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Air Paladino Hits Cuomo On Rattner, Farkas, Espada

Carl Paladino is trying to point to Democratic scandals to eat away at the large lead held by Andrew Cuomo....This is the kind of stuff you need to drive home weeks or months ago....In the last ten days, a bunch of commercials will have little effect, especially when the alternative in the person of Mr. Paladino is ast best unknown and at worst detested by many voters.
Carl may be popular in the Queen City, but that's likely only because they have no football team to cheer for anymore !
Air Paladino Hits Cuomo On Rattner, Farkas, Espada

Will scandal sway Senate?

The Inspector General report on the awarding of video lottery contracts at the Aqueduct racino is a black eye on Senate Democratic leaders, but its hard to say whether its too late or too complicated to have an effect on the election...As a means of piling on its a great plus for Republicans, but how many SD48 voters have followed the brou-ha-ha.....and of those how many care...
It seams like another downstate,wheelin' dealin', pay to play scheme...But for jaded New Yorkers...what else is new?

Will scandal sway Senate? - Times Union

AG and Comptroller Races Require More Careful Voter Scrutiny as They Are Competitive Races

As endorsements come out, its worth reading different ones when making a voting decision on offices like attorney general. For the most part, its not as much a gut issue about who you like filling an executive job like governor, or whether you cast a protest vote in hopes of advancing a minor party and its particular planks
AG is a powerful post and so often the office is used as a bludgeon to go after people for reasons that have more to do with ideology than the law.
That is why, I share the WDT trepidation about Senator Eric Schneiderman's talk about"social justice" and his stated desire to place the AG's office at odds with the law on issues like same sex marriage. We do not need grandstanding or crusading AG's, as the power of the office is too great. His slobbering over the Rev. Al Sharpton having a spot in the AG's office is something to consider.
While Sen. Schneiderman is a hard worker, he is also a member of the current Senate and his ability to ferret out legislative misdeeds is in question.
On the other hand, we have heard or seen little of Mr. Donovan up our way and I have heard people in the know question how energetic a worker he is in his current job as Staten Island DA.
Voters should read and digest as much as possible on this race and the one for comptroller.
They are the only races the GOP candidates have a remote chance of winning, so unlike the already decided governor or US Senate races, your vote could help determine the winner.
Watertown Daily Times Attorney general

Debate Tick-Tock: Behind the Scenes as Roger Stone Propels His Candidate to the Top of the Second Tier

Now that the seven way debate has publicized that there is a multi candidate race, the publicity knack of Roger Stone and the unique candidacy of Kristin Davis are garnering lots of late-in-the-game press in the place where the votes are....New York City...
Interviews on the morning shows, along with articles and photos in the local press are helping overcome the natural resistance to third party candidates. Of course the lack of a contest between the major party hopefuls helps as well.
I met Roger for the first time last Monday, but have been working with him a bit on the effort and have known one of the other key operatives for some time...a fellow named Frank Murano from Staten Island. Other veterans of various campaigns like campaign manager Andrew Miller are also on board, keeping a freshman candidate on message and not distracted by the nonsense that politics can be.
If you have never done it before, walking onto that stage at Hofstra is a trip no matter how smart or loquacious you are.
Roger is always in motion politically. When I walked into his room at the Marriott last Monday, he was cordial but always engaged in the topic at hand...He had just worked his candidate through a tough weekend of debate prep...Last minute questions about the Taylor Law and the Wicks Law as well as hydra-fracking in the Southern Tier.
Stylishly dressed and meticulous in demeanor, he is always looking for the edge on his this case Andrew Cuomo. The day's topic was a report that deposed comptroller Hevesi had cut a deal to avoid jail time....a good jab at the insider politics of corrupt Albany.
The candidate stops by the room briefly before beginning the make-up and dress routine that for a female candidate is always more lengthy....She is ready, having overcome any stagefright through solid coaching and preparation.
Two hours out and there is a drawing for position on the stage. Kristin ends up between Howie Hawkins and Walter Redlich, the latter a man whom Roger has tangled with in the past. No love lost there.
As the crowd files into the arena, the North Country delegation walked around to see who's there, and visited the huge press stable. Today's blogger world plus regular media means the herd is a thundering herd.
At 6:30, the candidate enters the green room......After so much prep, she asks "mayor, whats your advice ?" Not wanting to be pile on, I said "be yourself, the girl from Fresno," referring to her modest upbringing in a mobile home park in California's central valley. I told her the folks she met at the Wicked Wench in West Carthage were watching and rooting for her.
After some fussing and fidgeting the entourage moved to the backstage holding area.....Other candidates were in their pens like cattle waiting for the rodeo gate to open.....Last minute niceties with the Hawkin's folks in the next stall and a visit from Paladino manager Michael Caputo punctuated the tense moments....Heck, I was just watching and I was nervous...Awkward moments as the technician tried to place her microphone so it wouldn't be shielded by the ruffles on her blouse...
We were lucky to have seats in the front row but I watched the first few moments on TV in the green room, before heading into the arena....First up was Carl Paladino, who painfully bungled his answer...then the antics of Jimmy McMillan...the predictable rhetoric of the presumptive winner of the election....the mad-as-Hell in black of Charles Barron....the feisty Huey Long progressive populism of Howie Hawkins....and then our candidate...
You hope to God she doesn't freeze up....I saw that happen to a candidate in the early 90s...But this is a smart woman; good people skills and well prepared....She did fine and delivered her humorous zinger of jobs leaving the state faster than Carl Paladino in a gay bar.
From then on the questions and answers went well and she was the only candidate to stay within the time allowed.
A couple other humorous lines...a nice anti-tax, clean up Albany message and a strong closing statement, and it was time to head to the spin room to watch everyone talk about what we all just saw. Its an interesting ritual.
Back to the green room for some R&R and reflection.....A congratulatory call from Kristin's mom, who like all mom's of politicians suffer greatly watching these things play out. Kristin talked to Tammy Bramhall , one of her biggest fans....Tammy told her the reviews in West Carthage were good.
Then it was back to the Marriott where the gang gnawed on the debate and some wings....Having concluded it was a success and an experience to remember, we left Long Island for the ride home from the Great Debate of 2010.

Ex-madam peddles political aspirations - Crain's New York Business

Friday, October 22, 2010

‘Sex’ And The WFP

Let's talk about another of New York's minor parties in need of 50,000 votes to retain ballot status....The Working Families Party has Andrew Cuomo as its nominee and to get people to vote Line E instead of Line A, they have enlisted the support of actress Cynthia Nixon from 'Sex and the City."
No you may be asking why vote for Cuomo on Line E ....or Line C ?....Well the ballot status and ballot position of those parties depends on how many votes tallied there....Sound crazy ? It is, but that's the way the game is played, so that's why the scramble is on to get to at least 50,000.
Obviously the Democrats will retain Line A and the Republicans will keep Line B....Its the down ballot lines that are in play.....
The WFP is competing with the Independence Party for the allegiance of Cuomo voters looking to make a statement beyond electing a governor.
So if you don't like Mr. Cuomo but like Cynthia, I suppose you vote for her party...Make sense ?
‘Sex’ And The WFP

Davis Accepts NY Post Apology...Says She Did the Crime But Has Done Her Time

Gubernatorial candidate Kristin Davis today accepted the apology from NY Post columnist John Podhoretz, who had called her a "hooker" in a column in Tuesday's edition. Ms. Davis posted her response on her campaign website.

Always an Open Door at This City Hall

When a Congressman comes to City Hall he is always welcome, as is anyone charged with representing the interests of the people I represent....So in Judes piece, he points out my support for Mr. Owens opponent...Something evident to visitors of Pearl Street....But at City Hall, its about the people...And the chance to brief our Congressman on important city issues face to face is always appreciated.
In the partisan world, its hard to imagine being courteous to everyone, but that's why I have not and will not be registered to either of the major parties...They expect too much of you.
Watertown Daily Times Coffee and a shake

Owens Visits City Hall...Tours Public Square

North Country Congressman Bill Owens visited City Hall this morning and then took a tour of Public Square, including the newly renovated Franklin Building.
Mr. Owens met for half an hour with City Manager Mary Corriveau, City Planner Ken Mix and myself.
The Congressman then walked to the Franklin Building, visited two new downtown businesses and examined the streetscape project partially funded with federal dollars.
His purchases included four muffins and two cigars...Cigars he says he and his son will smoke election night.
Mr. Owens was elected to Congress last year and is running for a full two year term in the November 2 election. His opponent is Watertown businessman Matt Doheny.
In an irony of politics Mr. Owens Congressional office and his opponent's campaign office are both located in the HSBC Building. The two didn't run into each other today.

Newzjunky - Ruggiero: 'I Will Not Apologize' for Facebook Comment

Another reminder today that the computer that seems so friendly and inviting when you are musing on the keyboard can come back to bite. GOP Sheriff candidate is busy now trying to disavow a comment about terrorists that someone else is now charging is racist.
Good grief....
The lesson here is not whether the candidate is anti-Muslim. The lesson is don't post anything on the Internet, you don't want everyone to see.
That includes photos. Many young people are posting all sorts of photos on their Facebook pages that will come back at them when they are seeking a job....getting married...for God forbid running for office.
I am a supporter of Mr. Ruggiero's opponent, but I don't think he should be forced into apologizing for anything more than typing something that someone could try to use in a charge of racism.
Facebook is a dangerous place at times.
Newzjunky - Ruggiero: 'I Will Not Apologize' for Facebook Comment

I'm sorry I called Kristin Davis a hooker -

NY Post columnist John Podhoretz apologized today for calling gubernatorial candidate Kristin Davis a "hooker", a claim that is on its face, false and defamatory. Podhoretz had made the claim in a column on Tuesday following the gubernatorial debate in which Davis participated.
The fact they did the apology is acknowledgment that the paper did in fact libel Ms. Davis, even though she has a sketchy past as head of the Wicked Models escort service.
Ms. Davis likes to joke that unlike other politicians in Albany she did her time in jail before running for office. Since those four months at Riker's Island, Ms. Davis has become involved in politics and successfully petitioned to get her name on the November ballot for the office of Governor. While not shying from her past as a madam, the phrase "hooker" has connotations any woman can certainly understand. Having worked with her campaign, I know the balancing act of getting publicity off the madam story and being a serious candidate for the issues she advocates.
Journalists skirt an ethical line every day trying to be incisive, interesting and walking a line that won't get their employer sued. Actually, sueing for libel is difficult and expensive and most people cannot afford the effort.
Of course in his apology posted here, Mr. Podhoretz couldn't resist the opportunity to post a provocative file photo of Ms. Davis as a parting shot for having to apologize...Nothing galls a columnist more than having to do that.
I'm sorry I called Kristin Davis a hooker -

Koch: Throw the Bum Out !

Ed Koch has called Addie Russell a "bum."
In an Internet ad I saw on the WDT website, a series of four graphics show the capitol with a headline "Albany is broken." Then a picture of Assemblywoman Russell with the banner, "Addie J. Russell won't fix it." Then a picture of Hizzoner labled "throw the bum out !" And finally a panel with the logo for New York Upsrising, the group headed by Koch advocating change in Albany.
There had been talk of Koch coming to NNY to stump for challenger Dave Forsythe, but its thought there would also be pressure on Koch from the Democratic Party not to personally advocate for a Republican.
Whether the 85 year old former mayor would succumb to such pressure is doubtful.

FLASH: Lawmaker Not Drunk

Now getting pulled over gets you in the news, even if you don't get a ticket. Good grief....Of course, we are all to suppose Senator Breslin was really drunk and he just got off because he is a powerful lawmaker. That's the problem with news coverage like this. Love watching YNN, but on this one, they need to get a life.
Breslin Pulled Over, Passes Sobriety Test

Thursday, October 21, 2010

DioGuardi Does Well But No Knock Out in Senate Debate

No knock out punches in tonight's US Senate debate between Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and former Congressman Joe Dio Guardi. The incumbent stuck to her talking points and in the lightning round refused to say if Alan Hevesi should go to jail ( a secret deal says he won't) and said there should be no one on one gubernatorial debate. Actually the lightning round gives a pretty good insight into the politcalsoul of a candidate.
Senator Gillibrand has a 20+% lead in recent polls.

Endorsements and Annoitments as the End Nears

Everybody knew DeDe Scozzafava was endorsing Rep Bill Owens again this year. The Republican Member of Assembly has already endorsed Democrats Andrew Cuomo and Brian McGrath.....The only speculation left is what level job MS. Scozzafava gets in the new administration. I am thinking like a commissioner job.
Meanwhile, in what is kind of a slap at his alumni, the former Presdent of Allegheny College has endorsed Bill Owens, even though it was Matt Doheny who attended the school. Guess endorsing a Democrat meant more to President Dan Sullivan than having an alumni elected to the Congress of the United States. Kind of low rent if you ask me.
And the endorsement game continues with a couple of GOP officials in Oswego County backing Owens....and four Oswego County village mayors endorsing senate candidate Patty Richie.
Ritchie and opponent Darrel Aubertine are into the game of dueling press releases...A silly game since only five or six people ever read such stuff...Aubertine is charging Ritchie with ducking debates and Ritchie wants Aubertine to return "tainted" downstate money from politicians related to the Aqueduct Racino scandal.
Newzjunky - Assemblywoman Scozzafava Endorses Rep. Bill Owens

How Odd: Former Gov. Pataki Has "No Plan" To Endorse Guy Who Called Him A "Degenerate Idiot"

The state's last Republican governor says he has no plans to endorse Carl Paladino over concerns he hasn't the temperment to lead state government. George Pataki was on the receiving end of a Paladinoism earlier this year when the Buffalonian called Mr. Pataki a "degenerate idiot", a remark he later apologized for.
The party establishment just about everywhere is afraid to be linked to Paladino....Asking a Republican if they are voting for their nominee is now considered by some to be "gotcha journalism."
A GOP insdier told me this morning he fears Paladino will poll lower than the record 29% tallied four years ago by John Faso. Yikes !
How Odd: Former Gov. Pataki Has "No Plan" To Endorse Guy Who Called Him A "Degenerate Idiot"

Campaign Fodder

-State Senate Conference Leader John Sampson used the words "I don't recall" over 100 times in testimony concerninig the awarding of contracts for the Aqueduct Racino. A report released today won't hurt Sampson's reelection bid, but its another problem the Senate leadership has had to explain in their short tenure in charge.
Mr. Sampson says 'mistakes were made' during the episode.
- Meanwhile I was at home the last couple of afternoons and got a couple of survey calls on the Senate race in SD48. Makes me feel wanted.
- Senator Darrel Aubertine was basking in the glory of obtaining funding for the new Hospice facility on Gotham Street. I didn't ask him about the HOTLINE show as it was inappropriate given the circumstances, but needless to say we would be glad to have the Senator and Mrs. Ritchie on, either separately or together.
-Democrat dinner tonight at the Italian American Club. Check it out.
IG Drops AEG Bomb (Updatedx2)

Andrew Cuomo "Not Inclined" To Do Any More Debating

Andrew Cuomo will make it to November 2 without any serious questioning of his positions, his fundraising, or anything else about his professional or private persona.
Mr. Cuomo is leading in the polls by 30+ points and understandably says there will be no more debates.
Today the Buffalo News unveiled an in-depth analysis of the millions of dollars in contributions received by Mr. Cuomo. The summary shows the usual list of corporations, real estate barons, lobbyists and the like.
Last Monday's seven way debate was a test of Mr. Cuomo's patience and he passed the test. The harsh attacks were sloughed off by Cuomo as he was able to repeat his talking points in order to be declared the winner.
Andrew Cuomo "Not Inclined" To Do Any More Debating

Pataki Endorses Doheny - Hoffman Appears for the GOP Nominee

Former Congressional hopeful Doug Hoffman has made a personal appearance on behalf of Republican Congressional candidate Matt Doheny. Mr. Hoffman appeared with former Governor George Pataki as Mr. Pataki announced his political action committee Revere America will help in the effort to defeat Rep. Bill Owens.
Mr. Hoffman had issued a statement in support of Doheny following the closely fought primary , but to my knowledge had not personally appeared on behalf of the candidate.
Meanwhile Team Doheny is promising a response ad on television to counteract the harsh criticisms by Mr. Owens that Doheny is a foreign banker destroying US jobs.
Pataki Endorses Doheny - News Story - WPTZ Plattsburgh

Jimmy McMillan Blames Jews for High Rent

Why is the rent too damn high ? According to gubernatorial candidate Jimmy McMillan, the answer is Jews.....McMillan referred to Jews as "slave masters" who as landlords are responsible for high rents.
While McMillan's performance in Monday's debate sparked interest and chuckles, he is being looked at more carefully now.....His own rent in Brooklyn is only $800, and he was arrested in 1993 on the Brooklyn Bridge with a knife.
Jimmy McMillan, 'Rent Is Too Damn High' candidate for NY governor, calls campaign a 'revolution'

McMillan Getting a Bump from Debate

Publicity over the Monday gubernatorial debate is fueling a mini-surge by candidate Jimmy McMillan inout straw poll.
Mr. McMillan is tied with Kristin Davis for third place in the voting. While the straw poll is unscientific, it is clear McMillan benefited from his iconoclastic performance on behalf of the Rent is 2 Damn High Party.

The Journal: Russell, Forsythe Trade Jabs At Debate

One of the more interesting but less talked about races is that of Dave Forsythe taking on one term Assemblywoman Addie Russell. Early on this race was believed an easy win for Russell, but a late surge of ads by the GOP challenger may be resulting in a tightening. These are candidates will real differences on the issues and it showed in alst nights debate in Posdam.
I have also seen Mr. Forsythe in the Watertown area several times of late. He is from Lisbon where he serves as a county legislator.
The Journal Russell, Forsythe Trade Jabs At Debate

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Issues Always Yield to a Discussion of "Hotness"

After Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called Senator Kirsten Gillibrand the body's "hottest" member, the downstate MSM is asking everyone to react to the allegation, just to see if somebody will say something stupid.
The Daily News queried Governor Paterson this week, who is blind. Mayor Bloomberg was asked last week....The question is on the lips of reporters even more since the Senator appeared in a fashion spread in VOGUE.
Now when you market your looks in a magazine, I understand the desire of the observant to take notice of the new look.
Nonetheless, a glance is fine and keeping your appreciation to yourself is better.
Not every press question requires an answer.
The Daily Politics

Blankenbush: I'll Vote for Paladino

It was like pulling teeth, but in a HOTLINE interview today, GOP Assembly candidate Ken Blankenbush said he is voting for his party's candidate for Governor, Carl Paladino.
Mr. Blankenbush called in from his State Street insurance office and said his campaign is doing well and that he is not focused on statewide races where the GOP is doing poorly.
Mr. Blankenbush said he is hearing about state spending, regulations on business, and jobs during his visits to homes and forums across the sprawling four county Assembly District now held by Diedre Scozzafava.
Mr. B revealed his favorite entree at Pete's is chicken parm....
Opponent Brian McGrath is the guest on Monday.

WDT: What Debate ? Me: I Liked It

The media that organizes and runs debates is now doing lots of hand-wringing over Monday's seven way face-off at Hofstra University. The criticism is that it was a sideshow and that "the issues" were not discussed.
The event sponsored by NEWSDAY and cable news Channel 12 allowed the candidates who qualified to be on the ballot to get some exposure, instead of just limiting exposure to those who can afford to buy ads. If you don't like those candidates running, the MSM should advocate for even more restrictive ballot access laws.
I was there so I feel qualified to discuss the event. There was a ton of media, so they thought it important, and it was run by reputable news organizations at a college that hosted one of the 2008 Presidential Debates.
Whether you think the minor party candidates are worthy of your vote is your business.....If they qualify for the ballot, they deserve some kind of exposure for them and their issues. After all, election law says they are all in the hunt for 50,000 votes to get ballot status for their party.
As for one liners used to garner attention....We plead guilty as charged....
I disagree that candidates didn't answer questions. They did, but some of them didn't have the clarity or discipline to answer in the 90 second window meaning the moderator had to cut them off...After the major party candidates did that a few times, I wondered about their clarity of thought and manners.
The fact that Andrew Cuomo chose to rely on platitudes practiced time and time again over the summer is not the viewers problem....He didn't need to say anything, and he didn't. Today's Siena poll has him up by 34....I wouldn't say anything either.
Carl Paladino's erratic performance was telling in itself.
The focused and concise comments from my candidate, Ms Davis, were well done....Mr. Redlich's answers were good...The radical left wing rants from Mr. Barron and Mr. McMillen and Mr. Hawkins reminded me why New York is in the state it is. I learned a lot from the debate....
If the candidate all the media has endorsed wants to discuss these "issues" we hear about, my friend Liz would be glad to get off her sickbed this week to do that interview.....So far, Mr Cuomo hasn't and he won't do anymore "debates."
The sponsors of the debate at Hofstra provided a medium for candidates to get a message out. If the candidates didn't refine and focus their message well enough for the hand wringers in the MSM, I would suggest those folks reconsider their endorsements.
Watertown Daily Times What debate?

Siena: Cuomo Increases Lead Over Paladino

The momentum of a great primary win has evaporated after a couple of horrible weeks on the trail for Carl Paladino....The new Siena Poll has Andrew Cuomo ahead by 34 points among likely voters....63%-26%.
And I not sure that even takes into account Paladino's lackluster debate performance on Monday. Four years ago in the Spitzer landslide, Republican John Faso got 29%, considered at the time the absolute worst a GOP candidate could do. Paladino will be in that range.
Possible winners in this are the third party hopefuls, including Warren Redlich who has attracted little attention but is now seen by some as the Republican who behaves after his low key but effective debate performance.
Democrat leaning voters can also make a statement now on issues like gay marriage or drug law reform by casting votes for candidates like Kristin Davis or even the Green's Howie Hawkings.
The weak performance by Paladino may sink his fledgling Taxpayers Party and Republicans down ballot have to be shaking their heads at the situation at the top of the ticket. Even GOP comptroller hopeful Harry Wilson, considered the most viable, is 17 points behind Tom DiNapoli according to Siena.
For thirteen days, Mr. Paladino will have to go through the motions. I recommend some sightseeing across the state so at least he will have fond memories of a nice vacation before his November 2 beat down.
Siena: Cuomo Increases Lead Over Paladino

Cuomo Begins the Coast to November 2

Jimmy McMillan is on 'Morning Joe' as the MSM spends some time being fascinated with a man who has been on the ballot for months, but became famous Monday with his bizarre rants in the 7-way gubernatorial debate....All of this is manna from Heaven for Andrew Cuomo who can let the Rent is 2 Damn High fuss dominate for a couple of days while he refuses to debate Carl Paladino....Then all of a sudden it will be the final week and logistics will be the reason to avoid a head to head confrontation.
Mr.McMillan's campy ascent to cult hero status clouds the race for which minor candidates will get 50,000 votes....McMillan's popularity likely sinks Charles Barren as the minority candidate of choice.
Warren Redlich did a solid job in the debate, but remains a rather bland figure unable to get free media.
Kristin Davis and Howie Hawkins seem the best positioned to get there.
But meanwhile, make no mistake. Andrew Cuomo is poised for a Spitzer-like margin of victory.
Democrat Andrew Cuomo won't commit to more debates against Carl Paladino

Report: Self Funding Keeps Doheny in the Money Race

With the race pereived as close, and control of Congress in the balance, let the money flow in the race for NY23.
Democrats are shaking the money tree and currently have an edge in television advertising. Republican Matt Doheny is largely self funded and has injected another $690K of his own money into the race. Doheny is expected to mount a strong television blitz to counter Rep. Bill Owens wave of spots saying Doheny is too rich.
Ironically, spending more of his own money plays into that argurment....But what's wrong with being successful ? Doheny had worked in banking ,restructuring the finances of troubled companies. Mr. Owens is trying to make the Alex Bay native look like a predator, a sort of Gordon Gekko type character.
It's all pretty odd to those who know Doheny, but villifying him seems to indicate the Dems are in trouble. As Doheny himself knows, negative ads work, since he was able to defeat Doug Hoffman with attack ads.
Self-funding brings Doheny close in cash race - News, Sports, Jobs, Saranac Lake region — Adirondack Daily Enterprise

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Owens Ad Attempts to Make Doheny's Wealth More Egregious

The campaign of Bill Owens is sneaky...In their class warfare commercial against Matt Doheny they make various claims that he is too rich and got that way on the backs of others.
An interesting technique is their assertion he relaxes on his own island in the St. Lawrence....Caprice Island....
Except in the commercial they call it the "island of Caprice."
That suggests he owns property on the Isle of Capri. Now that Capri is an island in the Tyrrhenian Sea off the western coast of Italy....
In fact, one veteran newsman bit on it and texted me Monday to ask if I knew it was true....I was sitting in a hotel room with Davis campaign staff and we all scratched our head on the Caprice-Capri issue and after a little googling discovered there is a Caprice Island in the St. Lawrence.
By placing the word "Island" ahead of "Caprice" it clearly seeks to mislead and make his wealth even more conspicuous.
But if Matt does acquire a spot on the Isle of Capri, deal me in for a week.
Watertown Daily Times DCCC accuses Doheny of making millions "from our misery"

Tammy Takes on the Duff on AM 1240

Go to 32:15 into this taped HOTLINE from 10/19 and hear Tammy from the Wicked Wench set the Duff straight on who won the debate !

With Carl and Andy Playing It Safe, The Third Parties Excel

Perennial candidate Jimmy McMillan hit pay dirt last night...Media fascination....With his Rent's 2 Damn High Party...With his mustache (the National Mustache Association has endorsed), with his black gloves worn his crazy rambling cadence about poor people unable to survive because the "Rent's too Damn High."
McMillan is a hit...a You Tube sensation...after last nights seven way gubernatorial debate at Hofstra University on Long Island.
He got laughs, but made little sense....But in the year when Andrew Cuomo is a shoo-in, McMillan could get the 50,000 votes needed for a party line on the ballot for four years.
Another who could achieve that is Green nominee Howie Hawkings who has great ballot position underneath the WFP....So does Kristin Davis, who with stunning looks and a tale to tell of life on the edge, could also reach the promised land of 50,000 due to her bright intellect and charming demeanor. Hey she convinced otherwise smart guys to put thousands on the company credit card for sex.
Now she's the canididate of libertarian lifestyle and Tea Party economics, all under the guidance of long time GOP political Svengali (Liz calls him a 'dirty trickster') Roger Stone. And for what it's worth I support her too.
But for Jimmy McMillan, this could be the moment...if not to get least to sell some T-Shirts !
Would You Rather…? Chanel Vs. “The Rent Is Too Damn High” Candidate – Fashionista: Fashion Industry News, Designers, Runway Shows, Style Advice

Political Stuff on a Tuesday

- There is talk of other gubernatorial debates, but don't look for Mr. Cuomo to go one on one with Carl Paladino. He doesn't have to. It's that simple.
-Ken Blankenbush is going to call into the HOTLINE on Tuesday....Guess he wants to be able to hang up....
-Can't get through to Mr. McGrath..His phone has a recorded message that says he is not taking calls.Oops an obsolete # from the mayor of West Carthage...We have it set for Friday.
-The WDT rapped Patty Ritchie for ducking debates. It is expected the paper will endorse Senator Darrel Aubertine, or so say GOP insiders.
-County GOP chair Coon says the state's Republican Party will shuffle off to Buffalo the next four years. Weighted vote on the State Committee will be concentrated in Western NY where Carl Paladino will do best. Downstate will lose representation in the Party.
-The Doheny campaign says it will respond to Bill Owens commercials claiming Doheny shipped jobs overseas and is a rich kid gone wild.
-Dave Mance says Cleveland Clinic Director Dr. Delos "Toby" Cosgrove of Watertown Class of '58 will speak at Rotary Wednesday. The Clinic has 40,000 employees and is the Buckeye State's largest employer.

Going Solo...Aubertine Debates Himself

While all seven gubernatorial candidates crowded the stage at Hofstra, a state senate debate in Canton had only one candidate. Darrel Aubertine was there, and Patty Ritchie was not.
I wish candidates would just say, "I am not doing this because it's not in my best interests since I internal polls have me ahead and I have the resources to continue extensive direct mail and television ads. Simply I gain nothing but I expose myself to real risk by doing this."
It would be nice if they said that...instead its always some BS about scheduling.
Mr. Aubertine is not without sin. He still needs to fulfill a pledge to be on the HOTLINE. Hey Drew, get on that will you ?
Newzjunky - Aubertine in Canton to Meet with Voters, Ritchie Absent

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand' Now a Vogue Pin-Up

New York's junior senator has a magazine photo shoot coming out just days before the election.
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is featured in VOGUE. Earlier this year, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had referred publicly to Ms. Gillibrand as the Senate's "hottest" member, a designation echoed by the HILL, a capital newspaper.
While some find it uncomfortable to so openly tout a prominent political figure's appearance in such a way, others may celebrate the attention.
Senator Gillibrand is expected to be elected to the remainder of Hillary's term in this November's balloting.
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand's Close-up - AMIE PARNES POLITICO CLICK

Absences Noted in the Press Room and Other Stuff from Hofstra

-Liz Benjamin's absence at the scene of the gubernatorial debate last night in Hempstead was duly noted by those there, and today on her blog we learn the omnipresent observer of NY politics is fighting off a cold.
Please Lord, grant her a swift recovery as it is only two weeks till the election.
-Veteran NY Post State Editor Fred Dicker was also not there for the debate. His running battles with a couple of campaign operatives may have been a reason.
-Cathy Paladino attended her husband's debate performance and sat next to running mate Greg Edwards. There was no sign of Andrew Cuomo's girlfriend, Sandra Lee although his running mate, Bob Duffy was there.
-I didn't see a lot of political heavyweights as in Legislators, but former Senate chief Senator Malcolm Smith was there.
-While outbursts were barred by the rules, there were still cheers and applause with Mr. Cuomo having the largest amen corner and Freedom Party candidate Charles Barren also with an active group of supporters
-Wicked Wench owner Tammy Bramhall and soon to be hospital foundation chief Dave Mance were among those who texted me during the debate with praise for Kristin Davis' performance, Tammy spoke by phone with the candidate afterwards to give words of praise.
-The Wick's Law and the Taylor Law were among things Roger Stone ask me for an explanation of as he completed last minute debate preps with Ms.Davis, who was the only candidate disciplined enough not to run over in her answers and be interupted by the moderators.
-Rent's 2 Damn High candidate Jimmy McMillan wore black gloves during the debate, and certainly captured the "crazy"moniker from Carl. McMillan's performance was strange and one wonders where he gets the resources to petition his way on ballots every year. His efforts are legendary in NYC.
A Day Off, Sort Of

Debate Highlights Minor Party Candidates

HEMPSTEAD- The minor party candidates did the best job talking substance, but Andrew Cuomo likely walked away the winner at Monday's 7-way gubernatorial debate held at Hofstra University on Long Island.
Kristin Davis had the best line of the night when she argued raising business taxes which would force companies to flee "like Carl Paladino at a gay bar."
As for Mr. Paladino, he and Andrew Cuomo kept their cool despite some taunts by candidates Charles Barron and Warren Redlich.
Mr. Cuomo showed up, kept his cool (but he was clearly annoyed) and delivered the platitudes and talking points he has used all summer. In all he did the smart thing by doing no harm to himself or his nearly thirty point lead.
Mr. Paladino was issue oriented but he stumbled on early questions. He gained his footing halfway and delivered strong answers and a compelling closing. He did not do well enough overall to shake the perception that he now cannot win.
I thought Rents 2 Damn High Party candidate Jimmy McMillan was a joke and incoherent. He added nothing.
Mr. Barron came across as an angry man...mostly angry at white America. Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins was preachy and shrill, which masked his clear command of economic principles and history. Libertarian Warren Redlich was conversant on issues and had a wry sense humor in ripping spending and attacking the other candidates.
I enjoyed the opportunity to see the debate close up with backstage access provided by the Davis campaign. I had the chance to meet and chat with
uber-operative Roger Stone, as well as Ms. Davis, who did a good job providing concise answers.
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Monday, October 18, 2010

Greetings From Long Island and the Gubernatorial Debate at Hofstra

HEMPSTEAD- Arrived at the Long Island Marriott at 1:30 and met with Roger Stone and the campaign staff. Headed over to Hofstra to look over the venue and get our credentials.
Grabbed a bite to eat then headed back to the college to mingle and wait for the Gubernatorial debate.
This is an exciting opportunity to see an important event in NY politics and government. This will be the only debate in 2010.
Be sure to watch the fun on YNN (cable 10 in Watertown) at 7pm.
Sorry for the lack of posts today as travel and logistics have hampered your humble blogger. I will give you all an update on Tuesday's HOTLINE program on AM 1240.

Few Friends Left for Carl....The Post Backs Andy

An endorsement by default, but nonetheless the NY Post joins just about everyone else in endorsing Andrew Cuomo for governor. The Post would normally be inclined to back a more conservative, Republican candidate, but the clownish nature of the campaign of Carl Paladino makes it tough for publishers to back him and still be credible with readers.
The Post rightly points to the hype over the last AG to become governor and the profound failure that ensued. However, Andrew Cuomo certainly knows state government and has the personal will to impose his proposals for change on a recalcitrant state legislature.
There is fear Mr. Cuomo will be a captive of the interests that back him, including groups like the WFP. However, the Post concluded that under the circumstances, Mr. Cuomo is the best shot at redemption New York has.
The lament is that there was so little in the way of a credible challenge to the son of the former governor.
Post endorses Andrew Cuomo for governor--Editorial -

Carl Paladino in a Pickle...What does he do to Change the Game.?

Its hard to imagine what Carl Paladino does tonight at Hofstra to turn the Titanic around, but a calm, rational plan for New York might help. I cannot imagine a flailing attack on Andrew Cuomo will work, but if he must go after him, do it quietly but firmly.
Paladino's argument is that Mr. Cuomo is the same old , same old....That's plausible and he needs to ive examples, as well as explain how the Buffalonian will differ.
At issue is Mr. Paladino's ability to govern, it elected....That is in question and its a question he needs to answer quickly.
Watch the action tonight at 7PM on YNN.
Carl Paladino

President Obama’s faithful losing hope as the magic fades -

If you watch MSNBC, the tingle is still in Chris Matthew's leg, but for many the President and his fancy speeches have lost their appeal. In fact Mr. Obama seems to be droning on about how we will get the change we need, but I am not sure what he is talking about.
All I can think is he is appealing to the desire for more free s---. Meanwhile an increasing number of people are concerned with the $1.4trillion deficit, and the President doesn't seem to understand their concerns.
We will see in two weeks, if those who voted for Mr. Obama are thrilled enough with his "soaring" rhetoric to reelect the Congress needed to enact his programs.
This is still basicly a 50-50 nation as it was in 2000, so Democrats are by no means out of the game. However, the daily rants on the trail by the President just don't have that magic that energized many just two years ago.
President Obama’s faithful losing hope as the magic fades -

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mrs. Paladino Surprised at How Shallow and Superficial the MSM Is.

Cathy Paladino says she doesn't recognize her husband of 40 years when she reads the accounts of the gubernatorial campaign. Mrs Paladino says here husband is not full of hate and she wishes there was more discussion of issues.
Mrs. Paladino, like her husband, is amazed at the process of electing a governor.
Well Mrs. P, your husband has misread what he was in for and made mistakes, although I agree he is not a bad man...Just too plain spoken for his own good.
You shouldn't lose site of the fact, the system doesn't want a bull in the china shop and the dainty media sure doesn't want the kind of gruff talk Mr. Paladino offers.....They want the sophisticated but controlling demeanor of Andrew....It's a cultural thing.
Campaign Trailer - Another Paladino Speaks on Gays -

N.Y. Candidates for Governor Crowd Stage -

Hey when the Wall Street Journal offers an appraisal of Monday's gubernatorial debate, its worth a read....This should be mandatory viewing by anyone pondering casting a vote on November 2. Check it out Monday night at 7 PM on YNN.
N.Y. Candidates for Governor Crowd Stage -

After Tomorrow's Debate, Your Choice Will Be More Clear

If conventional wisdom is true and Andrew Cuomo has always and still does have this years gubernatorial race locked up, then why watch the debate Monday at 7PM on YNN (Cable 10 in Watertown)?
There is the remote possibility Mr. Cuomo dissembles and Mr. Paladino soars, creating at least a chance the current 25 point margin could narrow.....Hard to imagine what either man could do to create that much of a game changer...But its worth watching for that reason.
Chances are those of you who vote November 2 will be casting a strategic vote...Perhaps its for Mr. Cuomo, to create a huge margin and a mandate...
Maybe you will vote for Mr. Paladino on the Conservative or Taxpayer parties with a eye towards keeping a voice for common sense on the ballot for four years.
Could be you will pick one of the minor candidates to send a message on a certain issue and create a party to advocate for those issues.
Charles Barron's Freedom Party would amplify the role of minorities in the Democratic Party by allowing the line to be used as leverage in candidate selection. If you think that's important, then a vote for Barron is defensible.
Same thing for the plight of poor and the Rent's 2 Damn High Party......Or personal freedom issues and the Anti-Prohibition Party.
Or if you are a "progressive" and feel you are being ignored in the Democratic Party, then the Green nominee may be for you. And there is the Libertarian Party which stands for fiscal restraint.
With the end result not in question, its a good election to make a statement with your vote.
And no matter what you do, don't let some pinhead lecture you on how you wasted your vote. No vote cast is wasted.

Mountain Man Says Forget Those Loons on the Ballot

On a slogan of "I Can't Do Any Worse," an Old Forge man is touting his write-in candidacy for Governor. John Nemjo is owner of Moutainman Outdoor Supply and other businesses and is sick of Albany's destructive policies.
Mr. Nemjo sees himself as fiscally conservative, environmentally active (he runs the Great Oswegatchie Canoe Campaign) and he says he has been a successful businessman for 17 years.
As a write in candidate, Mr. Nemjo has a daunting task but such an effort is being tried by Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski, so Mr. Nemjo is hopeful. He does have buttons and a website.
His effort got him on the front page of the Weekly Adirondack and if nothing else we all hope its good for business at Mr. Nemjo's store.

Political Troops Redeployed in Frantic Bid to Save the Senate

Two Democratic Senate on Long Island and ours in NNY are where Democrats are redirecting resources for the stretch drive. That is a common practice but it does point to savage hand tohand combat in SD 48, where Sen. Darrel Aubertine is struggling against GOP challenger Patty Ritchie.
At this point its not about changing minds, its about turnout....Efforts will be made to identify those persons with a preference and to get them to the polls...Modern computer programs make the process far more sophisticated especially in a time when most people don't bother to vote...
Low enthusiasm on the Democratic side is being felt across the country, leading to fears of a rout.
State Dems shift resources, but Savage keeps workers - Capitol Confidential

Common Sense Tells You There's a NY Tie

Meahwhile on the other side of the crucial 48th the "mystery" folks sending those "Common Sense" mailers on behalf of Patty Ritchie are getting a little more light shined on them....The seemingly Virginia based company has ties to New York State Republcans....The mailings are a defacto boost to the Ritchie campaign and she says she knows nothing about them and wants them to stop.
I am sure candidates are not burdened with that knowledge so they can say they don't know....Not that it matters but its further evidence what a sieve campaign finance laws are...And with a First Amendment, maybe they should be.
Meanwhile there are reports of the deployment of WFP shock troops to juice Democratic turnout...All a sign the Dems are worried.
Stay away from you phone and front door the next two weeks.
The Valley News Online

Debate Strategies Being Cooked Up Today for Debate Tomorrow

With a day to go until the first and likely only gubernatorial debate, one wonders what Andrew Cuomo is doing, if anything, to prepare....As long as he ends the debate able to fog a mirror, he gets elected governor in a couple of weeks...I am not sure a major gaffe would hurt him at this point.
I would suspect he sticks to his canned talking points and tries to be affable with the other candidates and avoid snarling. The other six will try to address Cuomo and try to get that special moment that gets quoted and excerpted in the MSM.
Since five of the seven on stage are merely looking to get 50,000 votes to establish their party line you might see direct appeals to segments of the population based on a certain issue...Appealing to the marijuana crowd. or the poor who think the rent's too high,or to minority voters who feel taken for granted by the Dems....Look for these themes to surface and look for attempts at clever rehearsed lines.
The toughest job is that of Carl Paladino...He is supposed to be in it to win it. Mr. Paladino will want to confront Mr. Cuomo, but the Buffalo businessman cannot afford to be seen as unhinged or testy. He should try to be calm and rational and address the voters directly.. He also needs to put meat on the bone on his broad brush proposals for change.
Each candidate will get around 8 to 10 minutes of total talking time....They had best make it count. Buffalo, NY New York Governor Debate Preview

WDT: "Pollster" Distorts Ritchies Property Tax Payments

Wow, this is nasty stuff...Calling people with an alleged poll and then asking people if their answers would change if they knew Patty Ritchie had been late on her taxes. The Aubertine campaign denies affiliation with the Tampa polling firm, but its obviously done on his behalf.....
Anyway Ritchie was not late on her property taxes and even if she was she has the same rights through tax sale and redemption as anyone else...And of course doing that incurs interest and penalties.
This is one nasty business
Watertown Daily Times Pollster doesn't put candiddate's taxes in context