Saturday, June 5, 2010

No Surprises at Tightly Scripted Indy Convention

Back from Albany after an uneventful meeting. It was the first time in over two years I spoke to Chairman MacKay, so that's progress. He was gracious and of course I always am.
Statewide candidates included Andrew Cuomo, Senator Chuck Schumer, who was there today but seemed a little standoffish, and GOP Comptroller candidate Harry Wilson who got the Indy nod for that office. (Looks like Harry is the token Republican)
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand was the nominee for the other Senate seat and I left not knowing who the AG candidate will be.
I chatted a bit with Lewis County Chair Joe Baruth who made his pitch for who should be the nominee in AD122 (it's his call). I relayed the desire of the Jefferson County Committee to run Darrel Aubertine in the 48th (he might need it without the WFP gang behind him.) Activists elsewhere in the district favored Patty Ritchie, so I don't know how it will all be resolved. Don't know about the 118th either as there are differing views on that as well.
I'd like to run a mad as Hell liquor store owner for Assembly to rant about wine in supermarkets and the soda tax....The cathartic value of a primal scream cannot me measured.
The State Chair will decide and make an announcement at some point.
The navigation says while taking route 12 is shorter in miles...going 81 to SYR and over to Albany on the Thruway is less time. Anybody actually clocked it.

Off to the Capital to See What's Up

Off to Albany on this Saturday morning to catch the Independence Party state convention.
I haven't been to one of these affairs since the blow-up over two years ago over the Aubertine-Barclay special election. While I haven't been active, I am a bit of a political hobbyist as this blog might suggest, so what better way to spend a Saturday afternoon.
For me, it's a chance for a little networking with folks on the state scene. I don't know who will be there. The Cuomo nomination is a lock as is Senator Schumer. I don't know who the favorites are for the other races.
Everybody asks me about out of party authorizations for local Congressional, Senate and Assembly races. That's a decision that will be announced in the coming days. I will relay the sentiments of the Jefferson County Committee to the State Chair. Lewis County's Joe Baruth will do the same. At that point its up to him.
I will take a couple of photos and let you know what I see. I will post when I get back around dinner time.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Aubertine to WFP: Get Lost !

In a surprising....strike that....shocking show of confidence, Senator Darrel Aubertine tonight told me he will not seek nor accept the nomination of the controversial and far left Working Families Party.
Senator Aubertine revealed the move prior to the Dairy Parade in which he appeared.
The WFP with its money and shock troops had been essential to Aubertine's first two wins....But the party on Line E has been embroiled in under investigation and promotes policies far to the left of Aubertine.
The Senator told me he did not feel comfortable with their endorsement and made his decision some time ago.
Other Democrats including Andrew Cuomo have hinted at spurning the line, but Aubertine tells me his decision is final.
Aubertine has been a recent target of mailers from big labor, and that may have been retaliation for the Senator's decision.
Aubertine's opposition to a Farm Labor Bill may also be a factor in the estrangement.
Its still a risky move, as conventional wisdom in New York politics is the more lines the better. It also could be seen as principled and in line with North Country values....

Parade Enjoyed by Many

The Dairy Parade was a huge hit as thousands lined Washington Street to see bands, floats, farm equipment and politicians march by.
For me, I had the pleasure of marching with the members of the City Police DARE program....great group and enjoyed the opportunity to show support for the program.
Best gimmick goes to Matt Doheny throwing footballs with his name on them....While he struck a throwing pose like Jim Kelly, let's see how he performs in the big game.
Ken Blankenbush, with the slogan "carrying our message" made his parade debut.
And there was Patti Ritchie with her Patty Plate Brigade.
All in all a fun time and some great weather to boot !

Settling The ‘Status Cuomo’ Score

The first possible case of campaign plagiarism has surfaced....Seems the term "Status Cuomo" being used by Rick Lazio was first used by the late Rep. Jack Kemp in reference to Governor Mario Cuomo.....
Settling The ‘Status Cuomo’ Score

Hoffman Greets, Doheny Sweeps (Updated)

The race for the GOP nod in NY23 seems to be operating in parallel universes.....Matt Doheny is taking the traditional stroke the party faithful approach that has led to a 9-0 sweep of those counties taking sides in his fight with Doug Hoffman.
Mr. Hoffman is relying on national connections...this week announcing a fundraiser hosted by prominent national GOP leader, Rep. Mike Pence of Indiana.
Two different strategies, the latter being the more unconventional. After all, Mr. Pence can't vote in that September 14 primary.
Hoffman Greets, Doheny Sweeps (Updated)

Andrew....Please, Just Say No !

Andrew Cuomo is in an enviable position. He is up by 40 points against weak opposition. He has steered clear of the worst of Albany's nonsense despite having grown up in the system and he has so far carved out a campaign agenda stressing ethical reform and cuts in the scope and size of state government.
It all sounds great....until this weekend...
Mr. Cuomo is refusing to rule out taking the nomination of the largely corrupt and far left Working Families Party. Worse yet, he is angling to have a placeholder candidate put in at convention, so that his name can be inserted on the ballot in September under a seldom used provision of state election law.
Mr. Cuomo....You are already on the ballot on two lines...The Democratic Party and the amorphous but well- placed-on-the ballot Independence Party.
Those who can't pull the Dem lever (sic) can vote on the Indy line.
So from a strategic viewpoint the extra line is not needed.
From an ethical viewpoint, a continuing game of footsie with the WFP does not bode well for the four years ahead.
Sir, you are going to be our next governor....Do the right thing and say no to the WFP now and in September.

Last Two Conventions are this Weekend

Two minor party conventions will be held this weekend. One is the Working Families Party...the other is the Independence Party.
I will be going down to Albany Saturday for the latter, while Lewis County's Joe Baruth is headed down later today. There will be meetings tonight and probably discussions on out of party authorizations for local Assembly, Senate and Congressional races.
The call on those multi-county districts rests with the State Executive Committee of which Joe and I are members. There may or may not be local recommendations, although many prospective candidates deal directly with State Chair.
Jefferson County's Indy Committee has had little contact with the chair, after the nasty battles involving local support for Senator Darrel Aubertine against the wishes of the State Chair. I chat with one of the vice chairs from time to time to see what's going on.
With Joe Bruno gone and GOP hegemony in the Senate a part of history, I am not as sure being a Republican is an automatic Indy Senate nod anymore.
There will also be nominations for statewide races. The only certainties I know about are Andrew Cuomo for Governor and Chuck Schumer for Senate.
The other Senate seat, comptroller and AG I know nothing about. I would hope there is at least one primary as that is good for involving voters in the fall.
The Indy party is the only one of the five on the ballot that also allows non-affiliated voters to participate.
I have little idea about the Working Families Party, but like all three minor parties it is a very closely held operation. Their big decision is who will be the placeholder candidate for Governor, should Andrew Cuomo not be willing to take the nod at this time due to the swirling controversies involving the WFP.
I will snap a couple of photos while there.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cuomo Refusal of WFP Looks a Little Slippery

Boy did I call this one....Andrew Cuomo will take a pass on the scandal ridden WFP line at their convention this weekend and then get substituted into the nomination in late September...The person the WFP nominates this weekend will be an attorney as they are the only ones who can decline a nomination once the petition period is over...They are allowed to if nominated to run for Supreme Court at a party judicial convention held after the primary. In that situation, the party can substitute and look for Mr. Cuomo to slide in at that time.
Politics as usual ? Oh, then the WFP will be deemed clean as a hound's tooth !
As the "me too" party for Democrats statewide, the WFP needs to get 50,000 votes in the Governor's race to maintain ballot status.
Cuomo Takes Pass On WFP Line – For Now

Michigan pols lobby baseball on perfect game - On Congress -

As I feared the politicos are sticking their noses into the Tiger game....It won't be long till the Messiah himself weighs in.
Michigan pols lobby baseball on perfect game - On Congress -

Baseball Eclipses Politics for a Time Today

- Among the developments today is a GOP primary is on tap for the right to oppose Senator Kirsten Gillibrand..David Malpass will oppose Bruce Blakeman....A third contender is out of the GOP process but is on the Conservative line. A DA from Staten Island named Donovan is the GOP candidate for attorney general facing the winner of the five way Democratic primary.
- Newly minted Assembly candidate Brian McGrath called the HOTLINE today and said Baseball Commisioner Bud Selig should not reverse the controversial umpire call that cost a Tiger hurler a perfect game. That's an unusual stance for a Democrat in our victim-based culture. His other rhetoric was predicatable and he seemed stumped at first when I mentioned I considered myself a Sarah Palin Democrat, meaning I can take postions a la carte from whomever I agree with.
-As for Commissioner Selig, he said today he is not willing to reverse the umps call but is will to look at the use of videotape replay in the future. The city's top legal minds viewed it differently with Police Chief Goss and attorney Jim Burrows both telling me today the umps ruling needs to be reversed. It's not very often I am the one on the side of 'rules are rules."
-And 'Mad As Hell' Carl Paladino says he is full speed ahead with forcing a GOP primary for governor.
The Full Paladino

WDT: McGrath Talks Openly About his Personal Life

Brian McGrath is tackling head-on the matter his foes have been quietly letting all who write about politics know about.
In a WDT story about his pending candidacy for Assembly, Lowville native and attorney Brian McGrath discusses being gay and lists his partner Mark in the tale-of-the-tape summary of his family and background.
Republicans (some, not all) have been whispering about the matter in a 1950s type manner, but in a testimony to changing times there seems to be little interest in making an issue of it. I am glad Jude put it in print, so now when someone says to me "well you do know he's gay, don't you", I can say "yeah, it was in the paper."
With that out of the way, it is apparent Mr. McGrath will have the overt or at least tacit support of Diedre Scozzafava,who sports a bit of road rash from being under the bus during last year's Congressional race.
Mr. McGrath will likely say frequently he used to be a Republican, has strong roots in Lowville but made his money elsewhere, and supports gun rights and will not be a tool of Speaker Silver.
It's a tough sell in a rural district with a GOP tilt, but his GOP foe is not well known and has yet to make a case for himself. This is a wide open, open-seat race.
Mr. McGrath's formal campaign kickoff comes later in June....
Watertown Daily Times Dem's views echo Dede's

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Woman says she was fired from Citibank for being too hot -

Most of us do not have to worry about being fired for being too attractive...but for 33 year old Debrahlee Lorenzano of Queens that may be the case and she is sueing Citibank over the claim...The bank says the suit is without merit.
This is certainly proof anything can be litigated, but not having been overly attractive, I don't know what a burden it could be.
Woman says she was fired from Citibank for being too hot -

GOP Slams WFP-Linked Legislation As Attempted "Sneak" Attack

With the crooked Working Families Party's future in doubt because Andrew Cuomo might refuse their nomination, the GOP says it discovered a sneaky effort by Dems to preserve the wacky WFP.....
Since a party's survival is linked to garnering 50,000 votes for its gubernatorial candidate, if Cuomo stiffs the WFP, they could be in trouble.....
Of course Mr. Cuomo could turn it down now and the WFP could nominate a placeholder who is a lawyer...Then in September a WFP Judicial Convention could nominate the placeholder for a justice position, thus allowing him to vacate the gubernatorial line....The party would then fill the vacancy in late September with.....Andrew Cuomo....
GOP Slams WFP-Linked Legislation As Attempted "Sneak" Attack

Lots of Options for Paladino and Lazio....Except the Option of Winning

If Carl Paladino petitions his way into a GOP primary for governor and circulates petitions for an independent line called the Taxed Enough Already or TEA Party, the race for governor would be interesting, but the end result would be the same.
Andrew Cuomo is the overwhelming favorite in any scenario.
Now if Paladino loses the GOP line, he has the option of resigning the TEA Party designation if he wants to or he could stay on that line and form a new minor party. If he resigns, after a court fight Lazio will be allowed on. (see Golisano in 1994)
If Rick Lazio loses the Republican primary, he could (if he is a lawyer and I think he is) take a nomination for Supreme Court at a Conservative Judicial Convention and vacate line D to Paladino.
So, there are a lot of options even if both men continue on.
Of course, Steve Levy could do an independent line as well but I think he is done for this year.
I don't know...I am just musing...Maybe it will be just a straight Cuomo-Lazio race.....68-31 and 1% for the strays.
Unless of course Andrew is enmeshed in a horrible scandal...Then he only wins 60-39....Remember Alan Hevesi....New Yorkers love their Democrats.

Levy Not On The Ballot

Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy's long shot bid for Governor ended in a Manhattan hotel today when party regulars refused to allow Levy to participate in a primary against party designee Rick Lazio....Levy had sufficient votes to force a primary, but because he is technically not yet a registered Republican, he also needed a 50+1% vote for an out of party authorization or "Wilson-Pakula".
Levy had run on his record as a county executive and had said he could better challenge Andrew Cuomo. Many in the GOP agreed including State Chair Ed Cox who had promoted Levy's effort. Cox' chairmanship is now likely in question as he had opposed the eventual nominee.
Buffalo businessman Carl Paladino, who is a registered Republican, has the option of circulating a petition to get on the ballot. He has said he will do so.
Levy Not On The Ballot

Watertown's Hughes paces Cyclones to Class B girls lax title over Oswego -

Local teams continue to excel and congrats to the Cyclone girls for their Section III Class B lacrosse win over Oswego....Led by Taylor Hughes, WHS crushed 'em!
Watertown's Hughes paces Cyclones to Class B girls lax title over Oswego -

With Maureen Dowd Fleeing, Can NBC be Far Behind ?

With Maureen Dowd now turning on him, the President likely can only find solace in the channels of the National Broadcasting Corporation and a few remaining obsequious writers at the Washington Post, Salon Magazine and the Huff Po.
A rambling press conference, a dressing down from James Carville on the oil spill, standing in a Chicago downpour while Joe Biden was at Arlington doing the Presidents job on Memorial Day. It was a bad week for Barack Obama, the once transformational President turned aloof and some are now saying incompetent.
Some are saying the Gulf of Mexico is Mr. Obama's "Katrina", a reference to the deadly storm that showed George W. Bush too detached for the media's liking.
One wag told me today, it's not Katrina, but it's more like the Iranian Hostage Crisis of 1979-80, when for day after day we counted off how long President Carter was unable to solve a vexing problem. It's day 45 now for the BP Gusher....But who's counting ?
Op-Ed Columnist - A Storyteller Loses the Story Line -

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Governor's plan would lay off thousands on Jan. 1 : Latest Local News : The Buffalo News

It will never happen. It's just a way to say the budget shortfall is being addressed in this fiscal year with no intention of doing it. You can look for higher taxes however.
Governor's plan would lay off thousands on Jan. 1 : Latest Local News : The Buffalo News

McGinniss: Palin using 'Nazi' tactics Against his Voyeur Journalism

Let's take a break from NY politics to ask why voyeur author Joe McGinniss is suddenly upset that Sarah Palin reacted like a mama Grizzly when he moved in right next to her Wasilla home and perched himself on a deck only feet from her kitchen window.....All in an effort to write a book....
Now Mr. McGinniss is whining because Palin supporters are giving him an earful...The Hounds of Hell he calls the legions of Palinistas....
Quit your blatting played hardball and she hit your pitch....
McGinniss: Palin using 'Nazi' tactics - Andy Barr -

Watch This Race

One race to watch this year is for Comptroller. Years ago voters would often reward the opposite party with this oversight position (remember Ned Regan and Carl McCall). That could help Johnstown native Harry Wilson.who today grabbed the GOP nod without a fight and will oppose incumbent, but not elected Comptroller Tom DiNapoli.
Neither man is well known and DiNapoli is a former Assemblyman, making an easy link to the old politics of Albany and Speaker Sheldon Silver. This race could be the state's tightest this year if Mr. Wilson can keep his message and presentation crisp.
Wilson’s Moment

GOP Primary #1: Berntsen vs. Townsend

The GOP will hold a primary between two people I never heard of to decide who will lose to Senator Chuck Schumer....This will provide a possible split from the Conservative line. Senator Schumer will have the Democratic, Independence and WFP lines.
GOP Primary #1: Berntsen vs. Townsend

The Roxy Says Farewell

When a small town pub like Roxy's in Cape Vincent closes, a bit of the community dies along with it.
The Roxy closed this weekend as the building it is in will be gentrified into a modern hotel....That's nice, but the loss of the tavern is sad.
This was one of those small cozy, old style bar rooms with character. Father's had brought their sons there for the first cold one......It's the kind of place you drop in not to be seen and there's no high brow summer folk from Rochester in there for a Mojito.
Let's hope the new hotel opts to recreate the hideaway atmosphere that was Roxy's.
Sunday: Two Local Restaurants Closing WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for Watertown, NY Local News

Cox To Create Third Party Line?

Wow, this is some good intrigue...The possibility the Republicans will part ways with the Conservative Party and field their own independent line on the ballot this fall in hopes of getting the 50,000 votes needed for party status. I would think the Tea Party moniker might work....If fact I would be shocked if local pols like Doheny, Hoffman or Ritchie hadn't already considered getting an extra line with this designation.
For old guard Republicans, the thought of running candidates other than those also on Mike Long's line is out of the question, but there seems to be a growing heresy in the state GOP...I love heresy and it will be interesting to see what happens next....
Cox To Create Third Party Line?

Gov hopeful Lazio rips Cuomo -

The clear Republican strategy for this year is not to let the moniker "New Democratic Party" go unchallenged. Rick Lazio was out yesterday saying Andrew Cuomo is hardly anti-establishment or an outsider...To Lazio, Mr Cuomo is the ultimate insider.
While Andrew Cuomo is an insider in many respects, he has carefully stayed away from the buffoonery of the Paterson era and the current Legislature. His running mate is anything but Albany and the rest of the ticket doesn't look like the Democratic Party in charge of the Capital. It's all optics, as they say on Morning Joe.
I just don't see how the less than imposing Lazio captures the fancy of frustrated New Yorkers.
It will be interesting to see how enthused the delegates are when their ticket is chosen...My guess the applause will be perfunctory and for party leaders the highlight of the convention will be where it was held and not what happened.
Gov hopeful Lazio rips Cuomo -

As GOP convenes, chaos is in the air : Home: The Buffalo News

There won't be anyone calling it a room full of sheep, as the unorganized GOP gathers in Manhattan for their quadrennial convention to select candidates for statewide office.
Burdened by a variety of factors that suggest they won't win anything this year, the state's number 2 party lacks the lockstep management we saw at the Democratic convention.
At a time when Democrats should be reeling from all their scandals and inability to manage the state, GOP likely standard bearer Rick Lazio is trying to sell a bland is better message....telling voters he is an adult with a plan and will not be caught with hookers or pal around with Senators who get arrested. So far there is no message of inspiration and most in the GOP openly admit Andrew Cuomo will crush their candidate.
The sidebar battle this week will be whether state party Chairman Ed Cox gets dumped....The son-in-law of President Nixon has taken the risky move of pushing Democrat turning Republican Steve Levy as his choice for Governor.
Add tea party spawned candidate Carl Paladino and it all gets pretty wild.
This will be an interesting convention and watching Capital Tonight and reading the state political blogs is going to be fun.
As GOP convenes, chaos is in the air : Home: The Buffalo News

Monday, May 31, 2010

IHC Cavaliers Edge Westmoreland for Sectional Baseball Title

Congrats to IHC for it's baseball win today in Rome !
Westmoreland baseball edged in final - Utica, NY - The Observer-Dispatch

Three Day Pass is Over

-Thanks to Liz for running photo of my 1998 banner.
-If you are running for high office, the place to be this Memorial Day was Henderson where there was a parade with some 65 units...including candidates for State Senate and Assembly.
Meanwhile in Watertown, I was the sole politico again this year at the observance held in front of the American Legion Post 61 on Sterling Street.
Hate to sound like I am on a high horse...but Memorial Day is not a's an observance and the election stuff can and should be put aside...There's a Dairy Parade this Friday with plenty of room for candidates.
I have found the veterans and patriots who attend such affairs are appreciative to have their local leaders attend...act reverant and say a few words.
-Somebody told me today that some folks didn't want me at that Mercy Hospital meeting on Friday because they don't want to read about it on this blog. Let me say this about that.
There are lots of meetings I am in and conversations I have that are not in this blog when the public interest is served.......So please don't use that lame excuse....
-Republicans I talk to openly talk about how badly Rick Lazio will get crushed this fall. Yet they are still going to nominate him this week....
-Meanwhile US Senate hopeful David Malpass called me this morning to ask my support at next weekend's Indy convention. It was nice of him to call and he has good credentials on economic issues, but his prospects for beating Kirsten Gillibrand are not that good.
-As for Senator Gillibrand, I would like to see her put that shotgun back under her bed even if it would upset Gerry Nadler and Anthony Wiener.
-Let's all get back to our usual routine on Tuesday by listening to the HOTLINE at noon at WATN-AM 1240 !

Sunday, May 30, 2010

GOP Floor Fight...We Can Only Hope

No doubt about it, this week's GOP State Convention is more exciting and unpredictable than last week's Dem affair, that even loyalist Ted Ford called a "room full of sheep."
The Republican prognosis is not good. There is little chance of winning any statewide race, although they could pick up a couple or three House seats.
The Steve Levy deal is interesting. He has cash and a laudable record as Suffolk County Administrator. But he is a party convert whose change of registration has not taken effect yet, so he needs 50% plus one of the delegates to get a spot on the primary ballot.
With so many Republicans unable to vote for a man who supported Spitzer and Obama, it looks like Rick Lazio gets the nomination and goes quietly into that political night.
Cuomo crushes him, and down-ballot Republicans are quaking at the prospect...
Maybe others realize that too and they take a chance on a primary with Levy vs Lazio and maybe even "mad as Hell" Carl Paladino of Buffalo.....Let's hope for a raucous convention....not that I think Don Coon is gonna get too wild...He is after all a Republican.
No smoke, but a lot of fire : Robert McCarthy : The Buffalo News

39 DBAs Filed at Jefferson County Clerk's Office in May

Art & Photography, a spa, rugs, wigs, consulting,contracting, Internet services....all some of the occupations and businesses for which DBA's were filed this week....
This means there are local people who are confident enough to invest their time and money in making a go of it in Jefferson County....Good for them !
39 DBAs Filed at Jefferson County Clerk's Office in May

White House press pool, Fruit of Islam collide on Farrakhan's lawn - Ben Smith -

A Saturday night in Chicago and the President of this U-S of A is watching the Black Hawks on TV across the street from Louis Farrakhan....Meanwhile out of doors the doting DC press corps is having a run-in with the Fruit of Islam...the private security force of Rev. Farrakhan. Surreal ? Ubetcha.
White House press pool, Fruit of Islam collide on Farrakhan's lawn - Ben Smith -

Those Pesky Issues are Starting to Be Aired in NY23

I saw an editorial in today's WDT...the first in a series identifying specific areas of interest and public policy debate that should occur in the NY23 Congressional race we are just beginning.
Last year's vacuous special election left us all voting for people whom we had no idea if they knew the difference between Fort Drum and Fort Pearl.
To his credit, WDT publisher John Johnson Jr tried to inject a little substance last fall with an editorial containinig a list of some of what he thought were district-specific issues the candidates might want to at least pay a little lip service too...
Hours after that cheat sheet was placed in 25,000 editions, Doug Hoffman walked in to Mr. J's office and knew nothing about anything that the paper wanted to hear about. Not that their issues are most important to everyone...but they did publish them and so why not talk about water levels or Fort Drum or public power if that's what constitutes their measure of competance.
The episode led to an all out effort to expose Hoffman as a know-nothing. I think that meeting and its aftermath coverage led to the victory of Bill Owens.
Of course, Mr. Owens took the more astute route. He just never showed at the newspaper and let them endorse him sight unseen when local favorite DeDe Scozzafava rolled to port and sank to the bottom.
So today's first in a series editorial should be clipped and saved by the operatives so a position paper can be prepared and memorized by the candidate.
Other people will raise other issues, but the Times today started fleshing out the race. Let's hope they and the rest of the MSM do more. One novel suggestion would be a live televised debate held in the district. I say that's a novel idea because it didn't happen last year.

Don't Think Somebody in the Halls of Power Didn't Think of This Already

On Saturday, Cleveland Indians hurler David Huff gave all of us anxious moments when the pitch he dealt was swatted back to the box and hit Huff in the forehead.
While he was taken away on a stretcher, Huff gave us all a thumbs up and so far there seems to be no major damage other than a clip of video that will follow him throughout his career.
So I am wondering....Who will be the first state or federal legislator to call for hearings and the drafting of "David's Law"? It could require pitchers to wear a helmut or mandate the placement of a screen such is used in batting practice.
Maybe a lengthening of the distance although that would upset a century of pitching regimen.
Yes, this issue....with its accompanying video would be a great holiday weekend press release for Assemblyman Felix Ortiz who hasn't made the cable news nets since his call for a ban on salt in restaurant kitchens.
Perhaps the GOP could make it a call for tort reform so that A-Rod's liability for damages would be limited. And is a line drive to the noggin' covered under Obama-Care ?
For lawmakers looking to avoid their other failings, this clip of video is a terrible thing to waste.