Saturday, April 17, 2010

Obama "amused" by Tea Party protests -

The President may be amused at his own glib claims at reducing taxes, but his speech in Florida shows this man will say anything in defense of binge spending and looming tax hikes of a magnitude all those "working families" cannot imagine.
Mr. Obama says he is amused by the tea party protests...He thinks the protestors should be thanking him for purported reductions in taxes.....
Mr. President, there is a new gas tax coming....all sorts of taxes related to the health bill.....the expiration of the Bush tax rates, all sorts of taxes at the state and local level....and you know what sir, most of these niche taxes are incredibly regressive because they are applied in a flat manner across all income levels.
So when this fiction is peddled about 48% of Americans not paying income taxes, we should know that it's merely an illusion.
And Mr. President, the biggest tax of all will be the coming inflation when all that new money starts chasing the products we all purchase just to get by.
All politicians blow smoke, but this fellow is the best....All the claims about jobs created....taxes cut....and deficits reduced are annoying to listen to....But when Mr. Obama makes light of those concerned about the trend.....well, you lose me on that one, sir.
Barack Obama along with other celebrity politicians have done well for themselves.....but on money sense its just an outright lie to suggest this President is any less than a fiscal charlatan.
Obama "amused" by Tea Party protests -

Nixon/AgnewButton Stolen Along with the Bird it was Attached to

CRIME WATCH- A stuffed parrot novelty toy sporting a 1972 Nixon/Agnew campaign button was stolen last night from Fort Pearl Tavern. The remains of the bird were found in the road today minus the button.
The piece of memorabilia is one of many items that bring character to the decor of the bar,which I have operated for 25 years.
The parrot was battery operated and would talk back.
Anyone with information can call me at 486-0879.
What kind of person would do this ? Either a moronic vandal or a really ardent Republican.

Barack Obama and Sarah Palin are enriched by cosy political-media complex - Telegraph

Here's an interesting read from across the Pond about our celebrity-politician axis in the USA...and guess who the Brits see as peas in a pod...Well Barack and Sarah !
The two really are political celebrities and their earnings prove it....Ironically in 2008 John McCain tried to use Mr. Obama's star power as a rebuke to his competance for the office....And of course Ms. Palin's celebrity is routinely ridiculed today....
But its the notion of a "cosy political-media complex" that is most interesting. The current notion is that high office is a business like becoming a movie star.
Both Palin and President Obama are wealthy and will be more so as the years pass.
Barack Obama and Sarah Palin are enriched by cosy political-media complex - Telegraph

Public meeting laws are signed -- Page 1 -- Times Union - Albany NY

I guess its a good thing, but why do we need more laws to ensure what is obviously in the public interest ?
In our City, I am proud to say we have long sought to follow not only the letter but the spirit of current open meetings law....but we see everyday examples to the contrary,particularly in smaller towns, villages and school districts where there is no media coverage and little committment to open government.
It is easy to believe, once elected, that you are the government and that pesky public be damned.
There is also little attendance at meetings and little understanding of process even taught these days. I learned that years ago when a teacher at WHS invited me to speak about local government and the administration quickly quashed the appearance.
This Monday is an important City Council meeting as we act on numerous matters and the proposed City budget is released. This is a great time to learn more about local government and interested citizens beyond Mr. Zimmer are encouraged to attend !
Public meeting laws are signed -- Page 1 -- Times Union - Albany NY

WDT: Money Money Money....But None from the Constituents

I was looking at the Blog Roll on Liz Benjamin's page and see Jude Seymour and Newzjunky join this blog as recommended reading from our region. Kudos to them both for helping spread news of the North Country to a much broader audience. Of course as a grad of the Mizzou School of Journalism, I feel that's gives me an edge over Notre Dame but I am sure there are those who feel otherwise.
On to the great issues...FEC reports are in and John McHugh still has $116,000 sitting around. And our current crop of Congressional candidates have all been fronting their own money to get things going. As usual the locals in NY 23 are a bit stingy and are not used to the requisite giving needed to run multi-million dollar campaigns.
How about every GOP and Democratic state and county committee person write a $100 check today to their Congressional candidate.....And everyone who has a patronage job should write one for $500 or short anybody with excess cash...That means all of DANC, PASNY, Tug Hill, bridge authorities, the Counties in NY23, State Office Bldg. managers, teachers, union bosses, captains of industry, pension double-dippers, lobbyists, media barons, and the list goes on.....Oh, and each of these should have their spouse or partner write a check.
That would at least bring some some semblence of district involvement in the race.
HELPING OUT STATE CALL FROM ME: I have been feeling so bad about the state's cash flow problem that I have decided to help out. I am sending out my quarterly payroll taxes today instead of waiting till April 30 as is customary. I urge all employers do the same to help our state lawmakers and governor through tough times.
Watertown Daily Times Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York

Friday, April 16, 2010

Will Ken Find Happiness in a Race for Assembly ?

Over at Pete's on a Friday night there was the usual assortment of politicos...including the Florist, a former Senator and the chairman of the Jefferson County Legislature, Ken Blankenbush.
A rumor swept the room that Blankenbush was to announce this week a challenge to Assemblywoman Diedre Scozzafava. He denied it and I was more than happy to accept the denial.
In fact I had turned off the laptop and eaten dinner and the conversation had turned to other subjects....Then Mr. B...while on his way out the door approached to talk about it topic he wanted my opinion on it and making a point to tell me about the positive feedback he was getting.....
I was stricken by a bout of candor and told him I didn't think he could win.
I know in politics everyone routinely gives you attaboys and its hard to get a true appraisal because no one wants to bruise the exposed ego of a politician.
Maybe he can win..Maybe there is still resentment over Scozzafava's horrific bid for Congress that led to a 5% tally on the GOP line last year.
I just figure folks in the 122nd still like her and view last year as one of those occasional benders where an otherwise likeable person puts a lampshade on their head and for a night is not so likeable.
Time will tell, since a candidacy has to be announced soon. Chairman Blankenbush is a nice guy and works hard at his county gig.
Maybe I don't have enough blind ambition anymore, but doing a good job locally is fine for me.
UPDATE- Today (Sunday) another prominent Republican told me Chairman Blankenbush is running in the 122nd and is announcing this week.

Op-Ed Columnist - Worlds Without Women -

I like Maureen Dowd's columns but the last five have all been a Jihad against the hierarchy of the Catholic Church....Please Mo....get back to writing about politics !
Op-Ed Columnist - Worlds Without Women -

A Big Break on an Expensive Project...And City Finances on Display this Monday

Sometimes a crummy economy has a bright spot....The low bid for the Breen Avenue project is $890,000 from a Canestota firm. They have confirmed their bid and are ready to go as soon as Council acts on accepting it.
Estimates for the project had ranged as high as $2.2 million and those were clearly high due to several factors.
Other bids ranged from $1.3 to $1.7 million.
Apparently in a slower construction market contractors are willing to low ball their bids just to keep employees busy.
In any event, the lower than expected bids are good news and will result in less debt service in the budget beginning July 1 of this year.
Meanwhile the proposed City budget comes out on Monday evening and the guessing game is on about what will be in it.
Since I am at City Hall every day and follow all this stuff, it's fair to say our sales tax prognosis has improved while anything to do with the State government is problematic.
Rising retirement system costs and falling state aid is coupled with a nervousness about the overall solvency of New York.
A series of mid year cost cutting measures and positions left vacant help position City Hall better than if nothing had been done.
Also there is a more restrained mindset as far as labor agreements.
In the school districts cutting a raise from 5 to 4% is considered Draconian. Most City wage settlements had been lower of late.
That's not to say there isn't need for restraint, but I do believe the City is better positioned than certainly the State or other local entities.
There is a lot of vitality in Watertown right now with new businesses and a positive attitude. There are challenges to be sure, but there is good reason for optimism as long as Washington and Albany start on the road to fiscal rehab.

Update Your Twitter to Follow Liz

With Liz Benjamin moving over to Time Warner's Capital Tonight (notice I didn't say YNN) make sure you switch over to her Twitter page so you can follow her posts on your cell phone and home computer. At the risk of shilling for Liz, the fact you read this blog shows an interest in politics and government....That being the case, Liz is the definitive source for all things New York. Liz will soon debut on Capital Tonight, the statewide politics show on Time Warner.
State of Politics (StateOfPolitics) on Twitter

President Obama's Tax Return....He Makes More than Anyone I Socialize With

Isn't it interesting to peer into other people's tax returns ?....See how much they make and what charities they give to.
In the case of President Obama, he is of course a millionaire and faces the prospect of cashing out big time after he leaves office. Bill Clinton certainly did.
The President paid some $1.7 million in federal taxes against his $5.5 million income...
I always wonder whether it is really any of our business to look at these returns. Even Governor Paterson released his but he won't feel obliged to this year. How come they don't make mayors, or county legislators or town supervisors release their tax returns ? Probably because if you think no one runs for those offices now, see what you get when that bit of privacy is lost.
Actually, nobody in the local MSM ever ask to see my tax returns. For all they know, I may have never filed any.
President Obama tax return reveals he made $5.5M in 2009, largely from book sales

Cuomo’s Hide-And-Seek

Andrew Cuomo is serious about staying out of view and acting like he is not running for Governor, which of course he is.
Liz reports on this incident in NYC in which the Attorney General goes to extraordinary measures to avoid answering questions....When will he finally get into the pool ?
His party's convention is in early June, so he has to come out in the open before then...
Until then, Mr. Cuomo is protecting his brand name and steering clear of tough questions....So far its working...He is swamping all prospective opponents in the po;;s.
Cuomo’s Hide-And-Seek

Clinton: U.S. will promote shale gas in the western hemisphere - The Hill's E2-Wire

I guess I would have been at odds with Hillary Clinton with my recent vote to ban waste water from shale mining in our sewage treatment plant.
In a speech Thursday, the Secretary of State said the Obama Administration supports the extraction of natural gas from shale....That is done through a process called hydro-fraking.
Clinton: U.S. will promote shale gas in the western hemisphere - The Hill's E2-Wire

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Levy Parrots Lazio

Oh my, Steve Levy has been called a conservative , fiscal prudence type of guy and now he comes to Watertown and tells the WDT he will never close a NNY prison.... That's the kind of pandering we don't need but have gotten too often from too many of these people.
Mr. Levy is the Suffolk County Executive who is running for the GOP gubernatorial nod even though he is still a registered Democrat. He was in Watertown today trying to secure support at the upcoming GOP convention.
His opponent, Rick Lazio, has already been up here promising to never close a prison.
Change we can believe in !
Watertown Daily Times Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York

Ben Would Be Proud of Building Named for Him Nearing Completion

Downtown Watertown's Franklin Building on the south side of Public Square is a beehive of activity this spring as workers renovate the once derelict building into a commercial/residential complex.
Under the supervision of Neighbors of Watertown and with oversight and financing from the Watertown Local Development Corporation the project is costing about $10million and will become an anchor on that side of the Square.

Enough Already....No,on This Tax Day, There is Clearly More to Come

The NYS Business Council is touting its web page about our less than friendly surroundings for small business. It's called "Enough Already New York." On it there are all sorts of comments and suggestions about the stat.
When you look around there does seem to be increasing disdain for business as usual. The election of Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey shows more and more people, even in that horribly wasteful state, are saying Enough's Enough.
While many are rightly concerned about taxes and spending, only incremental change is possible simply because too many people have a stake in the present insolvent system.
For instance, the modest changes enacted last year to the NYS pension system came at a high cost in various concessions, carve-outs and exemptions to different public employee unions. We are now seeing another round of early retirement schemes being approved that add greatly to the long term obligations of the pension fund.
On this day of Tea Party activism and public awareness of the extent of taxation, we are on the verge of a crushing new round of state, federal, and local levies.
And just try to suggest the smallest of cuts as Governor Christie has done.....The screaming by those receiving the largesse and their MSM mouthpieces is staggering.
Just as for personal overspending a profound event like a bankruptcy is needed to scare you straight, it will take a wrenching calamity to do the same in government spending.
A day of reckoning ? Yes....But what ? and when ? That's anybody's guess.
Happy April 15 !
About Us Enough Already NY

Tea Parties Across NNY

Today is Tax Day and Americans are finishing up filing their returns and many are using the occasion to take part in rallies against growth in government and the burgeoning federal deficit.
Tea Party (Taxed Enough Already) folks are to gathering in NNY including an afternoon rally in downtown Watertown.
Come on out and take part and then go home and watch the MSM call you a moron and racist.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sarah Palin: The Right's Paul Revere

Sarah Palin goes to Beantown, not to warn of the British coming, but to warn Democrats that "the voters are coming..."
Palin has become the darling of the Tea Party movement and a deveotee of capitalism having earned over $12 million dollars in less than a year.
Politics, Political News -

Darrel Says Get Back to Work....I Say in Today's NY, It's All About Me

Senator Darrel Aubertine tells the WDT he wants the Legislature back to work on the budget...Laudable goal...but on what budget...The one that screws small business and the middle and lower classes....Or a pro growth budget that cuts spending and taxes and ends those punitive "niche" taxes against selected individuals and businesses.
Since this State is predatory towards business, I only care about those aspects of the budget that help me. Sorry if that's self-centered but I feel driven to the attitude.
So let's start with no soda tax....let's allow on-premise boozemeisters to buy at liquor stores instead of getting ripped off by distributors...Lets get rid of time-of-day restrictions on Lottery games and lay off the cigarette taxes....Talk to your Native American friends about them giving you some revenue.
When the teachers or the prison guards get unfettered access to the MSM to plead their case for more money, I just say the heck with them all.....It's all about me !
Senator Aubertine....pass a budget with my special interests addressed and I will be pleased to vote for you again this year.
Watertown Daily Times Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York

Elin Nordegren 'gives up' on her marriage to Tiger Woods after rage over Nike advert | Mail Online

So it looks like the creepy commercial for Nike pushed her over the edge...Don't blame her....the just-before-the-Masters revelations from their young neighbor probably didn't help.....
Tiger Woods didn't help himself at the Masters either..His lack of grace when losing and the hosing by family man Phil Mickelson also didn't help....Hey...five years of her life and she gets $200 million...That's a great gig.
Elin Nordegren 'gives up' on her marriage to Tiger Woods after rage over Nike advert Mail Online

Republican David Malpass Running For U.S. Senate From New York - WCBS NEWSRADIO 880

The good news for Republicans is they may have a candidate to run against Senator Kirsten Gillibrand....the bad news is nobody has heard of this person...David Malpass ? Maybe they figure an unknown will appeal this year....All the big name Republicans have bowed out of the race.
Republican David Malpass Running For U.S. Senate From New York - WCBS NEWSRADIO 880

Another Grandstanding Attorney General....How Unusual

The left's rage against Sarah Palin knows no bounds.....An "investigation" into the terms of her speaking engagements ? Where should this take Attorney General Jerry Brown ?
We must see and know every requirement of Al Gore or Bill Clinton or anyone else giving a speech for big bucks......It seems the Attorney General's rage is misplaced, but maybe he thinks a little Palin bashing will help his own quest to be the next Governor of a state that may want to worry more about its own business than whether a female speaker requires skirting on tables she is sitting behind or whether she prefers bendable straws on the water placed on the lecturn.
The Associated Press: Discarded Palin contract sparks investigation

Times Wants Wine in the Super Duper

Must be our friends at the WDT don't want to be seen going into a liquor store to buy their wine....Their support of liquor store restrictions misses one key point. The sale of their own newspaper is currently banned in liquor stores because the stores cannot sell any product not related to the consumption of alcohol (corkscrews,shot glasses, etc).
I do know of an instance where the paper is sold in a liquor store. Should I report that to the state ?
Actually, the Times is correct in noting wine in stores does make it easier for consumers, but the liquor store owners who have lived under crazy rules for decades and have large sums of money tied up in inventory should not be dismissed as just some relic that should be allowed to pass into obscurity.....
Watertown Daily Times Wine sales

Tax Musings

- A feeling of calm and confidence came over me this morning when I noticed the State of NY had sprinkled my checking account with this year's tax refund...the one they had been holding on to as long as possible.
--They are talking in Albany of taxing the rich some more....The Working Families Party says just hitting up Wall Street will solve our problems and save the jobs of teachers, health care workers and all the others who depend on government largesse.
-NJ Governor Chris Christie was on TV yesterday talking about teachers in his state who pay zero percent of their health care premiums....The governor is asking they pay the same 1.5% other state workers pay....Its pennies to these folks but last week a memo (since repudiated) from the teachers union urged members to pray for the Governor's death.
- Its getting crazy out their with talk now of more and more taxes, including a national sales tax.
-On a different note, rising gasoline prices and an influx of Canadian shoppers has led to a surge in sales tax revenue for local government bringing city revenues from this tax in line with budget projections for the current fiscal year. That news comes on the eve of the release of a city budget. That spending plan is being affected by significant decreases in state aid, but also benefits from mid year cuts to spending and vacant positions.
-Don't forget April 15 is upon us. File even if you can't pay...It's cheaper that way.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

DeDe's Assembly Friends Back Lazio

Plattsburgh area Assembly members Teresa Sayward and Janet Duprey are backing Rick Lazio for governor...The pair also backed Congressional candidate DeDe Scozzafava last year.
They are both considered moderate (some say liberal) members of Assembly including positions backing gay marriage.
Two Assembly Moderates Back Lazio

Olbermann, tea party leaders target Paladino : Home: The Buffalo News

Getting Keith Olbermann mad at you doesn't mean you cannot be governor, but the spate of publicity over e-mails written by GOP hopeful Carl Paladino may sink his campaign.
The missives are said to br sexually explicit and of course are racist......Apologies are not helping as Mr. Paladino is viewed as a borderline nut case....and he is being criticized by the left and the right as Tea Party activists are keeping their distance as well.
I don't see this guy going anywhere anyway...He won't get enough support at the GOP convention and he may lose interest when he has to organize a petition drive to get on the primary ballot.
Looks like a flash in the pan.
Olbermann, tea party leaders target Paladino : Home: The Buffalo News

The Night They Tore the Aviary Down !

They want to tear the Aviary down.
The odd-shaped building in the Thompson Park Zoo was built in 1979 with a combination of city and state dollars augmented by funds from the Watertown Foundation (now the NNY Community Foundation).
It was a signature project for Mayor Karl Burns and part of an early effort to rebuild the zoo which by then was more than a bit run-down.
Years later a group known as the Thompson Park Conservancy came along and through fundraising and vision began taking the beleaguered and actually defunct zoo in a positive direction. Lots of improvements have been made and its the type of enterprise people enjoy giving to.
Last fall I was pleased to raise some $1100 in a Beers for Bears promotion in taverns and I am always happy to support projects like the WDT effort to raise money for the otter exhibit.
So, I was shocked when I read a letter from the Zoo-erarchy that the towering Aviary building lacked a "Wow" factor and should be demolished.
We've torn down a lot over the years because folks decided it was out of style, or not worth the effort to maintain. (A couple of years back, Councilwoman Burns says she recalls contributing to an Aviary fund drive.)
Let me speak some heresy and say this building does have a wow factor...It's a curiosity and for those of us with longer roots in the area, a part of history.
Ultimately, its a City asset and its disposition is the decision of the City Council.
Council plans a visit soon to the facility and we hope in the meantime the good folks at the Conservancy will reconsider their position and see this structure as something worth saving, just like the old DEC fire tower or the Superintendent's home.

Doheny Wins Endorsements in NY-23...Team Hoffman Says They Are Bought and Paid For

Political upstart Matt Doheny is picking up endorsements of establishment Republicans, while his opponent's campaign is dismissing the nods as the machine spurning Doug Hoffman just as they did last year when insiders backed Diedre Scozzafava.
Doheny is plodding along throughout the district currying favor with the political rainmakers, who may or may not be as important as they used to be but still are the ones who play a big part in the nominating of candidates. Last year's results showed they are less important as November approaches. The GOP candidate last year drew a paltry 5% in the general election for Congress in NY23.
Through the Hoffman house organ "Whats Up NY23" the suggestion is floated this morning that the endorsements are bought and paid for, a clear effort to suggest Doheny's wealth is being used in an untoward manner. In NNY, the local pols don't get a bag of money...just a little attention....But to a broader public skeptical of money and politics, the Hoffman strategy is clear. (Actually none of the three candidates in the race can lay claim to being 'po as a church mouse.)
The endorsements and momentum-building announcements is an effort by Doheny to take Hoffman out long before the September primary and lock down the minor party Conservative line as well. If this race goes to September with Hoffman on the "D" line and Doheny winning a Republican primary, the simple one on one showdown with Rep. Bill Owens will be blurred.
Doheny is stroking Independence Party folks as well with a breaking of bread later today with Jefferson County Chairman John Rice.
Doheny also has media support with another editorial in the Watertown paper this week bashing Hoffman.
Its easy to see Doheny, who comes from Alexandria Bay, will be dominant in the western portions of the district where a majority of the people live. He also has been visiting everywhere else. Its hard to see how Doug Hoffman comes out ahead when no one is publicly backing him or appearing with him.
Granted, its a good year to run against the establishment, but at some point you need an entourage. It will be interesting to watch the Hoffman effort develop. He has capable advisors and surely did not expect to be the darling of either the chairs or the Watertown Times. Neither backed him last year and he still scored 46%. Replicating that will be difficult, but I guess he thinks it can be done.Team
Doheny Wins Endorsements in NY-23

Council to Seek Permission to Lease Deck

A four hour meeting of City Council was dominated mostly by a discussion of rules for city parks, including what to do with the deck attached to Maggies Restaurant on Newell Street.
While the review process is not complete, Council did agree to seek home rule legislation from the State Legislature to be able to lease the deck to the restaurant.
Presently, the deck.....which is part of what is now called Whitewater Park.....cannot be used for the sale of alcohol by the restaurant because the eaterie does now have control of the area. Such control is required by the NYS Liquor Authority. In order to lease parkland, an act of the Legislature is needed.
Council refused to allow consumption of alcohol in the absence of state licensing.
Lawmakers did recommend liberal hours of operation for Whitewater Park so as not to impede the restaurant.
As for other parks in the City, few major changes other than a ban on smoking in most of them and a continued ban on alcohol except with a permit.
Also at the Council meeting, the gang of five decided to stay out of a dispute in the Town of Watertown over water service in the Lettiere tract of housing off Ives Street. The Town had asked the City to stop selling to Mr. Lettiere and instead commit to supplying a newly formed Town water district. Mr. Lettiere's family has been a city water customer for fifty years.
Lawmakers also debated the aviary in the Thompson Park Zool The fancy bird house was built in the late 70s and current zoo management wants to tear it down.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Drink-mix tax sucker punch -

Paterson Administration officials continue to push the soda tax, which also would apply to powdered drink mixes that when reconstituted make large amounts of beverages like
Many of these type of drinks are value oriented so are likely to be bought by the poor.....This will be a good way to get money back from those poor people just like we do with sin taxes.
Drink-mix tax sucker punch -

Gov To Legislature: Please Stick Around

The state continues without a budget, but as we all know there is no downside to it....everything continues to operate under short term appropriation bills. Governor Paterson wants lawmakers to stay in session this week to work something out....There is no incentive to do so. Nothing has shut down. No one is going without. The State lives on as it does year after year.
I predict a mid summer budget and with it a flood of related legislation no one member will know about and the surprise to all of us in higher taxes will become evident after the November elections. By then we will have reelected the same people.
Gov To Legislature: Please Stick Around

State of Politics Blog Debuts

To keep well informed on the political affairs of the State of NY, this new blog on YNN's Capital Tonight site is a must....It is of course written by Liz Benjamin who has left the Daily News in an effort to combine gravitas and glamor on the Time Warner statewide political show.
As a tip of the hat to all of us up here, Liz has included this blog on her list of recommended sites.
State of Politics Blog

Everybody's a Golf Analyst This Weekend

Well, the excitement of the Masters is over and the hype over Tiger Woods and some really exciting golf made for great watching...Plus the scenery at Augusta. Crowd favorite Phil Mickelson won...oldsters like Couples and Watson did well. A 16-year old made the cut and there were lots of eagles to thrill the crowd.
The mood of the CBS announcers towards Woods was as changeable as the weather. From brilliance to brooding....from detached and petulant to incredibly focused.....
Fact is, if the last five months had not happened, a minus eleven fourth place finish in which he was in the hunt the final day would have been considered championship performance. Nobody wins every year and Tiger Woods played well, especially under the pressure and scrutiny provided by recent events.
Tiger had some bad moments like when he missed a short putt for birdy and then muffed the tap-in as well. That was not professional golf....But how about his record tieing four eagles ?
Now there is some poetic justice that the guy who left the tour last year to care for his cancer stricken wife won over the guy who left his wife home to indulge his oversized libido.
All that aside, Tiger Woods gave the fans a show and the drama they wanted out of this historic if somewhat pretentious week in the Georgia pines.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Firefighter Killed After Silo Explosion | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for Watertown, NY | Local News

One of Fort Drum's Bravest was killed early Sunday in a silo explosion near Sackets Harbor....Garrett Loomis was a Fort Drum firefighter as well as a volunteer in the Sackets Harbor department. As is always the case, a first responder killed in the line of duty is reason for all to mourn and give thanks for their bravery.
Update: Firefighter Killed After Silo Explosion WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for Watertown, NY Local News

Elite, Liberal Media Loves Palin

For those in need of more Sarah Palin, SNL's Tina Fey has gone back to the well for a new skit about the currently ubiquitous Palin who is all over television.....
Politics, Political News -