Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cuomo: I Have Daughters Too

Hard to argue with Andy on this one.
Cuomo: I have daughters too - Maggie Haberman -

Time for Carl to Get Back to Basics and The People

Portraying Andrew Cuomo as part of Albany and not apart from it would seem more fertile ground for the Paladino campaign...After their three day Death March from Bolton's Landing back to Buffalo, Team Paladino needs to pivot, as they say in DC.
Mr. Cuomo seems to be able to start running out the clock, but even if he loses, Mr. Paladino still owes us the best contest possible....If not to win, to challenge Mr. Cuomo on the issues and make sure he doesn't get the kind of 40 point blowout that four years ago allowed the flawed Spitzer to really believe he was the Second Coming.
People are still mad about policy, but Paladino got tricked into talking about personal stuff...In that sense the press did function as Mr. Cuomo's bird dog, although by no means intentionally as has been suggested.
Oh, by the way...a note to the Paladino camp...The North Country is still part of the State of New York....The only time your candidate came here was for a private conference with the newspaper...Time to get here and meet the people...
Folks up here are mad too and so far only two of seven candidates have made any kind of appearance here.
So get back to campaigning the real speaking to the people...not just to the pols and Fred Dicker.
‘Mario Jr.’

Darrel and Patty

Check out this for some fun.
Darrel and Patty

A Two Way Race With Seven Choices

If you are cool to "Status Cuomo" and scared by "Crazy Carl", you can pick from a variety of other candidates who won't win but you won't have your fingerprints on the major party candidates.
The final ballot from the BOE lists a total of seven candidates for Governor.
Mr. Cuomo is the nominee of the Democratic, Independence and Working Families parties.
Mr. Paladino is the nominee of the Republican, Conservative and Taxpayers parties.
Syracuse's Howie Hawkins is running as the Green Party favorite on a platform of social justice, environmentalism and I guess socialism.
There's a Schenectady attorney named Warren Redlich running as the Libertarian Party candidate.
As you have read here, there is Anti-Prohibition Party candidate Kristin Davis. As my bar owner friend Tammy said the other night...."I am a bar owner, how can I not support the Anti-Prohibition Party."
There is the Freedom Party headed by NYC Councilman Charles Barron.
Mr. Barron is upset at the Democratic Party which he says has forgotten the lockstep support provided in the past by the black community. The Freedom Party would be a line on the ballot for minority candidates if Mr. Barron gets the requisite 50,000 votes to gain ballot status.
Finally, my favorite party name. The Rent is 2 Damn High party is fielding Jimmy McMillan, who I think is an entertainer of some kind. He has a song out with lyrics saying poor people are being run out of NYC due to , you guessed it, high rent.
All of these minor party candidates did a lot of work to get on the ballot and all have no intention of winning.
Their goal is to draw 50,000 votes in a gubernatorial race so their party will be able to join the five already on the ballot. All five of those will easily meet the 50,000 threshold, but the race among them is order of finish as everyone wants the coveted Line C position now held by the Independence Party.

Labor Dispute Pits FOX Against Obama Administration

In a shot across the bow type of move the Obama administration is suing FOX News over a long standing dispute between the network and one of ots reporters over allegations of age and sex discrimination.
Catherine Herridge had complained in 2006 that women and blacks don't get choice shift assignments and she had made complaints to the EEOC.
FOX is a not part of the Obama-mania media, a termed coined by Sean Hannity. Indeed the President has called the network "destructive" to the nation's long term goals.
The action by Washington may be seen as a chilling effect on a hostile news source.
Fox News sued by feds for retaliating against reporter Catherine Herridge in sex, age bias case

Friday, October 1, 2010

Obama 52%, Clinton 37% for 2012 Democratic Nomination

No wonder Democrats are on their way to a loss....Even with the benefit of hindsight, they still prefer Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton for the Presidency. She is so better qualified and got a raw deal in 2008...Can't believe the Ted Ford crowd doesn't realize their best bet is Hill in 2012.
Obama 52%, Clinton 37% for 2012 Democratic Nomination

Time to Bet on Your Favorite Horse

Having been in politics, I am a believer in supporting campaigns...Its easy to think all that stuff is paid for by others and in many cases it is, but you should support your favorites....Even if its a few bucks or the max out of $2300 for federal races.
I try to set aside a little every year to support good candidates. It's kind of like titheing or even worse, betting.
Its like betting on a makes watching the race more fun to have some skin in the game. Like having the Witch to win or the Madam to show.......
Or like June betting a $6 combo on Andrew in the first race at Aqueduct.

Paladino-Dicker in Cute Bear Format

The Mood Suggests Its Doheny's To Lose

Sometimes insight and a little information can lead to a conclusion or two....
In the NY23 race, I get the feel from the commercials so far and from the attitudes of the principles that Doheny has an edge...Plus all the national buzz is that the GOP will pick up a lot of seats (maybe 60) and if there is that kind of anger, Doheny benefits.
Today the Alex Bay native picked up the endorsement of the state's preeminent conservative daily, the NY Post. Little has come out of the Hoffman camp and any Doheny win depends on that continuing.
My hunch is even with Hoffman grabbing a dozen or so points, Doheny is up by high single digits...If Hoffman folds, it would be a rout.

Madam Reveals.....Nothing !

Kristin Davis says she doesn't have any finances....In her required financial disclosure form, she checked 'no' on every box except she said she has an American Express card...Doesn't leave home without it.
Well, she said on the HOTLINE that the government took all her money away from her and its been hard to get a gig since those halcyon days as a madam......
Besides no one likes a girl who reveals too much on the first date.
NOTE- In her Daily News story, Celeste Katz used a photo from Davis' visit to the Wicked Wench in West Carthage
Manhattan Madam Kristin Davis Reveals All... In Financial Filings: Updated

Carl's Position Changes Like the Weather

Time for Carl to shut his pie hole about Andrew Cuomo and whether or not he had affairs during his failed marriage to Kerry Kennedy.. Mr. Paladino was back on FOX today and under tough qurstioning from Megyn Kelly, he changed his tune again...Now he is back to suggesting Cuomo had affairs and it will be revealed in time...I heard it myself and couldn't believe it.
Carl, nobody cares....Cuomo is an established pol and has credibility....his ex wife was a Kennedy, so deference is given there...and let me get back to the central point...Nobody cares....
This guy had a little boomlet going on after the primary and he is systematically killing himself...

Carl Gets a Lesson in How Journalism Works If You Are Not Absoutely Precise With Your Words

I understand what Carl Paladino was saying when he ask the media why they don't ask Andrew about his paramours....It was not an accusation but a frustration over why Paladino gets reduced to answering those questions while his opponent does not.
The media ran with it as an accusation and when confronted by Dicker, Mr. Paladino compounded his problems by saying he would have proof in time. Of course the ambush setting did not lend itself to rational discourse.
Mr. Paladino needs to learn that plain talk also carries with it an obligation for precision and thoughtful. His utterances will lead voters to conclude he hasn't the temperment to be a chief executive which is what he is running for.
Four years ago, we elected a man who didn't have the temperment for the job and the results showed quickly.
I don't think Carl Paladino is anywhere near as bad as some portray....But he needs to put this issue behind him and stop fighting with the press on silly matters.
Paladino is accessible and blunt....That's refreshing compared to the tightly controlled and scripted persona of Andrew Cuomo....But someone needs to tell Carl how this game is played so he doesn't make mistakes like this week's
Carl Paladino now admits he really doesn't have any proof of Andrew Cuomo's 'paramours'

Various Thoughts...None of Which Warrants a Full Post

-Yesterday, a diverse group of community leaders cut the ribbon on 122 TenEyck Street, a single family home built by public agencies on a vacant city-owned lot in what is a very nice neighborhood.
Some years back the same "in-fill" project fizzled over design disputes and I kept beating the drum for it. Neighbors of Watertown came up with a great design and the notion of filling in vacant spots in neighborhoods can continue.
-Sticking up for patients and employees prevailed as a plan has been hatched to keep Mercy Health Care open for the time being while Samaritan Medical Center builds a new nursing home with the help of a state grant. Again, many people helped avert a crisis, although much work remains as the propsoed scenario of just walking away from the physical plant on Stone Street is to put it politely, poor urban planning.
-Senator Darrel Aubertine's campaign was rattled this week by poll numbers showing him trailing Patty Ritchie. Mr. Aubertine's office performed well on the Mercy issue and is using his role as his party's 32nd vote to gain favors for NNY.
The issue comes down to whether voters are comfortable with a continuation of a Democrat controlled state legislature and an election framed in those terms is vexing for Mr. Aubertine.
-The battle was joined for Congress and Rep. Bill Owens hit the air first touting his own folksy persona, while ripping opponent Matt Doheny as a Wall Street snake....The debut of the new Michael Douglas movie on the subject was coincidental but beneficial to Mr. Owens.
Mr. Doheny needs to be blunt in taking on Mr. Owens support of key Obama Administration policies.
-Meanwhile a preliminary Census report shows NY may lose two seats, so the duration of any GOP seat upstate is in question.
-The Assembly campaign in the 122nd chugs along. Ken Blankenbush seems to have found a footing with a well organized campaign staff and numerous personal appearances. Opponent Brian McGrath launched his first TV ad this week.
-Sheriff John Burns and GOP foe Chuck Ruggiero both did a good job on the HOTLINE this week.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hospice Lauds Aubertine Over Construction Grant

Senator Darrel Aubertine continues to build support among the upper echelons of local society...People he likely did not have the support of in previous elections.
A press release from Hospice of Jefferson County gushed over the Senator securing a $3M+ grant to begin immediate construction of the new Hospice building on Gotham Street in the City of Watertown.
These type of moves are something only an incumbent can do and are designed to reassure voters skittish about who can deliver pork....
Look for more of this largesse as the election approaches.

Fault Doesn't Matter, Dicker Survives...Carl Takes a Hit

Last nights dispute in Boltons Landing was not the first trip to the rodeo for veteran NY Post political scribe Fred Dicker. He has had other high profile smackdowns and usually has come out the winner in the end.
Dicker is one of the best reporters in the Capital and is aggressive. He is listened to and pols are frightened of him.....I think both men lost their cool last night...That's not unusual in the roosters in the barnyard atmosphere of politics, but this one was caught on tape.
For Dicker, it's just part of his legend....But for Paladino, no good comes out of it. He needs to answer tough questions with a smile and style....Not sounding like a thug...There's enough of those in the Senate.
Manhandling in Bolton Landing

Our Polls Differs from the MSM Polls..Who's Right ?

Why are readers of this blog at odds with the entire NY electorate ? Probably part of it is most of our flock is from upstate and not NYC where the Marist Poll has Andrew Cuomo up by a Five to One margin.
However, this blog is read by a variety of people in both camps, so its not enough to dismiss our straw poll as just the ranting of right wing and Tea Party kooks.
Mr. Paladino may indeed have enough upstate rage to make the race competitive....But you can't draw only in the teens in NYC and expect to win statewide. You need at least 30%.

Andrew in a Comfortable Spot a Month Out

With all the fuss surrounding the race for Governor, its still about a 15 point race for Andrew Cuomo over Carl Paladino, according to the latest from Marist. Its not the huge numbers Cuomo enjoyed over the summer, but still a daunting task for Paladino.
Mr. Cuomo can pretty much rope-a-dope Paladino the rest of the way....Argue over debates and maybe do one at the last minute....Let the press continue to fight with Paladino.....Have your surrogates scare traditional Democratic groups by calling Carl a racist who wants to ban abortion.
It may not be the big, slobbering margin of vistory the last AG had in his race for Governor....but as we found out...too big a mandate does not a good governor make.
State of Politics Blog

Gov To Paladino: ‘Brother, I Have Been There’

Governor Paterson is giving a little sympathy to Carl Paladino, who is having trouble dealing with the media climate suurounding his bombastic run for Governor. Mr. Paterson, who had to fess up to affairs as well and has had his share of scandal, sympathized with Paladino, but warned a governor has to be able to deal with the nonsense.
Mr. Paladino may be too sensitive...These days most people don't care that much about past affairs, drug use, DWI's , prior bankruptcies, and even a little jail time....People with these maladies are now viewed as one of us and get elected all the time.
Gov To Paladino: ‘Brother, I Have Been There’

Witness: It Was Dicker's Fault

This political blogger claims to have witnessed the Dicker/Paladino blowout and says the blame rests squarely with the Post scribe. (Still, as a candidate, you have to learn restraint too)
NT2: Nec Temere, Nec Timide

Dicker Dust Up Started With Carl's Thin Skin as a Newly Minted Politician

Carl Paladino is used to being a guy in charge, and like many who jump into politics, they don't realize just how nasty it is....The media interest in his past includes a fixation on an affair ten years ago that resulted in the birth of a little ten years old.
Mr. Paladino is frustrated at the sudden interest in affairs he could always control, and he is experiencing the wrenching angst of media hyenas snooping around trying to get pictures of the girl and her natural mother.
So when asked about his affairs, he naturally asks why no one asks Andrew Cuomo about his paramours. A hypothetical which is soon made into a charge against Andrew by a clearly Cuomo-centric media.
No one will ask about the Cuomo marriage to Kerry Kennedy that ended in divorce. First of all she's a Kennedy and second it is long ago. One can assume there were circumstances in that marriage that led to the divorce, but we all know why people get divorced so whats the big deal.
Mr. Paladino then was confronted about his quip about Cuomo and got into the now famous Battle of Boltons Landing with prickly NYP political reporter Fred Dicker. It was great theater.
This incident and it's bellicose "I'll take you out" charge will allow Paladino to be seen as too unstable and combative for the Governor's job. His supporters will rally to him, but this incident did him no good.
Carl Paladino hints that Andrew Cuomo had extra-marital affairs while married to Kerry Kennedy

Carl's a Natural to Visit Watertown's Great Italian Restaurants

Carl Paladino may not take Fred Dicker to dinner...but he is one to eat out...At least four nights a week according to the NYT...and he frequents a number of the Queen City's finer Italian restaurants...The Times (a paper of record to be sure) reports Mr. Paladino is a good tipper, lavishing 40% on servers.
Buffalo is getting a lot of attention these days with its native son running for Governor. I think you have to go back to Grover Cleveland to find a Buffalonian who won the Governor's seat.
The Carl Paladino Culinary Tour of Buffalo -

WDT: Candidates Dispute Veracity of Owens Attack Ad

The good news for Matt Doheny is that when your foe pays for and airs one of these slick attack ads, it likely means the race is very competitive.
I don't know the specifics of the rise and fall of Adelphia Cable...I remember reading about it and if Doheny played a role in the reorganization, well hey....that was his job...
Of course jobs will be shed in these circumstances.......Further, whatever role Doheny had was that of a private sector banker, not a maker of public policy.
Rep. Bill Owens is running a coordinated effort with these spots purporting to show Doheny as a Wall Street job killer....meanwhile Mr. Owens is seen in flannel shirts, riding tractors, and claiming he has created NNY jobs....He got elected last year making similar claims.
I will say, Doheny needs to get up on the air with his principle premise and that is that Bill Owens support for ObamaCare is a killer for small business., and that the burgeoning deficit will consume this nation's productivity and growth. Those problems are not all the fault of Bill Owens, but this is a campaign, so hyperbole is permitted and encouraged.
One attaboy for Mr. Owens. He is the one quoted defending the ad, not some 'Rob Ryan' type figure speaking on his behalf.
Watertown Daily Times Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Paladino/Dicker Confrontation a Symptom of Journalism that's Crossed the Line

First of all, I wasn't there in Boltons Landing for the Paladino/Dicker smack down....
But this is something we will see more of as the media knows no boundaries and new technologies permit politics to escalate to higher and higher levels of acrimony and cattyness.
That 10 year old girl is not "illegitimate." That's a way out of date expression that we should put behind us. Whether its Joy Behar with a snide remark or the Post poking around the home of Carl Paladino's one time mistress....there has to be some recognition of basic human civility.
Women take a hit constantly as they are routinely characterized with the cliches of female behavior....Nuts or Sluts....Daffy blonds or promiscuity acceptable in men. Since when is it OK to ask a woman on air about any cosmetic surgery she may have had ? I guess it is, even in small town media.
Andrew gets a pass , as he is the media choice in the race but Paladino comes from blue collar Buffalo....Hardly a destination of choice for any of the media elite.
Two men lost their tempers tonight...and given their positions both should have known better....The press will take Mr. Dicker's side as he is one of their own.
But from Mr.Paladino's perspective, its understandable what happened.....
If the management of media outlets won't remind their personnel of the boundaries, those in the news may have to......

Paladino to Dicker: I'll Take You Out

This is the stuff we live for....Carl Paladino and New York Post political guru Fred Dicker in a dust up at Bolton's Landing north of the capital.
This will resonate for days.
State of Politics Blog

The Battle Of the Lieutenant Governor Candidates | Politics on the Hudson

Even though he originally thought he would be paired with Rick Lazio, Chautauqua County Executive Greg Edwards is getting it done as the attack dog for his new running main, Carl Paladino.
Edwards took off after Mayor Bob Duffy of Rochester for refusing to debate him and for drawing a $70K police pension and a $127K Mayors salary in Rochester. The $197K is more than the current governor makes.
Edwards also ripped Duffy for a refusal to debate.
The Battle Of the Lieutenant Governor Candidates Politics on the Hudson

Indy's Quietly Back Lefty Schneiderman for AG

As expected the NYS Independence Party has nominated Democratic State Senator Eric Schneiderman as its candidate for Attorney General.
In a conference call today, the Party's executive committee filled the spot after the placeholder nominated earlier this year withdrew to take a judicial nomination.
Republican Dan Donovan had already declined to be considered due to controversy swirling around the party's practices and pay to play allegations.
As an Albany insider, Schneiderman will likely softpeddle those kind of issues once elected.Liz reports noconfirmation yet on whether Schneiderman accepts the nomination....But I am sure he will.

Senate Race Will Go Down to the Wire as Aubertine Struggles With His Caucus' Image

Senator Darrel Aubertine is trying to counter the bad press in Albany over the Senate with 'morning in Cape Vincent' style commercials touting the twin themes that he is one of us and gets things done of interest to NNY.
Given yesterday's Siena poll showing him slightly behind his GOP opponent, one must ask if that will be enough.
With voter opinions of Patty Ritchie rather sketchy, the temptation would be to ago negative and drive her numbers down....
But its a lot easier to pound on lawyers like Barclay or Renzi. Ms Ritchie has had months to quietly build an image with voters, so the assault on her, while necessary, must be done carefully.
Siena shows Aubertine way ahead in Jefferson...Ritchie way ahead in St. Lawrence...Hometown favorites indeed.
There is no point going negative in St. Lawrence...That would backfire as she is too well known.
The place to go negative is Oswego County, where she leads but is likely not well defined to voters.
Next question is how do you go negative ? Claiming lack of experience won't work this year. You could argue she is a cypher on the issues clinging to her signature fight over license plates. Or that she is a Manchurian candidate on behalf of downstate Republicans.
She will just counter with pictures of Espada and company.
Aubertine has more establishment support than he used to and will get the local newspaper endorsement this time, as he is viewed as a statesman nowadays...
He will be able to spread some love around in terms of dollars to local agencies.
Normally, after fending off two challenges, Aubertine would have gotten a pass, but the shenanigans in Albany created a huge albatross. The one debate question he doesn't want to face is "Why did you vote for Espada as majority leader ?"
What do you say ? Fortunately for him, no one has asked.

No Mo' Ho's.....They Are Now Called "Sex Workers"

A recent acquaintance who was advocating changes to laws on prostitution kept referring to those involved as "sex workers." I figured it was just some attempt at an image makeover for the oldest profession....
Then I read about Melissa Petro in the NYP and the Post refers to the hooker turned teacher as a "sex worker." And last night I saw an article in the Toronto Star about a provincial judge who had just overturned all of Ontario's prostitution laws because current law places "sex workers" at risk and would allow folks to do pretty much what they want as long as they stay in their home and don't block traffic.
If the MSM in two countries now refers to prostitutes, adult film stars and the like as "sex workers", well that more or less makes this latest language change official.
As for Ms. Petro...turns out she has tenure in her teaching job, so her brief stint as a "sex worker" will not stymie her new career as a steward of the next generation.

Let's Do a Poll to Rationalize What We Want to Happen

In journalism, when you write a story about the Pope, on second reference you will use phrases like "Pontiff" or "Holy See" as a means of making the prose more readable.
For downstate journalists writing about GOP gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino, second reference will more likely be "Crazy Carl" or "Buffalo Blowhard." So it is with this article in the NYDN in which the paper uses a poll to rationalize the premise that Paladino is not qualified to be governor.
Now, the Daily News, like virtually every newspaper in the state will endorse Democrat Andrew Cuomo as the solid, sensible choice to lead a state with lots of trouble.
Why bother with an editorial when the news hole is littered with subliminal and overt descriptions designed to pre-shape the electorate and the results ?
New Yorkers say Carl Paladino is not fit to be governor, Daily News/Marist Poll reveals

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bill-O Throws the High Hard One

Just saw the Bill Owens ad ripping Matt Doheny over being too Wall Street...Its all about restructuring at Adelphia Cable...I vaguely remember the controversy, but Owens did enough research to make it look not so good for Matt. Of course these kind of spots are snippets of reality but they can be effective.
After months of running against the haphazard campaign of Doug Hoffman, it seems Mr. Doheny is going to get his first taste of major league pitching.

Rep. Alan Grayson's 'Taliban' ad backfires - Andy Barr -

Rep. Alan Grayson of Florida is likely the biggest embarassment the Democrats have...Worse than Rangle..
This guy is a brutal partisan with a pathological lying streak that would stretch all the way around Disney World.
If only one Dem gets beat this year...This low life should be the one.
Rep. Alan Grayson's 'Taliban' ad backfires - Andy Barr -

Cuomo: ‘Beast’ Of Albany Is ‘Disgusting’...He Just Discovered That ?

In fairness to Andrew Cuomo, I think he does have an understanding of much of what is wrong with Albany...I also think many of his proposals for reform have merit.
But this sudden awakening to the "Beast of Albany" is a bit much....
Mr. Cuomo ran with Eliot Spitzer and Alan Hevesi four years ago. He grew up in Albany as his dad's political Rahm and he is a member of the party of Espada and Montserrate.
The "Beast" is no stranger to Andrew.
But I will take him at his word that he is revulsed by it all and wants to change things....
We know Paladino wants to change things.
It would seem the argument for Mr. Cuomo is that as an Albany insider who has found redemption, he can best navigate the ship of ethics into port.
The corrolary argument against Paladino is that as an outsider he would be another Spitzer claiming change on Day One but not able to deliver due to a lack of understanding of process and no relationships with those permanent fixtures in the capital.
Ironically, Cuomo's argument that he has discovered a beast is the wrong one for him...He has long known the beast...His argument is that he now wants to kill the beast and his unique knowledge of it best suits him to get it done.
Cuomo: ‘Beast’ Of Albany Is ‘Disgusting’

I Knew All This Otherwise Useless Knowledge Would Be Good for Something

I am always a fan of TV 7 and today Jeff Nelson called and ask me to do a "live look" interview with him about the Siena poll in the 48th. I moved from Mayor to veteran political analyst....
Actually, I appreciate the opportunity as I have political experience and as a blogger I have a pretty good appreciation for what's up.....
When I suggested I might be the Liz of Watertown, Nelson quickly reminded me ,"no she's a lot smarter than you."
That's true, but it was fun to be a talking head/analyst and I hope what I said was OK...Watch it at 10 and 11...And maybe Mr. Cole will run it in the AM.

Doheny Has More Than Just Footballs in Backing Paladino in Public

Good for Matt Doheny....He goes on TV and embraces Carl Paladino instead of this mealy mouth crap from Lazio Republicans who provide aid and comfort to the Democrats.
Mr. Doheny got a mention for his views from the NYDN as a contrast to the defunct Lazio who is still whining about Carl's e-mails....
Doheny always says he is a Republican first and proves it by saying he wants to be an agent of change just like Paladino.....
Since Sarah Palin uttered the word "cajones" in a political context it ok to use it...
By being one Republican who publicly backs Paladino, Doheny has "cajones."

Indy's Likely to Pick Schneiderman for AG

The state's Independence Party will endorse a candidate for Attorney General Wednesday at noon. One assumes it will be Democrat Eric Schneiderman as Republican Dan Donovan has said he will not accept the line due to various controversies and investigations.
The IP is trying to retain line C on the ballot and has put all its eggs in with Andrew Cuomo.
Schneiderman is also considered less likely to create waves on eithics issues once in Albany, but he is far left, and Mr. Cuomo endorsed him reluctantly
The party had nominated a placeholder candidate last spring, who now gets a judicial nomination for his trouble.

Andy's Cuz Gaming Pension While Uncle Probes Others

Its likely a mini scandal for Andrew Cuomo and these things usually are just grist for the mill, but Andrew Cuomo seems unable to upshift out of Rose Garden gear....A cousin was dealing in pensions while his uncle was probing the pay to play system. Business as usual to jaded NY voters, so no harm to Andy.
Mr. Cuomo was in Harlem on Monday trying to shore up the black vote while supporters of the black candidate protested outside....Shoring up the black vote ? That should be a gimme for any Democrat....A couple of months ago, the Cuomo campaign was trying to pick off local Republicans willing to endorse him for a shot at future consideration.
No more courting Republicans....Andy is now trying to motivate the base...Smart move..if the base votes he gets 90+ percent of them..
Blacks will vote for Andrew....They are the most loyal Democratic constituency....And their leaders have declared Paladino a racist....
The fact that Andy has to court them at this late date does raise eyebrows though.
Andrew Cuomo's cousin did pension fund work amid AG's probe of pay-to-play scandal

Conservative Party Has Been A Dubious Voice for Restraint

Was the Conservative Party worth saving ?....With the likely nomination tomorrow of Carl Paladino as its nominee, the 48 year old party will get the requisite votes to maintain its line on the ballot.
The party was formed in reaction to Rockefeller Republicanism which was really a Democratic Party for people who go to country clubs but didn't want that nasty Democratic moniker.
Now, the Democratic Party has co-opted all of those people....Look at my friend Dave Mance who has gone from entrepreneurial Republican to one of those who says 'I didn't leave the party...the party left me."
The Conservative Party suffered the fate of all minor parties in New York's system of fusion voting....Idealism gives way to playing the game and by the time they elected George Pataki, the Conservative leadership was mostly about getting their relatives jobs with an occasional spasm of principle over abortion.
The other problem these parties have is they cannot and will not offer actual third choices. Look at the grief they take when off the reservation such as in NY23.
Those voting for Carl Paladino should do so on the Taxpayer line, so another set of voices will be empowered. The Conservative Party will survive, but it has not earned the right to be the sole representitive of those who want leaner government and lower taxes.

Paladino Takes Aim at Sacred Cows of Spending

Apparently Carl Paladino doesn't like the idea of a different school superintendent every five miles, most of them making more money than the Governor himself. Heck the assistant superintendents for curriculum and recess make more as well.
Mr. Paladino says he will take a swipe at the 10,000+ taxing jurisdictions which include many special districts formed for a specific function.
Many of these paper entities have fat overheads and were formed because the state's crazy quilt of towns were not equiped to deal with urban sprawl as city-like services were suddenly demanded in rural areas.
New York may be ripe for change as its many of the structures of existing government that institutionalize high taxes. School districts are high on the list because they are the most costly, and the most laden with administrative overhead.
Of course this means the 700+ superintendents, their families and subordinates hoping to be a superintendent will all be voting for Andrew Cuomo. This is what makes change daunting...There are an awful lot of people with a stake in the status quo, and the aggregation of their votes along with typical Democratic constituencies still likely adds up to a win for Mr. Cuomo....
Paladino takes aim at special districts, school officials

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Ladies Of ‘The View’ Do Not Approve Of Paladino

Why can't liberals at least be accurate when they make jokes at the expense of the children of their opponents ? When the View's Joy Behar quips that Carl Paladino could win if all his illegitimate children vote for him...Doesn't she know there is one ten year old girl with a mistress and that child is part of the Paladino family ?
The giggle line goes over in the salons of the upper east side...too bad it has no basis in reality...It's just mean spiritedness at the expense of a little girl.
Grow up Liberals.
The Ladies Of ‘The View’ Do Not Approve Of Paladino

The Battle Is Joined...From Many , Only Two Can Win

It's an improbable feat accomplished by one Carl Paladino of Buffalo...An obscure (except in the Queen City) businessman with no record in public office, a seemingly gruff personality with hints of personal scandal is now the nominee of the Republican, Conservative and Taxpayer parties...To get there he beat out two establishment pols including party designee Rick Lazio.
He will try to cool his jets as far as the rhetoric and will attempt to flesh out policy positions for voters who want to make sure he can indeed govern from Day One.
He is opposed by the scion of a New York political family...a sitting attorney general and former cabinet secretary....a man who has been annoited the winner for months and has the warchest and media acolytes to prove it....Andrew Cuomo still is the prohibitive favorite in a a state where Dems have a two to one registration edge....
But Carl Paladino has done the impossible so far and cannot be counted out until the race is over.
The Battle Is Joined

Long: ‘I’ll Lead The Party To Endorse Carl Paladino’

In politics, nothing gives you an epiphany faster than the prospect of extinction.
Conservative Chair Mike Long says Carl Paladino will be his party's nominee for Governor now that Rick Lazio has agreed to get off the ticket.
It's all water under the bridge now between Mike and Carl....Without a viable candidate the 48 year old party would have passed out of existence...This move, if successful on Wednesday will ensure another four years for the Party.
Long: ‘I’ll Lead The Party To Endorse Carl Paladino’

Lazio Out.....Paladino Expected to Be Given Conservative Nod

The NYDN reports Rick Lazio will leave the race for Governor by agreeing to take a judicial nomination in order to be allowed off the ballot as the Conservative party nominee.
It is expected this will result in Carl Paladino on Line D...That means the Conservative Party is saved, for better or worse.

A Teachable Moment ?

On the day the Obama administration is doing a full court PR press on education, word of a Bronx public school art teacher admitting she worked briefly as a prostitute four years ago....before she got her teaching job. Now the 30 year old teacher is on administrative duties while school officials listen to complaints by parents...
This is a good test of your belief in redemption......
Bronx grade-school teacher admits being a former prostitute -

Liz: Andrew Heads to Harlem to Play the Race Card

For folks in NNY, the LGBT is something they never heard of and local pols don't have to kiss Rev. Sharpton's ring as a rite of passage to victory....But lesbians, gays, bi's and transgenders, along with black voters are key Democratic party constituencies that give the party high percentages.
That is what Andrew Cuomo will spend a lot of time trying to shore up....Get these groups motivated to vote in high numbers and there will not be enought angry upstate dolts to counteract them.
Supporters of Freedom Party candidate Charles Barron protested Mr. Cuomo's trip to a Harlem subway station today. Mr. Barron is protesting the lack of blacks on the Dem statewide ticket. The Cuomo campaign stop was cut short.
Andrew Cuomo sets talks with black leaders to whack Carl Paladino for racist emails

AP: The Biggest Prize Gets the Least Attention

The fight for control of the State Senate is really the only statewide issue of importance voters will decide on that the GOP has a fairly good shot at winning. For two years, Democrats have held a reed-thin 32-30 majority that was interrupted when a couple of its members participated in the "coup".
Even within the Democratic majority there are a couple of upstaters who stand in the way of all out liberal hegemony in Albany. (In fact, that's their rationale for reelection, that they can temper the majority)
If the Dems increase their majority, things like a farm labor bill and same sex marriage could pass....And the Dems would control redistricting...
If so, Ed Koch' idealism would be out the window and allowed population variances would be used to create an additional one or two Democratic seats and the GOP would lose control of everything for decades.
So far here in the 48th, the GOP commercials talk about the relatively minor issue of how their candidate stood up against us getting new license plates.
The real issue is party control...More than one person has said to me they like Sen. Darrel Aubertine, but worry about the Dems having lockstep control of all the levers of governing.
If anything beats him , it is that.....Not license plates.
N.Y. Senate is biggest race nobody's watching Press & Sun-Bulletin

Paladino all smiles in Queens

Western New York's love child was beaming, happy and handing out lollipops to kids in Queens on Sunday...but you have to read the Buffalo News to find out Carl Paladino's not a crazy, adulterous, taxpayer bilking, neanderthal from a place more uncivilized and pedestrian than New Jersey.
The post primary image is one more congenial and less parochial....A man wanting to ply the neighborhoods of New York City......The baseball bat is gone and the only way you would know how bad he is would be to watch Cuomo TV commercials or read the NYC MSM.
Paladino all smiles in Queens - Politics - The Buffalo News

Why Didn't Albany Do Something About Evil Carl

I was just finishing up watching my Jets fry the Fish and on came a commercial ripping Carl Paladino....Says he did all sorts of bad things, including milking the state out of millions of dollars with various schemes.....
Imagine that SOB getting away with such a crime spree....Somebody should have done something...
Who was the Attorney General the past dozen or so years anyway ?...Somebody should light a fire under him so he does something about all this milking.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Empire Shrinks Again...Report Says NY to Lose a Pair of Seats

There is a report that the recently completed Census will call for New York to lose TWO Congressional seats....dropping to 27 from the high water mark of 45....Ohio will lose a pair too.
Texas is said to be on tap to gain four seats.
The pending redistriction will be done by the State Legislature elected this fall.
Report: Fla. adds 2 seats, N.Y. loses - Richard E. Cohen -

Andrew Holds His Nose and Does His Duty

Andrew Cuomo is the Democratic nominee for governor, so he has no choice but to endorse fellow Democrats, especially those running statewide.....But coming on the heels of the WFP hug, the hand holding with Sen. Eric Schneiderman is a dog whistle to upstaters about what the real coming agenda is.
While the folks at the Nation coo over Schneiderman being transformational and progressive, we should be wary.
Senator Schneiderman led the charge to force the Census Bureau to count prison inmates not in the county they reside, but in the county were they committed their crime. This shifts money and political power away from the upstate communities hosting the little darlings from downstate.
In a pre-primary debate, Senator Schneiderman suggested he would not enforce laws he feels are unjust.
As I said, the protocol of politics dictates Mr. Cuomo back Schneiderman. Hopefully voters will be more discriminating in their choice.

Hey Public Employees...If You Get an Email from Patty....Read it.. or Delete It...But Don't Call a Press Conference

Twice in one day, I have to go to bat for Patty Plate....This issue in Oswego County is a non issue. If a candidate for office with no connection to the municipality sends messages to email addresses of public employees, they can do so. If the receiver chooses to conduct political business there, I would suggest they are acting inappropriately.
A reader asked what would happen in the City of Watertown. Well, nothing...I get those emails unsolicited and I dont run to the media to tell them who sent what...I just delete them along with all the solicitations from law firms, consultants, engineers, and people selling all sorts of things.
If I choose to respond to a political email, I inform the person I don't use the City email for such discourse and tell them to contact me at my personal email. That happened recently and any future correspondance took place on my own dime, and I didn't wait for a FOIL request to do the right thing.
Some employers have net nanny software to screen out things...but I always recall the story of the mail we got from the Essex County Transportation system that was blocked because the letters S-E-X were in the word "Essex."

With Weeks to Go Most People Who Always Vote Are Already Decided

I was musing today (Sunday is a great day to muse) about the nine races that will be on my ballot in November....
If you are a Sean Hennessey or a Don Coon, life is easy...Just vote for nine Democrats or nine Republicans....
The only race I am really wavering on is the US Senate (two year) term...But taking into account which way I am leaning, I'm at four Republcans, 4 Democrats and one independent.
How about the rest of you...What races are you still wavering on ?

Paladino Will Get a Jaundiced Eye from NYC Media Because of his Hometown

The differing views people have of candidates is so dependent on your source of news....If you get your reality from the WDT or local TV news, you likely have little knowledge of Carl Paladino's family...or his deceased son, mistress, or "love child."
But downstaters know, as the tabloids focus on his personal life in a way they are unlikely to do to his principle opponent, Andrew Cuomo.
This morning's NYP expose shows the woman by whom Paladino fathered a child and she has a "mad as Hell" lawn sign in front of her home.
There's a syrupy interview with Mrs. Paladino about family tragedy and how she was the last to learn.
South of Peekskill, the prevailing view is that Paladino must be defeated at all costs...The best evidence of the bias is that all we know of Mr. Cuomo's personal life is that there is a feud over lasagna recipes between his mom Matilda, and his girl friend, Food Network star Sandra Lee.
The view of upstate as a bunch of hicks, hunters and of lower IQ has changed little since Ed Koch thought all women wear gingham dresses north of Yonkers.
In an SNL skit last night it was stated Mr. Paladino is a businessman from Buffalo....Comic Fred Armison (playing Gov. Paterson) quickly said, "which business is that....hunting or gathering..."
Paladino's wife tells of son's loss, hubby's affair & 'get over it' policy -

Gov. David Paterson makes surprise 'Saturday Night Live' visit to mock himself, Albany

Governor Paterson is a witty man with a sense of humor...and all that was on display last night on Saturday Night Live.
Gov. David Paterson makes surprise 'Saturday Night Live' visit to mock himself, Albany

Cuomo For Schneiderman (Finally)

Andrew Cuomo is not a liar as today he is announcing support for his party's nominee as attorney general. Mr. Cuomo will hold his nose and back ardent lefty Eric Schneiderman. Mr. Cuomo did not want him to win the primary.
As a Democratic Party office holder and nominee for high office, Mr. Cuomo would have effectively lied to the people who nominated him if he backed anyone other than a party nominee....Just like those Republican office holders who have endorsed Cuomo are liars.
Parties offer rewards to the faithful and Andrew Cuomo is demonstrating that loyalty.
His embrace of Mr. Schneiderman was a test of party loyalty that Andrew Cuomo is passing with flying colors.
Cuomo For Schneiderman (Finally)

WDT: Hoffman a Liar

The editorial board of the Watertown Times took another whack at the pinata today by suggesting that Doug Hoffman is not a man of his word...Translated, that means he is a liar, liar, pants on fire.
Mr. Hoffman says he will continue to actively campaign for Congress on the Conservative Party line even though he lost the GOP primary to Matt Doheny. First, I doubt he will really do much and since his name is on the ballot anyway, there is no way he could "drop out."
With a relative paucity of funds and no affinity for actually running a campaign, his best bet is to cultivate the free media and insist on any debates out there.....However, since he has consistently refused to do a program as low key as the HOTLINE, can he even take advantage of the most rudimentary ways of reaching an audience ? I don't think so.
The Doheny high command thinks he will fade away and draw only 5%, and they feel Rep. Owens is so crippled by his ties to Speaker Pelosi that he will fail to reach 40%....I think that's a tad optimistic, but I don't have any polling data, so my views are a guess.
Getting back to the liar charge. Major party candidates always lie when they sign the acceptance statement to get on a minor party line. I view the acceptance as a pledge to the party members who signed your petition that you will represent them......
If you failed to do so, thats a lie.
Now, Mr. Hoffman did say he would support the GOP nominee last year, who was chosen by a split decision in a back room. Whether he lied or changed his mind after more thoughtful consideration is up to you folks to decide.
A lie implies an overt effort to mislead or deceive. He has said all along he will run on the Conservative line, so that's what he is doing.
Remember a thing about these minor party lines and the cross-endorse, or fusion voting that creates these situations....The major party's created the system and use it to their advantage all along....When someone has the tumerity to not play by their rules, they and their media acolytes get all pissy about it.....
My advice to those worried about the Conservative Party and its nominee...Get over it and go win the election.
Watertown Daily Times Hoffman's decision

This Week on America'a Favorite Noontime Talk Show

Like all New Yorkers, I have a lot of questions about the campaign of Carl Paladino, so I got in touch with one of his key advisors to see about a HOTLINE interview...Roger Stone said he would be glad to do that and we are aiming for this week, tentatively Wedneday.
Mr. Stone has been involved in big time politics since working on the campaign of President Richard Nixon in 1972.....
Also this week, on WATN-AM1240 we will have the candidates for Jefferson County Sheriff. John Burns on Monday and Chuck Ruggiero on Thursday.
The HOTLINE is also streamed and the link is posted daily on, which also posts a recorded version of the program.