Thursday, July 14, 2011

Filing This Afternoon Will Make Me a Listener and Not a Talker

   Today during the noon hour I will do the HOTLINE show as always and this afternoon, I plan on filing nominating petitions to run for reelection as Mayor of the City of Watertown.
   That being the case, I will not be hosting the HOTLINE until after the election. This is a proper decision for a broadcast outlet as these are public airwaves and candidacies pose too many problems in the quest for compliance and fairness.
    While I will miss the daily discourse, and nobody likes giving up a job even temporarily, my absence will be most fair to the process of electing a mayor.
     Keep calling as those filling the void in the weeks to come will need your continued support.
    Best wishes, and I look forward to talking to many of you individually during the campaign ahead !


Anonymous said...

Ya hadta back the boss's decision didn't ya...

Well we can look forward to an extra hour of blogging during your lunch hour now.

rick aldrich said...

Good luck to you Mayor; if this was not done, people would be claiming that you had an unfair advantage and all the other foolishness that goes along with it. For them I say, "walk a mile in your shoes" and "see if they are man enough to fill them."

Anonymous said...

I would guess that Jimmy bowed to pressure from Mikey to get you off the air until November. Just a guess. The situation has never been handled this way before. Levin would listen to Mikey, they have a lot in common.