Saturday, April 10, 2010

Doheny Works the Small Rooms Tucked Away in the Expansive 23rd

Congressional candidate Matt Doheny continues a break-neck travel schedule as he tries to outpace rivals Doug Hoffman and Rep. Bill Owens.
Saturday night, after three days of announcing across eleven counties, he attended a dinner at the Elks Club in Watertown before heading to West Carthage to chat up customers at the Wicked Wench Tavern.
The "Wench" is owned by local Independence Party activist Tammy Bramhall and Doheny wants the IP line. While that decision rests with the party's state chair, local activists have an impact on that process as well as on how people actually vote.
Doheny, at age 39, is better able to maintain the pace needed to compete in this massive district.
When you see his energy and enthusiasm, it's easy to imagine him winning the GOP primary and perhaps the general election in November. Campaigns are about a lot of things, but hard work is high on the list of factors.
I watched him chat up middle age customers at the Wench and his recent spate of publicity in the MSM has increased awareness of who he is.
Doheny predicts he will have the support of all eleven county chairs, as well as many independent activists in the tea party movement.
He is the establishment candidate in a way but as a fresh face with authentic conservative views, he differs from the run of the mill GOP candidate of recent years.

Teachers Union: Death to the Governor (of New Jersey)

While the MSM continues its villification of Tea Partiers, a disturbing development on the other extreme this week as the union representing NJ teachers distributed a memo urging prayers for the death of Governor Chris Christie.....The new GOP Governor has been behind a series of controversial cuts aimed at stemming the Garden State's financial woes.
While the union later recanted and denounced the language, one wonders how low the discourse in this country will descend.
Unholy NJ death wishers -

Liz Becomes a Talking Head

The political crutch we all use in following NYS politics has finished her time at the NY Daily News. Liz Benjamin will be donning make-up on Monday as she begins hosting Capital Tonight on Time Warner. She is replaced at the NYDN by Celeste Katz and Liz will resume her blogging at her new location.
By the way....everyone thinks this YNN moniker is dumb....Sounds like the name of some parody network on the Comedy Channel....Its still News 10 Now to me.
The Daily Politics

Soda tax makes sense | | Democrat and Chronicle

The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle has editorialized in favor of the soda tax....Would the D & C and other publishers join with me in making their newspaper subject to sales tax and their advertising subject to sales tax as well ?
Soda tax makes sense Democrat and Chronicle

Forecast warns state can't pay June bills -- Page 1 -- Times Union - Albany NY

How about requiring greedy retailers to file sales tax monthly instead of quarterly so the children and our working families can benefit from the money now ?....See, I am getting the rhetoric down pat ?...Very Obamaesque, if you ask me.
Forecast warns state can't pay June bills -- Page 1 -- Times Union - Albany NY

FAA halts plane towing Tiger taunts

Was it safety in the skies or an effort by the US government to run interference for Tiger Wood ?....An airplane towing banners poking fun at the golfer's sex scandal has been flying over Augusta National Golf Club during the Masters. Suddenly, the FAA has cited the plane's owners for safety violations and ordered the plane back to its home base in Ohio for repairs.
There have been extraordinary efforts on the ground to protect the number one duffer from terrestrial taunts but the air assault had stymied the golf establishment.
FAA halts plane towing Tiger taunts

Inevitable Hillary Clinton for Supreme Court Talk Begins -- Daily Intel

Why not Hillary, if she wants the gig ? She is smart..a hard worker and has been a good soldier for the Administration despite some rough treatment during the 2008 campaign. She has earned it.
Also, Hillary, through her years as First Lady, a US Senator and Secretary of State (plus all that work for the Rose Law Firm) has a different perspective on things than just someone hanging out in academia and the federal appeals courts.
And she is readily confirmable. As a former Senator, the bit of comity left in that body would help her.
It's the President's call and the Senate is still 59-41 Democrat. So you are going to get a left leaning justice. No point arguing that. I just think she would fit the bill at this time.
Unless Hillary wants to pick up the pieces in 2012 should President Obama's numbers continue to sink.
Inevitable Hillary Clinton for Supreme Court Talk Begins -- Daily Intel

Friday, April 9, 2010

Base stirred by Palin, but not sure she's ready yet - Ben Smith and Jonathan Martin -

OK, I understand Sarah Palin has but a thin chance of electoral success in 2012....And maybe she will never run for anything again...But she is a white hot draw among conservatives and independents not feeling the tingle up their leg from President Barack Obama. At a GOP gathering in New Orleans today, Ms. Palin delivered an unrelenting attack on the President and sounded like she was setting the stage for her own run.
But she could just be setting up her own national persona as a GOP truth teller and motivator.
Her performance her peculiar halting style, was a huge hit among the faithful.
Base stirred by Palin, but not sure she's ready yet - Ben Smith and Jonathan Martin -

Juggling Your Bills...Been There and I Know What Needs to be Done

I guess if state workers are looking at a delay in their raises, the prospects for me getting my tax return are not too good.
There is a pattern here that is easily understood at the family or small business level. When you begin putting off your obligations in a juggling manner, that's a sign you are fundamentally insolvent.
In any small business, you can juice your cash flow temporarily by dragging your feet on paying property taxes, and you have nearly three years before losing your property. You can slow-walk your sales tax or understate the numbers for a time, but eventually the chickens come to roost....Vendors will wait and likely send more product as they don't want to lose a customer and hope to get paid eventually. You can ask people to hold their pay checks and you can get away with not filling out 941's for a while.....You can do all that and more, but the end result is you either have to radically alter your lifestyle or business practices....or just go out of business....
For the state, the pay delays, the tax refunds withheld, the state aid being can bet vendors are on a longer leash....It's all a sign the cash cow is ill.
The answer we are getting is more hidden taxes (soda tax).....Hang on to your wallets New Yorkers...this business call the State of NY cannot just go out of business and they won't change their ways...Their only answer is to raise prices (taxes). And because, unlike a business, the state's power to confiscate money is potent, that's the route they will go.
4% state raise on hold -- Page 1 -- Times Union - Albany NY

Friday Morning and its Chilly Outside

- If the City is able to do anything with Sewall's Island, a refurbished Factory Street will help....And yesterday word came from the NYS DOT that the busy thoroughfare will receive funding for design of a rehabilitation and that will will lead to funding for reconstuction in 2012..
Factory Street is a busy street that once had train tracks down the middle of it, and connects to Route 283, a main route to Fort Drum.
-GOP Congressional hopeful Matt Doheny continued the long hike across the 23rd yesterday with a visit to Plattsburgh. And he is being matched mile for mile by Rep. Bill Owens who is also all over the sprawling district. With the primary not till mid September the one on one with Owens will be brief this Fall.
Doheny will need to engage his Democratic foe much earlier than that and would be well served by framing the race as one against the incumbent and not against Doug Hoffman.
-Today is the last day on the job for Watertown Fire Chief Milt Sayre....Chief Sayre is a long time (35 years) fixture in the department and is retiring after a stellar career.He will be missed and a new fire chief is expected to be chosen soon.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

WDT: Hoffman Ramps Up

These folks are not messing around. Jude reports on Doug Hoffman's campaign apparatus as the race to the GOP primary shifted into second gear this week with the formal announcement of Matt Doheny.
Mr. Doheny has already stated he will have the resources to wage a strong and effective campaign.....If Mr. Hoffman performs similarly, it will be a blood curdling internecine battle for the nomination...And with the primary in mid September, the winner needs a quick pivot to the November race.
Doheny will have party leaders, the western counties, the social centrists, and the MSM on his side. Hoffman will play to the social conservatives, the tea partiers and those outside the reach of Watertown media.
I think whomever can find a resonating message on taxes and the economy and articulate it with some panache will gain an edge. Of course that assumes the money and organization is similar for both.
Watertown Daily Times Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York

Paterson withholding state worker pay raises -- Page 1 -- Times Union - Albany NY

So the Governor says no raises ? Such talk from a Democrat....Hard to see how he can sustain his position in view of the contractual obligation incurred by the state. However, he may be able to bludgeon the unions into concessions. In any event, what's he have to lose. ?
Paterson withholding state worker pay raises -- Page 1 -- Times Union - Albany NY

City's Past.....Can It Be Part of our Future ?

- Its a heavy lift to imagine the redevelopment of Sewall's Island on Pearl Street....The former home of Black Clawson was once teeming with industry and jobs but is now largely vacant except for a still operating hydro plant at one end of the island.
City officials including three of five Council Members and local planning agencies toured the grounds today and were met with the vestiges of the city's industrial past. Two railroad bridges remain in tact and the once busy foundry is just a concrete foundation.
Nonetheless a cleanup of the island is nearly complete and next year the City hopes to start seeking possible developers. It's a very scenic spot, but given its location it will not be easy....But at least we are getting closer to reuse.

Paladino, running for governor, denounces 'ruling class' on visit to Syracuse |

The populist rage of Carl Paladino is likely too outspoken for our politically correct world, but then again things are pretty bad and he could at least shake up the race for Governor.
Maybe he will even wake up Rick Lazio, who is about to be annoited as the GOP's designated loser to Andrew Cuomo. Mr. Lazio has been running for a year and the only thing I have heard him say is he wants a one-house (unicameral) Legislature. That's a measure his own party opposes because you don't need to be a political science major to know the GOP has no hope of ever controlling the Assembly, which is what would be left over from such a move.
As for Paladino, he is looked upon as a ticking time bomb who will say something that will "outrage" somebody and force him out. I am not so sure he cares and he will become the outlet for rage against the machine.
Paladino, running for governor, denounces 'ruling class' on visit to Syracuse

Press Republican: Poll: Exchange rate luring Canadians south

Hey, I was right with my anecdotal assessment of the retail boom in the NNY economy due to the strong Loonie.
Welcome Canadians !
The Press Republican - Article: Poll: Exchange rate luring Canadians south

WDT: Silencing opinion and the Supremacy of Superintendents

Today I happened to end up talking to someone who was not allowed to speak at a General Brown School District meeting after Board President Jeffrey Timerman read a statement that no negative comments are allowed....This came after a burgeoning movement in the district to end the reign of Superintendent Stephen Vigliotti, Sr.
The sillyness of saying no public comment unless its boosterism is clearly ridiculous and inconsistent with representitive government and the First Amendment.
Nobody is suggesting disruptive or insulting behavior is OK, but I have to tell you that if I read such an edict at the City Council meeting I would rightly be held up to considerable public ridicule.
Now what about this Superintendent ? I don't know him, but the people who oppose him are not frivolous people...and they are significant in number....Superintendents usually have a pretty free reign, so there is something else happening here.
One issue is why does the School Board support him so.....One reason is the difficulty in getting rid of someone....I was told Mr. Vigliotti is paid in the $175K range and is on a five-year contract that is routinely renewed every year....That means he is always five years out and his contract includes a two-year severance provision. That means termination would cost the district close to $400,000. That's a heavy lift for a volunteer board member in a small rural district where most people are happy to earn one-tenth of that..
Like I said, I am not intimate will all the details in this district and like all of you have to rely on the MSM for the story.
And I am hesitant to criticise volunteer school board members who probably ran because they want what's best for their kids. It really is tough when an upset public starts hammering these folks...But the truth is schools have the biggest budgets of any local government and the least direct accountability to the people. And when the public is ordered to shut up that situation comes into sharp focus.
Watertown Daily Times Silencing opinion

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

NYDN: Cuomo Races Cash....GOP Ponders Defeat

Still no announcement of candidacy or articulation of platform, but AG Andrew is holding a dinner where you can break bread with him for $25,000 a couple.......
Meanwhile Republicans are essentially rolling over on the statewide races with a key GOP operative telling me today they will be happy if Rick Lazio can top 40%....and the other two potential Republican candidates are being dismissed as either nutty (Paladino) or too laden with baggage (Levy).
The feeling is if the GOP top of the ticket can get in the low 40s, there won't be a drag on their down ballot candidates, particularly those running for State Senate.
For Mr. Cuomo, might as well stay in the Rose Garden and let the GOP carry on with their long concession. They have already given up on the two US Senate races and Comptroller and AG don't look so well either.
The Daily Politics


There's really no harm in this...Adult film star Stormy Daniels keeps flirting with a run for US Senate in Lousiana...Now she has suddenly switched and become a Republican and in doing so would have to square off against Senator David Vitter...who just happened to have had a Madame problem in DC.
Now Republicans are mad because her occupation underscores his morals problem....
Based on the number of media microphones she can attract, Stormy times may be ahead for Mr. Vitter.

DaBrinker Report: Patty Promised a Half Million ?

The Democratic operatives who write DaBrinker want to make hay over the fact Patty Ritchie has told friends the Senate GOP has promised her a half million for her bid to unseat Senator Darrel Aubertine. In all fairness, while Team Darrel may want to make that sound she is beholden, the fact is they all are....The nightly register ring at Pete's is more the either party could actually raise locally...The big bucks have to come from elsewhere.
If its only a half million, that may not be enough....The last two times around this district has produced multi-million dollar races.
DaBrinker Report: DaBrinker Mailbag: Richie Promised $500K in 48th Senate District Race?

Senate Dems Help Indy Leader...Patty Take Note

Here's a story that could be bad news for Patty Ritchie.....A key friend and supporter of NY Indy Chair Frank Mackay gets a patronage job offered up by Senate DEMOCRATS.
This reenforces a perception I had that maybe the state leadership will name Darrel Aubertine as the party nominee, if there is a shift of allegiances from the old Bruno majority to the new Democratic majority.
In 2008 a bitter fight developed between NNY Indy members and a state leadership totally committed to GOP control of the Senate. That battle resulted in a change of the party's rules to ensure local rebels didn't do the unthinkable.
The job arranged for Dr. Cavallo of Westchester County may be a sign there is a different paradigm in place.
A Republican like Ritchie up till now had just been able to assume the fix was in for the IP and Conservative lines.
But politics is volatile and as Mr. MacKay is fond of saying, " if you don't like the way things are, just wait a minute, and it will all change."
While I obviously have no direct knowledge of what's up, this Liz Benjamin story did catch my eye.
Senate Dems Hire Influential Indy Party Leader

State worker: I get paid $2,200 for 5 minutes work -- Page 1 -- Times Union - Albany NY

When you hear the State of New York leadership claim they are strapped for cash and we must pay higher taxes...just read this article in the TU. And there are lots like this man milling around the Capitol every day.
State worker: I get paid $2,200 for 5 minutes work -- Page 1 -- Times Union - Albany NY

Political Sightseeing on a Wednesday AM at the Carriage House

I like going to political events like today's Doheny announcement so I can see who is there and it was good to see a couple of faces from the past in Cary Brick and Alison Power....
Cary was the longtime staffer to about a dozen NNY Members of Congress and Alison was the flack for Rep. David Martin. I ran into Mayor councilman...a former councilman...a couple of County Legislators including the Florist....There were some operatives including a guy I saw on Capital Tonight.
You see I run into Matt Doheny often as he lives in Watertown, so I didn't really need to hear his speech. I know he is for less government...lower taxes...plays hockey...likes all sports....and is successful at something to do with money management.
Doheny says he has the resources (money) to "get his message out." He says he has logged 20,000 miles in his old Ford Explorer meeting folks in the district and listening to their concerns.
Can you believe Doheny's aide gave me a press packet with his bio and remarks ? Do they think I am some kind of journalist ?...I certainly am not,but I was polite...I waited till I got home to dispose of it.
. Doheny won't mention Doug Hoffman by name, even when Bart Bonner asked him how he was "going to handle Dougie."
I wanted more red meat, but was told by Mr. Brick that this wasn't the place for all of that....Cary is not one to go to the hockey game to see the fights.
There were Danish and muffins there, but nobody ate them.
Oh, I almost forgot...Graham Wise was wearing a tie.....That should have been the lead.

WDT: Owens visits Lewis, Oneida agriculture areas

Representitive Bill Owens continues to demonstrate he is committed to campaign hard for reelection to NY23 with visits this week to Lewis and Oneida Counties. Mr. Owens looks like a Congressman out of central casting and has done a good job of being seen and known throughout the district.
Mr. Owens is saddled with a voting record that will be the subject of attack but if the campaign turns on the 'optics' of the race, he will be tough to beat.
Watertown Daily Times Owens visits Lewis, Oneida agriculture areas

Race On as Doheny Officially Enters the Fray

I get to go to the bank this morning to find out what happened to all the weekend receipts I deposited on Monday. Another system failure has left my accounts in disarray and nothing from Monday is posted....except of course the checks that cleared in the meantime....That means I will be late for the Matt Doheny presser to announce his candidacy...Very annoying.
Anyway, as for Doheny, it's his day to shine and start building the overall name recognition he needs for a primary battle against Doug Hoffman this September.
Yesterday, the last possible other candidate dropped out. Paul Maroun of Franklin County formally dropped his bid for the nomination.
Doheny has the backing of many party leaders who do not consider Doug Hoffman someone who can or should win. The Lake Placid accountant created a political firestorm last year with a third party bid that toppled the Republican front runner but failed to edge out Democrat Bill Owens, who is now our Congressman.
Hoffman does have great name recognition and the apparent support of the state's Conservative Party headed by Mike Long who has said he will again support the man who delivered a 46% showing last year on Line D.
Neither man has much in the way of political roots as neither has held elected in the end most folks know little about either man.
Doheny has been driving around the massive district visiting with GOP leaders and attending events. While his profile in the news has been low, he likely does have considerable grass roots support among county chairs and the like.
Doheny is also a voracious reader and knows the issues inside and out. That policy wonk persona contrasts with Hoffmans reliance on Conservative platitudes, although his profession suggest he certainly has an understanding of the complicated finance issues and tax issues likely to come up in the months before the primary.
Doheny at age 39 is a generation younger than Hoffman or Owens and has the energy to keep slogging around the 11-county 23rd Congressional District.
For those interested in increasing the GOP ranks in the House, Doheny is the more forward-looking and issue-oriented choice while Doug Hoffman offers more of the mad-as-Hell little guy taking on the system candidacy...That worked well last year, but many doubt he can capture lightning in a bottle twice.
Either of them will face a tough November fight against Rep. Bill Owens who is proving to be an accomplished politician who is building relationships throughout the district.
Many of the Congressional races this year will be essentially national races as the party's vie for power in DC. But we are still electing a guy to represent us and in the end personality and the ability to connect with average NNY'ers is still paramount.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Maggie Brooks and Andrew Cuomo? Don’t Bet on It - Rochester, News, Weather, Sports, and Events -

The rumors are starting on who will be Andrew Cuomo's running mate....One rumor had a pairing with Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks, but observers think that unlikely.
One thing Cuomo cannot do is pick someone like Eliot Spitzer did....Someone who fits some kind of demographic profile and won't upstage the top of the ticket. If Spitzer taught us anything there is a need for substance in the number two spot. While there are many likeable aspects to David Paterson, it is clear he was clueless upon taking office and was self undulgent in the way legislators in a one party town like NYC can be.
A county executive makes sense or a veteran of strong mayor governance. Administrative ability is important but so is that grounding you get only from have to face the voters and answer to the voters. We don't need anyone from the Legislature.....If Cuomo is indeed a shoo-in, he had best pay serious attention to the number 2 slot.
Maggie Brooks and Andrew Cuomo? Don’t Bet on It - Rochester, News, Weather, Sports, and Events -

Adam Clayton Powell IV To Announce Rangel Primary Challenge

Who says change never comes to Harlem...Well the more things change, the more they stay the same...
The great grandson of legendary Harlem Congressman Adam Clayton Powell is challenging beleaguered Rep. Charles Rangel, who recently lost a key committee chairmanship amidst scandal over his personal fianances. The political process in these urban one-party districts is very closely held and we will see if the seat is indeed a legacy seat. Rangel and Powell IV will square off in a September primary.
Adam Clayton Powell IV To Announce Rangel Primary Challenge

GOP Race for Congress Comes into Focus

Franklin County Legislator Paul Maroun tells the WDT he is not a candidate for Congress in NY23....There was no real reason to believe he was...There was no campaign apparatus and everyone knew he was recovering from surgery anyway....But he got a few mentions in the MSM about running and got to debate the two contenders for the GOP nod...Nothing wrong with a little fun, and we all wish Mr. Maroun a speedy recovery.
I am wondering how early I should arrive for the Doheny launch in the AM in order to get a good seat....I ask a couple Indy friends to stop by to dillute the GOP gene pool in the room. I am hoping for lots of red meat....Maybe a new incarnation of Huey Long or William Jennings Bryan.......Just tell us you won't let us be crucified on a cross of gold....Do it loud and with a crazy glint in the eye and like lemmings we will follow.
Don't forget to tell us how you long for the era of Ronald Reagan, even though you were too young to drive when he left office....And definately don't forget to call your opponent a socialist....That always goes over.
Be there at 9 am at the Carriage House.

Parting With Your Land Line Isn't Easy

Had something happen that really made me feel like a clinger to the past.
I still have a land line phone in my house, even though I never...I mean never use it. I could save the thirty bucks a month with no consequence but I was of a generation where not having a phone was not a good thing...And I have trouble letting go.
So yesterday, the guy more curmedgeonly than Joe Brosk of Carthage....told me he got rid of his land line...This is a guy who refuses to discuss all the things people talk about around the water cooler. He even spurns Newzjunky because there is too much pop news.
If Joe can part with his land line, maybe I should consider doing so....No, I think I will wait and see what Ted Ford does.

Various Random Thoughts

-Ogdensburg native Mindy Lawton got a mention in the Boston Herald, although the media blackout in her hometown continues. What is hard to believe in this story is how a 32 year old having an affair with a married man could retractively claimed such naivete.
-An inspiring game by tiny Butler college last night in almost winning the National Championship....losing to Duke by just 2 points.
-Critics say he threw the first pitch like a girl, but I can sympathize with President Obama's arcing floater of a first pitch at the Nationals home opener. In front of the crowd, something as natural as throwing a ball a short distance becomes nerve wracking...not because he isn't used to crowds, but its a guy thing.... So worried about not making the plate, you look worse with the high trajectory and a moment saved by an agile catcher able to catch the errant orb.
Some of the older readers may have been reminded of the Yankee lefty reliever Steve Hamilton, who would occasionally throw the "folly floater". Surely the President as a child may have seen Hamilton throw the pitch to the White Sox.
-Retiring Fire Chief Milt Sayre received a standing O at Mondays City Council meeting as he was honored with a First Citizen award for his 35 years of service to the Department.
-While I was at the Council meeting, Patty Ritchie reportedly visited Pearl Street to consult with bartender Diana. Meanwhile, I will report.....wait, I am not a reporter....I will share my impressions of the Doheny announcement for Congress which is Wednesday morning. While not invited per se, I will go as a political tourist just to see what's happening. Yes, we will be checking out the "optics" of the 9AM event.
Double standard par for course -

Monday, April 5, 2010

Paladino annouces candidacy : Home: The Buffalo News

Can a man from Buffalo, who is anti-spending and pro-business be elected Governor of New York ?....I doubt it....These races are all about how many public employee unions endorse you....But that has not stopped Carl Paladino from announcing a bid for the State's highest office.
The GOP run is interesting with Rick Lazio....the presumptive losing candidate....vying against upstarts Steve Levy and Paladino.....
If Republicans are true to form they will back the sure loser......Cuomo 57...Lazio 42...others 1%
Paladino annouces candidacy : Home: The Buffalo News

Frakked Water Can Keep Coming to Watertown

City Council has endorsed the continued treatment of hydro-fraking water at the City's sewage treatment plant.
Council voted three to two to continue to accept the controversial water which is the by-product of a natural gas mining process in the state's Southern Tier.
Council heard a presentation from plant operator Michael Sligar, who detailed the extensive testing that has occured on the water. Councilwoman Roxanne Burns joined me in opposing the shipments.
My argument is mostly on economics. It makes no sense to spend as much time and effort that has been expended on a program that nets the City a couple of thousand dollars.
Those in favor say the City is helping the State of New York develop a new industry.
Unfortunately , the economic benefit of this new industry is in those counties where the wells are. My feeling is those communities should develop a plan to treat the by-product.
Council also set up parameters for a discussion of rules for new water front parks. That will be next week, as lawmakers discuss arrangements for Whitewater Park and the use of the fabled deck.

First Impressions....Should They Matter ?

So I tuned in for the Tiger Woods press conference with over 200 reporters in attendance to ask whatever they wanted...
The first thing I noticed was Mr. Woods striding into the room in golf attire wearing a hat with the letters TW embroidered on it. The people sitting with me and I debated whether he would remove the hat....
He sat down...adjusted the millinery and left it on. That was the first non verbal signal I got that he is not humbled by anything.
You take your hat off indoors. That's just the way it is....From that point he had benign answers to generally soft ball questions.....
Hey if he wins, why jeopardize your chance for a post-match interview ?
But the hat just told me he still feels entitled (his words).

The other day I was reading a WDT restaurant review of Maggies and the reviewer made a point of noting the thingamajiggy in the waitress' lip (a piercing). Obviously the reviewer's impression was colored by the first impression of a lip ring, which older diners would find improper.
Was it right to make a fuss over the thingamajiggy ?....I say it was and provided a metaphorical explanation of what he saw as service deficiencies.
It's hard to tell younger people that piercings and tatts (tattoos) are not held in universal esteem. But when an old poop comes in to review you, those first impressions matter.

McHugh Beats a Hasty Retreat

Former Congressman and now Army Secretary John McHugh got a little hoof in mouth last week when he had to backtrack on his disdain for the military's "Don't ask, don't tell" policy that says its OK,(sort of) to be gay but just don't talk about it. McHugh stated he would not out soldiers who had talked to him about being gay and then had to back off and embrace the policy as the "law of the land."
It is obvious McHugh is among those Obama Administration officials who want to end the policy under which thousands of service members have been discharged over the past 17 years.
Funny all those year's New York's Conservative Party backed McHugh even though he supports abortion rights, gay rights, cap and trade, deficit spending and card check....Boy did he pull the wool over their eyes.
As for "Don't ask" (one would think adults could handle sexuality in the workplace) McHugh has laid bare the notion that the command really supports this policy. Many don't. But that's no surprise. There are lot's of taboos where there is a wink of the eye approach depending on circumstances.
A review of the policy is underway and most observers say "don't ask" days are numbered.
After McHugh's pronouncement, 'don't ask, don't tell' policy grows ever more tangled

Tiger Meets the Press

It's been a long time since I was a journalist and I don't presently have the credentials or the gravitas to be a gatekeeper acting in the public interest, convenience or necessity.
Disclaimers aside, I wonder what I would ask if I was important (or safe) enough to be at today's Tiger Woods press conference at Augusta National.
If I was a WDT reporter, I would feel obliged to ask about Mindy Lawton of Ogdensburg, of whom I have placed a provocative photo to the left of this text in a craven attempt to increase viewership.
But what would I ask ?....'Do you remember Mindy ? Did she talk about the Maple City ? Is she supporting Nick Vaugh for Assembly ?
Or would I ask how many girls ? How do you face your fans ? What about those steroids from Canada ? Where's your wife ? How did you get away with it for so long and what about the payoffs ? Did Elin go after you with a golf club ? What club ?
It will be must see TV, because Tiger loves control and is used to obsequious media and fans.....Never had to face the unscripted like today.
UPDATE: Must be the golf MSM didn't want to lose access in the future...Not much red meat in the questioning.

WDT: Business center receives top honor

Congrats to the JCC Small Business Center on its recent SBA award. I don't know all that goes on up there but it seems like a good idea to coach potential small business owners on surviving in the current environment.
Watertown Daily Times Business center receives top honor

WDT: Delusional Behavior Grips two IDAs

Industrial Development Agencies in Lewis and St. Lawrence County are taking the ill advised move of spending money on lawyers for a class action suit seeking to stop the state from assessing IDA's a fee....They call it a tax, as if to do so will compel all of us to experience a wave of sympathy for these agencies in dire need of some oversight....
Mercifully, Jefferson's IDA decided not to partake of this madness.
First....when did any of these IDA's use their cash to hire lawyers so that business people could be protected from NYs increasingly mob-like shakedown tactics. ?...The many small retailers, and some pretty large ones too, fraudulently assessed tobacco license fees by the Governor and Attorney General might have been something worth funding a lawsuit on.
Second...Be careful what you wish for...NY's allowing of the sale of tax abatements in exchange for large fees that can be funneled into less regulated local development corporations is a practice I would not want to draw attention to...That's what a lawsuit might do...Just let the state get its share..Call it protection money.
Incidentally, a judge did rule the state not collect its much higher tobacco fees, but the state just went ahead and did it anyway...and when the press inquired about the injustice...they lied and said the retailers had voluntarily made a contribution to the state.
That's what the IDAs have done...Made a voluntary contribution and the sooner they realize it the better for them...In the meantime, quit wasting money on lawyers.
Watertown Daily Times Two area IDAs join lawsuit opposing tax

Patty's Plates Debut

So the new plates are coming soon....apparently you don't have to buy them, but they will be issued to new registrants or those who choose to update. The original plan to require everyone get them was scuttled when a pseudo uprising occured bring the Governor to his knees. If they phase them in this way it will take forever to rotate the inventory. Betcha by next year, everyone will have to get them....
The Press Republican - Article: New York license plates go retro

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Is New York ready for Carl Paladino? : Twitter - Buffalo News : The Buffalo News

Guess we will have to get to know Carl Paladino, since he is running for Governor.....Definately a long shot, this Buffalo lawyer and landlord is brash and opinionated but also a powerful voice in Western NY.....From reading this Buffalo News article, its hard to see him winning, but this an outsider's year. As a candidate with appeal to tea party activists, Paladino is another problem for Rick Lazio....who is as they say, the presumptive GOP nominee.
Paladino's anti tax, pro business mantra may help shape the race even if he doesn't get the nod....I wouldn't rule out a teaming up of Paladino and Steve Levy....
Is New York ready for Carl Paladino? : Twitter - Buffalo News : The Buffalo News

Lots to Fill the Blog in the Weeks and Months to Come !

There is a lot to go on in Albany once the Easter/Passover holidays are over.
Governor Paterson is still trying to convince lawmakers and the public the state is really broke. The unions suddenly don't like the man they helped put there. Construction workers charge the Governor is out of his mind for halting public works projects, including a big one here in Jefferson County.
A tea partying Buffalo area contractor with lots of money will announce for Governor, while the man most believe will be the next Governor has yet to announce.....In fact Andrew Cuomo has not said much of anything.
Rick Lazio has candidatitis and is said to be calling wavering county chairs to give them an earful....Meanwhile Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy looks like he has at least a shot at toppling Lazio for the GOP gubernatorial nod. Despite a year on the trail as the presumptive nominee, Lazio has raised less than 20% of what Levy has leftover in his campaign war chest from the last county executive race. As goes Don Coon, so goes the nomination....
Kirsten Gillibrand continues to benefit from a paucity of Republicans who want to become a Senator.
Then there is the budget....No prospect for an early resolution although Senate Democrats have a vested interest in making it appear Albany is functional.
Locally, we hope to find out soon if Ken Blankenbush really challenges DeDe Scozzafava in AD122.
Most observers, even some in the GOP say Aubertine and Russell are pretty solid in their bids for reelection. Russell is a virtual lock....Aubertine a likely winner but by no means a certain one.
Local politics pretty subdued, but there are some interesting issues coming up in city politics. Not the least of which is a budget that could be controversial unless lawmakers are willing to make aggressive projections on sales tax revenue.
And the sleeper race so far is for Jefferson County Sheriff, where John Burns is running for reelection, with no apparent opponent.
And of course there is our NY23 race, which will be an engine for economic development in the Fall when a bunch is spent on advertising.

Battle of $50 Bill Splitting Republican Ranks -

This is the kind of silliness that gets the GOP in trouble.....They spend all their time fussing about who is a Reagan Republican, when in fact a whole generation of voters were at best toddlers during the Reagan years......Leave President Grant on the $50.
It won't be many years till the Ted Ford crowd is clamoring for Barack Obama on a bill.
Let's stick with the distant past.
Now a Sarah Palin bill.....We could make an exception !
Battle of $50 Bill Splitting Republican Ranks -