Saturday, August 28, 2010

Of Chickens, Indys and Indians...

- Rick Lazio told the T-U editorial board that primary foe Carl Paladino is a "shock jock" who hasn't the temperment or experience to be governor....
Well if that's true, then voters would quickly see that in a debate...So why doesn't Lazio expose Paladino by debating him ?....
Oh, he can't do that...He says he is saving himself for Andrew.

-More Indy intrigue...Liz reports disgruntled Indy insider Frank Morano of Staten Island is yapping to the local DA's in NYC about the inner workings of the IP. Morano recently quit the party in a dispute with his former political BFF, Chairman Frank MacKay. The money sloshing around the party is attracting interest.

-Governor Paterson's deadline to enforce cigarette tax law against Indians is only three days away...The Governor was blustery today at the races in Saratoga...charging the Indians are ruining the upstate economy by making it tough for the non-Indian stores to compete.
Well, really Governor, more goes on in Albany to ruin the business climate than in the teepees and long houses of the Iroquois Nation.
We will see Wednesday who blinks first on cigarettes.

Should Beds Be Sold ?

Among the things that intrigue me about the Mercy imbroglio is this notion that beds can bought and sold...Like a commodity. I can't sell my driver's license to someone else and I can't sell my liquor license. They have to be granted anew based on the suitability of the people applying.
To suggest these "beds" can be sold for a negotiated price abbrogates the notion of oversight by the Department of Health.
I was told today it may not even be permissable to sell beds. Frankly an authority to operate issued by the state should not be a fungible asset. It's a right to provide a service based on qualifications.
As for Mercy itself, its troubles are no secret but the alternative of folding entirely is no picnic. Their notion of redevelopment on site deserves a fair hearing.
Watertown Daily Times Mercy: we were left out of talks

Its Lock n' Load Time for the City's Newest Seller of the Devil's Brew

With the opening Monday of the Tilted Kilt , it would be wrong to just dismiss the new business as another chain run by another conglomerate......
It is worth noting that the Kilt is the enterprise of a very enterprising woman named Doreen Garrett,who 24 years ago at age 16 started building kits to be used for cleaning firearms.
Slowly and steadily her innovative cleaning systems caught on and when the Pentagon took a fancy to her product, it was full speed ahead. Now she employs about 150 people in a modern manufacturing and warehousing facility in tiny Lyons Falls in Lewis County. Her husband Jody is also a successful local businessman.
So why did they tack into the gusty winds of the retail food and beverage business ? In the one time I met them, they said they saw a Kilt franchise and wanted to take a stab at it.
It will be successful because the concept is good (beer,food,pretty waitresses)......In fact its a time honored business model.
But the amenities don't make for success in this racket...Its business in marketing, cost control, personnel management, inventory and quality control...All the usual suspects.
If she can be as successful as she is in Lyons Falls, this will do well too and we appreciate this kind of business leader investing in the City of Watertown.
To Doreen and Jody...a hearty welcome to the gin mill business !
Getting Down to Business with Doreen Garrett The Women's Outdoor Wire

Does Shelly Even Own a Car ?

When a City of Rochester parking deck collapsed, it was Shelly to the rescue with state dollars...So yesterday, Mayor Bob Duffy (also Cuomo's running mate) gushed over the Speaker at a dedication ceremony....Giving Mr. Silver a free lifetime parking pass with his photo on it.
Of course, its symbolic, as its doubtful the Speaker would ever have occasion to park in downtown Rochester. Its still a powerful image and a reminder to all the throw-the-bums-out voters that Sheldon Silver is still The Man in Albany.
That won't change in January.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Ben Bernanke dashes Democrats' hopes - Ben White -

Live by the sword and die by the sword....Politicians are so fond of telling how they run the economy and will "create" jobs..They like to tell us about the Bush recession and how they have cracked the code..Now with Fed Chairman Bernanke issuing a not so cheery note on the economy, Democrats are more worried than ever.
Its not their fault and its not that bad...This is still a very prosperous country and President's and politcians don't really "create" anything....So when the perception of a double dip recession comes along, they are in trouble.....In trouble in large part due their own hubris in suggesting this "stimulus" nonsense creates anything other than more debt.
Ben Bernanke dashes Democrats' hopes - Ben White -

Obama Headed Back To NY for a Big Ka-Ching !

Wonder if Ted and Sean and June will be showing their love for their party's national leadership by attending a fundraiser in September at the Roosevelt Hotel in NYC for a mere $30,400 per person...
You get to eat plus see President Obama, Speaker Pelosi and Leader Reid all in the Big Apple !
The persons attending, I assume are the two percent of Americans the Democrats say are ripping of working families...But they are OK to break bread with when their checkbooks are out.
I guess Ted won't be going...He's dabbling in third parties this year...or so I hear.
Obama Headed Back To NY

The Russians are Coming !

Russian women are making news of late, what with Anna Chapman now in a copyright dispute over a post-spying photo shoot...and of course Oksana Gibson, wife of Mel, who drove him off the deep end....
Turns out the new Lieutenant Governor candidate for the Anti Prohibition Party is of Russian descent. Tanya Gendelman is well known in Brooklyn's large Russian/Jewish community. That network will provide her a base for organization and fundraising as running mate to gubernatorial hopeful Kristin Davis.
Gendelman is a lawyer specializing in personal injury but has also been successful in criminal defense work. As we say with all these lawyer candidates, they also could function as a placeholder and be substituted next month if a nomination can be arranged at a major party judicial convention.
Even if there is no surprise LG candidate in the wings, Gendelman would likely be an effective partner in helping to garner the 50,000 votes Davis is hoping for to establish her contrarian, libertarian party.

McGrath: Send $$$

In a fundraising letter to supporters newly re-minted candidate for Assembly Brian McGrath says one week of broadcast advertising costs $27,500 and that he needs to raise a significant sum to win the coming election and bring his message to Albany.
Good luck....The North Country is used to having others pay for its campaigns and there is a paucity of large dollar donors in this area.......
Nonetheless, Mr. McGrath is right about the expenses in a hotly contested race like the one brewing between him and County Legislature Chair Ken Blankenbush.
Just about everybody except the RACC operatives says the ballot court fight hurt Blankenbush, but with that behind him he can concentrate on being what he is....The establishment candidate to be sure, but also a sitting lawmaker working on county issues like closing Whispering Pines. He has opportunities for positive press and his one best issue is whether we want an even larger Silver-led majority in the Assembly.
McGrath is the young in a ideas.....As we sit here ten weeks out, he has good name recognition and sympathy as a result of RACC's run at him. Now he has to close the deal in a district the Republican candidate should be an automatic win.
Newzjunky - McGrath for Assembly

Rice calls Schneiderman a liar, never held law enforcement position

Dan Donovan is looking better and better for AG as the crew of five Democrats gnaw at each other. Sen. Eric Schneiderman seems to be the choice of those on the far left and may have the best political network to win. Nassau DA Kathleen Rice took the fight to Schneiderman this week calling him a liar about his past work record....She has a point...working as a Sheriff's Deputy in the 1970s, transporting inmates, is not a prelude to being AG.
Rice calls Schneiderman a liar, never held law enforcement position

WDT: County Seeks Mercy Closure

For their sake, I hope the people who live at Mercy and Whispering Pines don't read the paper.....Imagine learning your bed is going to be sold out from under you or that the powers that be are chomping at the bit to eliminate the place you call home.
On what authority is the County government offering to buy out Mercy Healthcare and precipitate its closing ?
Whose money would have bought the license for nursing home beds at $6K a pop ?
Why is it all so secretive ?
Watertown Daily Times Mercy rejects group's offer

Is There Really a GOP Wave this Year or is it Just the FOX Echo Chamber ?

Some of the pundits are talking of a GOP takeoever of the House as a near certainty...
Veteran ex Clinton advisor and now FOX analyst Dick Morris predicts GOP gains of 80 seats, which would break the record 72 seats the Democrats picked up in 1922.
That would be huge as there are a fixed number of Democratic seats that are inner city and could never be lost.
Republicans need a gain of 40 to wrest control.
A wave the size of Morris prediction would surely engulf NY23 which is why despite a bitter GOP primary, Democrat Bill Owens could still lose.

Endorsements: Palin's Matters More Than Most...But Is Only Sometimes Determinative

I recently pooh-pooohed the string of endorsements candidates like to trot out....Even if their only reason is to put out a press release....
But I was asked yesterday whether a Palin endorsement would matter in NY 23.....Obviously, Ms. Palin is popular among many on the right and is more of a "get" than an obscure Congressman or a union local from Poughkeepsie. Still, I don't think it will have a big impact if as expected she backs Doug Hoffman...It will help him a little with fundraising, but not much this year.
She backed him last a redux this year is not news.
If she backed Matt Doheny, that would be news and would have an impact to the extent it would be crushing to Mr. Hoffman.....
I suspect if she weighs in....and she may would be for Hoffman. Besides, the MSM up here doesn't like her, so whatever she does will only get reported on the blogs.
I think in this GOP primary, everyone has decided and its just a question of which voters turn out. To that extent outside factors like endorsements only matter to the extent they energize or depress turnout. There will be no minds changed.
Kingmaker: Why Sarah Palin's Endorsements Really Are That Big A Deal TPMDC

Thursday, August 26, 2010

GOP Says It Has a Lock on Regaining State Senate

Republicans are claiming momentum is headed their way in the State Senate and that they will take control of the body 33-29.....It is currently 32-3o in favor of the Democrats but that includes Pedro Espada, who hurts the party by insisting on being Majority Leader in exchange for being the 32nd vote....
The GOP playbook hinges on winning one of two Dem seats in our area...Aubertine or Valesky. I honestly haven't a good read on the 48th.....Ritchie is working hard and has the ambient hatred of Albany at her back....But Aubertine seems pretty immune to the Albany taint due to his personal affinity for people up here.
I know little about Senator Valesky, but he seems established in his CNY district.

We’ll Take “Comeback Kid” in Fourth « NT2: Nec Temere, Nec Timide

Report: Wear a Uniform

A newly released survey on municipal salaries shows wide disparities between most city employees and their counterparts in the uniformed services (police and fire).
In Watertown, cops and smoke-eaters make on average 59% more than other city workers ($37000 vs $59000) ......On Long Island the spread is larger...$47000 for regular employees and $123000 for police and firemen.
There are all the averages for villages and towns listed and its worth a look-see.

Ticket Gate Report Dumped on Albany

In pay to play Albany, a few tickets for our Governor to the 2009 hardly seem worthy of an esteemed panel issuing such a comprehensive set of facts and findings....But this is dysfunctional New York , where a baseball ticket is bad, but selling judgeships for minor party nominations is A-OK.
Justice Kayes's Public Integrity Commission has kicked the can down the road to the Albany County DA with a statement that charges could be leveled against the Governor for being evasive about how he got Series tickets....
Let it rest...This is no big deal...I think our Governor should be there cheering on our teams !
TheDailyPolitics - NY Daily News

WDT: Doheny Flack: Hoffman Won't Debate West of Essex

Arguing over debates is common in campaigns...Look at the chicken suited people Carl Paladino has deployed to protest Rick Lazio's total refusal to appear jointly with his primary opponent.
In NY23 its Matt Doheny who is carping about the lack of debates with opponent Doug Hoffman. In particular, our good friend Allison Power says Hoffman has only agreed to a pair of joint appearances....both in the dreaded eastern end of the sprawling district.
Can't somebody spring for streaming video from these things as they could hold it as close as Shooties and I don't think I'd go....
Fact is nobody goes to these tedious affairs and the perceived frontrunner usually avoids them for fear of a mistake. In this race, the perceived frontrunner is Doheny. At least that's what the Watertown political/media cabal thinks....
There should be one in the Watertown area in a television studio with the word "LIVE" attached to the telecast...We have four television stations here...They couldn't rustle up an hour of time on a Sunday morning for such an affair ?
A first step for Mr. Hoffman would be to call the HOTLINE for an impromptu interview...The other two candidates have done so....To me this is a simple request of a man wanting to be a Member of Congress.
But guys and gals in television...remember the old phrase "public interest, convenience and necessity"?......Just because Reagan dumped the Fairness Doctrine doesn't mean you don't at least have a moral obligation to present these candidates in some kind of long form format...
Watertown Daily Times Doheny rep: Hoffman won't debate west of Essex

All Female Ticket Seeks Breakthrough

The running mate named to run with Anti-Prohibition Party candidate Kristin Davis is a Brooklyn personal injury attorney named Tanya Gendelman.
Her lawfirm uses the web address,
The substitution was received Thursday by the NYS BOE and an acceptance was filed as well. The Madame texted to confirm she is indeed the choice.
The all female ticket of the Madame and the Lawyer will embark on a campaign to win 50,000 votes and establish the APP as a bonafide party on the NY ballot.
I am glad Kristin found a good running mate so she will have the best chance of reaching her goal.
To answer another question, I guess you can go without a running mate as the candidate for the Rent's Too Damn High Party has none.
This year's minor party scramble will be competitive as Carl Paladino's Taxpayer Party is expected to do well as is a TEA Party which will likely swap out its placeholder candidate in September.

WDT: Have a Beer Soldier

Congressman Owens should support the lower drinking-age-on-post legislation....While it does create an illogical split within the borders of the country, it's a start to recognizing what many college presidents have...That is that the 21 year old drinking age creates problems by encouraging clandestine and binge drinking outside any method of social constraints.
Allowing the younger soldiers to have a beer as well as go to war makes sense. It also teaches adult social skills and ends the ostrich-like denial of the prohibitionists.
Watertown Daily Times Have a beer, soldier

Paterson Chastises Bloomberg For Cowboy Hat & Shotgun Comment

The ever sensitive mayor of New York City is being rapped for his suggestion that Governor Paterson don a cowboy hat and shotgun and stand in the middle of the Thruway to enforce the law on cigarette taxes....Governor Paterson says its insensitive and may inflame Indian passions....
Mayor Michael Bloomberg says a lot of things I take issue with, but its correct to suggest the state's Governor's have been all hat and no cattle in dealing with the upstate tribes.
Whether its allowing liquor at a casino or looking the other way with cigarettes, New York's tax laws only serve to penalize its own citizens while the sovereign nations get a pass.
If the governor wants to crack down on buttlegging, maybe he should dress like Wyatt Earp.....
Of course, we could just realize what Canadians did....Taxes so onerous only create crime and violence, such as what happened at Cornwall Island near Massena some years ago.
There is a point where taxes evoke unanticipated results.
Paterson Chastises Bloomberg For Cowboy Hat & Shotgun Comment

Ex-Sen. Alan Simpson, an Obama adviser, likens Social Security to 'a milk cow with 310 million t-ts'

Why is Alan Simpson apologizing ? His analogy of Social Security may have been a little graphic but its essentially true,
The vast number of people who do collect or expect to collect is at the heart of the programs pending insolvency.
Ex-Sen. Alan Simpson, an Obama adviser, likens Social Security to 'a milk cow with 310 million t-ts'

Sharpton for Schneiderman- Enough Said

A couple of posts ago, I chided a local Congressional candidate for touting dubious endorsements and here's a topper...Attorney General candidate Sen. Eric Schneiderman is endorsed by Tawana Brawley huckster Al Sharpton....and its treated like its a big deal....
All its suggests to me is that Mr. Schneiderman is another bloviator about social justice who wants to use the AG office for some serious showboating.
Sharpton for Schneiderman - Maggie Haberman -

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Can You Go Stag to the Governor's Mansion ?

Is the Madame without a mate ?
Hard to imagine, but two days after the deadline for filing candidate substitutions the NYS BOE still has received no such documents...If they were mailed Monday, that's OK, and it could be mail from NYC to Albany is slow....
The running mate listed on the nominating petition filed a declination to pair up with Anti-Prohibition Party gubernatorial candidate Kristin Davis.
In NY , lieutenant governors are selected separately in the petition and primary process but run as a pair in November....
As you all know Ms. Davis had asked me to accept the spot last week, but I was unable due to work obligations.
If there is no substitute in the BOE mailbox by tomorrow, the next question is can you run solo ?
I will call and check on it tomorrow......I can play newsman once in a while....

North Side League Struggles to Regain Focus

Without commenting on the specifics of what was a closed door meeting of a private corporation, I would say the North Side Improvement League is very much at a crossroads.
The long-time civic club on Mill Street is in need of a hands-on board of directors and perhaps a return to weekly meetings. There needs to be a raison detre for the club.
If its just holding dinners and bingo to raise enough money to pay the bills so they can hold more dinners...That's a function best left to existing restaurants and banquet halls.
The club was built on a tenet of civic involvement....Everything from funding youth sports to hosting Friday night political discourse.
I went to their special meeting just to observe because this organization has a place in the city's history. They've got their work cut out for them.

Lazio Heckled By Paladinoites

Yesterday, Rick Lazio was beat up by Chris Matthews on 'Hard Ball'.....Today he was beat up by Paladino supporters screaming at him to debate Carl before the primary...Lazio has been ducking and the media is starting to razz him over it...
For those who say I don't say anything nice about Mr. Lazio, he does have a new commercial up today and its effective in labeling Andrew Cuomo as quintissential Albany...
The key in this story is that Lazio was rattled by the hecklers......He may not be up to the task if some loudmouth frightens him.
Lazio Heckled By Paladinoites

Can We Pass on the Endorsements this Year ?

The Doheny campaign is touting the endorsement by three past chairs of the National Republican Campaign Committee.....Three past or present Members of Congress.
Can I say, 'who cares ?'.....
Its fine to have people helping you and contributing and all that stuff...But this is not the year when recognition by your peers matters....Past pols, bosses and county chairs don't amount to squat in an increasing bitter electorate...
To me its like hearing someone is endorsed by SEIU and NYSUT....As a businessperson and an economic libertarian, the last thing I care about is what the establishment has to say. Doheny's a bright guy...he doesn't need these guys to lend the imprimatur of gravitas to him.
As for Doug Hoffman, he says he is trying to raise $50K before the primary....That's not much money in a race like this. I don't think he has the horses to win the primary and if he does, he will face a wall of money in Bill Owens.
As for Mr. Owens, he was touring NY Air Brake today...He didn't stop by Fort Pearl....Maybe the jumbo Doheny sign spooked him.
Watertown Daily Times Doheny endorsed by three past NRCC chiefs

Blakeman Irks Liz with Sexist Comment

GOP US Senate hopeful Bruce Blakeman last night said one of those things that could irk women voters...During a YNN debate, when ask to say something nice about Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, he replied that she is "attractive" and "a good mother."
In other words, distilling the Senator down to traditional attibutes and roles ascribed to females.
And he had the tumerity to say it on a telecast anchored by a woman with three female reporters on the panel of questioners.....
Ms. Gillibrand was recently listed as one of the most attractive people on Capitol Hill by a publication serving the legislative community.
Nonetheless, to dismiss her as attractive and a good mother is wrong.
When asked to say something nice about her, a better answer would be:
"She used to sleep with a gun under her bed, till she fell under the spell of Manhattan liberals who now fund her campaign."
GOP US Senate Debate(2) Highlight #3: ‘Attractive’

An Institution in Trouble....North Side League Future Being Debated

The nearly 100 year history of the North Side Improvement League is a part of the City's history over that period....Like many such civic and fraternal clubs, the League has had trouble remaining viable and relevant in the modern age.
In recent years declining membership and a lack of active members has resulted in the League struggling with finances.
Earlier this year, a civic minded Northsider put up the roughly $30K to redeem a tax sale certificate only days from deadline.
I was told there is a membership meeting tonight to consider changing some officers.
In the absence of an active and large membership a facility like this effectively becomes the domain of the few who want to take the time to operate it.
It will be interesting to see what happens.....This is a nice facility, well located and with lots of parking.
But there is no doubt about it, the League's original purpose and mission does not exist today and something needs to happen.
Too bad the MSM doesn't cover these kind of stories.

Palin Surrogate Appears to have Beaten Establishment Candidate for Senator in AK

If the results hold, Sarah Palin gets a huge win in her home state of AK with Fairbanks attorney Joe Miller beating Seantor Lisa Murkowski in the GOP Senate primary.....Not only is it a grudge match as Palin and Murkowski despise each other...But it shows Palin still has influence back home.
Current returns show a slim 51-49margin with just about all the votes counted...
Murkowski is the daughter of the former governor defeated by Palin.
Murkowski fights for political life in close vote: 2010 Election

Contrary to Reports...Mercy Has a Pulse

The former Mercy Hospital has certainly struggled in recent years offering nursing home services and a variety of other clinics at its Stone Street campus. Mercy Healthcare of NNY officials are considering competing for state dollars to reorder their facility and change the mix of patient services in an effort to make the facility solvent.
Mercy is important to the City of Watertown because it is the home for some 200 residents...the workplace for 300 people and its buildings occupy a big chuck of downtown.
Health care is a business. Its about beds and bottom lines and Mercy has been in a tough spot.....It is also odd man out among local health care folks...Competing facilities see it as a money pit and people of influence are not in Mercy's corner.
If Mercy has a plan for survival in its downtown location, it is worth consideration, although the local politics do not favor Mercy as most of those with gravitas have lined up elsewhere.
We will have to wait and see.
Watertown Daily Times Mercy may pursue grant

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Blakeman/Malpass/DioGuardi Debate: LIGHTNING ROUND!!

The best part of a YNN debate is the lightning round !
Blakeman/Malpass/DioGuardi Debate: LIGHTNING ROUND!!

Three Amigos are Lackluster and Gilly Says She Can Handle Any of Them

I would have watched the three GOP candidates for Senate debate...but I had customers in so the best I could do was watch the visuals....The most startling this was the height difference between Dio Guardi and Malpass....
I did see the post game analysis and grading and everybody was in the C range....The campaign of Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand was quick to pooh pooh all three Republicans as not ready for prime time....
It does seem like a "B" team effort on the party of the GOP and its hard to imagine either Schumer or Gillibrand in serious trouble....
Gillibrand Reacts To The Future

Most People Think Silver IS the Anti-Christ

You can't use a metaphor anymore....To suggest someone is the 'anti-Christ' is to suggest they are bad news...evil...contrary to good....but when you make the off hand comment a couple of years ago about Sheldon Silver, its suddenly anti-Semitism....Same thing with how Democrats call you racist at the drop of a hat....
That Carl Palatino is flippant and shoots from the lip is obvious....But quit scouring the news clippings of Western New York for a smart ass remark...
printed by the Niagara Gazette last October,

Local Woman Bummed Out at Not Getting Picked

A Watertown woman was hoping she had a shot at being the Madame's running mate.... Carrie Paige, 35, had sent her name to candidate Kristin Davis last week after I passed on the offer.
Carrie is bright, a hard worker, and agrees with the Ms. Davis on her issues, including legalizing prostitution....She keeps Pete's Restaurant purring.
It's still unclear who got the nod at the last minute, but Carrie says she is disappointed an upstater and a working stiff like her didn't make it.
Always aim high Carrie !

Paladino Gains a Little More

Buffalo Wild Man Carl Paladino has picked up another county endorsement in Western NY, bringing to six the number of local organizations backing him for the GOP nod.
Paladino continues to eat away at rival Rick Lazio and many feel the race will be competitive.....

Green Party's Howie Hawkins: Let Barron's Freedom Party Be Free

Good for Howie Hawkins for sticking up for the controversial effort by a NYC councilman to start a new political party for people of color.
The Freedom Party filed well in excess of the signatures required to get Charles Barron on the ballot to run for governor...A Democratic operative is trying to challenge the effort.
Meanwhile Mr. Hawkins is a fellow independent line candidate who knows the challenge of getting on the ballot.
Councilman Barron's effort is based on his dissatisfaction with Democratic Party treatment of minorities, particularly this year. Whether setting up a new party is a good or bad idea isn't for the major party operatives to decide...Let the people decide in an election...If he gets his 50,000 votes the Freedom Party qualifies....
Green Party's Howie Hawkins: Let Barron's Freedom Party Be Free

Lazio Antics Draw Fire from Liberal Elites at the NY Times

Considering the source, Rich Lazio doesn't care....The NY Times ripping him for his "hysterical" rants against the Ground Zero Mosque is probably what Lazio wants.
Mr. Lazio is the GOP designee for Governor and is in a primary against Carl Paladino....In a race to be more strident than Carl, Mr. Lazio has dropped all pretense of state issues in favor of stirring the pot over the mosque....His hope is to stimulate Republican turnout in and around the City of New York, where he figures he will beat the Buffalo-based Paladino.
When he does lose, either in September or November, Rick Lazio will be done with politics, and his silly Mosque-mania will be his legacy (along with that debate faux pas with Hillary in 2000).
Editorial - Mr. Lazio’s Bid for Attention -

Internet Provides Means to Hear Long Form Interviews With Candidates

The Internet's ability to inform voters is on display this week as Newzjunky posts interviews with Assembly candidates Brian McGrath and Ken Blankenbush......Jude has some video of Matt Doheny on the trail.
More and more you will be getting your information on candidates from on-line sources as the MSM continues to spurn politics in its main vehicles.
Don't forget the blogs too.
Newzjunky - Stark Differences Between 122nd District Assembly Candidates

Another Radio Person Declines LG Nod...And Doheny Seen on Road Up Close and Personal

UPDATE-As of 2:30 PM no substitutions were received in the mail at the BOE....It had to have been postmarked yesterday.

Radio personality Anthony Cumia of the Opie and Anthony Show said early today on FOX News' Red Eye program that he too was offered the lieutenant governor nomination to run with Manhattan Madame and gubernatorial candidate Kristin Davis.
Mr. Cumia said he declined the nod.
Last week, I was offered the nomination and also declined. Must be she is looking for someone with a radio background. Any on-air candidate could run afoul of federal law requiring equal time be granted on request to opponents, meaning most broadcasters would not allow someone like Mr. Cumia to run.
The deadline for naming a running mate was Monday and no word yet on who it is.

Meanwhile NY23 Congressional candidate Matt Doheny got some up close attention from the WDT's Jude Seymour who accompanied Doheny's non-stop barnstorming last weekend and wrote this interesting blog post....
Doheny has the most sophisticated operation of the three candidates with several paid staffers

Watertown Daily Times On the Trail with Matt Doheny

Monday, August 23, 2010

Girl Power!-Ladies of YNN Question Senate Hopefuls

The Charlies Angel's of NY political reporting ganged up on two Senate hopefuls tonight in Schenectady....YNN hosted a debate between GOP hopefuls Jay Townsend and Gary Berntsen.....
Liz Benjamin, Erin Billups and Kaitlyn Ross were the panelists and did their usual super job....
I liked the lightening round and was shocked when these alleged conservatives were waffling on whether Palin would be a good president....Even conservatives have been cowed into being afraid to stick up for one of their own.
These two candidates are competing to run against Sen. Charles Schumer....
Both said they believe President Obama is a Christian and both said while the mosque should move they didn't think government should force it....Proving they are smarter than the man at the top of their ticket.
Tomorrow night the three men competing to run for the Gillibrand seat will square off.
You go girls !
Girl Power!

WPBS-TV Launching "Public Eye with Jeff Cole" Program

TV 7's Jeff Cole revives a bit of local broadcast history soon as he collaborates with the local Public TV stations on production of the public affairs show "Public Eye."
Starting in the late 1970s newsmen Charles Plumpton and yours truly hosted the weekly show "Public Eye" on what was then WNPE-WNPI....Chuck and I worked for station manager Rick Jones and later for Bill Saiff....We were on staff when the station moved from Champion Hill to Arsenal Street.
We worked the 1980 Winter Olympics together with legends like the late Melody Monroe and Wink Whitney......
I am certainly glad someone with Jeff's grasp of issues is picking up the ball....Best wishes to him !

WPBS-TV Launching "Public Eye with Jeff Cole" Program

Tom Brady: 'I hate the Jets'

Like we needed a reason to not like Tom Brady !.....The full of himself QG for New England has dissed Gang Green....Not acceptable one bit !
Tom Brady: 'I hate the Jets' - Extra Points -

Donovan Making More Sense than the Top of His Ticket

More and more Staten Island DA Dan Donovan is looking like a sensible choice to NYS AG.....Disagreeing with Rick Lazio's crazy obsession with the Mosque is OK with me...I don't think the mosque should be there , but the decision to change the location should not be the result of government action...
I kind of like the Democrat Brodsky because he is going after the unelected public agencies....But so far I am leaning to Donovan....
Donovan Diverges With Lazio On Mosque (Updated)

Dems Seek to Nix All Black Party

The Democratic Party has been served well over the years by balkanizing voters into ethnic groups and then claiming only their party can look out for these folks...That's why NYC Councilman Charles Barron's Freedom Party is being challenged...Councilman Barron...rightly or wrongly, wants to create a line on the NY ballot for minority candidates only...Some say its a reverse racism and morally wrong...No one of prominence in the Democratic Party has wanted to challenge Barron's 43000 signature petition, but a fellow Brooklyn City Councilman has been put up to the job.
Off to court they go.
No word on whether any other independent line petitions have been challenged.
The Daily Politics

Paladino’s ‘Dignity Corps’...Guaranteed Liberal Outrage

Carl Paladino will cause a stir in NY over his proposal to turn vacant prisons into CCC style dorms for the indigent to learn job skills and "personal hygiene." This concept is anathema to the modern welfare state, where the notion of standing in line for cheese has given way to government issued debit cards so nobody is stigmatized.
The prison concept is a bit harsh but the dormitories are not....We will never know or be told how much Jefferson County spends on hotel rooms for people who don't, or can't work.
We have all heard the anecdotal accounts of this process and what's wrong with an efficiently run county dormitory for temporary housing.
FDR's Civilian Conservation Corps accomplished things, but today the party of FDR would not allow such a thing. There is nothing wrong with helping people...There is also nothing wrong with working.
Mr. Paladino's precise plan may not be the best or just answer, but the concept is something we need to acknowledge....I will think about it next time I am at the Nice n Easy and the person ahead of me is buying pizza by the slice on our dime.
Paladino’s ‘Dignity Corps’

Mrs. D's Commercial Prompts Moms to Weigh In

I like the latest Doheny commercials featuring his mom testifying to son Matt's qualifications to be Congressman. Obviously if your mom doesn't endorse you its time to reconsider your candidacy....But its obvious Mrs Doheny is sincere and has had a great influence on shaping her son's values and work ethic.
Everyone knows moms can be your fiercest supporter and your harshest critic. Look at the effect of Barbara Bush or President Obama's mom. It's in their DNA, so I am sure Mrs. Doheny offers her critiques of her son behind the scenes.
I know over the years how supportive my Mom has been and as recently as last week how critical when I called to say 'by the way, I got this call from a madame...'
So its not surprising that moms take an interest in other people's kids. This morning mom called and said she watched the Doheny interview with Liz.
There was the perfunctory talk of Liz' lovely necklace, which went over my head. But mom,who seems to like Doheny in the race, did suggest Matt acquaint himself with the use of the comma.
In other words, slow down and pause more often for emphasis.
Sometimes moms cut to the chase quicker than those high paid operatives.

Bill Owens Out There Stumping Too

Its easy to forget the 900 pound gorilla in the room when musing about the Congressional race....Certainly the Doheny-Hoffman GOP primary fight is interesting, but what about the incumbent Congressman, Bill Owens ?.....
When he popped his head in the bar at Petes last night to say hello, it reminded me that he too is out and about in the sprawling district. Owens is raising money, grabbing endorsements and just being seen. A recent poll by somebody showed him with an 87% recognition among voters. That's darn good for a guy who 16 months ago was unknown.
In terms of being suave and Congressional looking, nobody beats Mr. Owens. He comes across very well.....
His problem will be the crowd he hangs with and the issues he has had to support as part of the Pelosi caucus. If there is a wave against the Democrats, Bill Owens could be swept away. But if anybody can resist the tsunami (if it happens), Rep.Owens seems up to the task.
It will be a close race in the fall.
Organizing for America House Meeting with Congressman Bill Owens

Lazio's disastrous campaign--editorial -

The experts cited in the previous post say Lazio will win the GOP primary because the votes are in the metropolitan area and nobody knows Carl Paladino down there. I noticed a NY Post editorial today that suggests all may not be that well downstate for Lazio....The Post alludes to poll numbers that show the veteran politician Lazio has been unable to break 40% and that so far Lazio has not tackled the issues related to a bloated, ineffective state government.
Those, presumably are the issues a GOP primary voting base would want to hear about.
But he is against the mosque.
Lazio's disastrous campaign--editorial -

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mosque Matters Seen as Turnout Booster for Lazio in his Back Yard

Even though his All Mosque All the Time mantra is silly to some, Rick Lazio plods on...Today he appeared on NBCs Meet the Press on a day when dueling mosque protests were held in Lower Manhattan.
Despite the almost comical segue from real issues to mosque, I am told the around-the-water-cooler chatter of top GOP operatives is that Lazio wins his primary because Long Island Republicans out-number those in Western New York who will support Buffalo Wild Man Carl Paladino. The obsession with the mosque may be a calculated strategy to run up the score with GOP voters in the Metro Area.
Twenty points is the margin one Cap Tonight insider was overheard crowing about.
I still think Paladino is making headway and my opinion is based solely on talking to people, although the hacks must be figuring their turnout models in different counties and see the mosque as working.
Look for a ballot substitution in the TEA Party that submitted petitions with an obscure Long Island attorney on the ticket...He will take a judicial nomination in September and whoever gets the GOP nod will get that line...That's my guess since somebody reported the other day that TEA has ties to the Indy Party and such a scenario is straight out of their playbook...A nice Supreme Court seat on the Island for Mr. Cohn ? In order to do that on an independent line you have to have the complicity of an established party since they control the judicial conventions.
Lazio On ‘Meet The Press’

N.Y. Conservative Party Faces Threat

Its looking like the long time GOP "me-too" party is stumbling....The 50 year old Conservative Party is under fire from TEA Party and other right of center activists.....They are angry over what they see as Conservative complicity in the politics of big government.
Conservatives were formed in 1962 as a reaction to years of what came to be known as Rockefeller Republicanism....(now called RINOs) They fought the good fight and elected one of their own (Jim Buckley) to the US Senate in 1970 and toppled Senator Jacob Javits in 1980......Their last statewide hurrah was the election of George Pataki as Governor in 1994 over Mario Cuomo.....That excitement faded as Pataki presided over deal after deal with the left, including powerful unions like SEIU.
That seemed the beginning of a slide...The state's Wilson/Pakula law allowed the Conservatives to be compromised as the line could be bartered not for policy but for patronage. Chairman Michael Long became a central figure and go-to boss....But like the Liberal's Ray Harding, the party lacked depth and endorsed RINO after RINO...This year's "moderate" Republican is Rick Lazio and that's the last straw for some.
It is the cycle these third parties go through and they have all done it throughout NY history.
Lazio is being challenged by an in-party candidate in the September 14th party primary...That could tell the tale...
If Lazio hangs on, he may find getting 50,000 votes on the line a challenge and certainly the Conservatives could face a move down ballot as the upstart Taxpayers Party surges with Carl Paladino as its candidate.
When Andrew Cuomo takes the WFP line in September that will likely give them the muscle to move up from line E....Other new parties have an outside shot at doing well. Imagine if the Anti-Prohibition Party or the Rent's Too Damn High Party finished higher than the Conservatives.......
N.Y. Conservative Party Faces Threat

A Surreal Week for Me Politically

Around Fort Pearl Saturday we were chatting about the Madame after a customer asked me to play back the interview from the HOTLINE. Everybody loves hearing her story and comments on how well spoken she is.
It struck me what a funny world it is that just over a week ago, I never dreamed I would be getting phone calls from a famous ex madame, as well as a chance to talk to one of the prime provacateurs in politics dating back to the Nixon years.
It was all a very sudden thing and I enjoyed talking to Kristin Davis and Roger Stone. If anyone can break through the 50K vote barrier this year its those two.

Doing what they ask unfortunately didn't work for me, as I have responsiblities to the City, my business and my mini-media empire at WATN and this humble blog. All of that would have suffered for the indulgence of what surely would have been an interesting couple of months. You get to a certain age and you just can't do really crazy stuff on such short notice. Doesn't mean you don't want to.
Her pending upstate sojourn should be interesting as well.....Maybe she could visit Darrel's farm to get a feel for upstate life...(OMG NO! shout the Senator's operatives from their perch at Pete's Restaurant.) That's OK, our local GOP go-to farmers for photo ops will surely be glad to host if her travels extend this far north.
Anyway , I am sure the coming week will be more predictable for me.