Saturday, November 27, 2010

Jenni-Lyn Watson's body found; ex charged with murder |

The ex boyfriend dumped a little over a month ago is the apparent killer of 20 year old dance student Jenni-Lyn Watson. Police think it happened in her Liverpool home. The remains were discovered today in a nearby park.
A senseless tragedy that caught the attention of us all as a search was held all week.
Jenni-Lyn Watson's body found; ex charged with murder

Loco over Four Loko -

Here's a good column about the crazy political and media faux outrage about a common convenience store beverage that features as much caffeine as a cup of coffee and less alcohol than a bottle of wine. Nonetheless it is now banned and as this columnist points out...Four Loko was probably marketed to those too stupid to just mix vodka and Red Bull.
Loco over Four Loko -

WDT: State Blasts Bartlett over Ambulance Funds

Once in a while a state audit comes around that gets a headline but reveals little that is a surprise.
...Such is the case with this state audit of the practices of the Town of Watertown. In particular, there is the management of records for various water districts and the use of Town funds to give to an ambulance company.
Such gifts are illegal under the State Constitution but the money was laundered (sorry, passed) through a just-formed local development corporation funded with seed money from (you guessed it) the Town.
Supervisor Joel Bartlett is a well known and respected official in the Town and such machinations speak more of the increasing complexities of town governments and the well established trend of passing money through different economic development entities to lawyer your way around those pesky laws and constitutions.
Town governments are a conundrum as they are by tradition a minimalist form of government, but in today's urban sprawl they often involve complicated systems not easily administered by a supervisor who also has a regular job. There is also the tendency to want to do what you think is good for the public but not allowed, so you find a way around it.
Usually if you hire a $400 an hour lawyer you can achieve that, but do not try this stuff yourself.
Supervisor Bartlett has been an advocate for the people who elect him and has been good in his dealings with the City on water and sewer issues, which are now for the most part resolved. That work is in the public interest but likely won't be noted by the Comptroller in his audit..
The mistakes made here should be corrected, but its naive to think such gifts don't go on all the time.
Watertown Daily Times State blasts Bartlett over ambulance funds

Cuomo Transition Teams Have Many Lobbyists -

Let the professionals run the state...That's the mantra of the new administration as the NY Times reports a bevy of insiders and lobbyists populate the Governor-elect's transition team.
That's hardly unexpected as you have to use those who helped elect you. That's not politics...that's life.
The question will be whether the insiders can produce any momentum for changing state government, if indeed we really want to change it. I am not at all convinced anyone really wants to change anything.
There is a huge constituency for the status quo and they are the ones who voted.
Cuomo Transition Teams Have Many Lobbyists -

Alcoholic Whipped Cream Causes Buzz On Campus - News Story - WFTV Orlando

Why is it young adults cannot just accept the notion they cannot drink until age 21 ? Society has so decreed and yet there are still things like Jell-O shots being made and now topped with an alcohol enhanced whipped cream.
Can't there be a law ? A new agency ? A way to anticipate what these wily college students will do next to ingest the devil's brew and the demon rum.
As with the recent false indignation over the alcohol energy drink FourLoko, there will be legislative calls for regulation of whipped cream...Can we add a ban on Jell-O sales to those under 21 ?
The 21 year old drinking age is like the dog chasing its tail. Adults should be adults...and the age where you can vote, fight,smoke and sign a contract would seem appropriate. We live in a state where a girl can get married at 14 but can't toast the event for seven years.
Alcoholic Whipped Cream Causes Buzz On Campus - News Story - WFTV Orlando

Friday, November 26, 2010

Re: Hoffman Ponders 2012

After being derided for contributing to another GOP loss in NY23, Doug Hoffman is sounding like a candidate for 2012.....Mr.Hoffman is quoted reacting to Rep. Bill Owens opining about voting for Republican John Boehner as Speaker.
While GOP nominee for 2010.Matt Doheny, is pondering 2012, the continued presence of Hoffman is an issue.
Re: GOP Could ‘Gobble Up’ NY-23 - By Robert Costa - The Corner - National Review Online

Stitches For Obama

Wow, 12 stitches after a little rough house under the basket.....President Obama took a beating during a pickup game of hoop...Good for him for being tough and taking his punishment...
I know people who like to throw elbows under the basket...Sometimes it just hard played basketball...sometimes its just throwing elbows.
Good thing for the President it wasn't John Moore in the key looking for some action.....
Stitches For Obama

Photo of Stolen Yuengling Board Found....

I found a photo of the Yuengling commemorative boogie board that was swiped from Fort Pearl this week. I had acquired it last summer on vacation while visiting the brewery in Pottsville, PA.
It was likely removed from its display Wednesday evening by a male customer. Descriptions are being worked up, and we are compiling a list of those there that night.
Its a piece I liked and wanted customers to enjoy it too, and had it secured.
Please return it and no questions asked.

Underground cigarette market exploding in aftermath of tax hike -

I own a bar and I sell cigarettes, so I have a little more insight into what the NY Post reports than say a State Senator or a career bureaucrat.
It's true...More than ever I see people holding on to Native American brand cigarettes. Two people last night were showing me their brand which has a package similar to Marlboro but a price one third as much. The difference is taxes.
The state's $4.35 a pack tax is driving the market underground.
The other day a guy was trying to sell me cartons of Canadian made Indian butts for $20 a carton. As a New Yorker sworn to uphold the laws of the state, I had to decline and say I prefer to charge my customers five times as much.
Meanwhile government is taxing us to pay for ads excoriating store owners for using what's called POS. (The people placing the ads don't know what that means) Its retail talk for "point of sale" advertising.
Meanwhile the Indians have the state tied in knots once again in the courts.
Lawmakers must like Native Americans more than the rest of us....They have handed them immense profits for their cigarette businesses.....and they are on the verge of allowing a massive Indian casino in the Catskills so more regular resort owners can close their businesses and go work for the tribe.
We have just elected a statewide slate of candidates who have never worked in the private sector and never run a business.
Therefore, little will change and we will continue to villify store owners and putting them out of business while the folks in Nedrow and Akwasasne chuckle at the economic ignorance of the white man.
Underground cigarette market exploding in aftermath of tax hike -

Some Heavy Weather Coming Our Way

North Country residents may see their "black Friday" turn white very quickly later today as a hazardous weather advisotry has been issued....That could mean lake effect snow of up to a foot of snow in some areas...Lesser amounts elsewhere. Doesn't bother me as I have my new Jeep Wrangler from FX Caprara in Alexandria Bay !
The sky looks ominous this AM but temps are in the upper 30s so no snow yet.
Nothing like that first prospect of real winter to get you looking for coats, boots, hats and gloves !
National Weather Service Watch Warning Advisory Summary

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Search for ballerina Jenni-Lyn Watson who vanished after returning home for Thanksgiving | Mail Online

Like it or not, the tragic disappearance of a young person gets a lot more coverage if the narrative is interesting to a broader audience....Hopefully the extra hype will help find 20 year old Jenni-Lyn Watson of Liverpool who vanished after returning home from college.
Pretty young coed....ballerina....nice family....and the national...or in this case the international media has its story du jour......
It is a compelling story and that's what editors worth their salt look for.
All of us hope she is found soon, but in the meantime look for this story to garner the attention of the national cable networks...probably giving it more notoriety than the state and regional media.
Search for ballerina Jenni-Lyn Watson who vanished after returning home for Thanksgiving Mail Online

The top ten political turkeys of 2010

Both parties fielded some real turkeys in 2010 and here's one list of those on the national scene.
The top ten political turkeys of 2010 - New York on the Potomac

Thanksgiving Morning on Pearl Street

A slow Thanksgiving morning as we wait to see what kind of business today brings. A trip to the Nice and Easy to pick up a NY Post and I saw stacks of those $2.25 Wednesday papers waiting to be picked up.
Came back to open Fort Pearl and put the "open today" sign out front....While puttering around I noticed a Yuengling surf board I got during a brewery tour while on vacation last summer was missing. A nice piece I made the mistake of sharing with others...Should have kept it in a closet.
No matter how many times it happens, having something stolen is always a personal violation.
Pulled out some Christmas decorations and of course when you plug in the lights they don't work...They did last year...I like the old giant size bulbs and not the little twinkly ones so popular today.
This year the classic 60's aluminum tree goes up. The shiny icon of the Sputnik era can be called an X-mas Tree without offending anyone....Its that commercial looking. A HOTLINE caller on Ives Street donated it to me years ago. It was purchased at Weston's Shoppers City for you of that era.
Waiting for the first customer and looking forward to rooting for the Lions in hopes they do Jets fans a favor and crush the Pats !

Do You Need to Shop on Thanksgiving ?

The hype over holiday shopping and "Black Friday" is way over done and making people sleep on sidewalks hoping to be the first in a store is exploitation.
Now some stores are open on Thanksgiving as well. Sears is open today for the first time ever on Thanksgiving.
Holidays can be kind of boring if you are on lock down at home and get tired of eating and football, but opening the big box stores like K Mart is hardly the solution. The workers at those stores may or may not want the hours but as long as they are compensated for holiday work, the notion of working on a holiday doesn't bother me.
For 25 years at my business, we have always been open on the holidays because its a social setting and some people want a place to get out and be with others on these days. Other places choose not to open and thats fine.
If you are bored today, rather than go shopping for a deal, save your cash and get out of the house at a familiar and comfortable neighborhood tavern.
Or you can enjoy the more traditional ritual of sitting home, eating too much and watching the Detroit Lions lose.
Some backlash for stores opening on Thanksgiving

Flash: Poll Shows Obama Will Carry NY in 2012

Pollsters have to keep busy when there is no election, especially when the pollsters are college-based and promote the name of the institution.
At Marist College they are polling the 2012 Presidential race and can tell use that President Obama would win a three way race that includes Sarah Palin and Mayor Mike Bloomberg as an independent candidate.
No surprise New Yorkers prefer the Democrat (Obama) 45-31-15.
While I don't see the mayor actually running, I cannot imagine Gov. Palin or any GOP nominee bothering much with this state...In that match-up you can count me in the 31% group.
The folks at Marist have to keep busy and there are many combinations of candidates they can poll for.
48% Plan to Vote Against Obama in 2012 Home of the Marist Poll: Pebbles and Pundits

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Paterson Seeks to Put Lawmakers on the Spot

Our lame duck governor is trying to shame the Legislature into doing something about the deficit this year....Lawmakers are back in the Capitol on Monday and Governor David Paterson is asking them publicly to show where they stand....
They will stand on the side of doing nothing as they do not want to offend anyone and are hoping the new governor will be able to pull a rabbit from a hat.
My guess is the lame duck session does nothing other than piling up some pre-Christmas per diems for the members.
No one cares what Governor Paterson is saying....certainly not the lawmakers whose tenure in Albany exctends beyond Mr. Paterson's departure date.
Paterson to lawmakers: where do you stand?

How Far Can Being Sexy Take Our New Governor ?

Andrew Cuomo has received an honorable mention in People Magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive" issue....The governor-elect is included in the over 50 category.
He better be real sexy if he thinks he can really seduce the public employee unions like he is talking about doing.
Meanwhile.....Speaking of sexy, FOX news reader Megyn Kelly has done a spicy pictorial for GQ....TV News is show biz (reference Don Henley's song)...Ms. Kelly is smart, so she is not the bubble headed bleach blond telling you about a plane crash with a gleam in her eye.
Andrew Cuomo on Magazine’s Sexiest Men List -

Senate GOP Claims Its Over and Time to Move On

As the last of the absentee and affidavit ballots are counted, it certainly appears the GOP has a narrow 32-30 majority in the State Senate. It is time to get down to governing and as difficult as a close loss is, Senators Thompson and Johnson in SD 60 and SD 7 need to move on.
A split Legislature should help Governor-elect Cuomo in achieving some kind of consensus governing and should prevent an absolutely crazy redistricting scheme.
Meanwhile, the current Legislature and Governor have a lame duck session coming up and need to act quickly on deficit reduction...And its not time to sneak in crazy new taxes like the soda tax.
Senate GOP claims that’s a wrap for Thompson, Johnson (update) - Capitol Confidential

Newzjunky - Mayor Graham Delivers Thanksgiving Proclamation at First Baptist Church

Thanks to Newzjunky for covering a great community tradition revived last night by the Rev. Jeffery Smith (not the Councilman) of the First Baptist Church on Public Square. It was a nicely attended event and one worth holding every year prior to Thanksgiving. I was pleased to be a part of it.
Newzjunky - Mayor Graham Delivers Thanksgiving Proclamation at First Baptist Church

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Owens Possible Boehner Vote Goes National

He might as well do it now....Rep. Bill Owens has gone national with his statement to the Adirondack Daily Enterprise that he might just vote for Republican John Boehner as Speaker of the House instead of staying in line and voting for Nancy Pelosi, the person Owens voted to be leader of the Democrats and their minority caucus.
Mr.Owens has been backing away from the controversial Mrs. Pelosi ever since and mused to the ADE that he might vote for Mr. Boehner or just abstain.
An absention is laughable, but a vote for Boehner would be bold, and heretical.
Now that's its been floated nationally, Mr. Owens may as well vote for Mr. Boehner. To back off and vote for Pelosi at this point would look very weak and unprincipled.
Boehner might get Dem vote for House speaker - On Politics: Covering the US Congress, Governors, and the 2010 Election -

WDT" Schumer Says Drum Safe from Cuts

While those of us in the frivolous media were busy reporting on Senator Chuck Schumer's 60th birthday, more serious MSM reporters were telling us about the Senator's assertion that Fort Drum is safe from cuts in the current deficit debate. That's OK.... There is room for all kinds of journalism.
Watertown Daily Times Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York

Schumer Turns 60 at the Crystal

Celebrating his 60th birthday in Watertown today, Senator Charles Schumer pledged to work hard the next six years for the people of Jefferson County. Mr. Schumer held a thank you rally at the Crystal Restaurant on Public Square. Local residents game Senator Schumer 62% in this month's election.
Senator Schumer pledged to work for the middle class and for more bipartisanship in Washington.
The crowd of about fifty people included Assemblywoman Russell, Sheriff Burns, Treasurer Nancy Brown, labor leaders and others.
The crowd sang happy birthday to the Senator.

Deer of the Day Rocks With NNY Newshounds

The Internet news site reports to us that every day they are receiving dozens of photos of dead deer from local outdoor enthusiasts, making the Deer of the Day a very successful if somewhat macabre media sensation.
Its another example of how a simple, everyday North Country event can become a traffic building sensation. In the summer, there is a Fish of the Day, although I suspect the more ritualistic nature of hunting makes the deer more popular.
For so many the weather, a dead deer and a couple of barn fires, MVA's and DWI's are all the news they need. :: Deer of the Day

Daily Enterprise: Owens Wants It Both Ways

Remember the good old days when elected officials were blindly loyal to party and were not torn with angst over whether to vote with leadership? Well those who want to prosper in the system still do that for the most part, but some curious statements in the Daily Enterprise by our Congressman cause some head scratchin' with the partisan crowd.
Rep. Bill Owens says he may vote for John Boehner for Speaker in January...but he also says he conditionally supports Nancy Pelosi and did not oppose her in conference when she was challenged for the post of minority leader.
Just so you know, Speaker of the House is a constitutional position unlike leadership roles. All members vote on the speaker and the rule of thumb is all the GOP votes Boehner and all the Dems vote for the leader they selected in caucus, in this case Ms. Pelosi.
Obviously Mr. Boehner wins and becomes Speaker.
The ADE suggests Mr. Owens is trynig to have it both ways. Mr. Owens was only recently registered as a Democrat, so he may not be as familiar with protocol as those longer marinated in the party.
An aside....I just heard Rep. Jason Altmire (D-PA) say on FOX he voted against Ms. Pelosi in conference and will again on January 3.
Owens Wants It Both Ways

Cuomo Supports a Turning Stone in the Catskills

Another Indian casino could be on its way.....This one in Sullivan County in the Catskills, once the heart of tourism for New York City residents....
Again this is a hypocritical circumvention of the NYS Constitution which bans casinos. By cooking up the "sovereign nation" argument a Governor can cut the deal that creates what the Legislature won't allow due to their chronic desire to be sanctimonious.
Only problem is such moves ,like at Turning Stone, leave out non-Indian (the rest of us who pay taxes) business people. The resort owner who invests, employs and stuggles to do business gets to watch a purported tribe acquire non-reservation land and build hotels, restarurants, concert halls, gas stations, convenience stores and anything else they want.
Eventually a facility like Turning Stone becomes so large, and employs so many, the political establishment becomes more beholden to this "sovereign nation" than to the people of the State.
Our new governor is following in this tradition by furthering Governor Paterson's efforts to locate a casino in the Catskills. Ultimately the US Department of the Interior has to rule on the matter.
Cuomo sees no legal challenges to a Catskills Casino

Some More Jefferson Counties and She Might Have Made It

Running for statewide office is not easy, whether your goal is to win or just get the 50,000 needed to establish a new party.
While my friend Kristin Davis fell short statewide, polling a tad over 23,000 votes, she did do significantly better in our neck of the woods, garnering 755 votes in the final Jefferson County tally....If that were extrapolated statewide, she would have polled well over 100,000 statewide.
What all that shows is that in that kind of race, a few boots on the ground can help in getting folks to cast a vote for a symbolic candidacy. That wasn't the case elsewhere where she and strategist Roger Stone largely had to depend on the sizzle generated by whatever free media she got, as the budget was limited. Life got tougher once Rent's Too High Jimmy McMillan became the novelty candidate and media darling in the race.
While she did heed my advice to dump prostitution as an issue, it lingered and probably hurt overall. Other issues like pot law reform, marriage equality and casino gambling were endorsed by most of the other candidates leaving little room for a niche candidacy on those issues.
With a little promotion among customers at Fort Pearl and at the Wicked Wench and a bit of media coverage, more people percentage wise voted for her here than anywhere else. She did well in individual contact with voters as was evidenced by the couple of three hour visits to Watertown and Carthage. A good debate performance was eclipsed by the farsical show by McMillan, but I saw her in a couple of pressers and she spoke well.
Its an interesting exercise in political science and was a bit of fun too. And really, what's the harm?...There never was a real race for Governor anyway since Andrew Cuomo had it sewn up for a year.
One lesson should she run again in four years, its that a 50,000 vote race requires not just a good candidate and a publicity strategy, but also some kind of organizational network....
Of course thats the challenge, but one more easily met having run once already....

Pat-Downs Rub Salt in the Wounds from Election 2010

Big government seems to be trying to find a way out of the public relations nightmare that the TSA pat-down policy has created......This Wednesday's heavy travel day could produce even more juicy tales of grabbing people's "junk"....And the Salt Lake City photo of an eight year old buy being compelled to take his shirt off amidst a crowd of ominous looking TSA goons is killing the administration, which cannot understand a public reluctant to submit to the whims of government.
I cannot think all of this does President Obama any good coming off a bad election for him.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Dems Look Good in NY1, While GOP Lead Looks Solid in NY25

Looks like the other undecided House race in NY stays with the Dems.....In District 1, on Long Island, Rep. Tim Bishop is gaining ground and appears positioned to be reelected....Meanwhile, upstate, Republican Ann Marie Buerkle looks like the winner in Syracuse's CD25.
If all of this holds, the GOP will have gained six seats in NY this year, moving from a paltry 2 seats to a more robust 8.
Bishop Campaign: We’re Ahead By 206

Arena Concession Stand a Big Hit

The newly renovated concession stand at the Fairgrounds Ice Arena looks great and is a vast improvement over the hodge podge of home griddles and Fry-Babies that were used before.
The newly remodeled stand is clean and well equipped and the type of place people want to do business.
The City Council voted to have the Recreation Department take over operation of the stand after a series of private groups lost interest in running it.
The new stand is better in terms of quality control, staffing and accounting of funds. It should be able to be a modest revenue stream to the city.
Kudos to those who worked on the project.

Empire State Has Become the Hopeless State

It was just another Kafkaesque moment in NY this morning when I was told there was a seat belt check point in one of the usual spots....along Plaza Drive between the city limits and Seaway Plaza. It's one of those bend in the road spots you cannot see ahead of time. So I staged a trip to see John Rice just so I could catch a glimpse of NY in action.
With no disrespect for law enforcement intended, its just silly to see eight or nine Troopers with half a dozen cars running standing in the rain looking for find some Northsider on his way to Topps for a loaf of bread without his belt on.
Let me say, its good to wear your belt and you should....Its just that this AM I read about how the Governor is sending out 898 layoff notices this week, and we can afford to replicate the Plaza Drive experience on highways and byways in 62 counties.
Then I opened my mail and was hectored by the prohibitionists about the energy drink called Four Loco, which I have never seen or heard of before this month. If you don't like it, lobby the Legislature to make it illegal, don't try to say it is because you have photocopied an FDA press release.
Then a guy came by and tried to sell me a bunch of Canadian cigarettes at $20 a carton, just more evidence of another of New York's brilliant regulatory and taxation policies.
Nary a day passes without a reminder of the sad state of affairs in NYS.

Capri Anderson Tells ABC She Will File Criminal Charges Against Charlie Sheen - ABC News

Charlie Sheen is like a lot of guys who women find charming on one level and scary on another....but boy did ABC's Stephanopolis and Company get taken in by adult film star Capri Anderson on GMA today.....
Anderson and her attorney were on with George to explain their lawsuit against Sheen who flipped out on Capri recently in a room at the Plaza Hotel.
She says he threatened her and she was scared at the drunken and possibly coke-crazed actor whom she had accompanied to his room.
She says she also never got paid the $3500 she was to be paid for attending a dinner party with Mr. Sheen. She calls it an "appearance" set up by her "agent."
The lesson here is always get paid in advance.....and understand who you are going to dinner with.
Mr. Sheen is the star of the "Two and a Half Men" program I think is seen on a local station.
Capri Anderson Tells ABC She Will File Criminal Charges Against Charlie Sheen - ABC News

Tea Party Head Calls Hoffman Voters "Ignorant"

The head of a group purporting to represent the Tea Party movement in NNY says votes for Doug Hoffman for Congress were votes cast out of ignorance. Mark Barie got a lot of publicity during the campaign and a lot of attention from candidates like Matt Doheny who finally got the "endorsement" of the group UNYTEA, after they initially had backed Mr. Hoffman.
Mr. Barie is one of those people who is head of a group that gains media acceptance as really representitive of something...I don't know if he is or isn't as I never heard of him before this campaign.
Now he calls Hoffman voter's "ignorant."
Now that's an ignorant thing to do. Those voters expressed an opinion at the ballot box. Only 32% of adult New Yorkers bothered to do so....I wonder if Mr. Barie thinks the other 68% are ignorant.
I know the theory that you have to vote for the major party candidate who is likely to win if you are to be a "responsible" voter. Backing the front runner is a popular thing to do, especially among those seeking acceptance from the eventual winner.
Some people cast votes for alternative candidates knowing they are unlikely to win. They are making a statement....perhaps about the major party candidates.
Mr. Barie has a First Amendment right to say what he wants. But when he does so in this manner, he only further estranges those who fancy themselves true conservatives.
That's a recipe for Democratic wins in NNY.
House survivor bucked GOP tide - Times Union

Gov.-elect Andrew Cuomo to press Albany lawmakers to back Gov. Paterson's budget cuts -

If a private sector firm employing tens of thousands of people eliminates 898 jobs, it would be barely be worth a paragraph in the news, but when government shows a little restraint....whoaaaa stop the presses.
That tells us a lot about why NYS is in the predicament it is...Another good example is yesterdays NY Post expose that NYC is actually going to make two firefighters on disability retirement explain why they are enjoying hobbies like martial arts competition while getting lifetime full pay for not being able to work.
The Governor-elect is right in supporting Governor Paterson's modest efforts to reign in spending.
I look back over 25 years in my own business and I have had to make those decisions in order to ensure survival of the enterprise. It's what you do when you have that responsibility.
That responsibility soon rests with Andrew Cuomo. It seems he is willing to take it.
Gov.-elect Andrew Cuomo to press Albany lawmakers to back Gov. Paterson's budget cuts -

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Team Ritchie Parties Hearty in Maple City on a Sunday Night

A huge throng gathered Sunday night in Ogdensburg to celebrate their new State Senator......A crowd estimated at over two hundred gathered at the Phoenix Cafe on Ford Street to bask in the victory of Senator-elect Patty Ritchie who lives nearby in the Town of Oswegatchie.
Many GOP luminaries were there including the chairs from all three counties in the district, Mayor Bill Nelson, Congressional candidate Matt Doheny and his posse, Jefferson County Legislator Scott Gray, labor boss Ron McDougall (his wife was not), former Senate candidate Dave Renzi and the former Miss NY, along with many other party poobahs.
There was a DJ hired and the faithful seemed to be in party mode for the long haul.

The Chattering Class Starts to Chatter About 2012

I was chatting with my mom this AM as she had just finished watching some 12 part series on possible GOP Presidential contenders.
She doesn't like Palin....used to like Romney and didn't know most of the rest...She concluded her early favorite in the race is Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour...
Too deep south I said for the likes of the northern and coastal elites...
But I did some checking and Barbour seems to have enormous fundraising capacity from his lobbying and RNC Chair days...He has the Rolodex of friends in all the states and a seven year record as Governor, including presiding over Katrina which devastated his state's Gulf Coast.
He is an economic conservative and speaks well, although with a Southern accent.
I don't see the most talked about ones as the ultimate winner of the nomination. So a Barbour...or a Senator John Thune (SD) or a Governor Mitch Daniels may emberge as the party's best hope by 2012.
Who knows, but with the elections over , its time to start musing.
Haley Barbour: GOP Kingmaker or Candidate for President? - TIME

Buerkle Prevails in NY25 as Absentees Fail to Alter Outcome

He was the darling of the MSM and even worked here in Watertown at one time....But it appears Democrats have given up hope of winning the Syracuse based 25th CD held for two years by Rep. Dan Maffei.
Tea Party favorite (that's what is always said) Ann Marie Buerkle will represent the 25th after the counting of absentees failed to change the results available on election night.
Buerkle won the race with a grass roots efforts in Wayne, Monroe and Cayuga Counties, while Mr. Maffei was unable to perform well enough in Onondaga County.
Liz reports Democratic operatives have begun pulling out of the district and may abandon the remaining court proceedings.
This places the net gain for the GOP at 62 with a chance to win up to two more.
NY1 on Long Island is still in doubt.
State of Politics Blog

WDT: Oh Canada ! Shoppers Travel Here to Shop

Watertown's retail economy continues to surge with the WDT reporting that local hotels are booked solid with Canadian shoppers taking advantage of favorable exchange rates. Meanwhile construction continues on at least three new hotels in the city.
The surge has been going on all year and points to the importance of sales tax revenue to local governments which now rely on it far more than the property tax. (This is why when wind developers and others get sales tax exemptions, there is a howl from local officials and constituents.)
In any event, Watertown's proximity to the International border is yielding exceptional benefits, and we give thanks to our Canadian visitors on this holiday coming up.
Watertown Daily Times Canadian shoppers fill up hotels

Broncos a Tough Foe as Lions March to State Finals

With a motto of "Bigger, Stronger,Faster" the athletic program at the Bronxville Village School District has sent its Broncos football team to a second consecutive state championship games with yesterday's 49-14 thumping of Saranac Lake in a semifinal game held in Kingston, NY.
The Broncos will face General Brown, after the Lion's 19-14 win yesterday against Fredonia.
The Class C state championship game will be held at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse.
The Bronxville district has 1400 students and is coterminous with the Village of Bronxville in Westchester County. The school's girls soccer team won a state championship this year.
It will be a great game next Saturday.
Bronxville School Home Page