Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday Evening

Here we #1537...In about a years time...quite prolific or just wordy...You decide.
The passing of Dennis Hopper was certainly expected but his movie "Easy Rider" (1969) was a memorable one for me. It just epitomized the counter-culture and cynicism that shaped up all.My all time favorite was Network, again cynical...
I was 14 when Easy Rider came out and my folks took me to see it at the Town Theater on Public Square.. They weren't even hippies but I am glad they took me.... The soundtrack was great and Jack Nicholson gave us a taste of things to come.
Mr. Hopper passed today at age 74.
Well, the old "Top Kill" didn't work and the oil keeps a coming in the Gulf. Mr. "It's My Responsibility but Someone Else's Fault" no doubt heard the news in Chicago where he is vacationing.
The only scheme likely to work is the drilling of a relief well and no less a source than T. Boone Pickens says all these schemes are a pipe dream.
Monday is Memorial Day....Not a holiday, but an observance...All the folks I will see at the Legion Monday morning are a year older as there are few newcomers to the notion our war dead need to be acknowledged.

Plates from Patty on a Saturday Morning

The other day, SLC Clerk Patty Ritchie texted me and wanted $28.75 for the new plates I was getting. And today the letter carrier came to deliver the package from Canton.
I swear he said this....."Here are your Patty plates."
The moniker given to Ms. Ritchie by this humble blog has taken hold !
The plates are the old blue and white style, so I got a new number. I thought I was getting the new retro plates, so I will have to call the clerk and see what's up.UPDATE...Patty says the new color is issued direct from the state so I will get them in a few weeks.
I do like the number....Its sort of like I am a St. Lawrence County person, but I still get to pay the higher Jefferson County sales tax.
Patty Ritchie is running for State Senate and gained notoriety by spearheading a drive to get Albany to back down on a demand everyone replace their plates this year.
Instead the new black and orange (or is it blue and gold) plates are being phased in.

After Dust Settles, Lazio Gets Conservative Nod

This year it's the Republican Party that will say "MeToo !" as the minor party held its convention first and as expected designated Rick Lazio as its nominee....However a Conservative Party member from Buffalo got enough votes to force a primary.
Ralph Longo is an attorney and is also the Erie County chair. If he runs the primary against Lazio and wins, he could vacate Line D in September and substitute someone else like Steve Levy if Mr. Levy ultimately gets the GOP line.
Despite the possibility of different scenarios, it is most likely Rick Lazio will occupy lines B and D.
After Dust Settles, Lazio Gets Conservative Nod

Friday, May 28, 2010

Sometimes New is Old

Andrew Cuomo says he will give us a "new New York."
But he is not the first person to say so....In a brief run for the Indy gubernatorial nomination in 1998 yours truly had this banner printed with the same slogan.
I didn't copyright it...but this does prove even a new New York is not all that new.

Owens Backs End to Don't Ask...Don't Tell

Remember when if you favored same sex marriage you were toast in NNY politics...
Times have changed.
Today Rep. Bill Owens called the HOTLINE to trumpet his tariff bill and being the unlicensed newsman I am, I ask him how he voted on this week's House measure to end "Don't Ask..Don't Tell."
Mr. Owens says he supports ending the ban on gays in the military, although he hedged with some language about the command being able to make the final call.....
Fact is DADT is not long for this world....While the fight in the Senate will be tough, I think it goes through there too.
Times have changed....and a lot of people just don't go for blanket indictments of whole groups of people.

Boston Globe: City Man Loved Flying from Age 16

Some nice coverage in the Boston Globe about the Watertown (NY) man killed this week in helicopter accident. Michael Wheeler, died in the mishap while instructing a student pilot. Mr. Wheeler and his wife Barbara live in the city where she runs the Flower Library.
Helicopter ‘check flight’ crash kills instructor, injures trainee - The Boston Globe

Birth of a Line ?

New York State is one of three states that allows "fusion voting" in which the votes cast for nominees of different parties can be added together in the general election.
Believe it or not, it's not the norm in the Nation to be both the nominee of the Republican and the Conservative parties.
In NY the parties are established in the gubernatorial race when someone circulates independent nominating petitions with a made-up name for the party. In such cases the candidates name appears at the bottom of the ballot.
If said candidate for governor receives over 50,000 votes, then the party designated gets ballot access for four years. The order of finish for the party lines is determined by the number of votes.
In the early 1960s those upset the the GOP's brand of "Rockefeller Republicanism" started the Conservative Party of NY in order to force their issues into a GOP nominating candidates like Jacob Javits for statewide office who were also backed by the then twenty- year old Liberal Party.
The Conservative Party surged and actually elected its own candidate to the US Senate in 1970. In later years, the party forced the GOP to nominate folks like Al D'Amato,who dumped Senator Javits in 1980.
Like all third parties in NY, the Conservatives became the domain of one man named Mike Long, who became a kingmaker and got state jobs for all his kids when Republican George Pataki got elected.
Now Conservatives will nominate Rick Lazio for governor and the rumble on the right is from Carl Paladino, who is threatening to form a new party and bury the Conservatives.
In American politics third parties appear to address a finite set of issues...Then the party gets corrupted by the system and eventually fades.
We will see if that happens this year and see if the Tea Party's anti tax movement gets a line on the ballot come 2011.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

NYDN: Paladino Pledges New Party

With the Cuomo-Duffy ticket a done deal, look for action on the GOP side. Buffalo businessman Carl Paladino says this week's Conservative Convention could force him to seek to establish a tea party style party by circulating independent nominating petitions.
The Conservatives are expected to back Rick Lazio, but Mr. Paladine says Lazio is pro-choice and pro- gun control.
It doesn't matter...the GOP and their "me-too" party are destined to back Rick Lazio.
Let the fun on the other side begin.
Dailypolitics - NY Daily News


Enough coverage of the Democrats...let's get back to run of the mill stuff....

-Got a call Thursday afternoon asking me to attend a Friday 8AM session of the situation at Mercy....The long troubled nursing home seemed to be on track a year ago, but lately there have been signs of money troubles and I must admit I am wary of the Friday pow wow...
-The modest changes City Council has made to the budget has lowered the tax rate increase from 4.6% to 3.5 %......Some other small changes may be made, although lawmakers voted to adjourn to June 7, the date the spending plan must be adopted.
-I have suggested to the NYS Indy leadership that allowing a primary in the 48th Senate District might be the best idea......Frankly, I dont know if the two sides would be able to get the nearly 500 signatures each needed for such a thing to happen.
-I sent $28.75 to Patty Plate today to get a new style license plate....
-I wonder if Ted Ford got in trouble for saying the Democratic Convention was a roomful of sheep.....I dont thing June likes that kind of talk.

NY Post:Andrew Cuomo picks a promising running mate--Editorial

Like I said yesterday, the selection of Mayor Robert Duffy of Rochester as Andrew Cuomo's running mate is a clear break with the kind of politics driving the choice just four years ago.
David Paterson's choice was not only downstate identity politics...but the long time Senator from Manhattan had reliably voted for every liberal agenda year after year....Paterson had been a compliant partner of the public employee unions and has found only recently the price of crossing them...Mayor Duffy has already done that and both he and Mr. Cuomo have said they will do so in the future.
It's all part of the "New Democratic Party" theme...kind of a take-off on the Bill Clinton days of the 80s and 90s.
Mayor Duffy gets a thumbs-up out of the gate from the NY Post and since Mr. Cuomo's election is as certain as tomorrow's sunrise, the selection of the mayor is a promising sign.
Andrew Cuomo picks a promising running mate--Editorial -

Who Is Myers Mermel and Why are the Political Writers Writing About Him ?

The Democratic Convention in Rye may be heavily scripted and folks like our own Ted Ford may say the party has turned into Republican Light with its all white, button-down slate of statewide candidates.....but as the convention wraps up today with the Cuomo-Duffy ticket, its hard to imagine anything less than a sweep to rival the Spitzer landslide four years ago.
The excitement on the GOP side is about some guy named Myers Mermel who says he is running for governor and party chairs are actually talking about supporting him, as they lose interest in likely losers Rick Lazio and Steve Levy. I saw Mr.Mermel in Ogdensburg and he is a quirky guy who thinks he is in the hunt even though everyone else knows otherwise.
Republicans hoping to win House and State Senate seats are scratching their heads trying to figure out how they can run 20 points ahead of the the top of the ticket....because they will have to in order to win.
Perhaps the statewide candidates will gel and get in the game....but none of them looks exciting enough to catch fire, except perhaps Levy, who is struggling because he is a registered Democrat and needs 51% of convention votes to even get in the primary.
I see local candidates like Doheny, Ritchie and Blankenbush running as free agents detached from a state party....Independent, conservative reformers. They certainly cannot afford to be a part of the Myers Mermel team and expect to win.
The Daily Politics

The Journal | Canadian Dollar A Major Reason OBPA: Bridge Traffic On Rise

Bridge traffic is on the rise in Ogdensburg and I suspect at the TI Bridge as well....The increase is fueling a retail boomlet in NNY and will fatten the coffers of government.......
The rush of cash is already showing up in sales tax numbers and the money raised is split among all local governments in Jefferson and St. Lawrence Counties.
While this may not be permanent, it will be significant this year, and for city residents facing a proposed tax hike, the question is will the Canadian surge plus the tax levy hike actually increase fund balances instead of the expected depletion of local coffers ?
The Journal Canadian Dollar A Major Reason OBPA: Bridge Traffic On Rise

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Living as a lesbian in the 10th Mountain Division - By Tom Ricks | The Best Defense

I just came from the AUSA Dinner at Fort Drum where the community and military sort of mingle and state their support of the Army and its troops. The legislative agenda included pay raises, free medical care and enhanced educational benefits, so when I got home from the chow (which was delicious) I was intrigued by the link on Newzjunky to this story about the Fort Drum female officer who professed her lesbian lifestyle and her desire for Congress to quickly end 'don't ask, don't tell."
This is one of those issues you just don't talk about in NNY/military social settings, although I betcha a lot of the people I saw tonight feel the same as the column writer while some disagree. It is no longer an issue that people get the perfunctory urge to oppose.
I was wondering when I read this, if the command is obliged to spend tomorrow finding out who wrote this tome and bring the wrath of JAG down on her. Hope not, and somehow I suspect it won't happen.
All things considered, our Armed Forces have bigger fish to fry.
Living as a lesbian in the 10th Mountain Division - By Tom Ricks The Best Defense

Earth to Andrew: Sink the WFP, Just Say No

The radical Working Families which is about to endorse all the Democrats running for statewide office is now lobbying the Yankees and Mets to boycott next year's All Star Game to be played in Arizona. This childish and petulant action is a further effort to ostracize the people of a state to protest a piece of legislation passed by the AZ Legislature.
Oh yeah,not seeing Jeter play in that game will do a lot to further the cause of immigration reform.
It's time the Democratic Party of NY started boycotting this group of nuts.
Working Families » Take Action!

Duffy Choice Shows Migration of Democratic Party Away from Thugocracy and Identity Politics

The selection of Mayor Bob Duffy of Rochester as LG candidate gives the Cuomo ticket a career cop turned politician...but one who placed his own education high on the agenda of his career in law enforcement and public admnistration. He has received a BA from RIT and a masters in public admnistration from Syracuse and had risen through the ranks of the City PD to the rank of Chief before retiring to run for mayor. I guess he really didn't retire, but that's what you call it in public employment.
There is no initial controversy swirling around Mayor Duffy but he was in a spirited battle to have the City gain control of the public schools...a battle similar to that of NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg.
The Mayor attended Catholic schools as a youngster and has been popular at the polls in his races for mayor. The selection is a departure from the normal Democratic "identity" politics that resulted in the selection four years ago of State Senator David Paterson as LG despite having no executive experience and no upstate ties.
On the surface, the Duffy selection cripples the GOP effort in greater Rochester and Western New York and appeals to the state's significant number of Catholic voters. It doesn't appear the Mayor will have to offer any admissions of past indescretions as Mr. Paterson had to do when taking office.
Mayor Duffy appears to have no ties to the Democratic contingent in the Legislature which has proven such an embarrassment for the party.
Andrew Cuomo picks Bob Duffy as running mate Democrat and Chronicle

Luck of the Irish !...Rochester's Mayor Duffy Tapped for LG

Western NY continues to be a battleground for state politics and in a gesture to that region , Andrew Cuomo will today nominate Mayor Robert J. Duffy of Rochester as his candidate for Lieutenant Governor.
The well kept secret was revealed this AM and Mr. Cuomo will make the formal announcement later this morning. Mayor Duffy is described as "squeaky clean" and brings someone with executive experience to the ticket.
City of Rochester Mayor Robert J. Duffy

FORD: "A Room Full of Sheep"

The Democratic State Convention gets underway this morning in Rye, NY and our guy tells me this AM the gathering is a room full of suits and "not your father's Democratic Party."
Ted Ford is a delegate and says the party has lurched to the right too far for his "progressive" views. In a phone call this AM, Ted tells me there is nothing but social functions at the tightly scripted affair. Ted says he is taking advantage of all the receptions he can.
Even a possible floor fight over the attorney general nomination has been short circuited by a deal to allow all five candidates in a primary....That move is expected to benefit the Andrew Cuomo choice for AG, who is Nassau County DA Kathleen Rice. As the only woman in the field andhaving the backing of the gubernatorial nominee, she is thought to have the edge.
Ted attended a breakfast today for Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. A woman is trying to get her name in nomination to oppose Gillibrand, but Ted says the delegates, whom he describes as a room full of sheep, are reluctant to buck the leadership and go off script.
In short....nobody is going rogue in Rye this week. Ted is going to try and call the HOTLINE today at noon on AM-1240.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Rest of My Trip Downtown

While I found an opportunity to get annoyed over the cigarette issue, I made some other visits downtown...I ran into some senior city staffers outside Slye and Burrows and was told about the newsstand being opened in the Woodruff Medical Center by Mary Slye. It's nice to see a newsstand again....Makes you think back to the showshine stands in the Arcade or Newberry's Pet Store or the soda fountain at Woolworth's.
I stopped and chatted with the DPW guys stripping the paint off the fountain at Lachenauer Plaza....It looked ready for paint and that was a lot of work.
Then I stopped over to Lish...the women's clothing store for hip people who go clubbing. The owner was telling me about her new sign and as one sworn to uphold the Constitution, I felt obliged to advise her on the need for a sign permit. (I was sensitized to the issue as TV 7 had interviewed me earlier in the day about the recent spree of complaints on Arsenal Street.)
Then I stopped at Steve Weeds office in the Arcade for his take on last night's Council meeting, which may or may not be the last budget session. I hope it is....Everyone was allowed to say as much as they wanted and the minor changes seemed to represent a consensus.
Final stop was the bank and then on to work at Fort Pearl.

Albany Theft Ring Still Operating

Months ago I told you of the contempt the State has for its own courts in the case of the brutal cigarette license taxes imposed last year....
The Legislature voted to raise the $100 per store fee to anywhere from $1000 to $5000....For many local convenience or drug store chains the fee was huge.
In the early stages of collecting the renewal fee, a judge stayed implementation of the fee, but Albany never told its licensees and proceeded to collect the full fees.
Then in January, the Tax and Finance Department fessed up but said they would not return the money as they considered it a donation to the state. Technically new licensees or renewals could pay the $100.
I told someone in the MSM, but the story was pooh-poohed.
Fast forward to today when I am talking to the owner of a soon-to-open downtown newsstand.
The cigarette sales rep was there too and I ask the owner how she liked paying that $1000 fee...She said..."Oh no, it's a hundred dollars..."
Seems the stay is still in effect but all those people duped into paying the much larger amount will never see their money.
I suppose I could demand a refund and I would get a complimentary audit to boot.
This kind of utter disrespect for the courts is ironic since the state's many agencies don't hesitate to throw their weight around like it's the word of God.
That's why when someone says you can't lease the deck on Newell Street because the state says no....I am tempted to say why obey the rule of law when Albany doesn't have to ?
Good thing I know how to resist temptation !

Cuomo is Coy on LG Choice

While in the Collar City (Troy) to accept the nod of Indy Party leaders, Andrew Cuomo said he has a choice for Lieutenant Governor....but he won't say who it is.....
He of the perpetual tan, Albany Mayor Jerry Jennings is being mentioned along with the usual cast of characters. Some speculate a non-political person will be chosen....
A fellow named Bill Samuels has pledged to primary whomever the Governor-to-be chooses.
Cuomo Says He Has An LG, Won’t Reveal Who

Sheldon Silver, Malcolm Smith among many New York City pols who won't reveal outside income

-So if we knew their outside income, would it change whether they are elected ?.....No.
It would be interesting to know what Sheldon Silver makes in his law practice, and the refusal to disclose that will put him at odds with the new Governor.
Perhaps the more certain way to accomplish reform is to ban Legislators from having outside jobs. Some would cheat and take money on the QT and some would get out of the business and just become lobbyists.
But as long as the leadership has absolute power over billions of dollars there will be pressures to do certain things....And to an extent the Speaker is right...the people speak through their representitives and the people seem to want more and more.
Sheldon Silver, Malcolm Smith among many New York City pols who won't reveal outside income

Monday, May 24, 2010

WDT: Oswego Conservatives support Hoffman

With the backing of Oswego County Conservatives, Doug Hoffman appears headed towards that showdown pitting the minor party against the Republicans who are increasingly more likely to back Matt Doheny as their candidate.
That could set up another three way race in the fall or could give Hoffman more of a case to convince the GOP to back him....I doubt that will happen, so look for the triad that includes incumbent Bill Owens.
Watertown Daily Times Oswego Conservatives support Hoffman

Minor Tinkering With Budget after No One Spoke at Public Hearing

After a public hearing no one spoke at, City Council finished reviewing the City Budget with an addition of sales tax revenue and some small cuts resulting in a slightly small tax rate.
The fairly mellow four hour meeting also saw lawmakers agree to repairs to
the Fairgrounds Arena roof and a makeover for the concession stand.
Council seemed fatigued from previous budget sessions and few questions were asked of each department head.
The Council adjourned to June 7 to vote on adoption of the final spending plan.

Shelly: Keep Your Pledge...I Listen to the People (sort of)

The reform pledge of Andrew Cuomo won't have one important signature .....Speaker Sheldon Silver says he doesn't sign pledges and that in a Jeffersonian Democracy, Mr. Cuomo needs to bring the people to his viewpoint and then the elected representitives will follow....
In the meantime the Speaker and future Governor may be on a collision course on a variety of issues.
The Daily Politics

Indy's To Pow Wow in Troy for Early Endorsement in Governor's Race

I got a call from the Cuomo campaign today asking my support for Mr Cuomo at tomorrow's Indy Executive Committee meeting in Troy....There is no mystery about the disposition of Line C and in terms of amassing the greatest number of votes to allow the party to remain on that line, Andy (Andrew) is clearly the best choice.
While I think Mr. Cuomo has good political skills, I am still a little jaded over the last hard-charging Attorney General who ran for Governor on a promise to shake up Albany. I suspect this AG has thought it through a bit more and with his family pedigree surely knows how to get things done....Plus he has a 250 page manifesto that Eliot Spitzer didn't have.
I am not attending tomorrow due to the nasty habit of having to work, but I wished them well....I haven't been in the Collar City in years.

New York GOP: Cuomo’s as corrupt as any Democrat - Capitol Confidential

Guilt by association is a likely GOP strategy this year and it will be used against lots of candidates from Andrew Cuomo to local and popular upstate Democrats like our own Darrel Aubertine.
Given the list of Democratic miscreants littering the political landscape of NY, it's not a bad strategy and certainly would be part of anyone's equation for defeating Dems who otherwise are popular.
"Why wouldn't Patty Plate say 'I like Darrel, but like all our mom's told us, in life you are judged by your friends....and by the way, have you met Pedro Espada. ?'"
There are likely lots of photos available of nice Democrats standing next to the 'thugocracy' that the Senate control battle exposed for all to see.
Like I said...a good strategy...But does it work ?
I don't think it works on Mr. Cuomo, who is the son of a respected former governor and comes off four years as attorney general where he didn't really do anything to hurt his image. Mr. Cuomo also stayed far above the fray and only entered the race officially less than a week prior to the party's convention.
Andrew Cuomo also made it a point to take a swipe at bi-partisan corruption in his announcement Saturday. He even fueled speculation he was taking a shot at Speaker Silver...but both Mr Silver and Mr. Cuomo know such utterances are for show and the Speaker quickly embraced his new governor.
As for the local candidates, I don't see how you portray Senator 'One of Us' as another Hiram Montserrate, but the dilemma of legislative life is a Senator cannot repudiate his own caucus or the leadership...When its 32-30, nobody is allowed off the reservation and that's certainly a GOP opening.
My guess is the old bromide of politics prevails....People hate the institution but love there own member of it. That phenomenon has been the incumbents best friend for as long as I can remember. However in a close upstate district, those photos standing behind the leadership at a press conference are still a matter of concern for the operatives charged with getting their boss reelected.
New York GOP: Cuomo’s as corrupt as any Democrat - Capitol Confidential

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Buttons, Memories and More

Sheriff John Burns gave me some old political buttons today after hearing someone stole a Nixon/Agnew button from me.
Not that the Democratic Sheriff would every possess a Nixon button but he had some for Mario Cuomo, Stan Lundine, John Dyson and Howard Samuels.
Remember some descendent of Samuels is running for something !
I have a small collection of buttons from people I have met....There's a Barclay (not the lad) button....Jacob Javits before it was a convention center....Pataki and Golisano....Even a Jeff Smith button from a year I voted for him.
Of course my most valuable possession is the one most rare....A Scott Gray for Assembly button...See if you can find one of those on E-Bay !

Boots on the Ground in Rye

I am pleased to report that Uber-Democrat Ezra "Ted" Ford has agreed to be our source for information at this week's NYS Democratic Party Convention in Rye.....that's in Westchester County.
Ted is a former Assembly candidate...county chair....newsman...political gadfly and blogger....and is currently a staffer for Assemblywoman Addie Russell.

Andrew or Andy...You Decide

If he wins it will be "Andy Feels Dandy"...and if he has a dalliance it will be "Randy Andy".
Even though the candidate prefers Andrew, a Governor Cuomo will be known by whatever the headline writers prefer.
President Richard Nixon had to defer to 'Dick' once the Checkers affair branded him "Tricky". Calvin Coolidge must have preferred 'Cal' as 'Calvin' sounds so prissy...Although it's an OK name for a fashion designer.
What does it say about people who insist on being called 'Robert' instead of 'Bob' or 'James' instead of 'Jim' ?
We can all answer that because there is just a different feel to those who insist on the less colloquial. (Andy of Mayberry ?)
Just can't put my finger on it.
I just know I'd rather go have a beer with someone named Andy as opposed to an Andrew....But as for which one I prefer to fix Albany....I'm still thinking about that one.

Let the Petitioning Begin

Notaries will be in demand this petition season as candidates seek to meet the requirement of getting 5% of the enrollment for minor party lines.
The petition process is the barrier to entry in elective politics. One must show enough support from party registrants to gain ballot access...
While the major parties have statutory set numbers for the number of signatures needed for Congress, State Senate and Assembly, the minor parties adhere to the 5% rule.
For parties like Independence with rapidly growing enrollment, this gets more difficult with at least 1000 signatures needed for Congress; nearly 500 for Senate and 200 for Assembly.
Since, for the most part there is no organization in these parties, candidates routinely deploy teams of lawyers (notaries) from friendly law firms to witness the signatures.
So if a suit from a pricey Syracuse firm shows up at your door next month, don't be alarmed.

WDT: Dissolution Fight Hits NNY Village

The mayor of Waddington apparently doesn't want a referendum on dissolving the village. Petitions were rejected that would have forced a vote on the grounds the documents were improperly prepared. They may have been, but it is commonplace in politics to use technical issues to disqualify parties from ballot access.
I guess you could say its a way to make sure only the professionals seize control of the levers of power.
Most people have little or no understanding of how elections work and with the unraveling of the major parties, that bit of institutional knowledge is fading. As one who knows the drill, I hear every year from people who want to run for something but have no idea on the process and there is no one to explain it to them. I try and help them.
Back to Waddington, which is the carp fishing capital of the region. Under a recently enacted state law, it is much easier for villages to dissolve. This is part of an effort to reduce the number of government entities in NYS. That's a laudable goal, but recently in the Village of Seneca Falls, the village was voted away and then the town residents objected to paying for more intense services like police in the section of the town formerly known as the village....Do you follow me ?
So, now a "police district" is being created for the former village boundaries. This is a new taxing jurisdiction, and its a bad idea because it will be a fiefdom that is hard to get rid of when folks are tired of paying for it.
The implications of dissolution must be thoroughly discussed and in a village the size of Waddington that should be easy to do. I wouldn't start with a consultant since the issues are and debt assumption.
Will the people in what is now the village be happy with the panoply of services provided by the town that they live in ?
The state's next governor, Andrew Cuomo, has pledged to reduce the number of taxing jurisdictions in the state, so more on this topic will be heard.
Watertown Daily Times Dissolution petition is rejected