block.

Newzjunky - Ritchie Job Creation Plan Passes State Senate

Isn't this a one-house bill ?....much like when Assemblyman Ortiz passes a ban on table salt in the Assembly knowing it will never become law.
There are some good proposals in the Ritchie sponsored bill, but anyone who has followed Albany knows the game......Don't get me wrong...I am not against the Senator or the majority caucus raising proposals, but the kind of thing enacted will be the result of the Governor proposing something and leaning on his party's majority caucus in the Assembly.
Call me cynical, but these press releases likely won't pass muster with a skeptical public. Surely ex newsman Reagen knows that, and I suspect he spiked a few of these in his day.
But like I said, I don't blame anyone for airing their views in this way, and as a reward I will post the video link of Ms. Ritchie.
Newzjunky - Ritchie Job Creation Plan Passes State Senate

Looks for WIGS To Rise Again

A liquor store owning friend of mine called a lawmaker to ask what is going to happen with WIGS (wine in grocery stores). The issue is not whether it happens but whether liquor store owners get some kind of soft landing provision in whatever is proposed.
Anyway, my friend was told the governor has a new guy chairing his panel on "small business."
The guys last name is Wegman.
Guess that answers the question.

It’s All Relative, Gubernatorial Bonus Edition

There's some good money in politics, so taking a 5% cut is not all that hard...Read on.
It’s All Relative, Gubernatorial Bonus Edition

WDT: "Wife and Former Miss NY" | Jessica Renzi joins staff at Ritchie's office in city

Wait a minute.....she's in her 30's and very bright at politics and this article identifies Jessica Renzi in the opening graf as "wife of" David Renzi, and later in the article points out she is a former beauty queen.
Incidentally, just as there is no such thing as a former Marine, there are no former beauty queens...its a moniker you always carry. In fact, I read on her Facebook page she never leaves the house without her "war paint," a reference to her affinity for beauty and glamor.
But, in this day and age....long after newspapers stopped referring to women as Mrs. John Doe, the Renzi lass should not be identified solely as wife of somebody else. Especially, when the someone else lost an election....Hey that wasn't her fault.
I would have referred to her as long time political hack and gadfly Jessica Renzi.....My goodness...on her blog she calls herself a 'big hair-loving, scatterbrained domestic diva and political junky.'

Congratulations, Ms. Renzi.
PS-Call the Hotline.
Watertown Daily Times Jessica Renzi joins staff at Ritchie's office in city

Tucson shooting: Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' House Seat , What's Next ?

Given what happened to her and her unclear prospects for recovery, its way too early to discuss what happens to her House seat, but there will come a time when a decision will have to be made about AZ-8, where two term Member of Congress Gabrielle Giffords begins a long rehabilitation effort after being shot in the head eleven days ago.
Ms. Giffords was just reelected by a scant 4000 votes out of 285,000 cast, a very heavy turnout in such a race. No one is talking about vacating the office and no one should.
Long before her term reaches its second year, the prospects for a recovery should be more clear. Her early progress is encouraging, but not indicative of whether she can resume her rigorous duties.
This is way beyond parties. We all hope she recovers to hold the seat in 2012 and beyond.
Tucson shooting: Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' House seat -

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cuomo War Chest Available For Battle This Year Over Budget

Not only do you have to raise big bucks to get elected...Now you need lots of cash to govern...
Governor Cuomo is using leftover campaign funds along with new money he is raising to ready for his own PR campaign to counter the unions and other interests sure to oppose his coming budget.
It's all part of the Governor's effort to recruit a citizens army to demand change and reform.
Also a little off year boost for broadcasters !
Gov. Cuomo: $4.2M (So Far) To Fight Budget War New York Daily News

Dems Bailing Out of Senate Already

The dance card is being rewritten for the 2012 election with two key Democratic Senators bowing out....Connecticut's Joe Lieberman was elected as an Indy in 2006, but caucuses with the Dems...He is not seeking reelection.
Ditto for North Dakota's Kent Conrad, who is getting out of Dodge in 2012 as well. That seat could be a GOP pickup.
The way the seats line up in 2012, Republicans have a good chance at seizing the Senate by virtue of the high number of seats the Democrats are defending in that cycle.
Since I see President Obama likely to be reelected (not my choice, but just the way I see it), that will leave him a second termer facing both houses of Congress in the hands of the other party.

Mercy a Topic After Members Complete Tours

City Council has embraced my suggestion that a process begin to determine future control of the Mercy properties, as most observers say the present owners will likely not protect their interests in the tax sale process.
Councilman Smith suggested and I agreed it would be good to get the Stone Street site a second look before spending so much state and federal money on a new nursing home. I said that's fine but no matter what happens, the title issues and succession have to be addressed...Nothing can be considered in that realm without a means of control over the property.
Council also debated crows with at least two members wanting to know why the pesky birds were not shot during recent hazing....I got a cool reception to suggesting property owners take measures such as the purchase of a propane cannon used to scare the birds.....
Council approved an ordinance banning parking on the grass between the curb and the sidewalk...

Poll: New Yorkers Want to Do Something

I am not sure about these polls...What's it mean to say 87% of New Yorkers want to balance the budget without tax hikes or borrowing ? Who wouldn't say yes to that....A Siena poll shows New Yorkers favor same sex marriage by a 57-38 margin and that 70% favor public financing of campaigns even though most have no idea what that means or about the serial abuse of public financing in NYC.
Only about 60% want independent redistricting or a reduction in the number of commissions and authorities...I guess the other 40% either work for incumbents or for one of those agencies.
Look for marriage equality to be a big deal issue that will likely fail again, but the Dems feel obliged to bring it to a vote.
Maybe Siena should have asked who is in favor of motherhood and apple pie ? Betcha there's a core 15% who are not.
A Siena Research Institute poll released this morning

Regis to Step Down

Long time talk show host Regis Philbin is reportedly retiring this summer..The 79 year old has had a long and storied career....Maybe he could do the weather at channel 7 ?

WDT: County is Just Rearranging the Deck Chairs When It Comes to Taxation

In a theme we have ready before, the WDT opines about lowering the county sales tax back to 7% and essentially let the property tax bear the brunt of any increases in spending.
Putting aside whether the answer is in cutting expenses, the sales tax has allowed for the continuation of services at the local level without the kind of unbridled property taxes we have seen in some areas.
As I have said before, the sales tax distribution formula I helped renegotiate years ago is yielding revenue that has allowed for a decrease in the property tax levy in the City and no levy in many towns. The sales tax collects from a broad base, including the many visitors to the county.
Property taxes are problematic as they are a direct impediment to holding on to what is most dear to you...your home...your property. It should not be made worse. Any cut in tax rates, sales or property, must be funded by real cuts or consolidations. To do otherwise is fooling ourselves.
Watertown Daily Times Tax shuffle Jefferson County should lower sales tax rate

Media Poll Confirms Media Premise That Sarah is a Bad Bad Person

I watched Sean Hannity's "exclusive " interview with Sarah Palin last night...I always chuckle when FOX bills an interview with their own employee as "exclusive".....
Anyway, she spoke well about the AZ shooting which ironically many initially blamed her for in the hours after it happened over a week ago. Her problem is that when she declined to speak about the incident she was criticised...then when she did make a taped statement, she was jumped as well.
The inference she was an accessory to the shooting was wrong and her remarks have been temperate, but there is no winning on this issue...Those who like her will embrace her response...Those who are enraged by the sight of her will continue to be.
Now the MSM takes a poll finding people didn't like her response and use the poll as the hook for ripping her.
While Ms. Palin is a motivator to her base, the intensity of what Sean calls the "Obama-mania media" prevents her from ever being able to mount a national campaign. Her current role is likely as far as she will be able to go.
Sarah Palin's response to Arizona shooting earned thumbs down from most Americans: survey

Monday, January 17, 2011

Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic & Asian Caucus Cautious On Cuomo

The 49 member Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic and Asian Caucus says Governor Cuomo is not doing enough for "communities of color". The group put out a statement in response to Mr. Cuomo's State of the State Address.
So a cap on property taxes and a repudiation of NY being the most hostile state to business is somehow against the interests of the aforementioned groups ? It's identity politics at its best...The slicing and dicing of the populace into groups defined by a sense of victimhood....
Mr. Cuomo's remarks were clearly an attempt to lift the state from its decline....A recovering New York State hopefully will benefit all New Yorkers...The operative word being "all".
Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic & Asian Caucus Cautious On Cuomo
Tammy Palmer is anchoring on YNN tonight in winter white....Is she their Sandra Lee ?

Tons of Weather Afficionados Out There to Replace Rick

There is a passle of weather people at YNN alone....They seem to come out of SUNY Oswego's weather school.
As TV 7 continues to search for a weather person to replace Rick DeFranco, it's clear there is a lot of talent out there...Whether they want to settle here is the question.
Must have been Vanessa I was just watching....
Weather - Syracuse/Oswego/Auburn - YNN, Your News Now
Who is the weather lady on YNN at 825pm...She would be a welcome addition to TV7

Beautiful men, women are more likely to be smarter with high IQs, too: study

People have said I am smart but never the corollary.
Beautiful men, women are more likely to be smarter with high IQs, too: study

Life in the Leisure Lane

I have a couple of friends who lead the life of Riley while the rest of us work and pay taxes...Got an email yesterday from one telling me she was going to Florida for February to just get away from it all.....And then there's Larry from Prague, the former Watertown DWI lawyer who hangs in the capital of the Czech Republic playing poker for money at various casinos.
I must have made a bad turn somewhere.

Will "Big Ben" Be Next Icon to Fall to Jets ?

The other bar on my block on Pearl Street is open on a rather spotty schedule as owner Steve Romig picks his hours...Dart night on Wednesdays is big and I suspect this long time Steeler fan still brings PA fans to Shooties for the big game....This year, the big game coincides with the favorite team of the other bar on Pearl Street...Fort Pearl, where we are JETS fans dating back to Namath.
So this Sunday, the AFC Championship Game offers the chance to sample both sides....
Steve grew up in Pennsylvania and always has the banners up so this game will be huge...I hate to wish anyone ill, especially a friend and fellow bar owner....but're going down..Gang Green is taking you out....we've targeted you....and the fuse is lit on your demise.....
OMG...I am a politician....where's my newfound civility ? I got a taste of blood in last night's Pats game, and I need more red's human nature , isn't it ?
Jets' Sanchez outlasts top quarterbacks -

Andy's Poll Bump Gives Him Window for Change

Governor Cuomo is popular...A new poll gives him a 70% approval rating...
These things are deceptive and are not an indication of an ability to achieve the budget cuts and structural changes the Governor outlined in his State of the State Address.
Remember, Governor Spitzer....He was elected with 69% of the vote....
There are an awful lot of people doing fine off the way things are...Do they want change ?
The forces for the status quo have the edge as they are the ones who fund campaigns and have the lobbyists......As one veteran GOP operative told me Friday after the Governor addressed a big crowd....'The people in the room are all the ones at the trough...." Meaning their applause was perfunctory and insincere.
Of course, veteran operatives are known as much for their cynicism as their insight....So we have to wait and see...Suffice to say, for the moment our new Governor is winning the day...But as we all like to say..the devil is in the details.
The Daily Politics New York Daily News

On This King Day, Congress takes a Stab (oops) at Civility

On this Martin Luther King Day, talk of more civility in Congress would probably prompt the civil rights icon to ask, "what took you so long ?"
Better late than never, although the passionate debate of issues should never be sacrificed in the name of not offending someone. After all, the great civil rights battles of the past half a century involved passion and that passion spilled over into violence.....It is in some ways its the price of progress.
I like the idea of mixing up the seating for the State of the Union. In this age it's silly to see the spectacle of half a room cheering and half sitting.Increasingly this notion of all of us living our lives on one side of an aisle or another is something that diminishes as you get further away from the rarified atmosphere of capitals of government.
Of course those who don't want to eliminate the "aisle" are the party leaders as its herd metality that enforces discipline within the parties and without discipline the whole system collapses.
Lets see what happens...In the meantime enjoy your King Day.
Congress Members, After Tucson, Work for More Civility -

Sunday, January 16, 2011

JETS Play Footsie With a Shot at the Super Bowl !

It will be a JETS-Steelers showdown next Sunday for the AFC Championship and the right to go to the Super Bowl....The JETS did the impossible by beating the New England Patriots 28-21 in Foxborough, and in the process redeeming themselves for a 45-3 drubbing there six weeks ago.
The matchup creates a Pearl Street grudge match, with my JETS facing the Steelers...long the team of choice for Steve Romig at Shootie's Tavern just up the street. Shootie is a PA native and his bar is home for all big Steelers games.
Pick your side and pick your bar next Sunday !

LA Times:Jared Lee Loughner 'Slowly Spiraled into Madness'

This LA Times story is a good summary on the Tucson shooter, Jared Lee Loughner. These kind of drugged out, lost generation losers are scary and I betcha there are more than we know about.....
Anyway, its a worthwhile read.
Meanwhile Rep. Gabrielle Giffords continues to make progress with her removal from a ventilator. Ms. Giffords is still in critical condition.
Congress heads back to work this week, with everyone watching to see if there is any more civility in political discourse....Ofcourse not everyone buys into the narrative that things are too negative....
I just hope the Congresswoman recovers to the point she can resume her duties, and I am really not worried about nasty talking heads out of the nation's capital.
Jared Lee Loughner: Suspected Tucson shooter 'slowly spiraled into madness' -

P/S: Ritchie is Hard Worker and Approachable

Senator Ritchie's Minister of Information Jim Reagen made sure all us bloggers had the link to this Post Standard story trumpeting the new senator as a by-golly, girl next door, hard workin', Genny drinkin', NASCAR watchin' kind of lawmaker......
I saw the new Senator at the Cuomo event the other day and she was affable and approachable...Even suggesting I just stop by her State Office Building office.......The last Senator was approachable too, except staff would chastise you if you called his cell phone direct....I would call anyway just to annoy them.
Anyway, a delegation from City Hall will venture across Sterling Street soon...But we will call ahead....
New state senator representing Oswego County described as hard-working, approachable

Kinky Ottawa? Who’d have guessed?

A "Sexapalooza" festival at Ottawa's Lansdowne Park featuring all sorts of erotica for all....Ohhhhh Nellie !
There was even pole dancing competition, suggesting I could have left the pole up at Fort Pearl for 2011....Attitudes are changing, but its clear from the photo that pole dancing is socially OK as long as the dancer doesn't have tattoos.
Kinky Ottawa? Who’d have guessed?

NFL: League tells players: Cut out the trash talk !

With the coarsening of political discourse under fire, now the NFL is warning against trash talking in sport. The league's chief disciplinarian has put out a warning, especially against threats of violence.
Are we getting too sensitive ? Does this mean we can't crack jokes about Rex's foot fetish or Brady's haircut ? Will team spirit and spirited jobs prompt the most unstable among us to do the inthinkable ?
Are military metaphors to be banned from football?
Seems like expecting dignity and decorum from people recruited to beat up on each other is expecting a bit much...
The trash talk will diminish when the JETS crush those SOBs from Boston this afternoon.
NFL: League tells players: Cut out the trash talk Philadelphia Inquirer 01/16/2011

WDT:Herrings Won't Go Quietly into the Night

Dissolution of villages is a concept in vogue, what with the Governor and others talking about streamlining government. Obviously the tiny Village of Herrings is on the radar of those wanting more regionalism and less local government.
However, when you read an article like this, a village like Herrings really doesn't contribute that much to bloat with an entire budget equal to that of one high school principle, or any one of many senior employees at the Dulles State Office Building. The village is home to 130 people and does provide a sense of identity and I presume pride to the residents.
I feel the same way about Chaumont which is considering dissolution.
One can argue that towns and cities could be dissolved in favor of counties doing everything. One could argue that counties are an obsolete method of delivering state services, what with modern techology. No one is pushing dissolution for them yet.
There are some sensible consolidations of adjacent villages which may make sense, but villages, like cities, represent the gatherings of people in one community that create the tapestry of rural life.
There are many other ways to save money in local government through mandate relief, but that involves offending other constituencies.
Watertown Daily Times Herrings officials look into, opt against dissolution