Saturday, March 13, 2010

MacKay and Indy's Back Schumer

It may just be a sign of how inevitable Chuck Schumer's reelection is......Without even waiting for the party convention in early June, the Independence Party of New York is backing New York's senior Senator's bid for a third term. The party backed him in his first two races.
This signals the beginning of New York's third party cross endorse festival...But the race of most significance is that of Governor.
New York's Constitution says a party has ballot status if its candidate for Governor garners 50,000 votes and the order of finish of votes for Governor determines what line a party occupies. The Independence Party is currently on Line C.
With no Golisano type candidate of its own, the IP will cross endorse...most likely Andrew Cuomo as he is going to win and will draw the requisite votes on the line to stay in business.
It's all about the line on the ballot and the ability to hand it out or sell it if need be...Thats a valuable four year commodity.
As for Mr. Cuomo, some have speculated he will spurn the scandal prone Working Families Party.....but I don't see that happening.
The interesting race will be whether the WFP can move ahead of the Conservatives or Indy's in a bid for better ballot position.
What's all this have to do with governing ? Nothing, but it is a great parlor game for the political hobbyists that run the state's minor parties.
The Daily Politics

Aubertine Sweet on Soda

Senator Darrel Aubertine is among those opposed to the soda tax and is getting help in his reelection bid from the soft drink industry.
Opposition is smart as the tax would have a big effect on small businesses in NNY who can easily mobilize a small army of voters who would matter greatly in a marginal district like the 48th. In this close a race, small unorganized business groups like restaurants or liquor stores can play a pivotal role.
Bottlers thank their friends on air - Capitol Confidential - New York Politics - - Albany NY

Big Labor Among Those Lined Up Against the Mom and Pop Liquor Stores

It sounds the like fix is in for wine in food stores, but the so-called compromise bill will not sit well with the state's 4500 small liquor stores.
Liquor stores will now be able to sell complimentary food items like crackers and cheese......But they still cannot sell beer, cigarettes or just about anything else that grocery and drug stores can sell.
Gee, I bought two bottles of Jack Daniels, but had to drive to another store to get my smokes.
Liquor stores would be able to sell directly to bars and restaurants, something not allowed now, but widely done.
Stores would also be able to engage in group buying to get better prices.
This still leaves liquor stores at a competitive disadvantage but they are up against powerful forces.
SEIU Local #1199 supports the Wine Industry and Liquor Store Revitalization Act.....So does CSEA and the United Federation of Teachers.
Glad to see teachers support wine in the Price Chopper.
UPDATE-Heard this PM from a guy in Albany that Senate majority conference leader John Sampson is not letting wine in markets go forward because of opposition in his caucus.......I think if they allowed liquor stores to get beer and cigarettes, no one would care that much...but for some reason that can't happen

Bloomberg's girlfriend in talks to run for Senate -

From the girlfriend of Mayor Bloomberg to the father of an American Idol judge, the field of little known contenders is growing for the GOP nomination to run against Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.
Senator Gillibrand is an appointed lawmaker considered vulnerable.
The Mayor's companion is Diana Taylor, a banking guru and well known figure in Manhattan's social scene. Her ten year romance with the Mayor has not resulted in marriage....But the Mayor could use his connections to help her with fundraising plus her own connnections from her time in the Pataki administration.
Somebody needs to get serious soon in this race, as Ms. Gillibrand is not the pushover the NYC MSM seems to think.
Bloomberg's girlfriend in talks to run for Senate -

WDT: 2000 Rally in Ogdensburg Against Prison Cuts

This is a really big crowd for any reason in a city of just 13,000. Mayor Bill Nelson continues to sound very much like a candidate for higher office as he led the crowd in Ogdensburg protesting the possible closure of one of two state prisons in the Maple Cityh.
There is no mention in this article of the other possible candidate for high office...St. Lawrence County Clerk Patricia Ritchie......Senator Darrel Aubertine and Assemblywoman Addie Russell did attend.
Watertown Daily Times 2,000 rally for prison

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Confluence of being Irish and Politics tonight at SOB

The Irish love their Guinness and corned beef....but their both bland without a touch of politics...There was lots of that tonight as the Irish Festival called "Watertown Goes Green" kicked off its 25th annual edition at the Dulles State Office Building.
The lure of all of the above brought the most Irish pol I know...former Mayor John Sullivan of retired and living near Albany where he still listens to the HOTLINE and calls into radio programs.
John should have been the Democratic nominee for Congress last year...but the deal was cut by Rahm Emmanuel and the White House to do otherwise, leaving Sully to lament if only Rahm had confronted him in the shower to tell him the gig was up.
Also in attendance was Congressional hopeful and City resident Matt Doheny.....Mr. Doheny had his high powered political posse in tow and was schmoozing his way through the growing throngs gathered around the makeshift bar in the lobby.
Lots of other pols there...Sheriff Burns who told me he is running and wondered if he will have an opponent.
Didn't see too many Democratic big guns...but they will be there I assume...Too many people gathered in on spot to ignore !

Three Way to Two Way....That's My Prediction

With an announcement on his future coming Monday, my prediction is that Assemblyman Will Barclay takes a pass on running for NY23......I could be wrong...he is by most standards a good candidate, but I just don't seem him getting in.
Jude reports on his blog that Doug Hoffman and Matt Doheny mixed it up at a party event in Fulton County...These two are in a pitched battle for the allegiance of party faithful....
Its east vs. west....younger versus older......Tea Party vs Wall conservative vs. social moderate.....One area they are not different is they are both outsiders to the process. Outsiders are in this year.
There are lots of flash points between these two well funded candidates and they are starting to play out.
I just don't see Will Barclay as part of that battle...Its a risky race and one that will be a drain on all involved.
Of course, I have been wrong before. So maybe Monday will bring an announcement of candidacy from Pulaski...I just don't see it from what I read and hear.

Cuomo's Jettison of Paterson Probe Finds Critics

Should he or shouldn't he ? After a drop in poll numbers, AG Cuomo off-loaded the probe into Governor Paterson's actions to retired Court of Appeals Chief Justice Judith Kaye.......
The look-see at the Governors Yankee tickets and his phone call to a domestic violence victim were under Andrew Cuomo's umbrella until critics said....hey you and Paterson are political have a stake in the outcome...
Its true...he did have a stake in it and that may be why the Governor was so anxious to ask the AG to investigate him.
The Post thinks its a bad move...Read on.
Judge Judy's new friend -

Ritchie: 5,441 Sign Petition to Save Ogdensburg Prison

Clerk Patti Ritchie and Ogdensburg Mayor Bill Nelson will lead the hoopla in a rally Friday to protest the proposed closing of one of two state prisons located in the Maple City.
This clearly sets up a candidacy for Ritchie because why else would a county clerk be involved in this...I assume she is running for Senate, although maybe its the Mayor doing that and Ms. Ritchie is running for Assembly...
Here is the conundrum all have with this issue....If you accept the premise there is a $9 billion shortfall and that the number of inmates is dropping....Then why shouldn't the state shed some prison beds ? To cut spending, don't you have to cut something ?
If so, the argument is make the cuts but do it in someone else's city...or someone else's Senate district.
Is this rally just a partisan deal..or will Senator Aubertine and Assemblywoman Russell be there ?
I went to O-burg a couple weeks ago to join Mayor Nelson in protesting the sugar tax......I don't think I can go up there again just to rally for more spending....Although I don't blame any of the officials for doing it...It's their job.
Ritchie: 5,441 Sign Petition to Save Ogdensburg Prison

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sarah Palin raising funds for Rep. Michele Bachmann - Andy Barr -

For some this Palin-Bachmann event would be like Ted Ford going to see Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Mikulski....
Sarah Palin raising funds for Rep. Michele Bachmann - Andy Barr -

Young Will Comes Down from the Mountain on Monday

Assemblyman Will Barclay is building some excitement on whether or not he runs for Congress in NY23....
Mr. Barclay tells the WDT he has made up his mind and will share his intentions on Monday.....On the surface, one would think he must be running as why drag it out if you are bailing out.
If he is in, Barclay joins CPA Doug Hoffman and businessman Matt Doheny as candidates for the GOP nomination.
Will Barclay brings to the race experience as a lawmaker and a family name that is respected in political circles. Unfortunately for him this is an outsider year in politics and his ties to Albany will not help.
The Barclay family comes from Pulaski in Oswego County and he has deep roots in that area. His father was a state senator and an ambassador.
In a 2008 Senate race, Barclay lost to Senator Darrel Aubertine in a race in which Barclay's patrician roots were made an issue. The fact he attended prep school prompted Democrat Ted Ford to label him "the Barclay lad."
Barclay is an affable, well-spoken centrist/conservative but would have a tough time fundraising against Hoffman and Doheny who have a big head start. The Assemblyman has been attending party functions around the district.
Guess we will know for sure on Monday.
Watertown Daily Times Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York

Ravitch to the Rescue ?

Just who is the Governor ? Lt. Governor Richard Ravitch is busy shopping his five year budget overhaul and legislators who don't know what to do will grasp at any life preserver thrown their way....Meanwhile the purported Governor was on a NYC radio program this morning...In fact, David Paterson would have you believe the State Capital had moved...He spends more and more time there.
Paterson got some good news in that Sherr Una Booker told investigators she did not feel threatened by the Governor's call on behalf of his aide who had assaulted her...This makes an obstruction charge pretty difficult.
So it appears Mr. Ravitch is in charge on the budget and that we will get a redux of his 1970s bailout plan for NYC....Well, the City is still there, so I guess it worked.
Mr. Ravitch wisely observes the Legislature is unable to cope with the level of cuts now anticipated so he has come up with a mix of cuts, restructuring and debt to all the spineless lawmakers to sleep at night.
What Mr. Paterson has shown is that he is a better picker of a running mate than Eliot Spitzer was.
a broad proposal

Army Buildings to be Vacant Soon....Ideas Sought

A challenge awaits the community in one of the nicer neighborhoods of the citys south side.
The Army Reserve building on Massey Street will be vacated this year as party time doughboys will set up shop in a new facility on Fort Drum....
The Massey Street building will become part of a complicated disposal system for federal property and given the residential A zoning, a new owner would have to scale some obstacles.
The matter was discussed this morning at a meeting of the advisory group, Advantage Watertown.

Canadian dollar likely to trump US greenback: experts - Yahoo! News

The NNY economy may get a further boost from a sagging US dollar that by September could result in the Canadian dollar being worth more than our greenback....The upside to us is that Canadians will continue to flock to our stores and enjoy NNY nightlife... This is already being seen in sales tax numbers and may make up for the decline of the indigenous economy.
Its been a while since this was the case...I remember it was when I was high school age but years later the Canadian "Loonie" dipped to about half the value of our dollar...That kind of discount kept Canadians at home.
Sales tax numbers for the quarter that ended February 28 will be out in April....That should give an inkling and if the numbers are strong thats good news for local government dependent on sales tax.
Its bad news for American's travelling abroad.
Canadian dollar likely to trump US greenback: experts - Yahoo! News

Felix Gets Another Press Release Bill in the Media

Ah, another great idea out of Albany, except this one fails to accomplish the key goal of feel good legislation in the "nanny state".
Assemblyman Felix Ortiz....who has made this kind of stuff his signature.....wants to ban the adding of salt in restaurant kitchens for health reasons....But in his one-house bill, Mr. Ortiz fails to tax salt...he merely attempts to ban its use.
This is the kind of silly abuse of the legislative process has been going on for years in Albany and continues this year with the soda tax.
I am not a health nut, but the publicity about salt years ago has prompted me to never pick up a salt shaker because I know there is more than enough sodium chloride in food already.
Hmmmm...a human being educated to the risks, uses the free will God has given us all to make a wise choice....Nah, that will never catch on.
Felix Ortiz

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

State's highest-paid employee made $958,000 for 2009; Gov. David Paterson No. 900 on payroll |

Should the boss be the highest paid person ? Often not and the State of New York is no exception as the Governor is number 900....With his salary almost $700,000 lower than the highest paid state worker.
State's highest-paid employee made $958,000 for 2009; Gov. David Paterson No. 900 on payroll

Pataki: I'll Keep My Powder Dry for Now

Former Governor George Pataki is firmly astride the fence in this years two and possibly three-way primary for the Republican Congressional nod in NY23....Last year the three term governor abandoned GOP nominee Diedre Scozzafava and publicly backed Conservative candidate Doug Hoffman.
With the race far too murky at this juncture, Mr. Pataki wisely steers clear...although I am not sure what difference his endorsement makes...I think it helped last year as it sent the message it was OK to abandon the ship...but this year...I am not so sure.
You will know where the poobahs will go by July when the Conservative and Indy parties have to fish or cut bait on this race....If its a unified candidate, that's no coincidence and that person will have the edge in a GOP primary if it goes that far..It likely will, because I doubt Doug Hoffman is cutting any deals to get out in favor of Will Barclay or Mr. Doheny.
Watertown Daily Times Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York

Hey Senator Libous....Cool It with the Makeover on the Girl Next Door

I think this Times scribe raises a good point about the widely anticipated Senate run by America's Favorite County Clerk, Patty Ritchie. Will this genuinely nice and competent person find happiness in the sphere that houses the Eric Massa's and Hiram Montserrate's of the world ?
Ms. Ritchie has been doing the obligatory publicity stunts and press releases in a probable effort to launch a campaign against Senator Darrel Aubertine....For the record, Mr. Aubertine is a nice person too.
Press releases and grandstanding on issues in the news don't work with me....I look at the prison and say, 'Hey, you gotta start cutting somewhere....' although I realize the role of the local pols is to feign outrage as long as possible.
I would suggest if she is running, she run based not on press releases from Senator Libous' office...but just talk about herself.
She has a really good record that has led to all that adulation she gets just walking into the P&C (soon a Price Chopper) on a Saturday morning. Talk about Patty and lay off the press releases and stunts. If simple souls like Mr. Savitskie and I can see through them, so will lots of other people.
Let Patty be Patty and keep the Libous operatives in Albany where they feel more at home.
Watertown Daily Times Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York

Doug Hoffman Will Keep the Laughs Coming in 2010 House Race - New York News - Runnin' Scared

From the Village Voice to the Wall Street Journal, the decision of Doug Hoffman to run again does garner publicity never before lavished on this sleepy district.Whether that's good or bad is yet to be seen, but it will ensure that Hoffman will continue to be known by virtually everyone. While his principle opponent, Matt Doheny, is not as well known...he is energetic (20 years younger), very bright and has the cash to buy some name recognition. It should be a competitive primary.
Doug Hoffman Will Keep the Laughs Coming in 2010 House Race - New York News - Runnin' Scared

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

County Lawmakers Oppose Wind Jobs in Favor of Fishermen

County lawmakers have nixed a massive jobs project by passing a resolution opposed to a NY Power Authority scheme to build off-shore windmills in Lake Ontario....Apparently skittish over the raucous Galloo Island proposal, the Legislature rebuffed NYPA head Richard Kessell who came in person to answer questions.
Opponents argued the devices would hurt tourism and fisheries. There was a vocal crowd opposing wind at Tuesday's board meeting.
While many, including me, opposed the Galloo Island PILOT, the spinoff of such a massive undertaking as Kessell proposed would be huge for the county where unemployment is now over 10%.
The Galloo PILOT opposition was in part due to a tax giveaway that affects every municipality in the county. Many of us feel if the windmills make sense economically and their owners pay the same taxes as the rest of us, there is room for development with proper planning.
Mr. Kessell says the Boards opposition means the project will go elsewhere.
Watertown Daily Times Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York

BECK: I Am Sorry For Wasting Your Time

While the liberal MSM didn't want to give credence to the Democratic Congressman from Upstate NY who blasted the White House this week, FOX News' Glenn Beck did the definitive Q & A and proved that former Rep.Eric Massa of Corning , NY is a nut. In fact, Beck apologized for the hour long interview in which Massa frequently made no sense.
I remember a couple of years ago, Dems like Ted Ford were touting Eric Massa as a bright new face for upstate Democrats....the kind of candidate Mike Schell and June O'Neill are recruiting to oust the stuffy old GOP members......Now this guy is revealed as a strange out of office and NY 29 is likely headed back to the GOP....After Spitzer, Paterson, Montserrate, Espada, Massa and others, I respectfully suggest the Dems work on their vetting. - Massa: 'I Forced Myself Out' of Congress

Hoffman: I Bought a House in Saranac Lake

Congressional candidate Doug Hoffman has told the WDT's Jude Seymour he has signed a purchase contract on a home in Saranac Lake and plans to move there soon, meaning his primary residence will indeed be in NY 23. Mr. Hoffman now lives in Lake Placid , just across the line in NY20.
Where he lays his head at night had threatened to be an issue this year year. Mr Hoffman says his life has been in the North Country and he feels more at ease running in what is the traditional North Country district.
Check out the interview done this morning by Jude at Watertown's Black River Valley Club.
Watertown Daily Times Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York

Kristin Davis On NY Governor's Race: I'm Confident 'Strippers, Dancers, Dommes, Gays, Lesbians' Will Get Me On Ballot

We already have the nation's most dysfunctional and largely corrupt Legislature and a serious of governors that have embarrassed us all....So whats wrong with Eliot Spitzer's madame running as the Libertarian candidate for governor.....
Kristin Davis says for GOP Presidential candidate Barry Goldwater is her idol....
With Paterson out, Cuomo unable to get in , and Lazio stuck in neutral, Ms. Davis may find an opening.
Kristin Davis On NY Governor's Race: I'm Confident 'Strippers, Dancers, Dommes, Gays, Lesbians' Will Get Me On Ballot

Paterson: "Open" to Borrowing

How will all the special interests be placated when there is a $9 Billion shortfall ? Easy, you borrow....Governor Paterson and Speaker Silver have joined Lt.Governor Ravitich is declaring they are "open" to more debt as a means of funding operations. There will be the usual rhetoric about reforming the process with a spending cap...But fact is the borrowing will occur....Its for the children...the debt that is....
Paterson: No Borrowing In A Vacuum

Media Will Dog Hoffman....But Does it Matter ? After All They Aren't Supposed to Like Him

"Tea Party Poster Boy" is how Liz Benjamin refers to Doug Hoffman on her blog this AM....Meanwhile for news on the Hoffman announcement she links to Watertown Daily Times scribe Jude Seymour, a competent reporter who remembers who he works for.
The Times hates Doug Hoffman...There is no way to sugar coat it...(editor's note: sugar is bad for you and contributes to obesity.)
Last year's editorial board meeting from Hell paved the way for a stretch-run screed from the MSM on Hoffman's deficiencies. But it wasn't just media outrage over their candidate (DeDe) getting big-footed out of the race by Dick Armey and Glenn Beck.
Hoffman contributed to the antipathy by an inability to talk local issues. In the one televised debate on WSYR-TV9, Hoffman was tough to watch as he stuggled to look Congressional, but created lots of doubts when he bobbled a question on something he should have known about.
The whole Tea Party, Club for Growth taint Hoffman has also threatens the importance of local party leaders as the upstart accountant clearly went over the heads of party poobahs in 2009..
Hoffman has advantages going into the GOP recognition and a national cachet that helps in a world where more Republicans look to Glenn Beck than Don Coon for advice......But boy is he going to have to have a strategy to bridge the gravitas gap...And he better buy that house in Saranac Lake that he needs to mute the residency issue....No free pass this time on that one.......
There is also the matter of the electorate in NY 23....Is there a structural conservative majority ?...I am not so sure anymore....The day Dave Mance told me he voted for Barack Obama, I knew the GOP has a problem in NY23. For years, John McHugh's version of GOP light that got him the job he is in now, masked the eroding Republican majority in the North Country.
This year will be a bellweather of whether a conservative can prevail here...If it doesn't happen this year...its just not in the cards forever.
Watertown Daily Times Hoffman makes it official: he'll run for Owens's seat

Doug Hoffman is running again for NY-23 seat in Congress |

This is hardly a surprise....but it does make it official....Lake Placid accountant Doug Hoffman is running for Congress in NY23.....
After his divisive, but surprisingly strong third party bid last year that left him only three points behind winner Bill Owens, Mr. Hoffman was widely thought to be in the hunt in 2010...
Mr. Hoffman has the inside track on the Conservative Party line and is competing for the GOP nod against Assemblyman Will Barclay and Jefferson County businessman Matt Doheny.
Mr. Doheny has been running hard by travelling the spacious district to meet with party leaders...He learned of Hoffman's announcement Monday night while campaigning in Plattsburgh.
Doug Hoffman is well known...locally and nationally and is a bit of a tea party icon after last year's race. Hoffman has money and the ability to raise a reasonable amount.
On the down side, Hoffman is disliked by many party establishment types looked at with disdain by many in media....particularly the Watertown Daily Times where an editorial board meeting with Hoffman last fall turned ugly and the paper hammered him front page above the fold for the final week of the campaign.
Hoffman also lives outside the district...something that will be an issue this time and he needs work on presentation.
Hoffman is a true believer in the conservative agenda and will enjoy the support of many right to lifers.
He can win, especially if the younger opponents gnaw on each other.
I don't think Barclay has the horsepower to win in the big district, especially against Hoffman and Doheny, both of whom will be better funded.
Doheny has the clear edge on knowledge of issues....but Hoffman caught the fancy of many on the right and his outsider persona is tailor-made for 2010.
Mr. Hoffman is slated to be in Watertown today for a meeting with county GOP Chief Don Coon and some interviews with local media.

Doug Hoffman is running again for NY-23 seat in Congress

Monday, March 8, 2010

Dem Mayor To Massa: 'Stop The Madness!'

Democrats are aflutter over the rant of soon to quit Rep. Eric Massa of New York's Southern Tier' 29th CD. His assertions of being forced from office due to a White House conspiracy due to his opposition to the health care bill has led party leaders to begin the process of dismissing their once bright light as a dim bulb gone nuts.
When did Massa go mad ?
Dem Mayor To Massa: 'Stop The Madness!'

Massa Dumps on Leadership...Says His Departure Orchestrated to Aid Health Bill Passage

The media and Democratic Party were content to let us all think the sudden bum's rush out of office for Rep. Eric Massa (D-Corning) was a result of some complaint of sexual harassment by a male staffer...It did seem to come out of nowhere and Massa quit in order to spare his family the details of what is said to be inappropriate language. He also has health problems (cancer),
Now Massa is firing back, saying he was stampeded out of office by a set of complaints only recently not an issue...Massa says its the health care vote coming up.
Rep. Massa voted against the House version last year and would have likely done so again. The House is currently set to approve the Senate version as written without a conference version and with Massa's seat vacant the number of votes needed to pass drops by one to 216.
Mr. Massa claims his vote was crucial and that leadership threw him under the bus because the health bill is so important to Democratic prospects in the fall.
Mr. Massa says the leadership and the White House will do anything to get this bill passed.....

Wonderful Life Village on the Bubble

Dissolution may not be such a Wonderful Life in the idyllic Central NY Village of Seneca Falls. As the inspiration for the famous movie, Seneca Falls is in the news now for a plan to vote itself out of business.
Under a new law designed to allow streamlining of governments, the village is voting this month on getting rid of the village and allowing that area to just be part of the township the village lies in. The usual arguments prevail...lower taxes outside the village limits vs history and services within the limits.
Nobody just spontaneously moves to eliminate layers of government. In this case a huge privately run landfill falls in the town and so town taxes are low....If there is no village, those expenses related to the running of a village (police mostly) would fall to the township, which could decide to cut them or have them borne by the broader tax base.
As with any of these matters, it is local matters and personalities that drive the process.
It is sad to see a village gone...since villages and cities are historic entities that define where and who we are....But in this case it is interesting to note that all the town council members are from the current village, since villages, unlike cities, are indeed a part of township. The rural residents of the township would likely find their ability to influence events limited by the concentration of representation in the portion of the town most highly populated. Therefore the anticipated cuts would likely not happen as those town board members would not necessarily be looking out for their village...but surely they would look out for their neighborhood.
Seneca Falls residents to vote on dissolving village famous for women's rights, inspiring movie

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Does Anyone Really Think its a Crime ?

I saw on Junky today that the local constabulary arrested somebody for having 300 cartons of untaxed cigarettes in their car.....
They made it sound like a big crime...But it's more the result of the crazy taxation policies in Albany...When taxes get too onerous, people will look for other avenues for the product...People are reasonable and like to play by the rules, but when you have an addiction like smoking, enough is enough. You need a bargain.
Now if I was travelling to a southern state on vacation and you ask me to pick you up a half dozen cartons of Marlboros.....Is this a mortal or a venial sin in the eyes of God.
I know its a big deal to Albany, but for them its not about health its about the money...Just like it will be with their Sugar Tax.
Instead of taxing them...lets outlaw butts...Then we can create a whole cottage industry to support the War on Cigarettes.... retired Veterans of the War on Drugs could re-up and get a second pension. And we could create a bigger criminal class and keep that prison in the 'Burg open.

Londonderry teacher charged for indecent photo sent to student - Friday, Mar. 5, 2010

She is suspended with pay...
Londonderry teacher charged for indecent photo sent to student - Friday, Mar. 5, 2010

Why Reading the NY Post is Important

-The NY Post reports that David Paterson was not the first choice of Eliot Spitzer for a running mate and that even after in office then Governor Spitzer wondered why his Lieutenant was so frequently absent from meetings. Apparently the Spitzer campaign was warned of Senator Paterson's propensity for partying but chose him anyway. The Post reports Spitzer was tied to the notion of a running mate of color and that a leading contender was the daughter of a prominent black Member of the Assembly from Buffalo.

-Hiram Montserrate doesn't have to worry about living comfortably. Despite being ousted from the Senate he is eligible for an $80,000 a year state pension...Oh that's in addition to his NYPD pension which is equal to 75% of his final year earnings as a member of New York's Finest.
In all he should be making about as much as deposed and convicted former state comptroller Alan Hevesi who is paid a $166 K Pension.
Convicted former Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno draws a $95K pension....
The real operators are the double dippers who resign their seat upon reelection a day before their new term starts...That allows them to collect a pension and the salary from the post they just retired from.
Remember when a pension was something to help out in retirement...A supplement..Now some make more retired than they were while working.