Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bill's Back: Clinton commands stage at White House - Yahoo! Finance

It was like old times with Bill Clinton at the podium and President Barack Obama feigning an appointment with his wife in order to let Bubba do the job of selling the tax bill.
Mr. Clinton seemed to relish being in charge of the White House message machine and the media enjoyed the spectacle.
As the master of triangulation, Mr. Clinton will get the job done, and for many the event leaves them longing for the good old days of Bill and Hill !
Bill's Back: Clinton commands stage at White House - Yahoo! Finance

Chuck Schumer vs. President Obama - Glenn Thrush -

The political wags are suggesting a widening rift between President Obama and NY Senator Charles Schumer...The flash point was said to be the tax rate debate over extending current rates past this year. Politicos like Schumer wanted to use the debate for some class warfare to rally the nation against those millionaires and billionaires.
The President wanted to avoid that fight and reach a compromise with the GOP.
It will be interesting to see of the leftist President is ostracized by his own as he tries to respond to the will of the people as expressed in an election.
Of course, Senator Schumer's reelection was never in doubt so he didn't have to face the defeats and close calls many in his party did last month.
Chuck Schumer vs. President Obama - Glenn Thrush -

GOP Making it Respectable in the Assembly

No where near a majority and Shelly Silver is still in charge, but Republicans have gained a total of eleven seats over the past couple years returning from a nadir of 39 seats to now holding a more respectable 50 seat minority...There are still 100 Democrats in the lower house.
Republcans control the Senate 32-30.
Castelli wins, Assembly GOP at 50 - Capitol Confidential

Sharpton Praises Cuomo's Picks

The relief is palpable among average New Yorkers....The Rev Al Sharpton approves of Governor-elect Cuomo's first round of appointments including his choice for Director of Diversity...Yes we pay a six figure salary for a diversity czar.
Aside from whether Rev. Sharpton's approval is good or bad for the rest of us....Why is it news whether he approves or not ?
I am going to sleep better tonight knowing the new governor is getting the stamp of approval from Sharpton...I'll get my checkbook out as well, as if Rev. Al approves, you can bet it will cost more and we will be taxed more.
Sharpton Praises Cuomo's Picks The New York Observer

Tammy Celebrates Birthday and Hints at Her Own Run

In an interview on the HOTLINE today, Carthage resident Tammy Bramhall hinted at a run for local office. For years, I have urged her to run for County Legislature, but she always demured.
Now, on her 50th birthday, the Lewis County native and owner of the Wicked Wench Tavern is talking about a run.
Long time District 6 Legislator Gino Zando is up for reelection next year. Tammy has in the past helped Mr. Zando with getting the Indy line, but clearly this time around, she may be thinking otherwise.
Tammy has been an active member of the Carthage business community and supports numerous local charities. She has been active in the Independence Party and was the county chair at one time. With that party disbanded locally, she may be looking for a new challenge.
Tammy is smart, well spoken and good with people. Let's see what develops in the coming months.

WDT: Owens Backs Tax Bill....Bubba Brough in to Lobby

Rep. Bill Owens is voting for the tax bill and yesterday the White House turned up the heat by trotting former President Bill Clinton to the podium to take over the selling of the deal to the liberal wing of the Democratic Party.
The Clinton charm was on full display and you have to think the whole thing will pass this week.
The continuation of current tax rates, a new tax on only large estates, and a temporary drop in FICA rates has been criticised by many on the left as it doesn't soak the rich enough. Most of what is being said in DC is pretty insincere and hyperbolic class warfare.
Mr. Owens gave the obligatory rhetoric about being disappointed over not raising the maximum rate on those making over a half million dollars a year.
Watertown Daily Times Owens says he'll vote for proposed tax-cut deal

Friday, December 10, 2010

Bloomberg Crows Over Dumping NYC OTB On The State

Even though government can be as heavy handed as organized crime...they still can't guarentee a profit on gambling...The State is taking over the financially bereft NYC Off Track Betting Corporation...Saving jobs they say...Whatever...
Bloomberg Crows Over Dumping NYC OTB On The State

OK, We Already Know They Live Together

This is the non-story of the month....Andrew Cuomo doesn't own the home he lives in with his girlfriend, Food Network Star Sandra Lee.......
The governor-elect feels obliged to put out a statement that he and Ms. Lee share expenses at the home in Mount Kisco, and therefore he indirectly pays property taxes....Presumably that allows him to feel our pain.
This sounds like a back door media ploy to point out Mr. Cuomo's living arrangements, which are really no one's business...I am sure he understands the plight of property owners in Westchester County,even though the tax bill technically goes to his beau.
Anyway, it seems Andrew made quite a catch in the beautiful and talented TV host who happens to have such a nice home for him to live in.
No property tax bill for Cuomo - Times Union

Birthday Celebration Tonight at the Wench

Today's celebration of my friend Tammy Bramhall's 50th birthday at the Wicked Wench Tavern is a reminder that in life there are precious few people you can trust to have your back.
In her days as an employee at my tavern, in dealings with the Indy Party, or just on being someone you could trust with your interests, Tammy is someone you can count on.
She also has been a successful businesswoman in Carthage and is a benefactor to the community with a spate of charitable work.
Hard work and integrity matter, and Tammy Bramhall exemplifies both. Happy Birthday !

WDT: DANC to Mirror IDA's In Offering Exemptions

With all the debate over who pays what in terms of income tax, it is worth noting low and middle income folks do still pay a lot of taxes and have no prospect for abatements.
We pay the property taxes, sales tax on everything we buy, FICA, umpteen franchise fees on utilities we purchase, sin taxes on the simple vices the Man parcels out to us, and more I cannot think of.
Can there be an agency to dole out exemptions to the rest of us ?
Watertown Daily Times DANC to offer housing project PILOTs

NYP: Cuomo Names His Inner Circle

Governor-elect Cuomo has hired a bunch of special counsels and policy advisors to populate the second floor of the Capitol. There is even a job called "chief diversity officer". A state going broke needs enforcers of liberal doctrine and orthodoxy.
No one will care about any of these names, but with a proposed state budget due within weeks of taking office the fruits of their labor will be seen soon. Critics of Mr. Cuomo said his administration would be "status Cuomo." For his part Mr. Cuomo has promised real change and reform.
Time will tell who is right.
Cuomo names top staff for new administration -

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Radio Revelers Wowed by Fancy Food at Cafe Mira in Adams

If you haven't tried the newly rebuilt Cafe Mira in Adams, you are missing an experience. This year the Community Broadcasters Christmas party was held there and the atmosphere and cuisine are exceptional.
Jim Levin and Bruce Mittman hosted the soire and the radio staffers from Watertown and Ogdensburg had a great time. I sat with Glenn and Sharon Curry and John Moore and GiGi. Our hosts Lisa and Lori date back to the old days at the Golden Lion in Watertown....And Lisa worked for me for a time in the 90's.
The Cafe Mira was heavily damaged by fire last spring, but is back. Check it out.
Café Mira: Culinary. Arts.

Andrew Cuomo doesn’t pay property taxes ...So What ?

OK, the new Governor doesn't pay property taxes....Does the present Governor ? I doubt it. We finally get a look at Andrew Cuomo's tax returns, although I question the value of this ritual of voyeurism...
Is it any of our business ?
Andrew Cuomo doesn’t pay property taxes (updated) - Capitol Confidential

Trailer Dweller in Norfolk, NY Now the Target of Anthony Weiner and Barney Frank

Had a gentleman call the HOTLINE today and was upset that the NY Lottery had only withheld 35% of the $520,000 first year installment on the prize won by the Norfolk NY man introduced yesterday.
On prizes of $5K or more from a single ticket the Lottery routinely withholds 28% federal and 7% state on the notion that to not do so could result in an unexpected tax liability when the lottery winnings are added in with other income.
Smaller prizes can either be mitigated by losses and the effect on an average tax return would not be that much.
So anyway, the large prize won locally would be taxed at the 36 percent rate federal (39 if the caller had his way on the Bush rates). The caller wanted the Lottery withholding more than 28%, without knowing what Floyd Harvey's year end tax liability will be.
The caller said to me, "don't you think it's good if the government gets more money ?" Actually sir, no I don't !
Two days earlier 41 year old Floyd Harvey was likely one of those middle class working families being victimized by the GOP.....Suddenly a little good fortune and now to some Mr Harvey is public enemy number one....A greedy robber baron capitalist who must be fleeced for the good of the masses.
Wonder if Mr. Harvey is glad the GOP leadership is trying to extend the current tax rates for people like him ? Or would he prefer the Congress get their advice from the Working Families Party ?

Poll: New Yorkers Don't Really Want Reform

A Q Poll shows a majority of New Yorkers do not want layoffs or pension reform when it comes to state workers...Must be state workers make up a large part of the sample.
There is no way NYS can exist without conversion to a defined contribution pension system for future hires at the least...If you take a poll and ask if people like firefighters, the answer is a resounding yes....
But does that include the recently revealed NYC firefighters on lifetime disability pay of over $200k a year ?....Or can you feel the love for a school superintendent with a six figure retirement who gets a waiver to be hired by another district as a superintendent ?
Nobody wants to be mean to anyone, but the system needs reform if protecting existing workers from layoffs is to be considered a priority.
Q Poll Offers Half A Loaf For State Workers

Downstate Paper Raps Ritchie for Reticence

In a story about the nine freshmen members of the State Senate, the NY Observer raps Senator-elect Patty Ritchie for her outreach, saying she has not done a media interview since the election over five weeks ago. I don't know if that's true or not, but there has been little said by the replacement for defeated Senator Darrel Aubertine.
Ms. Ritchie may be keeping her powder dry while learning the ropes of her new gig. There is little point in going on the record with the MSM right now,only to have the realities of 2011 contradict post election statements.
The State Senate's Freshman Class The New York Observer

WDT: Ritchie Begins Building an Office

Senator-elect Patty Ritchie has begun hiring staffers including a Jefferson County man well known in political circles to run her proposed Watertown office. Brian Peck will leave his private sector job at Coughlin Printing to assume the post. He is an affable and astute person who will work well with constituents and local governments.
The new Senator also hopes to keep the office space in the Dulles State Office Building. Let's hope the fact the states Office of General Services is part of a Democratic executive branch doesn't lead to some craziness where the region's one senator has to beg for room at the Inn during the Christmas season.
The people deserve seemless continuity in constituent service.
Watertown Daily Times Ritchie hires three state Senate staffers

New Governor Supports Tax Compromise

Governor-elect Cuomo supports President Obama's tax rate compromise, as the DC chattering class and their cable news megaphones continues their class warfare debate over weather high income earners should pay 36 or 39% in federal income tax.
The compromise is really more of same in Washington as it continues the notion that there are no consequences to a federal deficit in the trillions of dollars.
Unemployment insurance is no longer an insurance program funded by employers. It is now a long term entitlement funded by tax dollars to a large extent. The Social Security payroll tax is going to be temporarily reduced in 2011...but might there not be pressure to make that cut permanent even though the program it supports teeters on insolvency.
Deficits may not mean anything as money is only tangible because of our social contract to use the pieces of paper and metal to keep each other working and feeding one another. The tax compromise may be good politics, but it points us towards the day when the money we revere is worth nothing. Lets hope that's not too soon.
State of Politics Blog

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Newzjunky - Norfolk Lottery Winner: 'It Feels Good to be Alive'

Floyd Harvey says he still is in a daze and plans to keep his job at Verizon, after winning $10,000 a week for life in the NY Lottery.....Its the biggest economic development project in St.Lawrence County in a long time.
Newzjunky - Norfolk Lottery Winner: 'It Feels Good to be Alive'

Wednesday Night on the Social Circuit

A social evening...Stopped at the Bistro for a reception for the new version of the business magazine, now called NNY Business....Used to be called something else....The WDT puts it out now...Ken Eysaman is the editor, so we wish him well....
Remember those businesses that have been around a long time despite long odds.
Stopped at the Eagles for a party put on by Robbe graphics...They are on outer Pearl Street and do our shirts for the bar...Very nice people....
Then I was over at Petes.....a shocker...I was told there were a bunch of retired Watertown High teachers upstairs for a party...So I went up to see them...Mrs Stewart was there and remembered my poetry project from high school English...I assured her I loved the language and pointed out the blog as evidence....I saw Mr. Skye...F.B.-Skye we called him as he was the enforcer of discipline...Coach Dier was there...When I told him I sucked at sports, he diplomatically told me I was "cerebral." Miss Deline was there too....I hated Chemistry but liked her...
Didn't see my driver ed teacher...That was a bummer.....
After visiting with the teachers, I retired to the bar and had a bite to eat and a chat with Mr.Wendy's, Pete Souch......
Then I went back to Fort Pearl.

LI lawmaker: Ban energy drinks for those under 19 - State Wire - The Buffalo News

I have noticed lots of nanny-state initiatives come out of the Suffolk County Legislature, and here's another one....Banning energy drinks to those under age 19.
Another prohibition to be ignored...Not by the poor retailers forced to enforce society's latest edicts to protect the youngin's....
Listen....if this stuff is bad for you, why are you letting me drink it ?
LI lawmaker: Ban energy drinks for those under 19 - State Wire - The Buffalo News

Drinks are on Floyd Tonight in Norfolk !

It was the largest bit of economic development in St Lawrence County in quite some time....Forty-one year old Floyd Harvey of Norfolk won the prize on a scratch off lottery ticket....He will receive $520,000 a year for the rest of his life.....Or a minimum of $10 million...
Floyd works for Verizon as a technician. He bought the ticket at FeFe's Market in Potsdam...We are glad for Floyd. May he enjoy his good fortune for all time.

Food Biz to Get More Competitive and That's OK

Must be the wholesale food business is going to get wicked competitive in Watertown with Maines taking over CFM...
I went down to Renzi's today to pick up some giant pretzels as the Arena concession stand is doing well with them. I don't normally buy a lot there, as many smaller retailers find it easier to get things at Sam's.
However, I had barely put the pretzels in the freezer and a Renzi big wig was over here to see what else I might need.....that's good, as the smaller accounts routinely feel unwanted in favor of the chains and large retailers. Can't say I blame them, but its nice to get a little attention.
Also, I like to do a little business with all the local stores even though its often easier to order some things on line.
I bought some janitorial supplies last week from the Perkins....routinely get supplies at Seaway Sales....bought a case of glasses at Smith's yesterday and have shopped on and off at CFM too.
I enjoy the rapport with real people.

Poll: New Yorkers Have Low Expectations of Cuomo Administration

Only a third of New Yorkers voted and among those, most voted for Andrew Cuomo.....but among all New Yorkers there is widespread skepticism about whether the new governor can really change a state government most see as dysfunctional. A new Q-Poll shows the Legislature getting low marks, including a majority of New Yorkers who look with disdain at Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.
New Yorkers are grumpy. Less than half approve of President Obama's performance.
State of Politics Blog

Remembering John Lennon 30 years after his murder

Today is one of those anniversaries that people remember for a lifetime. The shooting death of Beatle John Lennon in NYC on this day in 1980 will evoke many retrospectives including the famous Howard Cosell announcement on Monday Night Football.
The killer, Mark David Chapman, remains in prison, unlikely to ever be paroled. He said at the time he killed Lennon to become famous.
What do you think should happen to Chapman ?
Remembering John Lennon 30 years after his murder - am New York

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Good News from My Friends at the Motherhouse

I got a Christmas card today from the Sisters of St. Joseph (many of whom I think are HOTLINE listeners) wishing me the best for Christmas and the New Year. Attached was a card saying they are praying for me all year and especially in a Novena of Masses during the Holiday season.
I appreciate the Sisters keeping me in their prayers, as I believe in the moral suasions of the Church and in the notion of redemption.
I will try to perform in my duties in a manner consistent with their confidence and dedication.

Sampson: ‘No Comparison’ Between Parker And Monserrate

Voters should feel they did the right thing in denying the Democratic leadership of the State Senate the right to control the body. Today Democratic leader , Sen John Sampson, spent a press conference explaining why the violent outbursts of Senator Kevin Parker are different from those of former Senator Hiram Montserrate.
Give it up guys...You continue to defend the indefensible. Even though it was a good man like Darrel Aubertine who took the fall for the Thugocracy, in retrospect it had to happen....These people have no place leading anything.
Sampson: ‘No Comparison’ Between Parker And Monserrate

Elizabeth Edwards, 61, dies of cancer - Local -

After a six year battle with cancer, the inevitable became reality today as Elizabeth Edwards succumbed to the disease today. She was 61.
The inspirational woman who was forced to deal with a tawdry adultery scandal involving her husband, former Senator John Edwards, had declined quickly of late after doctors ended treatment of disease which had spread from a breast tumor discovered in 2004 while Senator Edwards was a candidate for vice president.
Elizabeth Edwards, 61, dies of cancer - Local -

Governor-elect and City Planner Both Celebrate Low Key Yesterday.

Governor-elect Cuomo's 53rd birthday celebration yesterday was a low key affair with girlfriend Sandra Lee on hand dressed in winter white and Democratic operatives on hand to curry favor with the new chief executive.
The cake was one of those you hate to eat as it was so decorative.....Our area had what appears to be a fish jumping from Lake Ontario and a school bus, perhaps indicating the importance of NYSUT to the Governor and the Party.
A birthday tip of the hat to City Planner Ken Mix who also celebrated yesterday at City Hall with a more nondescript chocolate cake.
State of Politics Blog

Third Time a Charm for Slack Chemical

The Greater Watertown Chamber of Commerce has named Slack Chemical Company of Carthage as its 2010 Business of the Year. Company President Robert Sturtz accepted the award this morning at a breakfast held at the Black River Valley Club.
Mr. Sturtz had been nominated three times for the award. This year a total of five companies were considered.
Slack Chemical is an 80 year old company that provides chemicals to customers throughout the Northeast.
Mr. and Mrs. Sturtz live in Watertown.

WDT: Answers Sought on Noise

Some things are annoying but cannot be solved by government action...Noise is often among them....
I agree with Councilman Joe Butler Jr. that car stereos these days can be a nuisance....The lyrics and the sheer volume of these devices is staggering in their ability to annoy...Particular to a generation raised on listening to a small transistor radio.
However, what's offensive to some isn't to others and the ability to codify what offends and then enforce the edict in court is in question.
"They oughta pass a law" is as frequent a phrase as "you can never find a cop when you need one...."
When a loud stereo passes by, it may not be easy to have an officer there, with a meter to codify the offense. However, I am interested in hearing more about the issue before making a decision how to vote on it.
Watertown Daily Times Graham awaiting info on noise law proposal

Monday, December 6, 2010

Council Names a Street Expected to be Built Next Year.

City Council supported a suggestion of mine that a new road to be built in a planned housing project on the Ogilvie site be named after former Mayor Joe Butler. It is a long standing tradition to acknowledge mayors in this fashion,with the most recent honorees being Henry Hudson and Ted Rand.
The Ogilvie site is located off North Pleasant Street and an 18 unit subdivision is being built there in conjunction with Neighbors of Watertown, the Development Authority and the Watertown Trust.
Monday's two hour meeting also featured a briefing and discussion on the City's other housing initiative, the Creekwood Project on Mill Street.

Elizabeth Edwards Takes a Turn for the Worse

The wife of former Senator and VP candidate John Edwards is at death's door in her battle against cancer. The family of Elizabeth Edwards has gathered in Chapel Hill, NC now that Ms. Edwards has halted treatment.
The sad story need not be recounted. - Elizabeth Edwards Takes 'Turn for the Worse' in Battle Against Cancer

Bloomberg Bet on the GOP and Won

NYC Mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg bet right on the State Senate, spending nearly a million dollars on GOP candidates in their bid to seize control of the body....something they did by the barest of margins.
Politics is largely about being on the right side of history as folks do keep score. In the case of Hizzoner, support comes with an endless supply of cash... The Mayor spent over $100Million on his own reelection, meaning that despite his support for others, charity still begins at home.
So Much For Bipartisanship

WDT: Tourism Reported Up Locally as Canadians Flock Across Border

It's good to see some optimism in a nation where the drumbeat is always about how bad things are.
A survey in the hospitality industry locally shows a robust summer season and as we have noted much is being driven by Canadian visitors taking advantage of favorable monetary exchange rates.
The other day a couple of Ottawa residents stopped into Fort Pearl...They said they just like to shop somewhere elsewhere and that the selections in American stores are better.
Glad to have them, and hopefully 2011 will continue to go well for this increasingly important component of the local economy.
Watertown Daily Times Local tourism up in 2010; outlook optimistic

Newzjunky - Barenaked Ladies Recruit 13-Year-Old Watertown Girl

A 13 year old Watertown girl was invited on stage recently at Turning Stone Resort to sing a number with the group "Bare Naked Ladies."
Newzjunky - Barenaked Ladies Recruit 13-Year-Old Watertown Girl

Republican leader: Cuomo is one of us -

The new Senate Majority Leader says he and Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo are sympatico and the challenge will be to get Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver on their side. Senator Dean Skelos will be one of the "three men in a room" come January, formulating the state's legislative agenda.
Voters by the barest of margins put the GOP back in charge in the Senate, and that could be to everyones advantage as it serves as a check on the liberal Assembly. Well, everyone in Albany in liberal, so you have to say the far more liberal than everyone else Assembly.
I am cautiously optimistic about the Cuomo administration....Not enough so to actually go to the swearing in to hear the new governor, as I did with Spitzer....In retrospect that just seemed like a wasted trip to the capital, so I will watch this one on TV.
Republican leader: Cuomo is one of us -

Sunday, December 5, 2010

G.O.P. Leader Sees Outline of Tax Deal -

While some of my RINO friends like Dave Mance are more than willing (so they say) to pay higher taxes, I sure don't want to make up the difference that the expiration of these rates will bring....The lowest rate will go from 10 to 15%....That's a 50% increase.....
The problem with sunset legislation is that these rates are the norm...They are the current rates...and saying things will go back to 1999 levels is not credible.......It is a tax hike after that period of time.
I am content to just keep spending and not be at all responsible for the deficit. After all, what's the visible consequence of the current spending spree ? Haven't seen anything so bad so far.
I will gladly keep my current tax rate in exchange for extending unemployment forever.
G.O.P. Leader Sees Outline of Tax Deal -

Grisanti rode the perfect storm - Bob McCarthy - The Buffalo News

The Buffalo News political ace Bob McCarthy makes an interesting case for how the improbably win by Senator-elect Mark Grisanti in the heavily Democratic 60th SD may save the GOP from extinction. Surely, if the Dems had retained the Senate, they would have gerrymandered the GOP into oblivion, or tried to.
Grisanti's win also dispells the theory that this is a blue state no matter what. Registration is 103,000 to 21,000 in favor of the Dems and yet Grisanti (a former Democrat) beat the incumbent.
Democrats have pulled the curtain back on their party during their rule in the Senate, and it was not pretty. The downstate, race-based politics rife with corruption and thuggish behavior turned of upstaters willing to give a guy like Darrel Aubertine their vote.
Mr. Grisanti's performance will have to be watched to see if he can prosper as a Republican in such a blue district.
Grisanti rode the perfect storm - Bob McCarthy - The Buffalo News

Repeal Day is December Fifth

Prohibition came to an end on this day in 1933 with the ratification of the 21st Amendment, which repealed the 18th Amendment.
For those of us who make a living off the legal sale of the Devil's Brew this is a significant holiday, at least worthy of its own website.
Repeal Day is December Fifth

WDT: Musing on Redistricting Officially Underway

Redistricting is such a great political parlor game, so when Marc Heller took up musing about it, I quickly gravitated to the article.
For all the talk by Mayor Koch and others of handing the process over to an independent body (can one really exist ?), we all know the State Legislature will retain the function, primarily to make sure they continue to pick the voters they will represent rather than the other way around.
While Assembly Democrats and Senate Republicans gerrymander to preserve their majorities, the Congressional game of musical chairs is complicated by a couple of things. There will be a reduction of one, maybe two seats, and the rules for Congressional races are also more complicated with districts required to be exactly the same population and not plus or minue 5% as in state districts. Federal law also seeks to preserve minority based districts in a way I do not believe state districts do. I do not claim to be an expert, but would have loved to be on any non-partisan panel that will never see the light of day.
I disagree with Marc on his use of the phrase "nightmare scenario" to describe Watertown and Plattsburgh no longer being in the same district. I have never thought the sprawling, sparse district did us any favors and with the center of gravity in the district shifted east, I feel that way a bit more.
Watertown and Fort Drum would be important in any district, and if it included Syracuse, I don't think we would suffer, due largely to the significance of the military post.
When you look at geography, political topography and incumbency, If the goal is to protect Rep. Bill Owens, he will not be placed in the same district as Rep. Gibson in the very GOP NY20.. Because Mr. Owens lives in the most remote corner of the state (no offense to Plattsburgh in that), his district has to look south and west and he definately needs left-leaning St.Lawrence County. Remember too, that NY23 cannot pick up turf on three sides (Lake Ontario, Canada and Vermont).
I don't know what will happen, but like Marc I will watch the parlor game that most people don't even know is being played.

WDT: IDA Lawsuits Ill Advised

Industrial Development Agencies should not be hiring legions of lawyers to fight the state assessing a fee against them. It is state law that allows these agencies to swap tax abatements for fees. Why would the IDA's want to upset that apple cart and gravy train ?
Any change to IDA chargebacks should be done by the Legislature.....Whatever happened to the will of the people expressed through a duly elected legislative body ?
It is obscene what is spent on lawyers to deny that notion.
Watertown Daily Times IDAs eye lawsuit to fight state tax