Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sarah Palin may run, but it’s not clear how - Ben Smith -

Sarah Palin is not spending the next 16 months travelling around Iowa talking to groups of a dozen activists who enjoy seeing candidates for the highest office in the land grovel before them......
So it is unlikely she will run for the Presidency in 2012. But she is coy about it all and like many of her machinations, she perhaps sees an alternative way to the prize other than the grueling, many are called few are chosen path through Iowa and New Hampshire.
But even if she doesn't run, she still is the straw that stirs the drink in the GOP and will influence the process.....
If Barack Obama taught us anything its that the traditional strategy of "waiting till its your time" doesn't work and holding off till 2016 may mean life has passed her by....
I think she takes a pass on 2012....but not till after a long period of speculation and cogitation that will her the title of Hamlet of the Arctic.
Sarah Palin may run, but it’s not clear how - Ben Smith -

Paladino wants you to think of Cuomo in the shower - Capitol Confidential

When a guy like Andrew Cuomo has been polling in the 60s and been ahead by 30+ points for months, you have to take him down a few pegs...And that's what the Paladino campaign is trying to do....Painting the son of the former governor as of Albany and not apart from it....
The plan is to lure Cuomo out of his rose garden in hopes something happens....Graphic mailers like this photo shopped image of Mr. Cuomo in the shower covered with splotches of scandal are being used.
The problem in beating Andrew Cuomo is he is a legacy candidate, the son of a personally popular governor. He is familiar with government and politics and has been mouthing a reform agenda for months...He has a big head start.
Plus, just start adding up the groups of votes that are automatic for Democrats in this state and you probably have a win with those alone.
Then take Mr. Paladino....He is well liked in Buffalo and many like his mad-as-Hell schtick. But his bombastic ways have sent many in his own party scurrying for cover...That's not all bad, because I think people are sick of homogenized messages from the ruling class.
Like everyone who covers or follows politics, I look forward to the race for the theater...But I still don't see any scenario that puts the Cuomo margin at less than 20 points.
Paladino wants you to think of Cuomo in the shower - Capitol Confidential

Bill's Star Says He Knows Carl...And He is No Racist

Now come on...Do you really think that retired Bill's running back Thurman Thomas is qualified to say whether someone is a racist or not ?....Those determinations are best left to the professional race baiters like Rev. Sharpton or the night time anchors at MSNBC.
Thurman Thomas saying he has known Carl Paladino for years and that he is not racist ?
Of course he is racist...The Democrats say so and they should know..Just look at their history post Civil War till their epiphany in 1964.
Politics Now - Blogs - The Buffalo News

Murkowski says 'Let's Make History': 2010 Election |

Lisa Murkowski wants to make history, but if she succeeds in her cling-to-office write in bid for the Senate, she will be repeating history.......In 1954 segregationist Strom Thurmond was the last person to win a Senate seat via write in as he won in the Palmetto State of South Carolina. (Strom got a whopping 63% running against the Democratic nominee...Back then the GOP was barely a force in the South)
Murkowski was beaten in the recent GOP primary by a slim margin by Fairbanks attorney Joe Miller, a Tea Party favorite.
Murkowski says 'Let's Make History': 2010 Election

Palin Assumes Role as Head of the Insurgency and Urges GOP Unity Now That Primaries Have Passed

The insurgents in the GOP who have won some primaries this year are the future and should be supported, Sarah Palin said in her role as self-appointed leader of the movement to get the Republican Party away from the stuffy past that led to defeats in 2006 and 2008.
Recent primary wins by Palin-supported candidates in AK and DE have strengthened Palin's hand as the leader of a movement and the most potent figure within the party.
Given her traction in the GOP, and her star power, one wonders how important it was for NNY Congressional hopeful Matt Doheny to dissuade her from taking sides in the NY23 race that was decided by a slim two point margin.
I suspect it was very important and that's why Doheny operatives worked so hard behind the scenes to keep her on the sidelines even though she had backed Doug Hoffman last year.
Sarah Palin tells GOP to get behind insurgents - Ben Smith -

WDT: In an Apolitical Life, Owens Always Was Close to Power

Some tid bits about Rep. Bill Owens in this WDT profile piece by Marc Heller.
He was a classmate of FOX commentator Bill O'Reilly who says he would vote for Owens if he lived here....And Owens was urged to run for Congress by GOP Rep. John McHugh.
Mr. Owens laments the hectic pace of a Congressman compared to the reason he chose a career in Plattsburgh, which is the slower pace lifestyle.
He has had a very successful career there and has become very Congressional-acting in his less than a year in office, after a fairly apolitical life.
Owens story and persona would normally make him a solid shot for reelection as NNY is not all that Republican anymore. However the national mood matters and if there is a wave against the Democrats, Owens could get swamped and his tenure in Congress ended after one year.
Watertown Daily Times RISING TO FILL A VOID

Friday, September 17, 2010

Murkowski expected to say 'yes' to write-in: 2010 Election |

Before anyone gets too critical of Doug Hoffman running a third party candidacy, consider what Alaska Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski is doing...
Murkowski is waging a write in campaign with the nearly one million dollars left in her campaign war chest...That's a pretty good sum in AK.
Murkowski had lost the GOP primary to Joe Miller....but like most well marinated in the system, Murkowski thinks of her seat as a birthright.
Murkowski expected to say 'yes' to write-in: 2010 Election

Davis Slated to Be On Jay Donovan Morning Show

Wow, talk about beauty and the beast...The website schedule for Gubernatorial candidate Kristen Davis has her slated to appear on WCIZ's Jay Donovan morning show on Wednesday at 8AM.
Ms. Davis is appearing in Watertown as part of an upstate tour. She is an independent candidate for governor running in hopes of getting the 50,000 votes needed to establish her Anti-Prohibition Party as one with ballot status.
Donovan is a veteran radio personality in Watertown and is known as the most irreverant of local broadcasters.Ms. Davis is a former hedge fund manager who gained fame when she ran a high end madam business in NYC.

Long: Even Without Lazio, Conservatives Won’t Back Paladino

Conservative Chair Mike Long looked into a mirror and saw fifty party leaders agreeing with him that Carl Paladino would not be their candidate for governor....They will stick with Rick Lazio, if he will stay on the line...
Lazio will likely agree to help save the Conservative Party because the GOP is addicted to it. But there is no guarantee Lazio can get the votes necessary to retain ballot status, much less stay on Line D.
As for Paladino, he has a second line in the Taxpayer Party....There is also something called the TEA Party with some Long Island placeholders on it for now....No idea what happens there.
High drama on the right this election season.
Long: Even Without Lazio, Conservatives Won’t Back Paladino

McGrath Wants Debates....Of Course He Does

In his press release Brian McGrath refers to his opponent not as County Legislature Chair, but as "long time County Legislator" Ken Blankenbush. Then he goes on to mention the ballot access lawsuits.
All in a release to propose four debates. McGrath is a puncher and a jabber...a trial lawyer who so wants his foe in the docket for a little grilling under oath.....Not that that is a bad thing...We need aggressive, articulate people...
Ken is a good old boy...he just is....again that doesn't make him a bad person.
It will be interesting to see whether McGrath gets too aggressive and is seen as nasty in what is a low key political environment in a rural district..Or will Blankenbush come off as too much of what people in state after state are voting against.
There are great minds working behind the scenes in these campaigns, so I am sure they are all thinking every day about their optics.
Watertown Daily Times Talking Points

My Guess is Hoffman Folds....After a Respectable Period of Mourning

The limited chatter between Doug Hoffman's and Matt Doheny's campaigns seems concilliatory without bluster about continuing on or any talk about getting out now.
Mr. Hoffman's a man who has sincere and motivated followers and his views likely would have prevailed in the primary except for doubts about whether his persona and grasp of issues are what is needed to compete against Bill Owens.
If he decides to stand down, he certainly needs to bring himself down off the high of two years of coming agonizingly close in tough races. His supporters need a chance to reorient their passions.
There was sniping on both sides and feelings get hurt....Doheny was trailing two weeks before the primary and had to use his resources as a club with ads designed to give just enough voters a creepy feeling about Hoffman....The operatives think it worked, but it will take work to defuse the personal nature of the campaign finale...
Doheny's prospects for winning would be greatly enhanced with Hoffman's support, but also the support of those Tea Party activists who provided the core of Hoffman's efforts....
I don't know if that can happen and Hoffman may indeed continue to compete, as is his right. My guess is he is a smart man who will realize its not worth getting beat up and spending the family fortune on a race he has only the most remote chance of winning.

PS. There are recent examples of sore losers among the GOP establishement...Senator Lisa Murkowski continues to publicly toy with the idea of a write-in campaign after losing her Republican primary....And Rep. Michael Castle still will not make the phone call to congratulate Christine O'Donnell who defeated him after 40 years in various offices.
So whatever Hoffman does is not unprescendented in today's post-partisan, "its all about me" world of politics.
Watertown Daily Times Conservative chair expects Hoffman will continue on in NY-23

Andrew: I'm the Tea Party Candidate

Wow, Carl Paladino has already had one small victory in addition to his primary win on Tuesday....He has Democrat Andrew Cuomo seeking to publicly grasp the Tea Party mantra of less government and lower taxes.
On Thursday, Mr Cuomo said he has been the one talking the talk and will be able to walk the walk and he can do it without the cautic and divisive rhetoric some feel is part of Mr. Paladion's pitch.
I like it....As the likely winner, its great if Mr. Cuomo can campaign in an environment where he will have keep mouthing his stance on shared sacrifice and cutting spending and taxes.....
Some think Mr. Paladino has a shot at do so he will have to make some rhetorical concessions.
But at the very least, keep beating the drum on Tea Party principles and reform of Albany...The voters will then decide who should reside on Eagle Street based on those criteria. That would never have happened if Rick Lazio had been the nominee.
Andrew Cuomo claimed yesterday that he -- and not bombastic bomb-throwing Buffalo developer Carl Paladino -- is the real Tea Party candidate for governor this year -

What's Up Today ?

Among the political glitterati at Pete's tonight was Assemblyman Will Barclay who showed up with Assemblyman in waiting Ken Blankenbush.....Ken had his body person in tow.
The pair had been at a meeting in Sackets Harbor.Candidate Matt Doheny was at a GOP dinner in Central Square...Hey you got the nomination, you don't need to go to those party dinners anymore this year...
Despite denying they had done polling, I hear initial surveys done for Doheny had him down by 80 points....He ended up beating Doug Hoffman by two points.....
Their campaign also used extensive back channel lobbying to keep national figures like Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann and Newt Gingrich out of the race...Mr. Hoffman needed those nods to do some serious fundraising but he never got them.

No word about Team Hoffman or the Conservative Party on what they do, but usually in these cases the victor offers to help out with campaign debt or employing staffers, in exchange for an endorsement. No reason to think that will happen here, but you never know.

As for Rep.Owens, he tells the Adirondack Enterprise his campaign will be the same whether there are two or three opponents.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Andrew Cuomo Will Talk About The Democratic Slate "Down The Road"

What is it with the Democratic Party these days...Isn't it one for all and all for one when you are in a party...That's why I got out, back in '94....Just couldn't be that obsequious...
Now Andrew Cuomo is refusing to back his own least for now...When asked about AG candidate Schneider and Comptroller Candidate DiNapoli, Mr Cuomo demurred...
I think the reason is simple...He really doesn't support them...At some point he will bow to convention and endorse them, but the hesitancy is telling.
Andrew Cuomo Will Talk About The Democratic Slate "Down The Road"

Paladino Hears from Local Government Brain Trust

Not every Republican is afraid of being seen with Carl Paladino...Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks is highly regarded in local politics and she was one of 20 elected leaders to meet with Paladino today.
Its not so much about Carl....Its the message...People ARE mad....and New York cannot continue on its present course...
Western New York is the most independent part of the state...Perot drew his best numbers there in 1992 and as I have said Carl's numbers in WNY were through the roof.
Lets here how Paladino fleshes out his message of rage...Ultimately people want some specifics...At the very least, Andrew will have to hear from those who are seldom represented in Albany....and certainly those who are not in the hierarchy of the Working Families Party.
My hope is Paladino articulates the contempt folks have for the way things are run and some real solutions...The electoral deck in this state is stacked against him..But at least the people will have their voice articulated if not heard.
Brooks For Paladino

Donovan’s Dodge...The First of Many

The man New Yorkers should elect as attorney general is being careful not to get too close to Carl.....GOP AG candidate Dan Donovan used professional ethics as the means to dodge the question today....
There is consternation in GOP circles all over the state on how to support the nominee without being tagged with Carl Paladino's rough edges.....
Again, I will be watching the NNY dance, as well as how many Republicans figure supporting Andrew Cuomo has no political downside due to Paladino's controversial persona.
Donovan’s Dodge

Gov's Race: Ok, Here's The Plan, Guys

Dachsund owner and poltical reporter Celeste Katz has a nice synopsis on how Paladino and Cuomo should go after each other.....I wonder if you attack your way to victory if you are the challenger....I think a more specific set of proposals would help Paladino as well as an explanation as to why Albany insider cannot implement change.....In any event its a long uphill battle...
The Paladino presence may have an impact on other races including Congress and the Legislature.....Issues will be framed differently than if Lazio had been the designated loser to Mr. Cuomo.
Gov's Race: Ok, Here's The Plan, Guys

Lazio, Long and Party Losers Scheme to Keep Their Pet Poodle Party

Now we hear Rick Lazio wants to debate Carl Paladino and Andrew Cuomo. He wouldn't debate prior to the GOP primary as he thought the party establishment could produce enough votes to hand him the nomination. His apparent decision to continue running on the Conservative line may appear to be a Hoffmanesque act that ensures a Paladino defeat....
But for years the Conservative Party has been the GOP crutch...the ultimate me-too party with one-stop shopping at the liquor store owned by Mike Long. (I think he has retired from Boozery as an occupation). Old guard Republican thinkers (the ones responsible for losing 27of 29 CDs and both houses of the Legislature) likely think Lazio can do a little campaigning, a couple debates and spend a few bucks and thats enough to keep the Conservatives on Line D....
With the hierarchy fleeing from nominee Paladino and seeking solace from those in media who will called them big tent centrists, its just about certain Paladino will lose....So if they can keep their pet poodle of a party on the ballot that will be consolation to some.
Pretty sad state of affairs in the once grand, but now just old party.
Lazio Changes His Debate Tune (Updated)

Dicker: GOP Candidates Told to Run From Paladino

Unless you think people who live in Buffalo are idiots, there must be something to the Paladino phenomenon. In "Carl Country" the candidate grabbed 93% of the vote in Erie County with heavy turnout....They know him best as he has been high profile for some time. But the more dainty and refined, Wall Street slobbering wing of Republicanism is scared and running away from the will of the people.
As we have found with the Delaware primary, there is the party establishment anxious to make sure their party gets credit for having a majority or holding a seat......Then there are people who could care less about that game and want someone who has the idealogical conviction to actually do something.
I will be anxious to see if Doheny, Ritchie, Blankenbush and Forsythe will embrace their party's nominee or whether they will have "scheduling conflicts" when the candidate comes to NNY.
Republican lawmakers were told yesterday to keep their Tea Party-friendly GOP gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino "at arm's length." -

Why Would Any Sane Person Get Into This Briar Patch?

A cartoon advertisement placed in the WDT yesterday portrayed the Town of Cape Vincent as a circus run by clowns.....The greatest show on earth continued last night with the town clerk resigning over what appear to be minor discrepancies in reporting payroll on 941 forms.
The suggestion is that the clerk is a crook because all the Supervisor would say is that the matter is under investigation, whatever that means.
The wind issue has pitted neighbors against one another as is seldom seen in a sleepy little town.
The way we savage people in politics nowadays is good entertainment when we watch the invective on Hannity or Chris Matthews, but when we see a white haired volunteer planning board member in his flannel shirt denying that he is a clown or a circus monkey, one wonders when enough is enough.
Town governments often operate in obscurity as few people really care or know even what town they live in....But when a hugely divisive issue comes up, everyone is fair game...That appears the case in the Cape.
I recommend no one offer to serve on a planning board if there is the possibility of wind development unless you don't mind ridicule and the prospect of probes being lauched.
Watertown Daily Times Cape Vincent clerk resigns as books are investigated

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Long: Lazio is On for Now. (or until I am gone)

If Rick Lazio moves ahead as the Conservative nominee for Governor, then the party is kaput....He will not get 50,000 votes unless he runs a very aggressive campaign against the GOP nominee....That kind of heresy would make Doug Hoffman's purported sins look puny......
My guess is that Lazio is willing to get off the line but Paladino may not want to get on....At least not without some the end of Mike Long's chairmanship.
Long: We're moving forward with Lazio - Maggie Haberman -

WDT: Owens Out of the Gate With First Feel Good Ad

While Matt Doheny retools for the fall campaign, Rep. Bill Owens is tanned and rested...and debuting his first TV ad. Owens had effective ads last year and is off on the same foot....
There will be clamoring for debates by Doheny, but few will be granted as it subjects the incumbent to attack and mistakes. Mr. Owens will try to be folksy and congenial and be content to have the younger Doheny attack his ties to Nancy Pelosi and run the risk of sounding shrill and combative.
There will be much talk about "creating jobs" and keeping our young people here. Everybody will pledge to support the rooftop highway and get those water levels up in the Thousand Islands.
No doubt everyone will love the Army at Fort Drum and embrace "North Country Values."
When its all over, voters really have one central question to answer.....Who do they want to be the next Speaker of the House, as that is the first vote the winner will be asked to cast.
Watertown Daily Times Watch Owens' first ad for fall campaign

Hoffman Takes a Pause to Ponder

Doug Hoffman is waiting till all the votes are counted before deciding what to do with his Congressional bid....Unofficials returns have him down by 600 to Matt Doheny with a little less than 2000 absentees outstanding....
Hoffman is still the nominee of the Conservative Party, which has its own challenges.
There is no harm in waiting...Doheny will proceed with his campaign against Bill Owens while Hoffman ponders whether its a winnable proposition to proceed in an active three way race....
At some point doesn't your wife say, 'Honey, quit wasting the money for our golden years." Fundraising prospects for Hoffman are slim so any funding would have to be mostly his own.

Mance to Escort Madam on City Tour

Business and civic leader Dave Mance has offered to squire gubernatorial candidate Kristin Davis around town to her media visits when she comes to Watertown next Wednesday. Dave has served as Chamber of Commerce Director and head of the Samaritan Hospital Board in addition to his longtime ownership of local radio stations.
Dave will take Ms. Davis to TV 7 and join me at the farmers market....while local florist and County Legislator Scott Gray has offered to acquaint her with business issues by showing her his Carthage greenhouse facilities.
Even local uberDemocrat Ted Ford has offered to help Dave in his duties. Sounds like a great political day for folks of all parties.
Great to have friends who will help shoulder the burden...

Looking Down Their Noses, Let the Media Drumbeat on Paladino Begin

The NY Times had put us all on notice...the elevation, they said, of Carl Paladino to the job as standard bearer for the GOP would embarrass NY on the national stage...Starting with articles like this one in the Daily News, look for a litany of ridicule and contempt from those who view frustrated citizens as just another "blowhard on a Buffalo barstool."
Certainly the elegant and the dainty; the well schooled and the elite will have a field day with Paladino and all of those who live in Carl Country.
It will always be difficult or impossible for a populist, cost-cutter, mad-as-Hell guy to win because New Yorkers for the most part love big government....But as we see with Paladino, there is a constituency for the rage some feel for the heavy handed , confiscatory policies of Albany.
For six weeks, those people will have a voice....Then, once Paladino is disposed of, New York's ruling elite can get back to the serious business of tanking the Empire State.
Carl Paladino's ill-informed Tea Party rage will spell doom for GOP's credibility in NY

Conservative Party Preservation on Many Agendas

Defeated Congressional candidate Doug Hoffman wisely stayed away from the media Tuesday night as he ponders his options in the wake of the narrow but clean defeat dealt him by Matt Doheny. Hoffman has some thinking to do. He has a following, but can he win on the Conservative Party line alone ?
Whatever he decides , Doheny needs to reach out to his supporters and ignore him. Hoffman has no money to compete in this race and will drop from view quickly.
Conservative Chair Mike Long is in survival mode. He cannot leave Rick Lazio on his line as Lazio will not draw the votes needed to keep Long's party on the ballot.
Long needs the GOP to allow Paladino to take the spot held by Lazio and if that happens the GOP may insist the rug be pulled on Hoffman.
Meanwhile , Doheny insiders say the situation was dire recently in the campaign with polls showing Hoffman leading. A spate of negative adds drove down Hoffman turnout and numbers...or so goes the theory....It was a close win for Doheny and any number of things likely affected the final numbers

Paladino Shocks the GOP and Swamps Lazio

A shockingly large victory for Buffalo businessman Carl Paladino as his "Mad as Hell" run for the governor's mansion crushed GOP designee Rick Lazio.......Paladino spoke to supporters in Buffalo and pledged a 'people's crusade' against the elite ruling class he says is headed up by Andrew Cuomo.
Lazio running mate Greg Edwards appears to have one the second spot on the ticket , meaning the GOP and Taxpayer Party lines have different pairings so their totals cannot be added unless a change is made in one party.
Rick Lazio is still on the ballot as the Conservative Party nominee....
The future of the Conservative Party is very much in doubt unless they get Lazio off the line through a judicial nomination and replace him with Paladino. That may happen this week. Edwards is the LG on the Conservative Line. It is not known if Paladino will participate in the saving of the Conservative line.
Former Congressman Joe DioGuardi won the GOP nod to run against Sen.Kirsten Gillibrand who one her own primary by a large margin.
Jay Townsend won the other GOP Senate primary for the right to oppose Senator Charles Schumer.
In New York, Low Turnout for Competitive Primaries -

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Doheny Wins....Paladino Rolls...Schneiderman Apparent Winner in Dem. AG Race

Crediting good old fashioned North Country hard work, Matt Doheny capped a nine month effort with a win tonight in the GOP primary in NY 23....Doheny beat Doug Hoffman by some 500 votes and with only about 1800 absentees it is unlikely the result will change.
"The reality is we are going to send Bill Owens home," Doheny told an enthusiastic crowd at the Italian American Club in Watertown.....
Doheny began the campaign with no name recognition and through an arduous travel schedule thru the eleven counties and the spending of hundreds of thousands of dollars, Doheny prevailed.
"No one will outwork us and we will have the resouces to compete," Doheny said.
Opponent Hoffman is still the candidate of the Conservative Party and it is not know what Mr. Hoffman's intentions are.
Carl Paladino scored a crushing win over Rick Lazio for the GOP gubernatorial nod.......On the Democratic side Sen. Eric Schneiderman holds a lead over Kathleen Rice in the AG race....Assuming Schneiderman's margin holds, he will face Republican Dan Donovan in the fall.

In Delaware , Christine O'Donnell won the Senate primary over GOP icon Mike Castle...A big win for Sarah Palin and the Tea Party activists.

Headed Out...Enjoy Your Evening !

Polls close at 9 and I will leave it to others to tell you the results...I will pop into a couple of primary night parties in Watertown and will update when appropriate....
Oh yeah, Ron McDougall called and said there are a lot of Republicans voting in Massena..Take it for what its worth. A Rutland reader told me he voted for Paladino and Hoffman, while a prominent pizza maker voted for Doheny today.
Oh and my mom called and predicted a Doheny win after months of following every blog, debate and news story....She also said she feels for Mrs. Doheny because as stressful as elections are on candidates, there are brutal on Moms....God knows I have caused more than my share of maternal anxiety.

Rice Gets a Vote for Her Hair

We all get on these blogs and talk about the "issues", as if that should somehow drive your decision who to vote for.
Then I was talking to a Democratic voter named Bill today...He is 60ish, follows events and always votes...So I ask him who he liked for AG and he said he voted for Kathleen Rice.
His reason ?
"My mother had red hair and I know how she could be when she got on a crusade," Bill told me.
How many decisions are made on criteria like that...gut of the pants hunches ? I betcha' a lot in a race where most people know little or nothing about the candidates.

Gustavo Rivera Accuses Team Pedro Espada Of Dirty Tricks In Bronx

Tensions and emotions are high in the state Senate primary everyone is following as Sen. Pedro Espada tries to hang on despite a full court press by the Democratic establishment to defeat him. Opponent Gustavo Rivera is hoping to unseat the Senate Majority Leader. Democrats are fearful that if Espada is reelected it will so decimate the image of the party that upstate seats like the 48th could fall.
Lots of charges of dirty tricks that are typical in NYC politics.
Gustavo Rivera Accuses Team Pedro Espada Of Dirty Tricks In Bronx

Welcome! Here’s Your (Pre-Marked) Hiram Ballot!

Now here's a way to make voting easier.
Welcome! Here’s Your (Pre-Marked) Hiram Ballot!

More Tales From The Front

The usual disenfranchisement with machine problems, late openings, and in Watertown its parking at the State Office Building...
With six election districts inside and little parking available during the day, it wasn't long till a disgruntled voter with mobility issues came to complain....Of course they come to the city even though we don't run the elections, but I called the CM and we are going to try an free up spaces out front. In November we will post the spaces early in the day so voters will have a shot.
I have always thought the SOB was a tough building to get to for those with any kind of challenge...But other people thought otherwise.
PS. Same voter who complained came back after a second try and voted but said the workers say there are complaints.
More Tales From The Front

New Voting System for Most New Yorkers to Cause Problems and Lawsuits

Anecdotal reports of downstaters having trouble with the new voting machines...Maybe that six hour edge won't be such a big deal.
Uh-Oh (Updated)

It's a Civil Rights Issue....Just Not the Usual Victims

Just got a call from Otis, wondering why he couldn't vote...Well its not noon and in most of upstate NY the polls in primaries are open from noon to nine...Some kind of throwback to the agrarian age.....
By the time Otis is able to vote at noon, hundreds of thousands of downstate residents will have been able to cast ballots....
This is such a clear disenfranchisement in statewide races...Imagine what an Eric Schneiderman would say as attorney general if suburban and upstate polling places opened at 6AM while polling places in the City of New York opened at noon.
Why it would be a civil rights issue and he would join with Sharpton and the LGBT crowd to call for lawsuits and legislation.
But when its upstaters who are systematically disenfranchised....That's OK, kind of like counting inmates not where they live but in the county where they committed the crime.
Sean Coffey raised this issue and he is right. Someone who cares about our civil rights should sue...I would but I can't afford to be buying any justice...I just ordered new flooring for Fort Pearl and that has to come before Otis' civil rights this year.

Excitement Builds as Primary is Upon Us

Polls open at noon as Republicans, Democrats and Conservatives cast votes to select their candidates for the fall election. In a handful of Congressional, Senate and Assembly districts there are hot races including here in NY 23 where the Hoffman-Doheny race has been spirited.
Despite the talk of voter rage and being 'Mad as Hell' experts and operatives alike predict low turnouts. Fifteen percent is the number Doheny insiders talk about with an absolute high of 20%.
With so much interest on some other key races like Espada, Rangel and Maloney, the best place to follow it all is YNN which will have coverage from the key races. Of course the on-line news sources like are a place for returns.
For a close up look at NY 23, our local media will be in the relevant locations......
So switch around, depending on your interests and enjoy the primary....Oh, and please take the time to vote.
Primary Day! (Updated)

Monday, September 13, 2010

WDT: GOP candidates confident entering Tuesday's primary

For those who think I don't know anything about anything, here is the MSM account of the last day of primary campaigning as written by Jude Seymour of the WDT. Its surprisingly similar to mine, which is further proof of the lemming-like behavior of the political reporting class.
Watertown Daily Times GOP candidates confident entering Tuesday's primary

GOP Insider Says Doheny Poll Looks Good on Eve of Primary

With the polls opening in just hours on the 2010 GOP primary for Congress in NY 23, a well placed Republican insider tells me recent polling by Matt Doheny shows him leading in the race against Doug Hoffman.
There was no indication given to me on the margin but I get the impression the polling conducted over the last week to ten days showed a close race.
Campaign officials have only expressed cautious optimism about winning the hotly contested race.
A Doheny media blitz depicting Hoffman as a thief and self-serving has taken its toll on the Lake Placid CPA who is running his second race in as many years.
A previous poll commissioned by Hoffman had shown him well ahead.
Tomorrow will still be a turnout drill for both sides, with Hoffman thought to be leading in the eastern counties and Doheny having the edge in the Watertown area.
Keys will be Oswego and Madison Counties where neither candidate has a home field advantage.

Mike Long and Doheny Spar Again

Conservative Chair Mike Long and NNY Congressional hopeful Matt Doheny are at odds again with Long claiming Doheny did indeed seek line D and took him to dinner....
So what...Of course he sought it or at least a shot at it through a primary.
Everybody seeks multiple lines and usually the Conservative line is a me-too party for the GOP....In this case there was a personal committment to Doug Hoffman honored by the party boss.....
What's so comical is that these minor lines are just the domain of one person. So if Kriston gets her line on the ballot for four years, candidates will have to take her to dinner, which I suspect is better company than Mike Long.
Mike Long On The Defensive

Adirondackers a Source of Rage for Hoffman

A hidden source of support for Doug Hoffman may be those opposed to the Adirondack Park Agency....Hoffman told a group protesting the APA that the Agency treats residents like Indians, in that they want to drive them out.
The biggest supporter of the APA don't live within the blue line with all its restrictions on development.
Lot of angry people there...And Hoffman thrives on the mad as Hell crowd.
Adirondackers rally against APA » NEW TODAY... » Press-Republican

Libertarian Warren Redlich is a Charlatan

The so called Libertarian Party candidate for Governor, Warren Redlich, says he is voting for Rick Lazio in the GOP primary.....He says he is holding his nose while doing it....
Well, as the nominee of an independent party seeking ballot status, Redlich shouldn't be participating in the GOP primary even if he is currently registered as a Republican...Obviously, Mr Redlich wants the Libertarian line to get ballot status so they can start cross endorsing people like Mr. Lazio....
At their best , third parties provide an avenue to discuss the kind of issues that will never be discussed by the major parties....Things like drug law reform, social security solvency, or other taboo subjects.
While she is not the Libertarian nominee, Kristin Davis' and her Anti Prohibition Party are more committed to core libertarian principles than a man who can't wait to vote for the Republican establishment candidate tomorrow.
Libertarian Warren Redlich Holds Nose, Votes Lazio In GOP Primary

Crossing The Line For Cuomo

Some pretty big name party folks are talking about bolting....Mayor Bloomberg wants the Governor-to-be to support Republican Dan Donovan for AG because the likely Democratic nominee is too linked to special interests....
And GOP Comptroller candidate Harry Wilson reportedly wants to endorse Mr. Cuomo for governor because he agrees with his plan for a New New York.....
Guess I missed out when I declined Sean Hennessey's kind offer to let me sign the pledge and I said no.....The pledge is apparently becoming a requirement to be part of this New New York.
I listened to a Cuomo speech and thought what he had to say was great and his choice of Mayor Duffy as running mate is solid.....But this pledge stuff still bugs me...But if you are looking for an appointment you had best be on record.
Crossing The Line For Cuomo

Jets Excitement Bubbles Over as Team Flagged for Flirting

The New York Jets open tonight against the Ravens amid controversy the boisterous team of boisterous coach Rex Ryan harassed a TV sports reporter names Ines Sainz. The Mexican reporters bills herself as her country's hottest TV reporter but she was apparently offended by team antics while in NY to interview quarterback Mark Sanchez.
The Jets opener is tonight at 7PM on ESPN.
New York Jets' alleged harassment of reporter Ines Sainz brings unwanted attention on eve of opener

Race Over...Time for Your Comments and Predictions

A flurry of travel today and a spate of commercials will mark an end to the curious campaign for the Republican nomination for Congress in NY 23.
Matt Doheny is the aggressive young man in a hurry who has started 2010 with zero name recognition and has done all the things you need to do to be a party nominee..He has met a lot of people, got all the party poobahs to endorse him, raised and spent money, cultivated the media, and shown a conversancy on the issues.
His opponent Doug Hoffman entered 2010 with universal name recognition off his incredible third party run last year but he is not embraced by party leaders, has not raised as much money but does have an enthusiastic following who see him as a stand up guy and a true conservative.
There are some 160,000 registered Republcans able to vote Tuesday and with the restricted polling hours upstate and the decreasing identification voters have with parties, the experts are talking turnout as low as 15% (24,000) while some say it could be in the 25% (40,000) range.
No media polling has been done. One survey released by the Hoffman campaign showed him ahead. The Doheny campaign insists they have done no polling.
Without insults, let's hear some comments on the race and thoughts on what will happen.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Paladino Uses Scented Mailing to Make a Point -

This is absolutely the best tactic of the year...Carl Paladino is sending out a mailer about Albany corruption that smells like rotting vegetables....That should grab your attention at the mail box ! Meanwhile, Rick Lazio finally reacted to the surging Paladino, saying you cannot govern by insulting people.
Speaking of insulting...Paladino's response to the WFP finding religion on reform and sacrifice......"Just because the Pig lifts its head from the trough and says 'I'm Full.'....That doesn't mean the Pig won't get hungry again real soon," said Paladino.
The primary is getting frantic, especially in the Democratic AG race as Eric Schneiderman and Kathleen Rice tear into each other...Meanwhile Sean Coffey has some nice looking commercials running...Everybody is doing robo-calls.
Congressional candidate Matt Doheny has a nice commercial on touting all the taxing jurisdictions he has visited...He was spotted at the Legion in Watertown today and was said to be in Lewis and Oswego County. Doug Hoffman was in Watertown yesterday and in Oswego County today.
Don't forget all you Conservatives, you have a primary for Governor too.
Paladino Uses Scented Mailing to Make a Point -

WFP Hearts Cuomo.....Paladino Spurns More Poor People

The prospect of losing their ballot line has prompted the Working Families Party to roll over and support Andrew Cuomo's agenda of shared sacrifice and property tax caps. The party will arrange for their "placeholders" to get a judicial nomination which allows them to vacate the line....The WFP will also cross endorse the winner of Tuesday's AG primary, and its likely the Indy party will do the same as Republican Dan Donovan has said he wants no part of it.
The WFP needs to draw 50,000 votes on its line to retain party status, something not easily done without a well known candidate.

Meanwhile on the GOP side, Carl Paladino picked up a bunch of Tea Party endorsements today and took a shot at Mayor Bloomberg, saying the state cannot afford to keep spreading the message "send us your poor."......Paladino is in what is thought to be a neck and neck race with Rick Lazio for the GOP nomination.
Paladino To Bloomberg: ‘Mind Your Own Business’

Why So Few People Really Bother to Vote in NY

New York is a state where we complain of dysfunction but the system rewards it as well....Most experts think Rep. Charles Rangel and Sen. Pedro Espada will win their primaries...and if they lose the alternative candidates are peppered with scandal as well.
This quote from Fred Siegel in the NYP this morning sums it up:

"In a state where the two parties are constituted by billionaires who buy interest groups and public sector unions who buy politicians, the very idea of public interest has been vacuumed out of the system."

Enough said.

Ted: Nobody Even Knows There is a Primary

My best window into the Democratic Party is of course Ted Ford....This morning we were musing about the coming primary and Ted said he and others had been calling "prime" voters to plug for Sean Coffey in the AG primary.
Ted's observation was that most people didn't know there was a Demcratic primary....So while Mr. Coffey will likely win up here, the raw vote totals will be too low to combat the higher totals from New York City where Senator Eric Schneiderman is polling his best...In fact his NYC totals are nine times his upstate numbers....Ted thinks Schneiderman is a "nasty" man after meeting him in Niagara Falls earlier this year.
With hot primaries in the Rangel and Maloney CDs and the heavy turnout in the Espada Senate primary, and the longer polling hours available to downstaters, the raw vote from the City will likely swamp upstate and Mr. Coffey as well.
So all you Democrats, take note...there is a primary Tuesday and you vote from noon to nine...

WDT: Pull the Plug on Mercy...But to what End ?

Times editor Perry White opines that its time to let Mercy go, like you would a family pet too lame to even get up.
The dire finances of the facility do suggest there is no way out and what was Watertown's second hospital cannot continue to exist as a hodge podge of medical services in a building intended for other uses.
However, its not as simple as an accountant's prognosis when you have real people in residents, their families, and employees. Add to that the legitimate urban planning concerns about a decimated neighborhood and the burden it will place on taxpayers to remediate the property.
Putting aside the current ownership and operating issues....It is suggested that it is good public policy to precipitate the demise of Mercy, mothball the buildings and erect a new nursing home (with a state grant of course) on topographically challenged land behind the former K-Mart store on Washington Street.
I might suggest a more thoughtful scenario would be a facility on the downtown site (say across from the North Country Childrens Clinic) while demolishing some of the Mercy complex. A planned approach aimed at transition and not just walking away.
Jefferson County officials are on all sides of this issue....acting as a participant in the funding by putting up county cash in exchange for a promise to shut down their long maligned adult home, Whispering Pines...while also serving as officers of the private corporation brokering the deal leading to the application of a grant to the NYS Department of Health.
Assertions have been made that the City's real estate problems are not their problems. I beg to differ.
Getting back to Mercy. The manner the late Anthony Salerno acquired Mercy was through a receivership, so there were issues before he got there. Seven years ago, Samaritan Medical Center attempted to acquire the receivership but was unsuccessful. They are trying again in meetings to occur this week, but obviously don't want to subject their hospital to the fiscal risks Mercy poses. The devil is, like always, in the details.
Hopefully an arrangement can be worked out and Samaritan can provide the stability needed and avoid the incredibly callous talk of shipping elderly and vulnerable residents across the state.
This is an ugly situation and the purported "tough love" solution being advanced by the Paterson administration is about to make it uglier.
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