Saturday, October 9, 2010

Privately, Dems Ooze Anxiety Over SD48

Some Dem leaning friends of mine are talking more and more of a Ritchie win in the Senate race.
One observer said Ms. Ritchie is tortoise like in plodding through the district meeting people, while another frustrated Dem told me today the Republican candidate is so insulated by handlers, she is hard to criticize or characterize.
One thing is clear. The public is not impressed by doing all the traditional things that worked in the era of Jim Wright. Currying favor with the establishment and running home to announce state grants to clinics and social agencies may be having the opposite effect in a tea party environment.
Its a close race by most accounts, but a guy who by standards of conventional wisdom should win easily is struggling.

1 in 4 U.S. teens and young adults binge drink -

Wait a minute...we raised the drinking age...hold endless stings...have all sorts of interventions and counseling....and listen to the professionals and years later teens are binge drinking more than ever.
But no one is to blame.
1 in 4 U.S. teens and young adults binge drink -

Getting to the Point Where It Really is in God's Hands

There are technically 23 or so days till the election...but as far as making any difference in the result...its about a week left, at least for the candidates.
There's a point where all the money is raised...all the media buys are complete...all the debates are done or scheduled....all the lawn signs are in place...
At that point, the result has little to do with the candidate and all that's left is an agonizing wait and make work appearances just to keep busy and keep the name out there.
There are no minds changed, but there are people to get out to vote and this year the challenge is with Democrats who in this off year election are not all that motivated.
For candidates looking for someplace to be seen, stop at City Hall on Monday at 11:15 AM for the Columbus Day Italian flag raising.

The Dangers of Being an Anomaly in Upstate

Today's mail bag had two pieces from the Ritchie campaign. One was her usual pro Patty boilerplate...The other was a post card with a smiling picture of Sen. Aubertine with the headline that his voting record on business issues is nothing to smile about.
In the Senate 32 seats is the bare majority the Dems have against the 30 Republicans. To get things passed all 32 Dems most vote aye.
The dilemma Sen Aubertine faces is that 25 of the 32 Democratic seats are from the City of New York, Four fifths of the caucus comes from one municipality,and on a host of issues that constituency prevails.
As a swing vote, there are some issues someone like Darrel Aubertine or Sen. David Valesky can leverage. Power for Jobs, a prison kept open, nixing the soda tax or wine in grocery stores. They can also stray and defeat liberal bills like the Farm Labor Bill.
But in the end, to get things for their district, they ultimately have to support the overall majority bills.
Now thats how governing works no matter who is in charge...You end up voting for things you don't like to get something you do.
But in this environment, the handful of upstate Dems can easily be cast as captives of the NYC crowd.
In this year of angry upstate voters, the personally popular Cape Vincent Senator carries an exceptionally large albatross, thus relieving his opponent of the need to discuss issues beyond the platitudes that fit nicely in a palm card.
All the usual things you do to get reelected, like bringing home pork don't seem to be working this year.
GOP leaders admit, Senator Aubertine could merely change his registration and they would love him, given his stand on issues....But he has a "D" after his name and he seems perilously close to losing because of it.

Calm Carl Knows What Has to Happen This Week..Its a Matter of Execution

It will be a long road to political redemption for Carl Paladino, but one on one interviews that include Cathy Paladino are a good method of explaining that these are not a family of barbarians from Buffalo...He did a long form interview with WKBW and needs to do more. So far his principle opponent has only done very sanitized live shots from airport concourses.
If there is a warming to Paladino combined with this coming week's debut of issue oriented ads, polls could narrow in advance of the October 18 primary...Since Andrew Cuomo isn't all that warm and fuzzy, a warmer, fewer elbows-under-the-basket Paladino could create a race where lightening could strike.
Of course all that depends on Carl calming down and letting his family life speak for him and not against him. There has to be some money spent on TV as Cuomo is dominating and will continue.
The 7 way debate will be difficult for Paladino to break through, but he needs to score points on issues and let the other five attack Cuomo.
There are always sink or swim moments in a campaign, but its fair to say the coming week and the Hofstra debate will define the final two weeks.
The debate is where the minor party candidates could play a role, not just in helping their own effort, but in softening up Mr. Cuomo.
In particular, candidates like Charles Barron could drive a wedge over the whitening of the Democratic Party's leadership....Howie Hawkins can make articulate arguments to Cuomo's left and estrange the AG from true lefties.
Kristin Davis, as the only woman on the stage, will have a presence and needs to directly engage Mr. Cuomo. A couple of rehearsed zingers delivered with a smile.....Like ..."Mr. Cuomo, I've never met so many people willing to sell themselves since I started visiting Albany..." Heck, she can write the zinger on her palm as a shout out to the Tea Partiers.
You need the line that makes the lead and is excerpted on the newscasts.....Because of her celebrity and interesting story, Davis has the best chance to do that.
I am sure Roger is already working on the wordsmithing.
As for Mr. Paladino, tame the loose cannon speaking and hammer the issues people want to talk about. Taxes, jobs, corruption and dysfunction. Mr. Cuomo has tried to seize those issues, but given who runs Albany, those shouldn't be his natural issues.
This is the week that makes or breaks...I think I said that last week....but this time I mean it !

Carl And Cathy Open Up

Friday, October 8, 2010

Scozzafava Waffles on Backing Owens,But Backs Every Other Dem

Last year after washing out of the NY23 race as the GOP candidate, DeDe Scozzafava "crossed the aisle" as the media calls it, to endorse Bill Owens, who won largely as a result.
DeDe insisted she was still a Republican.
This year she backed Democrat Brian McGrath to succeed her in the Assembly seat she is leaving...Again...reaching across the aisle.
Today she was in Westchester County at an Andrew Cuomo rally posing with a Cuomo sign and the candidate himself.....
Now the question was posed to her if she would "cross the aisle" and support Bill Owens again this year....
Wait a minute...At what point is she no longer crossing an "aisle", regardless of what her voter registration card says?
Scozzafava Undecided On Her Old Race The New York Observer

Aubertine Wants Debates....GOP Says its Desperation

Republicans are crowing that a request for debates from Sen. Darrel Aubertine is a sign the Democrat has internal polls showing him in trouble against GOP challenger Patty Ritchie.
Team Aubertine today challenged Ms. Ritchie to debates because their spokesman says no one knows Patty. But if nobody knows her , how can she be ahead ?
Republicans privately say their candidate will outwork the Democrat and that a revulsion towards the dysfunctional Senate will cripple Aubertine.
Debates usually change little as they are not telecast, although both sides have agreed to a joint session on the Jeff Cole program Public Eye on WPBS.
This will be a dogfight race as Democrats need it to retain control of the Senate.

MacKay Cleared by Staten Island DA (Updated)

Indy Party Chair Frank MacKay is said to be clear of problems with the Staten Island DA....A disgruntled party member had complained to the DA about fiscal improprieties involving the sale of party nominations.
Party regulars were notified of the news, which is good news for MacKay who had taken a spate of bad press of late.
MacKay Cleared by Staten Island DA (Updated)

WDT: Dems Step up Attack on Doheny

That will teach him to be successful in his field....Dems are playing the Wall Street card against Matt Doheny....The full court press is prove positive that the poll showing Doheny with a double digit lead is true....
Watertown Daily Times Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York

Our Blog Poll Mirrors Conventional Wisdom in SD 48

After a week of voting, our blog poll for the 48th SD shows a virtual tie, with Patty Ritchie holding a slim three point lead with over seven hundred votes cast.
This is just one more indication the Senate race is razor close.
From talking to voters, I think Senator Aubertine would have had a pass after two bruising elections to win and hold the seat.
But many people I talk to are supportive of Mr. Aubertine but frightened at the prospect of continued Democratic hegemony in Albany.
Thats why you see more adds to link the Senator to those symbolic of dysfunction and corruption in the capital.

Jockeying to Get Noticed on a Crowded Stage

Its hard to shine when you are one of seven on stage, but that will be the challenge on October 18th as all the candidates for Governor hop on a stage at Long Island's Hofstra University to debate.
Major party hopefuls Andrew Cuomo and Carl Paladino will be joined by Howie Hawkins, Kristin Davis, Charles Barron, Warren Redlich and Jimmy McMillan.
All five of the "minors" are running typical third party efforts aimed at highlighting finite issues and getting the 50,000 votes needed to establish a party on the ballot for the next four years.
For Andrew Cuomo, the goal is to look gubernatorial and avoid debates. For the minor party candidates, the goal is to do something charming or otherwise catchy to be remembered by voters. For Mr. Paladino its the one shot to reintroduce himself to voters as the angry but competant outsider who can shape up Albany.
It will be interesting, but it will be hard for Mr. Paladino to break through as the five minors have no interest in anything other than seeing Paladino leave the room seen as the likely loser. That way people might be willing to cast a vote to help one of the five, or to just send a message on a given issue.
Mr. Hawkins and Ms. Davis are the most likely to win the 50,000, with Mr. McMillan the least least likely as nominee of the "Rents 2 Damn High" party.
State of Politics Blog

Running Scared as Election Woes for Dems Near

Here's some heresy for you. Alabama Rep. Bobby Bright, a Democrat, says if he and his party hang on and control the House come Jamuary, he will not vote for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker.
This shows the fear running through Members from moderate to conservative districts. There are about 160 safe Democratic seats where it doesn't matter what the member of Congress does or says.
Publicly announcing you will not vote for the member of your own party in an organizational vote is unusual, but unless its a 218-217 split, the party may allow Mr. Bright to stray as the price for holding on to power.
Of course, the fact Mr. Bright is being so brash shows he will likely not be there to cast a vote for Speaker anyway.
Bobby Bright won't vote for Speaker Nancy Pelosi - Alex Isenstadt -

WDT: Assembly Hopefuls Discover the Newfangled Medium Called Television

A pair of debates with local Assembly candidates to be aired tonight on WPBS showed the dichotomy all pols face as they call for cutting the fat in state spending but want no reduction in payroll in NNY.
Fact is once in office there is little a lawmaker can do to "cut taxes", or "create jobs". Nonetheless its good to see the candidates in one place in front of a camera.
Assembly candidate Dave Forsythe is on the HOTLINE today. I am anxious to hear more of his ideas. His opponent Addie Russell appears on Tuesday.
The 122nd candidates have so far avoided the Wealtha Avenue hot seat, and the state senate and Congressional candidates want none of that action as well.
Watertown Daily Times Assembly hopefuls in televised debates

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Stone: WGRZ TV in Buffalo Leaked Paladino Tape That Allowed Cuomo to Accept Hofstra Debate

Consultant Roger Stone told Liz tonight that the reason Andrew Cuomo announced at 5PM he would participate in a debate at Hofstra University is that WGRZ TV in Buffalo leaked a copy of a Paladino infommercial that accused Cuomo of ducking debates.
The three minute mini speech was taped at 4 p,m and was aired 75 minutes later...The leak allowed Team Cuomo the chance to one-up Paladino by agreeing.
Team Paladino says it is pleased Mr. Cuomo finally agreed to a joint session with the seven candidates for governor.

Darrel and His Not Like us Friends

As the Democratic Senate majority devolved into scandal and varying degrees of chaos last year, and Darrel Aubertine was pictured standing next to what could be perceived as menacing, thuggish ethnically different people like Sen. Malcolm Smith, Senator Pedro Espada, Senator John Sampson, Senator Kevin Parker, Senator Hiram Montserrate and others...I was wondering whether you could get away with appealing to base instincts on race and stereotype....
The GOP is giving it a try in direct mail and TV spots depicting Senator Aubertine between members of the NYC based "thugocracy" that rules the Senate.
Its all part of making the "one of us" guy into one of them.
Its a little edgy, but if nobody calls you on it, it might work move a few voters in a close race.
Let's see how far they take it.

Team Cuomo Outfoxes Paladino on Debates After Lackluster Speech

The Cuomo campaign was quick to jump on Carl Paladino's three minute speech designed to revive his flagging campaign....And it appears Team Cuomo zinged Paladino on debates by agreeing to a seven way debate at Hofstra University only minutes BEFORE Paladino was on TV charging Cuomo was refusing to debate....
The Paladino campaign and its candidate continue to be the gang that can't shoot straight...and the speech tonight offered nothing to live up to the hype.....
All of this is good news for the minor party hopefuls as with Paladino a sure loser, those not joined at the hip to Andrew can freely vote for another in hopes of at least creating a new party.
Cuomo Camp On Carl: Trying To ‘Con’ New Yorkers

‘Andrew’s Prowess Is Legendary’

Carl Paladino offered no apologies but pledged a return to issues in his three minute speech to the State. The address relied on his insistence the NY Post stalked his ten year old daughter and he said the story was confirmed by the NY Times.
The speech called for debates and ask for donations to jump start his effort against the money laden campaign of Mr. Cuomo.
‘Andrew’s Prowess Is Legendary’ (Updated)

Carl Paladino: To Debate, Or Not To Debate? UPDATED

Six of the seven gubernatorial candidates have agreed to debate at Hofstra on October 18....The one holdout is Carl Paladino, who had orginally ask all seven candidates be included.
This means Andrew Cuomo has agreed to be on the same stage as candidates representing diverse views...from Charles Barron's minority based Freedom Party to Howie Hawkins socialist utopia Greens to Kristen Davis do as you want Anti Prohibition Party....There is also the Libertarian Warren Redlich and the Rents 2 Damn High Party's Jimmy McMillan.
This will be an interesting exchange, although with so many candidates, its a safe bet for Cuomo as no one will be able to lay a glove on him.
Carl Paladino: To Debate, Or Not To Debate? UPDATED

Poll: Doheny Whooping Bill-O

Republicans have a poll they say shows Matt Doheny besting Rep. Bill Owens by 14 points.....The two way pairing was surveyed before Conservative Doug Hoffman suspended his campaign and endorsed Doheny.
If the national mood stays as it is and Mr. Doheny steers clear of scandal he may indeed be our next Member of Congress......
I think ObamaCare is hurting Owens, along with Doheny's aggressive well funded campaign.
A new wrinkle today as a HOTLINE caller complained the windows need washing on Doheny's Paddock Street home......Earlier in the campaign, peeling paint on the front steps of his mom's home became an issue and he had them repainted in a commercial...
Will the window washers be the next ones on TV ?
NRCC: Doheny Up 14 Without Hoffman In NY-23 (Updated)

RED ALERT: Paladino Bets His Campaign on Three Minute Televised Address Today at 5:13PM

What is Carl Paladino going to tell us in his three minute televised address to New York at 5:13 this afternoon, just in time for the evening news and to dominate tomorrow's news cycle and likely the weekend as well ?
It better be good, as billing it as a "red alert" demands something profound. Could he be bowing out and passing the mantle to his competant but low key running mate Greg Edwards ?. I don't know how you do that since Paladino is on the ballot, but I suppose he could agree to resign when elected.
It could be an apology for the paramour rumors about Mr. Cuomo or the insistence the Assembly Speaker should be in Attica (prison).
If its just more bluster, he will have used his last chance unwisely.
You only get on "major" announcement....If it falls flat or doesn't live up to the billing, it will be time to stick the fork in Carl.
If I were producing the local news, I would be pleased as this gives a you a 2 minute lead story in the can and even more if you do some analysis.

Q Poll: Paladino Losing Ground

That six point margin poll that came out after the primary has joined other major polls in giving Andrew Cuomo an expanding double digit lead....
The Q poll in the wake of Carl Paladino's primary win fueled speculation it was a closer race than many thought....It is not, and Mr. Paladino's image as being unhinged, whether true or not, is leading to a race where he cannot win.
New Yorkers are mad, says the poll, but many of those are counting on Mr. Cuomo to shake up Albany instead of Mr. Paladino.
There is talk of a major announcement from the Paladino campaign today...It had better be really, really big, because this race is slipping beyond his reach.
Q Poll: Paladino Losing Ground

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

If It Rocks, It's On 95X

Combine aggressive rock 'n roll radio with an iconoclastic campaign for governor and you have what 95X is Syracuse doing a week from Saturday.....DJ Rob Zombie is holding a Zombie Walk with candidate Kristin Davis. Ms. Davis is the official candidate of 95X...Guess they didn't get the memo from Andrew.
These radio people have no respect for the decorum of politics.
If It Rocks, It's On 95X

Double Dust Up in Boltons Landing

The Dicker Dust-Up stole the show...but last weeks meeting of the NYS Business Council in Bolton's Landing yielded a second bonanza for Andrew Cuomo...The group endorsed him....Everyone will now as no one wants to be Carl Paladino's last endorser.
The Paladino campaign did put out a nice cartoon making fun of the Business Council backing the Democrat.
State of Politics Blog

New Yorkers' income falls for first time in 70 years -

Here is what Carl should have been talking about....instead of Andrew's (unsubstantiated) paramours.
New Yorkers' income falls for first time in 70 years -

Big Upstate Rebuff for Paladino in Syracuse

Another blow for Carl Paladino as YNN reports Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney is jumping party lines to endorse Andrew Cuomo. Ms. Mahoney is a leading upstate political leader and the symbolism of a GOP county exec rejecting Paladino suggests the Buffalo businessman doesn't have the executive skills and temperment to be governor.
Of course, for someone like Mahoney, she wants to be on the right side of history....Like most high powered pols, Mr. Cuomo is one to keep score and the needs of Onondaga County might be better served by a relationship with the new governor.
Paladino already suffers from a Comptroller and Attorney General candidate who are too scared to endorse Toxic Carl.
Mahoney Crosses Party Lines For Cuomo

Stone Says Carl's Campaign Has Crippled its Candidate

As he said on the HOTLINE yesterday, veteran political consultant Roger Stone says the Paladino campaign is not taking his advice and has created a characature of its candidate.....Stone says Paladino must dial back the talk of affairs, girlfriends and love children.
He says Mr. Paladino is a serious man who understands the issues but that the campaign has lost control of its message and had better get it back.
Check out the interview on this link, as its an interesting window into the campaign of a rookie candidate running for high office.
The question is not whether Roger is right on this one...He is. The question is, has the damage been too great ?
NY1 Online: Political Consultant Roger Stone On "Inside City Hall" 10/5/10 -

With Cuomo a Cinch, the Only Race is the One for 50,000 Votes

We are at about that time when everyone but Andrew Cuomo wants to be in some kind of debate for governor. At this point, Mr. Cuomo could forego debates, as the public has taken its measure of opponent Carl Paladino and its not a pretty site.
I suspect there will be at least one major party debate, perhaps the one proposed by Newsday at Hofstra University on Long Island.
As for the minor party candidates, I doubt they will be invited but they can of course get some publicity out of the exclusion. Charles Barron will make a fuss over the only black candidate being denied a debate, and Kristin Davis will do the same as the only female candidate.
With seven candidates in all on the ballot, a full debate would be cumbersome and tedious to watch, but it would be good to see the minor candidates for two reasons.
One is they will discuss ideas and issues the major party candidates will not. The other reason, the only race appears to be the race to get to 50,000.
If Andrew Cuomo has the election locked...and it appears he does.....the scramble to create ballot lines is the only matter still in play..most of the public could and should care less but for the inside baseball crowd who watches Capital Tonight, the race for 50,000 is a great parlor game !
Commentary: Kristin Davis, Anti-Prohibition Party candidate for New York state governor, says all candidates should be invited to debates

Hoffman in the Bunker Could Deny Reality No More

The decision by Doug Hoffman to stand down and endorse Matt Doheny was abrupt but likely not spontaneous.
Mr. Hoffman has been on a roller coaster the past two years, from obscure Adirondack CPA to national conservative icon to a minor party candidate for Congress who really had no prospect other than to split anti Democratic votes in such a way that Democrat Bill Owens would be reelected.
After his narrow loss in the recent GOP primary, Mr. Hoffman was likely rattled and disappointed. Unless you have placed yourself at the mercy of voters, you cannot appreciate the hurt a loss can evoke.
With the Conservative nomination his, the loss of the primary didn't remove him from the race and last year he drew 46% on that line.
Likely what happened was a sense of isolation as GOP and Tea Party leaders left him. There was no money coming in. Even in his mountain redoubt, Mr. Hoffman gradually saw he couldn't win.
There were surely overtures from the Doheny campaign to help pick up campaign debts and staffers. An assurance of kind words as well to soften the agony of defeat.Maybe renting rooms in the famiy motel.
In the end, Hoffman's analytical side prevailed and four more weeks of being quoted in the papers and participating in debates would lead to a third place finish.
It might have been a strong third...but he would not be Congressman.....he would have neglected his own business...spent family funds and be a pariah for being seen as getting Bill Owens reelected.
Rather than prolong the agony, he got out...disappointed many but pleased others.....and ended his improbable journey into big time politics.
Pretty good run when you think about it.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Former Indy Committee Members Support Other Candidates for Governor

None of the nine members of the recently disbanded Jefferson County Independence Party county committee plan to support the party's candidate for governor. They are instead supporting other new third parties in an effort to help them get 50,000 votes.
Six of the nine, including former chair John Rice support Carl Paladino on the Taxpayer Party Line....The other three members, including another former chair Tammy Bramhall, support Kristin Davis' and her Anti-Prohibition Party.
Votes cast for governor determine the order of parties as they appear on the ballot for the next four years.

Paterson’s $300K Legal Bill is Part of our Bizarre Campaign Finance System

The hidden cost of being in office may be the endless legal bills you can face for real or imagined transgressions of law or ethics. Governor Paterson had money he had raised for a run for governor....Money that now goes to lawyers to defend him against the kick-him-to-the-curb allegations that forced him from a race against Andrew Cuomo.
There was Sarah Palin and her six figure legal bills for the endless ethics complaint defenses designed to drive her from office.
There are the smaller bills we all face from "gotcha" complaints to government agencies that must be defended against.
Its amazing how much money is raised in politics...and how much is spent playing the nasty game it is.
In some cases though, the campaign cash lives beyond the grave....Many deceased lawmakers still have campaign war chests registered with the state, and an executor still doles out contributions to other candidates in order to curry influence from the grave.
Its bizarre.
Paterson’s $300K Legal Bill

Freaky Call Questions Palin Sign....

Had a suspicious call at Fort Pearl today...Somebody who said he is from Watertown and his name is Joe and he was peppering Brittany with a bunch of questions of our Sarah Palin 2012 sign....
His interest in my First Amendment right was peculiar to say the lease...
As the son and nephew of WW II vets I value the Constitution many Americans have died protecting....
Why is someone interested in a simple sign expressing a political preference ? I can only imagine.

PPP: Cuomo's lead at 15 points ...Carl's Negatives Have Him Under Water

The poll's keep a coming and they all show the same thing...Cuomo by 15 to 25 points and Carl Paladino's negatives continue to outstrip his positives....When I was talking with consultant Roger Stone on the Hotline today, he said Paladino could win but I wasn't convinced he believed it.....But as he pointed out, Mr. Cuomo is spending $3M a week on television and Mr. Paladino has yet to hit the airwaves.....When that happens the margin could dwindle and Mr. Cuomo may feel compelled to debate.
As it stands now, I still think Mr. Cuomo can just run out the clock...and the most galling thing for him will be he won't get the Spitzeresque margin he wanted.
However, I will continue to wait a while longer to stick a fork in anybody.
PPP: Cuomo's lead at 15 points - Maggie Haberman -

Aubertine: New Hilton Garden Inn to Bring 200 Construction, 80 Permanent Jobs to Watertown

Watertown's newest rebuke to the notion we are in recession came today as a $12 million dollar Hilton Garden Inn and conference center began to come to fruition with a groundbreaking at the Western Boulevard location. Developer Patrick Donegan was joined by an election year cavalcade of dignitaries.
From the city perspective we are pleased at Mr. Donegan's continued investment and in particular the 350 person conference center in the hotel. That will be a big plus.
The city is also moving ahead with improvements to the neighborhood sewer collection system and that will allow further development near the hotel.
Aubertine: New Hilton Garden Inn to Bring 200 Construction, 80 Permanent Jobs to Watertown

Stone: "Politics Is All About Being Interesting to the Voters."

Political consultant Roger Stone gave HOTLINE listeners a lesson in his craft today during (can I say) an exclusive interview with yours truly.
Mr. Stone, whose career dates to the Nixon years, has been active in numerous Presidential campaigns and this year is behind the effort of gubernatorial candidate Kristin Davis while also lending a hand to the Paladino effort.
Stone says his effort to help Davis get 50,000 votes and establish a party line to address libertarian issues is doable.
"Politics is about keeping voters interested," Stone said of his candidate who is the only female in the race and seems the best able of the minor party contenders to get to 50,000.
As for former Governor Spitzer, Stone takes no prisoners....He says he should have done time and should not have been given a show on CNN.

ADE: Hoffman Folds

In a move Republicans hope will lead to the election of Matt Doheny as Congressman, Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman has ended his efforts and is urging supporters to back Mr. Doheny.
In a statement from his Adirondack home, Mr. Hoffman says he wants to block the relection of Rep. Bill Owens and that his differences with Mr. Doheny are minor.
The Doheny campaign had hoped once the embers from the hot primary race had cooled, Mr Hoffman might reconsider his third party bid.
Hoffman ran as the Conservative nominee last year, garnering 46% and this year he lost the GOP primary 51-49 despite Doheny's 12 to one spending edge.
Chatter among the political class has been that with Hoffman standing down, Doheny enjoys a double digit lead....A spate of negative ads by Mr. Owens suggests that might indeed be the case.
The 40 year old Doheny is a native of Alexandria Bay and lives in Watertown.
Both Mr. Owens and Mr Doheny are in Watertown today at separate events....Of course, Watertown is the most populous city in NY 23 and considered the rightful capital of the sprawling district. News, Sports, Jobs, Saranac Lake region — Adirondack Daily Enterprise

Christine O'Donnell's Forced to Declare "I'm Not a Witch"

You know its a bizarre race for US Senate when you have to start your latest commercial by declaring "I am not a witch."
That's what Delaware's Christine O'Donnell is doing as she tries to fight back a national media full court press to defeat her.
Ms. O'Donnell has debuted an "I am You" theme in her latest advertising. She is trying to win the Senate seat in blue Delaware and it won't be easy as bitter establishment Republicans are sitting on their hands after the "witch" defeated career RINO Michael Castle.
Christine O'Donnell did a lot of talk shows as a social activist in the 90s...She is paying a price for her adept use of the media age as those snippets are being dredged up.
It's funny that the mostly agnostic secular humanist left is acknowledging the existence of witchcraft or any religion....She is a fresh face and would be a good addition to the Senate. Let's hope she overcomes the chattering class and wins.
Christine O'Donnell's new message: 'I'm you' - Alexander Burns -

Can Harry Slip in as the Foil to a Cuomo Administartion ?

-With the Governor's race so bizarre other races are overshadowed, including that of comptroller...Last night Tom DiNapoli and Harry Wilson squared off. This is important because there has to be a change in the state pension fund, which cannot continue as it does now.
Essentially, the state needs to scrap the defined benefits program and go to a defined contribution plan like most private sector employers. The current system is mired in scandal as countless people legally "game" the system for multiple and inflated pensions.
Mr. DiNapoli was a 20 year Member of Assembly and was tapped for the scandal ridden job occupied by Alan Hevesi. Harry Wilson is a Matt Doheny type..a financial whiz kid pledging to overhaul the system.
And Mr. Wilson is from upstate Johnstown.
Mr. DiNapoli seems like a decent enough guy, but I would be inclined to bet on Wilson to advocate for needed changes, especially since Democrats will likely control the rest of state government.
A check of history has shown that recent years of Democratic hegemony are not the norm and voters years ago would often balance the Comptroller job with a member of one party and a Governor of the other.
DiNapoli and Wilson’s first debate - Capitol Confidential

Monday, October 4, 2010

Paladino Not the Package We Normally Buy....But....

Carl Paladino said something to Bill O'Reilly that makes sense....He said this is the first time he has run for anything and that may explain the erratic nature of his public statements including the horrific back and forth over infidelity that led to the Dicker dust up.
For a 64 year old businessman used to being in charge of his own destiny, this must be a trip. There are lots of checks and balances in politics...some of which lead to the homogenization of the people running....Paladino is raw politics without the correctness and diplomacy.......
We have to decide if thats what we want or if we want our leaders packaged for easy consumption.
Paladino has no remorse over the Battle of Bolton Landing

Council Settles Suit...and Accepts Bid for Downtown Project

City Council tonight approved the settlement of a lawsuit related to a shooting incident six years ago involving a then city police officer.
Council approved awarding Ryan Dorr $600,000 in satisfaction of the suit that alleged the City was negligent in the supervision of the officer.
Council also approved the construction of the final installment of the downtown redevelopment project. Plans to rebuild the JB Wise lot and add two new access roads will begin in earnest next year.
Lawmakers also debated the proposed acquisition of a west side sewer line through eminent domain.

Mayor Koch Names Addie His Enemy

She is probably not worried that the former NYC mayor is calling her his enemy and is planning on advertising against her....But for Assemblywoman Addie Russell it is an issue for her opponent to use if he wants.....Mayor Koch is trying to lead a laudable effort to reform the way Albany operates and Ms. Russell is one of a handful of lawmakers who refused to sign the Koch pledge.
I can understand not wanting to sign stuff....when Democrats ask me to sign a pledge of loyalty to Andrew Cuomo's agenda, I refused...not because I find a lot of fault with what it said...but just a matter of principle.
Like all in office, I took an oath of office and to me thats the pledge, along with an allegiance to the community that elected me.
I like Mayor Koch and his efforts and hope Ms. Russell would have the wisdom to support Hizzoner's goals even without signing anything.
Koch Advertises Against ‘Enemies’

Even His Pit Bull is a Pit Bull

Paladino has a 'bad doggy' moment upstate

Liz: Some Want Carl to Grovel Over Cuomo Adultery Zinger

Does a public apology absolve Carl Paladino of the flap of the past week and allow him to move on ? Maybe, but the ruling class in Albany that wants him defeated also includes many in the permanent press corps.
A fellow like Fred Dicker is more entrenched than any state senator and really does function as a force for stasis in government.
I am wary of a an apology speech. It looks a little weak.
A call to Mr. Cuomo would be a stand up move....and an appearance on Dicker's radio show would be the kind of in your face, I am not afraid move that could work, if Mr. Paladino can keep his message focused on that new 4% clothing tax parents are paying this week to keep their kids clothed. (Even Patty Plate has a new spot exploiting the clothing tax)
Fred Dicker , like Speaker Silver will be in Albany come January and Wild Carl has to prove he can deal with heat from those quarters without imploding.
GOP bigs want loudmouth Carl Paladino to say sorry to Andrew Cuomo over adultery zinger

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fish or Cut Bait Time for Carl

This week taxes went up in New York State.....The exemption on the 4% state sales tax on clothing lapsed....It was part of the budget adopted earlier this year...
One would think this would be a good talking point for challengers to the "status Cuomo" but all I continue to hear is chatter on the issues of affairs and love children.
Carl Paladino and the other challengers need to tap into the rage...and its not about love kids...Its about taxes and the expanding government.
A commercial should have been on this weekend slamming the current ruling class for this tax hike...Didn't see it.
We will know by next weekend whether Mr. Paladino can regain his footing...His statement to the LA Times that he had advised the fraud Spitzer to stay in office doesn't suggest judgment....Not so much the original advice...but bragging about it.
If Paladino keeps wobbling, then we can start speculating what the order of finish of the parties will be.
If he gets it together, he might be able to force a debate and take his best shot there.

Totally Wicked...The Tie Between Tammy and the Madam

Former Manhattan Madam and current gubernatorial candidate Kristin Davis likely saw a link to her past when she scheduled her recent NNY visit to be at the Wicked Wench Saloon in West Carthage....It wasn't just the blue collar folks who reminded her of the mobile home park in Fresno where she grew up and ate pot luck dinners with her mom.
You see her multi million dollar escort service was called "Wicked Models" and she seemed drawn to the Wicked Wench when owner Tammy Bramhall sent her a picture of a Davis poster hung there.
Kristin and Tammy seemed to hit it off well, proving that "wicked" people attract ! (even if the wickedness is in the past tense)
Kristin Billie Davis & Wicked Models Photo Gallery

Cole Saves Us from Another Campaign Without Watchable Debates

TV 7s Jeff Cole looks like our best shot to get to see candidates in major races face off in a studio face to face.
Except for Matt Doheny's pledge to debate "anywhere anytime" there has been little interest in public forums, much less in-studio confrontations.
Some of these "debates" in Outer Mongolia, NY that we see cell phone video of are of little help. People want a professional prepared session.
Jeff says the SD48 race is still being worked on, but the tentative schedule is linked.
Public Eye with Jeff Cole

Candidate rage reshapes Cuomo race - Maggie Haberman -

This morning on FOX , Carl Paladino is back to saying he wants to put "gutter politics" behind him and focus on the issues. Lets hope so...the rage is wearing on us all.
Candidate rage reshapes Cuomo race - Maggie Haberman -

Charges of Bias Against Dicker Go Back to 2003 Divorce Coverage

Carl Paladino charged this week that veteran NY Post state editor Fred Dicker is a stalking horse and stooge for the candidacy of Andrew Cuomo. Mr. Paladino's charge came a mere week after he had declared to the NYDN that the Post is his favorite paper.
Team Paladino has squawked at the many questions about Paladino's affair that led to the birth of his ten year old daughter, while few personal questions are directed at Mr. Cuomo.
The Post and Mr. Dicker did cover the divorce of Mr. Cuomo and ex wife Kerry Kennedy in 2003 and portrayed the tale at the time as one of Ms. Kennedy cheating with a polo player and leaving her husband crushed.
That seeming taking of sides in the coverage seems to be at the heart of the assertion that Mr. Dicker is predisposed to favor Mr. Cuomo in his coverage.
I think the interest in the Paladino affair is that he is the new flavor of the month and that Andy's divorce is old news already gnawed on. But you can judge whether there is a long standing predisposition to Andy.

Improving City's Core Services Linked to Job Creation and Tax Base

Tuesdays groundbreaking for another major hotel project in Watertown is the result of not just the efforts of developer Patrick Donegan but also a couple of years of beating the drum for water and sewer improvements on the west side of town that will allow this land adjacent to Route 81 to be used. The plan, with the support of City Council, improved Gaffney Drive sewer lines and will result in the acquiring of a new line across property that is part of Stateway Plaza.
Funding came from different sources including an innovative use of some $100K in federal USDA funds that were eligible for use in the City. My old friend, former Alex Bay supervisor Sampie Sutton helped to hook us up with the dollars. There were county IDA dollars in addition to city funds.
Improving water and sewer in this commercial neighborhood will yield important benefits and the three new hotels in the pipeline and the adjacent businesses to support them are a plus for the City's important retail and hospitality sector.
Watertown Daily Times Hotel groundbreaking set for Tuesday

Sometimes Being Nice is OK...and Its in the Public Interest , Convenience and Necessity...Which By Law is our Job

The other day I hosted Sheriff candidate Chuck Ruggiero on the HOTLINE......He knew I support his opponent John Burns...The giant lawn sign was the tip off.
So he was being told by the GOP insiders to avoid the show like the plague because I would zing him. When the show was over he was pleased at the interview I did and the opportunity he had.
That's how it has always been on the show. People are treated with respect and get questions, not gotcha nonsense.
Now that I am a bit more mature in broadcasting I realize that the program is hosted by me but the airwaves are not there for grinding my axes or for personal vendettas.
The station owners pay me to put on an entertaining and informative and fair public affairs show that may feature my opinions but not my agenda.
That's why you will find I can host a candidate I oppose and be just as fair regardless of the sign on my lawn.
Just as politics is coarse these days, often the media feel they must be mean and destructive to make their point.
Whether its Dicker's ambush or a shock jock peppering a woman interviewee with questions about her anatomy , the lesson I have learned in media is that you don't have to be mean to make a point and the boss's transmitter is not my personal bludgeon.
I am glad Mr. Ruggiero enjoyed his time on the HOTLINE.