Saturday, November 20, 2010

South Bend Tribune: 6-year-old girl bags first deer on opening day

Here's one for Deer of the Day...A six year old Indiana girl bags a deer on opening day of hunting season....Seems kind of young to be firing away since she is ten years from being able to drive a car and 15 years from having a beer....
Guess the age of majority for pulling the trigger is lower than for other adult pursuits...
Congrats anyway to Grace Zerbel.
South Bend Tribune: 6-year-old girl bags first deer on opening day

GOP frosh: Where's my health care? - Glenn Thrush -

A regular reader and local physician pointed out this article about a newly elected GOP Member of Congress who was incredulous that his government health coverage didn't begin for a month after taking office.
I agree with Dr. Bob...This is a dumb thing to get in the news for when you were elected running against Obama-Care. Health insurance is a responsibility and sometimes you have to pay for it yourself.
GOP frosh: Where's my health care? - Glenn Thrush -

Carville: "If Hillary Gave Up One of Her Balls to Obama, He Would Have Two."

With Republicans on the rebound, the narrative out of the left is that President Obama is a wimp...Too willing to roll over....Not able to throw elbows under the basket...
The Ragin' Cajun perhaps said it best and says he is not sorry...and won't apologize.
VIDEO: Carville Refuses To Apologize Over ''balls'' Comment - WWL - AM870 FM105.3 News Talk Sports

NJ: County Pitches in to Help Housing Project on City's East Side

In a good example of working together for the common good, Jefferson County highway workers will help clear the North Pleasant Street parcel that by next year should be home to up to 19 single family homes in a collaborative project between the City, Neighbors of Watertown, DANC and the Watertown Trust.
This will be the largest "in-fill" housing project and builds on small efforts on Michigan Avenue and Ten Eyck Street.
The site used to house the Ogilvie (before that Borden) cheese plant and after demolition some 7000 tons of shock rock was placed there to halt the growth of vegetation.
The City will have to clear out foundations and perform a small petroleum cleanup before the houses are started in the spring.
Thanks to the County Highway Department and the Legislature for helping move this important housing initiative along !
Newzjunky - County to Help Excavate Ogilvie Site 'Right Away'

More Electoral Litigation...This Time from the Winner

In another example of the over-lawyering of elections, Senator-elect Patricia Ritchie sued the boards of elections in the three counties in the Senate district even though election night results placed her well ahead of incumbent Darrel Aubertine.
Aubertine's decision to delay a formal concession until the counting of absentee ballots apparently led to a spate of paranoia in the GOP ranks and the suit was filed on a Sunday in the Oswego County clerk's office.
All of this shows you cannot even win an election without having the resources to go to court over your win. God help anyone who wants to run for office without sufficient funds for lawyers.
The Valley News Online

Senate update: Dems say new machines found in Buffalo (update) - Capitol Confidential

With only 32% of adults voting this election, the continuing protracted counts and disputes over voting machines being "found" hardly will inspire confidence.
Even though we now have a paper ballot trail, why is there so much resistance to actually counting the paper if needed ?....Instead we hear about the margin of error for the scanners...Again nothing that inspires confidence.
Everybody who loses a close race cooks up rationalizations for what happened.....But the fights over close races ....the getting ballots tossed or the badgering of absentee voters by operatives...all leads to the impression that the fix is in...or at the least that your vote is expendable.....
Everybody says they want all the votes counted...Few seem to believe it.
Senate update: Dems say new machines found in Buffalo (update) - Capitol Confidential

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Real MacKay

This is a fascinating read about the state chair of the Independence Party....Frank MacKay...
Once a protege of mine, the special election for Senate in 2008 created an irreparable rift....I remember meeting him in the late 90's when he was plotting the demise of then Suffolk County and State Chair Jack Essenberg.
We actually collaborated on the effort as I published an on-line newsletter called IP News that state lawmakers read religiously.
While there were many good times and I learned a lot about politics from Frank, there is no rapport now....I am not feuding with him, but when I read this article, I could only say to myself...Yep that's Frank.
The Real MacKay

Now MSNBC Suspends Joe Scarborough for Political Donations

The policy at NBC about on air people making political contributions has come back to bite Joe Scarborough...Host of Morning Joe.
The former Congressman from Florida gets a two day suspension for breaking company policy of making political contributions without management approval.
Who would have thought there was such a policy as all these people are partisans....
I made contributions to six candidates this year. I hope I don't get in trouble.
Now MSNBC Suspends Joe Scarborough for Political Donations

Owens Will Heart Pelosi in His First Vote of 2011

His one percentage point win didn't dissuade Rep. Bill Owens from reaffirming his support for the woman who became such an issue in the campaign against Matt Doheny.
Mr. Owens was one of 150 House Democrats to support Speaker Nancy Pelosi as their leader. That means Mr. Owens will vote for Ms Pelosi as Speaker in January in a race that will be won by Republican John Boehner of Ohio.
Mr. Owens was reluctant to bolt from the current leadership who supported his two bids for office in 2009 and 2010.
Owens: Pelosi will lose me if she doesn’t change - Capitol Confidential

WDT: Doheny Gains in Recanvass

Its bad enough losing a close race by two points....but its looking like the margin of loss for Matt Doheny is more like one point....A recanvass of votes in Fulton County and tabulation of most absentees has cut 1600 votes off the margin of victory for Rep. Bill Owens. \
With only 2800 absentees still to be tallied, there will be no change in who the winner is, but this is another example of what the word "unofficial" means when districts report on election night.
It is expected Mr. Doheny will strongly consider a challenge to Mr. Owens in 2012.
Watertown Daily Times Doheny picked up 1,600 votes on Owens

Conservatives mobilize to keep Bristol Palin ‘Dancing’ -

So it's not really about the sanctity of dancing and who is the best hoofer ? The Boston Globe reports even in the blue Bay State, Sarah Palin fans are discovering an affinity for that fancy dancin' in ABC's Dancing With the Stars....They are mobilizing to call in votes for Bristol Palin, who has survived several close calls after the show's in-house judges said she was second best.
We need Congressional hearings as the sanctity of a show like this should not be violated by Alaskan backwoods people like those nasty Palins. Get Rep. Barney Frank right on it.
Conservatives mobilize to keep Bristol Palin ‘Dancing’ -

Baldwin Adds to Cult Status for Wegmans

When I was a kid living in suburban Rochester, Wegman's was the local supermarket and I never thought it would have the cult following it now has....Central NY native Alec Baldwin even did a commercial for the store this week at the request of his mom who lives in Camillus...The 30 Rock star brings attention to a chain that actually has people begging for one to locate in their town....(How many times do you hear it up here ?)
Anyway, I don't how a supermarket obtains such status, but it must lead to some huge profits for the Wegman family....Wait till they get wine in those supermarkets, which will likely happen in 2011.
Baldwin’s Upstate Roots

WDT: Holding Up Olive Garden May Help With New Housing Development

Whether or not housing is developed along County Route 202 is yet to be scene, but the location is attractive, as it is near just about everything people look for.
For the crowd always clamoring for "vision" and "leadership", I don't mind saying the solving of sewage flow issues on the west side of Watertown is and will be crucial to development for housing and commericial activity.
I was not anxious to be the one seen as blocking the construction of the Olive Garden, a popular chain restaurant wanted by many. That is what we at City Hall did as a means of compelling the Town of Watertown to build a needed diversion line from Arsenal Street to Coffeen Street. This will alleviate flows on Arsenal and allow for development in the area of Stateway Plaza. It also allows more to be done on outer Arsenal.
Concurrent initiatives in the Gaffney Drive area with a new pump station and other improvements will help as well.
This week a new sewer agreement was inked by the Town and City and if that facilitates more housing, that is a goal consistent with what I feel needs to happen.
The most frequent question I got over recent years is "when are we getting an Olive Garden ?" I was always circumspect about saying we at City Hall were the Grinch on the issue...But with the sewer situation solved and the restaurant under construction, I can now answer the question....It will be open by spring.
Watertown Daily Times Housing eyed along County Route 202

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Most New Yorkers skipped voting on Election Day

New Yorkers may be first in taxes...and they must like it...because they are last in voting...32.1% of voting age adults cast a ballot on November 2....That's dead last in the nation and well below the lackluster numbers usually seen in non_Presidential years.
When you look at all the hype and all the ads, flyers, polling and robocalls....It's all done for a declining audience.
Most New Yorkers skipped voting on Election Day Democrat and Chronicle

Senate update: GOP sees tightening noose - Capitol Confidential

The win by Patty Ritchie over Darrel Aubertine is taking on more and more importance as the Democrats are just plain running out of votes in hopes of retaining two other seats they are on the verge of losing.
Senators Craig Johnson of Long Island and Antoine Thompson of Buffalo are trailing and the number of remaining disputed ballots is likely not enough to change anything...
That means the 32-30 GOP majority is virtually assured.
Senate update: GOP sees tightening noose - Capitol Confidential

ADN:Pundits react to NY Times portrait of Palin and team

This week's NYT Magazine piece on Sarah Palin's inner circle may be the first MSM recognition of the phenomenon she is...But it also points out what ultimately is a weakness...That is her inability to let criticism roll off in a self effacing way. She needs to use charm to disarm and not continue to insist she is being unfairly treated (even though many times she is).
She pulled that off in her early days as governor, although granted that was a far less high pressure environment.
What is true is that she will suck the air out of the room as long as continues to be a contender for the GOP nod.
Pundits react to NY Times portrait of Palin and team: Alaska Newsreader

Some Good Advice for Andrew

George Marlin has been one of the state's most thoughtful conservative thinkers for years...His advice in this blog post is worthy of a read by the Governor-elect.
Memo to Governor-elect Cuomo – By George J. Marlin «

Bloomberg Calls For Layoffs, Cuts

After two years of surviving on artificial infusions of cash from Washington, state government and the City of New York are going to have to make real reductions in force. Mayor Bloomberg announced the cuts of thousands of jobs in city government.
Bloomberg Calls For Layoffs, Cuts

Housing a Priority for 2011

This morning I was at a meeting and the subject I think is very important came up...That is housing...With occupancy rates running very high and all the Fort Drum brigades due home by 2012, another increase in units is needed.
One of the more exciting projects is the former Ogilvie site on North Pleasant Street where it looks like we can do 18 unites of in-fill housing in conjunction with the State of NY and Neighbors of Watertown.
City Council now supports the plan which will call for some cleanup and road construction, but this project will provide housing and neighborhood redevelopment.
The concept of in-fill housing in an urban setting is something I have tried to keep alive since several units were built on Michigan Avenue....That venture was between the Watertown Trust and Development Authority of the North Country.
This year a more modest but impressive success was achieved on a vacant lot on Ten Eyck Street.
Filling in empty lots in existing communities works. Single family homes are being built privately as well, including one going up now on Ives Street and one on Palmer Street. One was recently completed on Davidson Street and there is a Habitat house nearing completion on Bradley Street.
On a larger scale, I am committed to the Creekwood Project on Mill Street near Seaway Plaza. Financing challenges have stalled the 200unit complex, but I feel that will be worked out and this needed housing will be added to the mix.
As we all look at goals for the year ahead, certainly housing is high on the list, along with continued efforts to manage the commercial growth occuring on the city's west side.

Cuomo: End chaos in Senate

The Governor-elect is pleading with the Court of Appeals to speed up vote counts in three state senate races that will determine what party controls the body....Andrew Cuomo says a dysfunctional Senate is bad for the state.
The Senate is likely to end up 32-30 Republican, meaning another two years of everyone having to vote with leadership on every vote or else.
The scramble to drag out the process makes you wonder why we cannot just have people vote...count the votes and move one.
Instead we argue over who is eligible to vote after they vote....try to brow beat people into recanting their vote...tell everyone we want all the votes to count then do otherwise......
Surely somebody can just sit down and count the stacks of paper ballots in these three Senate districts....But that's not what the parlor game of politics in Albany calls for....So look for it all to drag on.
As for Mr. Cuomo begging the Court of Appeals to get the election resolved....Just doing that speaks volumes of the electoral system we have.
Cuomo: End chaos in Senate - Times Union

Sarah Palin Thinking of Running for President, and Tells Barbara Walters She Could Beat President Obama in 2012 - ABC News

Well, Sarah Palin has made Barbara Walters list of the ten most fascinating people of 2010.....Darn I didn't make it.
In an interview to air next month, Palin again strongly hints at a Presidential run and says she believes she can beat Barack Obama.....What else can she say ?
In any event, with the mid terms over with, Ms Palin is testing the waters......I am still not convinced she runs although she realizes those who succeed are audacious...Just like Mr. Obama was when he began his improbably run.
I think she keeps hinting in order to keep her brand valuable...but likely doesn't in fact run as doing so is a career killer since her TV jobs would be over.
In the meantime, she is revving up the base.
Sarah Palin Thinking of Running for President, and Tells Barbara Walters She Could Beat President Obama in 2012 - ABC News

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

All Three CD's Next to Us Appear to Have Flipped

Anne Marie Buerkle is gaining ground as more absentees are counted in NY25, the Syracuse based seat held by Rep. Dan Maffei. With a clear plurality of absentees cast coming from registered Republicans, it is widely thought Ms. Buerkle will win.
That means all three Congressional districts adjacent to our NY23 are now held by the GOP..Currently they are all held by Democrats.....It will be interesting to see how that affects redistricting.
Rep. Bill Owens lives in Plattsburgh, and to maintain a district he can win, he will need those areas like St. Lawrence County which went heavily his way.
Given you can't pick up or lose real estate on three sides of NY23, it would seem the North Country may be left in tact....or the extreme opposite would be to attach portions of NNY to the 20th,24th and 25th.....
With the state legislature likely split, nobody will be able to force a radically partisan plan, so the likely deal would seem to be, protect incumbents where possible.
Since one and maybe two seats will be lost due to the census, somebody will be out of luck...But likely not someone like Owens located on a remote corner of upstate.
If the 23rd is essentially unchanged except for adjusting around the edges, look for an Owens-Doheny rematch..With Doug Hoffman out of the picture as the deal will be cut this time to not allow Hoffman the Conservative line.

Inside Sarah Palin’s Inner Circle -

Sarah Palin has told the NY Times she is considering a run for President and this NYT Magazine piece is really a good insight into her inner circle and how she operates politically.
Conventional wisdom is she can't win and probably won't run....But the prospect of her running gets the base excited and the MSM in full gear...The haters are always motivated.
Any this is a good read, whether you like her or not.
Inside Sarah Palin’s Inner Circle -

Thanksgiving Traditions I am Looking Forward to Next Week

A couple of Thanksgiving traditions I am pleased to take part in next week.
One is a revival on Tuesday evening at 6:30 of the multi-denominational Thanksgiving church service at the First Baptist Church on Public Square. As part of the tradition, I have been asked to ready the President's Thanksgiving Proclamation, which I am honored to do.
On Wednesday, a more light hearted prelude to the Holiday at the Thompson Park Zoo as the four turkey's residing there get a pardon in recognition of their important role in educating and entertaining visitors to the Zoo.
Fred, Ginger, Moe and Larry will be pardoned at a 10:30 AM ceremony on Wednesday.
In both cases you are all welcome to attend.

Brandy in tears as viewers vote Bristol Palin through to Dancing With The Stars final | Mail Online

The left is going crazy at the thought of a conservative woman winning something as important as Dancing With the Stars....Bristol Palin and her partner moved on to the finals of the televised competition.
Cries of foul abound as viewers vote to keep Ms. Palin on the show. Is there a groundswell of support for the Palin's or is this just fans rooting for the underdog ?
It could also be part of the vast rightwing conspiracy.
Brandy in tears as viewers vote Bristol Palin through to Dancing With The Stars final Mail Online

Duffy Can Be DeFacto Mayor By Lobbying for His City

With family ties there and having lived there for five years, I always have liked Rochester and am glad to see the city will prosper by having its mayor, Bob Duffy, as Lieutenant Governor....So says the incoming governor, Andrew Cuomo.....
And Mayor Duffy doesn't even have to move to Albany to do his new job. His family is not planning to relocate. Why should they ? Rochester is a nicer place than Albany and the Capital is only three hours and several dollars in Thruway tolls away...
In fact, maybe Mayor Duffy's new relationship with the Thruway will teach him how silly it is to have to pay tolls east and west, but no tolls north and south (I-81).
Certainly in a state where they only recently discovered automated elevators in the Capitol, the new LG can look at those toll collectors and ask the question, do we need that ? Unless of course his official vehicle has free access to the EZ-Pass line.
Cuomo: Duffy Can Do More For Rochester From Albany

Michael Bloomberg & Joe Scarborough: The Independent Odd Couple

This is what happens when self absorbed luminaries residing in Manhattan talk to one another too much. A Bloomberg-Scarborough ticket for 2012 as independent candidates for President and Vice President.
Even Mika has to roll her eyes at this one.
Mayor Bloomberg has little traction outside the salons of the Upper East Side and while I watch Morning Joe on MSNBC, I would rather see Pat Buchanan on a ticket.
Michael Bloomberg & Joe Scarborough: The Independent Odd Couple

WDT: Doctors Object to New Entrance

The sudden opposition to one of the main parts of the JB Wise project in downtown Watertown brought me down to Public Square yesterday to take a look at the lay of the land. Woodruff Professional Building manager Mary Slye took me down to look at the rear of the doctor's complex to explain her concerns about a new entrance road to the JB Wise lot.
One of the main parts of the project in addition to new underground infrastructure are the three new entrances to the lot. The one off Public Square has been discussed for years and the engineering firm doing the project designed the entrance. Nonetheless folks usually don't pay attention till things are imminent and I understand that.
The concern primarily is that elderly and disabled patients will face challenges with the additional traffic lane and accidents could occur. It will be up to City Council to decide whether to deviate from the plan.
Watertown Daily Times J.B. Wise parking lot is causing concerns

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Today a Beaver....Tomorrow a Crow ?

In a breach of Internet protocol, a man has submitted a picture of a 68 pound beaver to Newzjunky's "Deer of the Day." A fellow named Ken Widrick is pictured holding the stocky animal which he says he trapped in the Town of Ellisburg.....Mighty big beavers they got down there !
I guess it's open season to submit a picture of any animal to the Deer of the Day.......
Get those crow pictures sent to Newzjunky ! :: Deer of the Day

Cuomo Doesn't Know About Midtown Project

As a youngster I lived in the Rochester suburb of Irondequoit, so I remember what a big deal Midtown Towers was when it opened....It was the first modern era indoor mall, and it was quite an attraction....But times change and the shoppers moved to the suburbs and Midtown Towers was another downtown anachronism....
Now the state is kicking in $55 million towards making it into something new....Kind of like an ear mark....LG-elect Bob Duffy pushed for the project as mayor of Rochester, because that's what you do...Look for free money....His boss the new Governor knew nothing about the project when asked...I am not sure he should have since it was already funded...But these type of projects are going to be tougher to fund in a state government seemingly always broke.
Cuomo Doesn't Know About Midtown Project - Rochester, News, Weather, Sports, and Events -

Good News...I No Longer Will Call You Patty Plate

With a respectable period of mourning having elapsed since the election, its time to rally behind our new State Senator-elect Patty Ritchie.
She defeated Senator Darrel Aubertine in a close race, and her victory likely means a GOP majority in the Senate...Thats a good thing as it may prevent a crazy redistricting plan based solely on creating a century of Democratic hegemony in NY.
Ms. Ritchie proved herself a strong willed person in the rigorous campaign, and like her vanquished foe, can lay claim to being "one of us."
This nonsense about "she's no Doug Barclay" is for the birds. Ms. Ritchie is capable of hard work and common sense, as was shown in her running of the County Clerks Office.
With the last of the absentees being counted, its time to accept the verdict of the people and advance the interests of the North Country with the help of her representation.
Best Wishes Patty !

McGrath Isn't Giving Up

The dust has yet to settle from this year's campaign and former Assembly candidate Brian McGrath has a press release out excoriating the Lewis County Legislature's "callous" disregard for residents...Guess they raised taxes.
This could be a preview of Mr. McGrath's future ambitions....Perhaps a run for County Legislator in order to set himself up as a member of the community, an issue that dogged him in his Assembly bid. While a native, Mr. McGrath had moved back to run after a successful and lucrative law career in NYC.
A quick engagement in local politics is McGrath's message that he's here to stay.

Feds concede Bruno conviction will be dismissed based on Supreme Court ruling -

Looks like 82 year old Joe Bruno won't go to jail as his conviction on corruption charges is likely to be dismissed...Just as well...Alan Hevesi didn't have to go to jail so why should Joe ?
Feds concede Bruno conviction will be dismissed based on Supreme Court ruling -

Report: City Spending 6% Under Budget

The comptroller's report on city finances for the fiscal year ending June 30,2010 shows revenues were on track due to a late year surge in sales tax revenue.....However, expenditures ran 6% under budget in part due to cost containment measures throughout the year.
The result was a slight growth in fund balance to just over $10 million. The latest sales tax numbers for this fiscal year show growth as well, although hydro power revenues were off slightly and state aid is uncertain due to budget issues in Albany.
The City has cut six positions over the past two years.
The report shows the water and sewer funds healthier than they were two years ago.
Among the large uncertainties is health insurance, with the new federal law imposing measures that will increase costs to employers. The possible loss of a grandfather clause for existing municipal plans is actually preventing efforts to negotiate changes on matters like contributions and co-pays.
The institutionally insolvent state pension system also is a fiscal minefield for municipalities that pay into the plan on behalf of workers.
All in all, the City moves towards 2011 in much better shape than many local governments.
In other action at Monday's Council meeting, lawmakers approved a series of appointments to various panels and OK'd a sewer contract with the Town of Watertown that resolves various flow issues.
Watertown Daily Times Sewer deal OK'd by city

Monday, November 15, 2010

Politician calls cops on boys, 13, for running unlicensed cupcake stand

Wow, here's a pol who deserves to be defeated...But on the other hand he took an oath to preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the State of New York...That means all sorts of silly laws...Maybe this councilman will have a friend who buys too many Indian cigarettes and he can turn him in too.
Politician calls cops on boys, 13, for running unlicensed cupcake stand

Local Businesswoman Takes Easy Ride to Fame

We know who got a DWI....was arrested for punching their "old lady", and who urinated in public....But how about a successful local businesswoman who has actually accomplished something of note ?
Well, we will acknowledge Allstate agent Nancy McCabe of Watertown who this year won a national competition among agents to be the marketing face of the company's motorcycle insurance. Nancy was picked from among hundreds to go to Chicago for a professional photo shoot and now she is on posters, billboards and in magazine ads...
Ms McCabe has been a top Allstate agent for years and her office is on Route 11 in the Town of Watertown. Her family is well known and kudos to her for her new fame ! Might be too edgy for an Athena Award, but still a job well done.

A Little Hyperbole Can Be Good for Business

With news of a snowstorm in the Midwest, this is a good time of the year to start telling all the new residents about our brutal winters....You know, where we make ourselves sound incredibly hardy. I know from my days in the car business its a great selling point for SUVs as people are so conditioned when they arrive, they really think they have to have one.
We all know that while there is some rough weather, most of the winter is just 32 and overcast and the roads are cleared so quickly that travel is hardly a problem.
It's always good to quote the temperatures in wind chill, as it makes it sound worse....and go ahead and subtract a few extra degrees, because nobody checks on it.
Winter is coming, and go ahead and enjoy the look of angst and fear on the faces of those Southerners as we recount the embellished tales of our frontier existence.

NYers To Cuomo: Focus On The Job You’ve Got

Polls show New Yorkers are optimistic about the upcoming Cuomo administration and why not ? I know all the fears about "status Cuomo" and the WFP's grip on the Democratic Party. But the reason for being optmistic and supportive is that the election is over, the choice was made and even if you are still a grumbling mad-as-Hell person, there is no alternative to hoping the new governor achieves some success.
Voters say they want the Governor to focus on the job he has and not be looking ahead to national ambitions. That's good advice and I have found that true on the local level. Politics lends itself to looking ahead to the next level. People still ask me 'what's next ?" The answer is I have a great job and work to do....I am more than happy to attend political events and will give advice and help to those who ask, but as for ambitions...Mine is to do a good job at what I am doing....
The new Governor should do the same, although just like his counterpart in neighboring NJ, our new governor will spend a lot of time answering questions about 2012 and 2016. He should just ignore them.
NYers To Cuomo: Focus On The Job You’ve Got

WDT: Final Phase of 2010 Vote Count is This Week

Only a handful of very local races will be determined by absentee ballots, but for election afficionados its always of interest to get the final totals. This was an election cycle that was exciting on some levels with the hotly contested legislative races for Congress,State Senate and Assembly.
There also were the moribund statewide races where the inevitability of Andrew Cuomo left us one of the few states without a meaningful debate, although I enjoyed and appreciated the chance to witness in person the seven way debate at Hofstra.
Again this year, we never got to see live televised showdowns between local candidates, although Jeff Cole did work hard to get taped panel discussions on Public TV.
I was invited on TV 7 on election night to do analysis and it was fun to hang out in the newsroom for the evening, and this blog had a decent amount of traffic for the campaign season as the operatives at least seemed inclined to check in.
The coverage of campaigns migrated to the blogs and Internet with local sources like Newzjunky and the WDT's Jude Seymour becoming primary sources on the tick-tock of the campaign. Statewide bloggers led by Liz, Celeste and Jimmy drove that train.
The voting public....a little smaller again this year....was fatigued by the television ads, mailers and robocalls, but for all the money spent getting their "message" out, a good number of candidates wanted nothing to do with talking issues in real time with real people.
We had three of seven gubernatorial candidates on the HOTLINE on WATN-AM 1240. (the other winner in the race, Howie Hawkins, was in the studio live) The Congressional candidates didn't feel the need in the final weeks....we had one state senate candidate, but only after it was apparent he was in deep trouble....the Assembly and Sheriff candidates came in.
I had a couple chances to chat with legendary operative Roger Stone on the air, which was fun.
It was an interesting year, and it won't be long till the 2011 cycle starts.
Watertown Daily Times Counties will count absentee ballots this week

Sarah Palin's Alaska an Interesting Look at a Busy Household

I watched the TLC program called Sarah Palin's Alaska. While it was fast paced and full of all sorts of hunting, fishing, rock climbing and family values, I am not sure I can do eight episodes of the Palin family being so darn active and athletic.
There is lots of scenery and this seems a family always doing something....The program is a plug for living and vacationing in the 49th state, except those conditioned to hate Ms. Palin will by extension hate Alaska....
It is yet to be known if the program will enhance Ms Palin's approval ratings. I would think it helps but there are no doubt many things the comedians and the DNC will be able to ridicule.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Jets Climb to 7-2 With Thriller in Cleveland

NFL Game Center: New York Jets at Cleveland Browns - 2010 Week 10

Cuomo Taps Massive Transition Team to Root for His Policies

The big question is what does a 55 member transition team do ? Surely being named is an honor for supporters and the variety of people is diverse.....
But what will LG-elect Duffy tell them all when and if they are all in a room at once ?
Mr. Cuomo had a rather detailed campaign manifesto on policy matters, but already the NY Times is editorializing for the Governor-elect to "flesh out" his proposals. Be careful what you wish for at the Times. I think Mr. Cuomo knows his window is small and the need for change is large so his proposals will not sit well in the far left precincts like the Times.
Presumably the 55 member team is not there to really do anything, but is there to provide a feeling of consensus for the coming policy shifts which I am sure Mr. Cuomo already has devised. The team will provide 55 cheerleaders for Andrew. He will need them as the traditional Democratic constituencies will not like what is least we hope they don't.
Cuomo Taps Kennedy Jr. For Transition Team

Mama Grizzly Mauled Lisa But Didn't Finish Her Off

Looks like the Mama Grizzly wasn't able to finish off her arch rival and Senator Lisa Murkowski seems on track to win reelection as a write in candidate in the 49th state.
Murkowski showed a lot of grit in bucking her party after losing the GOP primary to Joe Miller, a Fairbanks attorney backed by former Governor Sarah Palin. While here will be jockeying in court it certainly looks like its just about over.
Some consider refuting the GOP primary the wrong thing to do, but winning has a way of making folks overlook such a transgression.
Congrats to the Senator on being the first write in candidate to win a US Senate race since Strom Thurmond in 1954.
Lisa Murkowski on track to win - Shira Toeplitz -

Four Loko Gone from NY Before I Even Saw a Can

For all the fuss over this Four Loko alcohol/energy drink, I have never seen any up here....It's described as wildly popular and the political class has quickly demanded sales be halted after its linkage to a death. So I guess its ban from NYS won't affect too many people here.
The emergence of energy drinks is another manifestation of the human species seeking to alter reality through some kind of substance. There are lots of "five hour" buzz drinks at the checkout counter and people are paying $35 a case for 7oz cans of Red Bull energy drink, with its abundance of sugar and calories.
Bottom line is that the same drink is created everyday....Its called vodka and Red Bull....the use of energy drinks as a mixer is commonplace and no one has seemed too upset....
There will always be some effort to seek a more novel high. And that hasn't been stopped by raising the drinking age, the war on drugs, or even the Jihad against beer pong.
Lets at least pass a new tax on energy drinks so government can profit from bad decisions.
Beer distributors, Four Loko manufacturer, will halt shipping of caffeinated, alcoholic drink to NY

Sarah Palin's Alaska: Intimate portraits of 'Mama Grizzly' and her cubs | Mail Online

While I doubt she is really going to run for President in 2012, that doesn't mean the 'Mama Grizzly' Sarah Palin doesn't want to keep building her frontier image. Tonight an eight part series debuts on TLC call Sarah Palin's Alaska.
It is a look at her life and family. I am sure you will all want to watch.
Sarah Palin's Alaska: Intimate portraits of 'Mama Grizzly' and her cubs Mail Online