Saturday, March 27, 2010

Love Those Canadians !

I was talking to a manager at a major chain retailer on outer Arsenal Street, who told me business out that way is booming....Much of it fueled by Canadian shoppers who on a weekday can easily make up 70% of sales, I am told.
All of this is the result of the surging Canadian Dollar, now essentially at par with the US Dollar.
The big rush began in February and is expected to last through summer as the Loonie strengthens......
As I have said before, this little quirk of economics and geography along with Fort Drum is helping to insulate us from the worst of the recession...
The Loonie is no long term boon to the area, but it is helping now and that's a good thing.

A Letter from Matt..A Bill from Grays....and Some Junk Mail

Matt Doheny says he has travelled 20,000 miles this past Winter listening to residents of the sprawling 15,000 square mile 23rd Congressional District.
He calls it a "listen and learn" tour and in a letter to local leaders Mr. Doheny outlined some of his findings which he says show the public is "fed up and disgusted" with Congress.
The Doheny candidacy has been in operation for some time, but the candidate says he will officially announce soon...
I love how the MSM allows candidates to campaign for months but don't call them a candidate until they officially announce.
Doheny is a solid candidate with youth and enthusiasm on his side. His prospects in the GOP primary are good as party poobahs are behind him....
Name recognition and the preference of Tea Party voters are certainly things he needs to overcome in his bid to defeat fellow Republican Doug Hoffman.
By the way, has the MSM checked on Mr. Hoffman's new residence in Saranac Lake ? Check with the Franklin County clerk and the BOE...I think they are in Malone.
Anyway, this should be an interesting race as will the November battle against Rep. Bill Owens, who has been highly visible since his Ascension to DC last fall.

Lazio to O'burg: I Will Never Cut You....

Putting aside our mutual desire to see our friends in the Maple City prosper, this promise by Rick Lazio is loaded with irony.
Here he is promising to keep the state spending regardless of necessity all in an effort to pander to the regional need for jobs. Isn't this how we got where we are ?
Everybody has a vested interest in bloat....For all of us it's the Gulag set up across Upstate which doubles as an "economic development" scheme for beleaguered post-industrial towns and cities. Census data shows even the prison populations are not enough to stem the flight from Upstate.
This is the problem Lazio and Andrew Cuomo will have.....The first question at a town meeting is "what will you do to bring jobs to __________?"
Since government does not create private sector jobs, Mr. Lazio and Mr. Cuomo will do what they can do as head of a government.....They will tax us and place state jobs there.
Goes on all the time. Notice that your income tax form goes to Binghamton or the Lottery is in Schenectady or that there's a lot of state offices in the district formerly represented by Joe Bruno.
Back to Mr. Lazio....He is sounding very 'same old, same old' by reflexively telling the Ogdenburg Journal that the city will never have to endure any cuts if he is governor.
What Mr. Lazio doesn't say is that his promise must by extension be offered everywhere in the state...and that sir ensures budget crunches and more taxes....
Watertown Daily Times Lazio says he wouldn't close prison in Ogdensburg

Friday, March 26, 2010

Why I Keep Doing It

Shootie dropped by today as he needed some help with the latest form needed as part of liquor license renewal...
Shootie and I are part of what I call the class of '85....Bar owners who opened their doors that year. Shooties used to be Herb's Grill and later the Rockin' D.
For you out-of-state readers Shooties is the bar down the block from Fort Pearl and its owned by Steve Romig who is an avid Steelers fan known to his friends as Shootie.
Steve and I talked about those crazy days in '85 when we decided to throw caution to the wind and get in the bar biz.....
I had a respectable career in journalism at the time and I remember my Mom cried when I told her what I had done....
Now here Shootie and I are....25 years later....still selling the devil's brew and keeping the 500 block of Pearl Street a happening place....Imagine if we hadn't done what we did...Two vacant buildings for the city to take down.
At a time when I wonder where this country is going, there is a simple joy to hanging out at the bar chewing the fat with folks who have worked hard and played by the rules (for the most part).
I hope a lot of old friends stop by this weekend....and as is the case in this business, I hope new friends are made.
The American Revolution was the product of some pretty smart people gathering in taverns to discuss and act....Nowadays its all about corporate bars in the Appleby's mode....Hopefully for a time folks will still see a need for the neighborhood tavern....truly an oasis in troubled times.

Congressman Blames Constituent Anger on Palin

It appears Rep. Weiner is a weiner.....He's whining, along with the bobbing heads at MSNBC, that because Sarah Palin says she is "targeting" certain lawmakers for defeat...He and the victimhood of liberalism say any use of firearms terminology is hateful and threatening.
Rep. Weiner best not go to a Giant game...where sometimes Eli throws a "bomb" from the "shotgun" formation.
Listen up...there is always a need for decorum, but most of this hysteria about threats over healthcare legislation is more about politics and fundraising than it is anything else.
As for pranks with white powder...clearly juvenile, stupid and lots more , but not the fault of Ms. Palin..
Powder-Laced Letter Sent To Weiner Not Hazardous -

Thursday, March 25, 2010

MSM Provides a Real Service with Debate Tick-Tock

Hooray for Jude Seymour for going to Plattsburgh for a GOP Congressional debate...He streamed the tick-tock of the session and it was like the old days following a boxing match by reading the round by round wire summaries....And by wire copy I mean the reams of paper and clanky teletype pounding away in the corner of the newsroom....Wish I could make this computer sound like a wire machine...Oh and in the better newsrooms there were AP and UPI machines side by side...AP was more expensive so the broadcasters usually had just UPI....
Sure do long for the Ted Ford era !
POSTSCRIPT: I see Franklin County Legislator Paul Maroun was at the Tea Party debate.....I was under the impression he was not running...Maybe he is just having some fun, but I don't think there is anyone who thinks he is really in the hunt.
Watertown Daily Times Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York

Marxist Party a Dubious Honor this Year

During the recent health debate, New York's Working Families Party put the arm on Democrats who ran under their banner, threatening to withhold the line which has been instrumental in the election of many upstate Dems like Bill Owens and Darrel Aubertine.
The increasingly far left and corruption ridden party is a cult-like affair run by a small group in NYC......But they control a line on the ballot and with their cohorts in the SEIU local 1199, the WFP has money and strong field operations to aid candidates.
The far left tilt has alienated some main stream unions like the Teamsters who take issue with WFP support of the sugar tax.
Politicians like Andrew Cuomo are said to be wary of the election fraud and other accusations routinely swirling around Line E.
Now there is some question whether the Attorney General....wants to be associated or beholden to the WFP....
With Cuomo the choice of the state's Independence Party leadership, he already has a potent second line on the ballot.
I for one would urge Mr. Cuomo not to take the WFP.....You cannot accept the tenets of that party and still do what is needed to govern this state.
Plus we do not need another Governor tainted before he starts.
Mr. Cuomo, say no to WFP !

Initiative to legalize marijuana qualifies for November ballot | L.A. NOW | Los Angeles Times

With New York lawmakers considering medical marijuana, California voters this fall will vote on a referendum to make the weed totally legal.
That would put the Golden State on the way to Cheech and Chong Nation and raises the issue of whether the expensive and intrusive War on Drugs is really worth it.
Despite generations of War, the results are dubious and a large swath of the population just doesn't see anything intrinsicly wrong with marijuana.
New York may be on that path with medical pot.
Polls are now split and the biggest proponents of continued prosecution of marijuana cases are those with an interest in the War....That would be government, police, prosecutors, prisons, counselors and lawyers.
Initiative to legalize marijuana qualifies for November ballot L.A. NOW Los Angeles Times

Eaterties Abound as City Nightlife Prospers

Last night at an AUSA mixer, I had the pleasure of meeting the folks who are opening the Tilted Kilt Restaurant on Arsenal Street. These are ambitious people on a mission and they have already purchased the site of the former Davidson car lot. The franchise restaurant is due to open in late summer.
-Also it looks like Coleman's Corner is close to reopening...The long awaited watering hole and eaterie is next to the Fairgrounds Arena.
-And it appears the new Maggies on the River is doing a brisk business out of the gate and getting good reviews.
The food and beverage industry seems to be holding its own in the city and the investments being made are substantial.
Watertown is a hub for dining and nightlife. That's a good thing.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Seaway Plaza Store Still Open....For Now

OK, now we have the story....P&C in Seaway Plaza will assume the Tops name but the grocer won't guarantee they will continue to operate the store.
Watertown Daily Times Seaway Plaza P&C turning into Tops

How About the Sanctity of Fiscal Prudence for a Change.

Republicans called me today to let me know that their Senate candidate Patricia Ritchie is pro-life....Guess they feel they have to say that.
I look at it differently.....The Supreme Court decided the fate of abortion in Roe v Wade....almost 40 years ago...
The State Senator from the 48th District is not going to determine squat about the issue, which is largely an individual moral issue.
Public pronouncements may give some window into the soul of a candidate as far as overall character and values....But really, what we need to know is their stand on spending....That's all that matters at this point.
I was so discouraged by Rep. Bart Stupak attempting to make the health insurance issue into a debate on abortion...And I don't like the idiot from TX who yelled "baby killers."
Oh, by the way....This Behling fellow is not expected to go anywhere. Ritchie will be the nominee.....
Oh, one more thing for Patty and Darrel...I don't give a hoot about medical marijuana either...Taxes, Taxes, Taxes....That's where it's at for me.

Assembly Ratifies Saving O-Burg Prison...Big Win for Addie Russell

Maybe it was a set up from the beginning or maybe the North Country reps leaned on their collegues, but both houses of the Legislature are approving budget bills that call for continued funding for the Ogdensburg prison slated for closure.
Both budget versions also nix the soda tax and say no to wine in supermarkets....again issues that were causing the Dems problems in marginal seats upstate. The Assembly version does have more spending, and adopts the borrowing proposal advanced by Speaker Silver's good friends, Lt. Governor Richard Ravitch.
Assembly Budget Resolution Numbers

Abortion Looming in NY48 ?

Is GOP Senate Primary another 2009 for Republicans ?
Oswego County resident Eric of Jeff. County Legislator Mike said to be considering a run for the GOP nomination in the 48th....That would put him in a primary against St. Lawrence County Clerk Patricia Ritchie.
The Valley News reports Behling is pro-life while Ms. Ritchie is said to be pro-choice. That could set up a schism in the GOP with more socially conservative members waging war against a moderate female, pro-choice Republican.
Last year Congressional nominee DeDe Scozzafava was labeled too liberal for the true believers and one wonders whether the same party cleansing may happen in a Ritchie-Behling primary.
My guess is that after Ritchie announces, the party "leaders" will try to tamp down Behling.....but last year that didn't work too well.
Also, how can Mike Long give her the Conservative line ? He will because winning the Senate is more important to him than least I think it is.
Democratic Senator Darrel Aubertine lists himself as pro-life.
The Valley News Online

Matt Doheny: Republican candidate for NY-23 - YNN, Your News Now

Out from his War Room and on to the airwaves (well, cable actually).
GOP Congressional candidate Matt Doheny was featured this week on YNN (News 10) and he made his case for why he should replace Rep. Bill Owens.
Matt Doheny: Republican candidate for NY-23 - YNN, Your News Now

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Palin unveils midterm target list - Andy Barr -

Rep. Bill Owens has escaped the first draft of Sarah Palin's 2010 "hit list." The targeted lawmakers come in the wake of their support for "ObamaCare" and Palin says these and other lawmakers are in her sights as she moblizes her political action committee to aid in the defeat of Democrats.
Often hopeful Presidential contenders curry favor with party leaders and regulars by trying to make a difference in the mid terms preceding the Presidential contest they plan on running in.
Last year Palin weighed in on NY23, backing Doug Hoffman. This year Hoffman is competing in a primary against fellow Republican Matt Doheny, so it would be hoped by the GOP she would not take sides this early.
Palin unveils midterm target list - Andy Barr -

Assembly Hopeful Visits Fort Pearl

I am really not the Oracle at Pearl Street, but from time to time political hopefuls pass by to say hello and ask my two cents on their pending efforts.
St. Lawrence County Legislator Dave Forsythe (R-District 2) popped in with a friend this evening to talk about his pending run for the Republican nomination for Assembly in the 118th District, which stretches from Massena to Watertown.
Mr. Forsythe will vy with Ogdensburg Councillor Nick Vaugh in a primary and the winner will face one-term Member of Assembly Addie Russell of Theresa.
Tonight's visitor is a married father of three and an Ogdensburg insurance agent. He also owns a commercial hunting club where thousands of birds meet their maker every year.
Since he is from Lisbon, I asked if he knows John Moore...He did not....
He seems a solid, conservative business-oriented type with an understanding of issues. All of that begs the question of why does he want to waste those skills on an intransigent leftist body like the NYS Assembly.
Maybe he is an idealist. He did like my Palin stand-up, so that's a positive.
Dave does have ideas and we wish him well on his new endeavor.

Community Foundation Appoints Richardson Executive Director

Rande Richardson is just the type of person for the NNY Community Foundation post and I'm bet he's glad he listened to Dave Mance.....Years ago Dave urged him to work at JCC and work towards a job like this. At the time, the chattering class was urging the respected up and coming young man to run for mayor.....An office he may have won but would have discovered the controversies you get into greatly limit your employability elsewhere.
Best wishes to Rande on this important endeavor.
Community Foundation Appoints Richardson Executive Director

Oh, That Joe! (No. 49 in a Series) Biden Drops F-Bomb

This is the charm of Joe Biden....You just wouldn't have gotten this with Sarah Palin.....
Oh, That Joe! (No. 49 in a Series) - Vice President Biden Sums Up Health Care Reform Legislation: 'This is a Big F-ing Deal' - Political Punch

Patty Proves Pundits Wrong...Announces Bid for Senate

Patty is in. So much for speculation she wouldn't do it....The affable County Clerk from Oswegatchie will announce Monday in what will be a slug fest with Senator Darrel Aubertine.
The two squared off in a 2002 Assembly race won narrowly by Aubertine.
Ritchie will attempt to take advantage of widespread disdain for Albany, particularly a series of scandals involving key Democratic leaders. Whether she can transfer the negativity of those Democrats to Aubertine is to be seen. Aubertine and the Democrats are trying to defuse upstate GOP candidates like Ritchie.....The Senate has voted to keep a prison open in Ogdensburg....keep wine out of supermarkets...and nix the soda tax...
If those actions hold they are key issues taken away from Ritchie.
One flash point...medical marijuana....Aubertine supports it...Patty doesn't.
Democrats have been lying in wait for Ritchie privately boasting they will easily beat her....But this is still a GOP district, at least in registration.
This could be an interesting race.
Watertown Daily Times Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York

Ritchie Hesitancy Raises Questions

Da Brinker is one who likes to poke a finger in the GOP eye, but he may be on to something here....Why is Patty Ritchie not pulling the trigger on a run for Senate against Darrel Aubertine ?
Its a bad year for Albany Dems.....She is well liked.....and she is America's Favorite County Clerk..... Why not run ?
Money.....The GOP doesn't have any and there are lot of contested Senate seats around the state.....NNY Republicans are not big givers either.
Then there is Aubertine...a popular incumbent who now claims to have "saved" the Ogdensburg prison....The one issue local Democrats have been struggling with.....Aubertine and Senate Democrats also seem intent on killing the soda tax and wine in supermarkets...Thats a lot of small business votes that stay with Darrel.
Patty Ritchie would be in for a rough ride against the big boys of the Democratic Party. They have said as much to me and I am inclined to believe them....Big money, aggressive tactics and a sprinkling of dirty tricks could overwhelm her and there is no White Knight on a Horse to ride up from Long Island and rescue her. And suddenly another name surfaces in GOP circles and would that happen if she was the chosen one ?
2010 is still a year when Democrats have reason to look over their shoulder....Their performance in Albany has been atrocious....but necessity is the mother of invention and events may force them to shape up during this year's difficult budget fight.
Patty Ritchie is a decent candidate...But really, is it worth the grief for such an incertain result ?
DaBrinker Report

Liz Benajmin Goes Hollywood...Leaves Print to Host Capital Tonight

The state's most respected political reporter is leaving her perch at the New York Daily News to host Capital Tonght...the Time Warner Cable program about state government. Liz will also do work for NYC residents on NY-1.
Congratulations to Liz, who has become the go-to person for national media looking for a talking head on New York politics.
Liz Benajmin Leaves <em>The Daily News</em> For TV - FishbowlNY

Monday, March 22, 2010

Andy fears 'crazy' Levy -

Cuomo: Lord, Let me run against Rick Lazio !
Andy fears 'crazy' Levy -

Senate Democrats offer $136.2 billion state budget plan : Home: The Buffalo News

Darrel Aubertine says he has saved the prison on Ogdensburg....and he is celebrating with a doobie....
A budget approved by a party line vote of Senate Democrats restores the prison...legalizes medical marijuana....and nixes taxes on sodas and cigarettes..
The Senate measure may be just window dressing, as the Assembly must concur, but it is an obvious effort by Dems to shed their dysfunctional image.
Look for whining from the education lobby....they are , don't you know, concerned about the children.
Speaking of wine...the measure also nixes wine in supermarkets, a move crucial to getting John Rice to vote for Aubertine.
Senate Democrats offer $136.2 billion state budget plan : Home: The Buffalo News

Good News is No News !

I guess there is no market for good news or perserverence.....I asked the MSM about some coverage of a local neighborhood business that is marking 25 years of continuous operation....AKA my operation of the tavern now known as Fort Pearl.
This Thursday Dave Mance from the Chamber is stopping by to present a certificate and I thought that would be a good news hook....Guess I am too old school...The Times business reporter told me today business anniversaries are not news.
What if I told her I would hit Mance with a beer bottle ?

Senor Senate Run On Tap...Will CNN Break the Story ?

Here is another example of the nexus between the MSM and the political class....Former Bush Advisor Dan Senor is running for the US Senate seat held by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.....Mr. Senor is the husband of CNN anchor Campbell Brown.
Earlier this year NBC commentator and for Congressman Harold Ford was touted as a candidate and so was the publisher of the NY Daily News, and add to that financial on-air analyst Larry Kudlow.
To suggest Washington is anything but incenstuous is to be ill informed.
Senor Senate Run On Tap

Senate set to OK Gov. Paterson's state budget

If the Senate moves quickly on approving a state budget with real cuts, it must mean there are some adults at the table who realize business as usual cannot continue. Getting that level of maturity in the Assembly will be tougher...
The biggest problem with many in the Legislature is they are so personally detached from reality. The downstate delegation and some upstaters are from essentially non-competitive districts where ideas and incumbency are never challenged. Many have never owned a business and do not know people who own businesses. They are community organizers or attorneys or bureaucrats or retired state or municipal workers taking a second bite at the apple....Not too many farmers (save one), or shop owners, maufacturers or factory workers...Those folks are too busy earning a living and paying taxes to drop everything to become a member of the political class.
You could see that in DC when well intentioned folks with an almost religious fervor actually believe what they are enacting is "paid for."
Let's see what the Senate does this week in Albany...Ken Lovett's article in the Post suggest they could act soon....Call me a cynic...I think there are still too many lawmakers too detached from reality to make a move yet.....We'll see.
Senate set to OK Gov. Paterson's state budget

WDT: Owens Threatened Over Health Vote

Representitive Bill Owens says he reported threats of violence against him to the Capitol Police. The threats came during the run-up to last night's House approval of health care reform. Mr. Owens revealed the threats in an interview with WDT DC scribe Marc Heller.
Mr. Owens seemed shocked in telling Heller how unsettled he was with the debate and how hard it is to gather accurate information about the impact of the bill. Like many, I suspect he voted for a concept and to support party and President. Few understand the bill...everyone says it is flawed and others say it will destroy America.
The freshmen Congressman who went from Plattsburgh lawyer to the Nation's Capitol at age 60 has been telling constituents how much he enjoys the Washington scene....The last few days and the pressure cooker of a major, contentious issue may have diminished that enthusiasm.
Meanwhile, Owen's foe in last year's election says the bill is bad for the nation. Doug Hoffman says it will lead to socialized medicine. The other potential GOP rival, Matt Doheny had already charged that Owen's had let the North Country down with his affirmative vote.
Watertown Daily Times Owens survives bitter battle on floor

Party-switching GOP hopeful Steve Levy picks fight with Lazio pal Pataki

Newly minted Republican and Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy is wasting no time ticking off the old guard of the GOP.....Levy, who is seeking the GOP nod for Governor against Rick Lazio, took a swipe at former three term Governor George Pataki. Levy says Pataki was too "politically expedient" during his twelve year reign in Albany....
Is that an attack against an iconic senior statesman of the party or just the stating of the obvious ?...I think the latter as the later Pataki years were a spending frenzy worthy of Levy's previous party. Pataki's deals with union bosses like SEIU's Dennis Rivera come to mind.
Steve Levy is going to sink or swim by running against Albany....and Albany includes the record of George Pataki as well as the current governor.
Party-switching GOP hopeful Steve Levy picks fight with Lazio pal Pataki

Oswego Tea Party: Ritchie Attack Pulled

The Tea Party movement is not pleased with the health bill passage and they may not have been pleased with their own attack on state Senate candidate Patricia Ritchie. The controversial post lambasting Ritchie for not being attractive enough has been dropped from the blog of the Oswego County Tea Party.
Pulling the sexist swipe at Ritchie was the right thing to do as this kind of statement only undermines the causes that led to the formation of Tea Parties.
Since the post is deleted, I can only link to their main page.
Some folks in the comment section attempted to suggest the anti-Ritchie screed was the work of staffers for Senator Darrel Aubertine,whom she is going to try and defeat this fall. I don't buy that assertion as to do so would be juvenile, unprofessional and incredibly reckless as disclosure would force the Senator to dismiss anyone involved.
Oswego Tea Party: Owens Did NOT Betray NY-23

Sunday, March 21, 2010


The House of Representitives, by a vote of 219-212 with 34 Democrats voting no, has passed the Senate Health Bill.
Supporters say the measure when signed by the President will extend health insurance to 32 million Americans, and reign in the insurance industry.
Opponents say it will bankrupt America.
NNY Congressman Bill Owens was among those supporting the measure.

Stupak Gets 15 Minutes, and America Gets a Health Bill

Representitive Bart Stupak of Michigan and his small group of abortion foes have fallen into line in support of the health care bill after an assurance of an executive order that will continue the policy of banning public funding for abortion.
For Stupak its a way off the hook and for Speaker Pelosi it ensures a comforable margin of passage.
This is a bill about economics and for supporters a way to ensure an fundamental right. For foes, its about crippling burdens on business and an unwarranted expansion of federalism.
Mr. Stupak had his 15 minutes but his action will not curry favor with hard core right to lifers who hardly are impressed by an Executive Order from such a liberal Chief Executive.
Mr. Stupak was taking a beating and this gave him an out.
To have made such an important economic and policy issue the hostage of pro life politics was a disservice from the beginning.
In any event the bill's passage is ensured and we accept the results whatever they are. However, the desire to fight on continues in some quarters and between this years election and court fights, don't expect health care to disappear from your favorite talking heads shows.
UPDATE: The Internet is already on fire with efforts to help a guy name Dan Benishek, the likely GOP candidate in Michigan, District 1 where Rep. Stupak comes from.

Raucous tea partiers protest bill - Marin Cogan -

Health Bill protestors demostrated outside the Capitol while Democrats claimed the crowd was shouting racial and homophobic slurs as Speaker Pelosi marched her supporters right in front of them.....Who knows what was said and those who said such stuff are indeed idiots....But make no mistake, the Left agenda oftens relies on claims of victimhood when things are tough...
None of this theater matters, as the bill will pass later today.
Raucous tea partiers protest bill - Marin Cogan -

Conservative Conundrums

Much fuss has been made about Doug Hoffman's refusal to commit to standing down on Line D (Conservative) if he loses a GOP primary....Now Rick Lazio is saying he will do just that in the gubernatorial race.....He says he will stay on Line D, even though as an attorney he would have the means to get off in late September by accepting a ginned up minor party nomination for Supreme Court justice....Lawyers are the only ones with a means to get off an established party line after a primary defeat in another party.
Hoffman couldn't get off Line D as he doesn't have the option of being nominated to run for judge at a party judicial convention, although he could commit to not actively campaigning.
Since no Republican in recent memory has won a statewide race without the Conservative nomination, committing to stay on the line after losing the GOP primary would ensure a Democratic victory. Of course, all of this might lead some to seek an end to fusion voting in New York State, a practice not allowed just about everywhere else.
The Daily Politics

Sunday Stuff

-The President is among those scratching his head over his NCAA bracket picks... Number One Kansas and Big East powerhouse Villanova are out early, leaving 'Bam rooting for Kansas State and Kentucky.
-The WDT has picked up on a couple of long standing festers in the Town of Watertown....One is a building I took grief for rapping months ago, and that is the Bomax Building on Outer Coffeen Street. The building is an eyesore and a hazard and should be boarded up before someone gets hurt.
-Patty Ritchie texted a thank you for me refuting the Tea Party post from Oswego County that attempted to diminish America's Favorite County Clerk based on appearance. The Oswego County post was way sexist. The feminists in the MSM have been characteristically silent on the story.
-The Ottawa Citizen reports hordes of Canandian shoppers filtering into border Communities in the US to buy based on a surging Loonie and a sagging Greenback. While not a long term economic strategy this is a boost for Jefferson County and those working in jobs not "created" by government appreciate the boost in sales.
-Conservative Party of NY leaders (aka Mike Long) met over the weekend to back Rick Lazio, the man slated to lose to Andrew Cuomo this November. Long in the NYP: "Lazio's a real Republican." Yes, Mr. Chairman, but is he a real conservative ?
-Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy and Buffalo rich guy Carl Paladino are names to watch in the weeks running up to the GOP convention in May.
-I saw florist/lawmaker Gray last night at Pete's sporting a tan fresh from Aruba.

Filmmakers offer an inside look at NYC's 'rubber rooms' -

I am always fascinated by stories about the so called "rubber rooms" in which NYC teachers up on personnel charges go to every day and sit for seven hours at full pay....Some have been going for up to 12 years. These are teachers alleged to be incompetant..guilty of sexual abuse...or done something that leads the district to try and fire them.
I don't know where the "rubber rooms" in NNY are....but I assume there must be teachers who get in trouble.
Filmmakers offer an inside look at NYC's 'rubber rooms' -