Saturday, May 1, 2010

Great....Another Wind PILOT

The subsidies keep on coming for an industry that doesn't seem to make sense economically...Another wind farm in Lewis County will get tax breaks even though the current one near Lowville has had trouble making its payments.
The greening of America is not coming cheap but for rural towns that haven't seen new assessed valuation in years, the cut rate payments are enticing....Free money..just like the stimulus...
Watertown Daily Times PILOT proposed for new wind farm project

Council Monday to Focus on Parks

Monday's City Council agenda includes finishing up a review of rules for City parks and playgrounds. So far there have not been major changes proposed, other than banning smoking on the playgrounds and setting hours of operation for some of the smaller parks, many of which are relatively new.
Still to be considered are the two largest recreation areas, Thompson Park and the Fairgrounds.
The Devil's Brew continues to be an issue. A prohibition was imposed after what were perceived a rowdy "Kite Days" in the 80s and there are many who are amazed to learn you need a permit to have a beer with your barbecue. Current policy is to ban it and only enforce the matter if there is a problem.
Remember years ago when you could go to Thompson Park on a warm Summer night ? It's too bad such simple pleasures are lost because someone caused a problem years ago.
Also on Monday, Council will likely set dates for budget review. The proposed spending plan will get the usual once over with nickle and diming on expenses and a reevaluation of revenue streams.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Smith Says Conference Is Supporting Espada

Yesterday there was a story in the papers about a guy arrested after driving 153 miles per hour in a Dodge Neon.....with three passengers in the back seat...
Folks like Darrel Aubertine must feel like one of those hapless passengers stuck in the back seat, after hearing Smiling Malcolm (Smith) declare that the Democratic caucus wants to keep Senator Pedro Espada as Majority Leader.
You're just along for the ride and the driver isn't too worried about the end result....Because most of that caucus are in non competitive seats while guys like Aubertine and Senator David Valesky are on the bubble....
Espada needs to be out as majority leader and people like Darrel Aubertine need to stand up to leadership demand the dirty deed be done. Go along, get along only goes so far....At some point principle matters and now is that time.
Smith Says Conference Is Supporting Espada

Ruggiero to Oppose Burns for Top Cop Slot

Republicans are running a retired federal police officer and City of Watertown resident as their candidate for Jefferson County Sheriff
Charles Ruggiero, Jr. will oppose Sheriff John Burns.
The announcement has not been made, but Mr. Ruggiero's name was included in a list of candidates to appear at a May 19 fundraiser for the GOP County Committee. Pays to read the mail some days.

NYT - Senator Parker’s Toxic Anger -

For those tiring of politicians constantly playing the race card, the ugly incident this week staged by Brooklyn Senator Kevin Parker is just one more example of an unfortunate trend. Senator Parker.....known for rage including a verbal dust up with then Senator JimWright years ago......went into a rage about race at a committee meeting...Then he doubled down by going on radio and calling Syracuse area Senator John DeFrancisco a white supremicist.
The NY Times says its time for Democrats to show this guy the door in this year's election. In NYC there is no two party check and balance in large swaths of the Big Apple....So it is only the Dems who can take this guy out....Along with Espada and Montseratte....
What's scary about this crowd is that if they prevail this fall, the GOP will be redistricted into obscurity and the "thug-ocracy" of Senators like this one will be institutionalized.
Upstate Democrats need to take a stand on these kind of people or suffer the results of guilt by association.....
Editorial - Senator Parker’s Toxic Anger -

Lewis GOP Meets

Lewis County Republicans gathered Thursday evening to hear from candidates, most notably the Congressional hopefuls and the apparent Assembly rivals.
In the big race, no endorsement vote was taken but It's expected Matt Doheny will continue in his string of backings by local party organizations.....Rival Doug Hoffman did get a symbolic win when the committee from the Oswego County Town of Granby backed him. Still trying to find that one on the map ? So am I.
The Assembly competition now places ex Lewis County GOP Chair Pat Mahar against the man often pictured on rhis blog standing next to Big Bird.
Think about this run for Congress....the prize is significant, but at some point the endless meetings and dinners in eleven counties has got to get to you.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Indy's Meet and Plot a Course of Action

After getting my hand slapped....the Jefferson County Independence Party Executive Committee decided tonight to host a chairman's reception May 20 at Pete's Restaurant (big surprise) to meet candidates for public office this year.
The soire is open to anyone and as a result of the meeting the group will make a recommendation to the State Chair Frank MacKay for the districts that involve multiple counties. That's Congress, State Senate and Assembly.
The committee will also authorize out of party candidates to run on the line for races wholly contained in Jefferson County, which includes Sheriff.
The decision by the state chair will not come until after the party's state convention in early June. Local Chairman John Rice says the local recommendation is not binding on the State Committee, and that the locals will not decide on anything prior to the state gathering.
"We respect the process and trust Frank will take our views into account," Rice said.
Local committee members (of which I am not a member) felt I was too involved in being schmoozed by candidates and I kind of agree....but you know when you get invited to dinner at Art's Jug, it's hard to say no.
The local committee has gone rogue before in supporting Senator Darrel Aubertine in recent races. If that happens again, it will not result in litigation as in the past, according to Rice.

Pedro Espada hit with new suit from Andy Cuomo, accusing him of paying slave wages to enrich himself -

Here is what needs to be done to Pedro Espada....Its not enough to run him out of Albany in the election...He must be removed from the post of Majority Leader....Even if he takes his vote back to Dean Skelos, it doesn't matter....The fact the Democratic Party put this guy in as Majority Leader and keeps him there is a serious problem...I know Skelos and the Republicans are dirty as they cut a deal with Espada and Montseratte last year....But its the Democrats who are in charge and they are now the one's responsible for the continued prominence of Senator Espada...
Kudos to the AG for bringing the issue to a head...but Democrats should cut their ties now even if they lose control of the majority....This guy, along with race baiters like Senator Kevin Parker speak poorly of the Democrats and do more to threaten their prospects than any candidates anywhere in NY.
I am no political Svengali like June O'Neill, but hanging these albatrosses around the necks of decent people will not be that hard to.
Pedro Espada hit with new suit from Andy Cuomo, accusing him of paying slave wages to enrich himself -

Fruits of My Labor...I Joined the Ranks of Liz and Company

For almost a year, I have been an amateur blogger...a hobbyist dabbling in the world of the professionals....truly an unlicensed journalist....
No more....
Today, I got a check from Google for $104.63....Payment for the ads that appear if you scroll way down to where current pictures end and the Palin section begins. Let's see, 10 months, that's about $2.50 a week...That's TWO DOLLARS-FIFTY CENTS a week, the same as I get for selling one bottle of Genny Light.
When I signed up for Google ads, I knew payment is based on some formula and like many local journalists the compensation I get is not commensurate with the talents offered.
Now that I have been compensated for my labors, I could probably be sued for swiping a photo from my competitors....But let me reitterate to them that in the spirit of comity I feel for all media, use anything of mine free of charge !

WXXI: Legislature Leaves for Week Without Considering Paterson's Budget Bills (2010-04-28)

Lawmakers left Albany but for DeDe Scozzafava, it was a chance to go home to Gouverneur to celebrate her birthday....Really, the lawmakers at times like this are merely potted plants, so why not let them spend time with familiy back home.
Meanwhile, the Governor continues to press for real cuts in spending with an unpopular plan for furloughs....The unions hate it, but many private sector firms have used the same method to cut costs without layoffs.....Unfortunately in the private sector the technique comes after staffing had been cut to a certain level where putting people on the street was harmful to the organization. The state has never done any pruning to begin with, so the furlough plan smacks of temporary inconvenience that makes people think they addressed the structural deficit when in fact they did not.
WXXI: Legislature Leaves for Week Without Considering Paterson's Budget Bills (2010-04-28)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

In Facebook rant, Hothead Sen. Kevin Parker accuses Albany pols of being white supremecists

If you are a Democratic senator from a traditionally GOP section of Upstate, the race baiting rant of Brooklyn Senator Kevin Parker has to make you cringe.....The hot head senator called Republican senators "white supremicists." In particular he singled out longtime Syracuse Senator John DeFrancisco. The episode played out at a committee meeting for the nomination of a candidate for service on the NYS Power Authority.
The attack against DeFrancisco will get media play in the southern end of the 48th District and that's not good news for Senator Darrel Aubertine. The more the Democratic caucus appears to be off the wall, the more dangerous it is for Aubertine. Montseratte, Espada, Smith, Parker.....others as well....
They all overshadow Aubertine's carefully crafted Senatorial image and overshadow the issues on which Aubertine has delivered. Today, Senator Parker reaffirmed his comments....You can bet his video will be seen again.
In Facebook rant, Hothead Sen. Kevin Parker accuses Albany pols of being white supremecists

Making Friends in an Election Year

Everybody asks me how to get on Line C.....This might be a good year to be there since there is a desire for people who are seen as independent.....The newly reshaped Florida US Senate race will show how people feel about independent politics.
I'd love to see true third party candidates or at least primaries among those major party hopefuls who want the line....But traditionally other arrangements are made and that doesn't happen.
After jumping in too soon last year in NY23, I don't see the Indy party making any final decisions until after the party's state convention in early June.
So while I am glad to have folks visit me.....I am not the decider....Just a humble blogger....

Gov. Paterson to Unions: "Nuts" To You!

Somehow the comparison of CSEA workers to the trapped members of the 101st Airborne at Bastogne didn't sit well with Governor Paterson........The Governor's demand for furloughs for state workers prompted the response, "Nuts!" from CSEA head Danny Donahue.....That was the same response the Germans got to their demand for the surrender of Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge.
Gov. Paterson to Unions: "Nuts" To You!

Currying Favor With Activists

Got a call from Tammy (Wicked Wench) Bramhall today to tell me she had a call from Patti Ritchie who wants to stop by the Wench and talk to her before going to the Blankenbush announcement across the street at Keddy's. A couple of week's ago Matt Doheny took the chair and Tammy to dinner and made a good impression...This week Rep. Owens called John Rice to try and curry favor. There is only a semblence of organization for this party in three of eleven counties in NY23, so the few who are active get calls.
Tis the season when those interested in office want to make a good impression on activists in the minor parties. We all know that nowadays the decision on getting the line rests 300 miles away but it is important candidates reach out to those who vote and urge others to vote.
The local Indy Executive Committee has backed Senator Aubertine in the last two elections in direct opposition to the agenda of the State Chair. There was a modicum of grief over all that, and I don't really know how the group feels this year.
After the 2008 special election I made sure I was off that committee due to a situation that's not worth recalling here. In short, I am only a passive member of the IP.
Voters will decide who wins these offices and my job is to be able to work with the ultimate winner for the benefit of the folks I represent.
To that end, while I am opinionated, I try to keep it from being personal. It works out better for me that way. Unless, its Sarah Palin who is running for State Senate..then you can count me as in the tank.

SF Calls for Arizona Boycott | NBC Bay Area

Talk about inappropriate...Government entities actively encouraging and participating in an economic boycott against fellow Americans. Say what you want about the AZ immigration law, but this kind of hooliganism by governments is wrong.
Now, if you or a private group want to make a decision not to visit the Grand Canyon State, that's your business....
A Member of Congress FROM TUCSON is even encouraging a boycott of conventions. Can you believe it ? A Congressman destroying jobs in the hospitality industry....And for the race-based among you, I am sure the hotel jobs on the bubble are in many cases held by those who are black or Hispanic.
Lack of comity in our elected about in our society.
SF Calls for Arizona Boycott NBC Bay Area

CSEA Compares Itself to the Soldiers at Bastogne

State workers faced with Governor Paterson's furlough proposal have drawn from the history of World War II for their response.....
‘Nuts’ (Updated)

Two losers making lucky Andy a winner -

Sometimes you are judged by who your enemies and for the state's next governor, that may be a good thing.....Michael Goodwin in the Post points out that for Andrew Cuomo its not a bad thing to have David Paterson and Eliot Spitzer taking shots at you.....These two are the largely discredited team to whom we gave a 70% mandate in 2006......Meanwhile Mr. Cuomo continues to delay his official announcement of candidacy in part because it's nice in the Rose Garden this time of year....and the Attorney General is busy chasing down corruption in Albany and doesn't want to politicize his pursuit of Espada and company any more.
My only hope is that Mr. Cuomo, this year's AG riding a white horse of reform, is better than the last such character who ended up in the Mayflower with Ashley.
I am inclined to think he will be if only because his families political past surely has taught him something and his father is good counsel on such matters.
The problems seem unsolveable by a simple election, but that is the only remedy we have as citizens. We can only hope Mr. Cuomo and his GOP opponents really are offering something different.
Two losers making lucky Andy a winner -

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Will They Like the Accent in Croghan ?

A second Democratic Senate candidate in the 47th has surfaced .....She is Maria Pavelock and she has the party blessing in Oneida County to run against Senator Joseph Griffo....
From Jude's article she seems like a decent candidate in terms of background and I wonder if around the state we will see "safe" Senators being challenged. The 47th includes Lewis and part of St. Lawrence County.
Watertown Daily Times Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York

Our Outraged Senators

The other day Senator Schumer held a news conference to complain about social networking sites like Facebook....says they invade your privacy or something...It was this week's outrage....Ironically, New York's junior Senator has a Facebook page....
Kirsten Gillibrand has her outrage of the week...she wants nationwide standards for licensing of young drivers....Like many in Washington, she must not have read the Tenth Amendment.....If that's the goal, just make it a national driver's license and then you get the national ID card to boot.....
I often wonder if all these outrages occured prior to the media age....Today was a day we are all supposed to be outraged at Goldman Sachs, so only true multi-taskers like our Senators can be outraged about other things.
You know what I am outraged about ? These two wars that are bankrupting us and killing too many of our citizens for dubious results...I am outraged over the $14 Trillion national debt that grows by six figure amounts in less than a minute...And I am outraged over the loss of individual initiative and responsibility in a nanny state that promises to cure all our frustrations and woes
We need elected officials who spend less time being outraged and more time taking a stab at the real issues that are plagueing the Nation.
Gillibrand pushes tough standards for novice drivers - New York on the Potomac

Parker Pops Off

Another State Senator has made a fool of himself....This time it's chronic hot head Senator Kevin Parker of Brooklyn who let loose during a committee meeting in Albany....So out of line was he, the committee chair had to threaten with removal from the Chamber.
Whats wrong with these jokers ?
Parker Pops Off

Unclaimed Funds Could Benefit City

Helping lower taxes is not just a once in a time endeavor....Today I spotted (with a tip) a legal notice in the New York Post saying the City of Watertown is entitled to unclaimed funds from the Progressive Insurance Companies.
We are researching what it means.....But I hate to leave a stone unturned !
PS- The City Manager also discovered another unclaimed stash from Weston Foods and has submitted a request for funds to the Comptroller in Albany.

Tupper: 25% faculty cut » Local News » Press Republican

The teachers left behind are getting a 4.25% raise and many would say the union should take concessions to avoid layoffs....Let me be the right wing contrarian and say the unions should not do that at all. The staff reductions have to happen at some point anyway, because the current funding scheme for the state's 700 plus districts cannot be sustained.
Therefore the teachers still there will have to be resourceful, along with the admnistration, and find ways to do more with less. In future years, districts will also have to obtain labor agreements that are not several times the rate of inflation. For now you don't want to be punitive to those you are depending on to be more efficient.
I fully understand why these unions say no way to concessions.....Because they realize the cuts have to happen..if not now then in the next five years. Last year the illusion of solvency was maintained through the distribution of so-called stimulus dollars....That quick fix can't last.
The next step is something the superintendents don't want to hear....We don't need one every five miles across upstate NY. And we don't need separate collective bargaining agreements across many districts where the standard of living is constant. There are economies that can be realized without punishing students, it just takes the urgency of hard times to make it happen.
Tupper: 25% faculty cut » Local News » Press Republican

Latest Levio Tally: 50.86 to 27.1 - Capitol Confidential

The fact that Rick Lazio cannot lock down his own party's nod after months of campaigning and an opponent who is a recent convert to Republicanism is evidence the former Congressman is unlikely to do well against Andrew Cuomo.
Only the fact that Steve Levy needs 50 percent of delegate weighted votes at the convention is saving Lazio. Mr Lazio only needs 25% to gain a spot on the primary ballot because he is currently a registered Republican whereas Levy needs what is called an out of party authorization due to his current registration.
Three more county chairs this week have come out for Levy and this tally by the Times Union counts county chairs and not actual state committee members.
If Levy gets 50 plus one, it would be a major accomplishment and a sign Rick Lazio should not compete in a primary.
Meanwhile Democrat Andrew Cuomo is likely to hold off on announcing a bid till the eve of his party's convention.
Latest Levio Tally: 50.86 to 27.1 - Capitol Confidential

Monday, April 26, 2010

Arizona Rolls the Dice With Controversial Law

There must be a lot of frustration over illegal immigration in Arizona to lead to passage of a law that raises such difficult Constitutional questions as are currently being discussed....
Of course the MSM is having a field day with the "show us your papers" parodies of Nazi Germany. And the usuals, including Al Sharpton, are complaining about profiling.
The best sceneario is that Washington step up its duty to enforce the borders and this law could be repealed....I suspect the courts are going to have a problem with it anyway.
This may all be a cry for help as the open border strains the state. It is heard to imagine, though, that this measure will solve the problem...It will create confrontations, litigation and likely no decrease in illegal aliens.

Burto's Retreat Expected Given the Emerging Playing Field

There are a lot of reasons a young family man would bow out of a race for Assembly....particularly one in which he would have to change parties.
-There's the absence from home and the pressures on a marriage and kids...
-There's the financial cost of a campaign and the impact on one's current job
and employer.
-There's the grief from those in the party you are leaving and the suspicion of
those in the party you are joining.
-There's the nastiness and pettiness, particularly in these days of the Internet.
-There's the realization that maybe where you are is fine and that blind
ambition isn't all it's cracked up to be.
Getting out now was the best move I am sure for Scott Burto. I hope he doesn't abandon his rage against the machine.

Jefferson's Leaning Left: Kenneth Blankenbush's heel.

Democrats are not bashful about their intention to use WIND as an issue against County Legislature Chairman Ken Blankenbush who is running for Assembly.....The PILOT deal with developers for Galloo Island and then a blanket rejection of further development proposed by the NYS Power Authority are the issues.
Ironically, it was Blankenbush who also did the bidding of organized labor who wanted the tax abatement deal approved on the premise members would get the construction jobs. In particular, the IBEW had a stake in the wind debate......Look for those unions to leave Blankenbush at the altar this November.
Jefferson's Leaning Left: Kenneth Blankenbush's heel.

I Haven't Written About June O'Neill in a While....So It's Time

After my post last night about the Democratic dinner, I got some texts saying that Jude Seymour of the WDT had a different take and said that Lowville's Brian McGrath was seriously talking about running at the behest of Boss June (O'Neill). I have suggested Scott Burto would run.
Folks, let me clarify my role...I am not a journalist, Jude is. My blog is called "Mayor Graham's View" and it is simply impressions filtered through the prism of my experience and ideology.
But as long as Jude brings up June O'Neill.....I'd be glad to weigh in...I have known June for many years...In fact I contributed to her ill fated Assembly bid. So I was for June before it was fashionable (in the 80's I was registered as a Dem.)
June is a true believer...a political zealot who believes that the populace is divided by an "aisle." She has done very well in that environment rising to the post as state chair.
June has made it her mission to drive the infidels (Republicans) from the temple (North Country). She has flipped the House, Senate and one Assembly seat as well as seeing her party win numerous local races.
By any measure June is a winner, but now she must see the 122nd as worthy of her suiting up to drive that last stake through the heart of her archrivals.
Winning the seat Democrats drew up as a throwaway would be a gratifying notch on the holster as Democrats hardly need one more seat in the Assembly.
To that end, she may be trying to get a wealthy attorney named McGrath to Big Foot the GOP's Ken Blankenbush.
I might caution bland as Blankenbush is....this time a big downstate push to pile on may generate the opposite result.
But since I am not a journalist, I may be dead wrong.

Changing Parties Could Mean You Need to Find a New Family

For Scott Burto, it's a wrenching decision to play footsie with the Democratic Party. It is even a family schism as his uncle Kent is Scott's county legislator for his West Carthage home.
When you have been brought up in a political family and been a member of what used to be the prevailing party, the suggestion to leave is considered heresy and disloyalty.
Party is thicker than blood and family will leave you in some cases.
I suspect Scott Burto, who is mayor of West Carthage, is feeling the intellectual constraint of being defined and controlled based on the box you checked on a voter form years ago.
I can sympathize....Once you are in a major party and hold office you lose your independence.
A few days ago, I went to a GOP event in Ogdensburg and last night to a Democratic event in Watertown. I didn't feel uneasy or disloyal....I like everybody and understand that who the people elect is who I must work with.
Mayor Burto did nothing wrong in going to that dinner, if for no other reason than to show respect for the Member of Congress and Senator who represent his village.
The young Mayor has been helped by being a Republican. His former job as county trail coordiantor was clearly patronage. It is important to understand if you are are going to be independent, you will never get such a job again.....those posts are for the politically obsequious.
Changing parties for the purpose solely of running for a given office is very Spector-like, but if you believe there is not a dime's worth of difference between the parties, such a move is OK.
Or Scott could park himself in a third party or register in no party....Then you can go to any dinner you want, including Christmas dinner with your family.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Todays Dems are Looking the Part...Far Cry from the Rose Ward Era

For a couple political tourists like Ron McDougall and me, the question was, 'should a tie be worn to the Democratic dinner ?'....Time was these were pretty casual...downright downscale affairs....
No more...Ron and I misjudged the wardrobe of the new NNY Democratic Party which was looking sharp and confident.
With a Congressman, a Senator, Sheriff, and Assemblywoman to defend seats for, this is not your father's party........Remember when the winner of the 50/50 raffle got to run against Bob Nortz ?
They are so phat these days they can dabble in areas like AD122 where they shouldn't even have a shot. West Carthage Mayor Scott Burto was there annoying his uncle and acting like a candidate. Rumor is the Mayor got text messages during the dinner telling him he is through with the GOP.
Lowville native Brian McGrath was there, but the rumor is he may go for the sexier prize of State Senate in Joe Griffo's SD47. The seat is sexy, not Senator Griffo.
Sheriff Burns announced for a third term...He says the GOP is likely to run a former federal cop who lives on Keyes Avenue.....
I met one statewide candidate named Sean Coffey who is running for Attorney General....He's an impressive fellow and told me he dropped $2million of his own money in the campaign.......Where are the 'po folk in the Democratic Party ?
Senator Aubertine continued his Darrel-palooza tour with a standing ovation...While Congressman Bill Owens was warmly received and gave a pretty smooth off-the-cuff address on health care....
It was a good time at the North Side League, but I had to scoot out so I could write this up in time for Ted's bed time......

Why Ken Blankenbush Likely Will Be the New DeDe

Despite a lot of talk about various candidates for the 122nd Assembly District open seat race, a more thoughtful analysis shows Jefferson County Legislature Chairman Ken Blankenbush has ample reason to think he is going to win.
Forget the issues...They don't really matter.
After the 2000 census the Assembly Democrats pushed to get a seat they could win in the 118th (River) District....The collection of old industrial towns and upscale, left-leaning college towns did the trick and Darrel Aubertine grabbed the seat in 2002 and Addie Russell held it two years ago.
The flip side of the River District is the 122nd....A sprawling swatch of mostly empty land stretching from Lake Ontario through the farmlands of Southern Jefferson County....across all of Lewis County and picking up all the rural, non-college town sections of St. Lawrence County. The only population centers are Lowville, Carthage and Gouverneur. This is as close to a bullet-proof GOP district as you can get.
That means a Republican who is reasonably qualified, somewhat articulate and has a reasonable amount of cash should win.
True, little is certain in these changeable times....A hot influx of money...a GOP faux pas could flip the race. And its possible there could be a GOP primary but that's doubtful since I am told Mr. B has already pledged $30K up front plus monies raised locally and given to the candidate by the Republican Assembly Campaign Committee.....
That should scare off any GOP challengers...
So all things being equal and the Chairman steers clear of scandal, he should have this just about locked up based on the raw demographics of the district.
What will be interesting is whether DeDe Scozzafava weighs in...She is still popular and respected in many quarters especially among female voters.
She could be a wild card if she supports an opponent who is viable.
I also think the Blankenbush dalliances with Big Wind could be used by an effective opponent as a bludgeon......But again, to do that you need a viable opponent.
As we sit here today, Blankenbush looks the prohibitive favorite.
(Ted Ford assisted in this analysis)

WDT: Keddy's, Cavallario's impress at eighth Taste of the Town

Maybe Ken Blankenbush was ahead of the curve when he chose Keddy's Restaurant in West Carthage to host his campaign kickoff in the 122nd AD.
Turns out Keddy's grabbed top honors at the Taste of the Town yesterday held in Watertown. Mr. Blankenbush raised eyebrows when he scheduled his event in the hometown of his potential opponent, West Carthage Mayor Scott Burto. The eatery is also across the street from the Wicked Wench, owned by local Independence Party vice chair ammy Bramhall.
Given the rave reviews of the cuisine at Keddy's, even those unsure of their support for Mr. Blankenbush may want to attend his event just to sample the eats !
Watertown Daily Times Keddy's, Cavallario's impress at eighth Taste of the Town