Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Weekend

My St. Lawrence County mole tells me an Ogdensburg native is among those officiating the Butler-Michigan State Game. Jamie Luckie comes from a well known Maple City family.
Also on Saturday, the Weather Channel reports Watertown logged a record 86 degrees, besting the previous record by a whopping 13 degrees. Global warming we can believe in !
President Obama is on during halftime of the Butler game shooting some hoops with the announcer.
I ask just about everybody I run into if they have sent in their census form...I am surprised how many haven't, even though its not a difficult task. One man was in to lobby me on hydro frakking water and he told me he didn't want to bother.
There are five in his family. Come on folks...let's get counted...send 'em in !

Krug: Pass Farm Labor Bill

Retired dairy farmer and former Lewis County Legislature Chairman Bruce Krug is taking issue with Senator Darrel Aubertine over the farm labor bill.
Krup wants it passed and doesn't buy what he sees as the outmoded concept that the bill will harm upstate farmers.
Lewis County Uncovered

Patty's Job is not Her Problem...But it is for Some People

From time to time in the comment section I will see remarks about Patty Ritchie's occupation and the suggestion that a County Clerk is not "qualified" to run for the State Senate.
Is it because clerk jobs are considered the domain of women and therefore the work they do is less significant ? In which case such suggestions are very sexist.
What are the qualifications for the job ? Do you have to be a lawyer ? McHugh, Nortz, Wright, Aubertine.....none of them were.
The job of Clerk requires a relationship with the legal community and a knowledge of process, which is important in a Legislature. Running the office requires some management and organizational skills. In the case of Ritchie, she was entrepreneurial in cooking up a scheme to divert NYC DMV work to Canton.....A move that is a clear embarassment to those boroughs not processing the work.
Plus, having run for office, she is tuned into the need for relating to constituents.
Now, if the rub against her is she is a deer in the headlights on the issues facing Albany...If you say she was duplicitous on abortion ....If you think she is a tool of Long Island Republicans only interested in power and not in effective representation for the North Country, that's OK to make that point....
Having been in office and known people who have run and served or run and lost, I just think its low rent to cut her down based on her career and her relative success in that endeavor.
Oh, by the way, it always galled be when local Republicans would cluster around a pizza and conclude that our current Senator is "dumb as a box of rocks" just because he owned a farm.
Let the judgmental abandon their cloak of anonymity and tell us about what in them allows them to judge who is qualified to run for office.

Obama takes on talkers - Jonathan Martin and Jonathan Allen -

Its a 50-50 nation and fans of each "team" have their designated bomb throwers.....The problem for the Administration is the conservative yakkers get higher ratings and are more pervasive in radio, because..........the show's make money....
The President creates a great foil as the true Rush and Beck loyalists will never like him.....Meanwhile President Obama openly speaks about his desire for a fight....Bring it on !
Sparring with Limbaugh and Beck in some ways diminishes the office, but President Obama just cannot tear himself away from the cameras....He is the Max Headroom of our times.
Obama takes on talkers - Jonathan Martin and Jonathan Allen - :: Jefferson County Clerk :: New Vehicle Registrations

It may just be a one month fluctuation or part of a larger trend, but new car registrations are up in Jefferson County to levels seen two years ago, before the Recession.
Some 320 new cars and trucks were registered with our county clerk and that does not count vehicles bought in the county but registered in adjacent counties....
Further, a closer look at the numbers shows a surprise.....Toyota leads in cars and trucks, despite all the bad press over gas pedals. That just shows the brand loyalty and dealer loyalty to Waite's. The incentives also played a part.
The surge in sales may also be a precursor to higher sales tax revenue as well. :: Jefferson County Clerk :: New Vehicle Registrations

Friday, April 2, 2010

WRVO: Dede Scozzafava Writing A Memoir of Troubled Campaign (2010-04-02)

A DeDe memoir in search of a title....What do you say about a campaign flying high and then crashing quicker than the Hindenberg......
How about "Turning Lemonade into Lemons"
WRVO: Dede Scozzafava Writing A Memoir of Troubled Campaign (2010-04-02)

WDT: Behling Bows to Patty

The aura of Patty Ritchie shown too brightly for the Behling lad from Mexico.......Eric is the brother of Jefferson County Legislator and Hawaiian shirt afficionado Mike Behling.
Mr. Behling's brief dalliance with a candidacy for the 48th SD sort of ignored the fact that Patty Ritchie had already been polled and annoited by those who pay for the campaign. Behling's gambit did, I believe, force Ritchie to rush her announcement.
Watertown Daily Times Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York

More Water ?

Among the items to be discussed at Monday's City Council meeting is a request to process another 80,000 gallons of mine water from Otsego County at the City of Watertown sewage plant. The water is the result of a process to extract natural gas in NY's Southern Tier and parts of PA.
Proponents say its a harmless material and generates a few bucks for the city.
Opponents, like me, don't think the revenue is worth the hassle and wonder why the by-product of this economic development in the Southern Tier isn't dealt with there.

Governor calls on state workers to forgo 4 percent raises : Albany : The Buffalo News

The Governor continues to speak heresy, now asking public employee unions to forego 4% pay hikes. The unions say no way.
What needs to happen are program cuts.....fewer workers....Revisiting collective bargaining agreements is difficult because those with enough seniority to be immune from layoff see no reason to make concessions.
These state labor agreements are pretty cushy at 4% for multiple years. But they are contracts and the Governor needs to find other ways to reduce the scope of government. While surrendering one year's pay hike makes for good headlines, it does not solve the systemic problems. First on the block should be a defined benefit retirement plan, something long ago abandoned in the private sector.
Governor calls on state workers to forgo 4 percent raises : Albany : The Buffalo News

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pumped-up Steve Levy Fires Downtown Volleys - New York News - Runnin' Scared#more#more

Newly minted Republican Steve Levy seems to have the buzz in his race against Rick Lazio for the GOP Gubernatorial nomination.....Next week some buzz will go to Buffalo hothead and businessman Carl Paladino who is expected to make it a three way contest for the nomination.
After a year in the race, Lazio is not creating any the media...or in the polls.
I am waiting to see where Jefferson GOP Boss Don Coon falls on this race....If he goes for Levy, that's a tipping point.
Pumped-up Steve Levy Fires Downtown Volleys - New York News - Runnin' Scared#more#more

Easter Bunny roughed up outside Fishkill sweets shop |

America is definately becoming a meaner nation when the Easter Bunny is assaulted. Why can't we all just get along ?
Easter Bunny roughed up outside Fishkill sweets shop

NY 23: Convention a Bad Idea......And I Visited a Candidate Unannounced Today

This week the guy who dropped out of the race for the GOP nod in NY23 proposed a backroom....albeit large backroom.....method for picking the party's nominee.
Assemblyman Will Barclay proposed inviting all the state and county committee members from the 11 county district to a convention....perhaps a picnic along the shores of the Salmon River. He wanted everybody to abide by the results of this conclave and support the chosen candidate without a primary.
Its a great idea if you want a repeat of last year when in a special election, a handful of poobahs chose a candidate, only to find out the folks registered in the party had different ideas. Jefferson County Chair Don Coon rightly threw cold water on the convention proposal, suggesting there is a process proscribed by law....It's called a primary.
The late date of the primary and the issue of the Conservative line are troublesome but can be overcome by a good candidate.
Would the MSM have waited outside the gates of Dougleston Manor for the puff of white smoke ?

I paid an unscheduled visit on Matt Doheny today....I was in the Ag Building to drop off payroll stuff to Doug Hoffman's accounting firm, which I have used since long before Mr. Hoffman was in charge.
Anyway, Mr. Doheny always tells me he is a money manager, which I figured was like a guy in his PJ's doin' a little day trading while watching the soaps out of one eye and CNBC with the other. Matt has an office in the basement of the AG building...which is a really nice building by the way.
I entered the two-room office which had black faux leather furniture and St. Lawrence River charts in the outer room and he invited me into his office. The TV was off but he had three computer monitors side by side which amazed me. He had tickers, spreadsheets, emails and a game of centipede all going at once. We talked for a while and I saw he had lots of issue stuff like books on wind and nuclear power...information about Fort Drum and lots of other policy stuff. He is the most studied of the candidates on many topics, especially economics.
He told me his favorite political books were written by Rudy Giuliani and James Baker III. I told him I liked Theodore White and Hunter Thompson and the generational divide was obvious. We talked about his recent debate that is on Newzjunky and I told him my Mom watched it and said he made too many faces and talked too fast. I don't know if he liked the criticism, but Mom always critiques things I have done, so I assume she had his best interests at heart. I didn't watch the debate as I had read Jude's tick-tock and was content to rely on others to watch it.
By the time I left I still didn't really know what he does for a living, but its a nice office. Seems like there are people in the building who just want to have an office in a prestigious building. I saw one nameplate with D.V.M. after the name, but Matt said nobody ever brings their dog there.
My office is in the basement too....Next to the washer and drawer.
Watertown Daily Times Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York

Tax or Cut.....We'll Opt for Taxes

For two days in a row the lead story in the local paper was cuts, real or imagined, in public schools. Feels like we are being teed up for a tax hike.
And you what, I like having the nice schools we have, and I know some teachers and I like to see my friends make a good buck.
So an extra hundred in school taxes on my parcel ?
How about pennies on a soda for health care workers ?
A little more in sales tax and a lot more when inflation kicks in ?
Higher fees ?
Higher ticket quotas for the cops and more fines from regulatory agencies ?
A hike in gross receipts taxes on utility bills ?
A tax on tanning ?
How about county and city property taxes ?
Can I afford all these and more ?

Sure I can....I will have to work harder and watch my own expenditures but there is no doubt that a decidely middle class person like me can afford to give the government an extra four or five thousand dollars this year.
Life won't be as fun and it will be tight at times....but yes, I could squeeze that out of the old cow on Pearl Street if I had to.
I am just trying to get used to the notion, because after reading the paper today, I know the push is on....Save those teacher jobs. Preserve the 4% raises for state workers. Sweeten the pots on public sector retirements.
And the rest of us will just have to pay more. Unlike Washington we cannot print the money so raising taxes on a broad scale is the only solution if cuts are off the table.
But it wont happen this week because the Legislature too the week off for Easter and Passover.


Layoffs and closures always make news, but its not often that success gets a pat on the back. The success by Chapin Watermatics, a longtime Watertown firm, is refreshing to read about. Congratulations to our neighbors on Water Street for their foresight, ingenuity and hard work.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Diana Wins.....Mayor Refuses to Concede

(This is a parody....if the Fort Pearl sales contest were an election)

WATERTOWN- Amid charges of fraud and favortism, Fort Pearl Bartender Diana claimed victory today in the March sales competition. Meanwhile her principal opponent, the Mayor, has vowed a court fight to overturn the results.
Diana bested the Mayor in a close battle punctuated by charges key customers were enticed to drink on Diana's nights by her fetching smile and engaging personality.
"People were told when I was working and stayed away in droves....That's no coincidence, " the Mayor charged.
Independent observers headed by Chamber director Dave Mance had ruled their were no irregularities in the month long constest to see who could sell the most of the Devil's Brew.
"I am humbled so many Fort Pearl patrons supported me this month and I look forward to doubling down on the Mayor in April," a beaming Diana told reporters gathered around her last Saturday as the Mayor celebrated 25 years in the bar business.
"What can I say....While he was politicking, I was selling," Diana chortled.
A team of independent auditors headed by Doug Hoffman will review the sales data for the month before declaring an official winner.
Meanwhile kudos for "Big D", a registered unaffiliated voter whose favorite TV show is Glenn Beck, came in from the political world.
Governor David Paterson said he has never seen such bartending, while President Barack Obama said it's time to tax this kind of free market opportunism on the backs of America's working families. Vice President Biden said, "She's f------ awesome !"
Congressional hopeful Matt Doheny says he is committed to seeing Diana win in April, while Congressman Bill Owens pledged unending unemployment benefits should things not work out next month.
Meanwhile Sarah Palin said, "this girl looks like me....or at least like Tina Fey."
Earlier this year, Diana had won in January while the Mayor took February.
Support this exercise in capitalism by visiting Fort Pearl today !

Justice Sotomayor to Visit NNY

Moving from Mindy to someone of considerably more substance, it is an honor for NNY to play host in May to Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court Sonia Sotomayor. She will be a speaker at graduation ceremonies at St. Lawrence University in Canton.
In this WDT news story....and all the media does it....this accomplished jurist is reduced to a racial demographic just like all of us are on our census forms. In the first sentence, Justice Sotomayor is referred to as the first Hispanic justice on the high court. Her name isn't mentioned till the second graf.
Many in the liberal media heralded the historic election of Barack Obama as the transition to a post-racial era in which we can judge people by their character and accomplishments and not the box they are compelled to check on a census form.
I am ready for the blowback on this column, but I don't care. I was equally irked at a recent story I read about a law professor being appointed to the Ninth Circuit in CA.....He is being billed as the likely first Asian nominee to the Supreme Court.
The human species is too often sliced and diced into groups just like we are fans of different sports teams.
I look forward to the day when the MSM and everyone else will write the lead this way.
Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor will be the commencement speaker next month at St. Lawrence University in Canton.
Watertown Daily Times Justice Sotomayor will speak to SLU grads

Tiger Woods's Inconvenient Women | VF Daily | Vanity Fair

Our Mindy has gone glam in this Vanity Fair piece on the affairs of Tiger Woods......The Ogdensburg native and OFA grad is well known in the Maple City. It would be interesting to see a piece written on what her classmates and any remaining family think.
Tiger Woods's Inconvenient Women VF Daily Vanity Fair

WDT: Speed limit signs installed along County Route 202

So the County of Jefferson built a road....a nice one called Route 202 connecting Outer Coffeen Street to Sam's Club....and it was not allowed by the state to put up speed limit signs until five months after the road was opened......Does that mean there was no limit for that period ?
I'm not complaining though....the road cuts two to three minutes off a trip to Sam's Club and for a busy person like me, the extra time I can spend on other pursuits is appreciated.
Watertown Daily Times Speed limit signs installed along County Route 202

Doing the Skelos shuffle -

Here's a post editorial blasting the GOP leader in the State Senate for his part in passing an enhanced retirement deal for teachers that would allow them to retire at age 55 with 25 years service instead of 30.....
While such moves may allow districts to shed higher paid teachers, the cost to the pension fund is real.
In the coming Senate race in the 48th, we will be ask to decide not which candidate is more likeable....or which one is "one of us.".
We will be ask to help flip the Senate so a man from Long Island named Dean Skelos be Majority Leader.
This Post editorial raises the question, "Does it Matter who is in Charge ?"
Doing the Skelos shuffle -

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Paterson threatens layoffs if unions won't take cuts : Home: The Buffalo News

Pigs are flying; cats and dogs are sleeping together; and the state's Democratic governor is ripping the public employee unions....The World is being turned on its head and the fiber of society is unraveling...So it seems....
In a week when the Governor is again withholding aid to localities, he is also threatening layoffs if the unions don't agree to concessions.
The major unions get a 4 percent raise this Thursday based on previously negotiated pacts.
The Administration says the unions are "disconnected from the real world." Meanwhile the unions say the Governor has a learning disability when it comes to collective bargaining.
Of course, what does David Paterson care ? He will never be elected to anything again. But its fun to watch the unthinkable happening in Albany !
Paterson threatens layoffs if unions won't take cuts : Home: The Buffalo News

Patty..."One of Us ?" Yeah, I'd say so.

So I was chatting with the MSM today about the Patty Ritchie presser yesterday in the Arcade....
It was like Groundhog Day as Ms. Ritchie seemed to be running the playbook from the campaigns of Will Barclay and David Renzi.
Both these gentlemen are lawyers who understand the process and are conversant in issues. They are typical State Legislature candidates and they both lost in a formerly GOP district to who ?
Why they lost to Everyman Darrel Aubertine....the quintesential "one of us" kind of guy......Honest , sincere, down to earth...actually worked with his hands and never went to prep school. He connected and continues to connect.
While its true, as a Democrat, he has had to side with a sometimes unsavory caucus, but on some issues he has been able to leverage his vote in a split 32-30 Senate.
So can Ms. Ritchie run an upstate vs downstate campaign when the embodiment of the Democratic caucus is not Smiling Malcolm (Smith) but the dairy farmer with the loving family and traditional small town values ?
It gets tough.....Pledging to create jobs, cut taxes or fight to bring dollars from the City to the North Country......Same old same old.
And I doubt Ms. Ritchie is going to out talk Aubertine who has gotten more conversant in the ways of Albany.
Yes instead of running the third incarnation of Barclay/Renzi, it would seem its important that Patty be Patty.
Nice person, small town values....hard worker, successful and resourceful in her field of endeavor. Don't let 'em make fun of being a County Clerk.
The kind of person NNY turned to when they elected the dairy farmer.
Except with Miss Patty you also get the chance to flip the Senate and shift the emphasis of state government Upstate...or at least that's the claim.
Simple of us without having to buy into Espada,Parker,Sampson or Smith.
But with the same Senate operative in town who presided over the previous two losses, Patty may be snake bit from the git go.

New York suspends construction projects during fiscal crisis |

The connector road to Fort Drum ($100million) and staff cuts in school districts....along with delays in state aid payments...New York's worsening fiscal picture is starting to be felt locally. Although, I have to be the iconoclast on the connnector road....I don't see where its needed.......It's not hard to get to Fort Drum.
New York suspends construction projects during fiscal crisis

Watertown Daily Times | I erred.

To err is human; to forgive divine....
Jude's error was understandable. After I ran a story explaining how you cannot get off the ballot, a nice man who follows politics called and told me I was wrong....For a time I thought I was, so I called Jude to tell him I may have been wrong, but by that time he had talked to the State BOE and turns out I was right and the WDT was in error.
Now the error isn't bad, but there is a slant in the WDT about Doug Hoffman being a jerk for not being willing to drop off if he loses the GOP primary....Fact is he can't.......
The Hoffman argument, as I said before has merit....That is that only he can reunite the GOP and Conservative lines....But his opponent Matt Doheny should not fall for that and drop out....A convincing primary win (60+%) would effectively neutralize Line D. Besides Doheny can always pursue the Indy line or seek an independent line of his own.
For the record, I make errors too Jude....But in a rambling, stream of consciousness you can't expect perfection so I just forgive myself.
Watertown Daily Times I erred.

Deckgate Redux

Channel 7 is doing a story tonight on the deck on Newell Street. Oh boy.
The recently opened and apparently successful nightspot and eaterie called Maggies is attached to the city-owned deck that is part of Whitewater Park.
Obviously the owners and their patrons want to use the deck which itself is estimated to have cost $60,000 to $80,000 to build. The resulting controversy over attaching it to a private building created a raw nerve in city government and last year Council decided it was a public area and not the exclusive property or domain of a business.
Council agreed to buy some furnishings for the deck, but this past winter the club's owner requested that be put on hold.
The issue is not just the use of public land for private enterprise but also the ability to license this outdoor area for the sale of alcohol if it is not under the control or ownership of the potential licensee.
The ability to control and supervise is at the heart of the granting of an on-premise liquor license. Granted you can have a keg party in your back yard with no one's permission, but the fact is the rules are different for establishements.
The next logical area for the Council to address are overall rules for the entire park and other similar parks built along the Black River.
The three issues are hours of operation; smoking; and drinking.
For litter and health reasons, I believe we can forego smoking and put recepticles at the park entrances near the road.
Drinking should be banned except with a permit as is done in Thompson Park. Those who discretely have a beer at a picnic table are unlikely to attract attention.
As for the deck and the adjacent patio area next to Maggies, it would seem consumption should be allowed, at least in the daylight hours.
That does not address the issue of licensing of the deck for sale and service. As a licensee I have mixed feelings on the issue.
On the one hand, there's the 'Where is my free deck ?" sentiment I have heard.
Then there is the "Hey anybody could have taken a chance on this property with knowledge of the pending public improvements."
Since the deck is likely only of use to the adjacent business there is a strong argument for an accommodation. I am just not sure what it is and am anxious to hear opinions at the April City Council work session.
I have said before, I disagreed with the deck plan as implemented. But it is there and it's a honey of a deck. I think we have to move forward from this point.
P.S. I still think that crazy open pit should be filled in, but that's the subject for another posting.

NY 23: Hoffman "Lock" on Line D Becoming Problematic for GOP Chairs Who Favor Doheny

From the other side of the Mountains comes this analysis on NY23 by the recently dormant "WhatsUP NY23" blogger. While long a supporter of Doug Hoffman for Congress, our anonymous friend (and he/she need not be because its well written) counters the view being advanced by the MSM that the refusal to take a loyalty pledge to support the GOP nominee is a problem for Hoffman in his coming primary against Matt Doheny.
Hoffman has said only he can secure both the GOP and Conservative Party lines so therefore he has the best shot at defeating Rep. Bill Owens. There is truth to that theory but many Republican leaders privately say Mr. Hoffman is being arrogant and that he is too tea partyish and quirky to beat the smooth as glass Mr. Owens.
The fear everyone hangs out there is another three way race if Mr. Doheny wins the September primary.
The late date of the primary is problematic for the GOP....Even Doheny supporters concede this...But you have to play the hand you are dealt and a convincing win by Doheny in the primary would in effect cause a Conservative-only candidacy by Hoffman to fold, even though he technically cannot get off the ballot.
Watertown Daily Times has another piece up about Doug Hoffman having the Conservative line for the 2010 NY-23 congressional race

Monday, March 29, 2010

Liz Benjamin, New Television Anchor, Doesn't Own a Television | The New York Observer####

Talk about bringing substance to the airwaves....An anchor who doesn't even own a television....Someone not marinated in the superficiality of the medium....Chalk one up for Liz Benjamin, the incoming host of Time Warner's Capital Tonight.
Liz Benjamin, New Television Anchor, Doesn't Own a Television The New York Observer####

Because she endorsed a Democrat, Republican Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava may face primary challenge |

Ken Blankenbush, the darling of Big Wind, who is widely considered (by fellow Legislators) to have kicked my butt in a TV debate on the subject, now says he may indeed challenge Assemblywoman Diedre Scozzafava......So says the Post Standard....It's OK, she can get the Democratic line.
Because she endorsed a Democrat, Republican Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava may face primary challenge

On Day One Patty Learns Why No Position Wins on Abortion

A postponed NASCAR race preempted the HOTLINE America's favorite noontime talk show host had free time on his hands...What better way to spend the noon hour than going to a press conference featuring America's Favorite County Clerk, Patricia Ritchie.
So I ambled down to the GOP Shrine, known also as the Paddock Arcade and right there in front of the word "Tavern" the Republicans launched Ritchie's campaign to defeat Senator Darrel Aubertine....
Dave Renzi, the guy who lost to Aubertine two years ago, introduced Ms. Ritchie with all the usual rhetoric about the downstaters who are being enabled by Aubertine.
On came Patty......Talkin' about taxes and the upstate agenda and an end to partisanship. Her speech was boilerplate but well delivered. She seems more confident than during her unsuccessful Assembly bid eight years ago.
But OMG, you would think the GOP would learn from recent defeats.
It was the same group you have seen at Republican events for years, only smaller....I am guessing thirty or forty people.
They had placards with Ritchie's name on a license plate...Little hokey but a good gimmick...The crowd was supposed to wave them and create some eye candy for the TV.....Nobody lifted a sign....There was no red meat and no one who smacked of Tea Party America, without whom the GOP is listing to port.
Then that lame stream, liberal, elite, gotcha guy Jude Seymour started right in trying to trip her up on abortion....I guess the Times once reported she said she favored abortion rights...Now she says she is pro life. So now she's a traitor to pro choice and not pure enough for the RTL crowd....Great place to be on Day One.
There were high points in her announcement and Patty really is a likeable candidate. With some sharper writing and good opposition research, she could be competitive in this seemingly Republican year.
But the sauce was bland and the service choppy....So on Day One, I give her Three Forks.

Budget to be Late

Budget will be late....Extenders due to be passed this week.....No surprise here and with Easter and Passover coming up, the affairs of the Empire State can wait. - The Times Herald-Record, serving New York"s Hudson Valley and the Catskills

WDT: Hoffman's Remarks Rankle Republicans

With residency apparently gone as an issue, the rub against Doug Hoffman will increasingly become 'party loyalty'.
Party leaders and media will keep asking, "will you support the Republican nominee coming out of the September primary ?"
It's like Hoffman should care after last year 95% of voters said they didn't care who the Republican nominee was.
Fact is party loyalty is pretty musch reserved to the chairs and patronage employees....Most everyone else doesn't care and the emergence ot Tea Parties is further evidence of it.
The issue of loyalty arises from the state's Conservative Party, whose leader Mike Long has already said Hoffman will get the party nod in July when Wilson/Pakulas are issued.
What's a Wilson/Pakula ? That's an out-of-party authorization that allows a non-party member to run in a primary for that party. The law that creates this process is named after the sponsors of the bill.
The authorization process amplifies the power of party leaders as the only way to counter it is to find a party member to run in a primary. That's not easy to do in a Congressional race.
!"......But he cannot come off the line.
So what are the options for Matt Doheny ?
If the Conservative line is a goner, he could chase other minor party lines like the Independence Party (insert MacKay for Long in that process). He could raise the issue of the radical connections of the Working Families Party and why its nominees might deserve some added scrutiny.
Or he could concentrate on making the GOP line worth something (it was worthless last year). Doheny could try to win the GOP primary by a decent margin and quit demanding that Hoffman stand down.
Few of us care. We want to hear about what you will do to influence the Congress to regain its fiscal senses.
Watertown Daily Times Hoffman's remarks rankle Republicans

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Obama Take a Detour to Camp David via Kabul

I am sure many Tenth Mountain Division soldiers serving in Afghanistan were happy to see the Commander in Chief visit today.
The surprise trip was a secret for obvious reason and gave the President a chance to see the country he is committed to ridding of Taliban influence.

Sarah Palin: Media 'lies' about links between tea parties, violence - Kenneth P. Vogel -

It says in this article the Harry Reid (aka Democrat) supporters were pelting with eggs the Tea Party busses as they arrived in Searchlight, NE for a rally....Now I suspect the entrepreneurial (aka working) members of this hamlet of 700 were glad to see 10,000 spending folks descend on this decidely sleepy former mining town in southern Nevada,even if it was to decry native son, Senator Reid.
Throwing violent....but don't expect a special commentary from Olbermann or an expression of outrage from Congressman Weiner.....You see these were the darlings of left...threatening...vandalizing....intimidating....That's OK.
Palin is spot on.....This mostly feigned outrage by the Left and their media boosters is just more smokescreen to influence opinion in favor of the President.
But wait...just let Sarah use the word "target" as a metaphor and its off to the races.
Kudos to our local MSM, the WDT......They ran the Searchlight rally and Palin's speech front page above the fold today.
Last year they refused to cover a Palin appearance in upstate NY.
Maybe another year of hopey, changey has left our local MSM with a touch of buyer's remorse over what they embraced so gushingly in 2008.
Sarah Palin: Media 'lies' about links between tea parties, violence - Kenneth P. Vogel -

Paladino gives 'em what they want : City & Region : The Buffalo News

With Rick Lazio and Andrew Cuomo setting new records for not setting the World on fire, keep an eye on Buffalo area millionaire developer Carl Paladino....He has been busy stoking the Tea Party crowd and could be a third party candidate for Governor.
Paladino gives 'em what they want : City & Region : The Buffalo News

Ritchie's Toughest Hurdle....Politics as Usual

As Patricia Ritchie prepares for her big day tomorrow, the pundits, wags and operatives are busy handicapping her chances at defeating Senator Darrel Aubertine.
In 2002, the two squared off in an Assembly race won by Aubertine by a narrow margin, with the margin of victory less than the number of votes delivered on the Indy line.
On Monday, Ms Ritchie will travel to Fulton, Watertown and Canton to announce her bid for the Senate. She is currently the St. Lawrence County Clerk and by most accounts a popular one.
But politics isn't beanbag and what voters want in a DMV Czar they may not want in a Senator.
Conventional wisdom is that Aubertine is the favorite and that there is no way the hijinx of Albany and the downstate Democrats will stick to him.
Mr. Aubertine is a known commodity with a conversancy in the affairs of the Legislature. The Senator is still not a great orator, but he has positioned himself on the farm labor bill or the O-burg prison....or the soda tax to gain traction with segments of the electorate.
Patti Ritchie is going to have to be more than the lady who kept her promise to run a good DMV....She cannot cling to the canards of her party on issues like abortion or medical marijauna....
She will need a bold and boisterous vision of the type of people we want in Albany. Not go-along, get-along types, but truly independent thinkers and doers. An animated and affable down-home call for less government.
Tomorrow she can start to prove that, but if it's just more of same (like Rick Lazio's obsequious statements about prisons), then she loses 54-46 in spite of registration numbers or disdain for Albany.
From my perch on Pearl Street, this voter will be watching the race develop.